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the right scanfirst of all there is our well-being scan. thank you 🙂 megan megmeg smith 2014-05-11t11:50:02+0000 maria major 2014-05-02t12:11:11+0000 kerry adair-dickinson 2014-04-30t11:52:34+0000 had a sexing scan at 17 weeks and got a sneaky peak at my little man in 4d. your reassurance scan at mums from 14-18 weeks of pregnancy. services we offer at mums include:Antenatal ultrasound:Early pregnancy/dating scan. offer a specialised early pregnancy scanning service based in birmingham, relating to all aspects of early pregnancy whether it is for reassurance or because there has been bleeding, pain or a history of early pregnancy complications such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. is the only established medical company to offer complete pregnancy and gynaecology care in the Birmingham or West Midlands areaThe latest in 3d & 4d baby scanning technologybook your baby scan online todayhumpty bumpty is a baby scanning clinic in milton keynes offering future parents the opportunity to see their baby before it is born. absolutely blown away seeing how much my boy has grown since my gender scan at 16 weeks. many of our baby scan clinics now also now offer hd live, the very latest in ultrasound technology. early pregnancy & fertility scan fees cover all aspects of your appointment which will include the following:Transabdominal scan or transvaginal scan. kate archer 2014-03-27t15:04:51+0000 gary stanley 2014-03-26t20:18:04+0000 nay babey 2014-03-24t22:30:12+0000 kerry ann leia-jaeda logannevaeh 2014-03-22t10:26:59+0000 amy louise elliott 2014-03-17t15:11:45+0000 kelly rowley 2014-03-12t10:35:16+0000 charlotte carter 2014-03-06t08:43:39+0000 6 perfect scans of my boy sallyann lancashire 2014-03-03t14:33:15+0000 wow jennifer monks 2014-03-01t18:38:39+0000 lydiarose warren 2014-02-20t15:50:02+0000 samantha claire 2014-02-16t15:58:15+0000 amazing experience !% accurate gender confirmation | 6 photo prints | plus 2 large prints | digital copies of your images | 2 keyrings + printschoose a baby scan package! rachel harper 2017-07-27t09:29:45+0000 mari jean taylor 2017-07-22t09:53:22+0000 visited the nottingham branch on thursday for my sneak a peak gender scan, can't thank the staff enough for making the experience so fabulous and keeping the gender a secret so i could do a reveal!

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these ultrasound scans can be performed anytime from 16-20 weeks. jade grace 2017-04-10t12:00:05+0000 carl woodward 2017-04-09t18:39:39+0000 laura noutch 2017-04-09t17:27:45+0000 came for my sexing scan today, abit of a shock finding out i was having a little girly ( even though she wouldnt uncross her legs for very long! katy scanned me on both occasions and made myself and my partner feel at total ease, she was really friendly and was great at explaining what we were looking at. zoe singleton 2017-02-20t22:09:42+0000 i recently had a gender scan in norwich with window to the womb & they were absolutely fantastic, i couldn't recommend them enough! sian schofield 2017-04-16t09:15:03+0000 demi-lou retallick 2017-04-15t15:43:52+0000 i went for a gender scan at 16 weeks 4 days, so clear no doubt in what it was (a boy ) amazing experience and will be coming back 🙂 my heartbeat teddy bear was a beautiful added touch. would highly recommend x hannah louise daft 2017-02-15t11:03:49+0000 second attempt at our 4d scan last night because last time she thought i would be more fun to hide her face and we just got lovely shots of her elbows! i've been twice for both of my boys early gender scans & then we had our 4d scan yesterday. a 4d baby scan so that other family members can get to know baby. siobhan smith 2017-02-13t10:03:31+0000 we went to the bristol branch yesterday for a sneak a peak scan, wanting to find out the gender at 16 weeks. kirsty ellen 2014-04-26t19:53:23+0000 laura dore 2014-04-26t19:15:26+0000 jenny fitzgerald 2014-04-25t09:41:42+0000 hayley marty green 2014-04-24t19:54:01+0000 i had a scan back in 2006 with my first child which was amazing and the staff were brilliant and friendly. keelie green 2017-02-06t18:21:56+0000 we had a 4d scan at chester le street on saturday. baby scans are an additional and more intimate service which work in parallel with the nhs.

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are welcome to bring family or friends, however please be aware that the ultrasound results will be discussed at the time of your scan. ultrasound scanning units use hdlive which is an advanced illumination model that supports shadows and introduces a virtual light source and advanced skin rendering techniques which provide the best quality image. my husband and i felt at ease and compared to an nhs scan we were given plenty of time to take in all the images and the time to enjoy the scan and to top it off our 5 year old was able to go with us, something our chosen hospital does not allow!! with fabulous friendly staff 🙂 laura tucker 2013-11-24t22:39:22+0000 philip west 2013-11-24t18:27:19+0000 felicity featherstone 2013-11-24t15:32:46+0000 clare elizabeth hatwell 2013-11-19t16:40:39+0000 kayleigh pittaway 2013-11-14t18:14:35+0000 charlene toye-pearson 2013-11-14t14:44:25+0000 brilliant service gemma coddington 2013-11-13t12:14:16+0000 chantelle-louise wilson 2013-11-13t11:28:50+0000 andy berridge 2013-11-12t16:09:33+0000 danny hough 2013-11-12t04:35:08+0000 ashley haldane cochrane 2013-11-10t22:11:20+0000 such a wonderful experience. our scans last between 5-10 minutes depending on the package purchased, although you will be with us between 30-45 minutes. gender scan, also called a sexing scan will determine the sex / gender of your baby. truly amazing experience seeing my little girl on the scan! you choose to have one or more scans at mums or our full private antenatal care and delivery package, you will be guaranteed to receive reassurance, care and understanding from our highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to caring for you and your baby. note: it may be necessary for both a transabdominal and transvaginal scan to be performed. we had the "born to be a star" package booked for yesterday but our little girl wasn't playing so we went back for a re-scan today with incredible results. carl conroy 2013-11-04t05:14:38+0000 natasha howe 2013-11-02t13:28:38+0000 pip nolan 2013-10-25t14:09:28+0000 clare swallow 2013-10-23t13:47:52+0000 wayne peters 2013-10-17t09:32:15+0000 claire louise evans 2013-10-16t20:36:33+0000 hannah whomes 2013-10-14t20:48:03+0000 kiri winstone 2013-10-13t07:35:30+0000 lisa watkinson 2013-10-12t20:07:23+0000 emma kershaw 2013-10-07t07:49:06+0000 leah cawkwell 2013-10-01t15:08:08+0000 joanne marie murden 2013-09-29t22:15:56+0000 stephanie-rose sermon 2013-09-28t22:28:54+0000 alannah joanne biggs 2013-09-27t09:39:10+0000 adam marshall 2013-08-29t19:09:21+0000 daniel wyatt 2013-08-25t10:57:20+0000 rachael dave east emm 2013-08-12t01:38:13+0000 mandy allcock 2013-07-31t13:53:42+0000 shanine-x vickers 2013-07-30t17:09:30+0000 yvonne bradley 2013-07-23t17:38:49+0000 coral woodings 2013-07-21t19:01:48+0000 shelayne jeannette matthews 2013-07-10t19:24:09+0000 hannah louise coughlan-carnall 2013-07-10t09:24:31+0000 carla snuggs 2013-07-08t08:48:36+0000 keely taylor 2013-05-25t16:19:33+0000 thank you for today,, another 4d scan and 100% happy,, i will let you know if little miss sophie is still a thumb sucker when she is born lol, xx dana charalambous 2013-05-23t12:26:18+0000 andrew pleasance 2013-05-22t09:39:38+0000 rebecca louise sheridan 2013-05-11t17:09:23+0000 next reviews powered by facebook we are proud of the quality of the care that we provide and we constantly monitor our feedback. please note: the follicle tracking scans package is not available for patients having ivf monitoring.

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definitely recommend 👣 laura leanne 2017-09-10t16:03:39+0000 had a 4d scan today in stapleford/bramcote and was fantastic. baby scans are an amazing way of providing you with essential and valuable information about the health, well-being and development of your baby. this scan can be performed between 16-20 weeks of your pregnancy. recommended to everyone xx laura hatvani 2017-05-19t19:53:44+0000 thanx for our amazing scan today we loved the experience. will include 3 follicle tracking scans on alternate days within the same cycle for £200, any further tracking scans within the same cycle will be charged at £50 each. following your scan appointment you will be given your images and emailed a full written report. i shall recommend this branch particularly to anyone who is interested in these scans. come and find out with a gender scan at mums - only £50 on thurs 12th oct inc usb + video/images & 4d… https://t. a gender scan to double check what you have been told elsewhere.% accurate gender confirmation | 4 photo prints | digital copies of your images | free* 4d peekconnector. xx chelseaa'xo stanley 2014-04-23t06:47:30+0000 robyn bowbanks 2014-04-20t18:15:30+0000 kirsty boultby 2014-04-20t12:30:41+0000 samantha mellors 2014-04-16t17:21:58+0000 charlotte noble 2014-04-15t12:37:07+0000 charlotte cox 2014-04-15t09:02:12+0000 kimberley bodenham 2014-04-14t18:40:04+0000 highly recommend to any one whos expecting makes u feel welcome the moment u open the door scan ladys lovely made me feel comfortable n most of all took there time didnt rush n also such a lovely bloke on reception thank u so much 4 such a special moment for me n my fella it was the best experience ever 🙂 xx xx katy burton 2014-04-09t12:04:45+0000 lovely people so friendly 🙂 found sex of baby straight away.-being scan £55you can then choose to add gender confirmation and/or a 4d scan on to your well-being scan.

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! 😀 xx laura jackman crissy siddlebinns 2017-04-09t15:24:56+0000 went to the sheffield branch this morning for our gender scan! thanks again girls, you were all fabulous xx frankie 'freckles' gray 2017-07-13t19:40:19+0000 used window to the womb for both our 16 week gender reveal and 4d 28 week scan, both times have been absolutely amazing in terms of service and quality for money. rachael mcintyre 2017-06-30t12:33:24+0000 went for a 4d scan today, was very impressed. pictures came out so nice thankyou so much loved our experience x lisa morris 2017-04-06t10:05:03+0000 i went for a sexing scan at 15 weeks 6days and found out i was having a boy, i wasn't happy with my photos to no fault of the staff as the baby was not cooperating and turned away. please note the additional fee is on top of the £55 well-being scan:Connector. kirsty francis 2017-10-13t16:58:44+0000 bexleyheath branch - absolutely perfect gender revel scan and staff are so friendly and helpful halima nur 2017-10-09t22:02:04+0000 amazing service, i went to the ealing branch for a 4d scan at 26+4 weeks and all of the staff were very friendly and polite. i had horrid scan at city hospital and just needed to see my baby. brilliant place with lovely staff nadia hussain 2017-02-19t09:50:39+0000 rachel milton 2017-02-16t21:25:19+0000 an amazing experience, such lovely lady's martine kemp 2017-02-15t23:18:29+0000 came back for my 4d scan. 3d and 4d ultrasound scan is a lovely way to bond with your baby and provide reassurance that your baby is developing normally. private baby scans can also allow you and your family to experience your baby’s protected little worldteam window to the womb0+baby scans completed0%+gender confirmation accuracy facebook rating 4. a 4d scan captures three dimensional images of your baby moving in the womb. bobbi moore 2017-01-05t22:03:44+0000 sophie spooner 2017-01-01t14:20:08+0000 went for the gender scan on 30th december!

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The Midlands private pregnancy and fertility scanning service, specialising in early pregnancy and fertility scans. so whether you are local to birmingham, the midlands or further afield throughout the uk, if you are looking for a caring, professional and quality pregnancy and fertility scanning service then please get in touch and visit us at cherish-uk. our well-being scan (which is similar to the ultrasound scans that you will have at your hospital) allows us to check the well-being of your baby (you will receive a well-being report). in sutton coldfield, birmingham, west midlands, cherish-uk specialise in early pregnancy and fertility scans. for more information, or to book an appointment for your 4d baby scan today, please get in touch with us. × ali bull 2017-10-15t17:53:28+0000 had the gender scan at 21 weeks costing £59.% accurate gender confirmation (optional)| 4 photo prints | digital copies of your imagesconnector. laurie robertson 2016-10-23t10:52:39+0000 rebecca-suzanne martin 2016-10-16t20:39:02+0000 rowena castaneda 2016-10-13t17:21:50+0000 had my gender scan here and it was a wonderful experience, the staff are exceptional and super caring! 1 thing i did ask for and that was to check the placenta where it was and they said they would check for me as it has been a worry since my 20 week scan at the hospital but they didn't tell me so quite disappointed with that. we got a teddy bear with baby's heart beat inside, a photo frame and an email video of the scan all for £30. is an established specialist consultant led medical practice based in solihull, west midlands with highly qualified and experienced staff who are dedicated to caring for you and your baby. lovely staff and experience glad i came xxx nikisha storer 2017-07-03t14:40:55+0000 everything about this scan went great, i had an early gender scan and found out i'm having a little girl!

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@mums_care👶🤰💜💙#genderscan #sexingscan #boyorgirl #mumtobe #babybump #solihull https://t. lots of peek 4d images and heard the heart beat as well as gender confirmation after my anomaly scan. going back for the 4d scan later on 🙂 melissa anderson 2016-10-09t07:48:08+0000 i went to your window to the womb in norwich for a earky gender scan and it was fanstatic every moment and worth every penny as staff was friendly and my son got to see the baby and was over the moon with fact we found out he having a brother 🙂 thank you so much x lisa barstow 2014-11-13t10:34:06+0000 lauren revel 2014-11-08t15:28:00+0000 lisa marie clarkson 2014-08-10t12:44:18+0000 very fab experience. or gender ultrasound scans are performed to determine the sex (or gender) of the baby. we took our daughter who the sonographer whispered the gender to so she could tell us herself. a 3d scan captures a static image of your baby in the womb allowing you to see the features of the face and other parts of the body in 3 dimensions. offer our range of baby scans exclusively from our specialist ultrasound baby scan clinics to families all over the uk. couples who are having fertility treatment abroad, or at a location some distance from their own home within the uk, want the facility to access an ultrasound scan on a particular day of the menstrual cycle. vouchers(the perfect surprise for pregnant parents)well-being scan voucherswell-being + gender scan voucherswell-being + 4d scan voucherswelcome to window to the wombcongratulations on your pregnancy! we provide all types of pregnancy and fertility scanning, including early pregnancy scans, viability scans, baby dating scans, baby gender scans / sexing scans, fertility scans, 3d/4d reassurance and bonding scan, follicle tracking scans and gynaecological scans. i would highly recommend it hear he wasn't in the right place so we cudnt tell at first but after the third time of looking he was flashing at us what an amazing experience thank u xx sammie alla-mensah 2016-10-29t21:29:45+0000 we came on tuesday for a gender scan at 17 weeks and felt so welcome the staff were amazing especially with our little girl she was so excited to find out she's going to be having a brother . have been scanning expectant mums for over 14 years and have already introduced over 100,000 babies to their parents!

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we offer the very latest in 3d and 4d baby scanning technology enabling us to get the most life like images of your baby on the market. scan (very important baby) +£80100% longer** 4d scan experience | full baby scan movie recording | 99. amazing, such a great experience xx linzi reid 2014-05-11t13:58:00+0000 just ad a sexing scan here this week and was very impressed with the friendly staff, they made us feel really welcome & instantly put me at ease as i was a bit nervous i would recommend going to anyone.-uk is centrally located in sutton coldfield, birmingham, west midlands, close to birmingham city centre having easy access from birmingham, tamworth, erdington, great barr, lichfield, burntwood, aldridge, walsall, south staffordshire, derbyshire and nottinghamshire. danielle menzies 2017-04-08t19:27:30+0000 we visited here a few weeks ago the staff were so polite and welcoming and the sonographer was very patient in waiting for our stubborn little girl to move her legs to reveal her gender i will definitely be going back x natalie hall 2017-04-07t06:31:45+0000 sophie lauren ford 2017-04-06t15:14:37+0000 i absolutely loved my experience finding out the gender of my baby, everyone is so friendly, nice and welcoming.% accurate gender confirmation (optional) | 4 photo prints | digital copies of your imagesconnector. a 4d baby scan to create that extra special bond with baby.-uk has links with fertility clinics both abroad and in the uk and provides fertility scanning services for patients undergoing fertility treatment. hayley and amir xxx karly mulligan 2016-12-04t16:11:21+0000 came today for a gender scan.! can't wait to go again ;)) becka marshall 2014-02-14t17:55:11+0000 i came a year ago for a sexing scan i would highly recommend x kelly starkey 2014-02-04t17:21:48+0000 hayley henson 2014-02-02t22:06:36+0000 amazing 🙂 rachel toplis 2014-01-29t20:56:06+0000 had our 2nd scan with window to the womb again last night. never had a 4d scan before and was very impressed. the years we have expanded our range of baby scans to offer a wide variety of well-being scans, gender scans and 4d ultrasound scans.

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% accurate from only 16 weeks whilst our 4d scan packages allow you to get up close and personal with your unborn baby in a way that you never thought possible. can't wait for my 28week 4d scan amy belton 2017-03-05t04:07:32+0000 sarah catherine kelland 2017-03-04t19:27:57+0000 swansea branch really really enjoyed! one early pregnancy scan for £80, any other 2d pregnancy scans within the same pregnancy at intervals of your choice up to 30 weeks will be charged at £60 each. cherish-uk based in birmingham is able to perform the specialist scan and email the result to the chosen clinic. you so much i can honestly say i recommend this lovely experience to all new parents xxx kayleigh collins 2017-06-09t17:37:24+0000 went for a sexing scan afew months agk and wow the staff were beyond amazing from start to finish just how they were 7+ years ago last time i came. my little girl was a nightmare being scanned but they were so patient and i had to return another day for another scan as my daughter was in an awkward position. i then returned in 2012 for a sexing scan at 16 weeks then another scan at 28 weeks. it was an amazing experience and i am returning in 2 weeks time for a full 4d scan. scan (born to be a star) +£5450% longer** 4d scan experience | full baby scan movie recording | 99. my partner got to hear the heart beat for the first time and see the gender reveal. my partner missed the anomaly scan so was great to have the opportunity to go again at a time that was convenient for us. looking forward to going back for my 4d scan in may!

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* free 4d peek is in addition to the well-being + gender confirmation. thankyou girls x alannah-lee to be hardy 2017-04-22t10:10:09+0000 first time iv ever been to window to the womb i went to southampton lovely little place kind and polite staff was over the moon to find out we're having a baby boy after two girls the value for money is grate to and deffinatly get what you pay for couldn't fault you in any way well done guys for having such a lovely job xx georgina wright 2017-04-19t19:11:58+0000 my husband and i went for the 16+ week 4d scan last night. it's been such a pleasure bianca layton 2016-11-29t13:14:41+0000 went on saturday to the leeds branch for my 16 week gender scan, found out il be healthy little girl i couldn't thank the staff enough for making me feel so welcome from start to finish. ultrasound baby scan clinicsfind a clinicclick here to find your local clinicbaby scan packagesclick here to choose a baby scanbook online nowclick here to book online nowat window to the womb we believe pregnancy is the most magical time for parents. i returned for another rescan today having had a previous couple of visits where the baby wasnt well positioned.  for those mums to be who can’t wait to see their baby before the nhs 20 weeks scan. we will definitely be back in the near future for another 4d scan. Bumpty is a baby scanning clinic in Milton Keynes offering the latest in 3D/4D baby scanning technology including a full range of ultrasound scans. to the combination of our years of experience, our trained team of sonographers & scan assistants (we call them scan buddies) and our amazing equipment, a window to the womb baby scan will allow you to enjoy the best reassurance possible coupled with an amazing first introduction to your baby from a yawn to a stretch, all in their protected little world. this is not the main reason for the scan and no rescan can be offered if baby is in a poor position for 4d. a gender scan to find out if you are having a boy/girl as early as possible. very welcoming staff as soon as i walked through the door, the scan itself was superb along with the ladies who were in the scanning room with us.

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my 3 girls loved seeing their baby brother 🙂 thank you so much for everything x emma sinclair 2014-07-09t21:16:24+0000 gem richardson 2014-07-06t14:00:42+0000 beena kausser 2014-06-06t18:03:43+0000 bethany brereton 2014-06-03t15:38:42+0000 samantha george freya cooke 2014-05-31t21:16:32+0000 fantastic recommend to anyone who ask 🙂 kimberley jayne x 2014-05-30t19:36:06+0000 had a sexin scan not long ago n was really good and really polite people x judy wise 2014-05-21t21:12:25+0000 emily may walker 2014-05-19t21:09:20+0000 anna logie 2014-05-17t20:56:54+0000 had the vib package today in norwich studio. super exciting to find out we are having another healthy baby girl charlie cooke 2017-01-10t21:37:36+0000 had my gender and 4d scans done here ! rak singh 2017-05-21t13:00:37+0000 me and my partner had our gender scan at 16 weeks and eere both happy to find out we having s little girl. all of our clinics use the highest specification ultrasound technology and we are privileged to offer you a way of checking all is well with baby and sharing the amazing first glimpses of your unborn baby with a unique private window to the womb ultrasound scan. a 3d & 4d ultrasound scan is best performed between 24 and 30 weeks. our safe, comfortable and welcoming baby scan clinics offer the perfect destination whether you:Want to check up on baby. an early pregnancy scan from 6 weeks can usually determine whether there is a heartbeat and will give reassurance that all is well.** percentage longer is measured against our well-being + 4d scan (picture box). we had at 16 week gender scan and found out we're having a little boy highly recommended jen mackenzie 2017-05-21t14:05:30+0000 i went to the nottingham branch yesterday for my second scan with them at 28 + 4 days for a 4d scan. can then choose to add gender confirmation and/or one of our amazing 4d scans to the well-being check allowing parents to find out if you’re having a little boy/girl and see baby in his/her protected world. all of our scans allow us to check all is well with baby (well-being scan) at any stage of pregnancy from 16 to 40 weeks. please note we only scan you for long enough to achieve the purpose of the scan.

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