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if they don't want to wait, if they want to date with more frequency, then "lowering" their standards might very well provide them with more options. it's far worse for a guy who's doing the pursuing to have a complex set of standards, because he has to have a very low set of standards to start the pursuit. didn't cross-reference with that list whenever i met a guy–it was just there for me to glance at occasionally and remind myself not to lower my standards too much. You need to learn how to look for true compatibility in dating. is, standards aren't the problem, your judgement calls and perceptions are the problem." actually be any indicator of whether people's relationships work out or not, and as the guy who's doing the pursing it just makes it more difficult to get to the point in dating where you can find out the things that do actually matter for your relationship. if you find you're open to more guys and thus getting more dates–and you're actually enjoying those dates even though the guys don't have certain qualities you thought you'd like to have in a partner–then you've discovered those standards weren't useful and you can chuck them for good. great thing about qualifying as a dating tool is that not only is it a good way to screen for compatibility with a potential partner-in-crime, but also as a way of building attraction and rapport quickly. you may think that you’re just saying you’re open to finding love anywhere, even if it isn’t the disney-esque happy ending with cartoon birds singing you off into the sunset while blind cherubs floating around shooting people with arrow… which is, to an extent, fairly admirable. not so much people who already have the sort of built-in criteria it sounds like you have, that you don't need to think about because you're able to set reasonable standards somewhat automatically. have a question regarding standards for all the commenters and dnl. you've got two people with a long list of standards – and things never go anywhere. but you have to rememberthat it’s entirely possible to have standards that are too high or to have expectations that are out of the bounds of reasonability. doesn't the idea of having too high of standards come from the assumption that you are not able to attract what you want? read a really awesome article once i *think* by snarky's machine, about too high standards. it's why women on dating sites are flooded with brief, meaningless copy-and-paste messages. so, for now at least, i believe that finding some cool girl that i can hang-out with and enjoy having interesting conversations with and just having fun, while also enjoying the physical/romantic/intimate side of things, but without feeling committed to the relationship, is exactly what i need.

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i would like to get back into it now that i've done some healing, re-evaluated my standards, and gotten my confidence back. has nothing to do with standards or lists and more of judging interest level, both of your perception of her interest in you and your judgement of how interested you are in her. indeed, i find it is really important for me to have standards. first, in my opinion it still wouldn't count because even in an open relationship – in my very limited experience – people usually have a "primary" significant other, then there's the other people they're dating. i mentioned in previous comments, i lost my job 2 weeks ago, and have removed myself from the dating market, for a number of reasons as a result of that. if a woman pursues a guy she must be a slut (in his mind) and therefore not worth dating – although he's often happy to string her along for long enough to hop in the sack. think i'd probably put it in the same category as looks standards – that it's not good to be riduculous or exacting, but that there are sometimes when it's a problem and it really does prevent things from going further. not because it helps you find "what you're looking for" but it opens your eyes to how impossible and unfair your own standards can be. i'll admit i was squirming in this subconversation, because while i care about who someone *is*, there are also aspects about what a person *does* and what kind of lifestyle they choose that matter to me.") and if they keep badgering you anyway, they are not good people to have in your life and you should avoid them as much as possible, and if it's not very possible, avoid talking about dating with them., when i'm online dating, i do screen the "what are you doing with your life" section. might this guy have had additional standards after they started dating?) knowing when your standards are too high is harder… i think if you're having trouble finding dates at all, the best thing to do is to lower your standards to only include the things you know are essential–you couldn't possibly be happy without them–and forget all the things you just figure would be nice for now. in your example, the problem wasn't that the girl wasn't meeting your "too many" standards, it's that you hadn't taken the time to find out whether she did before you decided you wouldn't pursue her (since, after all, it turned out she did meet them once she'd opened up more)."to paraphrase what an ex-girlfriend of mine said while we dating – she drew up a list, wouldn't date anyone that didn't meet her list, then finally one day she met a guy who did! lewiscontributor 474 shares + more content from yourtango:10 massively stupid things people say about interracial dating10 dating tips i wish i'd followed while i was single4 tell-tale signs you're dating a complete a$$holemost popular the first thing you see in this picture reveals your true personalty 7 signs you were emotionally neglected as a child (and it's affecting you now) jay-z finally explained why he cheated on beyonce the reason sources say tom cruise hasn't seen his daughter suri in four years awful new details about the missing pregnant teacher found dead in a field — and why police arrested her boyfriend zodiac signs who make great moms, ranked from best to worst margaret cho opens up about her addiction, relapse, childhood sexual abuse and the “king of offensive” donald trump zodiac signs that will break your heart, ranked from most likely to least likely 4 tricks attractive women use to make men think about them non-stopexpert advice4 early warning signs the person you love does not love you backhow to love an empathfeeling disrespected? the feminists are going to hate me on this one, but i think “i am woman, hear me roar” has done us a disservice in the dating department.

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one reason is that it is unfair to a potential partner, because i would not be able to afford many date activities, so until i find a job, i am not dating. guess that's not to say you can't have more standards as you go on, but i've tried having more standards myself, and – it's a disaster. of the best traits a person can have in meeting people to start dating is the ability to shrug off a rejection or approach without making things too weird. most of the comments seem to focus on what standards to apply to those doing the approaching, typically men; there hasn't been much about the standards applied to those being approached, typically women. it also doesn't mean it's healthy to think about dating as just being a way to find a cute girl to…well, you'll get to that part and what else besides cute you might want after you find a cute girl who will go out with you. like i would feel so alone during my first pregnancy if i had to go through all the stress and uncertainty and bodily trauma (yes, i see pregnancy as trauma) while partner was all like "been there done that, nbd". while not every m i know is the same, my statistical sample is a better representation of all people m, because it is not consisted solely of exceptions that your statistical sample is. too often, i see friends continually devastated by their dating experiences. i worked as a waitress, a bartender, a secretary, in retail, and other low-ed jobs while i was in college, and the majority of my co-workers were not in college, and were not capable of thoughtful conversation. who get caught up in disparate standards, whether biological or cultural, should recognise they are going to have a harder time finding their match. for those doing the approaching, i don't think there's a sense of someone being "below" their "league;" it's more a matter of personal tastes and what they consider attractive, without universally recognized objective standards., i totally respect your point, but those are not necessarily examples of bad high standards to have. you have people constantly badgering you about being too picky, when your standards are reasonable (more on that next), i'd say you need to tell them to back off ("i think my standards are reasonable, and it really bothers me that you're trying to undermine them. to paraphrase what an ex-girlfriend of mine said while we dating – she drew up a list, wouldn't date anyone that didn't meet her list, then finally one day she met a guy who did!, i'm 26, so i'm trying to date guys around my age or slightly older, so of course it's a red flag for someone in my dating range primarily works at a low-ed job, without any indication of having other ambitions. but could also be she does something on her own, surf the net, read a book, knit, go out with friends, whatever, while i have my game time. on the other hand, you might find that yes, you've tried dating guys who are x now, and like you thought you didn't end up enjoying spending time with them that much, so that standard should stay.

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i've simply found that while i want more than the simplistic handful – visually attractive, sense of passion, some sort of common interest – it always followed the same pattern:1. suppose most of us have standards about class/social status, since most of us end up with someone in the neighborhood of our own class (which sorta squicks out the idealistic side of me as i write this). would you be open to dating a woman with kids already? even if not many women respond positively, enough do so to make it worthwhile for those men, and the immense number of women approached and occasional positive result reduces the emotional stakes for the men. standards can be the same way – someone who really, really wants to date/marry a surgeon may also really, really want a close and supportive relationship, not realizing that a surgeon's long hours and constant on-call time will mean she will never feel both ways about a the same guy. realized that it had very little to do with the men, but more to do with how the women approached dating. i like going through the process of pursuer (here used in the very ballpark sense of "initiating conversations with the opposite sex) and while rejection isn't flattering its not crushing either. me, "too high standards" means that you're eliminating people you *could* be attracted to because of other factors that make you decide they're not worthy. completely agree with you dr, having no/lower standards has never worked out well for me. what i've gathered, you're younger than he is and you're looking at dating women your age or a few years older or younger. that doesn't mean that it's a good idea to go into dating with the idea that those things should be prized above all others (that goes for the non-looks things as well; lots of hipsters fall into the trap of forming relationships based on record collections and there are certainly women who never think long past "oooh, he's a [fill in job here]). and how do you tell when you're being too picky, or when your standards are too low? i'm reluctant to go that route, mostly because it seems dickish to bother that many women who aren't interested just for the sake of finding the vanishingly small number who are, though i'd be much more comfortable trying something like that on a dating site than on a train. despite the problems i outlined below, i am currently casually dating a guy who's in his late 20s (which is a few years younger than me) who has a college degree but not the right type of job to go with it.. i wouldn't aggressively pursue her because she hadn't met my standards. when i was in college, and working as a secretary in a hospital, it was really off-putting when doctor's would flirt with me, and i had no intention of dating one then because i felt like they were enjoying the status inequity in the potential relationship. while it’s tempting to make joking statements like “must be able to suck a golf-ball through a garden hose”, you should think about sexual compatibility; after all, it’s an incredibly important part of a relationship and something as simple as mismatched libidos can be a recipe for heartbreak.

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while the definitions of success in dating may vary, there’s one thread that runs through it all: it’s about having standards. as a lady in my 30s with a kid, i have different standards. means we don't see each other much, and while i'm not calling it off, i often find myself wishing we could get to the stage where i can just buy him shit…which we can't, because we don't see each other often enough to feel that serious., what if a person is searching for the "equal" (rich, fit doctor searching for rich, fit doctor), but not finding success, should they then lower their standards?, one of the major advantages to writing down your standards is that it gives you an opportunity to justify those standards to yourself and figure out where your wiggle room is. you want someone who impresses you, who’s qualifications meet or exceed your standards for a relationship. someone meets those standards, we can meet in person and i can see about some of the other standards. lots of women in their early to late 20s aren't doing so well on the job front either, or are familiar with dating men who are having problems., i think i meant to say, that yes, while that may be insulting, it is not necessarily untrue. so, if someone is not conventionally gorgeous and they would only consider people with very high conventional standards of attractiveness, it may work out for them, but nobody wants to hear them whinging about how nobody ever gives them a chance. had a bunch of friends who repeatedly told me that the guy i was dating wasn't worth my time, and/or that i was too good for so-and-so, or ask if i wouldn't maybe be happier with someone who could keep up with me in terms of x. that while caniuse tracks a wide variety of features, it only covers a subset of all web technologies so the scores are not 100% representative of any browser's capabilities. when you later learned more about her, did you not really care about those standards? so, i could see dating someone like that and not having a problem with it. if he did, our relationship would end with me strangling him while screaming, "tune it or die! otherwise, we'd all be dating clones of ourselves, which i think is pretty horrible. it's when you aren't attracting those people, or if it is preventing you from dating at all, that it becomes an issue.

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if you aren't prepared to work on yourself so you have something to offer a person like that, maybe you should adjust your standards. my husband was working in retail when i met him, while working toward a degree in english."high standards" as an excuse to wall myself off was my issue.), but the points i'm making apply to men and their standards too. would suggest the issue here is not whether or not low-ed jobs are worthwhile, but whether or not you are comfortable making a judgment that basically throws away large swathes of the population all at once. interpretation of this particular nerdlove article was that it was meant more for men/approachers and that it was specifically trying to help with having standards other than appearance. in what situation would you be considering getting to know or date someone, while knowing nothing about them other than their job? i had a nice programming job, 2 weeks ago, i used to enjoy going out for drinks, or dinner or to see a show once in a while. nerdlove is recommending a list with very specific requirements like only dating women who read everything by asimov or not dating a man who doesn't own a rolls-royce. i'm gonna be low-end for awhile, it's crushing to know i'm gonna be disqualified by most women in my age range. if you are having fear/self-esteem issues that prevent you from working, you should not be dating. reading a persons online dating profile is like reading a car ad in it's usefulness – you might get a general sense of if they're the general model you're looking for, but no useful information beyond that.'m going to offer another perspective, as a woman who has taken a couple years off the dating scene after dealing with a few different types of bad situations in a rather short period., while there have been times i've been the approacher, or the approached, generally i see interactions as mutual. i know this from experience, from dating men who were significantly less educated than me, and guess what? see dating and relationships not as one person chasing another, but two people dancing together. and while i doubt i'll ever become pregnant again, i don't want to have children and i'd do the same thing if things went wrong a second time.

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yeah, i'm a guy…but that doesn't mean i can't have standards. realize it can be a hard mental shift after i’ve just finished explaining that having standards is important and finding people who meet them is a key to a lasting relationship. i'm not talking about someone who wants to marry rich instead of middle class, but more the logistical issues that come up when one person is having financial problems serious enough to make early stage dating very difficult.'m a wife of a soldier, and while i'm not one (yet), i have a special kind of personality that makes it easier for me to handle the tougher aspects of the job. because she can take a more passive role, sitting back and waiting to see if he fulfills her expectations is something she can afford to do, while the guy who has to do more of the pursuing cannot. you really, honestly, cannot feel any emotional and/or physical attraction to anyone other than a very select group of people, even when you give them a chance, then that sucks, but i can't see that lowering your standards would help. fact of the matter is though, that while you may not get 100% of what you want, that 60, 70, even 80%?, people really get hooked on dream lovers – some erotic fantasy where she looked just like this, and he acted just like that, and their standards are really about trying to recreate them. but even if these social standards are really important to someone, they will still tell him/her very little about which wealthy doctor is going to be a good fit. you still decided that *before* you knew whether she met your standards, simply because she didn't tell you everything about herself immediately. i also realized that i had that dangerously toxic mindset (the one about becoming forever alone) for a while and that i simply need to be at ease and find someone who i like and can connect to on an emotional and physical level. here's why: a woman can never be sure if she's dating the glom-on, never let you go kind of guy. a busy surgeon might date a woman who's much more emotional and like running a household because wants that stuff but doesn't have any time himself – dating another surgeon, with two on-call schedules, would never work. it's not always obvious how to adjust standards in these cases, since few women are bald and most men are relatively flat-chested. i know this sounds harsh, and i really hope you do get better, but in dating, you are not the only person affected. i think examples of really unhelpful high standards are those that don't necessarily speak to the personality or value characteristics of a person. i've tried the online dating thing a few times and it's always the same.

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some may want a life of polyamory or a few friends-with-benefits arrangements while another may want to find the love of his life, settle down and raise a family with 2. the notion of "league" can be applied by anyone, and if a man gets the impression that a woman is above his "league," or at the very least suspects that she perceives herself as such, he can cut his losses early, effectively anticipating her standards, possibly incorrectly.'m not sure why you're gendering this–i've been using the example of women have standards about guys in this thread because i'm talking to fellow women (i'm a woman too! can you tell if it is low standards or not? dating is a great resource when it comes to screening for particular qualities; if you’re a nerd looking for a fellow nerd, scanning dating profiles is a great way to get a quick read about whether someone might be worth getting to know. if so, then you should work on your perception so you don't 'disqualify' someone when they haven't actually failed your standards yet. the guy i've been dating lives the next town over, often doesn't have gas money, and doesn't have a place where i can sleep over if i go to see him." which is not someone i would be interested in dating. that's what first and second dates and, for a lot of people, the first few months of dating are for. on a less obvious front, as an atheist i don't mind dating people who have faith of some sort, but i don't have a great deal of patience for people whose faith isn't able to accommodate itself to modern science. one's saying you have to decide that someone meets all your standards before you ask them out. if you're staying in a relationship, or continuing to pursue a guy/encourage a guy to pursue you even though he's doing things that make you unhappy more often than happy, then you need to raise your standards so that doesn't keep happening. then i met a girl who had that feeling…she ended up dating someone else. ever i'm chatting with a woman on a dating site or meeting her for coffee, i always see if she has any interests or hobbies outside of work. of my eternal pet peeves about the dating scene is the idea of rating people on a numeric scale; by reducing someone to a point-scale you’re dehumanizing them and reducing their value to how society will view them as an ornamental object. think you might be talking about two different kinds of standards. i don't think dnl's saying "don't start to pursue people who don't meet your standards"–he points out that you have to pursue the person at least a little to find out enough about them to know if they're a good match for you.

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a list helps you develop some standards when you have none other than "is female, is alive, is not hideous"–if you're taking "would be nice" qualities and making them into essential ones, i totally agree that's counterproductive.’s a bad thing to have no standards, but it’s just as bad when you’re letting the idea of “perfect” keep you from the reality of “pretty damn good”. do you want to go outside once in a while?(straight) football players generally aren't out there dating other football players – whether they're dating cheerleaders or another category, they're not "the same", there aren't many female football players. if there are, a while loop is begun, using have_posts() as the condition. in the day it was pretty common for really visually attractive women to be dating much, much less visually attractive guys – clearly whatever the balance was, it wasn't about two people with equal looks. your standards sound like you really know who you are and what sort of person you'd like to share your life with.(seriously, i laughed so hard while playing that my abs were sore the next day. lot of the "super hot and emotionally bubbly" girls i've known are dating guys who aren't very emotional. i mentioned previously that physical beauty is important to me and my standards of beauty are convetional. think you know your standards are too low if they're not weeding out guys who you're unhappy with. yes, if maintaining high standards for potential partners means you are exclusively attracted to those who meet or exceed them, then that's fine. want to talk to you a little about the idea of success and dating. if he is putting so little effort into your dating relationship, what will happen once he gets comfortable? to reiterate, i didn't say "don't have standards", i said that the pursuer (usually the guy) doesn't have the room to have a lot of filtering criteria and standards – as it's been my experience that when guys do that things usually don't go anywhere. it is important to have standards, but should you also aim to stay within your "league" and not aim too low or too high? because she can take a more passive role, sitting back and waiting to see if he fulfills her expectations is something she can afford to do, while the guy who has to do more of the pursuing cannot".

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nobody likes feeling as though they’re the booby prize in the dating game. are here: home / dating / how to get what you want in dating. you gotta put up with that shit because she’s someone you’re dating who makes your friends insanely jealous! things where you'd worry about a friend if they were dating someone who didn't have those qualities. review why you weren't interested in her, what 'standards' were making you not so interested in 'aggressively pursuing' her. i feel like that the moment i start dating someone on a regular basis and once i get to experience sex, then things would become much more clearer to me. generally just told anyone who claimed my standards were too high to sod off, but that was me.) i will not date anyone who uses a sexual label to describe themselves that doesn't include dating men (so i would date a queer-identified woman, but not a lesbian-identified woman, no matter how attractive or how into me she was). i have "does not like clubbing" on my list, because i wouldn't want to be with a guy who needs to go out to a posh club every weekend, because i would either have to go with him or stay home while he went without me. it was awful, and so i create standards from my own personal dating experience."no one's saying you have to decide that someone meets all your standards before you ask them out. don't disagree with the social condition stuff and such, but another poster a while back said something that i've always thought – at the end of the day, almost no one really likes go through the process of the being the pursuer and risking rejection and humiliation.” unfortunately, this very same attitude ends up being part of what is holding you back from dating success. clearly she is willing to work things out since she is dating someone. Well, start letting him do more of the work when you first start dating. right after the suggestion to draw up a list, he discusses at length how to find out whether people meet those criteria–by checking their dating profiles if online, by asking qualifying questions, etc. basically, they take 3 girls and 3 guys and they go on dates with one another in a completely dark room, while the viewer gets to watch them via infrared cameras in the room.

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