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    they advertise "lots of available professional men" in the dallas area., doing business as great expectations of portland, portland, oregon greatex denver, inc. and if you signed up for a dating service, obviously you are single and available, so it will take some time, but love and happiness will find you! recently, the company appears to be using the assumed name of "the fort worth dating company".: re: great expectations - expectationsi hope you got out i paid the same amount.: re: re: re: great expectations - expectationsmy interview with ge was not the best. seriously, why is there any member of a legislature who thinks it's his or her business to decide what the maximum possible value of a dating service is? they appeal to you by saying that if you sign the receipt now, that they will save you a trip to their office if you decide to go with the service. in summary, during one of the most difficult times of my life (widowed single father), i fell victim to the predatory shyster tactics of great expectations/ chicagoland singles., doing business as great expectations of minneapolis, edina,Great expectations--05/18/95)." next thing i know i'm getting phone call after phone call from great expectations wanting me to come in to take a look at their services..with this service, you pay more, but you get more. they wanted out of the starting gate, it just doesn't make sense when eharmony is 300/yr for the same type of service, just without the local events.: ge in dallas, txl was scam by schaum and her husband john merrigi in schaumburg lll of . also if you are going into the service thinking that you a 55 year old men deserve a 27 year old female. want to think about how many marriages, relationships and friendships have come from dating services such as ge. after putting down a deposit on their service, great expectations with then attempt to get you to sign a credit card receipt for the remaining money.
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Great expectations dating dallas tx

" ah, no wonder the expectations were set a bit high. i can still hear the lady on the phone when i told her i didn't ever intend to use the services. when asked what type of women used this service they said the had lots of women members.: re: re: great expectations - expectationswow, i can't even believe this site. you do decide to try a service start with a success rate did u know marriages result every single day through ge? i believe that after consideration of the cost-to-service ratio, it would not be too much to call for a total refund in all expediency as well as for this particular company to either be made to alter its business practices or be forced to forfeit them. ft worth group, llc dba the fort worth dating company. tari mack and discover how you too can achieve amazing dating results. i was finally able to get ge in dallas to refund my money. the photos from cleveland singles are so small and the quality of service for the amount of money they ask is ridiculous. i wish anyone else the best of luck with this "service" i just want my money back., doing business as great expectations of cherry hill,Cherry hill, new jersey. signing the receipt means you agree to pay them the money regardless of whether or not you decide to become a member of their service. those who could qualify there are legitimate services of this type out there run by very reputable people and have top clients including celebrities, royalty, captains of industry and the idle rich and they pay outrageous sums to be properly united with persons of the type and character they look for. great expectations (again a nationwide fraud dating service) has had over 5 class action lawsuits filed in various states and over 100 small claims lawsuits. they illegally solicit your personal information from any/all dating services and craigslist. joined the dallas dating company 4 months ago and have already had some very promising dates! Our first christmas dating ornament,

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: datingof course that would be your first thought you ahole. that’s why the dallas dating company combines modern conveniences with the power of a personal touch. said very few clients ever got what they joined for because objectively, nobody had very realistic expectations of their actual mkt value. also wrote letters of my experience to several news investigative teams, and to oprah (the show)to let them know they may not want great expectations using their name to promote themselves any longer. before you sign up or even meet with this service, or you could soon find yourself parting with thousands of dollars. when u called about the poor services, she stated "i know it is sticker shock, but u haven't been in long enough, keep giving it a chance". state law apparently says dating services can't charge more than /month. 11, 2014several years ago, my friend and i drove about 60 miles to talk to the people at great expectations. a service that puts you in contact with other people who have paid to be in contact with you. appreciate the feedback, as it helps us continue to improve and we can provide our members with the best possible service! i have meet and interacted with several employees with dallas and fort worth dating company.: datingi would like to meet your big fat dog of a mother for a date. this dating site can also be called michigan ave singles, or great expectations. i never intended to use ge's service and they still come after me for $$$$$$$$ because my money is worth more value than thiers. employeei worked for great expectations for more than a year, and i also believe it is a complete rip off. problem with that was, hot young chicks don't need to pay a dating service, they already have more attention than they can handle.  i joined the dallas dating company 4 months ago and have already had some very promising dates! Subtitle indonesia hope for dating

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this thread and others, maybe people will now be able to get a look behind the smoke and mirrors of the organization that is great expectations. be realisticsome people just join any kind of dating service and think that everyone is going to pick them and that they are going to me the person for them in 3 months and will be married within a year. they will give you time to think about their service and tell you to call them and let them know whether or not you decide to go with their service.  look up great expectations and other websites to see pages and pages of complaints. reviews of The Dallas Dating Company "I decided to go into the Dallas dating co. internet dating has almost 50% of it's clients as married people, while ge actually screens. problem is that cleveland singles aka great expectations act like they are going to work for you to help you meet someone and for all the so-called background checking they do they don’t even have singles who respond to an inquiry. the company plans to appeal, but the really odd part of the story is just how much the service cost.: re: great expectations - expectationsis that supposed to be sarcasm because your use of verbs sucks i can't understand what you are trying to say. expectationsthe only thing certain about great expectations is once they bill your credit card you will never get a refund.. but if any of you out there, are paying more than 500/yr for this service, they have done you a disservice. i've tried online dating and it was not a good experience. was super skeptical about joining a dating company because i felt it was going to be so awkward. dallas bbb, texas attorney general, federal communications, fbi, and then some. i was meeting a lot of men that seemed to be playing around before this service.: re: re: great expectations - expectationslaurie becace ful l was ripped off by this company and cott dale their are a lots crooks and the government don't help in arizona l have experience with this state scam of ,000 and timeshare o f .: re: re: re: ge in dallas, txi apologize if the implication came across that i thought you were desperate.

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federal and state dating service laws indicate 3 business days to cancel a dating service contract. if it does, follow its instructions to enable location services for safari. i now only pay for anything when receive - and that includes dating! i am not interested in using their services at all. they will not disclose that you have to send them a certified letter canceling the service or appear in person with a letter to cancel the service. when i complained that the service was terrible and there weren't any women i was interested in or interested in me, all the ge advisor could was i should upgrade to a better package. i don't have the secret of meeting people, but great expectations/dallas dating company doesn't either.  i've been dating this guy that i met through this company for two months now and he's a good match for me. was super skeptical about joining a dating company because i felt it was going to be so awkward. 10, 2017i joined this service back approx may 24th, 2017 and i was extremely detail specific during my initial interview what i wanted with them.-telemarketeri used to work for a company called together dating service.: re: great expectations - expectationsi'm looking at going to the office in scottsdale next wednesday to possibly sign up. i didn't receive a single acceptance and only recieved one request several months after i signed up for the service. you will be scammed and defrauded if you use this service. The lady assured me that it was going to be very…The fort worth dating company. great expectations also goes under the name cleveland singles and a few other names.: re: re: re: re: ge in dallas, txthe sad thing is often they are members of the bbb in there area.

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me know if you are interested in suing ge in tanyone interested in suing great expectations with me in tx. when it comes down to dating them they all say no, except for the real ones. do i know i can trust these reviews about great expectations? being subjected to the high pressure sales tactics to sign a contract with great expectations on march 31, i hand-delivered my notice of cancellation - returning the materials and demanding a refund within the 3-day cancellation period. dating services are a wonderful why of meeting other single people.: re: re: great expectations - expectationsplease inform me on how to proced i signed papers on a sun day but a day later i was telling them that i did not want to do this i makes me nervious the director spoke to me today and tried to convince me to join for my own good. i met more men on another dating site that was much less to pay. the end of my ge membership, i'll survive the financial loss, by no means an insignificant one, but what more can one say of great expectations never even remotely approached? expectations of scottsdale, arizonaafter i saw a sign in my neighborhood about a website for a great place to meet singles, i went online and "registered. i think everyone out there that is struggling with online dating or just dating in general, should give this a shot! users haven’t asked any questions yet about the dallas dating company. i knew that it was probably more than the other online dating services out there, i just did not know how very much more. went into the fort worth dating company over a year ago. if ge is as "great"as it claims to be, why not some leeway for those people for whom it has not lived up to "expectations?: re: great expectationsduring the supposed "background check" that they mysteriously need a valid credit card for, your available balance is looked up, and that becomes the fee they want to get from you. expectationsi used this dating service and i met my wife. is the direct result of working with my credit card company and other local, state and federal public entities to put pressure on great expectations. Best opening lines for online dating

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claiming your business profile, businesses can add custom text or descriptive information about their services, insert company logos, and add photographs for consumers to view. while the fees being paid (and the idea of signing up for a four year membership that promises marriage) seems somewhat staggering, especially considering the competition, it just seems like these women made a bad decision in signing up for this service.: re: re: great expectations - expectationswhat about nevada state law[ reply to this | link to this | view in chronology ]. i wish anyone else the best of luck with this "service"   i just want my money back. so many options to list and choose from, we invite you to click here to read all about what, in our humble opinion, makes us the best dating service in the world. great expectations had paid me a couple of hundred, i'd have serviced these ladies, and ge would've kept a tidy, secure profit. nowwhether you're looking for younger singles or senior singles, matchmaking, speed dating events or local singles close bythe dallas dating company offers a full dating service solution. - the best online dating site i found to date is connecting singles dot com, and no i don't work for them either. when i asked the visiting supervisor how much the service cost, she said not to worry, it was only in the "low thousands.'t it interesting that this company changed its name from great expectations to the dallas dating company?• they will offer for you to put a deposit towards their services in order to “hold” the discounted cost of their membership. i will be forever thankful for the dallas dating company! i also sent a dated, notarized letter by certified mail to great expectations in dallas notifying them i was canceling the membership and wanted the charges reversed because i had not used there service. they will tell you that they have a 24:1 ratio of men to women to try to entice you into their service. of dallas, txoriginal review: april 2, 2015all you other people who feel you have been scammed, pony up and get an attorney. expectations company informationcompany name:great expectationscompany type:privateyear founded:1976country:united stateswebsite:Consumeraffairs solutions for business. when it comes down to dating them they all say no, or inactive.

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i have meet and interacted with several employees with dallas and fort worth dating company. review: march 31, 2015similar story to others, paid huge fee upfront, costly photo shoot, very few men in my age bracket that were with the service. the website is super professional, and they even offer a "refund" policy by saying they'll double your membership time or refund your $ if at the end of their service, you aren't in a committed relationship., doing business as great expectations of san diego, san diego, california kge, inc.: re: re: great expectations - expectationsso, laurie--what happened on wednesday?  i paid, yes i was duped and paid, for the service. reports when mail sent to the business was returned by the postal service. the men available in my age (all 6 to 8 of em) are nerdy and i am not surprised they have to pay for a dating service.: re: great expectations - expectationsi am an x sales person.: re: great expectations - expectationswhat did you ever end up doing? i spent $$$ for this service, was told i would have a counselor type person that would call me on a regular basis and work with me to find matches. so it was truly a blessing when online dating was introduced. if you are actually on a dating site looking for love through a computer screen . off reportthere are a lot of people posting complaints about great expectations and posting advice. i would like to use their service because i do believe quality individuals can be found there but i don't enjoy feeling like i was sold something, no one does. so, they can't say i didn't try to make this expensive dating site work. obviously, for many that attempted to use the service and didn't meet anyone isn't from a lack of trying.

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i met my wife within a year after signing up for their service (thanks to me, not them). we focus exclusively on the dallas area, including surrounding suburbs in collin, denton, and other dfw counties.: re: re: re: re: great expectations - expectatiwow 6 months for 1900. after 3 years, very few contacts, no support from service except to repeat they were not responsible, etc. review: june 10, 2015buyers beware of great expectations/chicagoland singles i just want to make everyone aware of the fraudulent business ethics of this dating service. website dating-site-advisor seemed like they really knew what they were talking about when they wrote the recommendation for great expectations, a somewhat newer service to the online dating community though they claim to have been around in a different incarnation decades earlier. anyone that's been scam by this poeple please lel's get a class actoin lwa suid against this conpany including our time datind services. since then, i have encountered adamant resistance to my request to cancel my membership and receive a refund on the basis that i am an active member simply because i had logged into the service once. great expectations and informed them i wanted to cancel and wanted charges reversed.: datingthe article claims the judge said that they were "intelligent, well-spoken and attractive professional women.: re: great expectations - expectationsles- you may have just saved me from a big financial regret! the closest search their web service has to dallas is a 100 miles. wanda has since transferred to the dallas office and of course i followed so i go to the dallas office now. 8, 2017during the springtime of 2011, i had the misfortune of trusting the great expectations dating service with assisting in my search for a relationship. got a jobit took me 8 months to recover from great expectations to find another job. most don't use the service and even more don't find love. i gave up dating people that would make me feel less of myself 20 years ago, why would i fork over 5k to have someone tell me the same crap?

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anyone know of any actual success statistcs regarding their services?, doing business as great expectations of austin, austin, texas (corporate headquarters in houston, texas). get over the fact that the service didn't work for you, be happy that it worked for others and get the hell off this site b/c this site sure isn't bringing you any luck finding a date and that is why you are all bitchin right? hope to see the day come when reputable and well-intentioned dating services become predominant. it makes me feel as though the majority of online dating sites today are the modern times equivalent of the boiler-room-generated junk mail services of yesteryear. expectations is a business and not your friend[ reply to this | link to this | view in chronology ]. expectations of columbus, columbus, ohio (corporate headquarters in los angeles). went into the fort worth dating company over a year ago. they're super suave at selling you on their program(s), even travel to meet you, and are very accommodating. but the service she meets these guys from just has a bunch of lame men and she is going to cancel at the first chance she can get. expectations is a business and not your friend[ reply to this | link to this | view in chronology ]. in dallas, txas another victim i'm interested in hearing from others in the dallas metro office who joined and have received none of the promised support or benefits. i tried everything with the bbb services & nothing at all. then no matter what dating service they join they think they can continue to either be anti-social and work on their career or continue to pick people that are wrong for them (by looks or habits) but since they are in a service then everything will change. she actually told me that within 6 months i would probably be dating this rich guy and he would just pay off my debt. i had a terrible encounter with them and would like other consumers to be aware of the following: great expectations (ge) is a nationwide scam dating service that goes under a variety of aliases (including chicagoland singles)., doing business as great expectations of san antonio, san antonio, texas (corporate headquarters in houston, texas).

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i paid, yes i was duped and paid, for the service. telling me they offer so much more than other online dating sites. dallas area singles like you are our business and passionand we think you're going love what we can do for you and your love life. made copies of the letter, all my dispute (or case) numbers and shared them with the bank dispute department, three departments of the texas attorney general, the federal trade commission, consumer affairs, the dallas better business bureau. don't forget to fork over another 20 dollars a month for online service unless you want to haul your tukas to their library during business hours only for computer use. after a couple of months i didn't feel good about working there because i read about our service and ge's lawsuit and it just makes me feel sick. the company, great expectations, apparently set expectations a little too high. expectationsyes here is another victim in the scam that is called great expectations. she also informed me that they do criminal background checks on people because they certainly don't want any felons in the service. i went on "freeze" to stop the charges to my credit card for monthly services in addition to the 4k. 5, 2015i went into great expectations looking at joining a nice dating site. i think everyone out there that is struggling with online dating or just dating in general, should give this a shot! review: april 22, 2015please stay away from chicagoland singles/great expectations (cs). expectations datingi am one of those lonely, widowed older women who signed up for a great expectations marriage. never received any service not even plone call l try every legal way to get justice but no one has help me city,state and federal agencies l had a lawyer for the past few years and also refused to help his name is jeffrey sobek 120 w.: datingeither that, or they were probably only selecting men half their age and not even close to the same type as them. great expectations is a way where people can sell their personality as well as their looks.

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no calls from the company, no dinner dates, not even access to their dating site., fyi, they called themselves "minneapolis singles" (very ungoogable) so i did a google search on their address to discover they were really great expectations.: you effing unsympathetic maleswomen dont have to pay to get "serviced". so great expectations: dating site returns thousands for lack of datesfrom the false-advertising? another rip off dating service, but only difference is is that they don't have a law suit pending, not yet any way.'t it interesting that this company changed its name from great expectations to the dallas dating company?, doing business as great expectations of seattle, bellevue, washington private eye productions, inc.  i was really burnt out with online dating and ready to give up but gave it a chance. but then why do dating service companies lie to these people when they come in and pressure them and promise them false hopes? in dallas, txas another victim i'm interested in hearing from others in the dallas metro office who joined and have received none of the promised support or benefits.: from what someone posted, the vice-president of great expectations, "j. actually auditioned for that tv dating show the love connection around the same time i dropped ge, and after seeing how phony baloney that show was set up and run i all but went back to finding dates at the local grocery stores where i had much better luck finding the type gal(s) that i wanted to bring home for dinner! i arrived in calusa, i called the seattle branch office of great expectations to let them know that i desired to have my profile transferred to sacramento since there was no way that i could participate in any of the activities in seattle. dating has obviously been quite popular for some time now, but it appears that one company may have overstepped its legal bounds -- though, it's unclear why those legal bounds are there in the first place.: yeah, it must be a scami agree with just about everything you said, though i'm compelled to counter that from the male point of view there are also women on the site about whom, it does not surprise me, would have to pay for a dating service. previously, the company primarily used the assumed name of "great expectations". when u called about the poor services, she stated "i know it is sticker shock, but u haven't been in long enough, keep giving it a chance".

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their methods include:• they will pressure you into joining their service by knocking off thousands off of their membership fees if you sign up on the first day that you come into meet with them. i had mistakenly believed that the corporate office of great expectations was located in seattle and i was enthusiastic about receiving assistance in my endeavor to locate my dearest of friends. so different from all the other fake dating sites out there, i just knew they were going to be better., doing business as great expectations of milwaukee, brookfield, wisconsin (corporate headquarters in los angeles). the service, which started out nearly thirty years ago as one of those video dating services, has moved into the online world in a big way, and apparently thought that let it off the hook of the ny state "dating services law.: ge in dallas, txdallas ge conned me for $big money.  i've tried online dating and it was not a good experience. expectations - expectationswell, so far, i've had two meetings with great expectations, and i've told them flat out, that as long as there are a minimum of two events a month, and they give me full cosmopolitian area benifits, i'd give them 0. besides the murderers bit, you have to know that i never intended to use a dating service, was lied to about the paper i was signing, and you know what kind of response i got?, doing business as great expectations of sausalito, great expectations of mountain view, and great expectations of walnut creek (corporate headquarters in mountain view and offices in each location).’t be a victim of the great expectation dating service!, if by alienating i don't get good service that is just fine if i can help someone not end up feeling like i do., wii had found their website and filled out a free on-line application for great expectations. servicesl was scam by johnand merrigi of $,000for pr0mising a date l never got not even a phone from any women they promised me in possibly matrimony l believed the law emforcement agencies should had put them in jail a long time a go and return the monies they stoled from chicago senior pensions[ reply to this | link to this | view in chronology ]. expectations is a big rip offi use to be a customer of this hole several years ago. can't argue against that, but one can argue against spending -5,000 for this potemkin village of a dating service.   i will be forever thankful for the dallas dating company!

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: great expectations - expectationsi'm thinking about writing to the ag to get the terms of my contract renegotiated-while i realise it's a contract i do think that i should be able to re-negotiate it but not cancel it. 6 years on an avg dating site would cost you over 2,00.: great expectations datingmartha, they said the same thing to me, just switching women for men.'s a person like you that i dread to meet on on-line dating. website use of location services, click prompt for each website once each day or prompt for each website one time only. this is why i cannot get my money back from deveria billing services. crap on a sticki had no idea what kind of service this was., it must be a scami read this site before i signed up, and even tried to cancel within that 3-day business-law right to reverse a decision on any purchase/service/agreement. don't sign up or pay a penny for this dating site no matter what they tell you. this company sucks and the employees should just kill themselves for working for "trail of dating tears" money. i was really burnt out with online dating and ready to give up but gave it a chance.: datingman, why don't these women just find me and buy me a car. previously, the company primarily used the assumed name of "great expectations".: datingi would rather be a fat ugly sweathog with a heart and some empathy for people, than someone like you who must think that the outside means everything! have yr safety in mind and offer personal matchm,aking and meet and greet, member only services., doing business as great expectations of raleigh/durham, raleigh, north carolina[ reply to this | link to this | view in chronology ]. they prey on the lonely, vulnerable people who have had bad dating experiences and are searching for a mate.

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