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’ve been dating my fiance for almost a year now and it never happened at one point i asked money from him. guy believes in equality and they admire girls who are independent. i guess it’s not only dating white men, but some people tend to stereotype the filipina woman alone, which should be submissive to the man, and if she is also dating a filipino man, people will always comment filipinas are dependent to a man. old men above 70 or handicapped guys should search for pinay. the only money he’s ever sent to me was one dollar to my paypal account, just to check if it works or not (i only received 66 cents because of transaction charges, and this has become a private joke between him and me, that he’s such a stingy white guy and i’m the cheapest asian woman, hahaha!. i’m dating a foreigner because i need a visa or his british passport. you worship whiteness as a standard of beauty and hate your filipino features. bet any of you get in a chat or contact with that chic, you’ll see better why filipina girls & women try to hook white guys. it really just happens that he is white and a native of florida. in a way, we are also in this journey of breaking the stereotypical “poor asian girl-rich white guy” image. i met my now husband on a holiday trip in new zealand, he just an ordinary guy doing a blue collar job, his family are the same, he was a divorcee with no children. they think you become rich and lucky for having a “white man” grrr still annoys me when i hear those words and worst even my relatives expects so much some relatives you were not close before acts to be your best friend.“i’m not lucky cuz i’m with a white man – we are both lucky to have each other cuz we deserve the best! yeah, me too i work hard for myself and i want to have a wonderful white man to love. and when you do, you will know because you won’t get their yes to a relationship as easily as the others because they are worth it and they dont have the skeletons that most of these poor guys here complained about! i don’t look at my husband as “white” or a “foreigner”, instead i see him as my husband – the love of my life. im working as a nurse sa pinas and a white guy introduced to me… bago ako umalis sa pinas, ang sabi pa libre ka naman mayaman kana eh… sinabihan ko di porke puti mayaman na, kung ganyan pag. come in all types so be careful what the guys can do when they come here and don’t be surprised if they change suddenly when you meet them for the first time! how i wish i will meet a guy in the right time. white flawless skin looks better and you cannot deny that.(the real life experiences and criticisms of a filipina dating a westerner). im married to a black guy and we have 3 beautiful children, people here in the philippines constantly ask me why a married a black guy and not a white guy?

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you’re skinned guy, you have very high chance of success with philippino filipino mentality that thinks a filipina is holding a millions of money coz with a foreign guy. 🙂 i really want to see him and talk to him since we only have 3mins to talk on the event, but im also hesitant because of how we see pinays with foreign guys. she asked me to talk to a new found friend from an asian dating site and at first i was just being nice so i talked to him while my friend was taking her shower. the thinking is if you have white skin you are automatically good in everything and that i guess is because of centuries of colonization of their country by european countries with white population plus the general environment in philippines where the people are surrounded by media projecting anything ‘white’ as good/better/superior. it is both funny and irritating that everyone at work tells me that “im very lucky” and that “i have used my head” for dating a white guy. even with some of my acquaintance (not friends) knowing that i’m a single mom dating a white guy…really you can feel the judgement. i don’t look at my husband as “white” or a “foreigner”, instead i see him as my husband – the love of my life. so,if you’re a white fellow, it’s pretty easy.?I am a filipina and i am living with a foreigner for a little over 4 years now…we met through a dating site. and in many muslim countries who is even more poor than the philippines it would be totally unthinkable for women to date or marry any white, western foreigner..i just have enough for myself “…then they would say to their selves “arrogant and merciless coz she got her foreign guy. pinoy girls date white men because of their bigger penis! dating a british guy too, he’s funny, sweet, very supportive in everything i do, very makulit, maloko, we’ve been dating for almost 2 years now, he has been here in philippines twice, he loves my family, my mom’s cooking, and everything about philippines (except for those people who try to take advantage coz he’s a white guy, like at taxi or trycicle) we’re happy, and we both are bless to have each other., i don’t know your reasons why you’re dating your foreign man, i’m dating this foreigner because i love him!. i’m dating a foreigner because i need his money. i’m pretty sure this guy gonna lose his face and the good woman he has ever had. it is highly rare to see a filipina who is dating someone who is not white (this is referring to filipina immigrants). it’s the pinoy men who are spreading lies about pinay girls having affair with a foreign men… they would easily labelled them as gold diggers or prostitutes because let’s face it pinoy men can’t find white girls to be their wife! some of my cousins married to white, it’s actually the other way around. thing i have noted including the writer of this blog is that 99% of phillipino women, irrespective of their socio economic and educational background, have very slavish attitude towards ‘white skin’. rented a room to a pretty little philipina and her white, american husband for about 2 years and they took off one saturday when i was not home.

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seem like an old grumpy guy who didn’t get luck with his 20yo girl friends. practicality-wise some filipina use old/fat rich white to milk money., unfortunately…wait for it…white people don’t actually shit money! the woman is a whore and the guy is a womanizer. im so happy that you guys found each other 😀 blessings to all of us! i have been really busy and ever since my 1st bf (that was 3 yrs ago), i haven’t really had a chance to meet new people; plus my surrounding wasnt exactly suitable to meet guys (let’s face it, fashion school means girls and gays. we start dating and then i went to the us for my masters and after six years i agreed to marry him…i’ve worked hard to pursue my pursue my goals in life and so has he. i know someone to that is a mistress of a woman here, he is married to white woman and he has mistress here in philippines. matter what success we experience, people might still think it’s because the magic white man got us here. can tell very few filipina are not bad having intention to get married to western guys. i always split the bill with him even though he always insists to pay for all (if he is filipino man i will never hesitate for him to pay all, filipino men knew their responsibilities as much as we woman do but since he is of different culture i take care not to be stereotyped) i chose him and loved him for his strong character, the only guy i knew “who could hold my reigns”. that chic trying to say to the foolish guy sugar coated words just to get money and possibly american citizenship. i hate it when people generalized and stereotype “filipinas” (filipino women) as gold diggers and white supremacist. seriously, i work my butt off day and night to have my own money, i’m not dating him to afford stuff.’s why foreigner-filipina dating sites are prevalent here in the philippines. was with a foreigner for almost 2 years i did everything for him like a wife btw i never chat/meet to other guy and i didn’t ask him for anything in return he didn’t even give me presents and i didn’t complain about it, the only reason why i did that all is because i love him and now he left me because he will marry another girl so not all filipinas are liars, materialistics, cheaters so don’t use the word “all”. 🙂 sorry guys but those filipina’s you’ve met doesn’t have a career! i told my guy “i think people thinks you are buying stuff for me” well in fact i am buying stuff for him. but it won’t last long if your white man has at least half brain in his head., even though i am white our story is more complicated than most.’ve just fallen in love for a filipino girl after just 3 days we have been chatting together on an online dating website after having wasted years of my time chasing british or even foreigners girl living in the uk (included many from the philippines) without the smallest success (not even a single face to face date and so few written replies (mostly saying just “i’m not interested, thanks”) that i could count them in just one digit number. then now i am dating a french guy here at dubai, so my friends here they thought i’m using him too.

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almost everybody has the typical failipino thinking of “white is always richer and better” i don’t blame them, it’s how they are raised in a country filled with close minded religious bigots. lol’d at ‘white people don’t actually shit money! it’s like saying you should only many short guys because you’re short/petite. blue collar & white collar workers can eat in the same restaurant. the guy is doing pastoral job and ministries together with his wife. when i started dating my partner, it’s just plain boy meets girl–nothing else. i am dating and in a serious relationship with a kiwi man (new zealander) for three years now and were very happy. can totally relate since im married to an american for almost a year we dated 2 years prior marriage a nd getting married again with the same guy because we love each other so much we are getting married twice! are with a white man because you have a racial inferiority complex.” and i’m really not into foreign guys except possibly koreans or japanese, so i thought “i don’t have to say yes to him,”.’s obvious out of colonial brainwashing in that country in where being white is highly needed. some people are “makikitid ang utak” and still stereotype a lot of filipina cause they are with a white man..I’m a nice active caring giving guy ,I really like asian girls – not too young – my kids are 22-24.! 🙂 and those who took their time to share their wonderful stories here, i’m very happy for you guys. i’m not lucky cuz i’m with a white man – we are both lucky to have each other cuz we deserve the best! with filipina girls or women, there is no unconditional love for white guys if there is not potential benefits like 1) green card or citizenship in western countries esp america; 2) money; 3) gifts – for these girls and their families; 4) taking care of them & their families, for life. you can see so many lotions and soaps and whitening pills. i have started dating a foreigner here in canada, he’s irish.. they make relationship with other nationals just to suck their money or to get passport of some western country, if the guy is white. people here in philippines all want beautiful white skin, and skin is very important in asia. you was in kuwait…you would agree on what everyone thinks why filipino women dating white or black…. why are so many filipinos obsessed with going out with a white guy?

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on all the people that i met on that travel i date this danish guy since he loves ph. I have actually had celebration to recognize numerous Filipino girls throughout my adult life so much. i say this by practical experience where a very handsome looking, highly qualified and successful guy was repeatedly rejected by educated phillipino women because of his brown skin whereas the same jumped to date very average white skinned men. can i say, as a british guy with a beautiful filipina girlfriend i consider myself very lucky.. while filipibo men only pinay girls (lucky if foreign asian girl) and if they happen to have a male pinoy friend who has a white girl wife or gf they all think its like he hit a jackpot! it does annoy me when filipino people tell me i am lucky having a white guy in my life.. your white trash husband is only as good as his penis…. the first questions and comments of some people back in the philippines when they found out i am married with a white man was, ‘kaya pala lagi kang asa labas ng pinas dahil sa puti eh! should not pride their culture because it’s highly ironic that you are so closed door on white guys that you even reject your own. i met a guy he is australian and then, some people started talking about how filipinas are gold diggers.” for you you met and loved a guy who happens to be white. the only problem i have is that i feel like i’m not interesting enough for him, like what do you guys do for holidays? is allso asumed that dirty old white men come to philippines to find younger wife because they cant find one in there own country witch is true of some but not all i accidently.’re funny, the whitening lotions and soap did not make people want to be white. i know exactly what is your relationship with white guy..i hope all those people saying negative about us filipinas who are dating a foreigner will see this. i know one i dated not long ago who told me how her x-husband slowly moved all of his assets, liquidating them, before he divorced her..  the foreigner is dating me because he needs a slave. for a filipino guy – foreigner woman couple in the comments but none 🙁. i have a very successful career as a rn and when we started dating i was already in nz and already processing my residency ( on my own hard work). and not all white will be wanted by the way, because some are fat, or ugly too.. my wife is the most loving, caring woman i have ever met… much different than north american white women… sadly you seem to either looking in the wrong place or for the wrong thing… spending your time in a brothel shows what kind of degenerate you are.

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you guys have to be firm and set limits when it comes to supporting extended family members. the guy sent her money, and trying to hide his wife. does that not create tensions in the philippine society and recentment from the guys against the old men, but also against many filipina women? there are many other equally poor if not more poor countries in the world but you wont find this attitude of ‘white worship’ with women in those countries. is also for all the filipinas who are being judged for dating a foreigner instead of our filipino men! from that time, i stopped and realized she only likes white males. i am a call center agent for 5 years before meeting my husband and i dated filipino guys in the past and i can say that most of them are too immature for me (cheating ,sleeping with other girls, getting someone preggo during the relationship etc)..his parents assests is just their house and lot, my family have lands and businesses that can support them…i think the bottom line is marry for love, if you marry for other reasons, expect a lot of hiccups, and if you met guys at a bar at wee hours well as far as i have known filipinas here who had met their partners that way they ended up heartbroken. have nothing to say abouth the australian guy’s family, both parents where nice and good to me, the only thing i can say was they spoilt their son so much to the point that they treated him like a baby which is by the way unusual to a western family. just started dating him and you’re already using the word “committed” ? things got more and more complicated but anyway, there is a sad truth that there plenty of opportunistic filipinas out there together with their relatives who see white men as their ticket to better life at the expense of the legal wife 🙁. i got the ten year tourist visa, after the trip, i stayed with the company for almost four years, just working not dating because being with a filipino guy is just not my luck. thanks to internet dating and god and my previous company to have paved the life i have now. having said that, i already have lots of experience with these foreign guys, they courted me but didnt push thru into relationship. thing while walking to our neighborhood, one person told me and we are not even close “uy nandyan na ang donya” just because i’m dating a hot guy. a young woman who always seen with an older white man,i’m being judge horribly like i’m a hooker or something. but you have to blame the guy too, he is a stupid asshole womanizing freak! i love it, and it’s so refreshing to know that there are filipinas out there who are independently striving hard to make the bacon rather than being a freeloader parasite to their white / foreign man. i hate how there’s that stereotype of filipino girls going gaga over white men’s money.. i am going out with a french-moroccan guy and he is 5 years my junior.’m also a filipina dating a white guy, but definitely not for his money. you love white more than your own heritage, if that isn’t true then answer why the majority of filipinas are closed door to only whites?

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most of them leave home at the age of 18 and up until then they do household chores; guys and girls! am white, but not american, and unfortunately i was married to a filipina scammer, so i know that a lot of the things said above are true. what are dating sites to find phillipinas,sorry for the bad english. i was dating a guy who works as a chef in one of the restaurants we always go to. they are viewed as white supremacists in most countries because 9/10 of the filipinas you’ll meet have white boyfriends/husbands. the guy sent her money, and trying to hide his wife. i’ve been judged by some really idiotic filipinos just because i’m seeing a white man and prefer dating western/english men over filipino men..So my bestfriends (backstory: one of my bestfriends met her current bf of 2 yrs in this speeddating event that was organized by one of her very close friends. i would be interested in hearing from other foreign guys and their experiences with their filipina wives. din natin masisi kung may nag-iisip ng ganyan kasi it’s really happening…i’m married to a wonderful black guy for a few months now but we’ve been together for more than 5 years before we decided to settle down…. is even a joke about his in nyc and la, one guy posted a vector poster of the top white supremacists in the world. i am plagued with the same prejudices like you, because i also have a white boyfriend! the women think that even if the white guy is old he still gonna give them beautiful children. i had dated local men as well but it’s not about where they came from, it’s about how the relationship goes and how well does the guy treat you. things that i hear every time people judge me because i am dating a foreign guy 🙁. i’m filipina and also married to a white guy he’s czech, i met him when i was still working as event planner in kuwait and he’s still a student that time, we are 4yrs in relationship, and we just gotten married last year after he graduated in college, then lands a job and bought a place for us in prague, the funny part was the surprise reactions i get from people whenever they learned that our age difference is just 1 yr. bet any of you get in a chat or contact with that chic, you’ll see better why filipina girls & women try to hook white guys., if you observe the photos of phillipino women on this page, they are all with white men. definiton of a foreigner seems to be limied to white foreigners. few months ago my bestfriend tagged me on the speeddating event again. not everyone dating a foreigner is about the money, visa, genes, etc. am not against interacial dating/marriage, but the filipina is becoming an excemption.

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! i’m now engaged to a foreigner(white man as everybody would say) and maybe it’s one of our culture to judge someone based on what they see. but most women here in philippines the ordinary ones will just settle for the old white, because they can’;t find a young white husband, most young white are still childish and irresponsible. so he became close to me and our group of foreigner friends teasing us together so we ended up dating. so asian girl- white men are more sexually compatible and pinoy men- white girl couple are not! should not pride your culture because it’s highly ironic that you are so closed door on white guys that you even reject your own. if i was looking for a sugar daddy, i must have been blinded by that magic white skin again! i was probably desperate because i am with my white man but that desperation, i thank god for, because my life in the us, with the exception of my mom,dad siblings, dogs, nieces and nephews still in the philippines, no accessible cheap filipino fresh hot foods that you can buy just by walking down the street and cold unbearable below zero winter, is 1000 times much better than in the philippines. 🙂 i do see a lot of this kind of people, i even met a very wealthy employer before also a mistress to a rich guy. when we were dating (for almost 8 years), we would always take turn in paying.. in about 30+ years, the majority of filipinos will be half white and likely oblivious to their own cultures. you girls have built a reputation/stereotype in different parts of the world to be white supremacists because 9/10 of the filipina immigrants you’ll meet in major cities have white boyfriends/husbands. i met a nice guy from uk who was serious at first then funny but he was very strange in his speaking and mannerisms like he was acting overly-emotional and would say things on skype video like “oh my god where did you get those earrings? ma’am i agree this because all white think all pinay are gold digger… even not all… of course they have lot of money because there salary is expensive and here it’s cheap but it’s really same they work and we work… the difference is the currency only…. i’ve signed up in fews online dating site, hence there isnt any progress. am a filipina and i am engaged to a swedish guy… and i can tell you, you might have been looking for your match in the wrong places. it wrong if i find a white or dark, tall guy with caucasian features very attractive? best source is recommendation, you habe common friends knows its othee and at least you have an idea of the person your chatting with… the most common source is online dating, but it doest mean that your a constant chatter for a couple of weeks you already knows each other better… looking a future partner online is like shopping online too, you need to study harder the specifications of the product…..oh he married rich american guy to get a green card and to support her kids. all the Filipinas who are being judged for dating a Foreigner instead of our Filipino men! met australian guy 2 years ago online and we started sharing our own stories with how we struggle the hardship of life. this with my friend who has pretty much stopped dating filipinos (she’s filipina and in a relationship with a belgian) bec.” – well i met him online, but no, it wasnt a dating site.

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addition to your comment, i also think it’s worthy of note that there are a lot of half white /half filipina people that are celebrities in the philippines and i believe is an upward trend. its really sad and dissapointing how other fellow filipinos reacts when they know someone is dating a foreigner or seen with a foreigner. sad reality here is that a lot of filos think that dating white skin (foreigner) equals financial freedom, they don’t know any better… but you should. they act serious but then they come to the philippines and think that they can act however they want is just so sad and heartbreaking because the guy seemed so perfect and just what i wanted. what you’ve posted on here are typical stigmas for filipinas dating foreigners. filipino women who jump into relationships with white men ever think about the families and long term marriages that they break up because they are younger, smaller and cuter than the wife that gave birth to their “white partners” children, worked their butts off for a future with the man they loved and then were abandoned. i lived in la, there used to be jokes about this: in where one guy posted a vector poster of the top white supremacists in the world. i myself am kinda seeing an american guy right now and he shares with me his financial woes he’s facing because of misguided decisions he made even before he met me. we dated for two years while i was still in a relationship with the australian guy, they both know about each other, and accepted where they stand in my life. i am a filipina married to an english guy too and he is even 6 years younger than me and most would joke that i have cast a spell on him as he was a bachelor when we got married since 1997, and not only that we got married 3 times, first in hk, then in the philippines and in england.’m a filipina dating a canadian who loves the fact that i’m an independent woman. you cannot blame people for wanting to have white flawless skin.! not all white people are rich; this is a hangover of the american occupation. i tell people i am dating a foreigner i always get basically the same reaction and thoughts as yours:“wow you can have easy access to the us” – uhmm no, if it’s possible, i rather live here where i am near my family. one day, saw a dating ad (yahoo) clicked it, joined and the rest is history., but you could just as well say, “do not rent to white american men”! this point i knew the guy was crazy and that he didn’t love in a 2 years relationship now with my american guy. like the other ladies here, i sometimes get comments that i’m so lucky i’m married to a white guy or that i wouldn’t be successful if i’m not in the states. the guy is doing pastoral job and ministries together with his wife. but i bet almost 100% of them want to marry white guys because of all given items in the lady’s self-explanation above.. in about 30+ years, the majority of filipinos will be half white and likely oblivious to their own cultures.

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and it comes as a natural consequence that if western women would find themselves into the same financial hardship as their filipino counterparts are nowadays they would also fall, if my theory is correct, under the control of this instinct, thus falling in love for much older guys from others wealthier corners of the world. they have links and sleep with white guys or locals just for 500 bucks (sometimes even 300). met australian guy 2 years ago online and we started sharing our own stories with how we struggle the hardship of life. but i met this danish guy on the hostel that i’m staying at sg. so to those who judge us filipinas dating foreigners, you can all shove your envious judgements up your butts. tried dating back with filipino men and all i get is judgment(mostly because i am morena and they like mestiza, i am voluptuous and filipino likes slender) and unfaithfulness! am not against interacial dating/marriage, but the filipina is becoming an excemption. after him i dated an australian guy, younger than both guys above, super chill, super cool, but jobless and under the support of his rich parents back in oz, he offered to bring me to oz, promising a better life than what my life was in singapore, but i thought i rather stay in si galore where i have a decent job and earning more than what i needed, why move to oz and stay under his parents roof and be fed by them when i can fed my self and support my self in singapore?. good luck to you, divorce rate is high in white country… divorce is a culture there….! and those guys you’ve met are not the ones for you. is so true… i met a swedish guy online and after 6 months of chatting he went here to the philippines to meet me. i know one i dated not long ago who told me how her x-husband slowly moved all of his assets, liquidating them, before he divorced her. because he is white they thought when we are at mall he while buy something for me but no. i been in relationship with a dutch guy who is younger 1 yr than me. my husband is 31 and im 24 and think im in the right age to know what im doing and most people expect that my hubby is an older guy like? i have been a working girl for years and i do hate it when people find out i was dating a foreigner they would always say . if you observe a little bit close, the writer mentions about her preferred partner’s ‘genes’ which are ‘white’ and that’s almost every philippino women’s choice by default. that bolsters the idea that if you marry a white man your children could be a famous actor/singer/athlete /beauty pageant winner.. say what you want to say, but the recent kpop phenomenon is actually attracting so many white teenage girls to asia…. but when i introduced him to everyone who needed to be informed that i’m dating a foreigner, and to top it, a muslim–therefore, not your usual european/us white guy, it’s a different level of stereotypes! when my mother in law found out her son was dating a filipina she really showed her disapproval because of the bad rep pinays have but now that we have met . these bitter pinoy men thinks life is unfair… because white men can get gf from any race.

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anyhow, yes please, it’s not like all of us are after the white people just for their money, citizenship, or whatnot. married a white guy also, me and my siblings are professionals my parents are retired… i spend my own money for our communication because i know that whites culture are independent, you earn you spend kind of thing… i share my own hard earned money to my parents….. im a sucker of online dating in hope to find love thar i cant do in reality due to my busy sched. one phenomea i have observed many times is the reaction, in public places, by middle aged american women, to seeing an older white man with a beautiful asian woman, probably a lot younger. some are attracted to dark skin, some white, some love olive/tan skin, some love black. met a european guy in a backbackers’ inn during a solo travel to a visa-required country. well one time i was shocked that an american guy i was talking too already know everything bout me and he even knows the place and the properties we have. but to rich people in philippines you will look like a poor guy, rich here will not actually even look at you. jillian, with pinoy mentality kaakibat yan dating with foriegner… make sure you are strong against those accusations… im maried with a white guy, supalsupal sila pag may marinig ako, di pweding tatahimik lang. it is true however, that perhaps 98% of filipino women marry white/foreign guys older than them (and i’m talking about a huge age gap of 10-30 years) for the reasons you have pointed out in this post; the visas, the money, and the belief of saving them from their adversaries of poverty. please just know that some foreigners are like that and don’t waste your time on guys like him. that chic trying to say to the foolish guy sugar coated words just to get money and possibly american citizenship. feel very fortunate to have come across this article; since recently i’ve been searching through articles and blogs to give me an idea what i’m getting myself into with possibly dating a foreign guy. i have always been independent always worked for my keep, single mom and not a cent from the ex, i’ve always survived on my own,i don’t need a man -white, black, brown, yellow, or pink to feed me, clothe me, etc… life is already hard as it is, don’t let other people’s opinion affect you, let them think whatever they like at the end of the day it’s about what or who makes you happy that really matters. in the middle east, most filipino women date white guys to uphold their social status and to satisfy their emotional need. as for the guy above who stoutly maintains, “i’m married to a filipina, and i know”, i’d say go back to the paragraph above. is interesting to hear how philippines can be so “whitewashed” that they believe automatically “white is better. when my mother told my relatives that i was dating someone from the us(he’s spanish), they thought it was some old american man. just started dating him and you’re already using the word “committed” ? i’m pretty sure this guy gonna lose his face and the good woman he has ever had. that judgement is based on the phenomena that 9/10 filipinas you will meet in major cities date only white guys. here in the west not so many women would date a foreigner, especially if he was not white.

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