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’ ‘the charity has staff who can speak various languages including punjabi, hindi, urdu, bengali, gujarati and chinese. as well as the documents produced in minority languages by government agencies, gujarati translations are starting to become common place in commercial environments. our english/gujarati translators have extensive professional translation experience and work exclusively into their mother tongue including e-learning, technical, legal, pharmaceutical, and financial.’ ‘some of the most populous indian groups within the united states are gujaratis, bengalis, punjabis, marathis, and tamils. sentences ‘bhili, a language similar to gujarati, is spoken by tribal groups in northern and eastern gujarat.

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app is designed for both iphone and ipadoffers apple watch app for iphonefreecategory: booksupdated: oct 02, 2017version: 19.’ ‘amidst this unnerving display of journalistic cussedness, some gujarati newspapers tried hard to sustain professional standards.’ ‘in general, gujaratis conform to northern indian patterns of kinship, marriage practices, and family structure.’ ‘along with english, the following languages are spoken by branch staff: hindi, gujarati, urdu and punjabi. use of translation memory software can reduce lead times and costs of your english to gujarati translation.

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’ ‘unlike the majority of the pioneering indian population in south africa, most gujaratis did not arrive in the country as indentured laborers.’ ‘entries can be sent in any language - marathi, gujarati, hindi, urdu and, of course, hinglish.’ ‘a versatile linguist, he has acted in every major regional language including gujarati, hindi, marathi and telegu.’ ‘living up to its name, the festival brings ‘quotes’ from real voices, who speak different languages - from gujarati to tamil.’ ‘in contrast to the situation in the united states, gujaratis in britain are still predominantly working class or petty bourgeois.

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’ ‘hundreds of gujaratis streamed in to check out their roots.’ ‘the languages on offer include malyalam, gujarati, hindi, gurmukhi, tamil and bengali. the gujarati language has its ancient origins in the indian state of gujarat, where it has been spoken for thousands of years. the uk, demand for english to gujarati translations continues to increase and this is not limited only to the public sector.’ ‘given his bharuch ancestry, he, one is sure, is reasonably well-versed in gujarati language and is therefore in a position to read the leaflet in original.

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, there are an estimated 46 million speakers of gujarati, the majority of which live in india, where it is one of 22 official languages.’ ‘very recently, tv channels have moved quickly from being just hindi or english channels to covering other languages like marathi, gujarati, bengali and punjabi through their brands.’ ‘the emerging crop of indian american filmmakers includes a number of gujaratis, who instead of going in for medicine or engineering have embraced the ephemeral world of cinema instead.• bilingual english to gujarati and gujarati to english dictionary• gujarati to english word and phrase translator and translation• over 350k words and phrase can be used in offline• offline pronunciation and translate any sentences• scan text in image by pointing camera to search in dictionary• designed for student, teacher, tourist and language learners• having thesaurus, synonyms and antonyms• translate individual words, phrases, or whole sentences• tap a word for cross searching• bookmark and recent history for instant recall• word of the day to learn ielts, toefl and sat words• multiple games help to improve english and gujarati vocabulary• offline pronunciation helps to learn words properly• flash card and word of the day helps to improve vocabulary• phrase book, phrase of the day and phrase card helps to speak common phrases• quote of the day improves wisdom and motivation.’ ‘chew, who was raised a roman catholic in calcutta, doesn't claim to be an expert on gujarati politics or society, but the reports she heard from the region were so disturbing that she felt she had to visit the area on her trip to india last year.

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’pronunciationgujarati/ˌɡuːdʒəˈrɑːti//ˌɡʊdʒəˈrɑːti/ further reading what is the origin of 'sleep tight'? the translation people can respond to the needs of your clients by providing quality gujarati translations across a wide range of fields.’ ‘though traditionally they are gujarati folk dance forms, their appeal has transcended regional barriers. gujarati translation services are respected for quality, tight turnarounds and our experience with a variety of technical media.’ ‘congress sought to cover up its appeal to communal sentiment by modifying the gujarati language version of its election manifesto.

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modern gujarati has been influenced by sanskrit, persian and arabic, although english has the strongest influence on the language today. to download the free app gujarati dictionary + by ithinkdiff, get itunes now. in the past, the gujarati language was taught orally, however, in recent years, efforts have been made to ensure that bilingual gujarati dictionaries and teaching materials are available for second language learners.’ ‘it also has volunteers from the asian community who speak different languages and has produced copies of its information leaflet in punjabi, gujarati, chinese, urdu, bengali and hindi.’ ‘unlike punjabis or gujaratis, malayalis could never settle down in a place away from their homeland.

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is a terrible dictionary, 80% of the words and phrases are not meaningful translations but a mix of transliterations or literal translations (for example, horse radish is translated to ઘોડા મૂળો, which is literally “horse radish”). sentences ‘in the north, bengalis, kashmiris, punjabis, gujaratis, rajputs, and marathas are among the prominent groups. english to gujarati translators are professionally qualified linguists and translate exclusively into their native language. use of gujarati translations can help international businesses successfully target this thriving market. translation people’s english to gujarati translations are produced by our translation experts in a wide range of subjects across both the public and private sectors.

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as a consequence, numbers of gujarati speakers in countries such as the uk and the usa look set to continue to grow.’ ‘with the soothing sounds of the sitar in the background the troubles of the outside world melt away as you tuck in the huge range of authentic gujarati dishes.’ ‘even in the exceptional cases, the reason is vegetarianism as jains, brahmins and gujaratis are very particular about this aspect.’ ‘when the indian state of gujarat was hit by an earthquake in 2001, thousands of families among britain's estimated 650,000 people of gujarati descent were directly affected.’ ‘‘we wanted to show people what real gujarati cuisine is,’ he says.

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’ ‘it's certainly possible - there have been small groups of gujaratis in tamil nadu for centuries. sentences ‘the guild team was shown a letter of congratulations sent by the chief minister to some gujarati newspapers, for their coverage.’ ‘the gujaratis are a friendly, appreciative lot of people, hospitable but at the same time they practised simplicity and sobriety.’ ‘whenever you go out, ask the travel desk officer in the hotel to write the destination in gujarati language since it is easier for you to communicate with rickshaw drivers. the rd account is opened, the maturity value is indicated to the customer assuming that the monthly installments will be paid regularly on due dates.

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you have a gujarati translation project, request a quote or contact us now.’ ‘you are either a gujarati or you know the gujarati language or you had settled in some part of gujarat not long ago.’ ‘i have sung in tamil, telugu, kannada, malayalam, hindi, marathi, gujarati, bengali, urdu and english.’ ‘the south asian diaspora in the united kingdom comprises indians (predominantly gujaratis and punjabis), sri lankans, pakistanis, and bangladeshis.’ ‘shah, who serves with the 22nd marine expeditionary unit, speaks not two or three but six languages - english, hindi, punjabi, gujarati, urdu and pashto.

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’ ‘the fact that gujarati hindu communities are dominated by those who migrated to britain from east africa has also been an important factor in this process. out morehome british & world english gujarati noun1a native or inhabitant of gujarat.’ ‘in belgium, in the northern city of antwerp, hub of the world's diamond trade, in which so many gujarati traders are active, a party called vlams blok has gained prominence.’ ‘and those days were dotted with gujarati cultural events, mostly ‘thandia’, danced with concentration by seven gujarati women in their twenties.’ ‘in this fascinating book, she paints the backdrop of the patel migration, so that you learn how gujarati farmers landed from small villages to the corner shops of london.

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’ ‘this segment of the festival had several local groups perform in four languages - english, hindi, marathi and gujarati.’ ‘in addition to bangla, red hat is working on localization of other indian languages including hindi, gujarati, punjabi and tamil.’ ‘such is the case for many speakers of a minority language, like gujarati in britain, or french in provinces of canada where francophones are in a minority.’ ‘other gujaratis who have taken shelter in shorapur village complain of restlessness, getting upset easily and being irritable all the time. this deposit matures on a specific date in the future along with all the deposits made every month.

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’ ‘for this song the kids appeared on the stage dressed as malayalis, gujaratis and punjabis. gujarati language is written using a form of the devāngarī script, but unlike hindi, gujarati does not have a line running over the characters.’ ‘beautiful girls, good-looking guys, pretty women, natty kids and gregarious uncles - all clad in traditional gujarati attire - are having a blast.’ ‘the punjabis and the gujaratis dominate the indian population, with about 40 to 45 percent coming from each of these two communities.’ ‘it was formed in 1968 after the arrival of gujarati muslims from india to offer educational, spiritual and moral needs to children thought to be uncatered for by the mainstream system.

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’ ‘indian sikhs, he said, made up the largest part of southall's ethnic community, and east african indian gujaratis dominated leicester.’ ‘some of the unique products include traditional gujarati jewellery in white metal and silver, pure leather products, bedspreads from gujarat and rajasthan, and ornaments in semi-precious stones.’ ‘three indian languages were among the top 20 languages spoken at home - hindi, urdu and gujarati.’ ‘whites and people of african, tamil, and mixed ancestry consider themselves the original inhabitants of the island, in contrast to gujaratis and chinese.’ ‘as a young girl this gujarati actress aspired to become a pilot, but her destiny has taken her to the hustle and bustle of bollywood.

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