Iran launches official matchmaking site to promote marriage

Iran Starts Matchmaking Through Gov't Website - YouTube

“the website is a virtual community and its managers do not introduce anyone for temporary marriage,” according to an e-mail from the site’s support staff in response to questions. others suggested that, if the government wants young people to commit to marriage and family, it needs to do much more than just matchmaking. many western television channels are jammed, and the authorities have also blocked social networking sites and banned dating websites.: prostitution, companionship and escort services, intimate massage and similar services, cuddling sites. it allows these people, the site claims, to enter into a relationship according to the sharia instead of forming illicit street friendships or worse, being drawn into promiscuity. of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei has repeatedly called on relevant bodies to spare no effort to increase the number of marriages."it seems like the mullahs want to use this site to put people under the microscope and gather information about them," an anonymous comment sent to radio farda said.

Iran's government has launched a matchmaking site to combat its

“until now, only this website has been able to receive the permit and the necessary approvals. launches its product today becoming iran’s first c2c money transferring platform. techrasa also aims to give startups the international exposure they need and to help promote iranian entrepreneurs to become global stakeholders. there are other websites active in the field, but hafezoon has attracted attention because it offers “a new quality of service”, the e-mail said. here are some typical examples, though they may vary:Cannot promote adult content:App ads and app extensions."it's a very good idea to create such a website, but it has far too many personal questions," said a reader identified as "hamid" from the city of isfahan. total of 368,205 marriages were recorded nationwide in the six months to september 22 showing a 2.

Iran Launches Official Matchmaking Site to Promote Marriage

Iran Starts Matchmaking Through Gov't Website - YouTube

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, the application form on the website includes an elaborate list of questions ranging from age, height, weight, and eye color to information about social, financial, and educational background as well as smoking habits, taste in clothes, and sporting abilities. the other hand, some critics argue that such websites can only meet the needs of western nations, stressing that they are not useful in iran. comments sent to radio farda's website focused on the lack of freedom in iran as a barrier to the bond of matrimony. akbar houshmand said the website helps the youth find their potential spouse in a smart manner. the launch ceremony in tehran, deputy youth and sports minister mahmud golzari said iran faces a "family crisis" and needs to promote marriage and family. leader ayatollah ali khamenei, who wants iran's population to reach 150 million by 2050, has urged officials to take steps to improve the birth rate. akbar mahzoun added that the majority of the marriages pertained to men aged between 25 and 29 years and women in the 20-24-year age bracket.

Iran's government has launched a matchmaking site to combat its

Marriage rate in Iran

"hamid" said parents should not participate in the online matchmaking process: "don't you think two grown-up people who are looking for a future spouse can make their own decision without involving families? official at the national organization of the youth said her office has been working on establishing bureaus that offer marriage counselling as well as matchmaking services. said unemployment, economic troubles, and the rising cost of living have forced many iranians to postpone marriage. the one hand, the proponents have asserted that the website could promote marriage and reverse a surge in population fall. sports and youth ministry earlier said the website could help more than 11 million  singles to get married saying it has been set up to reduce the impacts of 350 illegal matchmaking websites. now iran’s cyber police is claiming that a matchmaking website for marriage named hamsan has received a permit under the license of the ministry. But some Iranians are giving a new state-endorsed matchmaking website a chilly reception, fearing the a.

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the iranian parliament has also put plans on its agenda to promote marriage."you need to be able to have freedom to meet and choose a suitable partner for a successful marriage," an anonymous comment said. comments on the website of rfe/rl's radio farda, iranians voiced suspicion that that its creators are less interested in sending them off into marital bliss than in adding a new tool of observation and control to the authoritarian government's arsenal. according to nik nafis, hamsan was launched in order to facilitate marriage for the youth. no other website has a permit for matchmaking activities in the country,” stated ali nik nafis, an official from iran’s police cyber police. married people are not allowed to join and the site doesn’t permit “man-seeking-man” or “woman-seeking-woman. porn sites and facebook are blocked and you’re advised not to show too much affection in public, let alone kiss your lover in the streets of tehran.

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    who commented on radio farda's website said some of the questions the matchmaking site asks potential brides and grooms seem suspiciously off the mark. using this website, you agree with our use of cookies to improve its performance and enhance your user experience., nocr said average marriage age for men and women has exceeded 27 and 23 years, respectively, in the last decade. some officials say the cultural onslaught promoted by the west shackles marriage., a website that promotes temporary marriage, accepted in the shia islam but frowned upon by many iranians, has gained more than 22,000 members since it was set up less than five months ago. following is not allowed:Content promoting marriage to a foreigner. that iranians are staying single too long, the authorities are backing a new matchmaking website meant to help more people get hitched.
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    no postal address or phone number is given for the site’s offices. few months ago, iran’s ministry of youth affairs and sports had stated that no matchmaking website has received a license to operate in the country. Porn sites and Facebook are blocked and you’re advised not to show too much affection inAdult contentads should respect user preferences and comply with legal regulations, so we don’t allow certain kinds of adult content in ads and destinations."the website asks about family background, it asks whether you like satellite television channels and whether you want to live abroad in the future. official also said 83,277 divorces were registered in the six-month period, marking a rise of 9.’ the site’s homepage displays a line from the koran that translates as “and those who guard their chastity except from their wives. its ‘about us’ section, the site’s creators say they want to unite men and women for whom, for financial or other reasons, permanent marriage is not practical.

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