How to handle dating an actress

How to deal with dating an actress

3)i cringe when i see what people tweet/comment to actors/actresses and how class goes right out the window, especially when they have wives/family!

How to handle dating an actress

things every guy needs to know before dating an actressby sara calivajan 21 2016shareactresses are known for being beautiful and creative.

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 let’s be real, my family and friends were freaked when i first started dating matt.

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’ve always wanted to be an actress, but as a frenchie living in my home country, it’s not that easy (well, i guess it must be the same in the us but in france there are less movies released each year and most of the actors are chosen because they belong to the family of important producers).

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can’t meet you straight from work, because straight from work we look like this:The glamorous life of an actress!

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schedules, insane amounts of stress—dating an actor is not easy, but it sure can be rewarding!

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.As my friend, nina bartula, put it, “dating an actor is one of the most exhilarating adventures you will ever embark on.

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 i’ve had emails from young girls dating boys in high school who want to be actors and just are looking for answers about how i personally deal with these things.

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 think about that for one moment…  how would you handle being married to a man (say ryan gosling maybe?

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 i know this because a) i’ve talked to matt and listened to his feedback b) i’ve spent many, many long hours on set and seen what things are really like and c) i have girlfriends who are actresses and have told me what it’s like for them in these situations.

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’ve always wondered how spouses handle watching their partner kiss someone else on tv.

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