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    halloween night, kagome is tricked into releasing a possessive, dangerous, hotter then hell demon from his prison of 500 years. the aff system includes a rigorous and complex abuse control system in order to prevent improper use of the aff service, and we hope that its deployment indicates a good-faith effort to eliminate any illegal material on the site in a fair and unbiased manner. she has good grades, good friends, and the cute, popular boy in class just asked her out. she still had homework to finish since it didn't look like she would be able to coax souta into going out and trick or treating. paused by her mother's closed bedroom door, but not having the energy or the will to deal with her right now, she went past it and continued on to her own room. kagome sensed it, the familiar feeling of a youkai pressing against her reiki that had her grasping sango's hand." kagome replied, staring off into space, lost deep in her own thoughts. kagome who had moved away a small distance fired her arrow releasing her reiki as well." he murmured against her lips, before closing the distance between them and taking them with his own. depictions of violence rape/non-con underagehigurashi kagome/inuyashainuyasha (inuyasha) higurashi kagome sesshoumaru (inuyasha) miroku (inuyasha) sango (inuyasha) higurashi kagome's mother hojo (inuyasha)rape/non-con elements explicit sexual content explicit language angst hurt/comfort romance childhood friends alternate universe - high school.. saito swept into kagome's house, letting her follow as the psychologist focused years of training onto souta. depictions of violencehigurashi kagome/inuyasha miroku/sango (inuyasha) higurashi kagome/hojo (inuyasha)inuyasha (inuyasha) higurashi kagome sango (inuyasha) miroku (inuyasha) hojo (inuyasha)drama & romance action/adventure mild smut mild gore alternate universe - modern setting. grandfather looked to the leaf spotted ground instead of his granddaughter's retreating form, ashamed. his father was after all the great inu no taisho and had successfully passed on his strength as a youkai to his sons. this story goes through the sacrifices and tough decisions inside different kinds of relationships, taking place ten years after naraku was defeated. they are very much real, and living among us today. the druids had believed the veil between life and death was thinnest then, so dead relatives would come back to visit their families.
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Mate Chapter 1, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction

" sango said to her friend looking in her eyes for understanding.'and if he doesn't find a mate he'll be lost to his youkai, forever' izayoi thought as her concern for her son increased. kagome who had stayed quiet for most of the day let her thoughts consume her for a moment." saito announced, souta looking on curiously as the leather briefcase was brought out and opened."there are priestesses and priests coming to the castle within the next three days. kagome having been so young at the time became friends with an equally talented young girl named sango, whose areas of expertise would be in youkai slaying. higurashi looked up from his sweeping to smile at his favorite granddaughter." his hands drifted slowly down, settling on her hips and freeing her arms. taking ideas from other cultures, souta had gotten this idea their father would come back to see them on halloween and might stay if fed, washed, and taken proper care of. her hand ached with the need to smash the halloween folklore books sitting on the counter unto the floor until they couldn't fill souta's mind with anymore lies about their father coming back. archive warnings applymiroku/sango (inuyasha) higurashi kagome/inuyashasango (inuyasha) miroku (inuyasha) higurashi kagome inuyasha (inuyasha)alternate universe - game of thrones fusion alternate universe - a song of ice and fire fusion lighter and fluffier than a got au has any right to be seriously there are bollywood tropes here slow burn friends with benefits to lovers. saito could stay up waiting for her father and playing their tricks, but she was going to bed. kagome frowned, worried about him cutting himself on the exposed edges. unable to return to the feudal era after narakus defeat kagome search for her demon friends in her timeline. don't worry, major plot lines are still the same, i'm just fixing my grammar and all that fun stuff. bounded into the kitchen, his arms full of bright flowers as he beamed at kagome."souta grinned, running up to give his sister the mirror, a candle and a match. Taking the next step in online dating,

Inuyasha and Kagome: Lives changed forever

that with each full moon he loses himself more and more. looked up at izayoi and was once again captivated by her beauty. with an ancient evil on the rise, and bad blood boiling, things have never been so interesting at the bureau. a year kagome felt like she was in a fog and after almost making the mistake of marrying koga. hidden in the shadows, its agents are raised with weapon in hand, trained to save those who don't even know they're being saved." kagome argued, clinging to any reason she could use to keep her mother. they said she didn't stand a chance, and no body has any idea how he got through the barrier, even now."before kagome could draw in the breathe to scream, a hard hand wrapped itself around her wrist and pulled her into a bare, hot, chest. miroku and sango are the leaders of the village, and inuyasha is it's protector. starts as a harrowing event turns into an adventure in which all the inuyasha characters overcome their obstacles to defeat their fears and foes and begin new lives with new stories to tell." he cursed, letting her go to clutch his head as candy spilled onto the floor. and it seems like it will take more to win over her heart, then it did when she was a child. not kikyou-bashing but kikyou-critical the demon lord of the west and his pet human au where teddy gets to meet someone in his family black widow: forever red spoilers grief and mourning demiurge. she took a sip from the teacup that she held in her hands. pictures of their father crowded the low table along with candy, his personal items and the food souta had cooked for him. when inuyasha, kagome, sesshomaru and rin find themselves in an odd valley can they find a way to work together? chose not to use archive warningsinuyasha/kagome miroku/sango (inuyasha) reader/? Birthday gift ideas for a guy you re dating

To Summon a Mate Chapter 1: October 31, an inuyasha fanfic

saito's expensive suit, leather briefcase and subtle pleasant smell, wondering how much of their money had paid for it." kagome begged as she turned to sprint back to the house. now that the fog has lifted will kagome and inuyasha finally become mates like they were destined to? once their father's ghost didn't appear, maybe souta and her mother would finally see dr. upon a time there was a handsome prince cursed in the most horrific way. his silver hair hung long and straight over golden skin, his pretty lips twisted into a wicked grin. kagome is a famous writer, who keeps transiting between present and past. she is unwilling to become the role she is meant to be and she seems to have some secrets to herself. while she may have feared for her life and safety she did not approve of the way these men made fun of someone who was suffering. (inuyasha) kagome higurashi miroku (inuyasha) sango (inuyasha) bankotsu (inuyasha) sesshoumaru (inuyasha) kouga (inuyasha)reader-insert adventure original character(s) started this story in 2009 and you can tell from the early chapters don't worry the original character doesn't replace any of the main characters i hate when that happens. sango sensed it too as this youkai's aura was particularly easier to pick up and was much closer than they thought.(the 8th and final part of the 'perfume of love' series) five hundred years is a long time to get everything settled or for it all to go horribly wrong. she had been with her for so long that kagome felt as if the woman was her mother. prompts spanning from heroes to villains, and the gray places in between. she almost regretting telling her grandfather it was fine for him to go out now. kagome had a look of surprise on her face 'til the realization of the words dawned on her. : october 17, 2017 6:29 pm -:- rated : adult ++ -:- chapters : 104 -:- reviews : 442 -:- dragon prints : 46528located : inuyasha > het - male/female > inuyasha/kagome.

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kagome looked at sango and she shrugged her shoulders not knowing what else to say. craned her neck to the side and savagely bit him."no need to be so formal miroku, please come and join me. trick or treaters would be arriving later, and kagome was hopeful her mother would be well enough to hand out candy and could even take souta out. i don't want to send her away either kagome, but they have people who could take care of her better then we could."mirrors were used in a lot of different ways, but the most popular method was when a girl would hold a mirror up in a darkened room and use a candle to look into the surface."shh" sango said as she gripped her weapon and kagome notched an arrow on her bow./kag mir/san inuyasha and miroku are boys mixed up in a life they cannot escape from. sprung for her closet door, knowing souta kept his baseball bat there, but before she could even touch the doorknob, the man grabbed her sides and yanked her back. kagome resisted the urge to turn it off and throw it out a window. kagome had learned to channel her energy into an object, helping her to erect more solid barriers that required less meditation on her part. had been in the western lands for quiet some time now and he had acquired a friend while here. kikyo, head director at tokyo adult film studio reiki films, contacts him to replace inuyasha on a 'shoot' after inuyasha sexually harasses her two top female stars, kagome and sango. images, coding, and any other potentially liftable content may not be used without express written permission from their respective creator(s).: fiction m - english - romance/supernatural - [inuyasha, kagome h. unfortunately, it is not long before the winds of war are felt from the west, and inuyasha is adamant on helping in the fight over his fraternal homeland. she's his complete opposite and may very well drive him crazy.

Mate The Sequel Chapter 1, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction

In Need of a Mate Chapter 1: The Summon, an inuyasha fanfic

.After the death of naraku inuyasha and his friends start to settle down into their new lives in edo. depictions of violence rape/non-con underagehigurashi kagome/inuyashainuyasha (inuyasha) higurashi kagome yuka (inuyasha) kikyou (inuyasha) sesshoumaru (inuyasha) kagura (inuyasha) rin (inuyasha) ayumi (inuyasha) hojo (inuyasha)alternate universe - dark rape blood and gore cannibalism genital torture whipping. chose not to use archive warningssesshoumaru (inuyasha)/original character(s) higurashi kagome/inuyasha miroku/sango (inuyasha)sesshoumaru (inuyasha) higurashi kagome sango (inuyasha) miroku (inuyasha) inuyasha (inuyasha) rin (inuyasha)."kagome, listen to what he's saying, you're not the only one going" her friend sango replied as she dropped her weapon the hiraikotsu to the ground.'re just an ordinary school girl until one night kagome, a childhood friend, and a strange boy in feudal clothing change your life forever as you're pulled into the past by a enemy of theirs."kagome lowered the broom and swept leaves across the ground, the repetitive movement calming her down.""kagome, she's been like this since your father's death eight months ago." souta put the oven door back in place, satisfied with the meals progress and straightened one of the already perfectly lined table mats. for kagome, sango and rin -one of the bureau's strongest teams- this was their way of life, and with one phone call it's all been destroyed. he agreed to keep her fed, clothed, and to educate her. swung the door open, hoping the kids wouldn't guilt her into giving up the last of the candy only to scowl instead. sango who was walking along side kagome was dressed in her kimono and carried her hiraikotsu on her back." sango asked pushing kagome away from the group not caring whether they did or not. put the flame close to her face and looked into the mirror."kagome's nails dug into her arms, damn it, she wouldn't have let the goddamn shrink in if she thought this was going to be what souta was going to hear. rin has been taken and he can't get her back himself."he pulled out a small, circular handheld mirror, a faint pentagram scratched into the reflective surface. Funny usernames for guys dating sites

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chose not to use archive warningshigurashi kagome/inuyasha kagura/sesshoumaru rin/shippouinuyasha (inuyasha) higurashi kagome kagura (inuyasha) sesshoumaru (inuyasha) rin (inuyasha) shippou (inuyasha) toga (purity universe) sierra (purity universe) coral (purity universe) cassidy (purity universe) gunnar (purity universe) charity (purity universe) chelsea (purity universe) ryomaru (purity universe) aiko (purity universe) nezumi (purity universe) morio (purity universe) kichiro (purity universe) bellaniece (purity universe) isabelle (purity universe) griffin (purity universe) alexandra (purity universe) john (purity universe) samantha (purity universe) kurt (purity universe) gin (purity universe) cain (purity universe) sebastian (purity universe) sydnie (purity universe) bailey (purity universe) olivia (purity universe) evan (purity universe) jillian (purity universe) gavin (purity universe) valerie (purity universe) madison (purity universe) tanny (purity universe) takara (purity universe) mikio (purity universe) meara (purity universe) kaemon (purity universe) hoshikita (purity universe)angst fluff and angst fluff oneshot collection romantic comedy dark comedy comedy drama. they found a small clearing and begun setting up camp for the night. the lord of the west, traversed the land looking for powerful rivals to defeat, his path for conquest ever-growing. now in the feudal era a chance encounter slowly erodes the blockade in kagome's mind but can sesshomaru handle kagome once that memory is set free? smirked down at her awestruck face and pressed her palm against his lips.. 31kagome quickly stepped into her house, shivering slightly from the cold air outside."every year we go through the same thing, looking for strong priests and priestesses to subdue that youkai, what's the big deal anyways? all that had happened so far were a few bandits that thought they were travelling alone while bathing at a hot spring. kagome/inuyashainuyasha (inuyasha) higurashi kagomeromance mild hurt/comfort declarations of love one shot fluff."kagome closed her eyes, hiding from her grandfather's remorseful face. his hair was in a small ponytail at the nap of his neck and his staff jingled as he followed the girl out of the room. there was the bratty younger brother she knew and loved! with the girls as close as they are the two fathers are brought closer and closer each time, only time will tell what happens with the two. has rin been taken by the same ones who have caused the rift between kagome and inuyasha or is there more than one power at work? soldier returned back to the group and each separate party began their own dinner.: fiction m - english - romance/adventure - inuyasha, kagome h. depictions of violencerin/sesshoumaru (inuyasha) higurashi kagome/inuyasha miroku/sango (inuyasha)sesshoumaru's mother (inuyasha) kagome's mom (inuyasha) kagome's grandfather (inuyasha) higurashi souta original characters rin (inuyasha) shippou (inuyasha) jaken (inuyasha) kouga (inuyasha) kohaku (inuyasha)post-inuyasha adult-rin family drama.

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saito and that stupid grief therapy, he needed his family." kagome waved before brushing off a leave that had fallen into her hair. carefully walked back into the living room and set the bowl of slightly steaming water back into place before sitting on the carpet in front of his altar.'it must be painful, being purified, and kept in a barrier for months." he complained, falling back on her bed, depositing her on his lap, and taking her hands in his, he forced her arms across her chest so she couldn't hit him. eyes wandered absently around the kitchen, looking for her brother before her heart sank. archive warnings applysesshoumaru (inuyasha)/original character(s) higurashi kagome/inuyasha miroku/sango (inuyasha)sesshoumaru (inuyasha) inuyasha (inuyasha) higurashi kagome sango (inuyasha) jaken (inuyasha) rin (inuyasha) miroku (inuyasha) shippou (inuyasha)female character of color. when inuyasha, kagome, sesshomaru and rin find themselves in an odd valley can they find a way to work together?.inuyasha fanfiction koga oc mate - Google SearchOctober donation goal. kagome's purifying energies came in handy during battle and sango learned to protect and rely on her companion."kagome closed her eyes, wanting to shake souta and scream their father wasn't ever coming back. she dropped the candy dish unto her table, determined to see to it later and to her hand now.' kagome thought to herself turning towards the warmth beneath her. need of a mateso this story is inspired by one i read a long long time ago but unfortunately it was never finished t_t so this is my way of tweaking the story to my liking and finishing it., sesshoumaru, shippo, and kilala are transported to abode, where they have to learn a new way of life and new truths about their ancestry. her coat back she left the meal cooking and secretly hoped it would burn as she stepped outside, the cold finding a small opening through her jacket, chilling her even further./kagome -:- by : silver_demon-child -:- published : october 12, 2017.

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was carrying a full quiver of arrows and her bow, a bow that was infused with spiritual powers itself, which made defeating enemies effortless. "she didn't get up this morning and she didn't stir when i drew the curtains back..Inuyasha is the lead singer of a band he formed along with kouga and bankotsu, his two closest friends.- i do not own inuyasha, and i am making no money off this fic." kagome said closing her eyes as she stuck her bow in the ground. follow our characters through drama, love, and mayhem as they unravel secrets long since forgotten by many, during a required youki cycle. is also the first time (and hopefully not the last) you will see me wrecking havoc in the sengoku jidai. as the night carried on kagome and sango curled around kirara in her larger form getting ready to sleep. grabbed the last of the candy off the table before marching up the stairs, too annoyed to deal with her homework now. can kagome and inuyasha figure out who is after her and why?.Inuyasha is a father living in the capital city of his country." kagome hissed at her friend, her expression becoming more dangerous than before. she is a demon princess of african american and japanese descent, she was sent to the future as a child to be safe from an impending war, she grows up there, but when she turns 19( human years) she ends up being sent back in time and was given instructions that would help her save her birth family, but once she finds inuyasha and the rest of the cast including the oh so generous and caring sesshoumaru, it seems they have a past together, and a lot of the history they have she doesn't remember, including their engagement. this served nothing more than provoking the centipede and as a result it began to spray acid."excuse me, izayoi-sama but i must attend to the barrier and continue with my mediation. chose not to use archive warnings no archive warnings applyhigurashi kagome/inuyasha kagura/sesshoumaru (inuyasha) sesshomaru & inuyasha (sibling) kagura & kagome (friendship) kagura & rin (friendship)higurashi kagome inuyasha (inuyasha) sesshoumaru (inuyasha) rin (inuyasha)suggestions of death crude and vulgar language suggestive themes alternate universe - post-canon post-traumatic stress disorder - ptsd alternate universe - canon divergence revival/ressurection story. switched the light off, deciding she wanted to keep the remaining candy for herself and sat down to work, only to get distracted by how she would explain to souta their father really was dead.

Suicide 1: Inuyasha and Kagome by KaleidoscopeWerewolf on

forced herself to drop the book and move away from the oven, knowing her grandfather probably needed help sweeping the courtyard. from her personality and vulgar language to her appearance and fighting skills." kagome asked one of the soldiers they were travelling with. oh, and they did all kinds of fortune telling things because they believed it was easier to predict the future with so many otherworldly spirits around. true love kisses, spelled artifacts and much more awaits inuyasha crew in this story." the general shouted as he rode his horse over to kagome and sango. pairings: sesshomaru/kikyo, sesshomaru/adult rin, sesshomaru/sango, sesshomaru/kagome. week and a half had already gone by and kagome and sango were itching for a little action in battle. which a seemingly simple undercover case hurdles detective kagome higurashi into a world she never knew existed, into a war she never asked to be a part of, and into the arms of the stunningly handsome special agent yashiro nishimura, who has one too many secrets he struggles to keep hidden from her to keep her safe. depictions of violence underagehigurashi kagome/inuyasha miroku/sango (inuyasha) shippo/rin (more cute than anything)higurashi kagome kaede (inuyasha) inuyasha (inuyasha) kilala miroku (inuyasha) naraku (inuyasha) shippou (inuyasha) kagura (inuyasha) kikyou (inuyasha) sango (inuyasha) ah-un (inuyasha) jaken (inuyasha) rin (inuyasha) totosai kanna (inuyasha) kouga (inuyasha) ginta (inuyasha) hakkaku (inuyasha) sesshoumaru (inuyasha) ayame (inuyasha) various youkai jade (oc)angst sexual content underage sex sixteen year old kagome more about relationship building stuff for oc won't be until sequel slow burn lots of fighting later gore reboot of old story. kagome's anger had been rising and was to the point that her face was flushed. only the strongest priestesses and priests are rounded up to place a barrier around him and kagome is one of them. looked at the soldiers and the messenger who had obviously travelled for weeks passing the decree around. she touches something she's not supposed to and turns into a valuable asset for the western lands. had enough on his hands between keeping rin and kohaku out of trouble and dealing with his half-brother inuyasha. depictions of violencehigurashi kagome/inuyasha rin/sesshoumaru (inuyasha) miroku/sango (inuyasha)inuyasha higurashi kagome rin (inuyasha) sesshoumaru (inuyasha) sango (inuyasha) miroku (inuyasha) kaede (inuyasha) naraku (inuyasha)alternate universe - modern setting almost all characters - freeform slow build slow burn explicit sexual content. as they drifted off kagome's ears tuned into on a particular conversation some of the soldiers were having.

Mate Chapter 1, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction

Mating Reason - Chapter 1 - Arathergrimreaper - InuYasha - A

she unwound her scarf from around her neck and left her coat on the kitchen peg, wondering if she should put tea on for her mother or if she would even drink it. after spending a handful of years in modern age tokyo, rin comes back to the feudal era as an adult to resolve her fate with sesshoumaru. sango relaxed near the base of a tree and kirara transformed into her larger form resting quietly beside them. chose not to use archive warningshigurashi kagome/inuyasha lord sesshomaru - relationship. where will this journey lead him, and when will it end? chose not to use archive warningshigurashi kagome/inuyasha kagura/sesshoumaru miroku/sango (inuyasha)inuyasha kagome sesshoumaru kagura miroku sango ms. : september 2, 2017 3:25 pm -:- rated : adult + -:- chapters : 10 -:- reviews : 5 -:- dragon prints : 2516located : inuyasha > het - male/female > inuyasha/kagome. kagome struck the match and let her brother turn the lights down until the flame was the only thing lighting the room. nevertheless, kagome had to be the one to 'decline' to something you just can't say no to. the effects of a spell, inuyasha can no longer protect himself, let alone protect kagome. is dead and kagura is free of her master's clutched. years after naraku was slain the group no longer see miroku as a friend but more as a nuisance and decide to leave him to die but what happens when a certain taiyoukai revives miroku and awakens his powers and feelings?: the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future. now on the run from a powerful priestess, kagome must help inuyasha get his revenge. inuyasha's blood takes over him every spring, every mating season."kagome allowed her face to fall as souta turned around and left the kitchen to hunt down the basin. as a result, kaede who had sensed the spiritual energy inside, kagome began to train her and help her to harness these powers.

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archive warnings applykohaku & sango (inuyasha) america chavez & noh-varr higurashi kagome/inuyasha sesshomaru & rin (inuyasha) robbie reyes & skye|daisy johnson (agents of s. glanced up to see the man from the mirror examining her cut carefully, before giving her a devilish grin and flickering his tongue delicately against the wound. kagome didn't kick the carved pumpkins, turnips and eggplants that crowded the front steps as she walked down, still hoping souta would revert to a normal boy's way of handling grief and smash the vegetables himself." the witch, barbie princess, and the power ranger cried as they held their bags out for candy. man laughed, his chest rumbling against kagome's back, "ah, lucky me to have such a bloodthirsty mate. she enjoyed the open area and the birds that were chirping around them. only the strongest priestesses and priests are rounded up to place a barrier around him and kagome is one of them., choice and honor -:- by : lady_demonia -:- published : april 30, 2017. he walked towards her and took a seat directly across from her at the small table between them. inuyasha and kagome had reunited, and were to be married." sango asked as she watched kagome sit on a rock. kagome would continually stretch her aura around them trying to sense another youkai in the area. she had just finished training when she heard the sound of shouting, and kagome's voice distinctly over others. aff and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error. there was another way to tell your future spouse with chestnuts and-" souta paused when after pushing a few papers aside he came across a velvet draw string bag.""the celts built huge bonfires and made different kinds of sacrifices to their deities. dropped her hand and twisted his fingers into her hair.

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he growled softly as his tongue played over her lips and she opened her mouth without realizing she had done so until he thrust inside, fluttering over her teeth. i never thought we would send her away either but i can't take much longer of dulling the kitchen knives and hiding the rope.'s blood takes over him every spring, every mating season. grandfather's white priest robes was easy to spot among the ground of yellow, red and orange leaves as he swept them away, making a path. my first fanfic, still writing it and will have frequent updates." miroku said standing, bowing to her before taking his leave. working day to day as an engineer to raise his young daughter he is surprised to learn about the friendship she started with the princess and only child of the lord sesshomaru. i know tonight is halloween and i hoped i could offer some assistance for souta.'s eyes popped open and she snapped her head to the house, praying souta hadn't heard that." kagome yelled, completely frustrated with the events of the morning." one of the soldiers asked standing about 10 feet from where kagome and sango were resting against a tree."am i supposed to do something or just stand here? after all, her own mother and father had died a long time ago leaving her orphaned. and kagome had moved to another village where youkai slayers resided and protected its people. burst into laughter as kagome stared at the pile of broken mirror and technology. the centipede roared in pain as kagome's arrow not only pierced, but, purified the youkai's energy, reducing it to nothing but ash. doctor kneeled next to souta, lips turning up into a gentle smile as kagome leaned against the back wall, watching them.

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depictions of violencehigurashi kagome/inuyasha miroku/sango (inuyasha)inuyasha (inuyasha) sesshoumaru (inuyasha) higurashi kagome shippou (inuyasha) sango (inuyasha) miroku (inuyasha) kouga (inuyasha) jaken (inuyasha) rin (inuyasha) garion (belgariad/malloreon) polgara (belgariad/malloreon) poledra (belgariad/malloreon) porenn (belgariad/malloreon) prophecy of light (belgariad/malloreon) belgarath (belgariad/malloreon) beldin (belgariad/malloreon) beltira (belgariad/malloreon) belkira (belgariad/malloreon) zakath (belgariad/malloreon) silk (belgariad/malloreon) durnik (belgariad/malloreon) aldur (belgariad/malloreon) ce'nedra (belgariad/malloreon) barak (belgariad/malloreon) mandorallen (belgariad/malloreon) vella (belgariad/malloreon) velvet (belgariad/malloreon) eriond (belgariad/malloreon) kikyou (inuyasha) naraku (inuyasha)crossovers & fandom fusions romance fantasy action/adventure epic. yanked gloves on, knowing there wasn't much she could do about a hole and bent her head to avoid the copper pentagram souta had hung from the doorway with a picture of their family before her father's death pasted to the back." kagome let out as she wiped her forehead of the sweat that had begun to trickle down her face. gasped again, the mirror slipping in her grasp and slicing into her palm. chose not to use archive warningshigurashi kagome/inuyasha miroku/sango (inuyasha)higurashi kagome inuyasha (inuyasha) sango (inuyasha) miroku (inuyasha) shippou (inuyasha)humor fluff cute adorable crack not beta read disney princess inuyasha baby animals. leaf softly fell onto kagome's hair, the world quiet except for her grandfather's broom. they had both learned to trust each other and fight together. will kagome and sesshomaru be able to save the youkai or will all their efforts fail? kagome now one with the jewel, must fight to keep her pure soul. chose not to use archive warningshigurashi kagome/inuyasha miroku/sango (inuyasha) kagura/sesshoumaru (inuyasha)higurashi kagome inuyasha (inuyasha) kaede (inuyasha) sesshoumaru (inuyasha) sango (inuyasha) miroku (inuyasha) kagura (inuyasha) band of seven naraku (inuyasha)alternate universe slow burn some violence some language not too bad though maybe a little gore here and there smatterings of sexual tension eventual smut explicit sexual content everyone is gonna bang eventually rating may change.“miss higurashi, demons are more than just grotesque depictions in ancient scrolls and history books. other soldiers were surprised to see the centipede but regarded their general as he shouted at them to ready their weapons and attack. kagome grabbed a broom, the leaves crunching under her shoes as she stepped down on them."well then i better say bye to kaede" kagome said standing to her feet as a look of newfound determination filled her eyes."kagome reminded herself she was doing this for her brother before taking a step back, her eyes on the mirror. she folded her arms in her priestess robes and pointed her nose in the other direction, clearly fuming. had left around noon and by amount of supplies the soldiers left the village with they were in for a long journey.

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