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How to hook up a wireless phone jack

i have tired to hook the vtech up though the data port on the polycom power supply but that doesn’t help.. from the jack so the wires would go back thru the floor. if you don’t have underground utilites running to your house, look for where the phone line comes in from the pole and follow it until it goes into the connection box. to further complicate the matter, the phone jack in the living room will randomly dump the dsl signal and will not pick it back up until i pull the jack out and let it hang from the wall. phone has message “line in use” we only have one phone and a modem on it. i noticed that when i looked under the cover that only the 2 brown wires were hooked up, there are other wires which used to be hooked up an are now cut off. tried replacing the jack and discovered 8 wires coming out of the wall…anybody know what to do with these or what the winning combination is for connecting them to the jack? the jack worked since you switched to vonage, connect the same wires to the new jack as were used before. you don’t have access to the inner workings of the interface box, you’ll have to either get the phone company out to activate the line, or tie it into one of the other working lines. it’s unlikely you possess the specialised tools that telephone installers use, such as 4-foot drill bits and so on, so keep it simple unless you have carpentry experience. have a bedroom right above dining room and there is a phone jack installed in bedroom on 3rd floor in same location. if you need a new phone jack on the opposite side of the room from your existing jack, will it be possible to run the wires along your baseboards? i had to install a newer wall jack because mine fell apart. i want to improve the looks of this installation by putting a dual phone jack in the wall. incidentally, if you can receive calls but can’t call out, “usually” the problem is either 1) the polarity of your wiring is reversed and your phone doesn’t have polarity protection, or 2) your phone is defective. place the new screws in the screw holes and use a screwdriver to secure the new jack to the wall. your room and think about the best path for the phone wires. exactly which wires go to which four screws at the back of the jack? you remove a phone jack in one room , by wiring the lines together, so not to stop service to the other jacks? it is also possible that they disconnected all the wires to those jacks, in which case you will need to reconnect one of the colored wires to each of the terminals, and use those colors on the jacks (the colors you choose aren’t important as long as they match at each end). i have a cable box on one side of the room that needs to have a phone line connected to it, but no phone jack close to it. recently moved into someone elses home, the bedroom that i use has no phone jack and i am wondering how to approach this problem. was removing wallpaper in the kitchen and had to unscrew the plate cover that has the phone jack in it and the thing you screw the satelling cord to. use a screwdriver to unscrew the old jack, whether it’s a wall mount or a flush jack. jacks can be either flush or surface mounted, so be sure to buy a replacement jack that fits your particular setup. you are installing a modular surface mount or flush mount jack, the wiring is the same:Remove the front cover. i have 30 year old phone wiring that i had to replace the jack for(wires came loose when i removed the cover to paint the room) that didn’t fit any of the suggestions. last week adt installed a security system and connected their monitoring box to the phone nid with a new cable of their own. does wir4es from phone jax from floor have 3 colored wies and newm jax has 4 does this matter needd answer fast thank sso much.

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figured they were looped somehow and wirenutted them back together to get my phone working- i assume that one of these 4 wire strands are my primary line? the kitchen and living room are next to each other, but the jacks do not share a common wall. your hot phone wires (red and green) to the terminals with the red and green wires. open the side that’s intended for customers (the phone company’s side is usually locked) and unplug the test jack. one line goes to my phone and the other line goes to my modem. jack installation is one of the most basic wiring jobs a homeowner can do. i have not found a solution in 2 months so i finally bought a long piece of phone line at walmart and connected it to a dual connector on the one jack that was working then tacked it up along the ceiling to where the other (non working) jack is and just pluged the phone into the wire. after you’ve gone outside to your nid and disconnected your phone line in preparation for your task, it’s time to begin the installation of your new jack. i changed the location of my computer last night not realizing that the phone jack had to be wired different for the dsl. landline has no dial tone in any of the jacks. only two wires (1 pair) are required for a phone to work, the cable usually contains four or more wires to provide for additional lines or in case one wire should fail. home phone line has four wires: solid blue, striped blue, solid orange and striped orange. if all appears wired properly, my next step would be to try hooking up a new jack to the existing wires. so i use a pin light; shine it from the wall jack, it would go maybe 1 foot through the wall to my wall which looks like its the same wall as his wall is and i could take a drill and drill right through my wall and it would open up and i could unattach his wall jack and attach it to a new wall jack in my room. have a newer home, about five years old or so i think it has the six wire interface box since i have three separate phone lines. you plan to attach your telephone to the wall, make sure you buy a wall mount jack, rather than a flush jack.“while only two wires are required for a phone to work, the line usually contain four or more to provide for additional lines or in case one line should fail. some jacks come with adhesive backing and simple mounting instructions. more information about working on phone lines, check out our articles on:How to add a phone extension. articleshow to replace a defective electrical switch or outlethow to wire a 3 way light switchhow to do common electrical repairshow to connect phone jacks. for example, if your old jack is a standard rectangular wall plate, it will be easiest to install a new jack that looks very similar. now use the wire cutter or a utility knife to gently strip the insulation from the tips of the wires so they may be connected to the new jack. remove the jack from the wall, noting which colored wires are hooked up to the terminals so you can match them to the new one. my cable company put in my cable service, including internet, tv and phone service, they just pulled a phone wire thru the floor and connected it to a surface mount double phone jack. turn the new jack over and loosen the four screws on the back. how do i install a jack to mount new phone? is there a way of coverting an electric plug to a phone jack? take the precaution of disconnecting your phone line before doing electrical work. you are getting your phone service through the cable company, there should be a phone connection box somewhere.

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have several panasonic ksts3282b phones in our home and office. your other option is to see if you can trace the wires from the jacks in question back to the interface box mounted on the outside of your house. pulled it off saw phone wiring but in was looped. the thing i don’t know is do i only connect the green and red to the jack itself what about all the other wires do i just leave them or connect them even thought my nid does not use these other wires. it’s kind of ugly and the jack still doesn’t work but at least i can have a phone in the other room again. i have replaced the living room phone jack once, and it worked for a week, but now it quits again. i bought a new jack and rewired it to the old cable. the electrical current that runs through phone lines is not strong, but it could still give you a small shock if you aren’t careful. single or first phone linesalthough most telephones use 4 or 6 contact connectors, standard telephones only use two of the wires. i am attempting to install a dual wall jack to get rid of the spliter. just moved a jack that the tv satellite box was plugged into. keep in mind that you’ll be running phone wires from the old phone jack to the new spot you choose., i wanted to move a jack which left two cables with a bunch of wires, now my phone has a buzz, so if i move the line may or may not clear up. loosen the screws that secure the red, green, yellow and black telephone wires. my problen is the 1st jack works but the 2nd jack does not work. the hole in the phone jack casing is too small, or if it’s difficult to thread the wires through, it may be necessary to drill or cut a larger hole for this step. it should run to your phone interface box but may not be connected to the incoming phone line. am trying to install a phone jack in my bedroom and there already exists a grey telephone wire in the room. this site offers an amazing amount of information on all where i wanted the jack to be…use your […].’d start by calling and getting the phone company back out to fix what they messed up. to install a network jack into a wall from the attic. instead of calling the phone company to request their services, try installing the new phone jack yourself. two-line phones often make use of this outside contact pair so that no extra wiring is required (providing you have the black and yellow wires connected inside the jack). the interface box isn’t easily accessible, take another phone on the same line off the hook to prevent it from ringing while working on it. older touch tone phones did not have a polarity guard in them & the transistors are voltage polarity sensitive.-i have a phone jack in a room that used to have a differnt phone#-i got sattelite internet and had that line cut off-now i want the jack to work with my primary. can i designate one phone jack for fax use only? 1 of my phones doesn’t have a dial-tone, but when i connect it into another jack it works, so figure it is the jack. to install a phone jack : how to wire a newly installed phone jack.

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return to the nid box and reconnect your phone line. if you’re not sure which cable goes to which phone, you can disconnect the wires one at a time (checking to see if a phone stops working after you disconnect each one) until you’ve identified the line in question. all i want/need to do is to convert the unused/inactive jack to an active one on our home number. this little wiring set up runs to the dead jack. after hooking the polycom up it doesn’t allow my regular desk phone, which is a vtech corded phone with a linked cordless phone to diplay the caller id on a call waiting call. a new jack in a different part of the room. both were working fine until i installed a new wall jack and face plate in the living room. my old house telephone wires are red, black, blue and white.)does it need to be done by an certified electrician or phone company engineer? these types of jacks are simply affixed to your baseboard or wall, with minimal drilling required. have replaced one phone jack in my own house and it worked when i was done. to ensure you’ve got the right wires, use a phone line tester to check that the wires are hot. is something in my basement ceilling having to do we the phone line, i live in the basement and would like to know how can i hook another phone jack to that line i have only one jack in the basement. your home’s network interface device (nid) and disconnect your phone line. have old wiring and needed a new phone jack, sure the newer 4 wire jack has the three red/green/black and yellow wires, but the wires coming out of my floor from the phone company are white red orange and blue…. you’re planning on using the jack for both a dsl internet connection and a phone line, choose a jack with two openings, often called a duplex jack, so that you can run two separate lines. recently purchased a house and plugged a wall phone into the kitchen phone jack. go back inside and test it by plugging in your phone or dsl cable. the phone had a lot of static and the internet was in and out. connect each wire to the correct section of the jack, marked by color; there will be a spot for the red, green, yellow, and black wires. want to repair an old phone jack, the little box sticking out from the baseboard, which broke open.: although red and green are commonly used for hot phone lines, older or improperly wired homes could have other colors in use. have a single phone line connected to two wall jacks – one in my bedroom and one in the living room. i cannot have anything plugged into the kitchen and living room jacks at the same time because neither will work. phone was wired to one room but there was an other jack running to the room i wanted to use it in so i disconnected the two wires coming from the line one and plugged them back to the original jack. my jacks are the usual red, green, yellow, black, etc. see if your phone works ok in any other jack, or at the nid. old house, tried replacing phone jack in kitchen and anything i do will not get phone to work. plug your telephone or dsl cable into your newly installed jack.

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connected blue to red, white with blue stripe to green, orange to black, white with orange stripe to yellow like i saw the phone jack in the kitchen (which works) is connected, but the bedroom phone jacks do not work with this setup. now it has seemed to slowed down & giving me trouble i think theres a hacker on my pc , ilive in nursing home so i don’t know if its the hacker or the nursing home done something to my phone line i need help in solving this issue. the one thing i couldn’t figure out from your answer to amy is whether i’m supposed to connect both sets of wires to the new jack. you might take the cover of the jack and be sure the wires are hooked up to it, then check the interface box outside to be sure the same color wires are hooked up there as well. phone has just stop working, it seems as if there is a wire break, my foot tripped on the wire and since that i am not getting even a dial tone, i check the modular jack, but all the wires seem to be in tack,however there is an end of blue wire that is not connected to anything, anyway i am getting my internet which is connected to the same box please help if you can. baseboard jacks or wall jacks that house the phone wires in a small box, rather than inside the wall, are the easiest phone jacks to install when you’re looking for a jack for a new location. i purchased a new jack and tried splicing the red and green wires connected to blue/white stripes but no dial tone. the internet works but the phone does not have a dial tone. the wires are so short-one broke-now it is nearly impossible to hook them up. i believe where the mess is, was jsut the area where the cable guy brought the second line to the room, and then put the jack on the far side of the room. the phone jack has 4 wires on it which are: red, yellow, green, and black. if you can dial the phone but it has a hum, check out our article on how to fix a hum in a phone line. since then, none of our phones will work in the house. nid has two sides: one for the phone company, and one for customers. best bet would be to experiment by trying one of your phone panels, and if it doesn’t work, then the other. the room where i need the dial tone has 8 wires: brown/white stripes, green/white stripes, orange/white stripes, and blue/white stripes (the blue/white stripes is fused with a red and green wire to an old jack). but while trying to figure out how to install their system, the adt installer removed a two line phone jack (in a nearby room), fiddled with it and then put it back in the wall. the wire from the old jack to the new jack. need to remove a very old style wall mounted phone that does not have jack. i have the same problem “amy” did; the wall phone jack died and when i took off the faceplate i see two sets of wires with the same colors coming in.’m in the process of changing my phone jack with a new cat 3 (rj45) jack. any ideas or do i need to call in a phone service person to check this line out. you plan on using a single-line telephone for your second line then a modified phone jack will need to be installed. also, never work on a phone line during a thunderstorm, since lightning can travel down the wire causing serious injury. no phone jack installed in this area so have a telephone cord from dining area to kitchen phone – big inconvenience because it goes across kitchen & adults are always running in to it – planned on doing this temp. have an older house, i recently had to disconnect my phone jack. i have copper wiring, does that matter with newer phone jacks? also, there’s a bedroom down there with a phone jack & it works which makes me believe the line leading to the basement from the outside is ok. by the way am only gonna use it to put my internet router not for a phone. Military dating sites canada

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are huge fines for any person interfering with telstra phone lines. would start by checking to be sure the colored wires you are using for each jack are connected to the interface box. the telephone company came out and checked outside wiring and said it had to be on the inside……. i installed new jacks on new inside phone cable but get no dial tone. will my wire order be standard at that end because of this goofy jack? you may use this to secure the jack to the wall, but it isn’t strictly necessary. replace the twisted portions of the wires under the screws in the jack, and tighten the screws. our line coming into the jack has six wires: red, black, green, blue, white and yellow. so if this helps anyone, this is how mine worked: i purchased a “cooper wiring” phone jack at home depot. check to be sure the jack in question is hooked up at the interface box to the line that has the dsl, then use the same color wires that are connected in the interface box for the phone jack. depending on the type of jack you have, you may have a cover case that should be secured onto the wall piece to complete the process. it doesn’t matter at all for phone, but if you are installing the line for data purposes, cat 5 is better and the longer the distance from the network interface to the phone/computer location, the more important this is. am trying to install phone jacks for my ho train layout. kitchen phone jack was not working so i replaced it and it’s working but now the bedroom phone jack has stopped working. to fix your telephone line, landline phone fault finding and repair. have some of the older modular jacks in my home, and they work fine, so i don’t think it would be that or that you have a cordless phone (though i would try an inexpensive corded one just to be sure). there are only three wires in the cable coming into the jack; they are yellow, red, and blue. with just a few tools and this step by step guide, you can skip the phone company’s fees and have the satisfaction of executing your own home improvement project. would like to install a 2-line phone in my computer room and the main phone comes into the house in the living room …how do i check if there can be 2 lines available in my computer room? all the wires in the three phone jacks are connected. include the entire path that the telephone wire will travel: the distance from the old jack to the baseboard, around the perimeter of the room, and from the baseboard to the new jack’s location. on your main line from the network interface device, nid, your main telephone line will usually be either the red and green wires (pre 1985 or so built homes), or the white wire with blue marks and the blue wire with white marks (generally after 1995 or so). there are now 3 jacks in the house (bedroom, kitchen, and living room). the wall jack only has four colors, red green balck yellow. trying to replace the jack, i don’t know which wires to connect. to activate existing inactive phone jacks for connecting a modem for internet use? i would like to convert this existing jack used for my business line to my residential phone/dsl service.’d like to add a phone jack to my house. if they are not put into the other jacks, the phones will sound like static, and dsl won’t work. How often should you see him when first dating

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i try and install additional phone jacks i can not get my locomotives to run properly. that does not work , it may not have been the jack that was the problem . enthusiasts continually look for ways to make their homes more convenient, and installing additional phones is one of the ways they do it. parts:install a new jack in a different part of the roomprepare for the installationreplace an old jack with a new onecommunity q&a. are two cables and they each have these color wires how do i hook them up? have 4 wire phone cable coming into one of the jacks in my house. - how your old telephone contributed to growth of the internet. to wire a phone extension from a bt master socket uk. was he supposed to cap those wires off of old jack? am wanting to add a phone jack to my living room, which does have one. what do i need to do to make this phone work at new location? this is an old house, and the studs for the phone connections are just bare, uncovered. do i do with the white and orange wires on my new phone jack? to wire a phone extension from a bt master socket uk. it has jack testers & a warning about not opening the central area. push the wires into the wall and position the jack over the hole. and what to be concerned when the wall jacks may not be correct? the phone jack is on the wall in the other room and that wall is the same wall that i have too. may want to install a new telephone jack in your home if your old one isn’t working, or if your phone lines aren’t accessible where you need them. the phones that don’t work in the one room do work in the bedroom jack that work,so it is not the phone. i matched up the colors, and all i get is like a humming sound from the phone. depending on the setup in your interface box, you may be able to attach a phone jack to it, then connect it to the leads on the interface box to make it a working phone. conventional 4-strand telephone cable normally has 4 colored wires that include red, green, black and yellow. if it's an rj45-phone jack, blue to blue, and orange to orange striping. want to run a new jack and line to a room that has no jack. putting in another jack from an exisint ing one i know put red to red green to green but my wire from phone co box dont have red its got yellow white orange green looks like brown then rest are white with blue marks on them does the brow take place og red.” to put in a second phone on the same line in the past. when i had phone service connected today the at&t guy found that the contractors had cut all the wires from the nid to the inside of the house, so i must wire new jacks from scratch from the nid. have yet to find a site that discusses the connection sequence for the wall jack.

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will not have service until later this week and was just curious if i used the proper hookup. have static and no dial tone on all jacks in the house. would my rechargable phone make a difference in this case? phone is out of service & you have to get to that jk to clear the trouble. so i went to home depot and bought a plastic phone jack for it. loosen the screws on the back of the new jack, and affix the red, green, yellow, and black wires in their correct color-coded places. the phone company used cat5 8 wire & placed a dsl filter for their modem. the nid is a device installed by the phone company that connects your home’s electrical wiring to your telephone network. older interface boxes without a test jack, unscrew the terminals and detach the wires, remembering which one went on which terminal. i am trying to install a wall hanging phone and my house is new with all cat5 wiring. you’re replacing an old jack that needs repairing, the simplest choice is a new jack with the same size and shape as the old one. if the cable runs directly to your extension, you’ll use the same colors as are hooked up at the interface box. you experience problems, use a phone line tester to ensure the new second line is active. how do i connect the wires in the dual phone jack? have netzero dialup, and i have a long 50ft phone wire running from downstairs, to the upstairs. check out our article on how to add a phone extension to find out more. will not be easy to run a phone line from one floor to another. your phone should have a dial tone, and your internet connection should work now (as long as your computer is correctly set up for a dsl connection. the way the wires are connected are: the white phone line is attached to a post that a green wire from each jack is also connected to; the blue phone line is attached to a post that a red wire from each jack is also connected to; a black wire from each jack is attached to a post below the one where the red wires are connected; and a yellow wire from each jack is attached to a post below the one where the green wires are attached. how do i hook them up for the phone to work. jacks come in several different shapes and colors, and you’ll probably want to choose one that blends in well with your room’s décor. open the box and plug the test jack back in.’s important is that the color of the wires you use are the same colors that are attached to the phone interface box on the outside of your house. want to remove the jack on the kitchen wall, but it continues to the phone jack in a bedroom witch i want to keep. it’s very common when ordering a second phone line for the phone company to activate the second line remotely without ever coming to your home. you should have gotten about 2-3 of them for all the other jacks in the house. you’re working with an older interface box without a test jack, disconnect your phone line by detaching the wires, making sure to remember which wire goes where so you’ll be able to reattach them when your job is complete.? is there any reason the jack would not work now without the monitor? if it works just fine everywhere but one jack, then just retire the jack reversing either the red/green wire combo or the white with blue tracers and the blue with white tracer marks and see if that works.

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you could figure it out by trial and error until you find the combination that works, a better idea is to open up the interface box, find the line that goes to your jack, note the color of the wires that are connected to it, and match those same colors on the jack. to install a phone jack : how to wire a newly installed phone jack. i attempted to hook them up but got no phone signal. do not have a phone line (we use cell phones) however i do have dsl modem. if you have a closet on the top floor that backs up to the existing phone jack, cut your opening in the back of the closet so it won’t show. do i connect a fax machine and a internet on my home phone line? live in michigan and have my phone wire coming in from a pole., i have a phone jack with wired, blue, white/blue, orange, white/orange. only two wires are required for a phone to work, the cable usually contains four or more to provide for additional lines or in case one line should fail. if your new jack is going to be located several feet from the old one, you should also buy fasteners that are made for keeping the wire in place along walls and baseboards. how to connect the wires on your new phone jack or outlet from an expert in this free do it yourself video on installing a new phone jack line. i hooked up 4 to a 4 wire jack and the phone won’t work. lines carry 50v in australia and telstra exchange’s log if the volts drop on a line and for how long this how they know when line work has been done in australia phone line installs can only be done by a licenced cabler. option three would be to use trial and error and check each of the wires at the jacks until you find the combination that works. old jack had terminal 2 (white cable), terminal 3 (red cable), terminal 5 (black cable) & terminal 6 (blue cable). a new phone jack to your house is not that difficult, but there are a few safety precautions that should be taken when preforming the work yourself. my question is that i know which pair of terminals in the nid is connected to the telephone pole, but i don’t know which terminal in the nid should be green and which should be red. standard residential telephone line coming into your home has very little voltage. of home telephone wiringtelephone cable typically comes in the 4-strand wire, although 6-strand wire and 8-strand wire are not uncommon. a flush jack lies flat against the wall, allowing you to plug in your phone, but not mount it. in the owner of the company you bought the phone from; you're going to need to know what the wires mean now, and use washi tape (or similar) to colour code them. i have an old rotary phone hooked up in the garage with the phone line wired straight into the phone. but things have once again changed in this busy household of mine and i need to connect the jack that is in that room to the main line. have a jack in a bedroom that i had another wire attached and went trough the wall into the living room to connect a tivo (there was no jack there before) last week i had trouble with my lines and the phone co came out and had to replace the outside box and lines. that your jack is not installed at a crooked angle by using a level to help you line up the jack with your floor or baseboard. but i have looked at my modular plugs and telephone cables and need to take a poll. i took the box out and tried to reconnect the jack (even tried a new jack) but can get no dial tone on this outlet. have installed a second phone line into my garage,when i hook the line up in the main box outside it causes my dsl to blink out. have a cable connection and a phone jack in the same box.How to Install a Residential Telephone Jack (with Pictures)

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i’ll need a new box, but how do i connect the wires with the “u” shaped hooks on the end of them? but when i plug the cable into the pbx and then plug the phone into the jack i get nothing…any suggestions? recently signed up for verizon dsl and i need to install a seperate phone jack so i could use it because its on an seperate account with the phone line. how do these colors correspond with the green, yellow, red and black wires on the phone jack? trying to hook up the wires in our room to be the same as the other room doesn’t work. this way you won’t have to drill a new hole in your wall to accommodate a new jack size. except that the phone wire coming out of the wall has 6 wires within it. checking to be sure the line you’re working on has no dial tone, unplug the phone from the jack. i’m looking at the back of the wall jack, is the green wire on the left or the right for the two lower connections? disconnect the line, find the telephone interface box which is usually mounted on an outside wall where the phone lines runs into your house. i was told there used to be a type of adaptor that could be used for that, but i’m wondering if i could simply directly wire the cid into the wires on the plate/jack/module i have the phone on now? when i plug a phone into the network interface there is a dial tone. tightening the terminal screws, attach the jack to the wall, reconnect the line at the interface box, and plug the phone back in. that the outside contacts in a single-line phone connector aren’t used. would like to install a new hidden phone jack in my closet, my closet is close to the outside phone box, what are the steps? line the jack’s screw holes with the holes made by the old jack. the samsung telephone system installers used for business purpose also needs 10 – 15 wires which need to be connected according to their color., you can run an extension for a new jack from an existing phone jack. i’m only using two wires for phone service – can any of the other wires in the cable be used for either running a new jack a few inches from this one, or just wiring into this one in order to use a cid box? you want to install a new wall mounted phone, it’s best to choose a spot a few feet above your existing phone jack. now i have tapped into an existing jack at the end of the line and run two new jacks. have 3 phone jacks but only one has a dial tone. a wall mount jack juts out from the wall, providing a structure on which to mount your telephone. have an older home with a telephone connection where i dont want it, i want to remove it. i bought a phone jax cause wires came off mine,only problem mine coming out of floor only has ,yellow n green,red, the jax has those plus a balack one, i stripped at least two inchines back of cable out of floor no black one there now what? can i just swap the blue/white pair for another unused pair at each jack, and connect the same unused pair at the nid to correct the problem. now the phone will make outgoing calls fine but when someone is calling it will ring once then if you dont pick it up immediatly after that 1st ring it will go to a busy signal. ( there are only two lines) is this in the wiring that was done to the house, or the jack to the phone. have jacks in the office and i traced the wires using a fox and hound back to the pbx system and plugged them into the pbx and i get no dial tone, dead line. Online dating should a girl ask a guy out

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the people upstair can’t have asset to my phone because of the fact that they will make long distance phone calls on the phone. i assume that i connect the blue wire to the red one in the jack; the red one to the black one in the jack. i’ve swapped phones, cables, even re-installed the old wall jack but i no longer get a dial tone in the living room. husband ripped out old phone jack that isnt being used. one phone jack is located in the bedroom next to mine. second phone linesmost homes are wired for two phone lines even if only one line is in use. removing the wires from the old jack, attach them to the new one. the phone line does not seem to be working, you may need to unscrew the new jack and make sure the wires are connected to the proper places and correctly screwed in.)what does it cost ballpark figure to run a new cable from the nid through the house for 3 jacks?! i recently moved the computer to where a phone line was only to realize the phone jack doesn’t work. have a very old house that never had phone jacks installed. i have switched the jacks and both work on jack #1 but neither work on jack #2. have a question, i just recently signed up for verizon dsl services and they told me that in order for my dsl services to work i would need to install a new jack in my room or re wire the one i already have so that the number i have already will not work on it.…also, there is a line that goes to my upstairs bedroom, but it is an old plug with prongs, like in the 60’s…can this be easily changed to the ” jack-type”? now your phone line is disconnected from the outside network. that will fix more than 95% of cbdt (can’t break dial tone) service calls for any major telephone company. carefully pull the casing away from the wall, and you will find that the jack is attached to your home’s wiring with wires of four different colors: red, green, yellow, and black.) if i have to come off of another jack it will be a long, long length…something i would like to avoid since it will be external along the baseboards, up the walls & around door frames. service is live at the interface outside but the wall jacks are all dead also have a house alarm connected appreciate any help. just make sure you connect the the red and green wires on the rj45 jack to the same red/green wires at the nid. your jack is the type that is a rectangular box attached to a plate on the wall with notches, use a flathead screwdriver to pop off the top part of the case, and proceed to loosen the screws and remove the wires. my closest jack to this is wired to a 7 wire jack. your home » blog archive » how to install a retro phone says:March 31st, 2010 at 2:29 pm. open the casing, or unscrew the plating, on the old jack. have a question when i first moved into the house im rented the people im renting the house from told me that there is a black line coming out the ground if i ever wanted to hook up a telephone there it was well i’m having internet put in my house so i went and cut the wires so i could get it hooked up but the problem i’m having is that the cable only has 6 little wires coming out of it and they are 2 blue, 2 green, and 2 orange how to i go about hooking this up. after you’ve run the wire from the old jack to the new jack, trim the excess wire so that you have a manageable coil. red and green are screwed on but come out of the jack itself- this jack i believe was used with my primary # before. we tried to install an new jack in a bedroom, it seemed to work but lost the phone in the living room, we have one other phone that does work in another bed room, it is now the only phone to work. telephone line wire run from outside service box to inside, repair landline, the truth, cat3. Our time dating service complaints | How to Install a Phone Jack : How to Wire a Newly Installed Phone

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another easy way to check the wires is to hook them up to the terminals, plug a phone into the check and listen for a dial tone. it was working just fine, but took the phone down to paint and i must have pulled one of the wires out and i don’t know how to reconnect them. the front cover of the phone jack and connect your yellow and black wires to the red and green terminals. there are 8 screws available to attach these to–4 on each side of the jack. when you’re ready to install your new jack, it’s important to disconnect your phone line so you aren’t working with a live wire. jack installation is one of the basic wiring jobs homeowners can do. the cable looks similar to the one in the fifth picture in the above article, it’s a phone cable. now i find that he cut the wire from the bedroom jack and now my tivo jack is not working. if this isn’t the problem do i call the phone company? could be a short in one of the wires, in which case you would need to try hooking up the two other wires in the cable at the box and at the jack., am i probably correct in assuming that the short is either in the nid or in the adjacent room’s two line jack that they all have fiddled with? the phone jack currently in the wall is again cat5 and i cannot find a jack to hold a wall mounted phone that is cat5. will like to add a new jack at different room where there is no previous line. you had pay per view before you required a phone line for billing purposes. until i can get a repair person here to do the job, is it dangerous to run a long phone cord from the outside box into a window so i will have phone service? i need the land-line as i want to keep my same phone number and i take visa and master card through my phone as well. this is important to know when wiring the phone jack. i live in an old house and have installed phone jacks before. the colors used aren’t important as long as the same two colors are used to hook it up at the interface box. do i fine a splitter for a phone jack so i can hook up my copy machine that has a fax with it. we didn’t install the would have been the thrid phone after the one went dead, we thought that would make the one work but didn’t so we aren’t sure what we did wrong. it only has three black wires coming out of the wall and now i am unsure how to connect it to the back of the jack, any ideas? jacks are small plastic or metal boxes that are affixed to your baseboard, with the jack opening on the bottom edge of the box. not sure with they stapled the other end and i cant pull it out or if its looped and is connected to the other jacks. you will have to cut an opening in the wall, drill through the top and bottom wall plates to the stud cavity below, then snake the phone line down the wall and out through an hole in the baseboard.’ve got a hole in the wall with a plate, and behind that is phone cable. this will cross your second phone line to the center connector contacts so you can use a standard single-line phone. single-line telephones are designed to use the 2 center contacts in the phone connector. it doesn’t matter where you draw the connection from- telephone circuits are wired in parallel.
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am changing the phone jacks in my bedrooms and i am not sure which color of wires to connect to the red, green, black and yellow wires of the new phone jacks. home automation applications may include installing phone extensions in additional rooms or installing a second phone line in the house. i have removed the front panel of the phone jack and now have three exposed wires. my brother drilled a hole in the wall in dining area expecting to find a telephone wire but nothing. if you’re asking how to add a new telephone jack in a room that has no phone jack, the easiest method is to run fresh cat-3 or cat-5 wiring to the room from the network interface device (that’s the box mounted on the outside of your house, pictured above. if you’re replacing a jack that has been around for a long time, the four wires might need to be trimmed and stripped before you attach them to the new jack. have installed phone jack in all my homes with out any issues until i used vonage. i noticed the jacks i bought were 6 pin jacks instead of 4 pin. if that doesn’t work, plug a phone into the jack and try different combinations until you get a dial tone. i just ran a new phone jack into the living room for dsl to our computer. i took it apart tried to wire it like the other jack but they are totally different jacks. getting started, map out where in the house that the phone jack should be. do i hook up all the reds/green to their corresponding color in the jack and go-or do i have to do something at the outside box. jacks he bought does not have the same color code as my cat5. have two old phone jacks and the one i want to replace is upstairs, where i usually am. phone lines are low in voltage, they carry enough current when they ring to give a mild shock, so it’s a good idea to disconnect the line before working on it. i have a sinking feeling that a short happened somewhere in the wall but if changing the bedroom jack is likely to work it’s easy enough to change but i don’t want to buy a new jack if it isn’t going to work. only 1 of the 3 phone jacks gives a dial tone to my phone when i plug the phone cord into the phone jack. if further electrical work is required, make sure to go back to the nid and disconnect the phone line again before manipulating the wires. the wire over the corresponding terminal on the new jack so it wraps around the terminal in a clockwise direction. if you’re using an external jack, there will be space inside the jack to coil the remaining wire. sounds like the person who installed your telephone wiring used heat/ac control wiring instead. You may want to install a new telephone jack in your home if your old one isn't working, or if your phone lines aren't accessible where you need them. however, if your phone were to ring while you were working on a connected wire, the voltage would increase and could be dangerous. if you’re only wanting one number on the outlet, only concern yourself with connecting the red and green wires in the phone line to appropriate terminal. is it possible to install a wire from phone jack in bedroom to dining area below. had at & t come out to fix our phone after it quit working…guy said it was the jack in our daughter’s room & replaced it and changed the wiring outside coming into our bedroom…now the jack in both rooms won’t work (he didn’t even check them before he left). i have no idea how to reatatch the wires to the jack.#- the jack has black/yellow wires connected from the wall.
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my friend asked me to hook up several rj45 jacks to handle data from his hub that is in the basement. just moved into a house and have some old phone lines from a phone company we don’t use, that we would like to remove as they are just an eyesore. my house there is 2 panels and i don’t know which panel to hook my phone wire to. could have been the phone itself , test on another working jack. would like to know how far from the floor a flush phone jack should be at? so i want to move my router to my room but i dont know what kind of jack to use i have 4 wires(green, black, red, and yellow) please help me tell me what to buy. i have just bought an old rotary wall phone for my kitchen and love it. i used simple 4 wire (red,black,green and yellow wiring) to each additional phone jack. place the cover on the jack and screw it on. there are 3 separate phone lines in the box though it’s a single jack outlet, the other 2 lines are coiled up in the box. the phones came with a phone line that was a blueish, green phone wire from jack to phone. next, open the cover on the user side, determine which colored wires were hooked up in the interface box, then use the same colors on the jacks. types of jacks come with adhesive backing in addition to screws. my kids were running through the dining room, where the wire cuts across the floor, and they tripped over the wire, and yanked the wires out of the phone jack. phone jack has 7 wires and the wire coming out of the wall at a cable box has 7 wires . measure the distance from the old jack to the spot where the new one will be installed. i have a jack like the picture above with the 4 screws. using the path you mapped out in your original plan, run the new wire to the new jack. we replaced the jack and put the phone line directly into it but still no dial tone…. i just bought a polycom phone which is an analog speaker phone only for my office. question, notice my phone is dead, just at one phone jack in the house, in doing some seaching (this is a second line)i see where the wire has gone bad. thread the new wire through the hole in the phone jack casing, and screw the casing back to the wall. is that likely to be a wiring problem in the jack or a phone problem? color of the wires isn’t important, it’s just a way to tell which wires were used at the telephone interface box. we need a working phone line to order movies from the dish. how can i install a phone jack on this line so that i can place a dsl filter there also and eliminate line noise? i dont know where to tie the wires on the phone jack. if still no go, try swapping off the existing wires at both the box and jack. on oct 1, 2007learn how to connect the wires on your new phone jack or outlet from an expert in this free do it yourself video on installing a new phone jack line.

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