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  my aunt and uncle seemed to have a pretty typical marriage, been together 35+ years, and suddenly, my uncle decides tht my aunt is not what he wants, and bails out..5 years ago a girl friend of mine got engaged after only 3 months of dating her boyfriend. i’ve been with my bf for over a year now and we’ve been learning to negotiate, learning what is important to each other, learning what pushes each others’ buttons, etc. if you never want to get married, i’m cool with it. you can spend one year, two years, or even ten years dating, courting, being engaged, and yet miss the whole point of the purpose of that special time. that sounds like the single worst idea i have ever heard in ten years of doing this. useful takeaways:•happily married couples shared many traits, including courtships that progressed smoothly toward marriage with little drama; their courtships had a quiet, romantic feeling, but as important, they sensed they were marrying someone who could be a good friend. people spend years in relationships talking about random stuff, watching movies, going on fun trips, and if all these are an essential part of dating, romance, and getting one another, this must be secondary to evaluate one another’s goals, values, characters, relationship skills, and ability to handle life as a team. but more often, one half of the couple longs to be married and the other doesn’t. in this article the average time for happy marriages is 2 years and 4 months but that also includes couples that fall in the range before that time and after.) live together for an agreed amount of time before getting married – visiting each other’s homes, even for extended periods of time is not the same as living together.

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— this is because after 2-3 years, it will not be chemistry that keeps the two of you bonded, it will be because of compatibility. or maybe it ultimately won’t make much of a difference at all, meaning those 30-something women who don’t want to wait longer than a year for a proposal and hope to marry within two years of meeting a man are making a smart choice for themselves. i got married, in the end, because i thought it made sense for having children — but honestly it made no difference. actress kaley cuoco announced that she was engaged to tennis star ryan sweeting after three months of dating, she joined a list of other celebs who were quick to get engaged."he emailed me, he called me, he asked for a date, he called back, he contacts me everyday, he took down his profile first, he stopped dating the other women he was dating and asked me to “date exclusively” because he wants to focus on getting to know me better. i can think of examples in my own extended family of couples that stayed married for 40, 50 years, because it was expected.•women who sense future problems while they are courting generally find out after they are married that their concern was well-founded. in less than one year, i met my fiancé online! 41 years of dating, this couple has finally tied the knot. breaking with him i accepted some other dates, just to be disappointed of the guys in general and thinking that my best shot for the future would be to go to a bank of donors in 2 or 3 years and be a single mom, that it is better to be single than in a bad relationship. after 8 months of dating it was obvious that it was not what i wanted, and also we were not really suited for each other (what i ignored in my desperation).

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, my boyfriend and i have been together for four years and we have a very strong and healthy relationship.•early exiters (what huston calls “country music romances”) divorced very quickly, within two to seven years of marrying.  there is so much to be said by putting time on dating without explanations of what should happen during that time. and linda bownds married in katy, texas, monday in front of their families. people and institutions no longer expect that parents are married or that the people in a family have the same last name. suddenly and almost by chance i met this wonderful guy, have been dating for 2 months already, and i got the feeling that he is really what i was waiting for, based on my 15 years of dating history. because it’s a lot harder to break up with a guy after 2-3 years when you feel you’ve “invested” something in the relationship versus cutting the cord earlier when you get the clear sense that he’s not interested in marrying you, or in marrying at all. the honeymoon phase of any relationship, often the entire first year, couples tend to find it pretty easy to agree with their partner on many things, even everything. dating for over four decades, one texas couple decided it was finally time to take the next step. by the same token, if one party is really delaying marriage (going beyond 4 years), then it’s not a matter of being cautious, it’s a sign that he/she doesn’t really want to get married. does it require any updating/remodeling in order to suit your current needs before purchase or will you need to make some major changes?

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here is my take on the debate between “but i do not want to wait around, i need to know now – on the first date – if he wants to get married” and “the whole process takes 2-3 years”: there is a middle way, ladies! and you should see the potential for growth toward marriage well before the one-year mark., i found the same article when i went to do more research on huston’s study of length of time of dating before marriage., i’ve never been married, but i loved your answer! i dated a guy for 8 completely drama-free years before we got married. i’ve figured out my part and decided that i was going to only let myself be attracted and interested in someone who would have figured out his part as well, i do not need years to make a decision. if a man said to me, “i want to get married to someone for the rest of my life,” i’d say, “you probably want someone else. loved all my boyfriends very much, lived with one of them for 7 years, but there’s not one of them i’d want to be with today. i know too many never-married 40-something-year-old childless-not-by-choice women who were too cool, laid back and patient with the wrong men, and they admit that they would have been better off having a much shorter timeline in their 30s for a proposal.  even when you date someone for years doesn’t mean you’re going to stay married. for most couples, this is likely a minimum of one year.

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but after 20 years people change, and they don’t always change in tandem, and i didn’t expect i’d want to be with anyone longer than that.“and even with courting someone for 2-3 years, how do you really, truly know for sure that they’re not going to bail on you because they want someone younger, or just randomly decide they don’t love you so they want out? i broke up with a man at the six-month mark for that very reason… because he said he didn’t see himself marrying for at least three years. you’re looking to answer your most pressing dating and relationship question, my blog is like google for your love life! most of my friends are never-married later 30-somethings with no kids (i was early 30s with no kids), so the mindset about marriage and timeframes might have been different. current boyfriend and i are both from very healthy marriages, my folks are darn close to their 40th year together, and his folks i think have been married close to 45 years.  we totally rushed into it, i never should have told him i wanted to get married sooner rather than later, and i never should have married a man whose family pushed him to marry me, for all the wrong reasons.  i’m sorry there is no time limit on when to get married and when not to. (the average length of courtships in the study was two years, four months)…speed can become a problem when it is driven by romance and fantasy because, unless one is extraordinarily lucky, the suitors discover that the partner was not as lovely as they had imagined. know you’ll write that off as just a couple of exceptional anecdotes, but my anecdote isn’t any less valuable than someone else’s anecdote about waiting two years to propose before marriage, and only time will tell if one set of marriages is longer-lasting than another set of marriages.  and you raise a good point, are folks going to be happy with things “as is” in 30 years?

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  however, he could be like my uncle and just suddenly bolt in 35 years, who knows? next year, they celebrate the 40th anniversary of their marriage, which has been seemingly content, drama-free, and sickingly passionate every year i can remember. which is why i’m going to double down on my theory that you shouldn’t get engaged before at least two years (like most couples already do) and you shouldn’t marry when you’re caught up in those giddy feelings. at fox news magazine:Hugh jackman on his 17-year marriage. she didn’t know the guy at all before they started dating. well, you posted that you think a man should know you (and himself) well enough to offer “commitment” after about 1 year. even with courting someone for 2-3 years, how do you really, truly know for sure that they’re not going to bail on you because they want someone younger, or just randomly decide they don’t love you so they want out? i just didn’t agree that it should be so rigid…as in only after 3 years. everything i’ve seen so far has indicated that longterm marital success is most likely to happen if the couple dates between 1-3 years, which would include the couple where the guy who proposed after a year married within the next year.” i’m a markedly different person, in many ways, than i was even ten years ago. we asked psychiatrist gail saltz to weigh in on the idea of planning to get married after a whirlwind romance.

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don’t know about you, but when i married, i was under no illusion that marriage is forever., if we were talking about a bunch of 20-somethings — the age range in which the majority of americans do marry — i totally agree that they should date two years before thinking about engagement. do people continue to get married if that’s the case? resentments build, and an endless push-me-pull-you ensues where either you break up, having wasted many years in emotional misery, or you manage to force your partner to marry. many experiences take about four seasons to tackle; some may not present themselves until years later. i think i made the right choice letting the first guy go because i was able to sense that he was overly hesitant about marriage and he was not a good bet for me to wait for for two years.  i had dated my now ex-husband for about a year and a half before we got engaged, married seven months later, and were separated, one month before our third wedding anniversary. do have a shelf life and expiration date but that does not mean a whirlwind engagement is wrong or that waiting 3 years is right.  we dated for 2 years, moved in together, lived together for another 3 years before he proposed. 1,000 questions already answered:search for:Ask evan: ask me a dating question. know of a guy who proposed to his girlfriend on the secomd date,lasted for three months,5 weeks later meets anothet girl moves in with her after 2weeks he got engaged to her that lasted 5months he walked on her he lovef her but she wasnt right one for him,4weeks after he meets another girl moves in with her after 2 weeks,proposes to her after living with her for 2 weeks,got married 8 months later,they have been married for nearly a year now apparently very very happy, shes a dream come true for him.

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  am i going to wake up in 30 years and have potential husband #2 go, nah, i don’t love you anymore, etc. in the end, i agree with 2-3 years as good time frame. often enough, an engagement that goes on for years is really an expression from one or both people that they feel highly ambivalent about marriage to their partner.  will you be happy with it as it is now 30 years from now? in it, professor ted huston studies 168 couples for ten years.  in fact, women bear the brunt of raising the kids, whether you are divorced or married and that takes a toll on them financially, emotionally, and socially. if a woman in her 30s, especially her late 30s, is dating a never-married man in his mid-late 30s and she doesn’t want to wait more than a year (give or take a few months) for a proposal, she’s not necessarily doing anything hasty or making the wrong choice. do you disagree because you have this one friend who met her soulmate, married him in six weeks and they’re still together twenty years later and they have sex twice a day?  so as far as most people we know are concerned, we’ll have been together 6 years by the time we are married. i previously thought that a quick dating period then marriage was a great idea until i realized that even when you love someone and he/she loves you, there is a lot to learn about someone.”even bill's 96-year-old mom, kay, couldn't coax her son to the altar.

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’m over 35 and i definitely might need 2-3 years before my current guy proposes, and that’s only if he’s still around, mind you. the dating was one year followed by a short engagement — or the dating was shorter but the engagement lasted a year — seems less important than having this significant period of time testing the relationship.•unhappily married couples had low-key courtships that moved forward slowly because either one or both of the partners lacked much warmth or had difficult personalities. i believe in 2-3 years before one marries (not engaged) is a good time frame…maybe that is splitting hairs but just saying. previous post:my boyfriend wants to be a dating coach – actually, a pick-up artist. the way, i believe the article indicated that it was 2 years and 4 months to marry.)date 2-e years before becoming engaged – this is to ensure that you’re not getting engaged due to chemistry, but rather from true understanding and love for each [email protected] — if i’d been in the self-fulfilling prophecy dept, i’d still be married now. don’t want to rush to marry him and i am willing to wait 2 years to get married (i cannot wait longer than that) if that is what it takes, but i am glad that i let the other guy walk and not invest more time than i did, and also to be “picky” and wait for the right one. there is nothing really conclusive anywhere (yet) to say that the marriage that took place when a never-married 30+ year-old guy waited two years to propose and one year to marry is more likely to last longer than the marriage that took place when the never-married 30+ guy proposed after a year and then married a year later. exactly one year ago i began to date a man (35) that the first couple of months seemed to want children and get married, so i accepted to date him even when i had the feeling he was not the one but was very good, but months later changed his tune and said he didn’t want children after all, and that he wanted to pursuit some goals before getting married and that would take him 3-5 years.

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ex husband came from a very broken and violent home, and while i will not excuse him for one second, it certainly gives some context for his behavior and i really should have taken that more into account before i married him. they were labeled “delayed-action” divorcers because they stayed married for at least seven years, long after the passion that led them to marry had dissipated. would argue that, say, over 35 years-old, people need less than 2 years pre-proposal because they know themselves better than do the young’uns. years and while he has some personality challenges, i can see myself making the commitment (after taking time to get to know him) and that there is a value on our investment in each other that will pay off for years to come (and i am here doing my research because as i want to qualify my huge emotional investment with confidence! what on earth should people say when they get married? out what my blog can do for you, and what type of man becomes a dating coach for women. this is how i see it: they met, dated, moved in together, got engaged and got married within 9 months.  since we are not having children it doesn’t seem necessary, and after 6 years we certainly know how devoted we are to one another.  i met my husband, we moved in after 3 months, married after a year.•delayed-action divorces (“hollywood romance group”) had highly romantic courtships, but their affection declined considerably over the first few years of marriage. in your article you stated 2-3 years before you get engaged.

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@ss (#7): “or maybe it ultimately won’t make much of a difference at all, meaning those 30-something women who don’t want to wait longer than a year for a proposal and hope to marry within two years of meeting a man are making a smart choice for themselves. while we women need to understand how men feel and behave (the main reason i was attracted to your blog in the first place when i was dating), we also have to look out for our own needs. i’m glad their wives want to be married to them, but if they left i wouldn’t try to take their places. but i don’t agree that the parents have to be married in order to bring the kids up well together. the only true negatives stated in this research and others (john molloy) were that those couples that married within a year of knowing each other were more likely to divorce and those that waited longer than three years to marry were more likely to divorce.“I knew they were meant for each other,” Bill Bownds' 96-year-old mother Kay told KHOUHome > blog > marriage > what makes marriages last (or not). i will also not wait around investing the most productive years of my life with someone who might not be on the same page.•all marriages, even those that are happy in the long run, show declines over the first two years in marriage in the following categories: sex, overt displays of affection, and leisure activities spent together. if a couple is still finding lots of reasons not to marry after four or more years, then that’s usually because they’re subconsciously picking up on problems or even thinking that they themselves aren’t suitable for marriage, ever.“researchers saw some typical changes that take place in all marriages during the first couple of years: fewer overt displays of affection; less sex; and fewer leisure activities together, as the relationship evolves from a romantic, recreational relationship to something like a working partnership. is all normal and predictable, says the married dating coach.

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