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other “evidence” such as iu’s former remarks on tv shows and the two wearing same items in separate photos continued to surface. for instance, letting eunhyuk into iu’s house, allowing him access to her immediate family, did not exactly stand him in good stead. several years ago, i think iu was 17, she took a photo of herself in a granny gown and eunhyuk who allegedly was shirtless. the time iu realized she had accidentally tweeted a selca of her in pajamas with a shirtless eunhyuk, it was too late – the picture had already caught the attention of hawk-eyed k-poppers from around the globe., iu stores her diary in a lock box safe of some kind that cannot be easily removed (stolen) from her residence. story behind these so-called dating scandals was cleared up by the artists and their agencies, but some fans continued to wonder if it could be a cover up, and suspected the truth might still out there.

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based on some recent accounts, it seems that some companies still have a lot to learn in terms of when and how to release a statement.. and yet at one point you claimed to have kids. long as you tell us about roi sjoung and why he's banned ;)xbigblueagainview profile. until then, i’ll continue to be entertained by scandals and silly statements that come with them. also: the conservative lyrics in iu's 'fall morning' spark debate about remake songs in the modern era continuing from last week, iu sat down with lyricist kim eana to discuss the inspiration behind her music and her latest album 'palette'.”  currently it’s been confirmed that suzy is happily dating lee minho.

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she needs to remember boys are horny and pervert, she must never ever open the door for boys , stay alone with them, let alone let them to come to her bedroom ! two idols were rumored to be dating after victoria uploaded a picture of her meal in february 2013. admitted in a later interview that she uploaded it by mistake, yet neither iu nor eunhyuk ever admitted or denied being in a relationship after that. the expectation, a growing number of k-pop starlets are proving that they, too, can date men and fall in love. one day someone will manage to steal her diary and you'll see all the dirty secrets you're after but until then sit tight.. g-dragon & kiko mizuharafor the longest time, g-dragon and kiko mizuhara were involved in many dating scandals, since visiting each other has become almost second nature to both of them.

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korea, a handful of k-pop starlets have long been dubbed “korea’s little sisters,” a korean term that indicates nationwide affection toward the girls. the iu and eunhyuk 'selfie' photo situation ; there is *nothing* to indicate that anything resembling "rape" ever happened in their social relationship (now long ago ended). we are not losing our virginity at age of 12 years old like your american girls, getting pregnant at age of 15 and having abortion at age of 16 ! was no willing in this case, it's why iu unni uploaded the photo in social media ! he approached and greeted her, but not before paparazzi could snap a couple of pictures of the moment. how do you think these situations should’ve been handled?

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two days later, yoona’s bandmate sooyoung, 25, also said that she had been in a relationship with 31-year-old actor jung kyung-ho. trying too hard just confirms that you’ve got something to hide, and will in turn cause readers and/or audiences to think that the company has treated them like fools. given the circumstances of modern society, and consequently, the intertwining of pop culture, this idea can be a tricky one to contend with. you seem especially desperate for attention today and it's so not pretty on you. was talking about her diary and all that came in my mind was the scandal with eunhyuk, so i read the comments, now i'm relieved i'm not the only one. not to mention you're actually a guy who was castrated and is now hallucinating and deluded into thinking he's a girl.

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critic says bts is the leader in the industry and has revitalized k-pop. reveals he and close friends exo's kai, bts' jimin, and others designed a friendship outwear. at the time suju was very popular and eunhyuk was on a lot of variety shows. don't know who are you are talking about, but again you use drugs and most of times you are hallucinating so it doesn't mind me if you say crap ! iu became freer to make daring moves and take on challenges in her music and acting in a departure from her girly image. they were very good friends but elf attacked her and her fans went after him even trying to get him investigated.

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 shim jae won and other staff members also ate with them. iu mistakenly uploaded 'selfie' with eunhyuk (july 2012) personally, i think that the 'selfie' actually adds to the 'mystique' of iu in a *positive* manner. by some “stroke of genius”, the company was sure that this revelation would be harmless, and that selling-but-not-smoking weed would make the entire issue less of a crime. when handling a scandal as serious as a punishable crime, you’d be wary to taint an admission to the accusation with a far-fetched explanation — even if it were somehow true — as that would make you the biggest idiot to walk the planet. the label went to ridiculous lengths to do so, saying eunhyuk was visiting a sick iu and that the picture was taken when they were sitting on a couch. i started writing in one to leave evidence that i lived.

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, IU and Eunhyuk were the hottest search terms over the weekend on Korea’s two largest portal sites because of a picture of the two idols posIu reveals the secret of her 10-year diary. and they nipped a would-be, spiralling-out-of-control rumor, in the bud — case-closed. really hope that iu didn't mention in this diary the rape she was submitted by the pervert rapist eunhyuk the monkey ! takes only one photograph to involve idols in dating rumors, a phenomenon that seemingly appears left and right nowadays. however, official statements can sometimes dig even deeper holes for these ‘victims,’ as the more desperate the company is to defend and deny, the more guilty the person in question appears to be. so please tell us about krevice and why he is banned from akp ?

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fans immediately looked more closely at the photo and said iu was wearing pajamas and posing “too close” to eunhyuk. seo joon and kim ji won to marry if 'fight my way' gets high viewer ratings? then came miss a’s suzy, 20, who recently confirmed that she had been dating hallyu actor lee min-ho, seven years her senior. however, picturing the seungri’s career and the mature image that big bang’s taken on, this “controversial behaviour” should be inflicting insignificant blows to his career and image, and much less of that of the boy group. we all know, time doesn't pass in K-pop-land without a scandal occurring every now and then.. 2pm’s taecyeon & jessica jungrumors about taecyeon and jessica have been around since 2010, but they were never seen as a couple.

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"iu added, "however, i don't write in it every day now. you reading that deranged wastrel's comments about iu and eunhyuk from suju? the title suggests, this wasn’t a scandal so much as it was a bunch of rumors that reached its height, after f(x)‘s victoria posted a picture on weibo; the puny image resembled dbsk changmin’s reflection. in this case, it can be said that yg had taken the smart, quick and easy pr route; to make the situation a non-issue and one that isn’t worth the company’s time and resources. the good example is me, i am 28 years old, studying in prestigious seoul national university and i am still virgin ! And in a lot of these scandals, the drama and gossip eventually lead to an official statement from the concerned company, in its attempt to defend the subject (or subjects).

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 Continuing from last week, IU sat …As we all know, time doesn’t pass in k-pop-land without a scandal occurring every now and then. i hope she forget this sad chapter of her life ( what she seems doing ) and stay healthy and happy from now. myself, i would suggest that iu and eunhyuk could actually earn some money (donate it to charity) by selling autographed copies of their 'infamous' selfie together via some k-pop online shop. scandal also remains a mystert as both sides’ agencies never releaseed any statements that confirmed or denied their relationship. course, the winner for the most ridiculous official statement i have seen, goes to 2works and their fabulous handling of dmtn daniel’s drug scandal., k-pop pr teams will eventually learn from these examples, about how to better handle their client’s misdemeanors.

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koreans felt both betrayed and disappointed by the 18-year-old starlet, who declared that she was no longer a girl. sung joon played suzy’s bodyguard in the drama and was seen “protecting” her in the pictures below with an arm around her shoulders. the incident, more and more female idols made public their relationships. junior's siwon and his family apologize for their dog, who bit and caused the death of a neighbor. addressing the claims of some random woman in japan would not only draw more attention to the rumors, but it would’ve inadvertently revealed yg’s deep concerns over the incident. look at hillary clinton and all the noise about her email server.

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island, jung joon young, and black pink to appear on this week's 'my little television'! the iu 'mistakenly uploaded' selfie to her public sns website will forever be fuel for trolls to chatter on endlessly about it. in reality, it’s a fact that seungri deserves his own privacy, and that the personal goings-on behind his bedroom doors should be off-limits. photo, posted by iu herself on her twitter, sparked speculation that iu was romantically involved with the male idol. after daniel was accused of smoking and selling weed, his label released a statement saying that he admitted to selling weed but that he did not smoke it. if people found g-dragon’s ignorance to the difference between a cigarette and a joint doubtful, the idea that someone deemed being an intermediary in the drug trade, could be passed off with outright leniency, just sounds pathetic.

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in cases like these, 2works would’ve been better off explaining daniel’s repentance and leaving it at that — people can respect honest expressions of remorse, but not when they’re accompanied by terrible excuses. seo in guk cleared up rumors following the release of pictures taken of him and girl’s generation yoona at a baseball game.. iu & super junior’s eunhyukin november of 2012, a photo of what appeared to be a shirtless eunhyuk and iu caused a dating rumor between the two. and with any consensual activity between partners, any actions undertaken should be accountable by two persons (or more, if that applies). why are you so obsessed with x year old scandal? their dating relationship is just a suspicion raised from a simple incident.

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the scandal did not deal a blow to iu’s career. if that didn’t have scandal written all over it, then i’m really clueless as to what it might’ve meant. all this material came from a women who had supposedly slept with seungri while in japan, and who had disclosed some of his questionable bedroom habits to the magazine. not yet finished my study, not yet having my degree, not yet finding a job, not yet dating a man, not yet having wed, having kids ? and in a lot of these scandals, the drama and gossip eventually lead to an official statement from the concerned company, in its attempt to defend the subject (or subjects). dating scandals were cleared up by the artists, but some fans continued to wonder if it was a cover up, and that the truth was still out there.

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