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Hi im Gosu is a girl Confirmed on Wildturtle's Stream (OLD VIDEO

while playing starcraft 2 a lot of his friends nicknamed him gosu so he began using it as his username.

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21st, interview with gosu on what he thinks of the current meta, going pro, and life outside of lol with vulcun.

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(& aphromoo) - tristana vs ezreal (hi im gosu) - adc - diamond i.

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"gosu" is a league of legends player and a streamer for team solomid.

Gosu on Twitter: "So people think I'm scripting just because of the

many people including lcs pro player aphromoo joined in and tried convincing hi im gosu of changing his mind.

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supporting you over many games, if someone is going to claim the reddit fame for you scripting, it would have been me.

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on december 31th, gosu published multiples photo of him on twitter which were received with surprise [1][2].

Gosu's channel closed. What happened? : leagueoflegends

on january 1st, hi im gosu went on a drunk stream with trick2g, another twitch streamer, where he revealed on stream after a lot of shots that he had intentions of committing suicide on january 10th (previously hinted on his twitter as a "huge announcement").

Hi im gosu and doublelift dating - Real dating

afterward, gosu reported on twitter that police came at his house [3] and 2 hours later that he had been on depression for 8 years at the time and that all his plans were indeed real [4].

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im gosu, g u ck f o s u, 45620,7151921, plzbuffmarksman.

Hi im gosu doublelift girlfriend

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timeline is where you’ll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you.

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im gosu - (unranked) game 1 [vayne only unranked to diamond].

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saturday, december 5th, 2015 gosu streamed with a microphone for the first time ever.

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