Funny questions to ask a guy dating your daughter

Questions to ask a guy dating your daughter

but it was difficult to read through the list of questions more than once. up with your daughter’s boyfriend this weekend and ask him: why do you want to spend time with my daughter? there is only one response, and that would be, 'sir, i worship the ground your daughter walks on. any young man can get serious about dating my daughter, he'll need to answer these 8 questions. with him your thoughts and expectations for him if you agree to let him take her out. if you're lucky to get in a 'how are you,' and maybe a firm handshake (breaking fingers if possible, cracking knuckles at minimum), that's about all the time your daughter might allow you to interact with her male friend. have no problem with asking for his future plans but you don’t want to check out his car from the window?

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' now what father in his right mind would ask a boy with raging hormones who's dating his daughter about plumbing?. did you know that brock lesner is my daughter's godfather?. “what is it about my daughter that made you want to spend time with her?" first of all, any dad who thinks his daughter will permit him to interrogate her boyfriend for 43 questions worth, is completely detached from reality. good stuff, i had the opportunity to speak with my daughter’s date recently too. he just wants to make sure that his daughter is being treated right, after all. at that point, you can give him permission to take out your daughter.

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think a toned down, streamlined version of this with the shotgun in your lap is better. his go-to line when meeting the guys i date is, 'i thought i was done killing people, but if you mess with my daughter i'll have to come out of retirement. ask about his family, his work and studies, his life plans, what he enjoys doing, and even his driving record…the kinds of things that will give you clues about his values and character. google alert popped up a blog article last night titled "43 questions for fathers to ask their daughters boyfriend. you are using the jquery library, then don't forget to wrap your code inside jquery. while it might be your gut instinct, it is best to forgo that technique.. “are you willing to show my daughter the same respect i have raised her to show you?

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8 Questions to Ask Your Child's Date

i wrote how i did this for my first interview with my eldest daughter’s date in my original blog on interviewing your daughter’s date. or you might even buy yourself some time by saying you’ll think the conversation over and get back to him with an answer especially if you have issues that you feel need to be addressed with your wife and daughter. your job is to help your daughter, not just make him feel good about himself. i think i shared with you in a previous post that my daughter told me her boyfriend was scared of me. ultimately he’s trying to figure himself out just like your kids.. if you behave in a manner unbecoming while you're with my daughter, the authorities won't find your body. friend, dennis rainey, has written a good book, interviewing your daughter’s date, which covers this topic in depth.

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today, i’d like to share with you how to interview your daughter’s date. hollywood, most teen romances do not have a happy ending so protect your daughter’s heart. my daughter arrived back home on time and the date went well, as far as i know. here's my top ten list of lines to scare the crap out of your daughter's boyfriend:1. so, how much do you really know about the young man your daughter has a crush on? i recently authored the book, all pro dad: 7 essentials to be a hero to your kids . you were a little girl, your dad probably made you promise not to date until you were some ridiculous age (mine said 30).

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but you should gain a window into how he views your daughter and maybe girls in general. sure to ask for his cell phone number, address and the names and phone number of his parents. if he's never heard of or watched any of those movies, he's most likely a sissy boy and we wouldn't want him around our daughter to begin with. a father, you would do anything humanly possible to protect your child from harm.. acknowledge that you’re going to hold him accountable for his relationship with your daughter…the physical relationship as well as how he treats her in general. below are 8 questions you need to ask your daughter’s boyfriend. so you might invite the young man, and even his dad, to your home.

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.This is what is going through every fathers mind when you show up at the door to pick his daughter up for a date. i had to at least take a glance at the 43 questions, right? this helps her know that you are expecting to be her first line of defense and gives her guidance on how to respond to a guy’s invitation. these 10 stories just might make your dad's meet and greet methods seem welcoming. bringing a guy over and introducing your parents to your first date aka letting your dad put the fear of god into the guy trying to take you out — using whatever cruel and unusual methods he fancied. you i know your time is a valuable and limited resource for each of you. turns out this guy was super sensitive to spicy stuff, because his eyes started tearing up and he couldn't stop coughing.

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don't forget to tell you daughter that you love her. especially when it comes to my theory on my daughters and boyfriends. the guys our daughters date/court/hang-out with wield a tremendous influence. let him know your expectations and feel free to be firm, but give him some grace., i blogged about some important reasons why every dad should interview his daughter’s date. let him know that your daughter is priceless and that you expect him to treat her as such.. “are you willing to watch out for my daughter’s wellbeing tonight?

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but to the guys who aren't used to your dad's um, unique sense of humor, this experience can be downright terrifying. are some other good questions or points you think should be part of an interview with your daughter’s date? if your child’s date seems shiftless, that’s a warning sign. the writer, not clear whether or not it's a male (let alone a father with daughters) breaks the 43 questions into five categories: job and education, residence, relationship with his daughter, his parents/family and other interests. up with your kids and say, “if there was one thing in high school i would have done differently, it would have been… i say that because…”.. things didn't turn out so well with the last boy that dated my daughter. i encourage you to make the investment of your time to do these interviews and, someday when your daughter is looking back, she is very likely to be really, really grateful that you did.

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. we took my daughter's boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend of course, with us one time up to the cabin, but the doctors couldn't fix the injuries from his hunting accident.? this kid shows up at your house for a date with your daughter and you’re going to take make,model, and plates?, one more and then i'll give you my pointers for interaction with your daughter's boyfriend. fathers advice to his daughter --the talk of a lifetime | mike marinoff | tedxpcc. you willing to interview your daughter's date, but not sure how to do it?"my date showed up wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and my dad told him, 'you better be the pizza boy, because there's no way in hell you're taking my daughter out while you're looking like that.. “could you please give me your contact information and your parents as well?

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you might even ask him to repeat back, in his own words, what your expectations will be., when you're interacting with your daughter's boyfriend, the first and most important goal is to instill fear in the young man. are lots of suggestions you can find on the internet, including some really funny ones like an application to date your daughter."my dad is an army vet and a pretty tough looking guy (6'5, tattoos, shaved head). of course, use your best manners and tact with these sensitive questions.. “where do you see yourself in a couple of years? may or may not be a religious person yourself, but it would be good to know the beliefs of the person going out on a date with your child.

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