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Exo k suho and f(x) krystal dating

has been heard from their friend that:‘they both know that they resemble each other not only in appearance, personality, music taste, fashion and hobbies. what is here and mostly look like true we almost know already others just joke of the year. suzy x lee minho one is kinda true — their dating post was published in june while these “rumors” were established in april lololol. read that in another site like a blind item and idk i just think on minseok.(kaistal&sestal)exo kai and sehun with f(x) krystal-smtown the stage. kai started coming here since five months back (around once or twice a month) but recently, he started visiting more frequently per month, and i also saw krystal for the first time today. having full schedules with exo currently on their world tour and f(x) also performing their concert overseas in japan, the two idols have allegedly found time in-between to meet with one another for dates. and sehun is straight xd like we don’t know moderfvcker. it’s a proof they’re humans and that will end the delusion of some fans.카이 크리스탈 열애 breaking: exo’s kai and f(x)’s krystal confirm they are dating.

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but nothing else to 100%, and some i just don’t believe at all. she asked me if she could charge her phone and i thought her white mask strange so i looked at her face and it was kryxxxx. i can’t believe people actually translate to english and spread it everywhere. got tons of rumor lmao personally me and my friend made up some before and some girls actually believe and feeling hurt over it… i mean we’re just joking around. of posting dumbass rumors, please act more professional and focus on updates. who can explain all the touching and laughing behind the scenes between the two? their friendship led to deeper feelings and now they are a lovely couple. however, the op was insistent, commenting, "when kxx first came here he was wearing a mask and a cap and right outside the door was an unidentified man, and kxx asked him for the card to be rang up and the voice sounded like kxx; i thought that i just misheard and thought i was imagining things. why is it a scandal for them to have feelings for somebody else? junior's siwon and his family apologize for their dog, who bit and caused the death of a neighbor.

EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal are dating ! - YouTube

does lovelyz want to learn from competitors seventeen and twice? they need their private lives too and just imagine how embarrassed they are; they're grownups after all so of course they can do it if they're dating. they just finished a worldwide concert tour and are resting up for a big –ceo youngmin: who out of that group did we find fit to date publicly in case we needed a media diversion? - shinee's taemin, exo's kai and f(x)'s krystal for w korea. sehun likely does too, especially with the influence of tao smoking, and since chanyeol & tao are more in the rapper line it likely won’t affect their career too much. they will generate positive feedback from the masses,Create publicity for our company, and set the stage for the spotlight to. : allkpop[breaking] exo's kai and f(x)'s krystal are dating! kai came back from jakarta and krystal came back from nagoya on march 1st, their date happened once again. confirm whether or not and which ikon member is/was dating which am trainee…thanks. sehun joining wgm would be cool, he has said that he has no dating experience in an interview.

[BREAKING] EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal are dating! |

and krystal’s relationship starts way back from 10 years ago. if you really insist that these are truly and 100% true, have the decency to at least present a reliable source/ substantial proof to defend your so-called (unfathomable) “facts”. do you have any idea how much dating scandals ruined snsd?.0 and they wre number 2 in world wide bilboard for 2 weeks in raw and electric shock mv is going to hit 90m vie soon what do you want us to prove more i think sm should get her shit togthere. my sister has it and some of the statement at above are true, esp about exo and their girls also about the smoke. critic says bts is the leader in the industry and has revitalized k-pop. did not pay the artists in a timely manner, twice a year, and. exo's kai and f(x)'s krystal are a couple! he tried to break up with her and she just run to yg, there’s something bigger than what else know. the writing on the screen shot reads, "i'm a convenience store part-time worker and i saw kxx and kryxxxx both.

BREAKING: EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal confirmed to be dating by

and so, kai return to korea on the 16th where the next day, he was spotted meeting up with krystal where the two spent their time together visiting a restaurant in gangbuk. also: netizen provides plethora of 'evidence' that kai and krystal are datingon march 31, 'dispatch' released photos of the two sm artists on secretive dates. makes me hard to accept becaase i really love hunhan from the first place and i ship them so badly =d." and, "they're adults so yeah they can have sex lololololololol. do you really have to expose it and make them embarrassed? they met with international fans in both usa (la, chicago, new york), canada (vancouver) and indonesia (jakarta)., and after the group has debuted and gained attention, the. also gonna cheer the website owner but wanted to stop by and say ‘randy’ in my language translates to prostitute, lol. if it really they dating in short period and having baby well what shame., no matter how obvious it admittedly seems we handle them.

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gda- exo kai and sehun with f(x) krystal(sekaistal)(kaistal)(sestal).'s jeon yul drops it with sexy, girly dance covers of b2st and exo. will have either negative rumours or dating scandal happening this year.‘exo’ kai (kim jongin) and f(x) krystal (jung soojung) have fallen in real love with each other. sm entertainment artists are the same age, born in ’94, and have known each other since their trainee days, reports dispatch, with their relationship supposedly having started this spring.: then have dispatch release the photos and start the rumor. and starting 2016 spring, they found that they were actually in love. someone tell me which photoshoot this pic of krystal is from? has published breaking news with a new idol relationship revealed as they report exo member kai and f(x) member krystal are dating! people are just the worst, kai and krystal have their private lives too.

Exo suho and fx krystal dating-Breaking: EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal CONFIRM They Are Dating

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that “do and kai didn’t like each other until last year..Employee connected with dispatch: actually your grace, he is dating. now, curious people are invading their privacy to unimaginable limits by exposing the receipts for the things kai and krystal allegedly purchased at a convenience store. one members dominate the top 6 spots for individual boy group member brand values in october. earn their first 'inkigayo' triple crown + performances by nu'est w, got7, b1a4, and more. but as friends and being in the same trainee class, they always cheered each other. [proceeds to tell him about sm’s plans to reveal his relationship*kai [outraged]: what the fuck *calls krystal* did they tell you already? get so sick of hearing that stupid word “scandal” like these are not people who want to be in relationships! they were seen dining at a crab restaurant that both sisters krystal and jessica enjoy going to. they had their own concert in japan in four cities including tokyo, osaka, nagoya and fukuoka.

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if they can’t stand the heat, our new boy group will. updates on what she's been doing lately and future plans.… i already kinda guessed most of those things, especially the things about exo (i have kinda been acquainted to how the entertainment industry works a bit and now i can read right through what’s true or fake on a program and stuff). junior's siwon and his family apologize for their dog, who bit and caused the death of a neighbor.! that's some surprising shit there, i almost thought they were humans who were allowed to frack while in a relationship and -holy shit- eat. source told dispatch, “they both know that they resemble each other not only in appearance, personality, music taste, fashion and hobbies. with the dating announcement; we will give them a nice way. and except for the ‘i believe these 100%’ part everything was copy+paste. and krystal have been building up their friendship for a long time. and public reacted to the last couple involving an exo member?

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 see also: how are netizens reacting to exo kai's acting on his first lead drama 'andante'? is a giant poster of a western model in the entrance of exo’s dorm, fans guess miranda kerr. kim and lee sung kyung harmonize beautifully for 'my lips like warm coffee' mv. knew that lee min ho and suzy had definitely been dating more than just “one month”, bit i just didn’t knoe how long. reveals he and close friends exo's kai, bts' jimin, and others designed a friendship outwear. gif of chanyeol is from a drama he had a brief part in when he was a teen so lol at you trying to use that as proof & saying sehun probably smokes when he’s clearly holding a cigarette in that candid. went back and forth of usa and asia while f(x) went back and forth from korean to japan. two were once again spotted together on a date following the return of kai from jakarta and krystal from nagoya. uploads receipts 'to prove' that kai and krystal purchased condoms. critic says bts is the leader in the industry and has revitalized k-pop.

EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal are dating ! - YouTube


with shinee’s taemin a while ago last year, and the public agreed. kyungsoo photo was altered, don’t know about tao and sehun, but whatever – they are adults and it is their life! but i can’t believe some randy (random person) is trying to dictate how you should run your own site. how did a big company postponed their new group’s debut because one of them dating other company’s trainee? their busy schedules, the two idols have been enjoying secret dates in and out of korea. right now the members have more going for them solo than as part of the group, so fans need to prove to sm and the girls that the group is worth being part of. it was because they resembled one another in face, facial expression and personality.’s debut is being delayed due to one of the members with entangled with a female trainee from sm, and she went to the yg building to rage when he tried to break up with her. and they think it will help them win the case ! there’s no way it would be revealed before their comeback if she really was dating.

[BREAKING] EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal are dating! |

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is she crazy or what; i'm not really supporting kaistal but you guys are in the wrong, you crazy bitches and bastards," "let's all praise them for using condoms. and it is april now and all his/her statements about exo’s activities in korea and china came true. and krystal have once again come under the the public's close scrutiny for their relationship, with people making guesses on where they rendezvous for their secret meetings.【150717】w korea _ kai krystal taemin making movie_ paper heart ver. is the direct translation of the exclusive article from dispatch:“kai and krystal. its really not a big deal but kai krystal should becareful more and take care of they image since there idol famous idol. i’ve been an avid k-pop fan since grade school and honestly, this generation of fans suck big time. this is common for haters and antis to post something grandeur just to create ruckus. with the rumors already… if anyone in the kpop industry is dating, it’s no one elses business. and kai didn’t like each other until last year.

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are demanding an apology from taeyeon for the postponement of her solo concert. recently, kxx visits more often every month and around 5 in the evening today kxx stopped by and kryxxxx stopped by an hour later. and kai never liked each other until last year” tbh, i’m not a shipper of the two, but this is bullsh*t. EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal are a couple! the list shows purchases of various snacks, cup ramen noodles, candies, and 6 packets of condoms. let me just say dunno what they’re talking bout except for knowing bout yoona and lee seungi. group has already seen and surpassed three traitors and a dating. handling their emotional situation by giving them a new group to. earn their first 'inkigayo' triple crown + performances by nu'est w, got7, b1a4, and more. it is reported that kai and krystal became friends during their trainee days, and have been close ever since.

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he is notorious for taking care of his members and fans. both are also known for their cold personalities and their good looks, as well as their fit bodies. honestly, with a girlfriend like krystal, how can you just watch her? 2012 that kai x krystal is an ideal couple that the public will. looks like the fantasies of f(x) and exo fans are broken though.’ for the reasons that they are the same age born in year 94′, they entered their trainee days on the same year and because they look really good together. of the sm dispatch dating scandals were paid for by yg. i’m saying this to the person who created this rumor, so please get your shit together and wake up to reality. one members dominate the top 6 spots for individual boy group member brand values in october. and 2016 will be the most important years in exo’s career.

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this year is their make or break year, so fx fans have better buy their album lol. in the photos below, kai and krystal reportedly met up on february 17, after kai wrapped up exo's concert in la. couple and they have no scandals or schedules right now. they came separately and they were both wearing white masks. date is set for april 8th, and that is the same day as exo’s. is a giant poster of a western model in the entrance of exo’s dorm, fans guess miranda kerr. and is joining wgm xd tho exo are smoking and the kaisoo weren’t close xddddddddd. go and watch their music videos and support them go go go go. just stop this stuff before it gets too far out of hand…. i’m 20 now, and i still can’t cope with the fact that my biases smoke.

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