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: The Fresh Beat Band Season 3: Thomas Hobson, Jon

will find it hard to sit still watching this upbeat series, which is overflowing with the kind of  zany comedy kids love, along with catchy original tunes and motivating dance numbers. where are you from, who are you dating, what’s your age? can talk about what problem the characters faced in a particular episode of the fresh beat band.

: The Fresh Beat Band Season 3: Thomas Hobson, Jon

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their having a great time and they have created an atmosphere that promotes fun friendship and learning from one another. along with his little sister uma, best friend kako and grandfather grampu, oobi discovers the outside world in a new way each day. from my musical career, i would love to be on “glee,” “true blood,” and a number of other shows, as well as an animated movie.

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special thanks to yvette on taking the time to speak to us about “the fresh beat band” as well as her other work. you tell us anything exciting that is coming soon on “the fresh beat band? do you think “the fresh beat band” show teaches kids?

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fresh beat band at the 41st daytime creative arts emmy awards #creativeartsemmys. unbeknownst to the fresh beats, the plant grows every time it hears scat music. though the show's breathless pace at times borders on chaotic, it’s a forgivable snag, since each episode of the fresh beat band includes plenty of positive messages and music appreciation.

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, the perky stars demonstrate teamwork and consideration for others in everything they do, reminding kids that when you put friendship first, everything else falls into place. Read Common Sense Media's The Fresh Beat Band review, age rating, and parents guide. fresh beat band visits the voice at children's healthcare of alanta.

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beat band brings a breath of "fresh" air to seacrest studios. messagesthe upbeat tunes and lively cast encourage kids to get up and dance as they watch. november 2011 the fresh beat band rings the nyse opening bell.

Fresh beat band dating each other-The Fresh Beat Band TV Review

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fresh beat band has a group of younger children that dress like them, and follow them around. did you get the gig for being kiki on “the fresh beat band? the triple threat plays one of four best friends in a band going to music school, who belt out original songs and solve kid-centric problems every week.

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got the beat - fresh beat band live in baltimore. i am hoping to release some of my music, perform on tour with the fresh beat band as well as with my own band and simply remain open to all the opportunities and adventures to be had. another project on my wish list, is to originate a role on broadway.

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entertainment for kids and teens that packs a message without getting too “preachy” by doug sloan. role models & representationsthe band members always treat each other with respect and are quick to look for solutions to their friends’ problems.“the fresh beat band” teaches kids about music appreciation and how to express their feelings and emotions through movement, song and instrumental music.

The Fresh Beat Band (TV Series 2009– ) - IMDb

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each episode of the fresh beat band, the four band members -- marina (shayna rose), kiki (yvette gonzalez-nacer), twist (jon beavers), and shout (thomas hobson) -- encounter a challenge that stops them in their tracks and calls for their combined problem-solving skills. was lucky enough to speak with yvette gonzalez-nacer who plays kiki on “the fresh beat band” recently. need to know that the fresh beat band treats preschoolers to a music-filled good time while promoting kid-friendly messages about friendship, imagination, self-expression, and cooperation.

Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer from Nickjr.'s The Fresh Beat Band - Interview

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fresh beats run into the music group, nuttin' but stringz, in the park. fresh beat band wants to do something special for their music teacher. has been your favorite musical artist that you have played with on the fresh beat band?

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-out cuban beauty yvette gonzalez-nacer stars as the vivacious and spunky, guitar playing dancer “kiki”, in nickelodeon’s hit live-action musical series, “fresh beat band,” (daily, 1/12c). do the characters in the fresh beat band demonstrate teamwork? they also learn the importance of friendship, working together in a positive way and respecting each other’s differences.

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is there anything in the works that you can tell us about, other than “the fresh beat band,” in either movie or television?“now let us switch gears a bit and talk about some of your personal music and other projects. the content and musical selections in each episode tap into important issues that will ring true with kids -- like tackling new challenges, being creative, and knowing your limits -- so parents can rest assured that their preschoolers are gleaning positive messages amid all the fun.

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in each episode, the viewers sing and dance along as they help the fresh beat band solve everyday challenges.:  now i already knew you from “the fresh beat band,” as i have three kids of my own, but in doing some background research, i found out that people are really interested in how old you are. other shows would you like to be a regular on?

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