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the first time i just sat and watched because i was too scared i’d have an accident. add to that the fact that i’m a sucker for country songs, and we went with this:It was great in the end because it was actually a song telling me to slow down and appreciate the moment at a moment when i needed it most. rebecca & dwtthe dwt archivescontact dwtlearn lindy hopseattle lindy hop classesonline dance courses. recognize the possibility of leakage (as when i’m exceedingly tired or with heavy physical work) and be extra vigilant with that kegel clinch.. it’s realy the easiest work i have ever do. i wish there was a place for me because i love old movies with dancers. sum up, you should join us and learn to lindy hop. so i went again, and that time the teacher was really nice and said i didn’t have to pay if i didn’t take the class. trouble i’ve run into with the self-improvement angle is that you say your definition of nerd isn’t about being socially awkward or even uncomfortable. growing up i was pushed into math and science because it came “naturally” to me, while my favorite subjects were reading and creative writing. also, a cousin let her dad pick and he chose an 80’s rock ballad and they choreographed parts of the song! never try to turn on a foot on which you are not standing, and 3., can participating in more social activities help a person work on their shortcomings?'re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. think it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’re both going to smily-cry for the entire day. its use here is a lazy catch-all for anyone who feels they need some sort of pleasant, encouraging social sanction for their awkwardness, of whatever degree it may be. you never thought you’d be uniquely qualified to master a physical activity.’m actually curious as to the realities of #5 (that half of swing dancers work in it). and to that end i agree with the author: nerds survive things with a learning curve, and once we sink in the time and are comfortable with the environment/scene, we can indulge in the self-expression and connection that the dance provides in a comfortable way. dancing is a dandy attention getter, second only to screaming. find very frustrating to hear some people tell others that they should “work on” their lack of social skills before joining the dance scene – as if those people would intentionally chose to be socially awkward and never attempt to work on their skills. is it then not clear that all the ills of mankind, all the tragic misfortunes that fill our history books, all the political blunders, all the failures of the great leaders have arisen merely from a lack of skill in dancing. you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to. reason i cite most often is that lindy (or any kind of dance, but really, it’s all about lindy) is the most fun you can have with modular arithmetic. if a reader identifies with these reasons, my hope is that they will try lindy hop. is a function of minimising ones exposure to ridicule, mainly by doing as little as possible that is outside the average persons spectrum of activities, which is a pretty narrow spectrum, and appearing as much as possible to never be a noob. i have always been a talented artist and creative right-brained person even since i was very young. when the “nerdy reasons” are the develop-your-social-skills-for-greater-wellbeing reasons, then, yes, i’d say that actually is at least part of what this post is about. that’s not because i have anything against many more awkward people getting out into the world and doing their thing (hello, i are one), but because i care a lot more about music and dancing than about giving myself more space to be awkward.

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i’m really close with my father and he has been going through a bunch of health issues since 2010, so choosing a song that literally focuses the spotlight on him and our relationship as well as his temporary ability to dance with me for two minutes was everything. i’m glad i became a dancer so that i have an outlet for my creativity. or if you don’t like my broad, inclusionist take on “nerdy. hope and pray that all you young people will do something constructive for your self and learn to partner dance, it is wonderful exercise and so much fun. article, and i’m looking for lindy hop classes in my area (nyc), what other dances would you recommend for geeks getting started? in each, there are some things that you evaluate objectively, and some that you evaluate subjectively. it really encapsulates my relationship with my dad, and how i know he was feeling that day (even though i was 36, so a lot of those memories were way in the past). is there a problem if someone improves themselves from dancing?  we must take our ugly, callused, blistered, and bruised feet and present them in a way so that they are mistaken as the most beautiful things on earth. many of the other factors you listed (obsessiveness, fun exercise, sexiness) are true of all partner dancing, not just swing and lindy hop. i think lindy hop does provide a way out of being a geek in the original sense – by definition cats are not squares. dance is not a band-aid to stick on that cut, especially when couched in endlessly placating “it’s okay, everybody’s awkward”s and “come let this activity structure allow you to have fun while not working on your awkwardness at all! perhaps the nerds self-select into becoming advanced dancers once they realized they’ve found “their people,” just like you did? don’t give a rat’s patootie how many other people are in to it or think it’s “cool”! ballet toe shoe is one of the few instruments of torture to survive intact into our time. i also let him pick (for the same reason you give and we haven’t let my parents make many decisions since fiancé and i are doing most of the planning together) and he chose the song that epitomized our first father-daughter dance (an annual tradition at my middle and high school). today, i am a former us marine, and now a firefighter. when you are sixty, and still dancing, you become something of a curiosity. teachers and your peers will give you advice and better feedback in the dance scene.. although it’s true that my love of dancing is at least equal parts love of music and self expression/appreciation for a social setting where i can be introverted if i want to, i would much rather have dancers be as diverse as possible. it’s different with father-daughter though, since it’s more like the father saying “i loved you more” which is sweet rather than fraught. as long as we’re all nerdy about dancing, i can’t say i really care what anyone did before. i generally agree with your criticisms, i can’t say what is the general disagreement we have. i love dancing with the young lindy hoppers, it is one of the best things you can do for your self image and self confidence. don’t object to what you write about, but i won’t respond to it as would to someone actually writing about dance.. being a dancer gives you an enormous boost in confidence. dancing is a kick-ass life skill and a killer mode of expression.*”nerd,” as used here, is also so general as to be practically meaningless. what i object to is the idea that 1) dance is inherently self-improving, and 2) that nerds or introverts will necessarily benefit more than others from the kind of self-improvement it offers.

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list of father daughter dance songs will help you find a song that hasn't been done to death, and expresses your feelings for your dad just perfectly. they will hold suspended a significant amount of leakage, then release it right away to blotting with tissue paper.” the best advice i got from my dad when i was struggling with something was to do whatever made me feel free. yes, sure, fine, you can be a nerd about anything–art, music, research science, microprocessors–but why bother so much about it? intermediate dancer: knows everything; too good to dance with beginners., finding the right father daughter song means getting creative and going outside the traditional songs, in search of something with lyrics that said, “i appreciate our relationship, but i’m not romantically in love with you. my husband tells me that in the philippines (where he grew up), it’s considered weird to talk to people you don’t know. i think it’s easy for you to point fingers and tell us who has or doesn’t have good reasons to join the social swing scene, but it’s much more difficult to understand what it’s like to be in that person’s shoes. it was a much more controversial choice than i ever would have guessed in a million years. there is to be said for work compared to dance is that the latter is so much easier. i’m not into hugging strangers, and i also don’t think i need to correct that. but you would not believe all the things people worry about. i understand how you could be the take-away, and if i had written it, i would have tried to frame the discussion in a way that minimized precisely those objections. i do think there is a certain glibness in her implication that social dancing can turn steve urkel into john travolta, but i wasn’t inclined to read that far into it– the article felt more like a fun wink & nod to our good people of nerdiness. dancing etiquette is a frequent conversation topic at dance classes -and- parties, thus we are trying to correct bad behavior, never celebrate it.’m happy that some folks in our community want to create a comfortable place where people can work on not being socially awkward..They who love dancing too much seem to have more brains in their feet than in their head. my dad has been a cat stevens fan as long as i can remember and the song sounds just like advice he would give me and probably has given me lol i looked through a lot of online father daughter dance song lists and its amazing how many have a creepy vibe once you start listening to the lyrics. if they are unsure or don’t want to, then go to this list. if you hit seventy, and can still get a foot off the ground, you're phenomenal!-ical, with prostate cancer surgery i lost the extra valve that men have, so now have occasional episodes of seepage when insufficiently attentive (retentive). joining the lindy hop community, specifically, certainly isn’t any more of a cure than any other similar form of social dance participation. these cute & funny quotes that will make any dancer smile! rebecca, you have an eminently readable writing style that conveys the fun of swing dancing. (…) i am tired of the concept of the dance floor as a comfortable home for the socially uncomfortable.é is the first thing you learn and the last thing you master. you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance. it’d be interesting to get a study going comparing the vocational interests, or “nerdiness quotients,” of dancers in beginning swing classes versus those who stick with it through advanced classes and become “regulars. i agree that if a nerd who resembled me, for example, wanted to take a crack some parts of her social persona that weren’t serving her well, she could use partner dancing to do that.

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: someone who figures that taking a step backwards after taking a step forwards is not a disaster. but then, item 1 does throw in “bet you never thought you’d be uniquely qualified to master a physical activity,” for stereotype-pinging good measure. you ask someone to dance, do some moves for a few minutes, say thanks, repeat with a new person. incidentally, dancing has also helped with my joint pain and muscle tension, which are vata things, though not necessarily nerd things). (but be aware, she’ll probably be unable to perform her part of the “where have all the children gone” dance if you ask. what you write, i feel like your meaning behind the word nerd is someone who gets exited about learning or participating, even when the thing isn’t “cool”. nerd-dom is not a problem (i sure as hell am one), and not all nerds are socially awkward, and if they are? you have to hold the attention of as many as five to 10,000 people a lot of whom do not follow your language. if you take a random sampling of the population (not just dancers) i would guess you would find those traits distributed throughout all people, and rarely all concentrated in the same individual. as a routine beginning dance instructor, i’ve noticed that there’s a greater vocational diversity in beginning classes than advanced.'ll find your feet at the end of your legs. but lucky for us, maddie ziegler shared some advice in her new book, the maddie diaries, that makes us pretty satisfied.) anyway, it felt like a really sweet honoring of the child i had once been – as well as the adult i am now – we were both balling our eyes out. we’re both introverts who tend to shy away from large social settings, especially when we’re the focus. out, people don’t notice your complexion as much as i thought they did. you can get comfortable with it in a couple of months. is the one form of theater where nobody speaks a foolish word all evening nobody on the stage at least. i had a bit of a tough ask in that i wanted a song that wouldn’t be too father-y because we were combining parental dances, and also one of the parents has a bad hip, so we had to keep it relatively short.” there isn’t a right kind, especially if we go with your inclusive take, which makes going through and validating people’s nerdhood in the comments even less helpful. i said directly above, “if dancing does that for you, that’s great,” so i clearly don’t have any problem if, as you put it, someone improves themselves from dancing. luckily, being nerds, we’re able to understand that there’s more than one useful way to look at a topic. i will tweet and share on my facebook as well as my swing dance students. you seem really eager to tell everyone that social awkwardness is totally okay, and that dancing is a great way through it. kegel exercise regularly to strengthen your sphincter muscle and your awareness of it. said, this: “…helped me a lot in transitioning from becoming an introvert to an extrovert with much more confidence in myself than ever before” is exactly the type of self-improvement stuff i’m questioning in this context. would really like to see the blues & swing community start to have more explicit conversations around how we navigate interactions on the dance floor… everything from using tension and compression, to navigating consent, to introducing yourself to new people. the danger of an article like this is that it screams “look at me, i’m cool after all, aren’t i?, perhaps you’ve never met an art nerd like yourself. and, it’s good that that’s a lesson that ziegler learned early — most of us figure that out decades too late.

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can't wait to read all of Maddie Ziegler's new memoir! still, i don’t imagine you’d be getting urine on your partner if you sprung a leak. 2, 2013 ★ 84 comments let’s face it, we’re all nerds here. to my utter surprise, he got a little misty-eyed and agreed immediately, saying it’s one of his favorite songs and he often thinks of me and my sister when it comes on (the original jt is one of his favorite all-time artists, so it’s on heavy rotation in his house and even on my spotify stations). a person is not a nerd because he or she is interested in anime, s/he is a nerd because s/he cannot shut the heck up about it in any context, and is basically unrelateable to most other people. know you stated that dancing appeals to nerds with nerdy professions like computer programing. started 12 years ago with medieval english country in the society for creative anachronism (nerd alert! the idea of being a “nerd” is not about personal style, about interests, intelligence, or penchant for deep thought. but the list of available father daughter dance songs felt like they ranged from mildly creepy to just… not indicative of my relationship with my dad at all. if you can’t move your hips like that all, there are still lots of awesome swing moves for you to do as well., i clean disgusting cat litter boxes every day (plus one of my cats has kidney failure and pees on everything). some men dance they're all feet, and when they stop they're all hand. we’re all doing the best we can to fit in and be liked. credits: pasukaru76 (dalek), yogma (red cups), tim cheeney (featuring selena kruse and lee broxson). in many posts, you will find comments from people arguing that i should be more accepting. although you get extra credit for finding your own lindy, there is no penalty for not doing so., people may not notice you’re complexion, but i think they’d notice urine that isn’t theirs streaming down their leg.) the problem is that you’re positing a definition of nerd that is all flowers-and-rainbows positivity, saying that nerds do not by their very nature require remedial help, and then playing to the insecurities of another, more stereotypically negative definition with your list, because many of the items on distinctly imply that their target audience has social difficulties.) i am a weird mix of creativity and technical thinking. check her out on twitter to see when she’ll be in a town near you! but not a hundred people who don’t know each other. is for the more folky bluegrass people out there, but my dad and i are going to dance to “when you come back down” by nickel creek.’s a mistake i see made all too often in weddings: you spend so much time and effort trying to pull off the impossible feat of planning a huge event, that when it’s over your brain kind of melts and goes this thing has taken the last of my energy. and perhaps you’ll be moved to give it a try, too., i’m not sure how to define ‘cool’ outside of the swing dance context. is the art of getting your feet out of the way faster than your partner can step on themauthor unknown. if you can move your hips all super sexy like (in the way that is glorified in modern dance clubs and whatnot), that’s great and there are awesome swing movements that let you do that. i’m sure that will happen over time, as the meaning of nerd and geek changes. i went from being a long-time outcast to realizing i had a family.

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” while both words are used in pop-psych justifications and explanations of all kinds of behavior, both beneficial and maladaptive, they’re not the same thing. some of us, actual nerds even, just don’t give a crap about daleks and are additionally perplexed that you missed the point about the “right kind of nerd. now, maybe i’m weird, or the wrong kind of “nerd,”* but there’s not a single mention here of any of the things that got me hooked on the dance and made me want to stick with it–like, um, jazz music.” or if you don’t like the fact that the blogging form of writing is essentially a persuasive opinion piece, not meant to be academic.“if you take a random sampling of the population (not just dancers) i would guess you would find those traits distributed throughout all people, and rarely all concentrated in the same individual. sounds like a great song for a child/parent relationship. helping ourselves be better, more sociable, high-functioning people is great. higher up you go, the more mistakes you are allowed. when you learn swing dancing, you are cool by association. i’m not daddy’s little girl, and i’d prefer if the lyrics didn’t make it sound like we’re dating, you know? said, here is what i wish the article had spoken to, while we’re on the subject of awkwardness: though dancing has helped me grow immensely over those last 12 years, i do not see dancing as a panacea for social ills.! target now has a clothing line for children with disabilities. i think it’s a very sweet song – and says a lot of things i know my dad feels but perhaps has trouble saying (strong silent type you know). i refuse to believe there’s no way to manage your problem. where credit is due: item 1 on your list does this (and item 2 sort of does, as well—flips, tricks, feels like magic). not enough to show through my pants, but i was too scared to actually join the class. however, i have always liked dancing because you get to be creative.’m not making light to minimize your condition, by the way.’m used to reactions like that, and the reactions of some of the commenters here. reject the idea that being introverted or extroverted makes one necessarily more or less functional, and i think dancing is plenty good without propping it up as a comfy system for self improvement.(for the record, she noted that they’re all part of the choreography. you are starved for human contact, you should check out argentine tango. have been a lindy hopper since 1938, yes, i’m now 85 and i’m still out there dancing with what you all call nerds. get the feeling that you might be watching a little too much big band theory, since your idea of what a “nerd” is seems to be a little cartoonish: smart, sci-fi fan, nervous talking to girls/boys, overly analytic about everything, obsessed with details and yet unable to find a stylish outfit. would recommend contra dancing (it has a very different focus on what is “important” and many of my favorite people like both). my dad and i both love this group and this song (to me) is about having someone support you to go out and try new things, with the knowledge that someone is there to “catch you when you fall”. i do think lindy hop/partner dancing has the unique potential to help people overcome social difficulties… if you want that. literally just asked my dad this week if he’d dance to one of our favorite james taylor songs with me (‘you’ve got a friend’). “growing up and being self-aware” isn’t natural for everyone, and emotional intelligence does not just fall out of the sky to all.

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you are comfortable with this, you should ask your dad what he wants for the father daughter dance song.’m actually slightly offended, since i think this blog article bandwagons on something that has bothered me about american culture lately: the marketed idea that being a nerd is okay… as long as being a “nerd” means you like star wars (the most popular movie series in history). some of us don’t want to appear more “sexy. i didn’t call introversion or nerdiness “weird”–i was remarking on the fact that although you identify as an introvert and a nerd, you seem to think introverts and nerds, apparently moreso than others, will benefit both from dancing and from special help and simple explanations about why dancing is good. i used have to two left feet, difficulty understanding simple movements, a fear of people and a fear of expressing myself via my wardrobe. i’m not sure if you’re worried about more weirdos/awkward people getting into lindy hop.’m know by my young friends as swing mom, cause that’s what i am everyone’s swing mom love all you lindy hoppers hazel. much do you think an open-minded teacher would charge to teach someone like me? self-improvement obviously has value, and it’s wonderful that dancing is part of that for you. this is just another example of how complex biological life is and how newspapers overstate researchers’ claims. i’ll do queen’s “you’re my best friend” since my dad is the one who introduced me to queen and it’s not as sad as time in a bottle and the lyrics actually apply to us a bit. i’m not saying we shouldn’t take our kicks and our self-betterment where we can get them, more that i think social dancing has plenty of valid purpose without its personal, variable benefits to social grace. i would highly suggest offering your parents the option of picking the song. that doesn`t mean you`re not right with the reasons to start dancing:-). if you’re writing “nerdy reasons” and the reasons are geared toward self-improvement, then, yes, that is what the post is about, and that’s why i responded to it. we let our parents pick the songs, since it was their moment with us. then, as i was reviewing your article again, i looked at the link for #1, and recognized someone at herrang that i met while in greece at the athens lindy exchange!“before i met [sia], i would say yes to a lot of things i didn’t want to do…sia always tells me you have to have time off, step back and appreciate the moment,” she wrote. i learned swing in the other washington… washington dc, and good fortune took me to athens greece for the 1st annual lindy exchange, and then later last year to the second annual “swing and swim” with instructors from herrang teaching awesome classes! or know how to program (there are lots of purely average people in programming). dance in general (disclaimer: i primarily hang out in the salsa/wcs scenes) is a somewhat meritocratic structure where skill and comfort correlate directly with time spent in the endeavor.! also, i really agree with your point about there being a lot of hooks for different types of people to start social dancing. apparently, they don’t have big parties and invite lots of random people. what you’re writing about here, though, is social self-improvement, plain and simple, and that doesn’t inherently have anything to do with dance. it used to equate to “square” but now those are merely intersecting sets, and of course “geek” has become “cool”. this is probably not the response you were looking for, but if i were you i’d wear a pad. i started to wonder where he was going with this embarrassing line of questions. sure enough, as i traveled to greece last summer and attended the exchanges and classes there, i noted the same thing. my dad and i watched countless disney movies together when i was a child – and the song he ended up picking was “when you wish upon a star” (which most people know as the little refrain you hear with the disney castle logo – but the whole song is actually really lovely – and a nice 3/4 time waltz that works really well as a dance song.

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i mean, i’ll try to be sure that it’s not too much, but still. and as possible during an activity you know will be stressful empty your bladder. finding like minds can be fun, yes, but to expect an artistic community to be so perfectly suited to the people you class as nerds (however speciously)?. on facebook, today, one of my female friends who happens to be an attorney in greece posted your article! am tired of the concept of the dance floor as a comfortable home for the socially uncomfortable. it’s unbecoming to pretend that you don’t understand this, when i’ve said it several times. don’t think dance is a magical land of nerd acceptance though: like any other community, a dance scene is a microcosm of its people; instead of being labelled as the preppies, goths, science fair geeks, gamers… we just have different stratification: the purely social dancers, the strictlies peeps, the performance-only dancers, that person that preys on the newbies… so on and so forth. i love the combination of left brain/right brain, creative/technical, objective/subjective, whatever you want to call it. book, which was released by simon & schuster, is a coming-of-age memoir that’s all about ziegler’s rise to success..If you are a daddy’s girl and can overlook a reference to being ‘given away,’ heartland’s ‘i loved her first’ is a beautiful song. think people are “awkward” when they are unable to connect with another person smoothly, whether it’s verbally, mentally, or physically — at least dance provides us all with a common “conversation topic” and expectations… basic steps, rhythm, and music. (there is tons of it: just google nick neave dance study. sure, i`ve been a nerd all my life (comics, music, books…. without saying a word, my dad came over to take my hand and dance to this song, and i felt like the lyrics were speaking for him. it’s a great thing when the communities to which we belong help us be better by holding us to high standards, instead of telling us it’s ok to accept bad behavior from each other. additionally, most vernacular dances, lindy hop among them, have pretty strong identities already. but let me tell you, diaper rash is not fun.” we’ve never been able to fully address the underlying reasons for the estrangement, but i think we’ve both come to terms with that. it’s fun to read someone else say the same thing. diapers are embarrassing (maybe the crinkle noise wouldn’t be noticeable if the dj was playing some loud swingin’ tunes). inimitably graceful children are in general – before they learn to dance., you didn’t say “introverts” in the piece; you said “nerds. finding some of our wedding songs (and boy do we have you covered on that front), some of them came super easily. for whether dance has inherent self-improvement powers, it probably does for some people.); reverse the polarity of the neutron flow to fix that. you can learn the basics of swing dancing in a weekend. an urge to dance is bad for your health – it rusts your spirit and your hips. you ever been to a party and spent the whole time standing around with a drink in your hand, wishing there was something to do? didn’t do a father daughter dance and although some of the lines in this aren’t exactly “independent woman” i think it’s just beautiful;.

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my dad picked it for our father daughter dance and our family friends – a father/daughter duo that were part of our wedding bang – sang it. for your thoughtful and eloquent replies throughout this thread — i’ve some similar, mixed feelings when reading the list that share some of your sentiments. swing dancing will not fix all the challenges i still face, but it sure helped me a lot, socially, mentally, physically; and feeling better about my(your)self is already half the battle. he’s always been the creator of traditions in our family and this just feels very much in character for him so it makes me happy. used to flowchart in my head how the different moves linked together. i’m not sure it’s so great as 50% of swing dancers, but i have observed a trend at least on the west coast of many “computer geeks” sticking with the dance longer. i do recall an anecdote where one of my sils threw an absolute fit about her husband (my husband’s brother) choosing “in my life” as the mother-son dance because she thought her husband dancing with his mother to a song about how he loves her “more” would set up a terrible precedent (which, to be fair, is one my mil would love) and made her, as the new wife, look like a lesser priority. your hand if you totally miss seeing maddie ziegler on dance moms. i’m not overly impressed by the idea that some people are “real nerds,” while others are posing. those preferences are what make an introvert, not any lack of knowledge about appropriate behavior in a variety of situations. i was objecting to was exactly the kind of generalization that lets you lead with a self-congratulatory “most of us. yourself by people telling you that it’s ok to be awkward may or may not solve one’s problems, but the opposite certainly does not help either – in fact it worsens the problem. if you love to dance, you may indeed find that comfort, but giving it to you is not the job of the community or of the form itself. you are on stage you are having an affair with three thousand people. i’m all for people being more comfortable with the human body and being smarter about physical boundaries, but social dancing does not magically produce those skills/mindsets. for a follow-up post: top 10 reasons every cool person should learn to dance. is really really funny — it’s funny because it’s true! if nerds don’t by their nature require self-improvement, then why is that your hook? f1 bought after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ last month . all of life is a dance of interaction with other people (and ourselves), and i think that our dance communities have the power to teach us far more than we know…. what we can tell, the advice that sia gave ziegler is pretty phenomenal and applies to so many situations. they said there’s probably not a big enough market for them. check to check is really a form of floor play.” my father speaks to me in french (the entire song is in french) and we went to france together, but otherwise the lyrics don’t mean anything significant. you’re already a dancer, download my book the beginner dancer’s survival guide! will also say, i think there is something very special about swing dance and the swing dance scene and why i agree with rebecca. is the most fun you can have with your clothes on! what swing dancing does do is give people an opportunity and a chance to feel comfortable in a social environment and learn to have more social grace. your list heavily implies that its audience may have social weaknesses, and that dancing will shore up those weaknesses, and then you ding me–erroneously–for supposedly calling social weakness weird.

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that’s what brought some of us to drama club or band or insert activity here that for some reason wasn’t deemed “cool”. of course, the reference about asking permission isn’t my favorite (my fiance didn’t ask for permission) but i like the sentiment about fh being the “half that makes you whole”. i don’t think lindy hop specifically, or social dance intrinsically, were designed to help people overcome self-assessed personality challenges (for one thing, they weren’t *designed* at all). and swing dancing does help a lot in this regard. oldest daughter picked out “i’ll follow you” by shinedown, which basically a message that says no mater what, i’ve got your back.“what i object to is the idea that 1) dance is inherently self-improving, and 2) that nerds or introverts will necessarily benefit more than others from the kind of self-improvement it offers. these are all things people should actively work on in themselves and be trying to change. it’s the extreme distortion toward extroversion in our society that has made introversion seem so “weird. is why i found rebecca’s original post so insightful. i started there and was absolutely frustrated with it but stuck to it and i haven’t t. i find your blog likable; i’m an instructor and event organizer so i have a vested interest in encouraging people to take up lindy hop., and quite important, if unrelated: i think i’ve used up my internet comment quota for the whole year here, and i thank you for tolerating it/responding graciously. once the autonomic nervous system kicks in, it’s like trying to stop a firehose with a band-aid. hop provides a structured, normal context for giving and receiving touch. in the midst of me trying to be encouraging, he blurts out: “what do you know about quitting smoking? “nerds” have become cool, and, more than that, the word has lost its weight.“it’s about explaining somewhat nerdy reasons people might enjoy lindy hop. hundreds of dancers were seated in a dimmed ballroom, waiting for the next competition. it goes both ways, and besides, we both like the band, and wanted something different for our song.” i mean, i don’t always go out of my way to get friendly with people i don’t know, but i wouldn’t describe myself as an introvert, and if i did, i don’t see that as something that requires remediation. you can go up to a gorgeous woman that you've never met before, spend three minutes touching her virtually anywhere on her body, and she thanks you for it afterwards! “sometimes i walk away /when all i really want to do /is love and hold you right/ there is just one thing i can say/ nobody loves you this way. and i’ll still do my best to get others to relate to “true nerds” (whatever the hell that means) by convincing them we’re all nerdy. williams: “moon river” (or you can opt for the breakfast at tiffany’s version). so that you know: the dalek cannot be seen on the mobile version of the blog (was exterminated? i’m making light because i can see how dejected you might feel if something happened, and laughter always helps me remember it could be worse. hard to explain, but you’ll find out when you try it. fans of the dancer know she’s a perfectionist who always tries hard to reach her goals, which makes her the ideal role model for young women out there. and of course, this young lady has her own mentor that she goes to for advice.

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unless you are like old faithful, and it just goes everywhere.! it can be an incredible forum for growth, but only if you are willing do dig in and do your personal work. people aren’t aware of the condition, but it’s just what it sounds like. but i suppose we sympathize better because there are fewer paths and a very finite amount of people in our community — we have an inherent understanding that everyone starts off a beginner and that the dance resonates differently for each of us. ziegler is currently in the midst of her book tour. and it is not a self-aware concept; “nerd” is all about what *others* think of someone. would have found this list just as valid if you’d simply listed #3 ten times. once said that dancers work just as hard as policemen, always alert, always tense, but see policemen don't have to be beautiful at the same time. this is also clear in my reply to another commenter. or don’t get a lot of dates (purely subjective). she could also use a community sports league, or roller derby, or a drawing class, or a nature walk group, or volunteer at a community theater or garden or habitat for humanity, or…like i said, the original post was mostly (not entirely) about self-improvement, not lindy hop. palliative/preventive measures for me include exercise, attention, and underwear. – i wish i could have expressed my thoughts as eloquently as you have here (see my attempt above) – thank you! some learn to drive on their own, but not everyone can – although ultimately, everyone can learn to drive with sufficient feedback and interaction with your peers. have said this same thing for years and mention this a bit in my novel, the girl with the jitterbug dress. course lindy is nerd heaven: you get extra credit for the amount you can nerd out about lindy hop, and how much time you invested into perfectly imitating your chosen god. we are all at different stages of learning, and i think dance provides an invaluable venue to model critical life skills for each other. lots of folks have already linked to this on fb. and i think that’s a great thing to encourage in people. never dance when you are too tired to know whether you are adhering to principles 1. i am by no means suggesting that anyone else should necessarily need or want to pursue the same path to “self-improvement”, but i give rebecca props for naming an oft-overlooked demographic/cultural aspect of social dancing, and naming some reasons why nerds and dancing might go together. it’s growing up, being self-aware, and behaving with integrity. i was a captain on my football team, i was an athlete in school, but i wasn’t entirely uneducated, and to top it off i’m prior service. but, it turned out great and his mom has talked about it on several occasions and said how she loved her dance with her son and had to keep talking to him so that she wouldn’t cry the whole time! and the post is called “top 10 reasons *every nerdy person should* learn to dance (emphasis mine). i’ve actually been incredibly frustrated by some behaviors in the lindy hop world that folks tend to dismiss as just awkwardness or nerdy-ness. is wonderful training for girls; it's the first way you learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it. i can’t dance in heaven, let me live here foreverauthor unknown. in fact, we are giving people with social awkwardness a greater chance to improve themselves by giving them advice instead of turning our backs and ignoring them, like in most non-dancing social environments (workplace, clubs, school, etc).

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this is the muscle to stop a urine stream in progress. book also dives into the crazy faces you’ve likely seen ziegler make in the midst of her music videos, so the book is worth picking up for those tidbits alone..If you dance with a grizzly bear, you had better let him lead. if you love to dance, you may indeed find that comfort, but giving it to you is not the job of the community or of the form itself. my mom played it for us growing up because she remembered seeing the dancing in the video (this and west side story are the reasons i was put in dance classes as a kid) so actually seeing the video a few years ago was really emotional. however, the piece you say is about “somewhat nerdy reasons people might enjoy lindy hop” focuses on things aimed precisely at a definition of nerd that *is* about being at least a bit socially challenged.#whatconsentmeanstome is trending on twitter, and it’s starting a much-needed conversation..but had to reply because this is something (as you can tell) that is near and dear to me :) (thanks for the link! are dancing (to our own beat – can’t match the pace of the song :p) to teach your children by crosby, stills, nash, and young. r^2 and n values are way too low to be claiming what is being claimed here. never try to step with the foot on which you are standing, 2.. finally have a valid excuse to learn to dress well. dancing is like being a mother: if you've never done it, you can't imagine how hard it is. biggest thing for me is that it feels like a main point of this post is to say it’s ok to be socially awkward and there’s no need to work on not being socially awkward. right at the top, if you make enough of them, it's considered to be your style. i will be the first one to admit that i’ve been socially awkward for the greater part of my life.. dancing gives you one more thing to geek out about. you think i don’t advocate working on yourself, perhaps you should check out some of my other blog posts. can relate to every one of her points– all my life i have dealt with dyspraxia and clumsiness, severe social anxiety and a general tendency to be in my head all the damn time (i am a textbook vata, if you’ve heard of the ayurvedic doshas! you are fifty, you're neither young nor old; you're just uninteresting. leaving a comment, you agree to follow the dwt community guidelines. it gave me some of the tools to help myself thereafter. no mention of the fact that it is a dance form that has grown and changed and thrived without reliance on a codified system and official, regulated organizations. (sure, reading the book is nothing like seeing her compete, but it’s still a reminder that she’s one of the most impressive young dancers out there! many of the father/daughter song suggestion lists on-line are just plain sick and creepy. and i don`t know about the lindy people in the usa but in germany there are not more nerds than in any other scene as far as i can tell. are a couple more of the other kind of nerdy reason, off the top of my head:There are more, but i this is enough illustrate the point. to see paul simon “father and daughter” here (especially because i just coincidentally bought paul simon tickets this morning! obviously, if there was any cleaning fees, i’d pay that on top of the class fee.

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really like the idea of randy newman’s “you’ve got a friend in me” (not on this list, on some other apw list somewhere else), but it has to be at a completely different pace for it to work…. to popular opinion, the hustle is not a new dance step - it is an old business procedure. your item “socially-sanctioned touching” is about the last reason i got into dancing, and there are good reasons for this. but not if we go around telling people there’s no work to be done. the way through awkwardness (or nerdy-ness, if you feel somehow hampered by your own) isn’t wrapping yourself in a fuzzy blanket of people who tell you it’s okay to be awkward, and it’s not learning steps.’s about explaining somewhat nerdy reasons people might enjoy lindy hop. also did a combined dance: we are a 2-lady couple and we danced with our dads for a minute or so, then our moms came on and danced with our dads while we danced with each other. it makes sense that the two of them would have an incredible bond. i’m sure i have only the lamest of suggestions–but, i do know that you have to keep trying. being socially awkward – not knowing how to have conversations in mixed company, not knowing how to interact with people when there’s not a structured activity, not knowing how to groom oneself or dress appropriately, not being able to interact with people outside your profession or professions like yours, not understanding what kind of social touching is ok when – these are all bad things. i hope one of our fellow dancers decides to take this on as a phd project and manages to get the word “bounciness” into a research paper title! but mastering the skill takes tenacity and attention to detail, which nerdy people are uniquely qualified for. tl;dr reply to this isn’t showing up, and i’m not sure why, so i’ll reiterate the simplest points:1) seeing as *just said* “if dancing does that for you, that’s great,” i clearly don’t have anything against anyone improving themselves through social dance.” we are: programmers, nurses, designers, physicists, teachers, engineers, admin assistants, baristas with dormant college degrees… about half of us work in it. think part of it is that swing’s movement is more… accessible, if that makes sense. if you already know how to dress well, it gives you an excuse to wear your nice outfits. this seems to be all about social observation, and that’s what i was responding to. i know plenty of introverts who possess these skills, but simply have preferences about where they spend their time and what interactions they enjoy.“raise your hand if you were captain of the football team in high school!, hundreds of lindy hoppers cheered high school pep bands, youth theater, ap classes, and every other dorkish thing i’d grown up loving. i can think of nothing more kinky than a prince chasing a swan around all night. basically there’s this concept that “we’re all nerds now” when the percentage of actual nerds in our society does not change. you guessed that it was sia, you’d be correct. if you click on the link and make a purchase, apw may receive a commission. checker lost pounds by demonstrating how to move as if you were 'drying your back with a towel' - the substitution of the word 'back' for 'bottom' indicates the oddly wholesome image of the twist. way, you are definitely the right type of nerd if you took this much time to respond. there’s not a lot of subtext, unless you count my nerd-inclusive agenda. it’s growing up, being self-aware, and behaving with integrity., i’m trying to say that lots of us are anxious.

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’ve often wondered whether there is something inherent to swing dance/lindy hop that has intrinsic appeal to nerds, or whether it’s simply that the original folks interested in the dance happened to be nerds, and this created a culture of nerdiness around the dance that has persisted through the years. all societies have the extreme expectation of extroversion that we do. it’s such a great song, and my dad and i are both loudon fans. if you really are after option one, then your advertisement of/friendly invitation to the world of lindy hop might not need to sound like a self-help guide or a “send us your nerdy masses yearning to breathe free,” and might include more things that that first kind of nerd would want to get excited about. and the good news is regardless of how my mood is that night, whether i’m in a real technical thinking mode or a real creative mode, my dancing can satiate my desires!?” and i say, “well, i know a lot about feeling like a failure. the activity itself isn’t inherently nerdy/jocky/any-other-labelly… you get to take what you want out of the experience. it reminds me of being 11 and so impressed at dancing like a grown up in a dressed up room with my dad and all our friends. but instead of being constantly wrapped up your thoughts (like when writing your dissertation), do fun stuff. if anyone actually reads the lyrics, most of the songs are written about lovers (sexual) not loving parents. i am still somewhat of a lone wolf, and having grown up as a single child with a relatively absent father, not much physical activity until i was 18, and not many friends in high school, i will probably never reach the social charisma that some of my peers have. i don’t dance because i’m a left-brained person who is into computers and likes counting dance steps to different tempo songs and or over analyzing proper form. you're on thin ice you might as well be dancing.’m also a catholic seminarian, so i guess i break a few molds. dance is not a band-aid to stick on that cut, especially when couched in endlessly placating “it’s okay, everybody’s awkward”s and “come let this activity structure allow you to have fun while not working on your awkwardness at all! i’d say the socially transformative power of social dancing is different for everybody, though, and that it’s not an intrinsic purpose of the art. think you’ll find that the majority of people class themselves as “geeks” nowadays. a man and a girl on stage and there is already a story; a man and two girls, there's already a plot. the reality is that lindy hop attracts people of all types who like a challenge. i guess for me, your post read like you were telling people not only was it ok to lack these basic skills in general, but our community specifically is a place where that’s celebrated. i do think its socially transformative powers are more about what you bring to it/want from it/make out of it than something intrinsic to the dance itself–you appear to agree that it’s not just some automatic thing, and you’ve also said you encourage people to work on themselves. me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.! i squealed and flung both hands up for good measure. there’s nothing wrong with definition #2, per se, but you seem to want to have it both ways–to use a definition of nerd that is all-inclusive and positive and centered on our enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity and has no potentially-divisive negative connotations…but to play to the social insecurities of a very different model. it’s not a magical instantaneous solution, but it sets people in the right path instead of leaving them to fend for themselves (where they might have tried before and simply not succeeded).. so, i posted it on some friends board here in dc ( i am back now from my year in greece) and they had similar responses to your article here. i’m very glad for you if you feel happier and more confident now, but not everyone wants to become an extrovert, and confidence and extroversion are emphatically not the same thing. haha), then progressed to contra dancing, then finally swing & blues a couple years ago, and contact improv this past summer. i didn’t know there was a dance that went with i until college.

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    it basically says that we will always be there for each other.” but if you’re having a father daughter dance song moment and haven’t figured your song out, here is our ultimate list of father daughter songs you’ll actually want to use at your wedding. because here’s the thing— whether we’re on the dance floor or not, we are never not dancing. to clarify: i’m incredibly interested in taking the sting out of insults like “nerd” and “geek. i love this song and it’s upbeat and not creepy! while there’s an overarching swing movement, swing is filled with different dance moves that make it accessible to the different ways that people are able to move their bodies. as a beginner, you’re too busy getting your steps right to realize you’re out of breath. are absolutely right that these ideas are problematic, but that’s not what i got from the article. of us are just shy and don’t care to change that..If ballet was easy then everyone would be doing it. now it’s second nature to me, and like i said, that has translated over to everyday life. however, it’s like an election where you have people all over the spectrum, including pundits, and including those that can be swayed. i still get scared, because nobody will dance with someone who pees, right? which is how people like me end up taking six years to create a wedding album, never back up their wedding photos to the cloud, and forget to buy jewelry insurance., i have to take issue with your interpretation of introversion. the way through awkwardness (or nerdy-ness, if you feel somehow hampered by your own) isn’t wrapping yourself in a fuzzy blanket of people who tell you it’s okay to be awkward, and it’s not learning steps. nerd-dom is not a problem (i sure as hell am one), and not all nerds are socially awkward, and if they are? i also was obsessed with creating art as a youngin’.’ve been trying to figure out how to respond to this, because i don’t feel like we’re talking about the same things.…and then a bunch of the reasons you chose highlight, as i said before, imply that your audience is dealing with social challenges and may want to address them (items 9, 7, 5, and 3, for instance), and the social dance community is a great place to do that., while i don’t technically fit the definition of a ‘nerd’ per se… i have always considered myself as such, and i recall in high school i was part of the ‘off crowd. i suspect swing dancers won’t judge you for the anxiety-related urination as much as you think. from age 16-20, my father and i went through a long period of estrangement…and the first summer after we started speaking again, this song came on at a family bonfire at the beach.” i’m not socially uncomfortable unless there’s an expectation of extroversion. i have always been socially awkward, but i’ll tell you one thing for sure…they have improved exponentially ever since i started swing dancing. advertising content:Here is what happens when you lose your engagement ringno seriously. used the moody blues- in your wildest dreams because my dad is a huge moody blues fan, and it reminded me so much of being a kid and singing it with him.: men wearing pants so tight that you can tell what religion they are. surely there can’t be thousands of swing dancers like me.

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