How to tell your friends you re dating a changeling fimfiction

How to tell your friends you're dating a changeling fimfiction

: you might be surprised what you can find over at lingerie & refrigerators off main street.. this happened with granny pie, but the exact circumstances of this are still unclear.: proper classification is important, and those are two completely different things. it gets to the point where mystic has enough of living in her shadow, abandons the name sparkle, and runs away from home. changing lives reveals that it has something to do with the weather vane generating an electromagnetic field and setting off nerve endings through the body. she is still shrewish and vicious and murderous, but she's quick to step into line with the protagonists when she realizes that her own existence is on the line. assassination of twilight sparkle is a my little pony: friendship is magic death fic by rated ponystar. too much information: rainbow's reaction to cloud telling her about the weather vane trick. shining armor's chapter reveals that prince blueblood's father, amadeus, was the true mastermind behind twilight's assassination. reset is a my little pony: friendship is magic fan fiction story by eakin. birth/death juxtaposition: twilight's mom became pregnant about a month after twilight died. only a few hours remain for the everfree nw scribblefest 2017! year after twilights coronation, shes murdered by a jealous blueblood and his conspirators, believing her to be trying to usurp celestia.?4377167 how about you'll never reach equestria because it's a fictional world created by a woman in her 40's. ripple effect-proof memory: simultaneously subverted and played straight, in different ways. an experimental spell blew up in her face, an army of changelings is attacking canterlot, and she just died." because twilight is still affected by changeling venom, she is forced to tell the whole horrifying story, up to and including her alternate self becoming the changeling queen, until azalea finally interrupts. the first part of pinkie's chapter reveals that pinkie's sister marble was the one who sold the metal that became the blades that slew twilight to twilight's killers. amadeus was the the real mastermind behind twilight's death after all. subverted once it's revealed in the sequel that driving celestia to such extreme action, thus escalating things to civil war, was the plan all along. in assassinverse: under the red hood jason todd aka the red hood goes on a hunting spree, killing traditionalists in his wake. antagonist in mourning: while he and twilight never fully became friends, discord does end up feeling sorrow for her loss, mostly out of respect as a worthy opponent. dead guy on display: twilight is preserved in a glass coffin. because you were nice to me: why did blueblood start to have second thoughts? let us never speak of this again: twilight's reaction to spike bringing up her emo phase when growing up.: during their intervention for twilight, rainbow dash calls her out for letting the rest of them die when she'd already figured out a perfect victory plan, just so she could go back and take the opportunity to sleep with luna. driven to suicide: twilight, in the loop where she first discovers her friends will die if she doesn't prevent it, followed by luna being killed in an ambush. that's the most dislikes i've seen since your last story. subverted when chrysalis comes back and tells twilight she's changed her mind and will now proceed to lay eggs in twilight's skull. many years, princess celestia has finally realized she is in love with twilight sparkle. gilligan cut: the story makes liberal use of these to show different loops, especially when dying in one results in twilight correcting herself in the next one (or the relevant one several loops later). believe this is also the cardassian way of dating as well. the reveal: fancy pants was very supportive of twilight's plans, especially the one allowing interracial marriages.

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villainous legacy: those involved in twilight's assassination are dead and/or gone by the time the story takes place, but the lasting damage is still enough to drive the story forward. her survival only delayed the civil war, and her friends and family are surprised by her being alive, though spike still ran away. stumbling upon the secret history between her mentor and the queen of the changelings, twilight now finds herself in a position to put an end to the pony-changeling conflict. chrysalis is back nine months after the wedding and she's nine months pregnant. his biggest berserk button that anyone can push is claiming that you have harmed children or had an intention of harming one. the chance to correct what's gone wrong, twilight swears she's going to fix all this even if it kills her. divine parentage: blueblood is descended from the first blueblood, a knight, and celestia herself. the many deaths of twilight: some are rather funny, while some. and to be honest it is truly beautiful when you see a changeling find that special one. hex i know you never approved of twilights reformations, even if you never went public about them. the only clue peewee received was to "beware of the one whose name goes with royalty. fighting your friend: at one point twilight gets brainwashed after being bitten by chrysalis and is forced to attack luna, who ends up killing twilight in self-defense. this is due to queen chrysalis killing changeling children to protect herself from future threats, one of which was a member of stag's family. because the bluebloods have been secretly plotting to take over equestria for centuries; twilight's death, celestia enforcing her reforms and the resulting civil war were all part of their plan. sophisticated as hell: when cheerliee writes her letter of resignation, she leaves the headmaster this gem: "thank you for the experience, sir. since it takes an hour to recharge, he can't use it with nearly the same wild abandon as twilight did in the first story. worse, she is a danger to both herself and others, resulting in her magic being suppressed. just as she resolves to do this, chrysalis reappears moments after having left, nonchalantly states she changed her mind and cheerfully kills twilight. blind date: applejack sets up twilight and azalea, and despite some early difficulties the two really hit it off. sparkle is not who she says she is, she doesn't really know what she is. once twilight has had enough of her, she launches into a lecture on cyanobacteria, describing its function in ecology, explaining why being described as pondscum wouldn't be as insulting as another mare would think, then telling algae that she's not even worth its attention. apparently doctors have compared it to schizophrenia, but pinkie feels like it's a bit different, like each voice is a different soul, waiting to take over. earn your happy ending: twilight succeeds in saving the world, marries azalea, starts a family, and ascends to become a princess. this racism becomes much more notorious once the changelings are permanently turned into ponies by the elements of harmony, resulting in some willing to take them in with others decrying and rejecting attempts to integrate them into pony society. "the reason you suck" speech: celestia gives one to blueblood and his fellow conspirators. feel like you could say this about basically any program. the glow-worms are so lovely when they feed on-""umm, chrysalis? duct tape for everything: during at least one killing spree, twilight binds a changeling with duct tape before casually going over to it and smashing its brains in with home run. dying dream: rainbow's drinking eventually ends up giving her alcohol poisoning causing her to have one of these where she sees all of ponyville mourning her death. you don't have to speak vocally with discord, you can type messages out. a third story has surfaced titled vengeance of the star where spike is killed and twilight is forced to watch. it features everypony's reactions to twilight's death, and how it affected ponies, sometimes in ways you wouldn't expect. compared to amadeus blueblood, prince blueblood is just a talented amateur.

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    just because you don’t appreciate them doesnt mean they arent good and important things. physical goddess: the way princess celestia gets described when really angry makes her come off as this.: it's implied that blueblood regretted his actions in the end. three years after twilight's death and most ponies still refuse to accept her as a princess. and while you're at it, we've now got even more character tags to add thanks to season 6 and loe (sunburst, flurry heart, thorax, gabby.'ll fall in love with today's story before you know it. this ends up coming back to haunt twilight when luna gets killed shortly afterwards, and her immense regret over her harsh words likely plays some small part in her suicide. wham episode: maud pie's chapter reveals that the weapons used to kill twilight were made out of orichalcum, the only metal that can kill an alicorn., we simply need for the staff to give us those new character tags we've been screaming about for the past years and everything will be fine. you can have people directly spam you with irritation when you update the site love and affection for an awesome site. in an early loop while engaged in a beam-o-war with celestia, chrysalis (as celestia) convinces twilight she's the real one by telling her to attack them both, knowing twilight would believe this is something only the real celestia would say. these hands have killed: when spike accidentally kills a ship full of slavers with the backfire from a teleportation, this is his reaction. while still amoral to the extreme, she's no longer puppy-kicking evil. there's also equestrian civil war , an alternate universe where twilight survived the assassination attempt thanks to celestia's spell. aristocrats are evil: not across the board, but blueblood and his conspirators certainly fit. at the same time, twilight's unchanged memories of her original past become increasingly troublesome as the story progresses. exact words: after twilight returns from her journey to the alternate universe, she tells a white lie to azalea that it wasn't so bad. performing a job that doesn't pertain to one's special talent will get them arrested like diamond tiara's nanny strawberry star. long game: the bluebloods have spent the last several centuries plotting to take the throne of equestria for themselves, with the recent birth of amadeus' daughter majesty being just what they need to finally bring their plans to fruition. i have no son: gallant hearts parents disown him for his part in killing twilight, burning all his pictures except one his brother manages to save. here's the rules and regs: scribblefest 2017 rules, regs, and requirements! before leaving, she mentions she is not better than chrysalis, then uses a dark magic spell to kill her while making sure she suffers the most excruciating pain imaginable until the very moment she dies. one fateful search through the everfree forest leads rarity to a secret library inhabited by the spirit of an ancient alicorn princess, she realises that it may be time to start believing in fairy tales. in truth, his father refused to work with non-pegasi at the weather factory and went on strike, only for others to come in and do the work just as well if not better. the changelings will kill the other mane 6 if twilight doesn't send luna over to save them. medieval stasis: the reason for equestria's is that there are a lot of traditionalists that insist that things should be done magically or by hoof, even though other nations are developing their technology to the point that equestria is falling behind. the ditherer: twilight becomes a tragic case of this; spending months in the time loop leaves her with anxiety over the littlest choices once she gets out since she no longer has any way to go back and correct any mistakes she makes. the only reason for this thing to exist is because of a noodle incident in you can fight fate that twilight doesn't get to go on, and this fic explains none of it. indeed, in the recursive fanfiction rise from betrayal, where he falsely believes that his plot succeeded, he feels regret over his actions and even wonders if what he did was really worth it. it should be noted all six of them are alive throughout the entire process and able to feel everything that's happening to them. twilight has this with her jerkass of a blind date algae bloom, in reference to algae's earlier remark about how her pet store job mostly consists of cleaning "slimy plants" out of the tanks. "the reason you suck" speech twilight gives one to starswirl. in fact, i've been busy making dresses ahead of time for the occasion.
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    there was another chrysalight story that took this concept down the dark / gore path (stalking = romance, kidnap = dating, torture = affection), and it's nice to see someone carry it down the comedy/romance path instead. here, according to mystic sparkle, even the former is not an option. twilight then reminds chrysalis that while this may be true for celestia, it definitely isn't true for herself, before proceeding to cast a dark spell that results in an agonising and protracted death as a punishment. they feed on love, why would their relationships be built on constantly draining their significant other. fancy pants gives one to lord hex, a noble who refuses to accept the changes happening to equestria. well-intentioned extremist: some of the conspirators honestly believe they were saving celestia from a potential usurper. much of fimfiction's functionality requires javascript so we suggest you turn it on! not only has rarity stopped taking in orders from canterlot, but when one of them threatens to ruin her business for not making a dress (not even a month after twilight's death mind you), she tells them to kiss her plothole. they think of it as their reward to her, and the others, for coming pretty close to what they think is a perfect world. vagueness is coming: peewee's chapter reveals that a "black star" has been spotted, and that the most evil entities have been born from said star. the story explores the premise of multiple intersecting time loops, with the catch that only the first looper to die in a particular iteration will remember its events. averted for others, such as the time where twilight describes her neck being snapped, or how a death was relatively good because she barely had time to feel her eyeballs boil. no, blossom, youve been great, butblossomforth: how did i taste?" which comes across as utterly hollow once you've read the chapters where she has no problem trying to get obviously reluctant ponies drunk enough to say yes. too dumb to live: blueblood and his conspirators, for not realizing that celestia would come down on them like a ton of bricks for killing twilight. i thought i had to push one of them away because she doesn't see what i'm really like, but i was wrong. this is also invariably the result of any encounter between changelings and an alicorn unless they ambush her in the hundreds. for her part, cloud seems to realise that the changelings were too under chrysalis's control to be held responsible for it, but she's still pretty pissed when she realises that a changeling almost destroyed her friendship with blossomforth in this way - and that said changeling was kicky. she had a changeling partner herself a few centuries ago, after all. after looping enough times to predict exactly how a changeling will react in battle and gaining enough battle experience, she's the one dealing them instead. killed off for real: regal, a nephew of one of the conspirators who suffered endless bullying for his uncle's actions to the point of shooting himself in the head in front of his entire class. painting the medium: each one of the voices pinkie hears is represented by a different color of text. never got to say goodbye: flash sentry was going to propose to twilight before she died. that deprives the time loop of its looper, causing a recursive failure..because running strange software nobody can check for vulnerabilities or spyware from people you don't know over a network is a bad idea, no matter how many of your friends tell you it's totally safe even though they have no way of knowing that? i understand that you wouldnt have told me before you transformed, but what about after? pinkie is lucky enough to have a family that can afford to import the medicine she takes, allowing her to be herself and use her talents while maintaining her sanity, but others aren't as lucky, which is part of the reason pinkie supported twilight's attempts to advance equestria's medicinal knowledge. dash is never going to let twilight live this down also rarity is going to insist that even if twilight and chrysalis are married by changeling law they still will need a pony ceremony as well and she will have so many dresses to make. not evil, just misunderstood: in one loop, twilight is taking tea with chrysalis, and it seems to be going rather well, and twilight thinks she can redeem chrysalis. death by irony: at one point, twilight gets killed by friendship. everyone has standards: as in the life and times of a winning pony, cloud kicker has lines she won't cross, as does her former changeling double.: i thought we agreed never to speak of that again. spike is somewhat horrified when he thinks a time spell might be causing twilight to repeat it.
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    freudian excuse: blueblood used to be a good pony, but his parents' 'lessons' turned him into what he was. write back to the future: starswirl, after twilight sends him back. i happen to just have adopted a zero tolerance policy for mares who try to warp others' minds for their own pleasure, and if i ever hear from anypony that you've been getting fillies drunk and taking advantage of them they will never find your body. unlike in canon discord stays loyal to equestria and helps a group of guards successfully capture tirek while he is still weak. i appreciate that such times can be frustrating as a user who just wants to read some pony fics, but just know they are just as frustrating for us as developers who have poured months of work into these updates. it's later revealed that hearing voices affects whichever pie family member has pinkie's abilities each generation, and many end up taking their own lives. but some ponies, not horrible little stupid ones like you, mind, some ponies try. freudian excuse: algae gives cloud one claiming that she is who she is because she was molested by her father, then bursts out laughing at her for believing it. celestia help you if you're a changeling on her bad need to get out more if that's what you got from that letter? irony: starswirl's letter mentions how luna believed the elements were a necessary counter to celestias power in case she, unchecked, became a tyrant. this would force a civil war between the progressives and the traditionalists, leading them to eventually destroy each other so the blueblood family would be free to take over. seem to have javascript disabled, or your browser is failing to execute it properly." un entendre:kicky: azalea mentioned that you two were going to reubens deli for dinner this evening, right? thread is justthere is so much what in this thread4377126 4377197 oh my god no it's a text chatroom program that has voice functionality, not the other way around4377153 he said "main chat", not "main news"…4377199 then just use text, the voice chat is totally voluntary. bored with insanity: princess sparkle claims this, almost by name. shapeshifter guilt trip: chrysalis' way of kicking the dog shape shifter mode lock: not just any changeling, but almost every changeling. i recommend mumble, if you want to do that sort of thing. the first chapter of a stitch in time ensures that she's improving, though not totally recovered. did notice a few minor typos here and there, but nothing major, so keep up the good work and i can't wait for chapter two. when twilight tells them about algae bloom and her attempt to get her liquored up, cloudy promises to have a frank discussion with her about respect and consent. the second part of pinkie's chapter reveals that marble is pregnant with blueblood's child, after he seduced her in order to find the location of the mine. he was trying to stop twilight's murder, but prince blueblood's father found him out and threatened to kill his brother gladius stride if he didn't go through with it. cadence is more than determined to make sure it doesn't stay that way." and i must scream: subjected to total sensory deprivation for several days, pinkie destroyed her vocal chords trying to produce audible sound axe-crazy batman gambit: several, to make her friends to destroy their elements berserk button: queen twilight is not a monster and she is loved break the cutie: queen twilight breaks her friends to make them destroy the elements break the badass: queen twilight's 'wife', luna darker and edgier: while a lot of the darker parts are implied or occur off page elsewhere in the trilogy, this story is not shy about showing what kind of horrors went down under queen twilight's rule despair event horizon desperately craves affection emotion eater face full of alien wing-wong: queen twilight and luna's 'child' fate worse than death: several hallucinations hair-trigger temper i reject your reality jumping off the slippery slope kick the son of a bitch: chrysalis is not treated well love hungry mask of sanity mind rape rage against the reflection sadistic choice: queen twilight pretends to offer several to her friends as part of her gambit for destroying the elements sanity slippage shapeshifter default form: queen twilight finds her unicorn form harder to maintain over time stepford smiler the mirror shows your true self through the eyes of madness totalitarian utilitarian: queen twilight initially tries to run canterlot for the benefit of changelings and ponies yanderechanging lives provides examples of the following: bed trick: revealed to be standard operating procedure for hungry changeling drones - kicky and scootaloo bluntly admit to having slept with cloud kicker while disguised, and/or sleeping with other ponies while impersonating her. bug war: a huge changeling invasion that will almost certainly succeed in taking over canterlot. flash sentry, who was in a relationship with twilight and shortly after her assassination committed suicide to be with her. twilight velvet figures she gained this life in exchange for the one lost. there's a loop where chrysalis spares twilight after the two share a surprisingly friendly and hostility-free chat over tea and scones, leading chrysalis to wistfully express her regret more ponies aren't like twilight, which sends twilight into a brief epiphany regarding the relationship between their species. should make for a rather unorthodox robot apocalypse, wouldn't you say? get your scribblestories (totally stealing that from novel-idea) in as soon as possible! gory discretion shot: for some of the more gruesome deaths. tell me how you can still look down your muzzle at me and lecture me about 'rules' after that.
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How to Tell Your Friends You're Dating a Changeling - Fimfiction

Changeling Courtship Rituals - Fimfiction

: at the sentencing, princess celestia informs the conspirators and everyone present that she will personally ensure each and every last one of the reforms twilight was planning to make will become law. seem to have javascript disabled, or your browser is failing to execute it properly. it's one of those things you don't think about when you give everything the benefit of the doubt, so if people are aware of what they're signing on for here, then i'm happy. she puts these to good use to reduce a hallway and a large squad of changelings to a mess of molten rock and agonizing stragglers. unfortunately, the rest of her race might not be so easy to convince. these traditionalists are part of the reason twilight met such opposition with her reforms, though things are changing in that regard now. dailymy reading list1000 likes and growingroyal canterlot libraryromantic comedy view all 18 groups. reset 2: reset harder provides examples of the following: little brother is watching: once twilight let spike in on what was happening with the time loops, he's been reining in many of her more anti-social solutions. in reality however, they're just a bunch of firebrand zealots who destroy anything and everything they believe is unequestrian. we've been waiting ever since the end of friendship games, knighty. fallen hero: the antagonist, changeling queen twilight false utopia: the antagonist has created one of these in her timeline to delude herself into believing that everything turned out fine after all. sunset shimmer being called "sunset satan" by her classmates after the equestria girls climax brings to mind the fandom's reaction to her demonic form. cloud kicker has experienced it, and notes that azalea will be walking funny for two days afterwards, "three if it was a copper one". big bad: prince blueblood, as the one responsible for twilight's death. we actually learn the main ones pretty soon into the story, though there are others. retcon: in the assassination of twilight sparkle, twilight velvet says that mystic can attend celestia's school for gifted unicorns as long as she is not celestia's personal apprentice like twilight was. it's not as if it ever would have been fine, exactly, but you picked the worst possible time to try to get me liquored up so you could take me to bed. a pony's cutie mark determines not only what their special talent is, but what job they'll do for the rest of their lives, whether they like the job or not. much of fimfiction's functionality requires javascript so we suggest you turn it on! despair event horizon: twilight's first "successful" loopnote elements of harmony contained, crysalis dead, central canterlot holding out, still alive after more than 31 hours ends with her throwing herself off a balcony and indulging in pointless violence and/or wish fufillment for the next several cycles. this will likely become the main site chat from here on out so if you're on discord, why not join? bodyguard betrayal: five royal guards conspired in the plot to kill twilight. bloom: wow, i didn't realize you were going to turn into such a psycho bitch over a drink."applejack: hows it sound like youre doin at protecting your friends from gettin hurt? people are just salty because they won't be able to visit their pony waifus in the afterlife. question: i usually on use discord to talk with my guild members from world of warcraft, and have my discord id match my wow main, any issue with me just using my wow name instead of my fimfiction name so i dont have to constantly change the name for each server. twilight even admits that had she not been on the other end regarding azalea seeing her as larger than life and twilight begging her to come back, she wouldn't have extended the same to starswirl. secret relationship: twilight had one with flash sentry, although it's implied that celestia knew about them.: and you were hanging around town for all the time afterwards too, right? azalea reveals that most if not all of the changelings went through this after being transformed into ponies, and many of them were driven to suicide. she does manage to stop herself before she gets too distracted though. after their plot was uncovered, blueblood and his nine conspirators (four nobles and five soldiers of the royal guard) were executed by burning at the stake. drowning my sorrows: rainbow has begun drinking in the wake of twilight's death due to her parting words regret.

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shell-shocked veteran: hard reset ends with twilight becoming one after the loop is finally broken. in the blood: it turns out that pinkie's abilities are hereditary, appearing once in every generation of her family. out of all the creatures in equestria, none despise each other the way the pony princess and changeling queen do. heck, it would have been a huge relief to know for sure, but did you do that? you should have died instead: twilight velvet accuses celestia of this in her grief. they think she's too idealistic, and that an equestria ruled under principles of harmony, tolerance and friendship is one doomed to fail. the school will also apparently suffer this, as cheerilee sends a copy of her resignation letter to the manehattan newspaper and expresses pleasure that equestria's education council will most likely conduct an investigation into the circumstances leading up to the incident. evil former friend: blueblood and cadence were friends before his fathers "lessons" turned him into the pony he is today. will likely become the main site chat from here on outas in site update information will be exclusively released there? he saw him as nothing more than a means to an end. dying as yourself: if cadence is to be believed, blueblood died not as the monster he became, but rather the good pony he used to be. tirek agrees to join them in their coming war against equestria under the condition they can study his magic absorbing powers, which he knows they cannot replicate, and in exchange they will help him conquer his homeland for him to rule. the sequel mentions a few more, including being decapitated, immolated, eviscerated, run though, and diced to pieces. you can try to kill them over and over again but they just always seem to bounce back. in other words, the very thing they were trying to prevent will still come to pass. airs[adventure] [alternate universe] • 44,226 wordswhen the windigos attacked, the ponies had to find a way to put an end to the distrust and anger that fed the frozen fiends. aside from thinking of the possibilities that two uteri could have in this regard. kill it with fire: celestia orders blueblood and his conspirators to be burned at the stake. regal, the nephew of one of the conspirators, is constantly harassed and bullied at his manehattan high school for his connection to the assassination, despite the best efforts of cheerilee, who transferred to the school to get away from the grief surrounding ponyville following twilight's death. parting words regret: the day before twilight's death, she and rainbow dash got into an argument over her recommending that rainbow not be immediately put on the wonderbolts due to her hair-trigger temper. they become permanently locked into the form they had when the elements of harmony were used on chrysalis. (at least, that would be my theory based on this story's premise). asshole victim: the slavers who spike accidentally kills while rescuing their victims. could try being an abusive wife, but if fighting equals dating to changelings hitting them could be considered sex. this is because fleur-de-lis, his wife, is actually a changeling in disguise, meaning they won't have to hide their love anymore. fortunately, the elements of harmony are there to give them a second chance. here i thought a lot of the anger, fights and sarcastic barbs come after the wedding. after the event, the ponified-changelings are revealed to have been basically oppressed by the queen, according to the changeling butterscotch, which if it's true, means the only one that was always chaotic evil was chrysalis. this is revealed to be a hereditary problem that accompanies pinkie's abilities (which has been compared to schizophrenia, though pinkie says that it feels different), though she's lucky enough to have a family that can afford to buy the medication she takes to help the problem through their contracts with minotaurs. or did you wait until this all got dredged up again for me because youre a bucking coward? the peacekeepers are going to be needed yet again, but there is one small problem: the rest of the world hates them all. even evil has standards: stag may be a torturer, but he does not like the idea of hurting an innocent child. will this be leaning more into the romance or the comedy?

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apocalypse how: the elements resort to this if there's a major disruption of harmony and no bearers. expy: according to word of god, amadeus blueblood is based on tywin lannister and gendo ikari, abusive fathers who manipulated their children to achieve their own ends. reset provides examples of the following: advancing wall of doom / world-wrecking wave: the wall of horrible shiny death, aka, the elements of harmony. guys,so, there were indeed a lot of issues with this update. screw yourself: a pony named cloud kicker all-but states to have done this with a changeling that was permanently transformed into a real version of herself due to the elements of harmony. jerkass: say what you will about stag, but he isn't exactly the nicest changeling around. klingon promotion: in order to become queen of the hive, the challenger changeling must depose and consume the reigning queen in single-combat. and then insists that they don't hate pegasi or earth ponies, and that the latter species do have their roles in the empire, it's just that unicorn blood "needs" to be kept pure in order to preserve the strength of their magic to protect ponies against other races. out of all the creatures in equestria, none despise each other the way the pony princess and changeling queen do. dirty coward: by the time blueblood is brought before celestia, he's begging for mercy and someone to help him. spotting the thread: twilight notices 'celestia' making a few mistakes when they discuss retrieving the elements of harmony. when she returns said parrot to her in the ponyville marketplace, it escapes and ends up outing her to the entire town. rewarded as a traitor deserves: before blueblood is executed, the royal guard (and the prince of the crystal empire) engage in a little free-lance torture just to express their contempt for him. one starring sweetie belle, and one starring original character breaking dawn.: don't worry, it takes more than that to bring out my worst. i think," twilight ventured, noticing the complete lack of daytime cues in the bowels of the hive."did you grow an ovipositor when you became an alicorn that i somehow didn't notice? never knowing if id said something i shouldnt have and too scared to ask cloud, because i was afraid shed just end up confirming that something about me wasnt good enough for her? if it's anything like the ironically-named "anti-depression ponies" skype group (which induced more depression and anger in me), i'll stay out of it. starts off with twilight realising that she had, during the earlier story, started treating everyone as disposable tools. she manages to eat 23, before being killed by a changeling. they still insult her behind her back, make mean-spirited jokes about her relationship with flash sentry, and some even went to her funeral just to spread more venom and propaganda. twilight's surprise when she finds out changelings consider this dating. the record winners: aragón's "evil is easy, governing is harder" and hoofbitingactionoverload's "spring is dumb" [royal canterlot library]. is easy, governing is harder[adventure] [comedy] • 18,246 wordsone day, just like that, celestia decides she's going to go mad with power. trust password: when celestia hears that twilight is a fellow time looper, she tells twilight a password to unlock secret knowledge in celestia's brain. he talks about how his family and his allies have forcibly prevented inter-tribal breeding among their ranks, to the extent of not only exiling unicorns who fell in love with pegasi/earth ponies but forcibly aborting mixed-tribe foals. ever treated you like you were less than my very best friend?" split-personality takeover: pinkie says that the voices in her head feel like different souls waiting for their chance to do this to her, citing the "party of one" incident at a time when it did happen. yet somehow, it looks like it's going to keep going downhill from here. curb-stomp battle: twilight's initial confrontations with changelings result in her death multiple times. emo teen: twilight apparently went though a phase of this when she was growing up. ignored epiphany: twilight's death had little (if any) effect on the ponies who didn't like her.

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: this is the real reason that amadeus and his allies have been conspiring against celestia for centuries. played straight later when tirek is saved by a group of changelings under queen cicada, and a knight from unicornia named sir morning blade. one who will make sacrifices for you when you ask it of them. know, what i really have to wonder is how chrysalis made this mistake. you were scared of me before, and you have no idea how right you were.***sequel: pony courtship rituals***some beautiful fanart of the end of chapter three was done by dmann892; you can see it here. a few books twilight didn't even recognize that seemed to be changeling written–! unlike kicky and azalea, who have the memories of the ponies they were impersonating, or scootaloo, who has her friends, she remains fanatically loyal to the changeling cause and the next queen. fee fi faux pas: twilight expresses her distaste for cloud kicker's lifestyle, specifically "the way shell jump into bed with anypony with a pulse". additionally, there's assassinverse: inferno where spike sparkle leaves equestria for the dragon badlands to learn combat techniques, as well as dragon magic, in order to adopt the persona inferno, who's something of a fusion between the batman and red hood. in the alternate ending, twilight willingly becomes a changeling in order to take over the hive. if twilight was really intending to calculate this, it would take a considerable amount of repetition, as one instance is not a statistically significant basis for calculation. has there been any update information released in the last year or so since the last post here? chrysalis binds her, but the two have a friendly chat over tea and scones wherein they exchange embarrassing stories about shining armor. she is devastated when she finds out that twilight is dead, breaking down and crying for hours.: blossom tears into kicky when she finds out she was the changeling who slept with her while impersonating cloud, almost destroying their friendship. note that in-story, home run is considered a typical equestrian name. playing that night over and over in my head trying to figure out if i made some sort of mistake? celestia has dealt with twilight's existential crises in a less literal sense before:twilight: princess, can you tell if im real? The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic by …Browse2nd personadventurealternate universeanthrocomedycrossoverdarkdramaequestria girlshorrorhumanmysteryrandomromancesadsci-fislice of lifethrillertragedywhat's hot? his failure to do so pushed him over the despair event horizon, and drove him to suicide. assassination of twilight sparkle contains examples of: 10-minute retirement: celestia threatens to give up her throne after it cost her so much. twilight delivers a scathing rant to celestia when it's suggested her friends died in this way, and berates celestia so harshly over her ignorance of death that it renders her speechless. all of equestria is looking to reform itself and you have no choice but to follow, kicking and screaming like a foal having a temper tantrum because he didnt get his way.) outlaw town: the erebus islands, an anarchic land of outlaws and criminals that is ironically less racist than equestria. he has a successful backup plan, go to the far off kingdom of unicornia, where. if it weren't for the elements of harmony being pissed off by that. used to be a sweet kid: cadence remembers not the vicious, self-centered and arrogant monster blueblood became but the friendly, happy, good-natured pony he was before his father 'fixed' him. it also has non-intrusive voice room functionality that you join and leave at will (as in, when you start a voice call, you don't ring everyone in existence), it's significantly less memory intensive, doesn't slow down your computer like crazy, and the call quality is off the charts. cosmic plaything: twilight comes to consider herself this after having discovered star swirl's letter at the very beginning of the story. sequel, titled aftermath of a fallen star, is now available to be read. after pulling too hard on the thread, chrysalis drops the disguise and kills her. amadeus' chapter shows some stunning displays of hypocrisy as he contemplates his plans and convinces himself he's "just" a well-intentioned extremist.

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: twilight, have you been reading philosophy books without proper supervision again?'s mind-control venom, she has become little more than a sex slave. the fact that she was undisguised as her changeling self didn't matter to him. seriously, this my otc, my one true crackship and i'm so excited to see it get played out in something other than dark and creepy. he's just hiding: invoked this is trixie's initial reaction when she first hears about the assassination. this is because when chrysalis was still alive she ordered the deaths of many changeling children in order to eliminate any threats, including one of stag's relatives. under the current scale on that page, it's planetary/total extinction. it was so brutal that when cadence sees him she actually feels pity him, saying that he "barely looked like a pony. after breakfast let's take a tour of the lower caverns. if you kill her, you will be just like her: averted. her chapter in the sequel is titled farewell, my rival. i remember that, it was like a whole episodes worth of snippy comments in the build up to some mildly amusing punchline. azalea apparently went though a similar ordeal during her pregnancy. 'i really have been studying it since the girls gave me home run back at the party. we meet again: twilight uses this when she first discovers chrysalis has returned, before chiding herself for not coming up with anything more creative to say. all you would have had to do was take me aside some time during those first couple days and explain. have piqued my curiosity, i laughed, so now i favor so i may read more. a little like how the fandom reacted to this event, eh? reign of queen twilight sparkle provides examples of the following: all take and no give: queen twilight's 'relationship' with luna alone with the psycho an aesop: "dear princess celestia, today i learned that a true friend is a pony who will help you do whats necessary no matter what. pinkie's lucky enough to have parents with the connections and money to import medication that helps quiet pinkie's voices. mental world: chapter 11 takes place entirely within twilight's mind mind probe: because once the princesses learn that twilight was on good terms with cadence (who in this timeline was behind luna's fall into evil), luna mentally invades under the assumption that that's the only way to discover twilight's true goals. sunset shimmer, unable to deal with with feeling all the pain she'd caused due to being hit by the power of the elements and the hatred of the entire school (which got so bad that she occasionally had to go to the nurse), tried to walk off a bridge, and was only stopped by human! as well as the unknown story of mystic sparkle where mystic goes back in time to save her older sister twilight (i. pretty soon, we're gonna drop out, fall through the hole to equestria, start some new lives, and leave the human world behind. do you have any idea how many nights i spent laying awake in bed trying to figure out what was wrong with me? wrong genre savvy: spike in one loop recognises there's some sort of time spell going on by noticing twilight's different behaviour and attitude, but believes she's cast an age spell on herself instead of being stuck in a time loop. have i ever judged you for what you used to be? too much information: twilight's reaction when cloudy starts explaining falsely why her former changeling double has been named kicky. he also got marble pregnant after seducing her in order to find the location of the mine. would not hurt a child: in luna's chapter, luna has a golden opportunity to assassinate majesty blueblood in her dreams and completely wreck amadeus's plans, but she cannot bring herself to murder an innocent child. power at a price: pinkie's abilities are revealed to be in the blood, and whichever pie family member has them once a generation also starts hearing voices, with most either killing themselves or doing something that gets them killed. having apparently learned from last time, chrysalis doesn't bother with any evil gloating and immediately kills twilight in an early loop by breaking her neck. she abandons her father in order to seek some answers to determine where will her loyalties lie.

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after returning to his time, starswirl sends a letter telling twilight that he named his daughter shooting star after the alias she "made up" for him.'s going to have to explain this to her friends, family and mentor soon if not next chapter. because he knew it would hurt celestia and cadence, who were literally the only ponies who ever showed him any form of kindness. issue trackeryou will have to register on github to post issues., actually, she has two like an alicorn, my first thought was that ponies were larval time lords. it's not worse than skype, but i don't really see how discord is any different from skype. dramatic reading can be found heredue to the story's positive reception, it has since spawned two sequels: a stitch in time, where twilight tries to fix the damage her spell caused to space-time with the aid of star swirl the bearded, and you can fight fate, in which star swirl discovers a problem with the elements of harmony. tears of remorse: gallant heart's stoic expression finally cracks when he confesses to shining armor that he tried to stop the assassination but was forced to or else amadeus blueblood would kill his brother gladius stride. from everything chrysalis had known, she had been in a fully reciprocated an completely normal'and' completely normalanyway, this is glorious. they seemed destined to remain locked in battle forever, or at least until one is finally dead at the hooves of the other. body horror: the pegasus conspirators had their wings amputated before the sentencing. twilight concedes the point, admitting that she treated the others, and herself, as disposable tools during the time loop. Twilight isn't …Browse2nd personadventurealternate universeanthrocomedycrossoverdarkdramaequestria girlshorrorhumanmysteryrandomromancesadsci-fislice of lifethrillertragedywhat's hot? chainsaw good: used in at least one loop for the sole purpose of beating her previous record of changeling kills. she gets to this point rather easily; an early loop (once she notices how she hasn't stayed dead) ends with her carefully positioning herself under a soon-to-be-falling wooden beam. fantastic aesop: after being killed by the elements of harmony, twilight's reaction is that there's probably a decent friendship report somewhere in the fact that "misusing the power of friendship can not only hurt you, but can make every particle in your body explode at the same time". the name even gets engraved into the bat when the rest of the mane 6 give it to her as a gift in her thank-you party. ironic echo: twilight's last thoughts before being vaporized by the elements of harmony are "this is definitely going to work".! they get see each other's worst long before they tie the knot. violent glaswegian: marc, a dragon snake oil salesman on erebus is written with this accent. after sleeping with luna in the original story in one timeline, twilight is somewhat disturbed when she finds out she's descended from luna and star swirl by about 40-50 generations, though luna isn't bothered due to the very small degree of relativity this involves. kicking ass in all her finery: in at least one loop, twilight goes on a changeling killing spree after having stolen from many shops, ranging from slinky dresses to expensive earrings. flashback: twilight experiences one during the last canon chapter after spike unwittingly triggers it by uttering the same sentence twilight always hears whenever she starts a new loop, showing us what happened between the culmination of the last chapter and the time before she has her flashback. in that unlike many "groundhog day" loop works, the author elected to continue the story beyond the point where the loop ends due to feedback stating the original ending felt too abrupt.  today, we're offering a double feature with two of our three contest winners! bad date: twilight, after a minor argument with one mare, ends up in retaliation dating another. like a daughter to me: it's eventually revealed that celestia still loves sunset as a daughter, in spite of everything. and then she installs a new berserk button if algae ever tries going too far on future dates. there are only two places to get orichalcum: the minotaur islands or the pie family rock farm. you don't even meet the detection threshold to register as something bad happening to me. they seemed destined to remain locked in battle forever, or at least until one is finally dead at the hooves of the other. attempt by luna to update the tantabus to spread good dreams has a few unexpected results. ass kicking equals authority: this is how changeling society decides upon its ruler.

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good is not nice: after the elements of harmony permanently transform all changelings into ponies, twilight reflects on the morality of this before pointing out that they're not called "the elements of niceness" after all. a more related note, this might actually convince me to start using discord,4377101 beat me to it. noodle incident: spike mentions a time where twilight dyed her mane black and called herself 'darkness nightshade'. and now you look around you and see change happening, regardless of what you and those brave enough to still hold on to their argument can see. at least luna sics the tantabus on his sorry hide just before he escapes equestria. the end, each of you will die and only celestia will be left alive. by the end of the story, she has lived hundreds of trillions of subjective years until reality has degraded enough that time stops within her lifetime, ending the loop. and then john was a zombie: in the canon ending, the elements of harmony transform almost every changeling into a true pony permanently. her failure to do so led to her four-month heroic b. running gag: pinkie's inability to understand recursion, to the point where when she does get it right, twilight reflexively starts to correct her. progresses to ignoring by singing when azalea starts explaining the science behind it., an alternate universe re-imagining of the story called hard reset 2: reset harder, written by horizon with eakin's blessing, also exists (but has stopped updating). ambiguous disorder: the pie curse, which affects one pie family member a generation, gives them their abilities, but the family member starts hearing voices, and most experience sanity slippage until they either go crazy and are driven to suicide or do something that gets them killed. while canterlot burns: twilight indulges in this after several loops and pursues some decidedly non-important things, ranging from trying on new dresses and attempting to determine the ld50note the median lethal dose; the amount of a substance required to kill 50% of a population and a standard measure of toxicity. "groundhog day" loop: resets every time twilight dies to the point the initial "save-point" spell was cast, although without certain actions taken, the loop basically lasts around 3 hours before the elements of harmony destroy the world. shes not so kind and motherly when you've killed her child. dreams crushed and now one of the weakest unicorns, a nightmare comes to her. is just impressed twilight saw past the brutish exterior, but twilight did redeem her after that whole eternal night thing, so. they provide something like twenty or thirty percent of equestrias oxygen, and theyre essential to the nitrogen cycle too. this becomes a little hard to believe when it's revealed that she has torturers working for her. it's all about me: blueblood's entire motivation for the assassination was out of the feeling that he should have been an alicorn instead of twilight. you still were part of the side that favored tradition and wanted nothing to change. "i have spent the last two decades appreciating the irony. my skull runneth over: the information twilight receives from the elements of harmony severely overloads her brain, causing several deaths before luna removes the memories. secretly wealthy: due to their orichalcum mine, the pies are very wealthy, though they don't live a rich lifestyle. recent "correct the record" contest asked readers to help us choose authors whose previously spotlighted stories weren't the best showcase of their writing strengths. cryptic conversation: between celestia and twilight regarding some sort of connection between twilight and starswirl the bearded. they don't know me, but they want to and they see that all those weird things are actually pretty wonderful. befor you ask i have many server and a voip software don't need many ressources. shining armor after learning about flash sentry's relationship with twilight and how he kept twilight sane through her princesshood sees him as a brother-in-law. offing the offspring: not a direct son, but blueblood is descended from celestias children. azalea's reaction to that tells her all she needs to know. she has clearly received immense psychological trauma during their ordeal, to the point of suffering from nightmares, flashbacks, being terrified of making mistakes and becoming reclusive.

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now we have to wonder about jam, ferrets, quiches, and how luna will keep herself from telling twilight about this.: cloud's reaction when she learns that azalea mind raped her into giving up information on the defences of the kicker clan compound while she was sleeping, which haunts her for some time afterward. there is one thing you never want to be when you face me either in public or when im having you tied to a chair ready to put a cage of hungry rats over your head and release them if you dont tell me what i want to hear. reformed, but not tamed: discord still seems to hold some resentment over his defeat, even after all this time. for want of a nail: given the premise, twilight, naturally, eventually indulges in this for a while, getting into some quite interesting and hilarious situations. you create a nsfw channel on the server since you banned it on the site? to make matters more interesting, majesty blueblood forsees a warning by the voices of the tree of harmony that if twilight dies, everything in equestria will die along with her and that she'll be forced to live in a desolated, lifeless, war-torn wasteland. youre not just upset youre losing money or that equestria is moving on, youre upset because your side lost when twilight died. this is not merely a change in appearance; they were turned into a true pony in every single way, meaning no more hive mind or emotion eating. batman gambit: it's later revealed that amadeus blueblood orchestrated twilight's death so celestia would push for all of twilight's reforms, although far more aggressively than before. fake memories: the changelings are permanently transformed into the ponies they were impersonating (if any), which includes implanting the original pony's memories (in addition to the changeling's memories), whether or not said pony is alive. there is an irc server, and i think he means a replacement for that. it's not until gladius stride's chapter that it's revealed that some of the victims were as young as seven to eight years old. amadeus' chapter reveals that the "black star" may very well be his newborn daughter majesty, an alicorn. friends with benefits: luna offers this to twilight after inadvertently learning about their liaison in a previous loop. fantastic racism: its mentioned that twilights planned reformations included more toleration of other races. bloom: it's a good thing you're a hot piece of flank, because i don't know how anypony could put up with how weird you are if you weren't. no-holds-barred beatdown: blueblood gets one from the guards before he dies. the character previously known as changeling twilight has existed for trillions of subjective years, and learned the value of forgiveness. retroactive wish: when cloud introduces kicky to lyra, her narration says that she "would give anything for something to interrupt this awkward moment. the story is currently complete, and can be read here. or when i thought cloud had decided to pretend that nothing had happened between us? algae mentions briefly how her job at a pet store consists mainly of cleaning the "slimy plants" out of the tanks. if anything, she's accumulated more hatred since her plans to modernize equestria are happening no matter what. boulder brawler and flare and their families after regal's suicide in front of the entire class are driven out of canterlot out of disgust and anger by everypony else. guys,held off a bit on posting this as a site post because i didn't want it to get flooded while we were fixing things, but i think the site is now in a fairly good place so i can post this. can fight fate provides examples of the following: babies ever after: twilight and azalea have at least one as of the epilogue, and with twilight pregnant with another. they're simply a convenient pawn for amadeus and allies to eventually seize the throne for themselves, and he plans on destroying them all afterwards. kirk summation: twilight delivers one as she reminds the elements just what harmony actually is.: twilight's new position apparently sparked a wave of backlash amongst the people with the more tolerant ones not as vocal. cut lex luthor a check: flim and flam have started a legitimate company that's revolutionizing technology in equestria, which is another thing upsetting a lot of traditionalists. fresh out of the military academy, she's ready to prove herself, but will her first assignment be too much for her to handle? seriously, you should just shut up and have a few more drinks.

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" he eventually crosses the despair event horizon after the bullying goes too far and shoots himself in the classroom right in front of his classmates and a horrified cheerilee, who resigns from the school to return to ponyville soon after. also has a darker and edgier companion story the reign of queen twilight sparkle which explores the alternate universe shown throughout the trilogy. his father in the sequel, once he's revealed to be the man behind the man. and by deal with it, we mean plot her ultimate revenge. is serious business: big macintosh realizes something's wrong with applejack when she stops wearing her hat. twilight decides she's had enough after coming back from the bathroom and finding another drink already waiting for her. is cute, hilarious and with plenty potential for crazy changeling romance shenanigans. those of you that still need to submit, here's the link to our google form: https://goo. this will likely happen to shale, marble and blueblood's child, should the truth of his parentage come out. when twilight repeats the password to celestia later on, she's paralyzed by a powerful spell, and celestia immediately kills hernote (being required to assume that twilight must have gotten the password by using some forbidden arts to probe her mind and is thus a threat to equestria) after revealing that the "secret knowledge" is the rest of the password. time crash: the story earns its "reset harder" title by having luna and twilight cause literally infinite damage to spacetime after luna permanently kills twilight. pay evil unto evil: in one loop, chrysalis maliciously and cruelly taunts celestia by taking on the form of the recently-deceased luna, prompting celestia to vanish in a rage rather than taking revenge. also, in amadeus' chapter, it's revealed he and his true allies hold the traditionalists in scorn, seeing them as being threats to the strength of equestria as a whole themselves. you'd like an analogy: skype is like someone's private home, and discord is like a clubhouse. knight templar: equestrian's first believes itself to be restoring equestria to it's "former glory". voice chat system, similar to ventrillo, teamspeak , mumble, curse and skype, though unlike the others i mentioned can be run completely off your browser. meaningful name: chapters 9 and 10 are focused on a changeling oc named stag, as in a stag beetle. without the mane 6 together to exhaust the energy of the elements of harmony, celestia will be forced to contain them while luna leads the war effort, resulting in luna getting ambushed and killed. during the trial, he looks at the murderers and plotters like he wants to kill them. we now have an issue tracker on github that you can submit issues to. fastlane gives the location of the anti-twilight "equestrians first" terrorist organization to a pony who helps him break out of prison. and that spike and two others, shale pie and mystic sparkle, are the only ones that can stop it. disney villain death: twilight kills herself by throwing herself off a castle balcony in a depression, after being driven to suicide by luna and her friends' deaths. twilight comes to believe that she's been approaching the situation incorrectly and that she's meant to bring about peace between ponies and changelings after the honest fun and good time she had with chrysalis in the "tea party loop". we are so excited and looking forward to seeing all of your awesome stories! bittersweet ending: twilight manages to break the time loop and repel the changeling invasion with no major losses, but suffers immense psychological trauma in the process, which isn't made clear how well she will recover from. sympathy for the devil: during the trial, the savagely beaten state of the murderers made some of the observers have pity for them. you don't even need to listen in, you can just talk to people in the text chat4377213 no one minds what your name is, use whatever the heck you want, but if it really matters to you, you can set a different nickname per server if you'd like4377296 it organizes groups of people into servers, so that a single community can have multiple rooms for different topics (for example: #general, #pictures, #writing-advice, and #site-help), which helps diffuse conversation. bloody hilarious: the author didn't originally intend to make the story come off so comically, but twilight's deadpan snarker narrative is both brilliantly in-character and stupendously hilarious enough to make several deaths entertaining to read. imagine twilight's surprise when she finds out changelings consider this dating. wants to learn more about the hives within equestria, but since she has a country to run, the hive queens allow her student to spend a day within each hive, and see a single day in the lives of a queen. it's probably best if most requests for help go to other staff members. body-count competition: twilight gets into one with herself and becomes quite enthusiastic about beating her previous record of kills.

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