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a moment of clarity, rich and cisco, mediated by peter, sit down and cisco thinks he deserves an apology and i’m not sure if he got one (he doesn’t deserve one) but he does apologize to rich for going hulk smash on him over a chick he swears he didn’t care about. take cast regular cisco rosado and new comer for this season, dj self, the self-described prince of new york. Mari of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 on VH1 is now dating Cisco Rosado of Love & Hip Hop New York Season Season 7 (CREEP SQUAD member) who is . start, i'm convinced that cisco was in a real relationship with former basketball wives star jennifer williams. on jul 24, 2017teairra mari of love and hip hop hollywood season 4 on vh1 is now dating cisco rosado of love & hip hop new york season season 7 (creep squad member) who is currently in prison as we speak.

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's a lot more to this interview with love & hip hop stars dj self and cisco rosado. cisco messed up, because he assumed that rich cared about diamond and/or mariahlynn. however, i’m still stuck on the fact that diamond is the daughter of darryl strawberry., cisco smashed mariah just to get back at his fellow creep, rich dollaz. rah ali, a woman with no discernible talent, informs rich that mariahlynn is dating cisco and rich is like, “nigga what?

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’m actually convinced that cisco doesn’t know how to be by his darn self or he must pursue everything with a pulse. funniest part of this whole story line is how unbothered rich was, which made cisco even more crazy.’m still waiting on the day i can show up to a party stunting on h0es in my tierra marie blazer over my rah ali maxi dress with my rasheeda makeup beat and cynthia bailey eyewear.: "we split but we are still cool and i help her with some of her endeavors, whatever she has going on and you know i give her advice and help her out, different things like that. we reach step five of bitchassness – anger-in-action over something that makes no sense to anybody involved because the one person who is angry has effectively put himself in the angry space: cisco tries to fight rich, who steps back and is like, what the fuck?

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diamond was the true idiot here having pretended not to have a child in discussions with cisco, which worked for her since she left her child in la with her mother, which is close to el segundo, where q-tip left his wallet.’s where steps three and four happen: cisco shows up and immediately goes into bitchass mode. but then again, he kept chocolate covered strawberry at bay too. he asks her to meet him at a bar, then has cisco meet him at the same bar.(but seriously is menstrualcycle ever going to have to report to club fed or what, because hes still on ig hosting “going away” parties at sue’s rendezvous).

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LHHNY: DJ Self & Cisco Rosado Open Up About Show, Music

she called cisco who was unavailable, so she called rich looking for some comfort because her mother is pregnant and in jail. anyway, despite rich and cisco maintaining a constantly civil relationship, to the point where rich even went to cisco to talk to him about diamond, a woman cisco allegedly didn’t care about and even warned rich that she was bad news and he should stay away from, apparently cisco was none too pleased about their dalliance. so she smashes rich for comfort then decides like the very next day that she is ready to settle down with cisco. but underneath the surface, cisco apparently felt some kind of way about the fact that rich was smashing his ex, you know the one he wouldn’t let come to his house because “he’s been hurt”. if they let him finish out this season i’mma be convinced mona scott is either the devil or got platinum and diamonds lining her labia.

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the real question is: why is vh1/mona/lhh so desperate to make cisco pop? cisco faded to black for awhile until he popped up on love & hip hop new york as diamond strawberry's boyfriend.’s five steps of bitchassness executed to perfection by cisco. he was quickly introduced to up and coming rapper mariahlynn, who also had ties to his homie rich dollaz and if you remember anything from last season rich and cisco didn't quite see eye to eye because of diamond strawberry and cisco saw an opportunity and capitalized on it when he got with mariahlynn to get back at rich. that Cisco Rosado is allegedly dating LHHH's Teairra Mari, we're wondering WTF is up with his fake relationships and story lines.

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they kept their relationship really low key, but something tells me cisco was chasing fame rather than jennifer's love. rich is understandably confused by this since neither he nor cisco cared about either diamond or mariahlynn.: dj self & cisco rosado open up about show, music & women. self and cisco sat down with me in times square to talk more about the show, their music career plans, and the women in their lives.: cisco, how did you come with the plan to involve mariahlynn in getting back at rich?

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, i'm about sick and tired of love & hip hop trying to make cisco rosado happen. in fact in theory cisco double crossed himself because not only does he not have mariahlynn to cuddle with. thought cisco’s tender ayus was about to bust out singing a bachata! cisco might have tried to right the ship, but his bitchassness has been exposed, and i’m not sure you can ever really recover. last season, we were introduced to “super producer” cisco rosado who was long-distance dating diamond strawberry, daughter of legendary baseball player and cocaine addict, darryl strawberry.

Who Is Amber Diamond? Cisco's Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood


under: bitchassness, cisco, love and hip hop new york, peter gunz, rich dollaz, vh1. riley & lil fizz are dating now 💑 moniece slaughter approves "we're sister wives now! see, rich assumed that because cisco didn’t care that him smashing her wasn’t a thing.: "similar to what cisco said, i don't think the show portrays you. diamond, in her infinite wisdom, moved from los angeles to new york city on a lark to be with cisco who put her up at a friend’s house and wouldn’t bring her to his own crib because he ain’t shit and was never gon’ be shit.

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story short, cisco played diamond who was like, “i can’t” and she ended up banging rich dollaz in a restaurant bathroom, likely amongst other places., defeated, understandably leaves in a huff leaving us with rich and cisco who “need to talk”. but his plan backfired because jenn took a break from tv during the time they were dating. forward to monday’s episode (season 6, episode 9) where rich finds out that both he and cisco are dealing with mariahlynn. and he’s still confused as to what the fuck has just transpired.

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convinced myself that cisco must’ve really cared about diamond. then she started messing with cisco, unbeknownst to rich, because she felt he might be able to help her career. we know this because the next day she’s with cisco and tells him that she’s ready to be with him, but she just went to rich to help her in a time of need. lolbut yeah, we all know tee tee is dating him for track records and cisco who stays with a reality tv star from diamond strawberry to moe money to mariah lynn even to jennifer williams of basketball wives la. cisco and diamond "broke up," and so he moved on to his next fauxlationship with mariah lynn.

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