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[100][101] after working on the unsuccessful pilot for army wives, union was appointed by president obama to work with the national advisory committee for violence against women.[50] union learned of the series while auditioning for scandal for the role of olivia pope, which ultimately went to kerry washington.[26] union made an appearance in the 2007 christmas film the perfect holiday, which opened on december 12. Gabrielle Union and NBA star Dwyane Wade started dating in 2009, and in August 2014, they tied the knot in Miami in front of their closest family andFrom wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.[7] her parents divorced after 30 years of marriage and union said, "they handled their divorce and our subsequent transition into a blended family with grace and dignity and respect. wade and union’s cost around £5 million and there was a strict black & white dress code. in october 2014, it was announced that union would be designing t-shirts to bring attention to the women are watching campaign. according to union, perry had specifically approached her over not turning the role into the same character. union has stated that she would not have survived the attack had it not been for lessons she learned by watching oprah winfrey's talk show.[40] union was reported in may 2011 to have landed roles in think like a man, a romantic comedy based on steve harvey's book act like a lady, think like a man, and an indie film, family tree. "gabrielle union shoots and scores with the indie rom-dram ‘in our nature’".

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after he popped the question, it was revealed that wade had fathered a son named xavier with a friend, aja metoyer.[55] she believed the film would do well[56] and faced comparisons to her character, who was a newlywed while union was engaged at the time, a similarity she dispelled by insisting she kept her relationship "enjoyable, fresh and exciting".[35] union met nfl player chris howard at a party in 1999.[89] union stated in an interview prior to the marriage that she and wade would be signing a prenuptial agreement to protect their individual assets. began dating actress gabrielle union in 2009, with the two combining to form one of the most famous couples in the world.[105] union called on republican presidential candidate mitt romney to release his tax returns and birth certificate, noting his father george w."[45] in a 2014 interview, union stated that she may have rushed into the relationship for the wrong reasons, noting that, "in my 20s, i was all about getting the ring. you wonder if wade had to call on pat riley’s negotiating services to pull it off. union felt that she had been "blessed" with her role in the film, feeling it elevated her career. union could be heard cheering her man on, heckling officials and opposition players, and even calling out plays. wades may be one of the richest couples around, but you wouldn’t know that based on where they shop.

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athlete called the child "a blessing," and union said the time apart helped her see their relationship in a different light. there a couple that has more fun together than gabrielle union and dwyane wade? obviously, we’re talking monetarily, as wade’s net worth dwarfs union’s already impressive net worth. "dwyane wade: yes, i'm the daddy (though my fiancee's not the mom)". union saw in our nature as a personal victory for her career. you probably didn’t know was that gabrielle union was pretty good at basketball herself and played in high school.[93][94][95] union has also addressed the shooting of trayvon martin and stated, "when you have influence i think it's the responsible thing to do, to speak out on an issue when you see injustice. the pair are extremely attracted to each other, with wade often caught marveling at his spouse’s beauty when they are out together.[53] also in 2013 union starred in ava duvernay's short film the door as part of miu miu's women's tales campaign.’s no doubting that gabrielle makes dwayne better, but in other regards, he more than makes his beauty of a wife better, bringing significantly more to the table.[62] union had a prominent role as rachel meyers in almost christmas, released in november 2016.

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"gabrielle union is flaunting her flawless natural hair and we can’t get enough". wade’s move to miami left a lot of fans bitter., and not gabrielle like you may think, was the one who planned the whole extravaganza, with his bride revealing that he asserted all of his influence over the proceedings.^ "gabrielle union set to play geneva morganfield in cadillac records".^ "interview: gabrielle union on "in our nature," bear attacks and recasting herself in a new light".[34] union later called taking the role of geneva wade in the film the best business decision she had ever made. february 2012, union was identified as a suspicious person by airport security and was subjected to a "hair patdown".. wade has fathered a third child outside of their relationship.[82][83] according to wade, he and union briefly split up at some point early in 2013 because of career demands. wade is worth a whopping million of that and is also earning .[33] union was seen as a "pleasant surprise" to the film and her performance was said to have shown she had larger acting range than her previous roles.

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union related to her character from having married and divorced young. union starred with jamie foxx in the film breakin' all the rules in 2004."[citation needed] on her college football memories, union reflected, "in my family if you couldn’t talk cornhusker football – that means knowing the black shirt defense, knowing the i-back formation – then you don’t get to have an opinion. jamie foxx, kevin hart and kelly rowland were among the celebrity guests invited to celebrate with union and wade's closest family and friends. union has said kidd broke up with her two weeks before junior prom. 2017, union launched flawless by gabrielle union, a line of hair care products catered to people with textured hair. it was reported in november 2014 that union became ambassador for nail polish company sensationail. savelson had offered union the role[48] two years prior to the film's release, in 2010. in 2013, union began starring as lead character in the bet drama series being mary jane, for which she has received critical acclaim and an naacp image award. a while, not even wade could take it, and she was forced to move back a bit. he really kanye’d himself and really doubled down, and it’s his princess day, and i’m just along for the ride,” gabrielle joked afterwards.

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union was born in omaha, nebraska, the daughter of theresa (glass), a phone company manager and social worker, and sylvester e.[103] union participated in the obama campaign's "greater together" initiative[104] as part of his re-election campaign in 2012. "gabrielle union tells arsenio hall she demanded dwyane wade sign a prenup"."[80] union had earlier reflected that she spent much of the marriage "upset" and from the relationship, she realized that the men in her life were "just human. 1992, at the age of 19, union was attacked and raped[69] at her part-time job at a payless store.^ "gabrielle union confident "think like a man too" will be a hit". january 2012, union was announced to be a participant in bounce tv's documentary our history. union, on marrying her "best friend" dwyane wade: "i would highly recommend it". and unfortunately for gabrielle, the defending nba champion may know her own man better than she does."[46] in the months following martin's death, union supported a petition that called for florida district attorney norman wolfinger to bring charges against george zimmerman. union viewed her character as being similar to members of the kardashian family or the braxton sisters.

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"dwyane wade confirms he fathered a son during 'break' with gabrielle union, calls it a 'blessing'".[106] the office of atlanta mayor kasim reed in november 2014 announced a campaign entitled "take a stand" and its commission of a short film featuring union and tika sumpter.^ "gabrielle union celebrates her 40th birthday, promotes president; 'you've got to vote for barack obama'". gabrielle plays a huge role in her husband’s life, there’s someone else wielding major influence over the star. "gabrielle union opens up about suing former employer after being raped at work". "the surprising reason gabrielle union launched her own hair-care line". Bulls shooting guard Dwyane Wade still has one of the biggest names in the NBA, even in what could be considered his sunset years. union was reported to have signed to the film in march 2008. had to work hard to get the woman of his dreams to be with him, but it’s probably not all his fault, as gabrielle had already experienced having her heart broken by another star athlete. "‘bad boys 2′ co-star gabrielle union says flick will be ‘crazy action’". wade convinced basketball’s biggest star in lebron james to join him in miami, having already convinced chris bosh.

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Heat basketball player and Being Mary Jane actress got engaged before in December 201315 things you didn’t know about dwyane wade and gabrielle union’s relationship. aja metoyer gave birth to wade’s third son xavier in that same year, just one month before the guard patched things up with gabrielle.[88] upon the marriage, union became a stepmother to xavier and wade's two elder sons from his first marriage, zaire (born 2002) and zion (born 2007). "think like a man too cast talks sequel, their own relationships: kevin hart, gabrielle union and others are back at it! well, that notion couldn’t be more wrong, as gabrielle was hardly interested in someone like the former miami star, whom she referred to as a ‘fetus’. it’s no wonder that she gave wade a hard time when he was trying to court her."wade, who told oprah winfrey in 2012 that union makes his "eyes sparkle," played a big part in the wedding planning process.. hooking up with lebron james was way easier than bagging gabrielle.[61] union stated in an op-ed with the los angeles times that she took the role due to her relating to it as a rape victim. stated that union's fierce and fearless award acceptance speech – in which union admitted she once reveled "in gossip and rumors" – inspired her because she "had never heard anyone be that honest in public or private about the competition and fierce drive to be seen and succeed in hollywood."[5] according to union, her mother taught her to have "a world perspective" and took her to a gay pride parade at the age of eight after the family moved to pleasanton, california,[6] where she attended foothill high school.

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[84] during that time, wade fathered a son, xavier, born in november 2013 with a long time friend. with the couple splitting up for a while in 2013, due to ‘distance and scheduling’, wade found time to get an old girlfriend pregnant. "gabrielle union: 'i spent so much of my marriage upset'". "gabrielle union, regina hall taking part in bounce tv's black history month tribute". post shared by gabrielle union-wade (@gabunion) on jun 27, 2017 at 8:25am pdt., 32, and union, 41, filmed a save-the-date video for their wedding guests. exclusive: gabrielle union debuts short haircut, gushes over husband dwyane wade: 'he motivates me'. "gabrielle union looks back on her first marriage: "i was all about getting the ring"".[25] union's character also drew comparisons to eva, her role in deliver us from eva." [66] union described the book as "the good, the bad, and the wtf. union appeared on the arsenio hall show in february, the bring it on star dropped yet another bombshell.

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"gabrielle union and dwyane wade are engaged--see the stunning ring! 2008, union supported barack obama in his presidential campaign, the election interesting her differently from past elections. back in february, et spoke with union at the red carpet of the essence black women in hollywood awards in los angeles, where she talked about how wade inspires her. "gabrielle union joining jamie foxx in action thriller 'sleepless night' (exclusive)".[60] in november 2015, union began voicing nala in the disney movie and series the lion guard."[97] union was angered by todd akin's position on abortion, which he explained as a woman not being able to get pregnant in the case of "legitimate rape". since she had no children of her own, union used her mother and sister to portray the divorced single mother of three in the film.[24] union was seen as performing her character well along with idris elba and having a "great sense of comedic timing". “my wife wouldn’t know what to order,” wade explained.“they’ve been asking us to get married for two years and they talk about it all the time, so i’m thinking they’ve just made signs,” gabrielle recounted. wade won three championships with the miami heat and was the face of the franchise for over a decade.

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in high school, union dated future nba player jason kidd. "we're going to need more wine - gabrielle union - e-book".[96] after zimmerman was acquitted of charges in martin's death in july 2013, union remarked, "apparently walking while black is a crime punishable by death. union posted on both instagram and twitter, calling for anyone with information on the killer of barnes's aunt to report their information to authorities.[32] union also worked with beyoncé, who she had known since she was a teenager. if the pair remain together, they could possibly become the beckhams of basketball, as wade is set to still earn lots of cash after his retirement, while gabrielle doesn’t need good knees to keep on going for years to come.^ a b "think like a man cast interview part 2 featuring: gabrielle union & jerry ferrara". for wade, and unfortunately for miami, butler was very open to the idea.[41] in june 2011, union defended the music video for the rihanna single "man down" after it sparked controversy for rihanna depicting a rape victim shooting and killing her attacker. after they officially hooked up, the actress said: “wade’s resume looked like crap: athlete, going through a divorce, nine years younger than me. "gabrielle union starring in bet's being mary jane after losing scandal role to kerry washington".

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union was wed to nfl player chris howard from 2001 to 2006." wade was also stylishly dressed in a brown patterned gucci suit, white button-up, lime green socks, black shoes and some "man bling. and that’s exactly what wade tried to avoid by locking union down at the soonest. union admitted that at the time of getting the script, she was turned off, but became interested after reading the script at her agent's insistence. ariel scotti of the new york times panned union's performance: "each overused phrase that falls out of her character, rachel's, vindictive, childish mouth takes viewers further out of the movie experience. an interview with art nouveau magazine, union complained about the lack of roles for black actresses and actors in hollywood: "there used to be [roles] specifically written black, if you knew denzel was doing a movie you knew his wife, girl or love interest was going to be black [but] that's not necessarily the case anymore. wade has since revealed that it was gabrielle who helped convince him to join his hometown chicago bulls, as he was cautious over treading on jimmy butler’s ego.“i want people to know the work that it took to get through ucla, that i had student loans and worked,” union explained. april 2017, union announced her first book, a memoir, entitled we're going to need more wine.[57] union was announced in july 2014 as a producer in the lifetime film with this ring. wade took quite a bit of bashing from the media, who accused him of simply trying to protect himself, but gabrielle spoke out in defence of her husband, claiming that it was all her doing.

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union was reported to be joining the cast in june 2010. wade had his sons distract his then-girlfriend for most of the day, then they all visited his house which was under construction, before wade took her upstairs to distract her again while the boys prepared.[44] union said that after she read the script she became interested in working with tyler perry again. gabrielle union and nba star dwyane wade started dating in 2009, and in august 2014, they tied the knot in miami in front of their closest family and friends. the divorce, filed for in 2007, was only granted in 2010 and wade had to wait another year to gain full custody of his two boys. we all know that dwyane wade is a monster athlete, after all, he has three nba championships – as mentioned above –  and has been to five nba finals in his career. in 1997, union appeared in the sixth-season episode of "star trek: deep space nine – "sons and daughters" as the klingon n'garen. union related that every rape victim was "unique", which extended to how they believed justice should be carried out. in october 2016, union was featured in the birth of a nation as esther, who is raped during the film. their baby was conceived while wade and union were on a brief break in 2013. "'being mary jane': gabrielle union on her racy new bet series and auditioning for 'scandal'".

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^ gabrielle union | gabrielle union takes part in cancer charity race.: gabrielle union never hid her bathroom habits from dwyane wade. in 2010, union launched love & blessings, a clothing line for plus-sized women.^ "gabrielle union tells oprah why she stopped being a 'mean girl' (video)". now we're taking a look at their cutest photos together — keep reading to see them all now, and then check out all the reasons gabrielle is simply the best!: exclusive: gabrielle union shows off chic new bob, gushes about husband dwyane wade: 'he inspires me' union, 44, stunned in rodarte black pants, a see-through bedazzled shirt with a gold sequin jacket and rocked big, bouncy curls. union jokingly added, "my dude is having a princess moment.^ "gabrielle union: dwyane wade banned me from courtside seats at miami heat games".[citation needed] union said that when she got divorced she "sort of realized that [s]he hadn't been making sound choices which were the best for her to pursue her hopes and dreams and aspirations and passions.[51] union has said that she is content with having lost the role in scandal to washington: "i didn't get scandal, but i got something better -- which is my own show.[108] union became a spokesperson for planned parenthood's breast health initiative and launched the women are watching campaign with other actresses in 2012.

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