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we will be holding the next speed dating event in may, if things go as planned.’ve been to mainstream speed dating events, and they tend to have a limit on how many matches you can make. speed dating event is for single professionals ages 20s & 30s. first off, the organized polyamory community in our area has a lot of queer folks. this kind of reflects general problems in the culture around gender and dating. or perhaps everyone in san francisco is just so damn busy that a quick-and-dirty dating event has a broader appeal? because our algorithm prioritized people who were harder to match, straight men could end up monopolizing bisexual women, even with the difference in the number of dating rounds. poly friends came to poly speed dating, most of them. watching this, i realized that there haven’t been any poly dating events (speed or otherwise) in the area at all.

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of course, i could be wrong, since i’ve never been to a mainstream speed dating event.  this article about organizing poly speed dating speaks of a computer program they wrote to match people up: the computer program would do a first […]. speed dating is kind of a headache, but an “availables” mixer would probably be easy to set up. it turns out, running poly speed dating takes more than one or even two people. we have less than a hundred people at speed dating, which makes matching much harder., if there are enough people in the area looking, maybe consider holding a dating event that is not speed dating? the first of similar events in the united states took place at the omaha public library benson branch, where amy mather, a librarian, and her colleague at the time, manya shorr, organized a “hardbound to heartbound” night in 2009, on valentine’s day. across the country host literary speed-dating events in an effort to attract young professionals. one of the pivotal east bay organizers was at the first event, and he said the same thing.

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i’ve been to mainstream speed dating events, and they tend to have a limit on how many matches you can make, so what happens is that matches are relatively uncommon rather than relatively common. aimed for ten dating rounds, but as it turned out, we needed to put some people on more dates (up to fourteen) in order to get others to have a minimal number (say, six).”last spring the collaborative summer library program, a national consortium of public libraries, included literary speed dating on its list of suggested adult library programming. will be interesting to see if speed dating takes off elsewhere. because this was poly speed dating, we also gave people the ability to date as a couple or group (say, as a triad). said, i think we might try a similar strategy where we break people’s dating list into two sheets and have them hand in the first at intermission. the imbalance happens when the events are specifically about dating (the availables mixer, kinky speed dating) or physical interaction (cuddle parties or a sex party group started by a bi poly couple). first speed dating event, we had a big problem with no-shows. we ended up mostly matching groups with each other for the first speed dating night.

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this sort of thing is generally put together by an individual, often a travel agent, who takes responsibility for reserving and selling a block of rooms on a traditional cruise ships; in exchange, the organizer gets his or her own cruise for free, and sometimes makes a profit. i am not sure why – guys under thirty don’t go to dating events? unexpected success of poly speed dating has inspired me to reconsider how we hold poly events. think the formality of speed dating helps to keep the event from feeling like a meat market, even though that’s exactly what it is. don;t you pose that question to anti-lgbt head of the national organization of evangelicals, on 24/7 speed dial to gw bush? thus the surprisingly big response to our speed dating events. the wording of the referendum has been approved by the maine secretary of state’s office, but organizers have not started collecting signatures. this may lead to a less frequent speed dating schedule – the first two events were about three months apart. date, we have held two poly speed dating events in berkeley.

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he is obsessed with gays and will never stop pushing his hate and spite filled agenda. also, i think people were in some cases overwhelmed by the abundance of possibilities afterwards, and this may lead them to avoid dating events for a while. even without the dating bent, it can be quite difficult to break into the social poly scene as an outsider (especially a male outsider). there have been a lot of requests for more time, or for a “slow dating” event variant. in a kind of hearts-and-flowers literacy drive, public libraries across the country are sponsoring speed-date nights to draw more young professionals into reading rooms.’ve been looking for a “bisexual cruise” for years now; my gay and lesbian friends have such fun on the rsvp and olivia cruises, and i’m envious. if you don’t have 40-ish folks who would attend, maybe consider holding a dating event that isn’t speed dating? subversive sub’s blog for the anarchist bdsm group announcements:Also, you mentioned holding a specifically kinky speed dating event. … even without the dating bent, it can be quite difficult to break into the social poly scene as an outsider (especially a male outsider).

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i think its pretty obvious what his issues are since his internal struggles periodically erupt into an anti-gay rant., most of the organizers are too busy in our own lives to date new people, through a combination of prior relationships, work, and family. it seems possible that events like this poly speed dating (which sounds like it went really well! people tended to avoid clumsy come-ons (or come-ons of any sort, really) during the social time, which is understandable given that they had their hands full with between six and fourteen dates during the dating rounds. but that didn’t stop several dozen singles, mostly in their 20s and 30s, from showing up on a recent tuesday night at the main branch of the san francisco public library for its first speed-dating session. have seen mobs of gays torment straight people in maine. in other words, poly speed dating works, so far at least. we had fifty people at the first poly speed dating event, and over ninety at the second. poly speed dating, we had to expand on this concept.

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i’ve said, while most women seem to prefer this slow start to dating, there is apparently a solid subset of women in my area who want to move faster or interact in a explicit looking-for-dates context. me an email at pepomint at gmail if you want to have a long conversation about holding a poly speed dating event. in the first round, people were pretty restrictive with their age range interest, i think more so than they are when dating in their social life., i think most people who go to poly events on a regular basis take this slow approach to dating. and indeed, i was not the clever person who came up with poly speed dating. for example, one could have an explicit “no come-ons” rule combined with a way to register interest to the organizers, and again mutually inform any two-way matches. they aren’t dating events, but if you come regularly for a while, you’ll start organically meeting poly people in the area..” charlie howard was gay and he was tormented by straight people, and yes, i remembered the story, though not the name. basic premise of speed dating is that many people can gauge their level of attraction to someone within the first couple minutes of meeting them.

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we also asked people if they were interested in dating genderqueer folks. speed dating certainly doesn’t work for everyone, but poly organizers should consider holding dating events in their area, preferably ones that somehow avoid the bad meat-market atmosphere that singles (availables? oddly silent on gays… pretty harsh when it comes to one-percenters though. another interesting development, the crowd that turned out for poly speed dating was not the same people who frequent poly community events in the area., this is what you wrote: “i have seen mobs of gays torment straight people in maine. when i talk about the “meat market” atmosphere above, i’m getting at this air of social obligation that develops at dating events, where women feel like they have to entertain guys that they aren’t attracted to. if a m/f couple said they were interested in men, did that mean straight men, bi men, and/or gay men? this points to a need for a variety of poly dating events, since some people are not served by speed dating. writeup started as a report on a poly speed dating event i have been helping to organize, and turned into a meditation on holding innovative poly events.

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if you want to skip the somewhat lengthy event report, head down to the speed dating and poly organizing section. certainly there have been criticisms along those lines on various poly lists in the area, with people stating that speed dating would never work for them because they value personality., that’s what happens when you get monogamous assumptions in your speed dating. this is a first: i have been bedeviled by absence of my own social cohort at the poly events i organize. speed dating pairs men and women up for quick “dates” that last from two to five minutes. (though as it turns out, people’s dating age preferences turned out to be surprising – more on this below. you could incorporate elements of speed dating, specifically the process of writing down the people you’re interested in and having the hosts check for two-way matches. this can happen if they actually start dating due to the speed dating event, since they then have less need for a dating event. holding a speed dating event where men only talked to women would be way too limiting for this crowd.

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computer program would do a first pass where it checked each particular dating unit (single, couple, group) versus every other dating unit to see if they were compatible. bisexuals make up a decent percentage of event attendance (20-50%, depending on event), and they are joined by a smattering of transgender, lesbian, and gay folks. that and a scheduling snafu left guy/guy dating pretty much dead, which was sad. so we could do just-in-time scheduling, running the program after everyone was registered but before we started the speed dates. think there’s a lack of dating events in the community, so even in a low-poly-population area, you might find that there’s some interest in dating events. any case, we have identified a need for poly dating events, at least in the sf bay area. polyamory events tend to be useful for support, advice, camraderie, and to find dating partners. (the one exception seemed to be the same-sex night, when more than twice as many gay men turned up as lesbians.%d bloggers like this:This writeup started as a report on a poly speed dating event I have been helping to organize, and turned into a meditation on holding innovative poly events.

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once nice thing about speed dating is that it gets all that out up front, and you get to meet a whole pile of people with the explicit intention of looking for dates., speed dating seems to work well when you have a bunch of people. can see my girlfriend debby’s chronicle of her speed dating experience at the second event here, or luke’s report of the first event here. none of us has any prior experience holding speed dating events. sullivan and jeanette sasek at the dating event in san francisco. think that people who pick up chemistry slowly tend to characterize speed dating as shallow, focusing only on physical attributes. you collect each round’s slips, key in the data (or, if you’re feeling really froggy, do this with a scanner with an adf, and barcodes for the dating unit codes and ovals for the answers :-), matching yes with yes or maybe, and depending on how that works out, possible maybe with maybe to fill in for people with too few matches. in austin, someone in the poly group did start an “availables meeting” and one of the kink groups did kinky speed dating for singles and couples. lee and susan gray, speed dating at the san francisco public library.

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you might like:Speed dating for single professionals ages 30s & 40s - nyc. we changed the algorithm in the second round so that it would attempt to balance bisexuals’ dating between men and women as much as possible. you considered holding a poly dating event in your area, speed or otherwise? response, lololol, was to the idea that mobs of gay people tormented straight people, not the other way around., a lot of the stuff we’ve figured out could be adapted to kinky speed dating, like doing matching by sexuality.) the imbalance gets larger for speed dating, but it sounds like the difference is not as big as what you have seen in austin. sense is that we hit a nerve with poly speed dating, evidenced by the large attendance by people who normally don’t make it to poly events.”literary speed dating seems to have its roots in europe. perhaps dating events would work out better if there were some mechanism so that women would not be cornered by men they did not like?

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dating for singles ages 20s & 30s - fort lee, nj. at the first speed dating night, there was not only a lot of interest during the dates, but people seemed pretty flirty during the open social time as well. this is a common issue with singles or dating events. the rabid community organizer that i am, this inevitably leads me to the question of why: why are these folks not coming to poly events? Be sure to order the speed dating kit to help get started. want to put out a call to poly organizers: try something vaguely ridiculous, or at least very different, while still maintaining your usual poly events. though apparently we are not too busy to organize dating events. i hold various events in the area, and the people at speed dating were mostly new faces. terms of numbers, poly speed dating has been a rousing success.

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) this puts a real damper on the event, since their primary purpose is actually to find dating partners. second strategy was to just handle the imbalance in the setup of the dating rounds. i think it is actually possible for some people to gauge personality compatibility relatively quickly, and those folks do well at speed dating. they know a lot of poly people, just through their friend network and dating network. if both people mark down that they are interested, the speed dating agency puts them in contact either later that evening or after the event. this was a nice illustration of the power of being able to recalculate the dating schedule in minutes at the event. is important to remember that the speed dating rounds are mostly there to get people to the “hey let’s have coffee” level, which means that most of the chemistry-building will actually happen (or not) after the event, and the dating rounds are really there for quick elimination of folks who definitely do not match. i think there was a general tendency to treat the speed dating registration much as one would the registration for a personals website. five dating rounds in, we decided that leaving no-shows in the rotation was a bad idea, so we recalculated a new set of eight rounds for the remainder.

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