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please stay clear away of having a sexual relationship and be strong and stay clear of this married man. about a year after i ended things with him, he broke up with his fiancee and announced to her (and me) that he was in love with a third woman. find some man nearer to your age and stop being this naive. drives a successful, attractive, intelligent woman to start and continue a relationship with a married man? but this man exerted too much efforts and sweet promises. wish the best for anyone who is dating a married man and i truly hope these ladies take care of their emotions,because if it doesn't work out the effects is most likely to be devasting., if you choose having relationship with this married man, you will always be on this site crying and trying to justify his actions. i promise it will make all the difference in the world! i get why you’re fairly sure you’re not “the other woman” — but are you totally sure?. when a man roams, he is probably not happy at home. i hope things work out for you, but honestly i think she deserves someone better too. since you are a virgin you can not and should not delve into a sexual relationship with this man or any other man for that matter until he is your husband. he didn't and it was at that moment i knew he was still married and something was right. now in 3 months we both finish our contract, we couldnt make a link and i dont know what to do, im gonna explode everytime i think of it but im so happy when im with him. we r both working but m working a better job than him and his wife is not working. you put your life on hold for a man that will never be yours! may be a vast disconnect between what susan is thinking and what this man she thinks is the man of her dreams is thinking. i read everything about "being in love with a married man" before things got out of control & i didn't listen. if the reader is considering a relationship with a married man, she might re-read the above facts very carefully before she proceeds.'ve wasted 10 years of my life waiting for my married boyfriend to get a divorce. it started out being fun and after you really get to know one another feelings develop his wife is his soul mate but i'm the woman he wishes he met before marrying his wife. know a lot of people will tell you that a good man is hard to find; that when you find a decent man, you’ve got to hold on, no matter what. am a 22 year old gal,currently working as a receptionist,dating a married man who is my boss. lol lol some people on here likes the fact of jumping into relationships with married men. got married young to a guy i loved, guy who told me that i'm love of his life.

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married men, newly single men, and especially those who have been out if a relationship for a good bit of time and talk badly about their ex-they haven't learned anything-run! i get so mad those times a married guy has asked me out, regardless of attraction. if you don't want to be the other woman when don't be, no one forced all of you into relationships anyway. tell me what is better to be woman #2, but feel loved, respected and caried for by wonderful person and have nothing but positive feelings with that knowing that he is happier with his family too. he wanted to use me for sex and swapping with other married couples. me and open this can of worms and feelings from the past then say oops i'm married. however i hope you spend these holidays well without your married lover. you love your married man and you will die for him or follow him to the ends of the. those bad choices we make daily and all those excuses we come up with to make it sound better on paper - sounds like drug addicts. a married man courts a woman, he takes a huge risk—a risk that reveals he wants her very much. i ve been in this relationship with this married man for years. if he feels the need in having the other woman, its mean he is not happy with his wife. have and stayed away from my married man as difficult as it was. never intended to fall in love with a married man, especially one who lived thousands of miles away. too young to be a mistress, unluckily i fell inlove to a married man with no kids. so i understand he has two kids they're practically babies and he is worried for them because the wife stays home and doesn't make money to support them if he was to leave..Jessy you have to decide are you willing to give up your self happiness , and the opportunity to meet an umarried man who wants to share is time with you or are you willing to share time ony when your married man is available to you..but it's something about seeing the face of the woman who will get hurt by your selfishness.. Vicki counsels a reader who is involved in an affair with a married man. just make sure for yourself that you are really happy with your relationships. you are all full of crap anyway, married or not. every couple of days i get an email from another woman telling me they’re dating a married man, or a man who has a long-term girlfriend, but it’s ok because, “he’s going to leave her. cheating takes work, and if your guy has a full life: work, her, children, and is actively involved in tending to you. it's breaking my heart because my mind tends to wander or what i'm doing with this me; a relationship with a married man is never worth it, especially if he has kids.

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i don’t care how many trips he takes you on, or rings that he buys you. i refused to leave my job or my family and friends for a married man. say there is nothing wrong with seeing a married man if you don't want him to leave his family and aren't stupid enough to think he will plus you can still date other men and maintain some perspective outside of this relationship. and i feel like a complete jack a** i want this to make sense. know it sounds shallow but it was the first time in over 4 years another man had interest in me and made me feel physically attractive (working on losing baby weight) so it has helped me move forward from a painful break up. the same your married lover will return home and his life will continue while you schedule your life around his. why all the blame goes on married guy, you made your choice to be in that relationships too, he didn't force you. would a man say he loves someone and also propose if he wasn't serious and being honest? we work together and i didn't notice him much at first because when i started working there i was in a relationship. i bet your married lover never sat down with and actually discussed those future plans. is so easy to dish out the dirt about woman like us and labelling us as homewreckers but noone knows what we go through as well. however, some data point to the possibility that a broken heart after ending it with a married person can be much more difficult to heal than a broken heart after a more traditional relationship.'ve been seeing a married man for the past year.. i wish i would have met you first because i never would have married her. ok we are both married , but my marriage is over . otherwise, one day you might get married and your husband might just cheat on you with the side bitch from hell, a little thing called karma. complete awe of how it makes so much sense when you hear it. there are many of us men that were very happy at that time when we were married since we never knew that our ex wives happened to turn out to be very pathetic low life losers since many of us never saw this coming at all.'ve been in a relationship with a married man for five years. married men cannot give what you need in a relationship. i met this wonderful man on line who was very upfront about his marriage. just want to share, i have been keeping my distance from seeing my married man of eight years. a woman in susan's position digs deep enough into the infidelity blogs and self-help guides and finds these facts, she may just save herself before he ends the relationship.. as time goes on, i learned that the relationship between married men changes to one sided, his side.. vicki counsels a reader who is involved in an affair with a married man.

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cold hard reality to all this, is this man will never be yours completely.'ll be upfront, i think i'm in the beginning stages of dating a married man. i’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but someone needs to make you women see what’s really going on in this situation. he wanted to use me for sex and swapping with other married couples. if you’re having sex with a married man, or sleeping with a guy that has a girlfriend, sure he has feelings for you during the sex. time may be better spent on a man who is looking for something more than a loveless sexual liaison with multiple partners over several years. you'll never be able to justify your actions ,because you knew he was married from the get go. he controls my life in every way and if i don't make him happy i really don't know what could happen to me. i am not excusing my behavior but in my experience dating a married man is so much better than dating a lot of these single guys out here. men do sometimes leave their current relationships/wives and end up very happy with the woman they chose to fall in love with and start again with, and frankly the person who started this particular site, is a a douche. i try to give advice to my ap on how to help make his marriage better, cause he says he still cares for his wife and would like to be sure that she is well and healthy if he comes to decision to leave. and it did hurt a bit to think he didn't care enough about me to disrupt his life and home for me, but he did for the woman he is currently seeing. i'm in love with a delightful and very kind married man and he has always made me feel cherished and loved and adored since day one. it may be true for many people, but you should never say never. me with 25 years basically has the same age with my dad, he has been married for 40 years has kids and grandchildrens, i love him and i'm sure about he's love , why ? no decent person would have an affair with a married person and soon you'll find yourself all alone. he too treats me better than any man i have ever loved or been with. vicki holds a master of science in social work and a master of arts in clinical psychology. your married lover wanted to get a divorce he would have done so. it is very obvious why the the divorce rate is so very high nowadays thanks to these kind of women that have destroyed many of us men already and unfortunately will continue to do so. after a month of dating things got serious to where we was in a committed relationship he told me he loved me and i said it back. i've had to somehow keep faith through many months of despair, but now it is happening. we would talk about work and talk about each other. woman involved should have her life too, you still can date other people, no one stops you. he explained to me that he was married but lived in separate places she had her own house and he was stilling living in the house that they shared with each other and there 16 year old daughter.

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me, after 20 years of coaching, i’ve discovered the 3 golden keys to success in dating, business, and life. i just feel so lost and wonder if "working on myself" is valid enough to take such a big risk throwing him away when i know some lucky lucky girl will snatch him up in a minute, and i may regret it. i just started seeing a married man but the difference is that i don't want him to leave his wife of 27 years. started dating little at a time and learned from that process of what i wanted and did want. one of them was married but he never talked about his wife..So,ladies my advise don't get involve with a married man unless you enjoy the idea of being more lonely . so many women fall for the fairytale idea that somehow he’s going to leave his family behind, and ride off into the sunset with you. told me to let him work out his emotions and then he wants to be with me? she has recently released her first work of fiction, unintended consequences: a psychological romance. am finally walking away of a ldr with a married man. i have dated married guys before and not for them to leave their family but as a stepping stone. i fell in love with a married man who fortunately lives in a far state. the problem isn't the woman who he cheated with it's the cheater himself. my ap, whom i met 2 months ago, is also married. he doesn't live near he asked to meet for coffee i asked if he was married and he said yes. the point of marriage is to work at it, but if getting his underwear washed and playing daddy is all he's getting seems less of a marriage more of a chore. several years ago i had a married man persue me for 2 years before i relented, and became his sideline girlfriend for almost a year, before it became obvious he and his wife were lookong for an excuse to break them up.) right now, you’re both young: you’re not married..while our love for our married man his love is restricted because of his commitment to his wife and family. months ago i met a man while doing an activity that him and i both love. i'm not perfect or is anyone, but i don't blame the side chick, other woman, side piece #jump off or any other condescending names out there, but obviously there are other issues and infidelity may just be one. tried to break up with him many times after knowing the truth, but i just cant. he's not treating his wife any different and i'm not missing out because i'm dating him.. but am i wrong for hoping and praying that one day this man will be completely mines. he was doing contract work for a corporate finance firm.

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.she cheated on him with other man so those children have different fathers. he said, he is married, but there relationship is not good. tend to judge women like us, who involved in affairs, but you sound like me, woman with very good and kind heart. he told me he loves me, wants me, so my question was your married why would you tell me this now ? the friends she's told will remind her, “he’s married. it shows your lack of maturity in facing your own desperate situation where your are using an old man and his car rather than getting help such as section8 housing where you could save for own vehicle. he was faithful to the same woman for 12 years before he cheated with me. and why would she stay with him if he doesn’t continue to work that magic that won her? agree, i been married 10 years to true a-hole, who didn't want any family, kids, romance. she has recently released her first work of fiction, unintended consequences: a psychological romance. you will see how fast they run or they spew more bs to manipulate you and try to figure out what you want to hear. your married man will never , or ever leave his wife for you. somehow thisman broke down my wall and we fell in love. eventually we got closer and started being hook up buddies i was young maybe 17 as we were hooking up he goes on and married his wife. then he hold me in march that the january of the year we met he had went home to haiti to visit his family and got involved with a woman there. question is often asked, “if i am legally separated and start dating, can i get in trouble in the military for adultery? had been in relationships with my ap for 5 years, we love each other and have child together, but he still married to his wife and has son with her. i am 27 years old and i'm dating this man of 53yrs, he's seperated from his wife up to two years now but not yet divorced, he proposed marriage to me and we've been dating for 8months now. i knew right away that i was dealing with a very sensitive, vulnerable man. had been married 10 years to true a-hole, who didn’t want any family, kids, romance. too young to be a mistress, unluckily i fell inlove to a married man with no kids. but i know things happen for a reason, and because of the affair i had, i was able to end a bad relationship and do some work on myself so i would be a better and stronger person for my next "man. week ago i found out the guy i was seeing is married ! we are now married and have been for a few years. now we are together for 4 months he is my first boyfriend, we act like normal gf and bf here on board maybe because no one knows except me that he is married.

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in fact, the overwhelming majority of married men never leave their wives. hurts but is the truth more grace to us women who are not married. he’s lost the romance and spark he had at the beginning of his marriage, and you’re giving it to him. i enjoyed this article about dating a married man but i am dating one that has been married for 12 years but i am getting married next year we don't want to leave our significant other but we want to be together for ever right now he is pushing for us to get tattoos that will be a life long promise to us i love my fiancé with all my heart and soul but i love him also this is something we promise to take to the grave it's like living a double life but lately he been acting like all my attention belongs to him and i should really spend so much time with my fiancé and he feels some type of way is i sleep with my fiancé he starting to act like i'm a piece of property that he owns i'm just lost and don't know what to do they both comfort me in a different way. have never met a man whom connects so well with me.'m a 57year-old female seeing a married man who's wife is in prison, i've been seeing him 6 months ,we have never been out on a date. this affairs might help those married man to stay in family and raise kids.'m dating a married man, i've known him just about 6 months. after seeing her face, it broke me down and reminded me of the pain another woman had caused me. would any woman do that to another woman's family - that's just garbage behavior. comparison to married men who cheat, the majority of women who enter into affairs with married men report that they do so because they are in love or falling in love with him. that wasn't the case and i know she lives in germany when he is in iowa. my married man happened to be head-over-heels, crazy in love with me and treated me far better than anyone ive ever dated. he told me he noticed me (like couple months ago or so he claimed) and always wanted to talk to me but was afraid which makes me felt kind of creepy at first. the heartbreak of watching the man you love be with another woman. learned having a relationship with a married man is not healthy regardless how much you love each other. he came to me as single and when i realised he was married i had already planned my life with him. day every one ,my story goes like this i meet a guy in my church ,we live in europeand fall in love with him and i get pregnant for him and about getting married with him,than i found out he was married in africa without kids ,am i left him because as a child of god that know the truth can not date a married man but he cares for me and my child , and he is saying he wants to marry me because he loves me and he has be in europe for many years and had not go to africa. as a single woman who is looking for a relationship he keeps me grounded. i am much happier with the man i am involved with now than i was with either my long term ex or my affair partner. the married man did the same but then freaked out as his wife threatened to take the kids away and he relented, begged her to come back and so began the waiting game. i know that i should be questioning what is happening in my current marriage, and fix it, but the problem is i can't - i don't want to, i feel no sexual attraction to my husband, yet at this point i want to keep my family situation working as is, functional and happy for our child. has my heart in iowa and i pray we work through our disagreements. you deserve better than being in an affair with a married man. when i got divorced we started meeting up for sex, and discussed that nothing more should happen, however after few months we both fall in love very deeply, he wanted for me to have a child with him i agreed, i wanted to have baby anyway and i truly love him, that it was easy choice to make.

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i have been dating this married man for 5 years,i am 68 and he is 70. if you don’t want to be the other woman when don’t be, no one forced all of you into relationships anyway. give the man at least 24 hours before you assume it’s warfare. he gave me his work and home, cell number how refreshing. he would say, "i love you, please wait for me," "i will marry you because you're the woman i've waited for all of my life. was once married to an abusive man whom truly didn't have any respect for me.! i just wanna share what im having right now with a married man whom i love so much. just found out the man i've been sering for the past year has a partner. i work in a nice community hospital and he takes the train to work.)why this type of man doesn’t commithow to get that stubborn guy to fall in love with you (and only you!’ve helped millions of men and women around the globe achieve success in their dating, social and personal lives. the unmarried ones are no more emotionally available than the married ones so jump down off of your judgmental high horse and understand this. now we are together for 4 months and we act like normal gf and bf here on board maybe because no one knows except me that he is married. met a man whom is married whom claims to love me as much as i do.. i am still virgin and think that i can't make our rel to the next level yet but i love him. i wanted to stop talking to him after his wedding but he managed to text me the next day. i felt ashamed and guilty that i was the other woman. of course i have my own married man issues to deal with. if guy truly attracted to a woman he will go after that woman, no matter what, even if he feels guilty. trouble is this amazing new man already has a woman at home. i asked him two times before about kids and married, he said he never married and no kids. he wants me to find somebody else and get married to. however, women are notorious for believing lies that married men tell them. however, with so manny lies how can you think you can have a serious relationship or even consider marriage which i think his fos. he makes it seem as if women are just "holes" to be filled, and it apparent what his views are, and i would hate to be his mistress, or wife.

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'm in this of dating a married man, when i read this article it tells the whole truth that i'm going nowhere with a married man. really think that most women going into any kind of relationship with a married man know all the listed above. we worked together one night, it was slow, so i brought out a game on my phone. the man that i am in love with is actually my ex boyfriend from 30 years ago. although we act likr normal gf and bf here onboard maybe because no one knows he is married except me. we all hear about those rare occasions when something like this works, but it’s far more common for a recently separated person to end up hurting someone badly, whether that’s intentional or not. he really makes me feel good with the attention he gives me. i love this man and i know he loves me. to make a six-hour long-distance relationship work during your freshman year in college is so hard. whenever we fight, he is always so willing to make it work. they seem to all be talking about the woman/mistress being the played and pathetic of the "relationship". he wants to be with that woman all the time, and he won’t let anything stop him being with her.'m in a situation where i am in love with a married man. now thinking about it there were so many red flags. i met him at an airport about 9 months ago and he comes to my country for work as he is ceo of big company and comes here for work every few months.. it was not an overnight process but a process of learning how to make better choices even if it killed your. as much as i am demanding him to leave his fiance, he started to see negative things about me. david, you are so right to give women dating men who are married/in a relationship a virtual slap in the face. i only found out that he is married already and have a kid last week. seems so obvious, yet every couple of days, there’s an email from a woman telling me how a married guy is playing them. am the other woman and it doesn't bither me a bit. he cares for you he will work things out at home . though i don't see this awesome man much he sent me three dozen flowers for my birthday! by comparison, the married man’s job in obtaining and keeping the attention of the single woman is to reveal his desire. think it would make all the difference in the world if people start thinking about how to treat others in the exact same manner they want to be treated.

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and so, victims of broken relationships with married partners are often isolated, with little emotional support to help them heal.. i don't think he deserve to be the first man who will make me experience the feeling of making love, for the first time. she’s also involved in an affair with a married man. actually my man isn't married yet but he's already living with his fiance with a child. he's extremely manipulate and always ask me why i hate him when i break things off. you must have been married and your husband cheated and left you. on that note, it’s also ok to talk about “working on myself” without putting it in air quotes! ladies please be aware dating, or having a relationship with a married man wether you are or not involved in the break down of your married lover.. i was one of you and i also have posted my dilemma's being with a married man. when i find out he was married with no kids, i try to avoid him but i failed. people think women who mess around with married men are hoes, desperate, or home wrecker or all the above and that's really not the case. don't be like me and stay with a married man for 14 years. doesnt make sense, seems marriage wasn't the answer if he decided he couldn't be without her ,but then cheat. i have been the "other woman" (he wasn't married, but he was engaged and living with his fiancee during our affair). we both want me to find a nice man, and he is supportive. yes this was the guy; i thought was unhappily married and couldn’t leave because of financial responsibilities.'m 31 and i was seeing this man officially for about 3 months. am a great mom of three teenagers trying to find a man to marry again down the road. is a lot of work, so do give him credit for that. am dating a married man that has four children in two different states. im not" when people cheat, whether they are married or not. not all married men are looking for just sex, some are looking for love as well. he said he married i'm thinking is he crazy how dare him come.'m sorry some of us are having troubles maintaining a relationship with married men.. most men who cheat report that they do so with multiple partners across many years.

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you're dating a married man, and think he's going to leave his wife for you, then you need to read this. ladies understand married men are not going to give there financial wealth or assets even if there marriage is decayed. and as much as some women think that guys don't need all that romantic, lovie-dobie stuff, they actually do want it as much as we do. this has last up until today when i answere his call at work.! i met a man and fell in love with him. what the hell is a 48 yr old married man doing meeting up with a 20 yr old in a hotel room. have been in a relationship with a married man for five years . sympathy because he can never have a real relationship which makes him look pathetic. when we objected and pointed out the same things you mentioned, she made excuses until he said let's take a break for a month because my wife wants to see if we can work it out, if there's a chance. said that he loves me but he cant leave hia wife, she is someone that he need to be with but im the one whom he loved to be with basically what i understand is tgey get married wmot because of love. we then texted for about a month until we met and had the most romantic dinner and a night out. are many great guys out there,u jst hv to wait. been 2 years and 8 months since i was involved in this married man relationship until on my birthday date this january i realised i was living a life full of lies. marriage was pretty much over when i met my married man and as soon as i realised i was having feelings for another man i told my husband it was over and we separated. i know two former "mistresses" who married the man they were seeing and these men did indeed leave their unhappy marriages to be happy and complete so ladies. he said no it's just she stops by when she wants to check on there daughter and plus he didn't think it was time for his 16 year old daughter to actually see him dating i agreed cause i wasn't really pressed on meeting his child. i told him i couldn't revolve my life and my decisions around a married man. now for 4 months we had started dating his wife was still living in the house his kids are grown. i found out not only the married man i was dating lying about the circumstances surrounding his marriage, but he was also seeing another woman."“you knew what you were getting into,” is a not uncommon reason to stop calling, stop emailing, stop texting, and if it is a workplace relationship, stop being nice at work. but sometimes we are with the one who is treating us better than the rest of you a-holes ever have, even if he's married. having an affair or dating married man is because your married lover doesn't want a divorce. but if your man truly loves you that much he wouldn’t make you wait and hesitate to leave his wife. i wouldn't consider myself "the other woman," but it's just a weird situation to be in. it is very unfortunate that many of us good innocent men had this happened to us already since many of us were the real committed ones in our relationship from the very beginning to the very end.

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.don't let a married man take you down,because a married man is always thinking about himself.. the married man his life at home, he talks about what he's doing , visting friends, buying a new car, cutting and weed wacking the grass, gardening jarring his vegetables and at the end he says to me. he said he wanted to stay good friends with me, maybe more, because who knows, it might not work out in a year or so. i just finally called it quits with my married man after nine months. in other words they want the thrill of the secondary relationship because its easier to work in the primary one he really wants to keep because of the security. are absolutely right about putting yourself in the wife's place before you let yourself sleep with a married man. i truly want to just get over him and heal because i know i'm a good woman and my morals and pride are way better. i love him and i really don't know why i still feel even he's married that he love me that much. i feel for you, and i want you to find an amazing man of your own, not for you to take another woman’s, or for a man to treat you like a piece of meat. am 20 years old & have been having an affair with a 48 year old married man for almost 2 years. plus he knows i'm not asking for that day with him i'm demanding that's day with him. he ask me is there light at the end of the tunnel for him i told him only if i knew he was leaving bam he pulled out the limited divorce paperwork he had just filed and of course i checked it out online to make sure. worked with this guy in the summer and we became good friends. was dating a married man and in my case your over generalized, over simplified, narrow minded, judgmental article couldn't be farther from the truth. romance scams are used to con women out of thousands. just wished i read more into this situation before i dated a married man but so called “separated”., you say you’re sure that another woman will “snatch him up in a minute. i'm believe i'm the one who's easiest to leave, but when i'm with him, he makes it all so believable. thanks to him because i think he was just man enough to admit things to me. anyways he says give him 6 months to make it right. that special man will come and he will be worthy of your most prized possession. going on this path will surely turn against you and one day you may find out your husband has been screwing another woman behind your back for years. he would wine and dine me and make me forget about any questions i had about our relationship. i just think if man choose to stray from his wife, its mean that he really not that happy in his marriage, he is looking for better emotional connection and intimacy. situation is different, i'm in a relation for 3 years with a married man, i'm divorce and i have two boys ,he's older the.

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one time i actually told him that he needs to take some time off our relationships and work on his marriage.'m dating a married man, have been for 3 years, we have a beautiful little boy. when a man is serious about a woman, he can’t stand being away from her. he's with me every day all day ,he enjoy every second what we share, i feel that i'm a big priority in his life, he look after me and he care about my children ,he is next to me if i'm not well or no matter what a problem i have he is there in the right place, i'm not jealous that his married , we don't do plans for the further, we enjoy the moment,help each other, and if the life will be in our side we will be together but everything was clear from the beginning : the only think what can separate him of his wife is just the dead so i'm a good person and i can't hope in something like that , he never promise me nothing more and i have a ex experience before of a 12 years marriage and is a amazing different from how happy i'm now and how i was before. now after 30 yrs he still chase after me and he married his elementary school sweetheart. i wanted to get married but he kept stalling and would make up some excuse and give some reason why he couldn't marry me yet. thanks for listening, i'm even to embarrassed to tell people she's dating a married man so other than god this is my first discussion with anyone other than my husband. i started noticing that myself and this other man were talking more and flirting more. please note: we manually approve all comments in order to prevent spam. i’m also a father to the world’s cutest little girl, and i am an unapologetic man. why should i be the one to fix anything for if not me it's another woman. agree 100% with david, but that's only for women that want to be in a relationship with a married man. i am separated from my housband for 3years,and now dating a married man,he tells me soo many painful things about his wife such as the woman is not working but refused to cook and to satisfy him,but happen to do all this things for him,sometimes the woman throw him out he comes to me but he is still with her,does that means he love her so much? when i met my ap i was married, and i would never ever cheated on my husband, until then. i lost my self completely to this man and yet i still love him. one thing i started doing was dating i let him know i'm not going to be waiting around for him and will continue to date other guys until he gets a divorce or i fall in love with some one else's.. marry a man that you love and the love is shared with respect and commitment.. he said he was married because of his family, they set him up to get married because he couldnt say no plus its their tradition (indian) that they need a wife so someone would take carr of his sick mom amd dad. i met him when i was taking my usual train to work. and if it does get serious and we ended up dating and getting married it's like do i want a husband like him who has no loyalty or integrity. as a wife and as a woman this is our primary instinctual thing to stay home, take care of our man and our children, its our feminine nature. any married man is totally unhealthy and having a sexual relationship just intensify your love for him and 99% of the time the married man cannot and willfully not give what you want or need in a beautiful and healthy relationship. know, no matter how wonderful he is, or how good he treats you, or how special he makes you feel. don't date a married man even if he says he's leaving his wife. this things makes me explode everytime i think of it i just couldnt figure out what to do coz i cant tell to anyone because i kmow they will judge me.

Dating a Married Man - It Isn't Ever Worth It

with many men that would love to be with me. i knew he was attracted to me and since i had just gotten out of a bad relationship, i didn't want anyone else at the time but i wanted to have sex with this married man. read my 13 year old daughters journal which had a suicide note to her mom and how she hated her for what she was doing , i have been taking my daughter to therapy for the last month but the next step is the hospital , my wife has put her feelings ahead of her daughter for a married man . married man is not something any of us want to do. strong as many women are we are still very emotional ladies. situation is purely based on the context of the man. one night, we were out just the two of us, and he told me his wife had been traveling for work for the past few months and their marriage was basically over. these are master manipulators so do yourself a favor and stay away. most women who begin a relationship with a married man are simply looking for a partner in someone else’s backyard. mm don't want to make any more commitments so a test you can do is to say you want to have a baby with him. i wrote my post i think i broke up with my married dude like three times up until now. and didn't find out until 8months in after falling in love with him that he was married. but you stepped in like the loser and almost homeless woman you are and gave his the praise (false, because you have no clue what a liar and abusive creep he is) and sex all for very little. am trying to start over with someone else and believe me it feels good for you to call your man anytime of the day being bright early morning or how late it is at night. susan has been asked by close friends and family who are aware of the affair what drove a successful, attractive, intelligent woman to start and continue a relationship with a married man for nearly three years? it seems to me no one but the man wins in these triangles. i'm having a difficult time understanding why a man would cheat and risk losing it all.. he said he was married because of his family, they set him up to get married because he couldnt say no plus its their tradition (indian) that they need a wife so someone would take carr of his sick mom amd dad. it's a crappy thing to do to another woman, and it is foolish to think you are only "good enough" to be some married man's "dirty little secret. and after 20 years of coaching, i’ve discovered the golden keys to success in dating, business, health and wellness, and life. it's difficult for me to focus on my family with a young child, while i cannot wake up beside this married man every morning and spend as much time together as we like. the marriage may not work out, but don't let it be because of you. it is very real fact that most of the women of today are the real biggest cheaters of them all anyway since they will just sleep around with all different kinds of men all the time and will have no regrets at all whether they are single and or married to begin with since most of these type of women could really care less. ex husband was dating a woman while we were married. i will never get involved with a "taken" man again.

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