How to hook up rca hdtv antenna amplifier

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How to hook up rca hdtv antenna

flatwave fl-5000 digital indoor hdtv antenna (4k ready / high-vhf / uhf / ultra-thin / black and white - reversible) - 35 mile long range. the tv that is connected to the antenna is on the third floor. antenna, 1byone indoor amplified tv antenna 50 mile range with creative adjustable amplifier booster, usb power…. a preamplifier is installed at the antenna and amplifies the signal. would need to see your tvfool report to get a better idea, but if you can pick up the channels occasionally, then a 5-10 db gain amplifier may be enough to compensate for the line noise. the first thing i need to do is shorten the cable between the antenna and distribution amp (currently 100 ft). connect the antenna’s coax cable into the back of your digital-ready tv, find the optimal placement for the antenna, plug in the amplifier, scan for available channels, and you are ready to enjoy your free content. while many antennas on the market claim to be multi-directional, they are really only bi-directional, limiting the signals they can receive. would two cables connected to the same antenna degrade the signal strength for both ? the antenna sitting on a metal surface (like a metal. i am hiring someone to set up antenna to feed 3 tvs, but i cannot imagine where the wiring goes? out of 5 starsjust wish that i would've gotten betteri wasn't able to get any reception on my tv with the antenna so i returned it and got a fire stick tv. we hooked up the other 2 and the 5 channels come in great on all. have charter spectrum internet and bought a antenna with a 4 way splinter to put in the attic for tv. bought the lava 2605 ultra antenna 360 rotation amplifier we installed it at the highest point on the roof and we are not getting any channels we got one when we tested the antenna in the house while the antenna was laying on the floor and we got our local channel cystal clear what am doing wrong we should get at least 13 channels not zero help me please c. you may be better off just using the 3 way split with a preamplifier between the antenna and splitter. also does the pre-amplifier help with bringing in weak signals due to far away towers? maybe there is another device that i could connect between the antenna and the tv that will convert from coax to an hdmi connection into the tv? the best solution would be to get an antenna rotator so you can direct the antenna from inside the house..Winegard flatwave amped fl5500a digital hd indoor amplified tv antenna (4k ready / atsc 3. i am aware i would need two amplifiers one for each tv if it will work. optionsfree pickup today at fremont 40580 albrae stpickup optionstell us if something is incorrectabout this itemenjoy top-rated hdtv network programming and your favorite shows for free with no monthly fee or subscriptionpatented, 360-degree multi-directional designbackquestions & answers6 questionsget specific details about this product from customers who own it. mohu sky antenna is installed in attic/crawl space, where does the coaxial cable go?

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How to hook up rca hdtv antenna amplifier

situations may even require both if you are installing multiple tvs with a very long run of coaxial cable between the antenna and splitter. to make adjustments after you position the antenna to account for. if the antenna isn’t performing as well as expected, try placing it on another surface. it is an unamplified antenna, so i had tried a winegard amplifier with no satisfactory improvement. i have an antennas direct db4e antenna up at 25 ft. antenna, 1byone indoor amplified tv antenna 50 mile range with creative adjustable amplifier booster, usb power supply and longer 20ft high performance coaxial cable-shiny white antenna. as for your question, with 10 degrees between the towers i doubt you would be moving the antenna all that much, so a directional should be fine. so how can i use and amplifier for just one tv so as not to mess with the other tv that is working fine? amplifier both have similar function, but generally if there is a long cable run before the splitter, try installing a preamplifier to see if it fixes the issue. i am installing a directional antenna and the the two cites i want to receive from are approximately 60 degrees apart one much closer than the other. if you have to put it in the attic like i did, the amplifier housing is big and must go thru the cable hole you drill which has to be way bigger. am trying to hook a large house, (3 stories with 10 tv’s) up to local ota stations. based on my losing channels sometimes and during weather is my best plan to get the distribution amplifier as i get all channels in the shed but lose channels based on distance/splitters? even if you don’t use the 4th output it still counts as a signal split and each line with get 25% of the signal power received by the antenna as opposed to 33%. 60 degrees is going to be to wide of a spread to take advantage of the gain from a directional antenna. video shortspage 1 of 1start overpage 1 of 1previous page 2:03 now playing rca ant122f indoor antenna demo 2:03 now playingamazon electronics 3:33 now playing buying guide: tv antennas 3:33 now playingdigital trends 1:04 now playing about hdtv antennas 1:04 now playingdemand media 3:38 now playing find out how to get free cable with ota hdtv antennas 3:38 now playingaol 22:41 now playing season 16 episode 3 22:41 now playingaol 0:59 now playing rca ant122f indoor antenna demo 0:59 now playingamazon electronics 1:01 now playing rca ultra-thin demo 1:01 now playingamazon electronicsnext pagereportvideo contentthe video content is inappropriatethe video content is misleadingother content-related feedbackad contentthe ad is too longthe ad does not playthe ad does not inform my purchaseother ad-related feedbacktechnical issuesthe video does not playthere is too much bufferingthe audio is poor or missingother technical issueproductsno products were suggestedproducts shown were unrelated to the videoother product-related feedbackcopyright infringement please fill out the copyright form to register a complaint cancelreportcancelreportcancelreportcancelreportcancelcopyright formprevious page 2:03 now playing rca ant122f indoor antenna demo 2:03 now playingamazon electronics 3:33 now playing buying guide: tv antennas 3:33 now playingdigital trends 1:04 now playing about hdtv antennas 1:04 now playingdemand media 3:38 now playing find out how to get free cable with ota hdtv antennas 3:38 now playingaol 22:41 now playing season 16 episode 3 22:41 now playingaol 0:59 now playing rca ant122f indoor antenna demo 0:59 now playingamazon electronics 1:01 now playing rca ultra-thin demo 1:01 now playingamazon electronicsnext page., if stations are situated in a single direction, perhaps a yagi style antenna like the 43xg may be better for your situation. so it appears to me that the further tv needs an amplifier. is the #1 selling antenna on the market since 2007 with 7 out of every 10 consumer antennas sold. amplified rca air includes the innovative smartboost technology that offers precise amplification and allows tv tuners to pick up and amplify the right tv signals, unlike competitors’ amplifiers that also amplify background broadcast noise. i was almost at the point of accepting verizon offer to pay monthly for eight (8) local stations until i got this antenna. i was using a winegard flatwave fl-5000 indoor hdtv antenna (digital ota tv antenna / high-vhf / uhf / ultra-thin / black and white - reversible) - 35 mile long range that i had also bought via amazon. what i am thinking of doing is running a single cable from the antenna down about 3-5′ into a splitter and then connecting the current rg6 cables to the splitter that run to the tv’s.

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if it doesn’t work, then go with distribution amplifier. is there anything shadowing the antenna from above, like a tree canopy? as for the directional antenna, the focus of the gain varies from antenna to antenna. they are positioned in multiple directions, you may want to use an omni-directional antenna like the mohu sky. anything you connect between the antenna and tuner will degrade the signal. i used to have an outdoor antenna on the roof but this gets more channels and better clarity. on feb 28, 2016i have hooked up my hdtv antenna and an rca amplifier (tvpramp1r), and i have a few tips for you since i had to learn the hard way! note: placing the antenna on a metal surface may interfere with reception.#146 in electronics > accessories & supplies > audio & video accessories > antennas > tv antennas. i have 2 tv’s connected to a 150 mile directional antenna. the power for the amp be hooked up to one of the coax lines after the splitter? amplifier won’t help you receive a signal that isn’t reaching the antenna. my old un-amplified antenna did a much better job, but i had to leave it at my old office, not far from where i am today. just 1 antenna i am able to receive all 21 channels without the splitter. as soon as i hook up any kind of splitter; passive, powered, amplified, two channel, three channel, four channel, i have no reception at all. this ultra-thin antenna employs rca’s patented 360 degree reception pattern design which means it is able to receive signals from any direction up to 60 miles away from the broadcast towers when using the in-line amplifier, depending on your geographical location and terrain. why does it work with the regular 3-way but stop working when i hook a 4-way amplifier? antenna is in a window, facing the transmission towers, with nothing in the way. wanted to know if the tvone antenna i believe that’s what it’s called works. what i think was going on was the co ax cable that was not hooked up was laying on a power supply. i found the sky to be the best small multi-directional antenna i tried, and personally use it myself., i have a older large antenna on a pole above my roof. assuming everything is installed correctly, the added split in the signal may negate any benefits provided by the amplifier. Did selena gomez and justin bieber marry 

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have a directional antenna with an amplifier on the antenna. reason we want to first try installing without amplifiers first is signal overload. i was thinking of using another antenna to get the other channel and combining the two. this point we know there is decent signal strength coming from the antenna from when we set up the first tv. gain being discussed with “antenna gain” isn’t really adding any power to the signal. to boost reception of homemade hdtv antenna | lanevids #science #experiment. the routing i will be using is from the antenna in the attic through a splitter to the tv on the third and to the first floor equipment closet. is it indoor antenna here in chicago i was getting 70 channels. or return the new one and purchase the directorial 100 mile antenna. up the 4 channels that my 25 mile homeworx 7 dollar antenna picks up. hooking up to even a 2 way splitter cuts everything except cbs, since i get everything in the shed fine, assuming i need an distribution amplifier as i’d like to use 3-4 tvs. take a look at my updated tv antenna guide to figure out which antenna is right for your situation. i thought this amplified antenna might help me get a number of signals that come and go depending on atmospheric conditions (some are very good most of the time, but not always). for any further queries, please reach out to rca's technical support @ 1-800-768-1969 it is highly recommended that the at surface of the antenna should face the broadcast tower or as close as practical. therefore, it’s wise to get a splitter where the number of outputs exactly matches the number of tvs you are hooking up./13/2017average rating:1out of5stars, based onreviews8/13/2017by janeti had an older version of this same antenna but without the amplifier and i got just as good reception and just as many channels on it, as i did on this new one with the amplifier. i've tried three different antennas now and so far this one works the best. this typically referred to as “amplifier gain” and will not make the signal better than what it received by the antenna. rca air is easy to install and it takes just a few moments to get your favorite tv shows in hd-quality. just read thru all of the questions and answers, and the information will help me setup my antenna. this is the first time i am able to pick up fifty (51) channels with an indoor antenna. have my antenna going to a 6 way splitter in the ground floor and from this splitter it connects to another 6 way splitter on the 1st floor. bill, it depends on the signal power in your area, but i would get this distribution amplifier with 4 ports and a 2 way splitter, or the 8 port version.

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i am using one 3 way splitter with the amplifier supplied in the kit before the splitter. 50 mile range amplified hdtv antenna, with detachable amplifier signal booster for the highest performance and 10 feet coaxial cable-black. issues mainly result from improper installation of the coaxial cable and antenna cable splitters running from the antenna to the tv’s within the house. (6)no (0)reportdid not work9/12/2017average rating:1out of5stars, based onreviews9/12/2017by ev647this antenna did not work at all. receive a decent signal with antenna connected directly to one tv. connect the line from the antenna to the splitter input and one output to a tv. ) i took the rca into the attic and are getting nearly every channel i want except one. i used a two way splitter so the antenna is now connected to my tv and a previous cable line which is connected to another 4-way splitter in which only two of the lines are being used so the signal is sent to my two additional tvs. i recommend multiple antennas if you are using indoor antennas, one outdoor is typically enough for a few tvs. how does antenna cable connect to cable company wiring (co axial)? some distribution amplifiers, like the one pictured below, also function as a splitter. do you have any suggestions as to what the best outdoor antennas are most all of the transmitters are in side a fifty mile radius. it’s sleek, paper-thin design with in-line amplifier complements today's flat panel tvs while the patented, multi-directional technology and smartboost amplification outperform traditional antennas and thin film antennas available from other manufacturers..)can i install an outdoor antenna and connect to the entry point of the existing coaxial? i have an rca to rf converter that converts my tv box signal to an analog rf which is then used as an input on the splitters. if the signal drops after hooking up the third tv then installing an amplifier should remedy the problem. i am about 15 air miles (as the crow flies) from the broadcast antennas. troubleshoot the issue, i’d see what happens when you directly connect the samsung tv to the antenna. i have bought several different types of antenna over the years and this one by far is the best., i am in brunswick georgia and currently pick up channels from both jacksonville florida and savannah georgia with a lava 8008 omnidirectional antenna and am able to pick up 15-30 channels depending on the weather. rca digital flat and ultra-thin antennas are the only antennas that receive true 360 degree signals, delivering the maximum amount of content available. it’s possible if you have an antenna that does uhf well and then an antenna that does vhf well to jet a uhf/vhf signal joiner that restricts each antenna to a certain band, but that’s an answer to another question. if you use an amplifier make sure you put it between the antenna and the splitter.


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master amplify | adjustable gain tv antenna amplifier with built in lte filter..) would i need multiple antenna in order to connect multiple tv’s? since you are getting abc i’m assuming you have a directional antenna with a bit of gain. i doubt the amplifier would help much, but i’ve seen stranger things work. i purchased a db8e extreme long range bowtie hdtv antenna and a juice amplifier. i bought an outdoor antenna and hooked it up brieffly without mounting it. would you suggest i try an amplifier on the old antennas? would try one antenna and see how it works with 4 tvs. have a high gain directional antenna to receive station in dallas about 90 air miles away. while simply connecting a bunch of coaxial cable might result in hdtv, often times it increases the installation time due to all the unnecessary signal troubleshooting. have a lava hd2605 and i’m trying to split it to 2 tv’s, when i use a two way splitter i lose signal and the antenna will not move. (16)no (10)reportoutstanding4/23/2017average rating:5out of5stars, based onreviews4/23/2017by drod19917very clear hdtv ! plan on hooking 4 tv’s to one antenna and all will have about 60ft of coax cable. so i connected direct antenna to the tv, without the amp and i picked up 26 channels that all had pixels some worst then other channels. there’s a 4 way splitter that i’m sending the antenna through to my televisions. while a 4 port amplifier will amplify each line it also splits the signal 4 ways. it’s more of a representation of how well the antenna converts the signal wave to an electric current. can a antenna be hooked up to that cable outlet and be used for 4 tv’s. i bought a channel master 4228, 80 mile omni antenna and have placed it in the house temporarily pulling in most channels except it still drops fox 11 which is a hi-v station. question is would adding a distribution amplifier in place of the splitter cause the signal strength to be too high at tv 1 where i already receive great signal strength? the rg-6 cable is run from the antenna to the wall outlet ( 25 feet of rg-6) then another 25 feet of rg-6 and the inserter that was received with the antenna, to the tv. the question was 3 x 300ohm to 75ohm matching transformers connected direct to wing nuts on the antenna and out to 3 cables to 3 tvs, or one 300ohm to 75 ohm matching transformer to short cable to 3 way splitter/amp as required to 3 cables to 3 tvs. would need to see your tv fool report to be sure, but it’s possible that your neighbor is using a directional antenna which can direct gain toward a certain direction.

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it is a term mainly used when discussing directional antennas. for a job like this what antenna would you recommend? (19)no (6)reportworks great for me9/12/2016average rating:5out of5stars, based onreviews9/12/2016by wrsinilmi was planning on a different antenna that i had researched online.! when i hooked up the other tv now all tv work. an amplifier is only needed to correct issues, i’d try installing without first. that means you are not constantly adjusting the antenna according to the location of the transmitting signal, like with other antennas. am in a townhouse which has 2 tvs downstairs which work perfect the antenna is inside the manhole upstairs what can i do to get the upstairs tv up and running i’d be so grateful for your advice judy. on the 1st floor i have 4 crt tvs connected and they all show the signals fine (both using the analog signal from the converter and using the digital signal from the antenna in a dvb-t box). connecting one antenna to multiple tvs can sometimes be an ordeal depending on the signal strength in your area. up to 1080i hdtv broadcasts for high-quality picture and sound. used to have my hd antenna hooked up a 10-foot run to the tv and had very good reception, but the antenna was in a window and needed to be mounted on the roof. you can use a distribution amp at the splitter and a preamp at the antenna. since i have been using indoor antennas for over fifteen years, this one stands out. you can typically compensate for it by using an amplifier. i’ve purchased an active omni disk antenna by mistake, which need 5v power supply through the coax. i have an opportunity to acquire another antenna similar to the one i have and would like to mount on my tower. an indoor antenna would pickup one set or the other, depending on which side of the house i placed the antenna.  i’ve seen situations where all the tv’s work fine with their own indoor antenna, but once the outdoor antenna is installed, no tv can get reception. if the antenna isn’t performing as well as expected, try placing it on another surface. it’s difficult to split an indoor antenna in most instances. since this is just an inexpensive indoor antenna should i assume that the best outdoor antenna either in the attic or mounted would work with 5 tvs? but when i move the antenna to that tv then the other tvs wont work. have an indoor antenna connected to one of my tvs and it has a great signal.

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i have great reception at the antenna but lose alot of the channels during the 100 foot run. rca air amplified hdtv antenna is paper-thin and mounts discreetly to windows, walls, and other surfaces. have a homemade antenna in my attic and i have it ran to a 2 way splitter that runs to my living room 40′ away and my bedroom 70′ away. eclipse amplified indoor hdtv antenna with sure grip technology - 50 mile range. 50 mile range amplified hdtv antenna, with detachable amplifier signal booster for the highest performance and 10…. make sure you uncoil the antenna’s coaxial cable completely., i have a lava hd2605 ultra g3 motorized outdoor hdtv uhf/vhf antenna which is hooked up to 3 tv`s and it works great but sometimes i will lose signal to some channels for a while and than they will get the signals back it`s always the same channels. flatwave amped fl5500a digital hd indoor amplified tv antenna (4k ready / atsc 3. the manual states to use the mohu preamplifier with the usb connection before the splitter. now i’m using an outdoor antenna that’s on my shed that was here before i bought it, it’s at least 10-+ years old. installed a tv antenna about 100′ from my house in order to get on the station side of the trees in my back yard. the lava will only feed one tv however that particular tv will also need the bowtie antenna to pick up jacksonville florida channels better. there is always much debate on antenna forums on this question. check out this article on choosing the best tv antenna. hooking it up to a small cable right to the shed i get plenty of channels(whats crazy is antennaweb doesn’t mention most the channels i am getting):10. cut the direct tv out hooked the antenna up to same coax system. i was very disappointed when this antenna picked up only the very close stations (i live with five miles of several tv towers). as for a new antenna, you may save yourself some money by trying to stabilize your current one.  there are generally 2 types of signal amplification in regard to antennas. how sensitive is a directional antenna to elevation and compass direction? my question is, can i attach the omni directional antenna on top of the directional one daisy chained. this paintable, two-sided antenna is also reversible, with black and white facing options that make it even easier to hide. questions: when aligning the antenna should i use true or magnetic north?

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every rca antenna meets or exceeds all quality and performances standards established by the consumer electronics association (cea), so you know with an rca antenna you are buying proven quality. have a winegard hd7697p antenna and want to drive 5 tvs. you worry about connecting the antenna to multiple tvs, make sure there is optimal signal strength on one tv. first time someone installs an antenna, they typically think they need an amplifier. 1 could only pick up 1 of the 3 network stations from either city, no matter where i placed the antenna. you can’t use both antennas together in the same band. i’m wondering, at 30 to 38 miles away, can i get a directional antenna to receive them all, or should i opt for omni? first i got 20 channels and once i hooked up other tvs i was down to 13. i have a pre-amplifier installed and a 4 way splitter attached as well for each room in our house. we used the cable from our satellite dish to connect the antenna to the splitter. out of 5 starsbuying this antenna was part of my cord cutting process . the other antennas i had tried and which required delicate positioning for clear pictures, this antenna requires only two different positions: either laying it flat on the tv stand beneath the tv or hanging it on the wall above the tv. everything comes in fine on the one tv then adding a distribution amplifier should help the situation. of5stars, based onreviewssee all 42 reviews 5 stars104 stars63 stars32 stars91 stars14 write a reviewsort by: most relevantrelevancyhelpfulsubmission-descsubmission-ascrating-descrating-ascmost relevantmost helpfulnewest to oldestoldest to newesthigh to low ratinglow to high ratingamazing antenna11/12/2016average rating:5out of5stars, based onreviews11/12/2016by abondo2umkotoi'm amazed at the power of this antenna. Find out if you need an amplifier as you learn the difference between antenna gain and amplifier gain. is there anything around the antenna that could be a potential source of interference, like an ac unit or something similar? i have one antenna mounted near my garage in a rural area. paper thin antenna will complement today's slick lcd or plasma flat panels with superior signal reception quality. it seems that i would want the split after the antennas amp. all rca antennas are engineered and built with the highest quality components and testing standards in the industry. would check to see how many splitters are between the antenna and that second tv. ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchasesRevolution through tech evolutionyou are here: home / reviews and guides / guides / connecting an antenna to multiple tvsdisclosure: grounded reason is supported by a small commission for purchases made through some product links on this website. so there will be only 1 amp per run, but split after the antenna… thoughts?

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this antenna was part of my cord cutting process, since i specifically wanted to still receive a particular ota local station (less than 25 miles away).’m looking at a 2-way splitter to share the signal from a directional roof antenna between tvs. are planning on cancelling our sat svc very soon and are trying to decide on an antenna. and discover other items: air antenna, video wall, best hdtv antenna indoor, best hdtv indoor antenna. hdtv antennas provide the best live signal you can get better than cable or satellite. i would recommend seeing how many tvs you can get to work with a given antenna and try to scale that out. sharp roku tv is connected to an antenna which i made out of a bicycle rim. this antenna is supposed to be good up to 50 air miles to broadcast antennas. want to run an pre amp on the antenna and am confused. would it be better to go with 2 antennas and only splitting the signal in half or is that overboard? directional antennas concentrate that ability in one direction, hence sacrificing gain in other directions. you just need to put an amplifier before the splitter to compensate for the attenuation from the splitter which is about 10. every time we hook up the antenna the internet doesn’t work. have hooked up my HDTV antenna and an RCA Amplifier (TVPRAMP1R), and I have a few tips for you since I had to learn the hard way! stick one after the antenna and it should give the signal enough of a boost to make it through the run. to get the channels you want without the amplifier, the. i think that i may need to install an antenna to get other stations, but not sure. i ran a 100-foot cable from the roof-mounted antenna directly to the tv to check aiming, and had all the same channels as the shorter run from the window. from an installation perspective, it’s always better to do a fresh install to ensure it’s optimized for antenna reception. not available forcolor:Rca ultra-thin, multi-directional, indoor amplified hdtv antenna with 60 mile range..) is there an amplifier which could be used at the source (if the signal is degraded)? have an exterior antenna pole mounted and get great reception to 4 tv’s… i just added an out building and will have 3 more tv’s… currently i have a channel vision amp boosting my signal to the 4 tv’s… i was thinking about splitting the signal after the antenna but before the amp and adding another amp for the 3 tv’s in the outbuilding. typically people have the antenna near their house as long coaxial runs can attenuate the signal, so i don’t have too much experience with your type of setup. Signs he s addicted to online dating -

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i purchased a rca indoor with amp a few months ago and messed with it a little but not much reception in the room i had it in. the pre amplifier i am using is the 1byone low noise 20 db. don, daisy chaining the antennas will cause the antennas to interfere with each other. i bought a channel master amplifier and the same thing happened i lose signal and power to antenna. you’ve ensured the antenna is properly set up, and the tv is capturing the channels you need we can move on to getting all of the tvs in your house on over the air high definition signals. but you can think of this much like you would as a fresh coaxial install for cable, except instead of the feed coming from your cable company, it’s coming from your antenna. amplifier gain is used to overcome loss in the line and noise from the digital tuners on the tv. it would be nicer if the amp housing was closer to the antenna possibly? i am needing to add a preamp but the splitter would be between the antenna and power supply. we used the existing splitter and coxial cables from the satellite hookup. of5stars, based on42reviews42 reviewsratingsq&aby: rcawalmart #: 555561501this button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. i switched to 60 mile range outdoor antenna on the roof about 10 feet above the roof line. brennemanon july 16, 2017style: amplified|verified purchasewe put the antenna at the top our east facing window and we get 8 channels, which is good. master | do you need a preamplifier with your tv antenna? you can watch local tv online, the best way is with an ota antenna. distribution amplifier is installed just before the splitter and is used to amplify the signal for splitting to multiple tvs. live in a valley and want to get an antenna to put on my roof. currently have dish network and want to switch two antenna tv. only antenna gain will improve  picking up a  signal from the tv tower. do i need an antenna amplifier to keep the signal coming in to these channels all the time? have just installed a 150 mile antenna and have picked up 32 stations. otherwise you will just be compensating for the tv turner noise on the line the amplifier is on. all rca antennas are precision-tuned to receive both uhf and vhf frequencies and will provide you with the most hd content that is available in your area - the most popular over-the-air tv shows, news, sports and more..

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gain is mainly delivered from 2 devices, a preamplifier or a distribution amplifier. you putting the amplifier between the antenna and the splitter? recently installed an antenna on the side of our house. the old antenna use to hold stations pretty good except when weather was bad. channel master suggested their top of the line diretional 100 mile antenna and a pre-amplifier at the antenna.: any time you change the antenna's position,Make sure you re-scan for channels on your tv or digital tv converter. (sorry if this is slightly off topic of splitters and amplifiers). note: placing the antenna on a metal surface may interfere with reception. don't buy this antenna when others will probably do a better job (can't do worse). would run a direct connection from the antenna to the tv. (0)no (0)reportexcellent product9/14/2017average rating:4out of5stars, based onreviews9/14/2017by ricksterkyworks pretty good gets most local channels more than the standard antenna i had. have a rca ant702f amplified antenna that works great and picks up 36 over the air channels. an rca digital hdtv antenna is the perfect complement to streaming players and will also keep you connected to your local broadcast stations so that you receive crucial weather forecast information when needed. if i have two antenna’s one each direction how can i easily switch back and forth for each of my 3 tv,s. the amplifier is too strong it will overload the tuners and you won’t get the channels. purchased a clearstream 4v antenna with tapered loop technology and have it installed on our roof with less than 50 feet to a commscope sv-38g splitter that will connect 3 tv’s. a preamplifier should be used to overcome a long coaxial cable (over 100ft) in between the antenna and the splitter (or the lone tv). splitter splits the signal in have whether it’s hooked to another antenna or not. thinking of running an antenna in my attic and splitting it to two tvs. a grounding block should be the only thing between your tv and the antenna. the sales associate at walmart recommended this antenna and it was less expensive than the one i was going for so i thought i would try it. ready / high-vhf / uhf / ultra-thin / black and white - reversible / usb power supply) - 50 mile long range ota antenna. several years, we’ve used “win-tv”, a usb device with a coax (antenna) input on the other end, which allows your computer to act as a dvr.

RCA ANT1450B Flat Antenna With Amplifier in Black Finish

basic indoor antenna ant111f with amplifier setup and review. flatwave fl-5000 digital indoor hdtv antenna (4k ready / high-vhf / uhf / ultra-thin / black and white - reversible) - 35 mile long range. frequency cable cutter metro indoor/outdoor hd digital tv antenna (cc-17m). since the antenna has (2) directional components, should i aim one se (nyc) and one nw (hartford) or is it better to aim them in the same direction? maybe i should just connect two antennas, each to separate tv’s? item: rca ultra-thin, multi-directional, indoor amplified hdtv antenna with 60 mile range. antennas on the market are optimized to receive only uhf broadcasts and do not reliably receive vhf. what you should do is run the antenna to a 2 way splitter, then run a coaxial from each splitter output to a tv.? why is this splitter for the 2 antennas causing me problems? my question is should the splitter be before the antennas amplifier or after. have one 4k tv (we stream only on this tv) which is our primary tv and two hdtvs that are rarely watched. of my rooms are wired internally with coaxial cable (circa 1986). i decided to try a 4-way signal amplifier but when i hook it up, i lose all channels. it has the 2 studs with wing nuts to connect antenna leads to.. but i am losing channels when i connect the splitter to only 1 antenna? double-sided mounting tape is included and the 12 foot coaxial cable and pre-drilled mounting holes provide even more versatility when choosing the best placement for the antenna. what i want to know is will i need to put an amplifier at the end of each room that has the plate and coax connector in order to provide optimal signal strength or can i place an amplifier in the box and another close to the antenna itself?  in other words, if you are hooking up 3 tvs use a 3-way splitter instead of connecting the output of one 2-way splitter to another 2 way splitter. their superior materials, patented 360 multi-directional technology, smartboost amplification (select models) and uhf and vhf broadcast receipt, rca digital flat and ultra-thin antennas deliver the best, most reliable, uncompressed hd picture. i have a splitter with 6 outs for 3 tvs should i get a distribution amplifier or smaller splitter or is it something else? when running the antennae line into the house can i connect to existing cables and splitters installed by the cable company? both antennas give the diagram of putting the amplifier unit near the tv and using a long cable to the antenna. top-rated hdtv network programming and your favorite shows for free.  Lord of the rings date published-

Set Up Your Antenna

should i use amplifiers in lieu of splitters since on the third floor and the first floor? and engineered in the usa, the rca air brings you the best reception technology in the industry. i’ve had a large outdoor directional uhf/vhf antenna, using a rotor on the roof for years. the old antenna seemed to work pretty good all these years but the second tv and third one occasionally used upstairs rarely pulled in all the stations and dropped stations. have installed an outdoor hdtv antenna with about a 50 ft run to a splitter. we’re on a hill, so should this short antenna mast be plumb or follow the terrrain? only one question, can i install two coax cables to my antenna, to service two tv’s ? on the other hand, if you see loss not from the line but the splitter, you will want to try using a distribution amplifier. out of 5 starsno matter what you read, it's not the bestbywayneon december 22, 2015style: amplified|verified purchasei recently purchased this product because i saw a review of antennas that insisted it was the best indoor antenna for picking up more stations. article takes you through the steps you should take to avoid the common mistakes people make when installing their antenna for hdtv. our neighbor, who has the old fashioned outdoor antenna, gets at least 12. i receive 98% signal strength at this tv according to tv diagnostics of antenna level. using a powered amplifier before the splitter will be extremely hard as running power to it is not easy. what antenna would you recommend for that and is grounding necessary since its in the attic? if you have multiple tvs consider using a distribution amplifier. you are not using the cable tv coaxial, then you can use it for the antenna. i know it seems counter intuitive, but lowering the antenna may pick up signals bouncing through the bark. how many channels do you get when you directly connect the antenna to another tv?  it’s not always the case, and in fact an amplifier can sometimes overload a strong signal causing reception issues. you can use a signal joiner, but you would need a filter to control which channels come from each antenna. yes, have pointed the antenna to the nne direction, and have tried the juice preamp from clear stream. does tuning in to different channels simultaneously on multiple tvs effect the signal reception of a connected single omni-directional antenna? flatwave fl-5000 digital indoor hdtv antenna (4k ready / high-vhf / uhf / ultra-thin / black and white….

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