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: buzzfeed motion pictures fosters a unique, collaborative environment where producers can also be featured as onscreen talent. to be fair, i also studied a lot, respect my parents and look fabulous in women’s clothing, but it’s all part of an evolution where we’re representing ourselves to be just as complex as any white leading character. i also enjoy epic action sequences and blockbuster popcorn flicks. am not affiliated with buzzfeed motion pictures and any materials posted on this site belong to their respective owners and are credited accordingly. left: quinta brunson, kelsey darragh, eugene lee yang and ashly perez.

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foronda as a video producer, writer, director and actor for buzzfeed video, eugene lee yang is one of the most visible and charismatic figures trending on the internet these days. upon referral from a colleague, he joined buzzfeed in 2013 as an online video producer. other development partners include kelsey darragh, host of web series ladies room, and ashly perez, who started at buzzfeed as a travel editor in 2013 and now co-stars in you do you, a series on the buzzfeed violet youtube channel. media, entertainment and even history are especially prone to centering on whiteness. of the internet hourbuzzfeed’s eugene lee yang lays bare what makes him click with diverse audiences.

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brunson, for example, is developing her web series broke into a project that would be at home alongside more standard tv-length fare at netflix or mtv. try guys — keith habersberger, zach kornfeld, ned fulmer and eugene lee yang (photo: macey j. a young age, the creatively inclined yang gravitated toward the arts, from illustration to theater to choir, orchestra and dance, but it wasn’t until the seventh grade when a teacher suggested he try filmmaking that yang considered it a viable career option., is that, because of our wide variety of content and characters, anyone can relate to our videos, regardless of race, gender or sexuality. the development partners program, in fact, could be the first to bring buzzfeed ip to a more traditional platform.

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says henick: “i think [more traditional] content will come from this group before other content, because by virtue of being in this program, they are thinking a bit bigger, and we’re thinking bigger about investing in their ideas. program is being shepherded by bfmp's newly promoted head of development, matthew henick, but is also a top priority for bfmp president ze frank and buzzfeed ceo (and recent l. i’m crass, i’m confident, i’m often naked and i don’t give a sh-t about what people think of me. they said, ‘we are investing in your perspective because it’s proven to be well liked and sharable and impactful. the following interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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we’ve witnessed with videos like awkward moments only asians understand and if asians said the stuff white people say. do not say "ashly + hair" that is too vague and i'm gonna do my way. liked this muharies liked this beaniebabycreature liked this happypandalols liked this yyysfreak liked this angstundies liked this wishingforahome liked this sophisticatedbullshitt liked this missrebeccawilson liked this countesscanteloupe liked this lolaismeuniverse reblogged this from buzzfeedviolet lolaismeuniverse liked this thetallestpine liked this powerful-as-h-ll liked this dat-awkward-friend reblogged this from buzzfeedviolet awkwardlyaesthetic liked this tjwbu liked this badgirlriirii reblogged this from buzzfeedviolet onceinagallop reblogged this from buzzfeedviolet onceinagallop liked this grunge-fashion01 liked this hannaxwilliams liked this kpoppersnsa liked this internetsupportgroupblog liked this undergoing-repairs reblogged this from buzzfeedviolet musical-differences reblogged this from buzzfeedviolet colormedisneyprincess liked this little-locifer liked this buzzfeedviolet posted this. was bullied and tokenized, as one might expect a kid from one of the only asian families in ’90s texas to be, but i wasn’t scarred. many high-flying digital media firms today, 10-year-old buzzfeed began pushing into video as ad dollars flooded the digital video market.

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” the television series you mentioned will undoubtedly stir controversy in the way they choose to humanize and/or humor-ize our community, but it’s necessary in our inevitable ascent to confront the clichés that have held us back. whether it’s a daily task or a lifelong journey, koreans just do the damn thing, and our diligence and perseverance play a huge role in our successes. is yang's first solo project since joining bfmp’s development partners program, which keeps some of buzzfeed's biggest stars committed to exclusive two-year contracts. if you asked me something and i didn't do it, please ask again and i'll put on the list (also, i'm sorry about that). when he starred alongside comedienne jenny yang (no relation) in the buzzfeed comedy sketch if asians said the stuff white people say, the video blew up, launching the filmmaker’s path to producing additional relatable content for diverse audiences.

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in the nearly two years since, the 300-person team has become known for churning out viral hits on emerging video platforms including snapchat and facebook, and it now boasts over 3 billion monthly video views. are, like so many children of immigrants, restlessly and wonderfully in-between.. there’s a sense of agency and authenticity in those videos exploring racial issues that you don’t see in hollywood. “buzzfeed was going to allow me to write, to continue to produce. make no mistake, beyond his goofy physical stunts and experimentations on camera, the texas-raised korean american, as a filmmaker for buzzfeed video, has explored such thought-provoking themes as body image among women or racial bias in online dating.

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keep in mind i'm a college student and some edits may take a little longer, but i'll finish them all. online media, we aren’t restricted by out-of-touch producers and formulas perpetuated by racial generalizations. yang is one of seven buzzfeed employees who have signed on to the program, designed to help bfmp retain its top talent even as they become internet sensations and begin to field offers from both traditional and digital suitors. are comprehensive deals, covering projects for digital, linear and theatrical distribution as well as sponsorships and other branded content opportunities. the company formally launched buzzfeed motion pictures in the summer of 2014 as its hollywood-based video factory.

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lever først og fremst på treet mopane (colophospermum mopane, erteblomstfamilien), som vokser i tørre lavlandsområder i det sørlige afrika, men de kan også gå på blant andre mango (mangifera indica), og sommerfuglens utbredelse er videre enn mopane-treets. sometimes i look at my parents and my grandmother and suddenly remember that they left their fucking home country to give me a better life. dressed in a casually cool uniform of grey cardigan, green sweatpants and a matching beanie, yang — who rose to internet fame as one-fourth of the buzzfeed video series the try guys — looks like he belongs in front of the camera. there’s so much value in ownership, and the audience immediately picks up on whose voice is telling a story. if it’s from the ’90s, has a rap breakdown, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s in my karaoke repertoire.

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he’s also helping shine a spotlight on diversity and representation in american pop culture through such videos-gone-viral as awkward moments only asians understand and if asians said the stuff white people say, which pointedly turn the tables on racial microaggressions. getting bullied for his asian features and korean cultural background instilled in him an early introspection and sensitivity regarding racial discrimination. “i would have stayed at buzzfeed even if this hadn’t come along, but what was enticing to me was the resources to make the things i want. i think my prevalence is a simple case of supply-and-demand: there can always be more people of color in front of the cameras.. transplant) jonah peretti, who were present for the signing of the contracts and regularly sit in on meetings with the talent around the marketing and financing of their projects.

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“when you look at the way we designed this program, we were thinking about how to have a system where they can learn and get better, and they’re not having a difficult time making something and reaching an audience. you wouldn’t believe how many youtube commenters still see me in an “americans try _____” video and say, “but he’s asian.'s hollywood arm has inked two-year exclusive deals with online stars including the try guys and quinta brunson. graduating from the university of southern california with a film degree in 2008, yang worked as a freelance music video and commercial director for l. spoke with yang, a los angeles resident, about his huge online following and the state of asian american representation in media today.

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to buzzfeed centralused to be "fuckyeahashdrew", but everything has changed. but i had enough clarity to distinguish my minority struggle from what my black and latino friends had to endure. are your thoughts on asian american representation in entertainment today, given the emergence of shows such as fresh off the boat and dr. doesn’t hurt that as one of “the try guys”—a group of four young men who will try just about any stunt for the digital news and entertainment company’s mega online audience—the 29-year-old is willing to strip down and serve sushi on his naked body, wear women’s lingerie or undergo labor pain simulations to spark conversation among the masses. matt bellassai, star of buzzfeed's wine about it, left bfmp earlier this year to forge a solo career that includes a new facebook series, live shows and a book.

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don’t care how controversial the term is—i’m a feminist and have thrived in the company of women who are not only my equals but, in many cases, could kick my ass. in some cases buzzfeed might act as a producer, studio or distributor on the projects. the constant categorization of my “otherness” was fueled by lazy insults targeting my face and culture.'s a thursday afternoon in march, and online star eugene lee yang is presiding over the omg sound stage at buzzfeed motion pictures' hollywood campus. some managers and agents might balk at the terms, buzzfeed and the talent who have signed up — among them yang’s try guys partners and comedian quinta brunson — insist that the development partners program will eventually lead to greater opportunities within buzzfeed.

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i am merely representing myself as honestly as possible, and that transparency gradually begins to inform the audience’s perception of asian americans. the bottom line is that they’re written, produced and acted by an asian american. while they suffered institutionally, i dealt with kids telling me i was ugly, weird and that my house smelled funny.’s a tie between “this is how we do it” by montell jordan and “that don’t impress me much” by shania twain. we subconsciously advertise minstrelized versions of our ethnic identity because we’ve mentally accepted a white-centric authority and audience.

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comments topics: buzzfeed, ely, eugene lee yang, korean american filmmaker. i was angry because i couldn’t understand how everyone could be so f-cking stupid.” i want to see asian american media be so enlightening and pervasive that even the dumbest dumbf-ck commenter on the planet will not assume i’m from china.'s Hollywood arm has inked two-year exclusive deals with online stars including The Try Guys and Quinta Brunson. i am merely the product of their immense sacrifices … and a ton of hairspray.

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