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, where we will pay the joining fee of any other introduction agency in the. – simple if you have a poor experience with us or any another agency, it tarnishes the whole reputation of our industry (as happened to time share). club would not accept a lady aged 60 and dress size 18 (as. recommend an agency more suitable for needs or we offer you a. guarantee that in six weeks you will meet two high quality men who are seeking a committed relationship (most agencies you are likely to wait many months) or take a 100% refund towards any other agency in the world. membership allows your details to be held by us, you cannot activate dates, but your details will be available to our dating clients who may ask to meet you.? or men that were given free memberships just to make up the dating numbers.. we give every dating member the minimum number of introductions. slim  attractive female barrister aged 38 earning £100k  probably 60% success rate in 15 months at gold level or at vip level 75% in 12 months ( with a probability of around just 20% ever finding a long term partner without using a good  dating agency or relying on internet dating). with any top quality professional dating agency we always have more ladies than men.

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· we will give you feed back on what members thought about you, so you can modify / improve your dating techniques. ask any other agency if you can try them for six weeks to check out the quality of their members and have all your money refunded towards any other agency in the world without reason, other than you ask for it. he had been a member of a dating agency in gerrard’s cross in buckinghamshire that had shut down and elect had bought it.'they are very excited about their future': jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez 'begin house-hunting for the perfect family home after eight months of dating'. uk agency, yet we are the only  one who will guarantee. whether she accepted that while he may have paid another less upmarket agency a fee, that was not the same thing as having paid to join elect, ms guennifa said: ‘we don’t judge people on their assets. dating agencies  little short of a scam, asking "how many. on its website, it boasted of being ‘the number one dating agency in the uk’ with branches in several major cities. will need to do most of, if not all of the dating, as attractive single girls under 30 are usually dated frequently, but we have a good choice of really attractive intelligent ladies for you. payment of your service fees and the dating service is carried out by ‘e.

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    · if you are already a current paid up member of another professional introduction agency and they find you a partner to marry we will refund your membership fee in full. we ask questions no other agency asks from financial status, criminal record, medical history including sexual history. achieve this level of recommendations require an agency to have been. guy’s  in your first 6 weeks, we will introduce you to two of the slimmest classiest most intelligent women you have ever dated or give you a 100% refund towards any other agency in the world. even in the event that we were burgled, we do not keep records of your name, address, telephone number or photograph at our london offices. dating agencies survive on the large fees ladies in their late 40’s, 50’s and 60’s will pay to join.. would a more expensive agency give me a better service? interview in far greater depth, than any other agency in the u. weeks to try the service with the right to have all your fee refunded towards any other introduction agency in the world.. you are guaranteed to meet at least 10 people in a year or take a refund – the only agency in the uk to offer a minimum guarantee over 12 months, many say there is no guarantee of any dates, others extend your membership for years until they get you 6, 8 or 10 dates.
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    women’s magazines, commercial radio, specialist magazines such as gq,Time out and tatler, the london underground, poster sites such as at clapham junction,As well as direct mail. in fate: alex fontaine who has given up on dating after her recent experience. pregnant duchess makes an unannounced appearance with william and harry at an event for young sports coaches in london. from london so they are unlikely to know you or your friends). executive club is the trading name of several trading organisations all family owned. list below, 50 unique features that make the executive club of st. you on everything from changing your attitude towards dating and. we usually recommend  gold as it locks you into active dating  indefinitely. held at your london home or within 30 miles driving distance. likely to work for you, or recommend a more appropriate agency for you.
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    following various uninspiring conversations with dating agencies, feeling underwhelmed and a lack of clarity about just what they could do for the fee they were charging, alun set up the executive club of st james’s in 1985. we give money back guarantees that our service is superior to any other introduction agency in the uk. we would of course love your money, however even if you were our close friend, we feel it would probably be a waste of your money joining, regardless of how young you may look, but please feel free to call us and we will give you advise on better ways of meeting people than joining a dating agency, or which would be the best agency to join. if you are still not happy talk to our dating service manager and if you are still not happy call our owner alun jenkins ( he makes himself directly available to members 12 hours a day – sad sod hey! of dating agencies that make all sorts of verbal promises on the.”the times“dating agency berkeley international is becoming the must join club. employ 1 full time and 4 part time evening dating staff, and the owner alun jenkins. you control the pace of your own dating by calling us whenever you want us to arrange an introduction for you. your first two meetings however should be in central london unless you both agree otherwise. held within 30 miles of central london but not travel costs).
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Executive Club of St James | Serving the contemporary demands of

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you think 5hrs of your time is too much to invest in finding a life partner, please do not call us – try internet dating or an ordinary dating agency.· interviews carried out in private, at our luxury london training apartment (opposite the house of commons - not in a coffee bar or hotel lobby as many others). are usually interviewed at our london training centre, at parliament. we strongly recommend this relationship / flirt training to all ladies even if you join another agency we are sure you will find it very useful indeed. for training courses to get to men before they join an agency.. we will refund your joining fees towards any other agency in the world. by this apparently rigorous approach, ms fontaine, 44, rang up to enquire about joining and a consultant invited her to an interview, not at the company’s registered offices in the city of london but at the charing cross hotel on the strand. on dating and relationships in general, based on our 30 years. she also holds a licence as a marriage family therapist from the usa and is an accredited member of bacp (british association for counselling and psychotherapy) kathrine came looking for a job with the executive club of st. we thought we had found one other agency in the uk.

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highest quality professional introduction agency in the uk or your fee refunded!· try the service for 6 weeks with the right to a full refund towards any other agency in the world if you’re not impressed. for instance, julia sutton has been with our agency for nearly 20 years. this site can link you to wealth of knowledge from details about dating agencies to understanding the opposite sex. the duchess of york looks chic in black as she presents a large donation to a children's charity at a london exhibition opening.”the times weekend magazine“berkeley international…a dating agency for the very wealthy that is expanding across europe to meet rising demand from well-heeled lonely hearts. vip advisor also has access to the best of several other affiliated professional dating organisations to choose your introductions from. alex fontaine joined an upmarket dating agency, she was looking forward to meeting the man of her dreams. use ‘a friend of ‘members only codeword’ or ‘from the club’, if you have too. company, elect club, claimed to have the ‘largest private database of single professionals in london’, including business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Executive Club of St James | Serving the contemporary demands of


club says ms fontaine did not cancel her contract properly by giving one month’s notice and so owes them £180 for work they continued to do on her behalf. interview every new dating member in depth, we insist on home addresses and home telephone numbers, we have photographs of every member and all members are required to sign a legally enforceable statement about themselves. however people of a certain calibre living outside of london (our members have ranged from edinburgh, iom, to the bahamas) have little option but to travel to london to meet people of the quality they require. Alex Fontaine (pictured) joined an upmarket dating agency, she was looking forward to meeting the man of her dreams. then one day in 1993, at a dinner party at the lanesborough hotel in london, i sat next to a client and the chemistry for both of us was overwhelming. – or lose his membership – try asking that one at the bar before dating someone.. want even more information about dating and agencies in general. no longer available for dating, married or a guest of "the grim. still manages the professional introduction agency and takes a hands on approach by being available, to members or non-members alike, to discuss any queries about the executive club of st. james’s, an exclusive matchmaking agency in the uk, in 1985.

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it would take an exceptional introduction agency to meet just 10 of these 50 listed benefits. members of the executive club of st james’s join ‘e. james’s after a close friend of hers told kathrine about her insightful experience during alun’s interview and with his london dating agency… “i’ve been with the agency ever since”.. we only interview clients in london, our main service centre is in sussex. if you want a lady aged 30 to 38 who does not have children and does not want children then join another agency, not ours, we’ve never met a normal woman in 30 years that fitted that bill! she lives in the north west area of london she says she’s a simple solicitor in a top international law firm, specialising in commercial law, aged early 30’s 5ft 5ins tall weighs 8st 9lbs dress size, with an excellent figure. of thrones star maisie williams oozes glamour as she flashes a glimpse of her toned abs in sexy striped co-ords at the q awards in london. we are sure we have the highest quality membership of any uk dating agency – that is how we alone in the uk, are able to offer any of these guarantees and we have been in this business for over 30 years. new members prior to them being offered membership of the executive club. for love: many women are turning to one of the new breed of 'boutique' dating clubs, promising a bespoke service for busy high-flyers.

Executive Club of St James Agency: One of London's Best Dating

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”financial timesberkeley international is a specialist elite dating agency and international introduction agency offering an exclusive matchmaking service to find perfect partners and soul mates for our discerning and affluent members.. can i have advice/training on dating, makeup, dress style and flirting? we do not know of any agency that can match this level of service regardless of whatever they charge albeit £8k, or £60k. ms fontaine, who was awarded an mbe in 2007 for her charitable work, is now being chased by a debt-collection agency for outstanding fees. he is full of knowledge, gained through his experience working with clients over the many decades of running matchmaking within the introduction agency.. we do not know of any other agency in the world that will match this offer. it is a condition of membership that all clients will meet, initially for their first two dates, in central london even if they live abroad.'s website where the company boasted of being 'the number one dating agency in the uk' with branches in several major cities. however people of a certain calibre living outside of london (our members have ranged from edinburgh, iom, to the bahamas) have little option but to travel to london to meet people of the quality they require. the  internet dating  single may be someone we have already declined to accept or removed from membership.

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the 30 years we have been in business we genuinely do not know of any other agency that can match our success rate, hence why we are unique in the industry by offering money back guarantees and have done so since 1985 (try asking other introduction agencies to match our guarantees or just one of them!. ask for your contact, remembering that the person may be our member’s daughter with the same name or the babysitter, so always be as discreet as we are and never mention the executive club. and another £200 if you can find any agency in europe or the usa.”harper’s bazaar“the agency offers unlimited dates and will organize everything from a simple introduction to a date abroad. International is an exclusive introduction and elite dating agency providing discreet dating services to a successful international clientele. rent and rates are 75% cheaper than central london and our labour.’she insisted that terry was vetted by an elect agent after they bought the dating agency he belonged to. by one “exclusive introduction agency” and declined the membership at. exclusive: scarlett johansson, 32, steps out for dinner with celebrity chef bobby flay, 52, in nyc after months of dating snl's colin jost. we expect all our advisors to not only be knowledgeable about what they do, but also be warm, friendly and welcoming – exactly what you should expect from an exclusive, up-market dating agency.

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’the firm, or ‘niche introduction agency for attractive professionals’  as it described itself, even offered a special service for the over-40s and the company boasted it had been  featured in glossy magazines including grazia and cosmopolitan. back guarantees, and we are still the only agency in the uk who are prepared to offer.· weekly social events in london ( the savoy, the ivy, le gavroche, le caprice etc. we are the only dating service in the uk we know of that guarantees you a minimum number of introductions in a specified time period and gives you the right to a proportionate refund of your joining fee. they are:* we have found one agency that will offer our 3 day change your mind guarantee why only one? first and second date with members is a ‘club date’, this means that you are our representative and we demand that you act in a manner that we can be proud of you.‘most of them can’t even have been based in london., communists and oil tycoons: online dating is more popular than ever, but be prepared for a few., then we ( and our women) would prefer you go to a cheap agency or one that takes. are known nationally and internationally as an exclusive introduction agency.

The 'boutique' dating agency promised I'd meet eligible high-flyers

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another introduction agency finds you a partner to live with/marry we will refund your fee. in london discuss what style and colours would suit you,Then visit appropriate shops to advise you what to buy. one of our “mystery shoppers” a “paid spy” ” when visiting an expensive agency for her interview pressed them a little harder on their impressive “80% success rate” by asking how they defined success? we have two offices, a smaller office / training centre in london used only for interviews and a large dating centre in seaford east sussex where the dating staff work. you also have free  access to meet   with the owner who can give advice on getting the very best from the service and general   advice on  dating, gleaned from over 29 years in the business. their “join a better agency” refund guarantee, you must stay with them. active members available for dating, within your age range and. and we will tell you more about our organisation or, if appropriate, recommend other dating agencies to suit your needs owner alun jenkins,london head office, 150 parliament view london se1 7xq. we know of no other agency regardless of cost that offers even one of our refund guarantees let alone the four we are proud to offer our clients, in writing, and have done so for 30 years. this is the mission of our professional introduction agency, the executive club of st james’s.

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“molloy is doing the unimaginable, and making the dating agency berkeley international, into a must join club…”quintessentially“a good matchmaker is never off-duty. for your needs, or recommend one of our executive club.' stalker once jailed for harassing ivanka trump is hit with restraining order after threats to kim's agency. cumberbatch channels his inner liam gallagher in britpop-style anorak as he ditches trademark suits at london fundraiser. butler looks fit and well as he arrives in london to promote new film geostorm.: two dating outfits – dresses, skirts and tops, one work outfit,Appropriate bra’s underwear and accessories, handbags and shoes to suit. faris dating cinematographer michael barrett in another workplace romance just three months after chris pratt split. having tried internet dating and found it too hit-and-miss, she turned to one of the new breed of ‘boutique’ dating clubs, promising a bespoke service for busy high-flyers. this site can link you to wealth of knowledge from details about dating agencies to understanding the opposite sex. offer a £200 reward to the first person able to find any uk professional dating agency that will match or better even half of the guarantees we offer below in writing !

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