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Harry potter fanfiction fred and hermione dating

potter - rated: t - english - romance/drama - chapters: 32 - words: 243,962 - reviews: 1968 - favs: 2,844 - follows: 1,021 - updated: 6/29/2007 - published: 12/15/2006 - hermione g. harry potter's been on the run for six months, and that ends tonight. one-shotharry potter - rated: t - english - romance/horror - chapters: 1 - words: 2,974 - reviews: 113 - favs: 569 - follows: 157 - published: 12/22/2011 - harry p. story goes on with harry and hermione three years after their last time in hogwarts. cullens read the potter twins and the chamber of secrets by elijabell reviews. weasley, one-third owner of weasley wizard wheezes has fallen for hermione. - harry potter & buffy: the vampire slayer - rated: t - english - adventure/romance - chapters: 20 - words: 112,040 - reviews: 250 - favs: 391 - follows: 370 - updated: 7/25/2015 - published: 3/9/2015 - [harry p. hermione joins bill, charlie and the twins in a pack bond, the only way she can avoid the death eaters clutches. ils étaient debout devant le chef des volturi, en attendant sa décision,quand il furent interrompus par une nouvelle personne, qui semblait avoir du pouvoir sur l'ancien vampire. donde se encontrara con sus nuevos amigo harry, ron y hermione. potter - rated: t - english - humor - chapters: 1 - words: 1,605 - reviews: 148 - favs: 822 - follows: 213 - published: 9/29/2007 - harry p. potter - rated: t - english - romance/mystery - chapters: 14 - words: 116,846 - reviews: 142 - favs: 219 - follows: 183 - updated: 10/28/2014 - published: 7/7/2014 - [hermione g. potter - rated: t - english - humor/adventure - chapters: 7 - words: 13,912 - reviews: 100 - favs: 78 - follows: 81 - updated: 3/28/2008 - published: 12/16/2006 - harry p.

Harry potter and hermione dating fanfiction

and her mother helen are having lunch one sunday afternoon when helen asks a most peculiar question. chose not to use archive warningshermione granger/fred weasley harry potter/ginny weasleyharry potter hermione granger ron weasley fred weasley george weasley ginny weasley luna lovegoodfremione - freeform. and ron end up traumatized when they eavesdrop on harry and hermione. but, for hermione granger, life has only come with new challenges that she can't seem to escape. ron's second and final betrayal, harry begins to see hermione in a whole new light. hhr, rwllharry potter - rated: t - english - adventure/romance - chapters: 69 - words: 380,866 - reviews: 2264 - favs: 2,586 - follows: 2,583 - updated: 12/4/2009 - published: 3/2/2007 - harry p. can the founders and her soul bond with salazar slytherin help her? potter - rated: t - english - humor/romance - chapters: 1 - words: 1,077 - reviews: 50 - favs: 342 - follows: 65 - published: 8/28/2007 - harry p. lost the meaning, she was handed something new, now can she roll with it? yes i've fallen into the crossovers and this is one of them. he's out to make friends, money and make a little art along the way. potter - rated: t - english - adventure - chapters: 14 - words: 72,898 - reviews: 120 - favs: 60 - follows: 123 - updated: 1/19/2008 - published: 3/7/2007 - harry p. potter and the dark lord prevention tech by clell65619 reviews.

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    undisclosed peter and lily not all weaselys are gryffindors takes place in the being human universe but has only hp characters vampire sirius black vampire regulus black ghost james remus is still a werewolf more reincarnation coming back to life digging his way out of a grave body swap ariana lives and is not an obscurial i refuse to explain how because i have no idea myself last day at hogwarts crack deadpoolification it's totally a word aromantic charlie weasley asexual charlie weasley epistolary agender luna luna's creatures are lovecraftian bitter ending dudley is not straight ron weasley is albus dumbledore adam (good omens) is tony pepper is pepper. he and his friends will have to deal with an incompetent defense teacher and the mystery of the legendary chamber of secrets. perdió a sus padres desde que fue un bebé, pero fue criada por la familia cullen (que eran vampiros) un día cuando estaba a casi tres meses de cumplir los 11 recibió una carta, en la cual la informaban que era aceptada en el colegio de magia y hechicería de hogwarts. depictions of violence major character deathharry potter/mad eye moody harry potter/arthur weasley harry potter/ron weasley harry potter/charlie weasley harry potter/fred weasley harry potter/george weasley harry potter/bill weasley harry potter/percy weasley harry potter/draco malfoy harry potter/ blaise zambini harry potter/zachariah smith harry potter/severus snape harry potter/rubeus hagrid harry potter/oliver wood harry potter/marcus flint fred weasley/george weasley ron weasley/fred weasley/george weasley ron weasley/charlie weasley percy weasley/bill weasley blaise zambini/terry boot seamus finnigan/dean thomas collin crevley/ron weasley/denise crevley hermione granger/magic lee jordan/mr. swan is really bella potter, twin sister to harry potter and the other chosen one. to his dismay, his dream girl is dating his useless prat of a brother ron. the summer following her 4th year at hogwarts, hermione granger is visited by a great-uncle she hasn't met before, and learns that the world is older than she thought, and that wizards are not the only ones fighting the forces of darkness. chose not to use archive warnings no archive warnings applyhermione granger/ron weasley lavender brown/ron weasley eventual hermione granger/fred weasley theodore nott/george weasley seamus finnigan/dean thomashermione granger fred weasley harry potter ron weasley lavender brown parvati patil dean thomas seamus finnigan george weasley theodore nottcourtship ron is a two-timing git shy fred matchmaker harry one-shot ambiguous/open ending implied/referenced character death. harry has a life to live, and he's got no time to waste. on halloween, three years later, she's reached the end of her plan to make harry happy, even if he's all but abandoned her. with his only true friend, harry decides to leave the war and magic behind forever. granger and the quest for merlin's blessing by hippothestrowl reviews. 1: it's the first year for young harry, and things just don't seem to be shaping up for him at all.
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    who could possibly be calling at grimmauld place at midnight on new year's eve, and why won't kreacher answer the door? now four of the students find out exactly who they are and that they must join forces to defeat voldemort and rid all evil in the world. this community is for well-written stories that are harry/hermione all the way through; no other pairings between the two. 6th year, hermione stumbles upon an ancient prophecy concerning the four founders of hogwarts. potter - rated: t - english - adventure/romance - chapters: 1 - words: 6,292 - reviews: 34 - favs: 68 - follows: 104 - published: 2/3/2008 - harry p. potter, now a vampire, goes with luna to forksrated: t - english - romance - chapters: 1 - words: 1,578 - reviews: 1 - favs: 12 - follows: 20 - updated: 10/1 - published: 9/9 - luna l. we’re here for an education, sure, but i’ve spent the last seven years terrified and confused and tired. harry and hermione meet the goddess of love, and she offers to let them go back in time. potter - rated: k+ - english - humor/romance - chapters: 4 - words: 16,691 - reviews: 207 - favs: 831 - follows: 278 - updated: 5/11/2011 - published: 5/2/2011 - hermione g. potter - rated: k+ - english - romance - chapters: 1 - words: 2,148 - reviews: 175 - favs: 1,055 - follows: 195 - published: 2/15/2010 - harry p. chose not to use archive warnings no archive warnings applyhermione granger & fred weasley hermione granger/fred weasleyfred weasley hermione granger the weasleys harry potter hogwarts - character ron weasley ginny weasleyfluff hogwarts fred weasley - freeform hermione granger - freeform fremione - freeform hogwarts era ron weasley - freeform harry potter - freeform weasleys romance friendship. potter - rated: t - english - humor - chapters: 1 - words: 2,770 - reviews: 22 - favs: 128 - follows: 16 - published: 4/7/2007 - harry p."the bartender shrugs: "i mean, it was either that or calling you beautiful, and i didn't want you to faint on the spot.
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    she was in the grip of silent panic, wild eyes, pupils dilated, heart racing and brain on fire. d'entrer au ministère pour travailler au service des créatures magiques, hermione part en vacances en italie. she has lived in the wizarding world and muggle world. soul bond - time travelharry potter - rated: t - english - romance - chapters: 39 - words: 320,203 - reviews: 6399 - favs: 11,284 - follows: 13,362 - updated: 10/15 - published: 1/13/2010 - harry p. after the death of his headmaster, harry is drawn into the muggle world filled with espionage and death. archive warnings applyhermione granger/fred weasleyhermione granger fred weasley george weasley ron weasley ginny weasley harry pottermorning after pillow talk confused ron amused everyone else mentions of sex arthur weasley owned an airstream fluff and humor. chose not to use archive warnings no archive warnings applyhermione granger/fred weasleyhermione granger fred weasleygothic alternate universe - victorian anachronistic kissing historical inaccuracy romance past hermione granger/ron weasley minor harry potter/ginny weasley mysterious behavior thunder and lightning marriage proposal courtship light angst fluffy ending.. hhrharry potter - rated: t - english - humor/romance - chapters: 2 - words: 3,552 - reviews: 23 - favs: 53 - follows: 92 - updated: 12/7/2013 - published: 12/3/2013 - [harry p. completedharry potter - rated: t - english - romance/humor - chapters: 19 - words: 54,557 - reviews: 427 - favs: 366 - follows: 156 - updated: 7/5/2006 - published: 12/18/2005 - [hermione g.'s the fall of 1998, after the final battle, and the golden trio has returned to hogwarts. potter - rated: t - english - romance/friendship - chapters: 17 - words: 25,690 - reviews: 92 - favs: 180 - follows: 265 - updated: 7/3 - published: 10/19/2016 - [harry p. potter - rated: t - english - drama/romance - chapters: 8 - words: 29,441 - reviews: 98 - favs: 50 - follows: 76 - updated: 7/29/2008 - published: 1/8/2007 - harry p.”  this was an invitation to those that were ready to start over in the place where they can always feel at home: hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.
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!Creator chose not to use archive warningshermione granger/fred weasleyhermione granger harry potter ron weasley fred weasley george weasley albus dumbledore ginny weasley voldemort (harry potter) sirius black remus lupin regulus blackeventual romance drama hurt/comfort family fluff family secrets pureblood hermione granger pureblood society secret daughter. chose not to use archive warningsminor or background relationship(s) draco malfoy/harry potter dennis creevey/nathalie macdonald sirius black/james potter/lily evans potter james "bucky" barnes/peggy carter/steve rogers fleur delacour/bill weasley hermione granger/fred weasley sirius black/remus lupin percy weasley/oliver wood penelope clearwater/percy weasley lee jordan/oliver wood ariana dumbledore/minerva mcgonagall lucy weasley/original female character dudley dursley/original character(s)andromeda black tonks teddy lupin harry potter orion black walburga black tobias snape eileen prince james potter severus snape sirius black regulus black fleamont potter euphemia potter tony stark lucifer (supernatural) gabriel (supernatural) winchester brothers shield agents & staff avengers team (mcu) rubeus hagrid draco malfoy remus lupin lily evans potter loki (marvel) howard stark maria stark ron weasley percy weasley fred weasley george weasley molly weasley charlie weasley arthur weasley sherlock holmes john watson mycroft holmes greg lestrade anderson sally donovan scott summers blaise zabini theodore nott bellatrix black lestrange nathalie macdonald emma dobbs dennis creevey cormac mclaggen angelina johnson oliver wood alicia spinnet katie bell russian ocs narcissa black malfoy lucius malfoy howling commandos james "bucky" barnes peggy carter dumbledore's army (harry potter) rose zeller cho chang su li's mother gabrielle delacour hermione granger fleur delacour lee jordan harley keener peter parker bobby singer anthony goldstein ariana dumbledore minerva mcgonagall dominique weasley lucy weasley dudley dursley kendra dumbledore percival dumbledore adam young (good omens) pepper (good omens)bigender! potter - rated: t - english - humor - chapters: 1 - words: 1,723 - reviews: 85 - favs: 484 - follows: 108 - published: 8/2/2012 - harry p. potter - rated: t - english - humor/romance - chapters: 1 - words: 1,734 - reviews: 32 - favs: 274 - follows: 56 - published: 1/20/2008 - harry p. is done being the little boy-who-lived and actually wants to live for a change, but stupidity comes with consequences and he has many. he learns to use both of his training in the hunt for horcruxes and the imminent battle between harry and voldemort. minor - well maybe major ginny, ron and dumbledore bashing. whereas hermione turned a blind eye to his pranks more often than she'd admit. chose not to use archive warningsdudley dursley/demelza robins draco malfoy/harry potter hermione granger/draco malfoy draco malfoy/ron weasley draco malfoy/charlie weasley sirius black/remus lupin sirius black/hermione granger remus lupin/nymphadora tonks hermione granger/remus lupin remus lupin/lily evans potter luna lovegood/remus lupin scorpius malfoy/albus severus potter scorpius malfoy/rose weasley hermione granger/theodore nott millicent bulstrode/theodore nott james potter/lily evans potter sirius black/marlene mckinnon hermione granger/george weasley hermione granger/fred weasley marcus flint/oliver wood hermione granger/percy weasley hermione granger/kingsley shacklebolt hermione granger/tom riddle astoria greengrass/blaise zabini hermione granger/bill weasley seamus finnigan/dean thomas hermione granger/charlie weasley nymphadora tonks/charlie weasley pansy parkinson/charlie weasley hermione granger/james potter scorpius malfoy/james sirius potterhermione granger harry potter draco malfoy sirius black marlene mckinnon remus lupin nymphadora tonks scorpius malfoy james potter james sirius potter albus severus potter rose weasley ronald weasley theodore nott millicent bulstrode astoria greengrass dudley dursley demelza robins tom riddle dean thomas seamus finnigan blaise zabini kingsley shacklebolt marcus flint oliver wood percy weasley bill weasley charlie weasley luna lovegood lily evans potter pansy parkinson.”pansy’s expression was priceless, her jaw dropped and eyes bulging. chose not to use archive warningshermione granger/fred weasleyangst and hurt/comfort slow burn. about harry and hermione and all their adventures like the following: hogwarts, when they are older, people that threaten their love, friends, hate and all of the above! community books harry potter harry and hermione til the endharry and hermione til the end.

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they were happy in their little bubble until hermione was hit by a powerful memory spell. revolution girl power bechdel test pass book 5: harry potter and the order of the phoenix babysitting alternate universe - royalty running away with a baby lily is pregnant potters survive! and thanks all comments other draco-hermione momentsee more21 "harry potter" fanfictions to read before you diedraco and hermionedraco malfoyto readread laterfanfiction neti cant evenso in loveshut upfor lifeforward21 “harry potter” fanfictions to read before you die -- pin now, read later it also tells you what their rated so look before you readsee morea shipart isflowerso cutefan artnerdhogwartsslytherinfandomsforwardidk i ship hinny so hard i cry whenever they have a moment when i reread the books/ watch movies or when i see headcanon and drawings of them << i really ship them too but i ship drarry too so this is what can happen to ginny in that ausee moreron and hermione: not sure i could imagine ron calling hermione by her last name thofrom ave atque valepinterestsearchprivacy. potter - rated: t - english - adventure - chapters: 12 - words: 36,797 - reviews: 388 - favs: 532 - follows: 898 - updated: 3/27/2009 - published: 9/15/2007 - harry p. the shock of dumbledore’s death plus some unexpected news cause hermione to reflect on her decisions and actions of the previous year. now, she just turned up at forks high school, not knowing who she would meet again and what would happen afterwards. while poaching girls is against the brother code, fred wants what’s best for hermione and that’s not ron…. potter - rated: t - english - romance/humor - chapters: 20 - words: 44,196 - reviews: 470 - favs: 798 - follows: 1,122 - updated: 7/12/2015 - published: 7/7/2013 - [harry p. draco, burdened with the task set by the dark lord, became withdrawn and depressed looking for an escape from the choice he has been forced to make. potter - rated: t - english - humor - chapters: 1 - words: 1,056 - reviews: 78 - favs: 179 - follows: 32 - published: 8/15/2006 - harry p. chose not to use archive warningshermione granger/fred weasley harry potter/ginny weasley luna lovegood/ron weasley angelina johnson/george weasley fleur delacour/bill weasleyhermione granger fred weasley. clock strikes twelve, the bells chime out, and there's a knock at the door. will she fight against them alone, or will she admit her feelings and accept help from the one person who makes her smile?

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| See more ideas about Harry draco fanfiction, Fic harry potter and Harry and hermione fanfiction. how will they get through and its only beginning of 4th year?” hermione heard herself speak before she could register what she was saying.-forwardhermione fanfictionhermione fanfictionharry draco fanfictionfic harry potterharry and hermione fanfictionharry fanfictionharry potter theorieshow to spell awesomehp factsharry pptterron and hermionehermione grangerron weasleyharry and ginny fanfictionpercabeth fanfictionfan fictionsweetharry potterengagement ringsforwardas her engagement ring / ron & hermione - harry pottersee morefrom harry potter confessions. depictions of violencehermione granger/bill weasley hermione granger/fred weasley hermione granger/fred weasley/george weasley hermione granger/charlie weasley hermione granger/bill weasley/charlie weasley/fred weasley/george weasley hermione granger/bill weasley/charlie weasley harry potter/ginny weasley luna lovegood/ron weasleyhermione granger harry potter ron weasley fred weasley george weasley charlie weasley bill weasley ginny weasley luna lovegood neville longbottom fenrir greyback tom riddle | voldemort draco malfoy remus lupinwolf pack pack bonding no incest i swear smut anal threesome moresome.: t - english - romance/family - chapters: 2 - words: 4,807 - reviews: 10 - favs: 42 - follows: 67 - updated: 19h - published: 8/30 - [hermione g. shot luna has a plan, and the technology to back it up. potter - rated: t - english - adventure/friendship - chapters: 9 - words: 22,356 - reviews: 31 - favs: 131 - follows: 77 - published: 4/21 - harry p. now harry and hermione have to prove that they're just friends. chose not to use archive warningsfremione hermione granger/fred weasley hermione granger/fred weasley/george weasley geomione hermione granger/george weasleyhermione granger fred weasley george weasley harry potter ginny weasley katie bell angelina johnson viktor krum luna lovegood molly weasley charlie weasley bill weasley fleur delacour no love triangle! archive warnings applyhermione granger/fred weasleyfred weasley hermione grangerhurt/comfort not canon compliant post-battle of hogwarts am i world-building here? potter - rated: t - english - romance - chapters: 26 - words: 112,890 - reviews: 611 - favs: 495 - follows: 270 - updated: 6/19/2007 - published: 11/8/2006 - harry p. potter - rated: t - english - adventure/friendship - chapters: 10 - words: 22,667 - reviews: 60 - favs: 227 - follows: 127 - published: 4/7 - harry p.

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. hermione spends the summer with harry, then she finds out she is pregnant. just how long has hermione been in love with her best friend? her slightly bronzed skin and freckles were gone and in their stead was a flawless porcelain complexion, her old soft, rounded features were now sharp and sculpted. chapters 4,6,7 editsharry potter - rated: t - english - humor/mystery - chapters: 8 - words: 42,298 - reviews: 171 - favs: 407 - follows: 179 - updated: 7/1/2011 - published: 6/9/2011 - harry p. decade has gone by since the battle of hogwarts, and it's all anyone can try and do to move on. we’re lucky that we got stuck with hogwarts’ finest, and not a bunch of pricks. often annoyed by eachothers contrasting traits, fred always had a soft spot for hermione.'s a few years after the war, and hermione granger is still having nightmares. potter - rated: t - english - humor/romance - chapters: 1 - words: 1,579 - reviews: 40 - favs: 199 - follows: 33 - published: 12/14/2007 - harry p. potter - rated: k+ - english - romance/humor - chapters: 1 - words: 1,799 - reviews: 27 - favs: 118 - follows: 26 - published: 10/20/2006 - harry p. potter - rated: k+ - english - chapters: 7 - words: 17,495 - reviews: 168 - favs: 465 - follows: 271 - updated: 3/14/2013 - published: 3/10/2013 - harry p. than a year following the final battle hermione finds herself newly single and confessing her darkest secrets to the one man who may have more skeletons in his closet than she does. she reveals herself to to the cullens and gives them 7 books which contains her past.

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potter - rated: t - english - humor - chapters: 1 - words: 1,780 - reviews: 158 - favs: 860 - follows: 224 - published: 9/29/2007 - harry p. jordan omc(s)/omc(s) harry potter/omc(s) harry potter/ernie mcmillan harry potter/collin crevley neville longbottom/seamus finnigan/dean thomas draco malfoy/omc(s) harry potter/lucius malfoy harry potter/object(s) draco malfoy/ron weasley draco malfoy/ron weasley/harry potter oliver wood/marcus flint lucius malfoy/omc(s) draco malfoy/cedric diggory lucius malfoy/narcissia malfoy narcissia malfoy/object(s) ron weasley/omc(s) harry potter/cedric diggory harry potter/justin finch-fletchly harry potter/roger davis harry potter/piers polkiss draco malfoy/piers polkiss harry potter/draco malfoy/piers polkiss draco malfoy/charlie weasley percy weasley/charlie weasley draco malfoy/fred weasley/george weasley draco malfoy/charlie weasley/percy weasley/fred weasley/george weasley draco malfoy/charlie weasley/percy weasley/fred weasley/george weasley/bill weasley/ron weasley arthur weasley/draco malfoy harry potter/lee jordan/omc(s) percy weasley/victor krum harry potter/victor krum victor krum/charlie weasley/fred weasley/george weasley charlie weasley/bill weasley arthur weasley/fred weasley/george weasley molly weasley/lee jordan/ginny weasley/omc(s) lee jordan/omc(s) arthur weasley/victor krum arthur weasley/victor krum/cedric diggory lucius malfoy/arthur weasley hermione granger/fred weasley hermione granger/george weasley ginny weasley/fred weasley ginny weasley/george weasley molly weasley/fred weasley molly weasley/george weasley narcissia malfoy/fred weasley narcissia malfoy/george weasley merlin/fred weasley merlin/george weasley george weasley/piers polkiss piers polkiss/omc(s) victor krum/ron weasley bill weasley/harry potter/flour weasley/lee jordan cedric diggory/draco malfoy/roger davies cedric diggory/merlin ron weasley/hermione granger harry potter/draco malfoy/fred weasley bill weasley/cedric diggory/roger davies harry potter/lucius malfoy/draco malfoy fred weasley/george weasley/victor krum/percy weasley bill weasley/arthur weasley ron weasley/hermione granger/fred weasley fred weasley/hermione granger george weasley/hermione granger george weasley/ron weasley george weasley/hermione granger/ron weasley/fred weasley harry potter/harry potter harry potter/marcus flint/draco malfoy harry potter/marcus flint/harry potter harry potter/ginny weasley harry potter/ginny weasley/draco malfoy harry potter/ginny weasley/harry potter hermione granger/ginny weasley ron weasley/blaise zambini dean tomas/theodore knott morag macdougal/jason flint harry potter/killian morgues draco malfoy/andrew bell ron weasley/piers polkiss merlin/omc(s) merlin/theodore knott ron weasley/cedric diggoryharry pottermagical beast! potter - rated: k+ - english - romance/humor - chapters: 1 - words: 1,757 - reviews: 19 - favs: 63 - follows: 16 - published: 7/29/2007 - harry p. the story is fluffy, sometimes sensual, but never smutty or crude, and, of course, has the touch of magic. potter - rated: t - english - romance/angst - chapters: 5 - words: 11,245 - reviews: 23 - favs: 23 - follows: 39 - updated: 7/22/2007 - published: 7/10/2007 - harry p. read and find out yourself what this story is really about. what will happen when their paths collide and they have nobody to trust but each other? morehermione and draco, a forbidden fantasy (dramione) - completed - starting freshdraco and hermione fanfictionwattpad bookswattpad storiesromance booksfiction booksfantasyfreshharry potterlifeforward"hermione and draco, a forbidden fantasy (dramione) - completed - starting fresh" by bekkachaos - "he was left broken, with no hope of ever putting himself together, until she entered his life. hhr, dg, rllharry potter - rated: t - english - adventure/romance - chapters: 50 - words: 209,265 - reviews: 1312 - favs: 1,601 - follows: 607 - updated: 8/3/2006 - published: 8/26/2004 - harry p. both of them have a dark and a horrible past. has come back to hogwarts for his eighth year, as his seventh was spent fighting voldemort and saving the world. carlisle vient demander de l'aide à alistair, il en est pour une surprise, en effet son vieil ami à un clan, pas simplement un clan non, une famille. she muttered about hell freezing over and pigs flying, and holy merlin, who was this wild woman that replaced hermione granger.

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h/hrharry potter - rated: k+ - english - humor/friendship - chapters: 1 - words: 5,560 - reviews: 56 - favs: 580 - follows: 122 - published: 10/30/2010 - [harry p.: t - french - romance - chapters: 34 - words: 90,022 - reviews: 480 - favs: 218 - follows: 232 - updated: 9/25 - published: 6/28/2015 - [hermione g. is a little something i did a while ago, and i hope you like it. hhrharry potter - rated: k+ - english - romance - chapters: 1 - words: 1,304 - reviews: 7 - favs: 18 - follows: 8 - published: 11/5/2007 - harry p. harry leaves to find the rest of the horcruxes, but has to leave hermione behind. archive warnings applyhermione granger/draco malfoy neville longbottom/pansy parkinson susan bones/oliver wood hermione granger/pansy parkinson/susan bones hermione granger/fred weasley pansy parkinson/harry potter susan bones/theodore nott susan bones/terry boothermione granger susan bones pansy parkinson draco malfoy theodore nott blaise zabini neville longbottom michael corner terry boot oliver wood fred weasley harry potterbackground relationships other additional tags to be added other ships not mentioned in tags romance humour friendship hogwarts eighth year honestly its a mess but i love it? the only problem is, even they're starting to wonder if their names belong on the list…harry potter - rated: t - english - romance/humor - chapters: 16 - words: 54,974 - reviews: 703 - favs: 1,367 - follows: 484 - updated: 9/29/2007 - published: 11/21/2006 - [harry p. greenwald has to meet harry potter before he can date hermione granger. can he convince his little brother's best friend that it's okay to ask someone else for help, and will he realize that his feelings might also be reciprocated? swan is actually theadora thestral she is from the founders time and long before. she strikes a deal with fred and george, who offer to help. spends a boring day with hermione, but then the day turns out not to be so boring after all.'s an evening for friends and family at the burrow, but hermione finds herself in search of some fresh air.

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is always the same with you, just to piss off hermione hope you like it! harry gets some unexpected and unexpectedly useful help from the muggle world. or just a way to get that annoying weasley kid out of the picture so harry and hermione can 'get to know' each other? can the trio learn to separate their feelings long enough to save hermione? he was the exact opposite, and he had fooled them all. twilight/harry potter edward/ocrated: t - english - drama/romance - chapters: 45 - words: 85,188 - reviews: 153 - favs: 87 - follows: 32 - updated: 10/1 - published: 10/4/2008 - oc, edward - complete. potter - rated: t - english - parody - chapters: 19 - words: 69,031 - reviews: 366 - favs: 728 - follows: 915 - updated: 3/20/2012 - published: 4/7/2010 - harry p. hphgharry potter - rated: t - english - romance/humor - chapters: 4 - words: 10,983 - reviews: 89 - favs: 62 - follows: 155 - updated: 4/5/2008 - published: 12/27/2007 - harry p. potter - rated: t - english - romance/tragedy - chapters: 1 - words: 2,394 - reviews: 4 - favs: 3 - follows: 2 - published: 2/1/2008 - harry p. the future is open to him and he wants to see where his life goes, but before he even gets to hogwarts the magic that has always been apart of his life decides it’s time to throw an all new set of problems to add to his life. and fred never cease to cross paths, a common normality that they both began to enjoy. potter - rated: k - english - romance - chapters: 1 - words: 131 - reviews: 4 - favs: 8 - follows: 3 - published: 2/12/2008 - hermione g. potter - rated: t - english - angst/romance - chapters: 1 - words: 1,822 - reviews: 21 - favs: 112 - follows: 18 - published: 9/1/2007 - harry p.

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potter - rated: t - english - humor/romance - chapters: 1 - words: 7,292 - reviews: 70 - favs: 480 - follows: 138 - published: 8/9/2012 - [harry p. partly indian james potter lily just found out she's a mutant last week hogwarts seventh year wedding platform 9 3/4 harry potter next generation book 1: harry potter and the philosopher's stone quidditch trees used as brooms it's canon guys talking about husbands and jewellery that's basically it steve! harry potter au starts in chapter 16rated: t - english - romance/drama - chapters: 25 - words: 51,032 - reviews: 68 - favs: 107 - follows: 177 - updated: 9/26 - published: 3/1 - [bella, edward] [hermione g. this year he discovers that his parents did indeed have a will, a godfather wrongly imprisoned and more meddling from a irritating headmaster. luna decides that something needs to be done before they do a rerun on harry&hermione's 6th year. potter - rated: t - english - chapters: 20 - words: 124,549 - reviews: 4170 - favs: 7,999 - follows: 4,475 - updated: 5/26/2012 - published: 10/31/2010 - [harry p. easy hairstyles for long thick hair to make you want short hairemo hairstylesmessy bunhermione granger hairmagic bookmy heroemma watsoncollegerockmoviesforwardemma watson can rock any hairstyle. chose not to use archive warningshermione granger/fred weasley harry potter/ginny weasley luna lovegood/ron weasley hannah abbott/neville longbottomhermione granger fred weasley george weasley harry potter ginny weasley luna lovegood neville longbottom tom riddle bellatrix black lestrange teddy lupinau college au hermione is a fourth year at oxford so is neville and luna and ginny ron dropped out of oxford sophomore year lol (but he's successful and knew college wasn't for him) harry dropped uni right before junior year he takes care of baby teddy also fred and george own a joke shop/toy shop/coffee shop george isn't in this fic as much as i'd like bc he's out of town the business is still called weasley's wizard wheezes though lol also hermione and fred knows how to flirt i never considered hermione to be socially awkward (idk why so many people do? order to save her, bill and his brothers need to mate her. when she tells ron and harry about the condition of marriage one of them amkes an offer she can't refuse. the close, loving friendship between hermione and harry mainly from hermione's viewpoint. archive warnings applyluna lovegood/harry potter hermione granger/fred weasleygeorge weasley percy weasley bill weasley ginny weasley sirius black remus lupin harry potter ron weasley arthur weasley molly weasley hermione granger fred weasley luna lovegood teddy lupinhalloween ministry of magic. he ne…"see morepopular tagsmost popularsummer vacationsthe voicegroupmy lifewandsharry potter stuffharry potter spells listforwardlist of harry potter spells.

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potter - rated: t - english - drama - chapters: 1 - words: 2,248 - reviews: 12 - favs: 82 - follows: 23 - published: 1/25/2010 - harry p. potter - rated: t - english - romance/friendship - chapters: 1 - words: 3,677 - reviews: 32 - favs: 213 - follows: 45 - published: 12/31/2010 - harry p. aurated: t - english - romance/drama - chapters: 39 - words: 96,705 - reviews: 70 - favs: 53 - follows: 58 - updated: 9/28 - published: 12/15/2015 - hermione g. and how does dumbledore play a role in all this? the night is clear, the moon is bright, and a witch waits patiently in the graveyard. archive warnings applyhermione granger/fred weasleyhermione granger fred weasleyalternate universe - canon divergence fluff romance humor. archive warnings applydraco malfoy/harry potter hermione granger/ron weasley lavender brown/ron weasley past draco malfoy/theodore nott hermione granger & harry potter & ron weasley fred weasley/hermione grangerdraco malfoy harry potter severus snape ron weasley hermione granger lavender brown blaise zabini pansy parkinson albus dumbledore lucius malfoy dolores umbridge theodore nott fred weasley george weasley minerva mcgonagallangst slow build romance alternate universe - canon divergence humor book 6: harry potter and the half-blood prince sticks roughly to canon enemies to lovers slow burn fluff swearing no quidditch fred and george still at hogwarts bc i love them.?) so hermione is actually just as bold as fred in this fic lol.. now a seventh year and head girl, hermione relays her life in her diary: from harry sneaking into her bathroom to ginny setting hermione up in hopes of making her less neurotic, hermione's life is about to get out of control. potter - rated: t - english - humor/romance - chapters: 1 - words: 4,921 - reviews: 33 - favs: 154 - follows: 18 - published: 8/26/2007 - harry p.. harry and the potter's go back to the maraduar era. happens when fred and george find a mysterious bracelet in the room of requirement? the girls here, like myself are born and bred to be your modern day housewives.

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