How to hook up live bait for mulloway

How to hook up live bait for mulloway

on oct 1, 2015in this video, tackle to you's very own jeff smith show us how to successfully rig a twin hook rig when using slab or flesh bait to chase the mighty mulloway or jewfish. put the baits out there and the fish will come. you can just say “you’ll probably catch more with better bait and no lights” rather than being a turkey. is the most important factor in my opinion when it comes to targeting mulloway. wire trace is handy in case you hook up a shark. to catch live poddy mullet [ live bait ] - reel it in. big mulloway is a very highly prized catch by all anglers and certainly tests an angler’s skills and equipment to the maximum. you have landed a mulloway and long runs with a lot line were involved, the line pressure on the spool could be excessive.

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i haven’t caught as many mulloway as you but they have all been on pilchards with a fire and lights, immediately invalidating what you suggest. i reckon i’ll try one day seeing as i live in perth it seems pretty convenient to try. all my mulloways have been caught at night on a pilchard / mullie in gutters on open surf beaches. studies have also shown that winter river mulloway tend to migrate to open ocean and deeper bays during the late spring early summer to spawn. a mulloway picks up the bait and starts moving, lean and wind to set the hook. i am same type of angler as you, love chatting night out with my mates and i don’t live my whole life for catching one fish. like the barramundi, some anglers spend years trying to fulfill their ambition to catch a big mulloway. this video, Tackle To You's very own Jeff Smith show us how to successfully rig a twin hook rig when using slab or flesh bait to chase the mighty mulloway.

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write up, the simple basic rig is best but for variation we have used snapper snatchers and just normal surf rigs with poppers and have hooked up on mulloway. just rig up and slap on the mullie, i have caught myself heaps of mulloway this way. on apr 1, 2012dave m shows how to rig an effective mulloway bait that has worked wonders over the years. the best advice i can give is big hooks, strong tackle, fresh bait and deep water that is near structure. the legal minimum size of mulloway in western australia at the time of writing this is 50cm. this prevents the tumbling action you usually get between hook and sinker when casting, minimizing wind resistance and maximizing energy transfer to linear momentum. any mulloway above this size is fine for eating – 50cm is borderline soapy / schoolie territory. once hooked, a mulloway will make a least one good run, possibly two.


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a set of gang hooks on a wire trace and a big star sinker to keep the rig out in the surf. distance can be an issue when fishing for mulloway if the gutter is far from shore. so if you want to catch mulloway find yourself a sandy surf beach. rig live bait, insert a single hook through flesh behind the head (do not pierce backbone). turn your night time mulloway fishing session into a relaxing evening by the sea. you have caught many more mulloway then me and bigger too. it’s about having fun, not about perfecting your vision of ideal mulloway fishing. as they are expending considerable energy migrating to these new waters they are more prone to be opportunistic eaters and the freshness of the bait isn’t as critical.

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sharks also feed at night so there’s a good chance of hooking up a shark when you’re targeting mulloway. some people believe a wire trace leads to fewer hookups because fish don’t like them. no special arrangements, no sliding sinkers, no dedicated live bait setups. think you have hit the nail on the head about making it as comfortable as you can ‘that is me in a nut shell’ fish all night and give your self a chance in landing the whopper i find that when every one has given up and gone home for some reason you seem to jag them ,maybe because yours is the only bait still out there. i’ve only caught a few mulloway or jews myself. is no right or wrong way,bait time or rig for catching mulloway in the swan river. the purpose of this article is to give the average lazy fisherman like me a chance to catch a mulloway. that would be a black jewfish i think, close relative of the mulloway, it would be rare to get a mulloway that far north.

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mulloway will often take a second run as the fish comes in close.’s why having a range of baits in the water as much as you can is your best strategy to catch one as they swim past. in fact mulloway even look similar to barra – beautiful silver flanked sides, the concave shape running down towards the head and the big paddle like tail. and if you land a couple of mulloway then it’s a bonus. elusive mulloway were the domain of specialist hard core land based fisherman.’ve never taken notice of the moon or tide when fishing for mulloway. as far as mulloway go the fresher the bait the better. fresh bait is not always available so commercially frozen baits are the only option until a salmon comes along and snaps up your pilly, then presto fresh salmon fillets on the hooks.

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for mulloway does present opportunities for you to refine your gear and techniques and become a specialist if that’s the way you want to go. M shows how to rig an effective Mulloway bait that has worked wonders over the yearsManufacturing capabilities. don’t need specially presented live or freshly caught bait to catch mulloway. in some good night fishing hours and you’re already most of the way to catching a mulloway. i’ve never tried for mulloway in rivers but surf beaches are my hood. as there is no structure they wont hang around so you have to be there with a bait. both barramundi and mulloway are a handsome species of fish and together form two thirds of the holy trinity, with australian salmon making up the final species. never targeted mulloway in the swan or anywhere apart from surf beaches.

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mulloway will also devour lures, especially soft plastics, but for a land based fisherman bait is the best bet. cast your bait out, put your rod in the rod holder and sit back in your chair. want your rig to hold the bait close to the bottom. if you want to catch mulloway, you need to be fishing at night and you need to put in some hours. are interested in the bait and how it’s presented. to use sardines & pilchards as bait | the hook and the cook. do not jerk or the bait will be pulled out of the fish’s mouth. found a smallish one that might give up a tailor or kingie [ mulloway]tomorrow.

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as far as night time goes i have caught 2 over 30 lb at night but all the big fish we have hooked during the day. from the time the sun sets to as late as you are able to go – this is mulloway feeding time. that info is posted everywhere in the traditional how to catch mulloway guides but this article is more for the lazy amateur like myself. i’ve had success with wire traces but you might consider using some heavy duty mono to terminate your hooks if you feel it gives you better odds. i have tried a few times without any luck and i have to use fresh baits other wise the blowies and grunted strip it clean. reel in to check your bait every now and then. remote areas of south australia seem pretty awesome for mulloway. these special arrangements will improve you’re chances of landing a big mulloway.

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 casting sinkers can be used to improve casting distance and help you cast deep into mulloway catching territory. if you’ve hooked a big one you also risk breaking off when pulling it up the beach through the waves. also mullet and pilchards are terrible bait unless your targeting taylor to throw on when the serious gear comes out . mulloway off the broome jetty with a prawn tail for bait out going tide. these mulloway specialists are such expert fisherman that they use tailor for bait. cruise along, find your spot, and set up shop ready for a mulloway catching session. to catch live poddy mullet [ live bait ] - reel it in. you will catch a hungry one on pillies but if your mate had a fresh bait on you could be pretty sure he will get smacked first.

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for making all that info on fishing for mulloway, do you have any suggestions for fishing the swan river for mulloway? mulloway freezes well and will last a few months in the freezer. they can catch so many tailor with such reliability that tailor is relegated to mulloway bait. puts all the effort getting quality live baits into action when he lands a massive Jewfish in the dark on the NSW Nth Coast. the same old bait you’d use for usual surf fishing. and closely either side of summer is the best time for mulloway. i just hope frozen baits will work as live baits are hard to come by. specialist fisherman who rock up to the beach in jumpsuits like they’re in the special forces, with specialist gear and fancy rigs specially designed for targeting mulloway.

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