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, while speeds are so good that you can rapidly download music and movies, the downside of fiber optic internet service being the latest in internet technology is that it’s not yet widely accessible in all areas. your centurylink modem is wireless capable, then this feature is turned on by default. don't have to use the green phone cord, any phone cord is sufficient. the homeproductivityby: anne hirshhow to hook older speakers to a tvaround the homeentertainmentby: tim otterhow to hook up a dvd player to a television that has a satellite disharound the homeentertainmentby: diane dilov-schultheisrouters that can be used for verizon fios servicearound the homeproductivityby: ryan heiserhow to hook up headphones to a tvaround the homeentertainmentby: james clarkget great tech advice delivered to your inbox. lights on the front of your modem show the following:Power light is solid green. your computer will generally take care of interfacing with the modem and may have a set-up program to guide you through setting up internet access. you activate your account, you can opt in to wireless connectivity. here are two of the highest rated modems compatible with at&t. you’re looking for the fastest, most secure connection around, then there’s a good chance your next internet connection will be via fiber. visit your browser’s settings to see which ones are slowing down the connection. don't need a phone line in order to get Internet service. if you have any questions or need assistance, contact us. you use your cell phone for all calls, dropping your landline has probably crossed your mind. you've double checked everything, and the welcome screen is still not showing up, then contact centurylink tech support. your cables, eyeball the plugin setup, remove the DSL filter and check how your landline phones are connected. when you hear it click, you know you've inserted it correctly. if they don’t, call 1 (800) 280-2020 or visit at&t’s support website for additional assistance. here’s how to decide if working with the pros or going at it alone is the right option. if the broadband and service lights don’t turn green or the ethernet light never blinks, refer to the troubleshooting section below. but as more and more people find out about these blazing fast internet speeds, they’ll demand it, and fiber optic internet will eventually become available nearly everywhere. you should also check that the other cables or cords are securely inserted at both ends. for more on how we use the information we collect online, read the. the goal here is to put the splitter at the modem phone outlet and not the wall jack. yellow ethernet cord is connected to the modem and computer. you'll know that you're in the right place when you see the centurylink logo and a message that reads "welcome. kit comes with a green phone cord and a yellow ethernet cable.

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the other end into the phone jack in your wall. its streamlined, aesthetic shape looks great and helps it stay cool. only, with these smaller ones, you’re never anchored to a specific place, you’re never out of range of the signal, and you won’t be forced to leave work half-finished., so hopping around town while tapping into free hot spot after free hot spot doesn’t sound very appealing to you? this option is especially cost-effective if your household is relatively small and each family member has his or her own mobile device. it's a fairly easy, step-by-step process that usually takes about 15 minutes to complete.“your family will get internet without a phone cord sooner than later. (if you don't have a cable box, skip to section 2. features: like the netgear ac1750, the motorola modem relies on docsis 3. but, the good news is that there’s another way to make wifi happen with a device that’s likely already in your pocket – your smartphone. browsers also run slow if they haven’t been updated in a while. the green data cable should run from the green data (phone) port on the modem to either the dual-port dsl filter or wall phone jack. your modem has a power switch, make sure it is in the on position.'t connect the modem's phone cord to phone splitters or phone jacks built into surge protectors. start by connecting the power cord to the modem and plugging it in. you want a central spot, clear of obstructions such as cabinets and walls. at the same time, the service light should turn a solid green, and the local ethernet light should blink green. if that impacts your current internet access, however, the next step is exploring options for internet service without a phone line. service activation process and the pages you'll see vary depending on your type of service. certified, meaning it will work with a number of internet providers and plans. if you try to activate your modem sooner, you may run into problems. so, don’t be surprised if this cost-effective type of internet service earns more business once the next generation of satellites are in orbit. you get started, check that you have all the proper equipment. one cable to your modem and one cable to your tv. the homeproductivityhow do i get internet service without any phone jacks? just contact your provider to see the standalone internet options in your area.

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How to hook up at&t internet without phone jack

the light on the front of the modem labeled power should be lit up. if you didn’t keep a record of it when placing your order, check the mail. the ethernet wire and run it from the cable modem to the ethernet port on your computer. so, if you’ve recently cut the cable cord, don’t worry, you can still get internet without cable. certain apps for both apple and android operating systems can transform your smartphone into a portable modem, giving your laptop the internet to take along for the ride. of whether you use the equipment provided by at&t or one purchased from amazon, you will want to update its settings. green phone cord is connected from the jack (no filter) to the modem (dsl or line port). if after a few minutes the lights still aren't correct, then it's probably best to contact centurylink tech support. to set up your modem and activate your internet service. this technology is capable of achieving incredible speeds far higher than dsl or satellite by transporting data in the form of electrical light signals through a new kind of wire – one made of transparent glass fibers that are about the diameter of a human hair. to set up an appointment with at&t’s installation service. also need your computer turned on and ready to go. one end of the green phone cord into the green port in the back of the modem, labeled either dsl or line. you're using a wireless modem, ideally, place it in a high, central location that allows for better range of coverage. a cable modem or use the one your cable company provides. if you want internet that fits your household’s needs exactly, you likely will have to install the service yourself. get started, go to your computer and open a web browser, such as internet explorer or firefox.: with an at&t internet technician, you gain expertise and knowledge. you elect to self-install, at&t will ship a preferred modem, called a “wireless gateway,” along with other equipment and information to your home. your at&t internet box in hand, look for the best location in your home to set up the modem. but cable companies offer so much more than just cable tv. use this video to guide you through the setup process. that the cords and cables are snug in their ports, as they sometimes come loose. you’ll need your order number and four-digit passcode to set up an appointment., make sure the cords and cables are plugged in to the appropriate ports and wall jacks. more remote areas of the country where other types of connections (like phone lines) aren’t readily available, satellite internet is a phenomenal, and increasingly popular, solution for getting internet without a phone connection.

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: with self-installation, you can change modem settings as you go along, creating an internet setup that’s perfect for your home and the people who live there. down the wi-fi network name (ssid) and wi-fi password (wireless network key). it's best to wait until after 8:00 pm on your scheduled service day.: while the process usually takes no more than an hour, you still have to find the time—something that can be hard to do if you have kids or work long hours. by making sure the modem is plugged in and turned on. after all, they work with modems and internet service day in and day out. your best option for internet without a phone line will depend upon the cell phone service you have, the devices you own, the speed you’ll need, your budget, and where you live or travel. the bottom left corner of the screen, you'll notice a progress clock, which shows you how far you are in the process., here’s a huge added bonus for cable internet customers: if you subscribe to cable internet at home, you get free access to all of their wifi hot spots around town. once you receive the box, open it and make sure it contains instructions, the modem, cables, cords, a power adapter, and a dsl filter. you are using a pc, the port might show a symbol that looks like 3 or 5 squares branching off a single line. for more on how we use the information we collect online, read the. this process authorizes your modem to access your centurylink high-speed internet service. they can also deliver digital phone service and high-speed internet service directly to your home. however, that doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for you. you have plain old telephone service through centurylink, then you might find you want to also attach a telephone, fax or answering machine to the same phone jack as your modem. green should connect to green, and yellow connect to yellow. it's a phone cord, it doesn't actually go into the modem outlet labeled phone. the lights aren't lit up properly, then double check all of your connections and give it a couple of minutes. you see a question mark icon, you can hover over the icon to reveal additional details about that step. plus, it’s important to keep in mind that things such as interference from bad weather, for example, can significantly affect download and upload speeds. no worries, because you can literally carry the internet around with you instead, using a mobile, personal hot spot – such as a mifi. interference sometimes comes from power strips integrated with a phone jack, so don’t plug the green data cord into one. too often, when people say the word “cable,” they’re simply referring to their tv service. additionally, if your computer is capable of receiving a wireless signal, you can hook the cable modem to a wireless router. you already have home phone service, you’ll want to add a single- or double-port dsl filter to the line.

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if you find a bad one or if you're not sure, then replace it and see if that solves the problem. if you’re already using your cell phone for all your phone calls, then dropping your landline service has probably crossed your mind by now. however, private tech firms have already begun designing satellites that operate in lower orbits and could be used to deliver stronger, more reliable satellite internet signals. your modem doesn't have a power switch, then it is automatically turned on when you plug it in. if it’s more than three years old, it may be time to purchase a new one. additionally, depending on the model, your device may be wireless capable. in fact, many families use their smartphones as their primary phone lines, and have ditched their land lines all together. that’s because satellite internet service providers beam their data signals into your home all the way from satellites hovering above the earth out in space. your settings by going to the computer’s wireless network settings. the coaxial outport on the back of your cable box. you have found the perfect place for your modem, it's time to give it some power. this is the only line where you don't want to use a filter. that’s because as we become increasingly tech-savvy people, we’re developing ever more advanced options for communicating with each other. matter how cool it sounds to have your own wifi with you wherever you go, if you just don’t think you’d get enough use out of a personal hot spot or usb modem to make it worth the investment cost, then you’d never purchase one. you are using a mac, the port symbol looks like 3 dots between 2 brackets. nations worldwide provide public wifi to citizens free-of-charge as a public service, and there’s a good chance that the united states will eventually head in this direction. the process for setting that up is detailed in the next section. with your modem set up correctly, you could experience latency. a similar vein, a usb modem plugs directly into your laptop and lets you bring the internet along with you. it's pretty straight forward and self-explanatory, but here are some things you should expect. modern technology, providers can now deliver high speed internet and phone connections at different frequencies., you may be given the option to download and install software that is included as part of your internet service. it also of course adds another connection to your modem set-up.'s important not to connect the green phone cord to the modem port labeled phone. you've correctly connected the ethernet cable, then the lights around the ethernet port on your computer will light up. depending upon the specific personal hot spot you buy, the mifi can wirelessly connect to a 3g or 4g cellular network just like a phone, but it then takes that connection and broadcasts a wi-fi signal to all your devices within a 30-foot range.

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just give us a quick call or click, and we’ll bring you the internet as fast as possible. if you choose to set up the internet connection yourself, follow the steps below to ensure a successful installation and activation. also, you can get the the best speed and performance from your modem by not placing it near:Computer monitors (minimum 3 ft. if you do not already have home phone service, skip this step. & phone: how to properly connect a landline phone through the same wall phone jack as the modem. if you choose to purchase it, be sure to check that your service provider supports it. if you need one, you’ll need to purchase the router separately. extra security, change the default ssid name and passcode to something personal that you’ll remember. for more on how we use the information we collect online, read the. you could end up on the phone with tech support or waiting for a technician to arrive. you can easily check or change an installation appointment time online or by speaking with an at&t representative. the additional ports allow you to connect additional computers or peripheral equipment like a printer. first and most basic step of troubleshooting problems with your internet service is how your modem is setup. In fact, most cable companies offer Internet service by hooking up the coaxial cable line to a special cable. might notice that there is no power switch on the modem. in the meantime, you and your family should be able to find internet connections at nearby coffee shops, public libraries, universities, bookstores, and hotels. when you hear it click, you know you've inserted it correctly. 31, 2015by: bryon reigershareshare on facebookyou don't need a phone line in order to get internet service. this is especially true if your household currently receives its internet service via the phone line. she has over ten years of experience, with a background in marketing and creative writing. they secure your internet and wi-fi, keeping it safe from borrowing and hacking. it prevents signal interference between the internet and the telephone. in fact, cable internet providers actually utilize the very same coaxial cable that connects to your television sets to bring you internet, which means that you can likely get connected in no time at all, and you won’t ever need a home phone line to do so. to make that happen, the next step is exploring the 8 options we’ve listed above for getting internet service without a phone line. the ethernet cable may look like a phone cord, but if you examine it closely, you'll see it's slightly bigger. you open the browser, you'll immediately see the welcome screen.

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 it looks sort of like a phone jack except it's slightly bigger. and as a result, many internet providers now offer their customers “naked” dsl service (also known as “standalone” dsl or “free standing” dsl) all by itself, without the bundled phone service they had previously required. if you have home phone service, add a dsl filter. modem already has a built in filter, so it's important that you don't use an in-line filter from your telephone wall jack to the modem.: with self-installation, you hold the proverbial bag when things go wrong. but if you run into any problems, send up a flare via a phone call and an at&t technician will soon arrive to rescue the modem and your internet connection. you should regularly run virus scans, but especially when your computer seems to be acting unusual. the other end of the yellow ethernet cable into the ethernet port on your computer. the cable internet companies have called this new, shared network of more than 500,000 hot spots “cablewifi” as an extension of the wifi services they offer. the default name and password can be found on the side or bottom of the modem. regular phone cord goes from the wall phone jack directly to the modem outlet labeled dsl or line (label varies by modem), and in most modems this outlet is color-coded green. phone cord that runs between the wall jack and the modem should go into the modem port labeled dsl or line (label varies by modem). to keep things simple during the setup, even if your modem and computer are wireless capable, we recommend that you use the ethernet cable to connect your computer to the modem. wonder what the color and behavior of the lights on your modem mean? there are no contracts for service, and if you stay under the 1gb data limit per month – which is completely adequate for sending and receiving emails and surfing the web – then you never need to pay anything more once you initially buy the modem. when you experience issues with the installation, consult these handy tips—they should resolve them. though the service hasn’t been receiving much advertising attention, if you already have phone service and dsl over the same line, then there’s a good chance that naked dsl is available in your service area as well, as these two systems are often interconnected.: even if you received your modem kit early, your service probably isn't active yet. putting a filter on this line will prevent the data signal from reaching the modem and consequently preventing a connection to the internet. the bottom right corner of the screen, you'll see the options that are available for contacting us if you have questions or run into problems. if you change your mind and choose to work with a technician after choosing to self-install, you’ll want to call at&t at 1 (800) 288-2020. if you choose to take advantage of any of the downloads, you'll want to follow your browser's process to download and run the download. all the cords and cables to make sure they are in good and working condition. companies such as freedompop let you pay for a single device that plugs directly into the wall and gives you the internet. in fact, most cable companies offer internet service by hooking up the coaxial cable line to a special cable modem. of customization: an at&t internet professional won’t walk you through advanced customization.

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this area will contain an instructions, questions and installation options, as well as additional information you might need to make a decision and advance to the next step. this method works really well if you want to turn your cell phone into a wifi-generating machine for your laptop, or if you want to give new life to that old cell phone you still have lying around the house.'t use a dsl filter between the wall phone jack and the modem. allows all of signal to go directly into the modem and then the modem acts as a filter and sends the voice signal through the modem's phone port., if you want to get internet service without a phone line, then we’d like to give you some vital information on 8 other ways you can access the internet without a home phone. cable boxstepattach the end of the coaxial cable that is providing the signal to the side with one port. make sure yours uses the latest hardware and software upgrades. as with most electronic equipment, pick a place that has good air circulation and that won't get too hot. features: this combined modem-router grows with your need for speed. this step is necessary because initially at&t internet requires a hardwire setup.! you're going to really enjoy your new centurylink high-speed internet service. your modem has multiple yellow ethernet ports, you can safely use any them.  learn more about the options for internet service without a phone line and which internet package is best for you. if you managed to activate your account earlier, head to the at&t site. they will offer installation, or you can set it up yourself. this is a good time to make sure your computer is on and ready to go. update to the latest version and see if the lag disappears. connect the two pieces first, then plug the cord in to the modem and the adapter in to the electrical outlet. cablestepattach the other end of the cable to the coaxial in port of the cable modem. center of the page is where you'll want to focus your attention. and this means they don’t need to run any hard wires to bring you the web. it also minimizes interference on wi-fi connections with its dual-band technology. your computer will generally take care of interfacing with the modem and may have a set-up program to guide you through setting up internet access., run the yellow ethernet cable from the yellow modem port to your computer’s ethernet port. you can get internet without also purchasing tv and home phone services. the computer’s port may or may not be color-coded.

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at&t estimates that the average installation takes four hours to complete. it helps spread the internet signal throughout the home rather than closeting it within a room, which can lead to poor coverage in some areas of the home. that means there’s no reason that customers can’t access any combination of phone and dsl internet via the copper lines already attached to their homes. you've set up your modem, you won't be able to surf the internet until you go through the activation steps. standalone internet, also known as freestanding internet, is a great option if you are looking to get online but don’t want to pay extra for tv and phone. click the button below to see internet options without a home phone in your area:Compare local providers.: the modem has a built in filter, so there's no need to use a filter on the line that connects your modem to the wall jack. you can set up the modem and internet service when it fits your schedule. as you’re reviewing these options, keep in mind that it’s possible only some of them are available in your area. at&t internet differs if you’re using a professional installer; they will come to your home to connect the modem and internet service for you. you continue to have issues with your modem, it might be time to upgrade.’ve made the decision to purchase at&t internet—now you just need to figure out how to set up the modem and activate your account. you are a light internet user and you live within the company’s service area, then this “free” high-speed internet is a great alternative.: i’m having trouble with the speed of my internet connection. the reboot cycles the modem through its settings, essentially purging it of bad connections and sources of interference. you may see some steps in the process about wireless, and you may be given the option to customize your wireless connection settings if you're comfortable doing so. the reboot doesn’t work and you can’t get online, call 1 (800) 280-2020 to request help from an at&t technician. you followed this guide for how to self-install at&t internet, you and your devices should now be surfing the internet seamlessly. commentsrelated articleshow to convert a cassette tape to a cdaround the homeentertainmentby: maya austendo you need a special wireless router for comcast internet to have wi-fi? although modems and routers are different, for ease and convenience, most centurylink modems have a built-in router. the ethernet wire and run it from the cable modem to the ethernet port on your computer. they can also help you find the best place to set up the modem and router., you select which at&t installation service you want when placing your order for internet. the broadband light will turn from a solid red to a solid green. most cable companies offer free installation and even provide cable modems and wireless routers for a small fee.-installing at&t internet may be simple, but that doesn’t mean it comes without challenges.

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the green cable, which transmits data, should be plugged in to the green phone port before being connected to the wall jack. thus, your ability to connect will depend on specific providers and the internet connection types in your area, but there are definitely alternative options for home internet service without phone line near you. one goes to your tv and the other goes the back of the cable modem. many companies have small usb keys that look like a jump drive and can be plugged into any usb port. internet via satellite, cable, and wireless are the typical solutions, though dsl internet providers are also offering dry loop,” “naked dsl” or “stand-alone” that allow consumers to use dsl internet service without a phone line. for more on how we use the information we collect online, read the.'t connect from the wall phone jack to the modem port labeled phone. if you can find a phone outlet in a central location of your home, you can get the internet up and running in no time. when it's ready, you'll see the power indicator light up on the front of the modem. couple of important things to avoid:This is the only phone line where you don't want to use a filter. it offers up to 680 mbps download speeds and is cablelabs docsis 3. most basic modem setup looks like this:The power cord (or ac adapter) goes from the wall electrical outlet to the modem outlet labeled power. you only need to connect one phone device, then the proper setup is to run a phone cord from the modem port labeled phone to your telephone, fax machine, or answering machine. and at allconnect, we’re happy to help you set up your high-speed internet service with the connection type and provider of your choice – all at no cost to you. working with at&t internet professionals offers peace of mind, and they could hypothetically save you some time. if electronic components get excessively hot, they don't typically work as well and may break. is a green phone cord included in the modem kit you received from centurylink. phone cord connecting the wall phone jack to the modem dsl or line port should be direct without any other type of equipment in between the two. the material covered in the video, as well as additional information, is written below., if you’re not fully aware of what cutting your phone cord will do to your home, then severing the line may end up interfering with your family’s ability to stay connected with the outside world. with a double-port dsl filter, the green data cable should be plugged in to the filter’s empty slot. if you don’t have home phone service but attached a dsl filter to the data cord, detach it. you want to connect a phone and another telephone type device, connect a regular phone splitter to the phone port on the modem. just know that it’ll take a little preparation beforehand to setup – either jailbreaking your iphone or rooting your android – and that using your smartphone as a hot spot will quickly drain the phone’s battery, even with light surfing.’s modem might not boast all of netgear’s bells and whistles, but it still packs a sizable punch at an affordable price point. plugins can make life a breeze or a living nightmare.

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it’s a weird but true fact that some browsers work better than others. this technology is extremely versatile in its ability to reach users in isolated locations, you’ll likely need to invest a little extra (in buying or renting the satellite dish) if you want to access the internet via satellite. functionality known as “tethering” lets you turn your 3g or 4g cell phone signal into an internet connection. offer a standalone internet option for those of you who are heavy internet users and opt to watch tv via streaming services (like netflix, hulu, amazon prime) and use your cell phone as your primary phone. if you're not sure, then unplug the cord or cable and plug it back in. because we know that there is no one blanket solution that’s best for all users in all situations. if nothing pops up in the window, refresh the list. it comes with a two-year product warranty, as well as a lightning and power surge protector. in the process, you'll be asked to review and accept the required legal agreements for the terms of service. the next button should turn green, and you can move forward. the next button isn't green, it means you need to complete some part of the step you are on, but that's okay. assuming you don’t mind paying a little bit for the technology and service, a small device that’s slim enough to slip into your shirt pocket can connect to a cellular network and provide internet access for up to ten other devices. sure you avoid these common setup mistakes that are known to cause problems with an internet connection.: if you choose to self-install at&t internet, you experience the convenience of doing it whenever is best for you. these usb keys work just like large modems, receiving satellite- or radio-transmitted internet signals and putting them into your computer. if you purchased or leased your modem through centurylink, then you have a kit that includes:Your centurylink modem and its ac power adapter. you’ve plugged it in, your modem automatically turns on and begins to power all the connections. the cable modem is able to transform the cable signal into an ethernet signal, which can be attached to a port on your computer. in fact, big cable and internet providers are already hard at work digging up old copper wires and replacing them with fiber-optic cables, so there’s a good chance your family will receive internet access without a phone through fiber internet sooner than later.'s best to connect your computer directly to the modem whenever you're troubleshooting your internet service. overview of ways to get to Internet service without a phone line. times they are a-changin’ when it comes to personal communications, and more people are asking themselves “can i get home internet without a phone line? at&t mails the passcode in a separate letter for your security and safekeeping. the site logs you in automatically and runs a diagnostic. this point, before starting your service activation, it's a good idea to double check your modem. and as we tend toward using the internet more, many folks are using home phone lines less and less.

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