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're question is vague and has a couple sub-questions, so let me offer a little q&a:Q: are there any central heating furnaces that use propane? propane has more energy than natural gas does, so you must not just swap out the connection without checking.: can i convert an existing natural gas furnace to use propane?.If you are truly using only 40 gallons a year, you are correct to get smaller tank.

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i did a comparative pricing about five years ago and propane worked out to three times the expense of natural gas, though a small part of that was delivery costs. if you try to feed the green regulator from the tank, you may blow it out particularly on a hot day when the tank pressure rises. there may be merit in buying your own 100 lb tank, and parking it next to your hookup. could i use 40lb propane tanks in a residential hook up?

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How could I use 40lb Propane tanks in a residential hook up?

browse other questions tagged central-heating propane or ask your own question. final thought: while a gallon is too much, your project is going to save you only a hundred bucks a year, and the first year of that is gone to get your tanks. you can shop around your local propane suppliers to get good deal. suburban, tell them that you don't want the tanks any more.

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and since the price of propane follows that of gasoline, you will know when is good time to call around. you need a high pressure regulator at the tank and a low pressure regulator at the stove. tank pressure has to be regulated down so that your low pressure regulator can further reduce it to 11" water column pressure which is what the range needs to see. i use a 40 lb propane tank just for my central heating?

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one thing to consider is own the tank, shop around for the fuel. surface area is your friend here, that's one reason why the large tanks lay on their side., the practical reason this is not commonly done is that a 40 pound propane tank will provide only a few days worth of heating. a full 40lb tank of propane will have around 850kbtu, or around 8.

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Can I use a 40 lb propane tank just for my central heating? - Home

i don't want to put natural gas in, just want the propane gas.: most large-scale propane appliances will expect low-pressure propane, not the high-pressure that comes out of a bbq-style tank. gas logs to small propane tank3why won't propane come out of my nearly-new propane tank? demand water heater using a propane tank0how to accurately judge economics of converting from oil heat to liquid propane?

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usually install is free and rental is free with annual purchase of one tankfull of gas.: can i use a high-pressure 40lb bbq tank with central heating? now, the propane is only used in my stove/range and as a rarely used backup to my electric heat.: will a 40-lb tank last a meaningful amount of time running heating for an entire house?

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browse other questions tagged heating stove propane or ask your own question. recommend that you use a pair of tanks, so that there is always a spare on hand. if someone can answer that, i want to know if is dangerous to connect my 40 lb propane gas tank just for my central heating. if the heating system is large, it could overwhelm the ability of the tank to provide fuel quickly enough.

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however, if the heating equipment is designed for natural gas, it will require some adaptation to work successfully with propane. can connect a propane tank of nearly any size to your household hot water heater as long as you satisfy three conditions: You need to install a pressure regulator between the tank and hot water . 250 lb propane tank with smaller tanks in parrallel0portable propane tank hook up to a permanent rv propane system? could i use 40lb propane tanks in a residential hook up?

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want to know if i can use a 40 lb propane tank for my central heating. that for emergency heating you can go through a tank of propane in a hurry. portable super gas stove large propane brass burner bbq w/ lpg regulator/ demo test. have two 100 gallon tanks from suburban propane but end up using so little, that i am charged approx .

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, propane is several times the expense of natural gas for the same amount of heat.: here in alberta, you can get an older tank recertified (pressure test and a new valve) for much less than the new cost. was looking for a way to Connect a 20lbs standard Gas Grill Propane tank to my Inside Gas Range / Stove so i can Cook food in the summer time without havin. i am reasonably sure that i could use two 40lb tanks and do the legwork myself without much inconvenience but i have no idea if such a setup is advisable or even possible.

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