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ron admires hermione for hitting malfoy and storming out on professor trelawney, she positively glows with delight. point is last because it is perhaps the most important reason why hermione should never have ended up with ron. on the other hand, harry teaches hermione about friendship through acts of loyalty and bravery, things she may not have picked up from ron. ron offers to help hermione with buckbeak's case, she throws her arms around him and breaks down. after "my week with marilyn," "the perks of being a wallflower" and "the bling ring," the 24-year-old actress also showed her sense of humor in seth rogen's outlandish summer comedy, "this is the end. ron succumbs to the pressures of the horcrux and tells harry he's leaving because he's lost faith in their mission, hermione refuses to go with him.?“the producers actually came to me about six months ago and asked me,” tom told mtv news about jade joining him in hp. the time the "potter" movies wrapped, matthew lewis -- and his character, neville longbottom -- had morphed into quite the charming young man. in harry potter and the philosopher’s stonehermione noticed the dirt on ron’s nose right at the start.

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they niggle and nag and moan at each other all the time. ron would have been insecure and it would not have been a healthy relationship," said a commenter who goes by the name "militant delusionalist. on july 31, harry potter and the cursed child will be released, leading into a whole new way of viewing the wizarding world. understands why ron suddenly starts behaving oddly around harry after his name comes out the goblet of fire.’ ‘oh, shut up,’ said hermione, but she agreed to go and watch out for snape. harry potter and the order of the phoenix, hermione makes the calculated decision to bring umbridge deep into the forbidden forest in hopes that she would attract some dangerous magical creatures, and she does so by promising to reveal all the da's secrets. can reach this post’s author, kaitlin cubria, on twitter and instagram! why, yes, yes it is…hermione’s calm words soothe ron’s eternal rage and frustration when it comes to malfoy and his mean moments. but britain's sunday times published excerpts of the interview in a front-page story, "jk admits hermione should have wed harry.

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they respected each other's individual talents enough to not let them overshadow the issues at hand (see: voldemort)." "harry had always said good things about hermione and both of them being powerful wizards and brought up as muggles would have made them compatible. of Harry Potter co-stars that dated in real life, celebrity couples. and if there's anyone who's eager for the "harry potter" spinoff films, it's lynch: "maybe 'fantastic beasts' will turn into a long ting like hp did & i can play luna as an old lady? learned of the pair getting hitched in the epilogue of the seventh and final book -- "harry potter and the deathly hallows," published in 2007. in harry potter and the prisoner of azkabanfirst letter harry gets before school starts and all hermione can talk about is ron., is that ron and hermione playing chess together in the common room, even though she always loses? ron was a great and loyal character who loved hermione and harry very much, but was so prone to dramatic mood swings and fits of uncontrollable jealousy that his best qualities were sometimes diminished. lupin says hermione is the "smartest witch of her age" he'd ever met, and throughout the books she proves this to be true countless times.

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"i think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether ron would have really been able to make her happy," watson says in the interview. now 25, lewis initially migrated over to tv for a spell with "the syndicate" and "bluestone 42. potter and the goblet of fire in harry potter and the order of the phoenixhermione spends the summer with ron! case you haven’t heard the news, there’s a new harry potter book on the way! jk rowling, the woman who dreamed up the pair and turned them into two of the most recognized figures in literature, is now throwing cold water on the central romance in the gazillion-selling harry potter series. more importantly than hermione's genius is that she alone of the golden trio really teaches harry any useful magic. “overnight he became a sex symbol and it was nice for matt to have his moment,” rg told the independent. ron and hermione literally fight throughout the entire series and harry even gets mad at them for always being at each other's throats.(cnn) -- if anyone here feels ron and hermione should not be united in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.

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. evanna lynch & robbie jarvis — never would we ever have thought that luna lovegood would find love with young james potter, but that’s exactly what happened… at least, in real life." For long-time fans, this revelation changeJk rowling says hermione should have married harry potter, not ron. the fifth book, cho chang makes the snide comment, “oh yes, i forgot — of course, if it was darling hermione’s idea. seconds in harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 1, was in a relationship with the redhead who brought ginny weasley to life in all eight films." felton has been busy since "potter" wrapped, and appeared in the world war ii movie "ghosts of the pacific" and the tnt cop drama "murder in the first. signs that Hermione liked Ron from the start2 actors from 'harry potter' are dating, and they define #couplegoals. and hermione both come to hogwarts from the muggle world, and throughout the seven books that tie is never forgotten. in harry potter and the half-blood princethis is it folks, the secret is about to be let out of the proverbial bag…we love the fact that hermione may have confunded mclaggen to help ron win the role of keeper. although ron regrets his decision almost immediately, hermione never has to.

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" when harry says hermione would be joining their tea party. in the movies, when harry is about to make his final sacrifice to voldemort, hermione realizes instantly what he's about to do and volunteers to go with him. most people would run from slime and bugs, but not hermione!'ve been dating for at least a couple of years. tries to stop ron and harry from meeting malfoy for the midnight duel. fleur kisses ron… hermione’s face of fury says it all. to his credit, he's always steadfastly in their corner and no one ever doubts ron's loyalty. potter and the prisoner of azkaban in harry potter and the goblet of fireoh, hey, is that hermione arriving at ron’s house before anyone else? sitting on stands, sitting in the common room and watching quidditch practice.

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wright began playing ginny weasley at age 10, and since leaving the franchise has been on a steady diet of dramas. portraying sharp witch hermione in the "harry potter" series, emma watson has broken away from the supernatural with roles grounded in the (mostly) real world. years after the final film hit theaters, the pair began posting pictures of and with each other on instagram — like, romantic pictures — and continued to do so up until ~4 months ago. but shared experiences of persecution and hate strongly bind harry and hermione together. plus we’ve got fantastic beasts and where to find them hitting theaters on november 18, so 2016 is shaping up to be filled with lots of hp goodness. grint kept it fairly low-key after he ended his 10-year run as one of harry potter's best friends, ron weasley. hermione doesn’t understand why he is so mean to her. kisses ron and hermione’s feelings are there for all to see… her heart quietly breaks as he spends the year as ‘won-won’." "ron and hermione's relationship is wonderful because it is far from perfect at the beginning of the series and slowly (and ingeniously) develops into my favorite couple in the whole series!

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and harry was never once jealous that hermione was the smartest student at hogwarts. we did it for the casts of game of thrones and glee and such, so it’s only fair. she coaches harry on how to perform the summoning charm before the second triwizard task, she realizes how to use the time-turner to save sirius (rip), and she is literally the only reason harry survives past book five. in harry potter and the chamber of secretswhenever harry is busy, hermione and ron spend all their time together. here are all the pairs of harry potter co-stars that gave love a try in real life:1. we wonder if ron will ever wake up and smell the butterbeer…© jkr/pottermore ltd. interesting…when ron starts belching slugs out his mouth, hermione is beside herself making sure he is alright. hermione didn't care that harry was famous, or special, or the chosen one — she cared if he was being a good person." they have been dating for at least a couple of years.

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the pairs of harry potter co-stars that gave love a try in real life. of the relationships in the "harry potter" series seem questionable. even while working on the "potter" franchise, felton dabbled in other films, like "the disappeared" and "get him to the greek. if you consider how irritated hermione gets with ron and vice versa, this is downright suspicious. lynch's luna lovegood showed up halfway through the "potter" saga, but her character was so wonderfully strange she's easily among the most memorable. it doesn't even cross cho's mind that hermione and ron could very well be dating, because it really is not as believable as harry and hermione. murray's seamus finnigan was an easy character to love, and fans have missed seeing murray (and hearing his accent) on the big screen. she recovers from the surprise, she is quick to congratulate ron on becoming a prefect and defend his worth against fred and george. because hermione absolutely trusts harry and his plan, regardless of how it was currently unfolding.

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hermione’s help is met with ron’s nasty remark about her being a total nightmare. may think that this famous romance only kicked off after several years of hogwarts and he-who-shall-not-be-named, but we like to think the signs were always there…. now says she should have paired hermoine granger with harry potter, instead of his bud ron weasley. ron is hit by the white queen in the life-sized chess game, hermione screams."i wrote the hermione/ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment. then she delivers this punch to the gut of ron fans everywhere:Ron and hermione would have needed relationship counseling. post was created by a member of buzzfeed community, where anyone can post awesome lists and creations.’ she was slightly reluctant, but i pulled her arm and twisted it and then she was filming with me for three days at king’s cross. "i can hear the rage and fury it might cause some fans, but if i'm absolutely honest, distance has given me perspective on that.

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many in the wizarding world sometimes forget muggles are actually people and simply think of them as lesser beings. hermione and harry understand first-hand how prejudice hurts — from being called a "mudblood" to being ridiculed for speaking parseltongue. their friendship is always more important to them than being right, and this sets their relationship apart from ron and hermione's relationship. Rowling admits she put Hermione and Ron together for "personal reasons" and she says they would have needed "relationship counseling. when harry and hermione get into a fight when she rats out his broomstick's origins to mcgonagall, harry makes up with her because he knows her heart was in the right place.!Rowling makes her disclosure in an interview that emma watson conducted with her for the entertainment mag, wonderland. here are 10 of ’em:Harry potter’s leading man has previously admitted to thinking his co-star was a cutie. "for reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as i first imagined it, hermione ended up with ron. evanna lynch, who played luna lovegood in the films, has been dating robbie jarvis, who played james potter, harry potter's dad, in flashback scenes from "harry potter and the order of the phoenix.

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