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we both agreed that no matter what happens with our dating relationship, we want to be friends.

How long is it wise to wait for a broken relationship to be restored

though tim and jess are christians, their dating and engagement were marked with sexual impurity.

Is it God's will to restore a relationship no matter how strained it is

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Restoring Our Relationship With God | Focus on the Family

i pray each and every one on here put the lord in control of their relationships and everything else will fall into place…something i never did before.

5 Biblical Steps For Restoring Broken Relationships

so much of their dating relationship was engulfed in the cycle of sin, shame, and start-over that they never developed a mature, battle-tested trust for each other.

How to Surrender a Relationship

My response is "If it is God, don't think about it.

How to Restore a Wounded Relationship - Resources

we can begin to restore our relationship with God, we need to understand that this relationship is broken to begin with and why that is the case.

How to Destroy Your Marriage Before It Begins

when our relationship with the lord is right all other relationships on earth fall into place.

I have 100% confidence that God will restore every broken

my wife regularly tells dating couples that one of the reasons she trusts me is because i literally ran from compromising situations before we were married.

Restoring Broken Relationships

god knew this, and so he put a lot of practical wisdom about relationships in the bible.

Dating and Courtship - God's Way

though it is difficult to do, broken relationships can be restored and as with other issues of life, the bible has guidance for this.

God restores dating relationships

Relationships - Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Some people tell me that it's God who is asking them to surrender it.

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