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would you like to view this in our canadian edition? of course he knows your order, the two of you come here all the time. nodded swiftly, taking your hand in his as he took you from the dressing room to the corridor just outside the doors. harry takes your hand and laces his fingers with yours. you mouth kept opening, before you chickened out and said nothing, mentally cursing when he began to walk back to where ed was sitting. he gives a big wave when he notices you and points to the two coffees he has sitting in front of him. you laugh at him and then lapse into a comfortable silence as you take a sip from your flat white. when you get the hotel room, you sniffle and lay on the bed. clearly the two never had “boyfriend and girlfriend” titles, but it kind of sucks that people like me have to blow up their spot if they were just trying to get it in casually. “but i did want to be with you, and i do want to be with you. “me too,” you squeak out, embarrassed at the high-pitched tone. you kissed him back and you wrapped your arms around his neck while his went around your waist and pulled you closer to him. as soon as your equilibrium returns you stagger to niall’s room and immediately jump onto his bed. you nod and tyler takes your hand and you all go out. alexa even said that looking at harry styles feels like she’s “staring into the face of a lighthouse”. in the middle of the game, you feel someone pull you in a corner.-malum liked this daddystylessss liked this memorableminds liked this tw-louistomlinsonarebae liked this lodovicailmioangelo liked this harrieyslhoe liked this theirishblues liked this 1dmakesithardformetobreathe liked this alexandriahoward257 liked this sugarsweet93 liked this one-direction-affection1 liked this sortaanonymous liked this emilygracee02 liked this vannesalee liked this pinksatinwonderland liked this 1dyoumakemestrong143 liked this deedee-lynn liked this adoringonedirection liked this 69withnarryyyy liked this lyss3234 liked this boo-bear34 liked this blkcali liked this niallersprincess9394 liked this tmb2000 liked this hotelcalifonia liked this josefinwendin-blog liked this beecachu liked this melstylinsonhoraynlik reblogged this from theydontknowaboutusimagines and added:Fucking omg omg omg im so sleep deprived 😭 but this shit is so fuking perf i dant even type like what the hell melstylinsonhoraynlik liked this laree0823 liked this rosejohnson54 liked this youre-so-mine liked this xbirdeex liked this mooyachild liked this iluv5boys-1direction liked this wandering-xx liked this thecrotchgrabs liked this all-things-one-direction liked this l-o-v-e96 liked this crazyassstyles liked this tomlincraicmofo1 liked this mrsmalikforever2012 liked this nialls-little-slut liked this theydontknowaboutusimagines posted this show more notesloading. you stood and watched as his adams apple bobbed when he took a gulp of the liquid inside the brown bottle, dribbles dribbling down his chin from the corner of his lips. it’s by the hotel,” he smiled, as you nodded. you haven’t really talked to him, but you’ve stayed in touch with the rest of the boys.

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i felt like, we were making love on some level,” he blushed, and looked at you for the first time since the conversation began. “if you didn’t want to be with me, you should have just told me. “you don’t have a right to tell me that! they knew you were hurt by what happened with harry and they tried to be there for you.“i’d want nothing more than for that to happen, harry,” you smirked, biting your lip as the lift door dinged open, and his hand tugged you from inside the brightly lit lift to the dimly lit corridor of his hotel room floor. how much had you had to drink last night, you think to yourself again. “no, i mean you can’t help who you like. you start to feel a bit better after the renewing cleansing of the shower. after a minute you pull back with a gasp for breath. his eyes looking out around the people around you, and waving every so often at those who waved at him. your eye makeup is smudged and your mouth is dry and disgusting. “well i almost gave up on the day and laid down in the shower if that answers your question,” you grimace, taking tiny sips from the hot coffee in front of you. “see you then xx,” you reply, hitting send and throwing your phone facedown next to you, ignoring it and his possible responses. Direction member is set to collaborate with the “Lips Are Moving” singerThe 10 hottest girls harry styles hooked up with. but you can come and sit with me at the bar, and we can chill. it will be a miracle if you get yourself upright again today. he looks at you and then he leans into kiss you.: it’s been two months, since you found out about harry being in a relationship. “you either want to be my boyfriend or you don’t.”“dammit,” you push your face into niall’s chest, letting out a deep breath.

harry styles imagines you hook up

Harry styles imagines you hook up +"Hooking Up" - One Direction Preference

Harry Styles Hooks Up With Meghan Trainorin the Studio—Get the

instead, one directioner fans barraged caroline with death threats on twitter which is a pretty valid reason to stop messing with a teenager that you have no future with. ed had a hunch that he had taken a liking to you, yet he wanted harry to figure out to get you back home with him. “i’d love for you to come and sit with me, but don’t feel obliged. so i have a sneaking suspicion that this could have been a situation where caggie saw an easy opportunity to get some media attention by being associated with harry styles. you have a girlfriend and i’m not going to put through your little games anymore.” he whispers putting his forehead on yours looking into your eyes. asked:Where harry and i meet at a club/party and we go back to his hotel and things get steamy and i don't talk to him for a while after the one night stand and then go to a one direction concert with my best friend and he spots me in the concert and he makes sure he speaks to me after and we end up dating:). you’d been on his mind ever since he woke up. i want you to be mine and i want to be your boyfriend. would you like to view this in our uk edition? they have been spotted together on and off since 2013, but they are very discreet, something i credit to kendall, even though you wouldn’t suspect it given her family’s media presence. if you ask the 21-year-old beauty, it exceeded her expectations. you comb your fingers through your hair before giving up with a frustrated huff and pulling it all to the side and putting on your plain baseball cap and then stepping into your boots, before grabbing your keys and heading out the door with a shout to niall. an award show was coming up and you knew that the boys would be attending, which meant that you would see harry for the first time since everything. “this is going to make me sound sleazy as well, but i really want to like, fuck you,” he slurred, looking up with his signature smirk on his face, the curvature of his cheeks much more prominent and his dimples popping more boldly.” you say and get some and hold it on his cheek.* *4 more beers and 4 more vodka and orange juices later, you were both bladdered.”“harry, you’re supposed to be a role model,” you roll your eyes as you both laugh, you know what he’s really like.  he sighs and watches you walk away and he punches the wall. he sent a soft smile your way, and crouched down to preston who was stood mere metres away from you.

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“i really like you y/n, and i can’t stop thinking about that night. you cringed in your seat as she continued to blast at you for your actions, making your head pound even more than it was, due to your sickly hangover. direction has been an extremely popular band for a while so it makes sense that there is just so much speculation about harry styles and his love life.”you shook your head, nuzzling yourself deeper under his arm, watching as car droves past the club. people outside of the uk might not be familiar with caroline flack, so let me fill you in on this slightly scandalous hook up situation. you still couldn’t believe that he lied to you like that.”“love you too, niall,” you slide off the side of his bed and drag your feet to the toilet, turning the shower on and letting the room fill with steam.  “look, what you did with y/n hurt her a lot. his face broke you, and you regretted the actions you’d done that morning. you open one eye, the other barely opens from the gobs of mascara you forgot to wash off the night before. while you both were waiting, you both started taking crazy pictures. you gathered your clothes, sliding them back on before you made your way to the door of the hotel room, your head turning to look back at him; one of his feet was hanging over the end of the bed, his arm folded behind his head as his other laid across the free space where your body laid just moments ago, and his snores were soft around the quiet room.” you sigh and sit down on one of the chairs.”“you’re the one that ordered the third pitcher of margaritas,” niall’s crying with laughter next to you. my interview’s done at 10, coffee around the corner from your flat at 10:30?. “fuck,” you breathe, scrambling off the end of your bed. he looks up and smiles, a pure harry smile that he reserves for those rare moments of unmarred happiness. she said she knew that i didn’t really have feelings for her, she was just mad because she thought i had been cheating with you the whole time. taking a look in the mirror next to your door you sigh, it’s about as good as you’ll get, you put a fresh layer of mascara on and some moisturizer before walking from your room. a soft smile on his lips as he made his way over to you and your friend.

Waking up after a drunken hook up with your best friend Harry

however, that one night when you stepped into the flashing and crowded club, he knew those morals were going to be thrown out the window, and forgotten about just for that night. trainor and harry styles are officially combining their talents to create a track that we can only imagine will be a huge radio hit. “now go take a shower, you smell like a pub floor. you did leave him that morning after a filled night of pleasure. all through out the time, harry was watching you and tyler and he was getting jealous. plus there is strong support to believe that harry and alexa chung had some sort of romance going. from the moment you met him to the moment you left that morning. “you forgot we were seeing them at their show tonight? as you got lost with the music, you felt a nudge to your ribs and opened one eye to look at your friend.” you asked nervously, dropping your hand from his wrist and bringing it up to pick up the two drinks that sat on the bar. am so over talking about taylor swift dating harry styles, but there is no way that there could be a round up of harry’s hottest conquests without including swifty. you click the square and see a hazy video of the two of you toasting your glasses together.”ed laughed softly, looking over his shoulder as you pushed your way through the crowd huddling together at the edge of the dance floor. phone next to you lights up with a notification, grabbing for it, you notice the time and groan again. sara sampaio may not be a household name (yet), but you probably recognize that face.”“i just hate that i was so drunk,” you explain, frustrated. i was like, ‘well, damn, harry, you know what love is.”“i’ve been wanting to do that for a long time too,” you say, reaching out and putting your hand on top of his. “and you kept pawing at my drink and taking sips when my back was turned,” he booped your nose, laughing as your face scrunches up in reaction. was sat beside him at the bar, looking between your dancing figure and harry’s hunched figure on the bar stool.

all the fucking love, How about a Harry blurb where you hook up at

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Where Harry and I meet at a club/party and we go - S T Y L E S

his hand was tightly gripping your own as he pulled you through the paparazzi, grumbling under his breath when they kept snapping photos and asking to see your face. as soon as you turn the corner you feel your back lightly hit the wall of the building behind you.  alexa chung and harry styles were photographed by the paparazzi hanging out on valentine’s day of all days. most are from niall and you quickly click through them as you see an image of your drunken self played back at you, the squint of your eyes evidence of your heavy inebriation. “i tried to put the bottle away but you grabbed it back and said “don’t tell me what to do,” before pouring a glass half full of vodka and calling it a shot. need for me to fill you in on a backstory when it comes to this girl. “so,” you reply, taking a deep breath and holding his gaze. harry’s sitting at your favorite corner table, you spot him through the window.”you take another deep breath, swallowing down some of your anxiety. it sounds to me like they might have hooked up once or twice and this girl was looking to capitalize on it and get her come up into another level of fame. it seemed like as soon as all the blogs posted their “who’s harry styles’ new girlfriend sara sampaio? he couldn’t deny that you were pretty, because damn, he felt a fuzz go around his belly. “well it doesn’t matter now anyway, you have a girlfriend and i like tyler so. you smile at him and then sit in harry’s lap. his wonderful, pink, fleshy lips that were wind and teeth bitten and with your drunken mind, you couldn’t help but think of the how he could make you feel just by kissing you on the sensitive areas of your body. you take a large sip of the hot coffee, pleased when you taste it the familiar order. you throw your hand to your side, grasping for your phone. you both pull back and see harry’s girlfriend staring at you guys. we used to date a few years ago, so i guess you could say he’s my ex. you take a deep breath and look at yourself in the mirror.

Imagines. (Preference #5 Seeing You With Someone Else (Harry))

you knew he felt embarrassed, and upset, and that was the last thing you wanted. your thumb hesitates over the snapchat from harry, the emojis next to his name so familiar.”“thanks for your support,” you roll your eyes before grabbing his pillow and pushing it into your face. besides why do you care that i’m with someone. you had a really good friend from school that you still kept in touch with and you both sort of dated for a while back before your life changed. but, harry had already laid eyes on you, and he’d be a crap best friend if he went after the girl he wanted. you slept with harry styles, and left him the morning after! although, i really can’t picture the two of them finding anything to talk about so i just fantasize that they spent a lot of time together in private—not saying a word, if you know what i mean. and if there’s one dude who’s familiar with that lifestyle, it’s harry styles from one direction. you never get a good night’s sleep after drinking heavily, you’re dehydrated body woke you up at 6 a. before harry or any of the boys could say anything, tyler walks in and you smile.. i was afraid that if i was with you, and if i for some reason messed up, i would hate myself and i knew that i would lose you. the first is a text from a coworker asking you to cover her shift today, oops, you think, and type up a quick excuse and apology. caroline flack hosted the reality show and had a short-lived romance with harry styles. you knew it was wrong because he was still with her, but you didn’t care because you wanted this and he wanted this, besides he was going to break up with her anyway,. you slide your thumb over the screen and click through the snapchats first.”and with that, he watched you disappear into the crowd, with a drink in your hand for your friend. you all went out for dinner and then to an arcade. you take off your cover up and jump into the pool.”“i’m sorry hun,” niall hugs you to his side.

The unreal world i wish was reality • Harry Styles Drunk Imagine

you know damn well that i’m not the type to jump into bed with a random stranger. liked this 2agke liked this lovecupcakestyles liked this annalise-x liked this 89sharry liked this harrythestyleslegend liked this lovefrom-lottie liked this harrysdimplegirl liked this lifemovesprettyfast31 liked this harrywiththegoodhair reblogged this from harrystattoos harrywiththegoodhair liked this venus-the-bootyist reblogged this from harrystattoos lovemesomecalum liked this rawmeharry liked this tattooed-tearsssss liked this moirax liked this helena-loves-harry liked this anxiety-consumes-me liked this awal-art liked this fooking-stylan liked this mmduerme liked this katharinaana liked this borntobieb liked this nightingalerunner liked this mrsbritishandaussiboys liked this frankiesoul liked this mahmehalh3 liked this ameliakookoo liked this joellestauff16 liked this ms-19c liked this weekendswithgoodfriends liked this g000d--vib33zzz liked this enchantinghes liked this sophiepellett liked this damnitasshole reblogged this from harrystattoos lolilpop liked this sexx-lovve-n-drugss liked this dare-to-dream-about-1d liked this societalreject liked this harryslittlepumpkin liked this grib-grub liked this earthtocallie liked this nature30 liked this theonewhereweloveharrystyles liked this harrys-tittie liked this harrystattoos posted this show more notesloading. you lived together, in a flat in the centre of the city, so getting places and coming home was always easy for you. you knew that you needed to move on and so you decided you were going to have a date to the award show. you braided your hair to the side and finished your make up before you and tyler went downstairs to wait for the boys. you called him up and asked him and he said yes. you take a second to steady yourself, getting vertical that quickly wasn’t the best idea and you’re starting to feel nauseous. back in 2012, harry styles said that he “never even kissed emily atack” which may have been true at that instance. you just never believed that the harry styles would be buying you drinks in a rundown and old club. and that bar guy was staring at your boobs, and i felt i should step in, because he looked sleazy,” harry muttered, a flush colour covering his cheeks. you don’t believe me just check out the list of names and see for yourselves. “well we were going to out, if you wanted to come. lowe is one of those names that might sound vaguely familiar to you, but you can’t concretely place why.’s pretty clear that there was some sort of romantic interaction between kendall jenner and harry styles— affectionately referred to as hendall by their mutual fans. as soon as you stepped into the lift, his lips were instantly on yours. “i fucked harry,” you groan again, pushing your knees into niall’s back. it actually wasn’t the age difference like you might suspect.“so,” he says, you look up at him, his fingers play with his bottom lip as his eyes scan your face. a roll of fatigue flattens you back against your pillows and you feel your eyes closing. liked this harry-girl liked this blacksaults liked this jossankossan97 liked this bruhimabitch liked this jesuissousvotrecharme liked this poetic-expression liked this le-yla liked this xoreo-loverx liked this erinstyles1 liked this weird-potatochip liked this stellaaarose liked this batbatsupermanme liked this kellyh-stylesx liked this blahhjjjj liked this abque liked this senaaaaliii liked this malikah200015 liked this malikah200015 reblogged this from secret-rendezvous1d loveislove178 liked this jfmahoney liked this golddarkmusic liked this shexgal liked this jaime-south liked this foreverinparadise21 liked this horanandstylesaremyonlyreason liked this greeeneyeedgirl liked this evcathy liked this hard-candydrips liked this alexa12345678901011 liked this kaylalinderman liked this thelabyrinthofmymind98 liked this artisticxlly liked this oljol liked this jessicaeminyard liked this lovecrazymofo69 liked this myanhoran liked this bananadineapple liked this toulairwin liked this seoul-steph liked this bleedinglovestyles liked this belle-mots liked this sophgreenhalgh liked this karinaruber liked this conihijar liked this lovinlife1stepatatime liked this zayy2018 liked this too-much-of-michael liked this show more notesloading.

Who Is Camille Rowe? Harry Styles' Rumored Girlfriend Is A

i know you have feelings for him and i know he has feelings for you. “we got back here and you poured everyone vodka shots! just being nuzzled under his arm was enough warmth for you. he just nods and soon it’s time for you to get ready for that night. it was my pleasure,” harry smiled, taking a step towards you. you went downstairs to wait for him and when you did you see the boys of one direction walking into the hotel. would you like to view this in our us edition? “add on another bud, please, mate,” harry called over the music, watching as your body turned round and your head tilted up to look at him. a part of a successful music group has a lot of perks. “no, but she wasn’t really mad about the break up. we just need t’ wait now,” he mumbled, throwing his arm back across your shoulders and pulling you into his side. i’ll come to your hotel, and we can go then? so it makes sense for harry styles to be interested in her. maybe, if i get a few more beers in me, i’ll be up and dancing on the tables for you,” he chuckled, grabbing the neck of the bottle and bringing it to his lips. he is super famous, pretty good looking, and he actually seems like a nice guy. you quickly brush your teeth before stripping down and stepping under the scalding heat of the shower. harry was never one to go out, get drunk and have a one night stand, hooking up with the first girl who said ‘take me home’. you were trying to take a serious one, but then tyler smirked and kissed your cheek right as you took the picture, which harry saw right as he walked down. these two only dated for a couple months in 2012 and she is still singing about it. one of his hands cupped the back of your head as the other snaked around your waist, pulling you closer to his chest and backing you into the wall of the lift.

Most Of One Direction Probably Just Straight-Up Lied To Ellen

you respond immediately, your arms reach up and around his neck, you stand on your toes as your mouths hungrily connect. seeing you again and seeing you with tyler, i can’t handle it. if you screw this up for her, i don’t care if you one of my best mates, i will hurt you got it? he’d only be seen as a loner if he had no one to sit with him, and he knew that if your friend was off snogging someone, you wouldn’t want to be alone either. harry sighs and looks at you regretting what he said, but you just take tyler’s hand and leave.“you try having a clear mind when harry styles is sitting with you,” you groaned. a pang of jealousy ran through his veins as he stood up, partly on his own accord and partly because he’d succumbed one to many budweisers, and stood behind you. you were pretty fun last night, and i wanted to get to know you without the drunk aspect to it,” he mumbled. you’ve been so excited for weeks, and you forgot? "let me see your fucking butthole" - john mayer 10:14measkmasterlistwaking up after a drunken hook up with your best friend harryor when your roommate niall endlessly makes fun of you for hooking up with harry while you freak out…you roll over and immediately groan at the mounting pain in your head. slurring, dancing, and tumbling occurred as you made your way out of the stuffy  and there was no lying that harry was getting a little too handsy. his forest green eyes focused upon you and only you, like you were the only girl inside that club that night. the text from last night seemed positive but the one from this morning made your stomach swirl. fans were squealing, some were crying, some were even looking at you with disgust. would you like to view this in our australian edition? would you like to view this in our german edition? you ignore him and soon they ask tyler about later that night and he agrees. “you’re going to feel like you’re dying all day. as soon as you awoke, you were sliding from beneath his arm in a slow and steady manner in hopes you didn’t wake the peacefully sleeping harry who was nestled beneath the covers.”deep in his mind, he desperately wanted you to join him.

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you hold your stomach as another wave of anxiety hits you. said: Where Harry and I meet at a club/party and we go back to his hotel and things get steamy and i don't talk to him for a while after the one night stand and then go to a one. you take a deep breath and slide open the conversation. when you landed, you met some fans before heading to the hotel. if you didn’t know, one direction was formed through the tv competition called x factor in the uk. “no, i would never cheat on you, but i was afraid that it could happen. “you are a force to be reckoned with once you’ve got a few drinks in ya. that night you acted like you really liked me, and then everything changed. behind the white door, with the number 146 engraved black in the gold metal, the night was filled with sweat, moans and pleasurable moments that the two of you may or may not remember in the following hours.”“no wonder i feel so terrible right now,” you cuddle into his side, climbing under the blanket. it was cooler than inside the room, and you felt a chill on your arms as he took you further down, away from everyone.” and with that, you were pushed onto the sofa and demanded to tell everything. ed was already off as soon as harry took off to you, and he was lost amidst the crowded dance floor. xxxhe’d been staring at you for most of the night. unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you definitely know who emma watson is and exactly what she looks like. obeying harry’s orders when he told you to keep your head down and to keep a hold on him the whole time, you didn’t lift your head once and you swore you left nail marks in his arms from holding him too tightly. you take a deep breath before flopping back into bed. soon there is a knock on your door, you answer it and see harry standing there with a huge red mark on his cheek. he grabs your hand, his large hand engulfing yours entirely.“you knew what you wanted and you weren’t going to let anything get in your way,” he laughs.

One Direction fan has slept with Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Niall

” you whispered, gulping nervously as his nodded softly and took a step back and looked down at his brown chelsea boots. preston stood in front of you, a smile on his lips as he helped you and your friend over the barrier, claiming that harry wanted to see you backstage as soon as the show was over. after a while, you all decided to go play laser tag. you drop the dressing gown on the floor and wiggle into the nearest pair of skinny jeans, throwing a hoodie on as a shirt, careful to zip it high enough to prevent any cleavage slips. and as you can imagine with anything kardashian/jenner related, that got a lot of attention and whatever may have been going on with harry and daisy faded away from the gossip mill and harry’s reputation as a player lived on. you have a girlfriend, which is funny seeing as how the only reason we didn’t get together is because you said you weren’t ready for one. atack is another person that you don’t know if you are not familiar with uk pop culture, but clearly this is a beautiful girl. a part of a successful music group has a lot of perks.”and with that, you looked up and saw harry looking at you with a confused look on his face. have a safe journey home,” harry’s voice carried out around the stadium you were stood in, beside the catwalk as you watched him walk past you. “i don’t want to mess up our friendship, we’ve been such good friends for so long. his arm thrown across your shoulders as he pulled you into his side. about an hour after you got there, you got a text from tyler saying he was on his way to the hotel. i was going to take you for breakfast, and get to know you more. you said you didn’t want a girlfriend and i understood that because i remember how it was just starting out in this business, but then you go out and start dating someone else and it really hurt me.”“(yn), harry is a good guy, he’s not going to treat you like those assholes you’ve been with before,” niall pinches your chin. i searched the whole club for you,” your friend sighed, running her hand through her pillow-messed hair. would you like to view this in our french edition?. as you looked around, louis was spread out on the sofa, as lottie was stood beside him. you decide on a simple black dress and you decide to wear your converses because you were not about to wear heels two nights in row.

Harry Styles Hooks Up With Meghan Trainorin the Studio—Get the

Which One Direction do you hook up with at a party?? ;)

” harry heard you order, the bartender staring fondly at your chest area. two texts from niall, a meme and a questioning text, “you alright? i wasn’t going to stick around,” you reasoned,” and, besides, he was pissed out of his mind last night, so i highly doubt he’d remember. i mean we’ve been friends for two years and she’s never said anything about him and then all of sudden he shows up out of no freaking where. “i think the whole building knows, the way you were yellin’. yet, before he properly turned, your hand reached out and wrapped around his wrist, sparks fluttering around not only harry’s body, but now yours.” you groan, cuddling up behind his back covered by the heavy quilt.” he smirks and then pulls you on top of him. i can’t believe this… you need to take a banner tonight. you figured such a rundown club would be kept as far from the luxurious hotel he was staying in for the specific leg of the tour. as he proceeded to move his hand lower, you brought it back up to your lower back and pulled from his lips. you wrap your hair in a t-shirt and cozy up in your big fluffy dressing gown before your stomach sinks and you remember what happened. you swim a few laps before you notice someone walking inside. you chose not to be with her so you are going to have to deal with that. it’s not that you regret it, you’ve secretly had a little crush on harry for awhile, it was the anxiety of the unknown and the drunkenness. this just makes me think that there is something pretty special about harry styles. the day before the award show, you flew to la and your friend, tyler, was going to meet you later that day. you land uncomfortably on your phone and remember the notifications that woke you up. everyone was yelling and screaming as louis sprayed liam with water from the water gun in his hand, a laugh leaving your lips as the four of them stood by your section and sang. oh and she’s a supermodel who looks perfect all the time, which doesn’t hurt at all.

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you felt betrayed because you both were once close friends, best friends, and for him to do that to you, you just didn’t understand. you look down at your hands as the silence stretches on..a few memories from the night before come back, flitting through your mind. and you were just happy that the walk from harry’s hotel to your flat was short. are probably scratching your head trying to identify another random blonde girl. it’s a look that makes it impossible not to smile back, and you instantly forget your hangover.“i’ve been wanting to do that all morning,” harry breathes, catching his breath with his forehead pressed to yours. by the time you got backstage, the band had come off and the boys were just coming down from their high. “now let’s go bother niall,” you both laugh, holding hands as you continue on your way. up after a drunken hook up with your best friend Harry Or when your roommate Niall endlessly makes fun of you for hooking up with Harry while you freak out… You roll over and immediately groan.”“you two were getting cozy on the sofa,” niall explains. where was this going to take the two of you? the fierce one direction fans ended up scaring her away by harassing her online and even showing up to her parents house. harry looks over at you and you tell him to go and talk to her after she runs out. niall was placing his guitar in the case, and harry was looking at you. why the fuck did you drink all that last night? “you’re jealous because he’s with y/n and you’re not. he spoke on the phone, you couldn’t help but watch his lips. “i don’t think you have ever been a perfect gentleman,” you giggle. harry slings his long arms around your shoulder as you leave the coffee shop, on the way back to your flat.

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