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sharetweetjamie fullertonjan 7 2015, 4:06pm geng le in the blued officeswith its open-plan layout and large paintings of very naked men, the office of the gay dating app blued feels like it would be much more at home in silicon valley than downtown beijing. the company is also increasing its profile in china by partnering with the beijing gender health and education institute to raise awareness of gay rights in the country. china is making an example of taiwanese activist’s trial. sexual orientation is no longer a topic for government authorities; they won't shut down websites or applications like they used to. noted that china has been unable to get north korea to stop its nuclear and missile development programs. on medical examinations for work visas in chinajohnny on medical examinations for work visas in china.

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you were at police school from 1992 to 1996, when homosexuality was still illegal in china. inspired by the support, in 2000 geng started up danian, one of china's first gay websites, followed by the gay dating site bf99 in 2006. he went online in search of answers and was shocked to read on chinese websites that being gay was considered a disease that needed to be treated. of china's most successful lgbt apps, this gay dating service has attracted more than 15 million users worldwide since its founding in 2012. officials have lauded geng for his work to prevent the spread of hiv/aids in china. all see china’s 'great power diplomacy' as great success.

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he told voa, “china has failed in all of the south china sea, east china sea, china-india border dispute(s), its relationship with south korea, with north korea…”.“north korea sees china as one of its key enemies,” he added. are popular hook-up and dating apps and websites in china?—It wasn’t so long ago that "Geng Le," the former policeman who founded one of China’s earliest gay websites was being forced to play cat-and-mouse with the Chinese auth. has also pushed for what he calls the “china solution.—it wasn’t so long ago that "geng le," the former policeman who founded one of china’s earliest gay websites was being forced to play cat-and-mouse with the chinese authorities just to keep it online.

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although gay marriage is not legal in china, and many people still hide their sexuality from family and friends, ling married his partner, gino chen, in a ceremony in beijing last month—the day after the u. with geng recently announcing that his company has raised nearly million from a venture capital firm, the amount of blued dates taking place across china and beyond is set to increase even further. wrote earlier this year that china’s decision to punish south korea for its deployment of thaad has pushed seoul closer to japan and the united states."i told my team that we might have the chance to witness china shifting from a country that discriminates against gays to a society that accepts them," he says. observers say that china’s desire to become more active in world affairs may even be added to the communist party’s constitution during the congress..Latest​this former policeman launched china’s biggest gay dating apphomosexuality was still illegal in china while he was on the force.

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“if nuclear war breaks out or there are big changes, the first victim will be china. these difficulties include territorial disputes in the south china sea, and troubles with north korea, south korea and other countries. to its creators, blued is used by 15 million people across china. are you worried you've simply made a sex app rather than a dating one? also struggled with his sexuality until reading a best-selling — and controversial — book called homosexuality in china, written by a sexologist in the mid-1990s. are an estimated 70 million gays and lesbians in china, and a growing push to legalise same-sex marriage.

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i get the money i paid into my chinese pension back when i leave china? having hidden his sexuality from family and colleagues for years, in the 1990s he turned to western gay websites to access the information (and porn) that was otherwise unavailable to him, living as he did in a country where being gay was generally considered a disorder. at the time, some gay people in china used an application called jack'd, which was originally from the us, so it's all in english."china is a big market full of potential," he says. but when i looked at foreign websites the information given was pornographic, which affected me a lot. in 2013, this gay social networking app has more than 10 million users in mainland china alone.

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" supporters of this idea say that, as a rising great power, china should do what it feels is right any time and whenever it wishes. i got the idea that i should launch a website for gay people in china to tell the new generation, the public, and the media that being gay is normal. it’s an international app, so you might well encounter users from outside china. last year, this lesbian dating app allows women to network based on their location, similar to us app grindr, which targets gay men..And his app is making dating easier for the next generation. blued, his gay dating app, was released in 2012 and now has 15 million users, including around 12 million in china (grindr has a total of five million users).

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all see china’s 'great power diplomacy' as great success.’s attempt to establish an air defense identification zone in the east china sea has been ignored by the united states, japan and russia, shen adds. president xi jinping speaks during the dialogue of emerging market and developing countries meeting on the sidelines of the brics summit in xiamen, china, tuesday, sept. last year, the international tribunal at the hague ruled against china’s claims to all of the south china sea and its land reclamation projects there. after leaving the force, geng started a website documenting his experiences as a gay man in china. is not alone in his criticism of how some of china’s policy measures have failed to reach their goals.

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china’s belt and road projects ease disputes in the middle east? is perhaps best known in the west for its likeness to the popular boston-based gay-dating app jack’d. it was a great novel about gay love, and is still famous in china and was adapted as a movie. i still need a work visa if i’m working in china for a short time (a “short work stay”)? gay wedding in beijing, gay ’friends’ on tvblued is the most widely used gay-dating app in china but it now has competition..Three years ago, geng launched a gay-dating app called blued, which he claims is the most widely used globally, with 15 million users (including three million outside china.

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can i get a chinese certificate of no criminal record from outside china? a lesbian wife: pressured chinese gays turn to online dating for ‘cooperative marriage’."it’s very smart marketing — creating something to make gay people feel a sense of belonging," says xing zhao, a 34-year-old menswear designer in shanghai who watches the show and uses zank occasionally for dating. i get an internship in china, what visa should i have? gay people become increasingly recognized and accepted in china, so more and more communities, websites and apps are springing up to serve them, joining the roster of foreign apps that include grindr, hunter, jack’d, boyahoy and brenda. it's barely been one generation—17 years, if you want to be pedantic—since homosexuality was legalized in china, and only a few years ago it would have been unthinkable here that such an app could reach a point where it boasts 15 million users and positive ties with the government.

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first chinese social networking app targeting the country's lesbians – it was founded in 2012 – the l aims to connect lesbians in china with each other and the wider lgbt community throughout the world. while many western leaders talk about china’s political influence over north korea, shen told voa that no longer exists. delegates are not as likely to discuss some of the problems china has faced over the past five years. i think great changes will be taken in china in the next four years. he estimates zank has about 8 million users, nearly all of them in china. at blued, one of china's gay dating appsimage: company handoutnow he’s eyeing global domination.

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