How to tell your mom your dating someone she hates

How to tell your mom your dating someone she hates

“give in where you have to, but stand your ground when it’s important to you. a warning shot in the form of “i've got some difficult news to tell you” can help your parents to brace themselves. lot of times, it seems that going through difficult patches like this can actually bring you and your daughter closer together; it just takes time, love and patience. they don’t see your sweetheart or spouse for the wonderful person he or she is. if you decide that your new romance is heading toward marriage or cohabitation, give your children plenty of advance notice so that they can prepare themselves and get used to you as a remarried person. she told me that she was proud of me for standing by my friend, and encouraged me to come to her if i had any questions about how to handle her antics, or approach the possibility of seeking help for her or support for myself. mom disapproved of my being friends with my ex-boyfriend at first. they should be open with their children about exactly what they’re willing to do in the present as well as assure them that they legally protect their future inheritance,” she says. the first time had to do with a close girlfriend, and the other involved a toxic ex-boyfriend (whom she and everyone else who loved me tried every which way to get me to walk away from). love this creative tip, which 17-year-old olivia shared with us, as a way her mom helped their relationship when olivia was enmeshed in a not-so-healthy friendship:My mom voiced how she was feeling when she didn't like one of my friends, not by controlling my life or preventing me from seeing my friend, but by always offering other things to do in place of seeing her. she adds, "you might even speak to her about this friend (or boyfriend) needing some help, and that your daughter could be a positive influence. i've always been close with her, and i could talk to her about anything, but ever since she started dating this guy, i've noticed her mouth mimics his words. » library » parenting » when your parents disapprove of your partner when your parents disapprove of your partner by marie hartwell-walker, ed. our world becomes smaller through social media and increased ease of travel, more and more people are finding themselves in love with someone their parents never considered as a suitable mate. here's her advice about getting the 411 that you might be missing:Ask your daughter, "can you tell me a little about_____?

When You Don't Like (or Trust) Your Parent's New Mate

when i finally saw the awful way she treated me and ended it, my mom was there for me. so when your daughter tells you she hates you for ruining her social life and taking her friend away, near her out, share that you are sorry that you've upset her so much, and they you really wouldn't do what you've done if you didn't know that it was the healthy and correct thing to do as her parent. can't begin to tell you how many girls have come to me asking for advice on how to show their moms that the fears the moms are experiencing seem to be based on the moms' past stories, not what's actually going on in the present. while your instincts about him or her may not be wrong, you may not know the full picture.) to something more concrete that shows their moms how they're feeling, like, "it makes me feel frustrated when you say no all the time, and i'd like the chance to understand why and talk to you about it. anne keller had such an experience when she remarried at age 56, five years after being widowed. and how much should your parents' opinions matter in yours? elizabeth: real answers to everything you secretly wanted to ask aboutlove, friends, yourbody. certainly puts me in an odd predicament: i don't want to compromise my romantic desires just for the sake of appeasing my family, but i've also grown tired of hiding the guys i'm dating from the people i love. she was flaky and would often cancel plans that i'd been looking forward to, but i had so much fun with her and felt like she really 'got' me in a way that no other friend ever had before. i've been dating a guy for 2 1/2 years, and at first she seemed to love him as much as i do. i realized that this girl i'd been hanging out with was not a good friend and that she didn't care much about her friendship with me. i could tell that she was trying to get more information out of me about her. so, regardless of what your parents think, "who you marry must be your decision," says sandella. as you listen, you may discover that the person you've dismissed has a fabulous sense of humor, is kind to your daughter, puts her at ease, or otherwise surprises you and satisfies your need to see your daughter treated well.

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    yourselfto minimize the stress of telling your parents you're dating someone they despise, consider ahead of time how you may feel while delivering the news and what your parents' responses might be." eventually, i broke down crying one day and explained to her that while she didn't like my ex, i had been in love and that i really needed her to be supportive and loving while i was feeling so awful. if your daughter comes to you and wants your opinion or advice on this person, use the opportunity to empower her by saying, "i'm not in love with this friend of yours, but i trust that you will figure out how to deal with them. when the friendship eventually ended (for all the reasons my mom said it would), my mom didn't give me the old 'i told you so. let her know you can tolerate her anger and you will still be on the other side of her door, ready to talk and listen and comfort whenever she is, as well. injoinarts and designautosbooks, literature, and writingbusiness and employmenteducation and scienceentertainment and mediafamily and parentingfashion and beautyfood and cookinggames, toys, and hobbiesgender and relationshipshealthholidays and celebrationshomehubpages tutorials and communitypersonal financepets and animalspolitics and social issuesreligion and philosophysports and recreationtechnologytravel and placesbloghelp. when you've delivered the news, don't round your conversation off with any hostile phrases, such as “and that's that,” which will only get your parents' backs up. you complain to your parents about your partner, and/or you complain to your so about your parents before they meet, you're only further weakening the bond that could be possible between them, says sandella."it may be helpful in some cases to have someone facilitate that discussion," sandella says. “she may feel her dad prefers the ‘other’ woman to both her mom and herself,” lieberman says. “children, even when they’re grown, get attached to being important in their single parents’ lives, and they resent it when someone gets between them and the parent." these open questions allow you to gather information about the new person in your daughter's life without placing her on the defensive." or to unilaterally ban the person from your daughter's life. maybe your adult child doesn’t want your new romantic interest at his holiday party. sometimes the messy moments bring us closer, and other times, they show us that although we may not always be on the same page, we can each still love and respect the other for the choices they make.
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    ” the result: strained relations, uncomfortable moments for everyone and, for you, the feeling that your children may not have your best interests at heart. gail saltz suggests:Stay away from saying things like, "i don't like her" and instead try, "i am concerned that what she is doing is dangerous and would not want you to do any of those things. we stayed friends for a little over a year, and sometimes my mom would try to talk to me about why she didn't like her, but i wouldn't listen. she stopped speaking to him, and would only offer harsh words if he and i were struggling with something.. says:Unless your daughter is hanging out with someone who is actually a true danger to her life, remember that you cannot really control who she is or isn't involved with. your parents may not agree with your choice of partner, their acceptance of your new lover is fairly important. find somewhere quiet and private and turn off your phone and anything else that might interrupt you. so, if you've only been dating for a few weeks, there's no need to dish every detail. she specializes in couples and family therapy and parent education. how do i go about telling them and communicating to them that i am capable of making my own decisions without their consent or control?-year-old lisa shared:I know my mom trusts me to do the right things and make the right choices. the other says he’s boring and that she’d rather be with interesting people. if your children, who presumably love you dearly in spite of all that other stuff, raise concerns, maybe you should hear them out before diving in. like them, you want your parents to love and admire the person you’ve chosen. the girlfriend, on the other hand -- well, she's someone i stayed close to, and i must admit that even today it seems to be best if i don't bring her up too often.
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    both children were so insistent that she put off the wedding for at least a year that she did, reluctantly. even if this step doesn't fully erase the concerns from within that intuitive, great mom radar of yours, you can at least know that you shared a conscious, clear dialogue that also benefits your daughter. so something like: "i feel like you don't like {boyfriend's name}, and i need to tell you i've decided to get back with him. then call your partner, your best friend, or some other adult confidant and vent to your heart's delight. the news that you're dating someone your parents dislike can best be done with a bit of preparation. on the one hand, because you're such a protective and loving mom, you probably want to barricade the front door and not let that person within 10 feet of your precious girl (believe me, when i've heard girls in workshops talk about bad news boyfriends or mean friends, i've felt the exact same way! so, challenge your parents to a round of cornhole, or suggest breaking out that old monopoly board. sitting also relaxes the body more than standing up, so both you and your parents should be less tense. there is no point in confronting your parents with something that isn’t going to last."for some families, activities and games are great ways to interact without too much heavy conversation in the beginning," she says. bonfiglio bauman offers this smart advice on what to do if you find yourself in this kind of difficult position:If your daughter's friend truly does have the potential to harm your daughter or to influence her in a way that you feel is inappropriate or unhealthy, then by all means, discuss your concerns with her and if the situation calls for it, limit her interactions with this person. take it from 17-year-old kylie:It wasn't like this friendship completely killed my relationship with my mom, but at first we wouldn't talk like we had in the past. affirm your love for them and your general respect for their opinions but be clear that you have made your decision. someone will inevitably find out, which will make everyone else in the family angry and upset with you both. “many a bad girl or bad boy prowls for rich divorced baby boomers to marry and fleece,” she says.
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How to Tell Your Parents You're Dating Someone They Hate

When Your Parents Disapprove of Your Partner | Psych Central

sandella says going into a relationship thinking your parents will come around is a "risky strategy. it makes so much sense that you would want to protect your daughter from going through any of the pain you've been through in your life. line: your girls want you to give them the benefit of the doubt and trust that they'll make good decisions. annoying as grown children’s objections to your new love might be, lieberman brings up an important point: children’s feelings are important to acknowledge and address — and sometimes they can even be instructive. so, whatever the outcome, just be proud of yourself for handling it maturely and as nicely as possible :).(more: the 6 things you shouldn’t say to your adult child)." this helps your daughter feel confident that she can wend her way through her relationships and that she can trust you to be the loving, non-judgmental parent that you are. know you probably want to pull your hair out knowing your daughter's friend doesn't deserve her, or are wishing that her boyfriend would just move to another city (or country. my mom's feelings toward her haven't changed, and as her daughter, i have to be ok with that. this mom explained how she felt that dan wasn't good enough for her daughter and that he didn't treat her daughter with respect. what she actually thinks about the news isn't something you can control. she works with hundreds of teen girls each week, as well as their families; when it comes to mother/daughter relationships, she's seen it all! is it that your daughter likes/loves about this person? she is author of the insightful parenting e-book, tending the family heart. i received this question from a huffpost reader, it took me back to two particular times when my own mom and i were facing this issue.

How to Tell Your Parents You're Dating Someone They Hate

and you want your parents to like, nay, love him. to tell your parents you're dating someone they hateupdated on february 11, 2014. avenue editors also recommend:How to heal a rift with your adult child. tips for negotiating the shark-infested waters of remarriage after 50 and what to do when your adult kids don't like your new partnerNeed treatment? it's gotten to the point where i can't talk to her about anything unless she's angry with him (sounds weird, i know). pictureswhat to do if your parents don't like your boyfriend (and if it even matters)by sheena sharmaoct 19 2016sharei recently realized my parent's opinion of the next boyfriend i bring home is very important to me. this is basically expressing your feelings and needs using "i" statements rather than "you" statements (this make the other person less defensive)and showing that you understand their position partially. you introduce them"when you become serious about someone, you'll want to see how they interact with your parents and vice versa," says sandella. 3 years ago from georgiagood article, but i have a crucial question: how can i, if i even can, help them understand where i'm coming from, when my mom tends to be rather biased and stubborn? a study published in the "journal of social and personal relationships" in 2008 showed that families got on better if in-laws accepted a new partner, especially if that acceptance was verbally expressed. without hitting her over the head with it, your asking questions in this way allows her to also take inventory of what makes her feel drawn to this person and may bring to light a new awareness for her. you've had a good relationship with your parents your entire life, you should try and facilitate the relationship between your parents and your so as much as you can — without making that effort seem weird or contrived, sandella says. if it's the fact that you're worried that this friend is a bad influence, explain that to her -- and tell her why. my american wife works all day and doesn’t see why my mother can’t start dinner or help out when she visits. “don’t let your children dictate how everything goes,” lieberman says.

My Parents Don't Approve of Who I'm Dating

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–“ my chinese mother expects my wife to obey her and wait on her when she visits, just as she did for her mother-in-law.! in other words, don't totally base who you choose to date on whether or not you think your parents will like them. and that's especially true when we're dealing with a tricky situation like you not loving someone that they are hanging out with.'t get me wrong: i'm definitely not saying you should give your daughter free rein to hang out with whomever she wants! your parents get to know your so better, they're bound to fall for him as fast as you did.'instead, your best shot at winning your parents over is to sit them down and listen to what they have to say. the message their parents are sending is that it is more important for them to have a life of their choosing than to remain in their prior, primary role of mom or dad. to lieberman, tensions can be exacerbated when your child has his own partner. in fact, if you constantly flaunt each new “friend,” you devalue the “right one” when he or she comes along. pester me with questions like, "why can't you bring home someone we actually like? hoping to discourage the relationship, she imposed a new rule that dan wasn't allowed to come into their home. as 19-year-old trista shared:It definitely took some time after my break-up for my mom and i to get back into a good rhythm with each other. "it's your life and you will have to live with this person. being said, i get it if you're currently dating a guy and you want him to meet your parents. and give her a chance to be angry with you and hurt by your decision.

When You Don't Like (or Trust) Your Parent's New Mate

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fifteen-year-old jill shared, "my mom always talked about my friend with a sort of question in her voice. moms, while getting what you need to bring you some ease and clarity, i have heard firsthand how this can shed new light for both of you. my mom and i have always had an amazing closeness -- we can share almost anything -- but i'll admit these were two times that we had some serious tension between us.'s how to help make that happen, from start to finish:before you introduce your so to your parentshow far you're into your relationship with your so should determine how much you tell your parents about him, says sandella. so invite a friend over to be your trusty moderator. girls consistently say that when their moms speak to them from their heart in a respectful way that doesn't make them feel ashamed or threatened (or powerless, like they are being commanded without explanation), they're much more likely to hear you and really take it in. while she clearly wanted to protect her daughter, setting that hard boundary drove a huge wedge between her and her girl. if she starts to go there, state clearly that you are truly interested (you are, aren't you?.but i dread telling her, more so because i don't want to hear it. make sure you love the person for who he or she is in their entirety, not because you like the drama of choosing someone who has a significantly different family background. she may appear not to listen at times, but she is absorbing the value system you are teaching her, as long as you communicate it clearly. your languagewhen delivering news that your parents will be less than delighted with, it is vital to watch exactly what you say and do. not to mention that for the moms, viewing the person through their daughters' eyes helped ease some of their concerns. no matter how old children are, they can feel less important as they watch your affection grow for an “outsider,” lieberman says. when girls are having trouble getting through to their moms, we practice changing the familiar, "you never let me do anything!

How Do I Disapprove of My Daughter's Friend or Boyfriend Without

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"going into a relationship thinking your parents will come around to liking your so is a 'risky strategy. let's take it one question at a time and arm you with all the information you need to help make your relationship with your girls everything that you -- and they -- want it to be. your best to negotiate compromises, understanding, or at least respectful disagreement. if your daughter's friend or boyfriend is involved in drugs or other damaging behavior, dr. find ways to reassure your family of origin that you appreciate and honor your past while you are also becoming part of the global community that includes people from other walks of life. she needs you to guide her toward making good decisions, and you'll know in your heart what is right for your specific situation."listen to your parents concerns, if anywhat i really want to know, though, is if i suddenly felt the urge to go back to my old ways and bring home a fuckboy, would there be any chance my parents could ever come around to him? a lot of girls have said they appreciated their moms taking the time to understand why that person was important to her. allow your parents to express their fears and concerns fully. she wanted me to regain touch with lost friends and make as many new ones as i possibly could.. explains, "dating is for learning about yourself, your heart, your soul and the kind of partner that fits with you. hopefully, when your parents see that you are committed to the person you love and the life you have chosen, they, like tevye in fiddler and robert in downton, will come around. i wish she had just come out and asked me what she wanted to know. parents10 tips for single parents (with teens) who want to know how to start dating againby kathryn vercillo10."dating is for learning about yourself, your heart, your soul and the kind of partner that fits with you.

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however, the painful bottom line is this: if your parents persist in not accepting the situation, your first loyalty is to your partner. prepare yourself for any emotional outbursts and think of how you could best answer questions they may ask. even if my mom doesn't fully approve of one of my friends, she lets me still at least be friends with the person for a while. express your sadness that they feel the way they do. i was frustrated with her at the time, but looking back i realized that she saw me crying and devastated about this guy and the stuff he put me through. when the relationship “took” and barbara announced that she and gerald were getting married after three years of dating, the kids went bonkers. saltz suggests trying to direct your daughter toward being true to her own moral compass. it can be so painful and frustrating, and even if your daughter knows deep down that her mom is right (like i did), she often still needs to experience the relationship and its consequences herself before she'll admit it. burgess 3 years ago from londonhi, i recommend telling her using "assertive structure". year-old taryn shared, "i became friends with this girl a couple of years ago that my mom never liked. putting down your family history isn’t honest or helpful. it’s not fair to the person who loves you to be used as a pawn in an ongoing fight you are having with your parents about such things as religion, race, or status. look forward to hearing your questions and am grateful to share the wisdom i've gained from being in the trenches with thousands of teens and moms. remember one story that a mom shared during a workshop that broke my heart. it is normal for you to have negative feelings when telling your parents something that may upset them, so be prepared to feel upset and consider how you will cope with that.

What To Do If Your Parents Don't Like Your Boyfriend (And If It Even

When Your Parents Hate the One You Love

make sure that you tell them the worst somewhere that you won't be interrupted.'s the truth: deep down, most of the time, your girls know you're right. comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. tell her about the sorts of relationships you want to see her develop ("i want so much for your friendships to leave you feeling confident, safe, and cared for, unconditionally"). there a friendly way of telling her that it is my life, and this part. said all this, of course, if your mom-radar is blinking code red and you sense that your girl is in emotional or physical danger, even the girls agree that it's time for you to step in. if your children are living at home, they are going to be more aware of what you’re up to on the dating front.’t use your partnerto make a political point, to educate your parents, or to give yourself an ally. after my friend and i stopped talking though, it became easier to talk to my mom again because there wasn't that tension tied to our relationship. it's a new boyfriend who seems like he's bad news or a friend who sets off that little warning light in your brain, deciding how to handle these kinds of situations is one of the biggest struggles i've heard moms talk about. she and her daughter had always been very close -- that is, until her daughter's boyfriend dan came into the picture. share the special things he does for you with them, and keep inviting him to be a part of your family's life. if you’re not prepared to do that, it’s only fair to your partner and to yourself to end the relationship."spend the time fostering your partner's relationship with your parents and seeing what can happen," says sandella. it isn't fair to not hear them out or take their valid (key word being "valid" here) concerns about your partner into consideration.

What to Do When Your Adult Kids Hate That You're in Love Again

How to Get Married to Someone Your Mother Doesn't Like: 10 Steps

deep down, i knew right away that this was a bad sign, and sure enough, when my mom met her, she didn't like her at all. the fall-outwhen the deed is done, you will have to deal with the reaction from your parents. a little dose of “let’s think about me for once” may shake things up enough to help your children really get that your new relationship makes you happy. i wanted to tell you before, but i feel like we don't seem as close anymore. from your end, it might be worth trying to get really exact about your concerns, so your daughter understands the "why" behind what you're saying. case you're wondering, my mom and i are now able to have a good laugh when i bring up the ex-boyfriend who caused so much strife. girls have talked about feeling relieved that their moms finally came out and asked what they wanted to know, instead of implying disapproval (which, by the way, they always pick up on -- your girls can read you like a book! after watching me take care of this friend time and time again, my mother sat down and told me that she didn't mind the fact that i was helping a friend in need, she just didn't want me to change who i am as a result of my involvement. & learningwhy she’s a cabaret singer at 70a dream deferred no longer for this retired speech pathologist.(more: how to tell your adult children you’re divorcing). do i disapprove of my daughter's friend or boyfriend without being an invasive mom? she writes regularly for psych central as well as psych central's ask the therapist feature. after several months of my new friend coming over and hanging out a lot, my mom came to my room one night and very calmly brought to my attention the reasons she and my dad didn't want her to hang out with me.’t take a side – your lover’s or your mother’s. & well-beingwhy it’s okay to fire your doctorwhen your physician fails to meet your needs, it may be time to move on.

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as you two get more serious, you should start sharing more about this special guy in your life. my mom came at the conversation form such a place of concern, and was so free of judgment, that we were able to talk about it honestly without me feeling defensive. if you and the person you love aren’t clear about your commitment and the compromises you are willing to make to be together, the constant disapproval, whether stated or seething under the surface, can undermine your relationship. you love and, yes, respect your parents but you also love and admire your partner. "by doing this, you're making it clear to both your parents and your partner how important it is to you that they all get along. from a breakuphow to get your ex back - step-by-step guideby noah alessi2. the scenewhen you need to break the bad news, show respect for your parents by giving them the time and space to process the situation. they have been the guiding light for perhaps generations and have been central to your family’s identity. i appreciate that she lets me learn from my own mistakes instead of her making my decisions for me. so agree to that, but tell her that you expect her to show up at your holiday party, where they’ll have a chance to talk. expressing your disapproval over your daughter's choices, on the other hand, may only serve to alienate her -- and we all know no mother wants that. if you keep them separate, your parents won't have enough evidence to conclude that this guy makes you happy, and then you risk spending the rest of your life trying to change their minds.'s no one-size-fits-all answer; every situation is different, and only you can know which approach is right for your specific dynamic.' i appreciate that both she and i know she was right all along, but have never had to actually say that. we fight when we get home because she says i should stop him but i know nothing i can say is going to change him.

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