Is it embarrassing to do online dating

Is it a sin to do online dating

she was visiting her family in worcester, i was visiting a college buddy of mine in boston. whoooa" everyone we talk to thinks its actually pretty cool that we met and fell in love with the help of eharmony. we had met once before and have a few mutual friends so the initial conversation was easy to get into., when i occasionally open up and tell people about it, the story goes more along the lines of, "well, you just never know on the internet. gold[–]joep4618 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)my ex and i met on myspace when it was big a few years ago. i only talked to him because he had made out with my bff in her pool earlier that year and in my mind, that made him not a stranger and therefore, he could not kill me with impunity. i learned it was the guy from the day before, and i told him we should exchange email addresses so he wouldn't give me another near heart attack. gold[–]adancingshell 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children)i also met my partner online, but i use the "we met through mutual friends" precisely because it cuts off conversation..musicthis convincing taylor swift fan theory explains why she put a baby's voice in 'gorgeous'by christopher rosa8 minutes agoshopping23 boots to buy on sale now and wear all seasonby glamour33 minutes agobreast cancer awarenessmy breast cancer diagnosis helped me come outby lynya floyd33 minutes agocelebrity beautytyra banks staged her own no-makeup photoshoot, and it's gloriousby glamouran hour agoproduct reviewsthe best new drugstore beauty products for fallby glamour beauty editors2 hours agofashionthe fall outfit ideas we're shamelessly stealing from celebritiesby halie lesavage2 hours agoget the magazine6 months for only plus 2 free gifts!"suddenly, you're sweating, scrambling for an explanation for the completely unromantic way you paired up: on a dating app. gold[–]aclaire1990 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)the opposite. maybe you’ll even have some creative breakthrough and write a bestselling novel or screenplay about the date you went on that ended with you drinking an entire bottle of wine. i had joined a group for a punk band that i liked, and they displayed the people who had joined it recently. gold[–]samanthareyna 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago* (0 children)met my boyfriend in an online chatroom. i kind of wish sometimes that we had some kind of chance meeting that led to us being together, but it didn't happen that way." when he would visit i kind of had to coordinate with him on what people thought." i saw she had a gold necklace on with a hebrew symbol on it, and i thought 'jackpot'. there have been a few times when we are asked how we met and while one of us says, "online," and the other one says at the exact same moment, "oh, at this hiking place. and i love the guy, so i don't care anymore about how we met. · 23 comments do you do online research before a first date? we'd never met until that night but it was clear after a couple hours that she and my roommate weren't hitting it off. gold[–]scientist_tz 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago* (0 children)our decoy story back in 2004 was that we met at a coffee shop and that was true, our first date was at a coffee shop but we had actually met online. he freely tells people we met online; but, since my profile was meant as a joke, i tell my friends i met him at barnes & noble (where we first met in person) and i told my parents i met him through a friend. our cover story was that "we were in school together," which was technically true: i was in my third year of university and she was in her first year of similar programs (i studied communications, she was in a communication and cultural studies program). we missed each other so much so he ended up coming to europe with me for another four months and we're still together four years later. i was dressed as a slutty bat, and came with his best friend. gold[–]lonesplendor 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago (0 children)i met my now-ex on a grouper. it was a combination of boredom and procrastination that led me to the site, and there was only one other person on the chat feature. is it soooo embarrassing to come across people you know in real life when online dating? gold[–]kuroitan 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)while they're not my personal stories, i am friends with two couples who have met through online gaming (cod and wow). gold[–]kittensnwaffles 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children)met a guy on pof. her roomies were actually trying to set her up with one of my roommates, but that didn't really work out. this was way back in '03, and there was still a lot of stigma surrounding online dating. proof: once upon a time, a young, charismatic guy strolling the boardwalk struck up a conversation about philosophy with a pretty girl. i had used the app for about 5 days and decided i was done after that night. most of the time we start off with a decoy story. i have a lot of close friends i've met through various online communities so i'd long stopped caring about any stigma that came with meeting someone on the internet in general. he got to town, we continued exchanging messages, and feeling particularly brave, i invited him to just come straight over to my place for a beer to see if we even hit it off. with a score of -3 or lower will be automatically deleted on the next cycle.Is it embarrassing to do online dating

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years before i moved out to ca with him and we have been together ever since." with my husband in particular, "i met this really cute guy at the andrew bird concert. men: how do you feel when women ask you out? but we let the older people make their own assumptions about real life friends and they understand it. now, i'm sitting here eating ice cream cake, listening to taylor swift, while he fucks his way through all of the coachella valley without a care in the world. it was a super instant awesome brain connection and maybe 2nd date in i realized i really liked him a lot. i'm basically bitter because i got long-conned by the worst kind of catfish: the kind that looks like their picture. but get this — full-body photos net users (either men or women) 203% more pick-ups on the site. when asked, i never really had a problem saying we met "online," but i avoided the name of the website if i could (i've always considered it a little trashy, even when i was on it -- but it was free, so). people loved it and we got a kick out of telling it. my friends and i get worried that if we meet someone special online we’ll have to lie to our parents about how we met because they’ll judge us for using “hookup” apps. anyone met their significant other through online dating or similar way and been kind of embarrassed about it and created a 'decoy' story to tell people how you met? whenever we mentioned chipotle usually people shut the hell up about us and started talking about the delicious burritos. i don't really talk about how he was a creepy lady stalker in the beginning. good news: by the time you sit down to tell your grandkids your story, it will probably sound a whole lot more charming than whatever space-hologram technology they'll be working with. they ended up dating and getting married though, so clearly that dating site had the right idea even if it seemed mortifying at the time. for women, it’s a different (and very unfair) story — if they use those words, they get 4% fewer messages. we've been dating for about 4 months now and we both think it's a little embarrassing how we met. gold[–]torontogirl80 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i actually met my (only) boyfriend through a missed connections-like website with an anonymous chat feature - the site no longer exists. it was around in 2010-2011 and it showed things that people had recently googled. and it's why instagram accounts like the way we met, a feed of pics and stories from real couples, has more than 255,000 followers — a sort of new york times vows section for millennials. tinder has the stigma of being a hook-up app and that's typically how my friends view it so i have a hard time admitting that we met on there. players would make groups and everyone downloaded an instant messaging app to talk to each other on it.) we decided we could just tell people the truth and not dance around it anymore. just because you have a couple of online dating profiles doesn’t mean you’re never going to meet someone at the grocery store or that you’ve given up on serendipity or romance, you’re just casting a wider net and seeing more fish. and of course, this sporadic perusing was all it took for a guy in my very small, very tight knit, journalism class of 15 to find my profile, screenshot it, and post it to our group facebook page. "valentine's day itself is not a big day for people to do a lot of outreach on online dating sites, or even sign up,” says braley. he didn't realize that until i told him so now everyone, including his parents, think we met while barhopping and too drunk to know which bar it was. gold[–]omniskittles 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i had no idea. it will all come full circle at the aziz show in austin come april! i was so embarassed about the way we met that i used to tell people that i just met him when i went to visit my best friend at the time at college. to those people, my decoy story was always just a bit of an alteration of what our first date was. it was just total chance i decided to check out profiles at that time, and even weirder for me to add her, since i didn't do that to anybody else. just tell people we met through mutual friends because the truth is way too embarrassing. gold[–]_40daydream 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)not me, but my mom and stepdad met on eharmony and while i know, my stepsiblings do not, so they tell everyone they met through "dr. gold[–]jeeb00 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago* (0 children)i met my girlfriend through an online dating site 8 years ago (still together) and for a while we were a bit embarrassed to tell people how we met. i was a little embarrasssed by how we met and when i told him he laughed and said he already planned on telling his parents we met at an orgy. creating a profile takes about three seconds, since it's linked to your facebook account, and so i was swiping through potential suitors photos faster than you can say "you are too old for this app". i got a kick out of it when i used it and when someone asked me what i was doing i would respond with, "i'm playing tinder.

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all rights reserveduse of this site constitutes acceptance of our user agreement (effective 1/2/2014) and privacy policy (effective 1/2/2014). i’m not alone in my digital quest for love. i used to live in ca so it wasn't that far fetched, although i knew no one really believed it. more thing: i'm a comedian, so please do not mistake anything you read here as professional advice. only problem was that she was from california and i was from virginia, but somehow the believed it and didn't ask questions. i took this as an opportunity to go out on a limb and meet him in person. when i tell people how i met my boyfriend i say, "we met in a creepy online dating chatroom almost a year later. gold[–]emilysbs 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)actually i had the complete opposite reaction." yeah, i saw that 300x250 pixel profile photo of hers and immediately fell in love with her personality. i'm not embarrassed to online date, and clearly, i'm not embarrassed to share my stories about it with all of you. normally i wouldn't be embarrassed about that but we met on a gonewild subreddit. because he's from a very small town in west texas, and it is where we also live, we have a decoy story for the older people who can't understand how a local boy they all know could suddenly have a midwestern girl living with him out of nowhere because internets. she had broken up with a longterm boyfriend a few months prior, so she was just picking up on the dating scene when we met..politicsworldbusinesstechhealthtime healthmottoentertainmentsciencenewsfeedlivingsportshistorythe time vaultmagazineideastime labsmoneylifephotographyvideosthe goodstime shoppress roomtime guide to happinessthe 100 most influential peopleamerican voicesfinding homethe influencerslongevity 2017looking forwardnext generation leadersperson of the year 2016space 2017top of the worldworkaroundssubscribenewslettersfeedbackprivacy policyyour california privacy rightsterms of usead choicesrsstime appstime for kidsadvertisingreprints and permissionssite maphelpcustomer servicefollow timeshareshare on facebookpost on twitteremail this storyshare on redditshare on pinterestshare on linkedin. gold[–]rosedread0 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children)i met my boyfriend of four years on okcupid and we are pretty open about it and i don't usually feel any shame telling people how we met. gold[–]slimygrrl 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (1 child)not one, but two of my best friends met their husbands online and both gave decoy stories at first. six months later i was living in sweden, engaged, pregnant with our first child and really couldn't be happier. · 102 comments have you ever broken up with someone or been broken up with via social media or text? gold[–]puck_slut44 10 points11 points12 points 3 years ago (1 child)currently dating someone i met on tinder. in reality we met on yahoo's dating site, which is now defunct but was a meet (meat? gold[–]artmaid 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i'm currently in a long distance marriage (awaiting visa) and am asked about how i met my husband all the time since it's such a peculiar situation. may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our affiliate partnerships with retailers. we actually met back when i was 13, and he was 14 (14 years ago), on a forum site for roleplaying games. or maybe you’ll get overwhelmed and delete it and reactivate later when you’ve had some alone time and space to figure out what you want." then with a slight tweak of attitude, she found the romance in their tale: "he texted me after our first date to stop eating lean cuisines because he would cook for me. at the time we met, i was working in an office where 75% of my coworkers were women, and the men that did work there were either way too old for me, or already in relationships, or creeps. think we both froze, he just stared at me like he expected me to come up with something on the spot, and i just got aggravated with him for it, and then i think after a minute or two of awkward silence/everyone prodding us for answers, the host of the party saw that we were uncomfortable and changed the subject. it had been a few years (for personal and professional reasons) that i had engaged in any type of sexual activities, so i threw caution to the wind and agreed. grandparents were very distantly related by marriage and had the same last name when they met because my grandpa got the wrong suitcase at the airport and delivered it to my grandma’s her door. i don't like bars/clubs, so there weren't a lot of other options if i wanted to find people to date. by ericklinenberga community for 3 yearsmessage the moderatorsmoderatorsericklinenbergchooterazizansariamaabout moderation team »45 · 112 comments what's your experiences with sexting? learned a bit about him, and we sent a few messages back and forth over then next few months, though infrequently. “certainly as your main profile photo you really want to avoid it. there was just some online precursors that i don't mention. any time i feel brave enough to whip it out, she'll almost automatically go down on me. insanity:if i see these 11 phrases in another online dating profile, i'm going to lose it! months prior to us randomly meeting on the internet, i had picked up this lady and when i walked into the salon she said, "well look at him, he's handsome, why don't you two date? else we tell the real story because we're kinda proud of it. and the alien logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. Online Dating: Why Most of Us Just Won't Do It, And Why We Should

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if we were to meet online today, we wouldn't be embarrassed to say we meet online, but 2002 was a different time and now we are stuck with the story for the next 70 years. when you meet someone in the real world before they're trying to impress you, you learn how much of their personality is real, and how much is a carefully manufactured facade. "from childhood, those are the stories you hear, so people try to shape their experience of meeting their partner and falling in love to fit that cultural narrative. we tried doing that for awhile, but after finally "fessing up" to how we met a couple of times and not getting crazy reactions (at least to our faces. some talking she said she wanted to come visit my city, so i offered to host (obviously). we weren't flirting at all either but she looked kind of bored once my roommate made it clear that he was giving up so i offered her a drink and she accepted it, then we all left for the bar shortly after. commentssharereportall 163 commentssorted by: besttopnewcontroversialoldrandomq&alive (beta)[–]uncamad 22 points23 points24 points 3 years ago (1 child)i was not embarrassed, but i thought i'd share this anyhow. last year, on a drunken dare from my girlfriends, i made a profile on the website adult friend finder (aff) - basically a site that is purely for sex and makes no qualms about it." like it sort of devalues the relationship in a weird way. sometimes it wouldn't be, so i'd move on to the next (also totally true) stage of stating the facts without actually stating the facts:"and it turned out that we actually had a lot of mutual friends. what had been a pleasant conversation quickly ended and he avoided making eye contact with me for the rest of the evening. gold[–]wiffleball_lgnd 5 points6 points7 points 3 years ago (0 children)you would stop dating someone because of how you met? i always thought it was great, but there were always a couple people who, back then, were vocal about how pathetic it was to date online. depending on whose friend group were with, we have to sync our stories. at some point after he admitted to once being a small time drug dealer, we started making out and he forcibly performed cunnilingus on me. gold[–]riotcoming 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children)my husband and i met online roleplaying on aol back in 1997. after we tell the decoy story we get some good laughs admitting the truth. don't lie about it anymore, because it spreads the false idea that no one meets anyone good online. gold[–]battleofwits420 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)my so and i of 5 years met by proxy through a friend of hers that i met online. figured out who it was, and from then until august, 2010 when we first met in person, we texted every day and phoned once per week or so. so why do we place so much significance on these stories (especially since 38 percent of singles have met online or via mobile app, according to a pew research center survey)? both of us were fresh to it, and both of us were weary of it because i think we both felt that neither of us really needed it. may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. gold[–][deleted] 5 points6 points7 points 3 years ago (0 children)my wife and i met as a by-product of someone else's online dating. my boyfriend and i are likely going to be married and i definitely don't want how we met to be part of the "story" told about us at the wedding. gold[–]withrecklessabandon 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (2 children)i met my boyfriend on reddit. gold[–]atomicblb 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i've used "we just met at the mall/store/a place and hit it off" for that situation. if your online dating profile is currently inactive, you’re actually in luck. you’re feeling weird and embarrassed about online dating, you’re also not alone. we mostly didn't say much about it to the older set (parents, cousins) for a bit because online wasn't a space that they were as used to. when we explain to people how we met they cannot believe it lol. a few days later, after talking every night on gchat, i told him we had to meet or else it would drive my curiosity crazy. i wasn't even considering dating after i dumped him a few weeks later, but for some reason i really clicked with him. i told my family and coworkers that we met at a bar, just cause i didn't want them to know i was involved in online dating. even after finding concrete evidence of his cheating on a trip out to visit him, i ignored my gut and my instincts, hoping his insistence that he didn't cheat on me was true. maybe in a couple of months you’ll decide you’d rather just wait it out and meet someone organically, and that’s totally fine. personally, i'd rather have people know we met online than while trashed. flew out to la with my mom and in order for this whole plan to work i lied to her and told her i met her at the camp i worked at over the summer. any case, i think we gave up on trying to come up with an alternative story after a while - it's pretty normal for people to meet online now, and i think at one point i told his parents we actually met online after he'd gone to the trouble of spinning them a cover story (oops!Why Is It Cool To Be On Tinder But Embarrassing To Be On Any

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, tinder is so speedy to use that it took only about an hour for it to backfire on me when i got a text from my cousin (you guys remember ryan), with a screen grab of my profile that one of his guy friends had sent to him to show that i came up in his possible matches. don’t shop at only one store or eat at only one restaurant, so why would you only try dating one way? so i'm like second hand, second generation, online dating once removed, whatever you want to call it. i had never met anyone online before and was extremely embarrassed about it so for the first little while i told people that we met at the restaurant i worked in at the time. i came up with all manner of excuses from "we met through friends" to "i met her in the hospital" (i am a resident physician) when friends and family members would ask how we met. even if they hadn’t seen my profile, they probably already assumed that i had one, because pretty much everyone does or has at some point. although he did grow grass, it was on a golf course. this app should renamed itself what it really is: "hot or not for babies. gold[–]amylucille 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)my fiancé and i met on an online game called dark legends. it's been almost 4 years and my family still does not know. when i was gonna go meet her (and her friend) she told me that we needed a story because she didn't want to say that we met through a dating app. it's still going strong for almost 4 years and we're supposed to get married next year.“we're able to look at that data in aggregate — always anonymized with our users' safety always top of mind — and make some predictions as well as some analysis in terms of what's going to work to attract a partner for you. they didn't realize how difficult it was to date within a small work environment like a hospital, and when you work in health care, often you spend time with friends who are also in healthcare so the opportunity to expand ones circle of friends doesn't present itself that often, especially when working 90-120 hours per week. gold[–]itsalrightt 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i met my bf through okcupid. · 92 comments has anyone found it hard or annoying to disconnect from an -ex because of social media/technology? there's something really weird about saying we met on myspace - it's different than saying we met on match or something like that. prom dress nightmares that prove you should never buy your prom dress online. gena kaufmanapril 11, 2013 10:00 ampinteresti'm still cringing over a "worlds colliding" moment that happened to me earlier this week: after reading yet another article about newish dating app tinder, which people are evidently going nuts for, i decided i needed to check it out for myself because i am a very committed dating blogger and that's just plain old professionalism. fastest, easiest way to attract more guys onlineread these flagged okcupid messages at your own riskphoto: thinkstockkeywords: being singledatingdating issuedating questionsonline datingmost popularfashion5 wedding dress trends every 2018 bride will be wearingbeautythis is exactly what sephora employees would buy with entertainmentthe story behind that major 'this is us' twist you didn't see comingfashionzara has an even cheaper sister brand—and it's finally available in the u. i go to visit, while i'm there they throw a party, a friend of the wife and i hit it off, now we're married and living in illinois. she found out he lied years later after we had already been dating for 8 years. i had maybe two people in the world who knew i was even on it, and she had maybe a small safety-batch of friends who knew so that she wouldn't get herself into trouble. this point, i want to say about 33% of the weddings amongst our friends has come from an online relationship. he and i are from completely different places and if it weren't for that website, i may not have ever met him. but i didn't delete him because i sort of thought it was interesting that he was multilingual, and also that we had similar taste in music. they laugh about it now, but for the first year they didn't tell anyone. we both took down our profiles after our first "date" and neither of us is looking to go outside our new relationship, although she has decided that we should look for an additional woman for occasional threesomes. he was alone and bored in a new city, i was fresh out of a two year relationship. kept in touch via texting, became facebook friends, and a few weeks later, i was out in cali visiting him. i was, apparently, the only other person from our hometown online that night so we struck up a conversation. after that i dated a girl who i had zero in common with other than mutual attraction and people tended to ask "how did you two meet, exactly? dating is the best, it's just like a bar, except it's cheaper, quieter, and you don't have to leave your house. so, for a while we told people we happened to meet while he was visiting dallas (from cali) and i was in dallas at the same time, we told people we just happened to be at the same movie theater at the same time i can't remember when we finally told everyone the truth, but we ended up staying together for 11 years, so not bad for my first relationship! days that's pretty tame as far as online meetings go. i know i'm not alone on this, and i know it happens no matter how big the dating pool where you are too, because i remember once back in new york my two friends came up as each other's suggested matches and they were both too embarrassed to tell each other for, like, years. upsubscription servicescontact glamourreprints/permissionsnewsletter signupsite maprssadvertise with usmastheadaccessibility helpglamourukgreecefrancehungarygermanypolandspainsweden russianetherlandsmexico and latin americasouth africacondé nast storecareersglamour media kitvisit other condé nast sites©2017 condé nast. "my girlfriend tells people we met at bible camp, so then when we eventually say 'tinder,' it usually gets a laugh," says david, 29, who has been with ana, 26, for more than a year. he made up some story for everyone on his end that i have to play along with.

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we moved from talking on reddit to talking on skype and we just had all these long amazing conversations about writing and art and music. if it doesn’t lead to anything, you’re definitely going to get some good stories out of it. i was supposed to go to a party and, instead, i continued my yearly tradition of being horrendously, horrifically sick, so i was home. he has family where i live so it worked perfectly. gold[–]edtowb 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago (0 children)we didnt meet through online dating, but through a forum/webboard/whatever you want to call it. now tell people the truth and encourage our single friends to give online dating a chance. back to my computer to find a few aim messages waiting for me and she changed her aim away message to basically be an aim booty call directed at me. i kind of realized that people are responding to my energy on the story anyways, so i keep it realll." then took my phone (where i had really been texting friends not really washing the windows. it's not like there's a lot of partying going on at either school, and we didn't have any mutual friends or interests that might explain us both being at the same party! if you believe your meeting rivals that of fitz and olivia's, so will everyone else. gold[–]hpard 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children)i dated a guy i met on okcupid and was, at the time, totally embarrassed to admit it to people. when we progressed from im to video chatting it eventually because obvious that a simple friendship wasn't possible but this long-distance relationship would be unbearable. i was there waiting for him when he came up and started to make uncomfortable small talk about what percent milk he should buy. cover story we used was that i flew out to visit a friend (i just omitted the banging part) and his girlfriend and my so were roommates. years ago now, so the online dating trend was breaking, but still somewhat taboo - and we met on craigslist - hence the decoy story. gold[–]an_egg 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)met my girlfriend on badoo actually." it wasn't a total lie, but it stretched the truth pretty damn far. i ended up talking to said friend and we hit it off immediately." i asked her if her family was local because my grandfather is well known in our city and it's not uncommon for me to know people randomly because of that. we have been together 6 years, met online and are in our 60s. you get embarrassed by this, or is it just me and my friends who should have just gone with it? next day we started chatting in aim, and pretty much most of our first few months of communication was through aim except on weekends and random weeknights as she was in the nursing program and i was taking an overloaded class schedule to graduate on time. i often wonder if it was single mingling or alone at home. secret youtube features you probably haven't found yetworkarounds5 secret youtube features you probably haven't found yet“we do see a lot of men's profiles that have been quickly put together,” says braley. the first time we met, we each brought friends and decided to hang out as a group so it wouldn't be weird. reasoning: i had a long distance relationship as a teenager with a guy from the same city as he was. both have an acting background so we were able to really sell it. such as "he went to high school with my former roommate's brother" like that's a believable way to meet anyone. she flew out and visited, we did the long distance thing for 2 years and she moved in with me about 3 years ago. gold[–]blogswithbenefits 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i met and dated an ex for 3 years who i met on chatroulette back in the day. here we are, three years to the date, and we've been happily dating ever since. of your gender, spelling counts, with “teh,” “ur,” “cuz,” “im” and “u” dinging daters with 13% fewer replies. gold[–]notnicholas 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago* (0 children)does aim count? my date had drifted to a conversation with another group and was just within earshot to hear my most awkward response to the inevitable "how'd you meet? it was called likealittle and i read about it in the toronto star. my buddy met a girl on a dating website (we live in illinois and she lived in guadalajara, mexico). nine months, any time i went to bars with friends, or any kind of event, i'd think to myself, "maybe i'll run into that cute girl with the tattoos from the salon. "people are happy to set that profile but they don't necessarily want to make their first date with someone valentine's day—it has a lot of pressure attached to it for a first date.

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gold[–]pdunphy23 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)my lifelong friend met his fiancee on jdate, that jewish dating site. aside from their unique situation, it generally feels weird and unnatural. i'm grateful for the service pof provides, because without it, i would never have found someone i love this much. gold[–]fantasymagic3 -1 points0 points1 point 3 years ago (0 children)i met my ex boyfriend on a gay hook up site. texting for about 4 months i started to really like him, but the problem was he lived on the other side of the country in los angeles (i'm from philadelphia) although as luck/fate/whatever you believe in would have it, he lived 15 minutes from my dream school ucla, who's acceptance/rejection i was still waiting for. shortly after we realized we wanted more than just the random e-romance, he sold everything he owned and moved to the us. even though meeting online still carries a stigma, i am the first one to tell people the truth about how we actually met., a mutual friend, who we both knew entirely independently of each other, asked me to meet up with her one day for coffee. gold[–]zack777attack 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)met on a dating site, dated for around 6 months our cover story was she picked me up in a bar with the line "hi my name is ##, i like gingers" to sell the story her name in my phone was ##(likes gingers). article was originally published as "'please don't ask us how we met'" in the february 2016 issue of cosmopolitan. california privacy rightsthe material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of condé nast.. only to find out that people think its awesome and pretty neat that eharmony worked for us.? also no need for a decoy story, 1/5 relationships now forms online! gold[–]asteve78 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i met my boyfriend online and was totally embarrassed by it! but honestly, they probably don’t care even the slightest. gold[–]peppii 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i met my husband off of okcupid in 2007 and had done online dating a bunch before meeting him. i told my family and a couple of close friends that we met online, but no one else. gold[–]omniskittles 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (2 children)uhm i met an ex on pof and told my parents we met at a hockey game, brought him home to meet the family and we awkwardly lied about how we met. basically the actual story of the first time we hung out in real life has quasi evolved into a semi true story where we just tell people we happened to meet there by happenstance and hit it off and go from there and leave out the internet part. we laughed about how we met whenever we thought of it, it was pretty crazy we even talked in the first place. gold[–]shitsngiggles2 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i met my boyfriend on okcupid. since that involved 3 old school social media/internet related sites it was extra embarrassing. i think he pretended to be distracted by something, as if he hadn't heard them, and i said something like, "oh it's a boring story" and again changed the subject. it would be different if it had been a different dating site but it's tinder sooo. know that internet dates can be all kinds of awkward, and after a couple of particularly bad ones it’s very easy to get discouraged and feel silly for having tried at all. gold[–]kitcat_kittycat 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)not me, but a couple i know. posing with your four-legged friend will result in 53% fewer messages. i say that i met her through mutual friends or that i just bumped into her in the city.” no matter what you do there’s always going to be people who find fault with it, especially if they’ve been in comfortable relationships for years and don’t understand what the modern dating scene is like. pof is bottom of the barrel as far as dating sites go, but i ain't ashamed. "nowadays, you don't have to be embarrassed about dating sites! i would say that it's actually more embarrassing than tinder since tinder is associated with hook ups while okcupid is more for something more serious. that the average person believed it before we collapsed into obnoxious giggles. once because i was curious and single and looking to mingle, and once because even though i’d reached a place where i was happily unattached, all of my friends were doing it and i had a major case of fomo. he moved down to south carolina from upstate ny when he finished college, and we got married four years ago. i just say we met randomly, talked a bunch and hung out as friends first. for telling our friends how we met, we just say "online" and everyone assumes dating sites. being the avid pothead i was, i was very excited. ended up becoming my "tutor" in the music classes we shared (this was basically my excuse to get to know him, and usually ended up schooling him with my knowledge on the subject).

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and at this point, a year and a handful of months later, the three days, ten messages we sent back and forth, and the act of meeting up with a stranger for some drinks is minor in the long run. sometimes when we go out we like to tell the waiter we just met on craigslist and fight over who's supposed to pay." these are both fucking adorable in my book but hard to explain as a meet cute to moms and nanas and at work functions. gold[–]annumil04 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i met my current boyfriend on a weird, indian networking site about 8 years ago only because my mother was on the same site and she wanted me to join so she could have more friends. · 45 comments have you ever used an online dating site specifically for adultery such as ashleymadison? love is weird and wonderful and can happen anywhere at anytime, even on a dating app. used to have to don corsets and wigs and get parental permission to court some cute lad and now you can wake up, roll over and flirt with people across all the world without putting on real pants or wiping the sleep crusties from your eyes. saw a post on another thread about someone who met through Tumblr and said they don't tell people the real story and make a decoy story up. i don't think either of us wanted to admit we were on that site considering we're 24 and 23, with healthy social lives. it wasn't until after the relationship ended that i felt comfortable telling anyone about how we actually met. i'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale, but it's sure as hell going to make a damn good lifetime movie! gold[–]crypretty 9 points10 points11 points 3 years ago (2 children)my boyfriend and i met on okcupid, but he had apparently been telling people we met at a certain bar and didn't bring me up to speed, so when his dad asked me where we had met again, and i responded with the truth, he had some slightly embarrassing backtracking to do. it's sad that one has to do that to avoid being stigmatized. with a score of -3 or lower will be automatically deleted on the next cycle. but we didn't talk at the time and we needed okcupid to really build a connection with each other."Celebritiesjulia louis-dreyfus turned to katy perry to give an update on her breast cancer treatmentlate night televisionjimmy kimmel asked people to identify brooklyn beards or gettysburg beardscomparecardssponsoredmusicthe internet has a whole lot of thoughts about taylor swift's new song 'gorgeous'romantic couple at a dinner party portra images—getty imageshow-to5 data-backed tips to boost your online dating gamejohn patrick pullenfeb 12, 2015whether it’s hitting the gym or brushing up on 19th century french poetry, almost everyone is doing something to make themselves more attractive to that special someone — especially with valentine's day right around the corner. we had been assigned aliases from the site, i was gourd and he was blackberry, and we spent about two hours chatting away. at the time (early 2011), it was becoming popular on university campuses and one day, i went on the site just to browse. it also turned out that we had a few mutual friends, which helped us (her) stay together after the first couple of dates (i. back then, the onion, used to have an online personals section of their site. a couple of my favorites include: a) we were both black ops operatives in uzbekistan and fell in love as the town we were in was under siege by terrorists b) she fell in the street on her bicycle and i ran into traffic to swoop her to safety, but as i did that, our parents unwittingly crashed into each other because they were driving in the area and were distracted by my heroics c) we were both hitmen who were contracted to kill each other. if i had to do it again i would not use a decoy story, too much hassle trying to juggle., i'd rather say i met someone online than lie and say we met at a bar or the produce section of stop and shop or some crap. an epilogue to my story, after another of my sister's many failed relationships with guys that were definitely not worthy of her came to an end, my parents approached me about how pof works and whether i thought my sister could meet a nice guy online, in the same manner that i met my girlfriend (who they adore). it does not matter to either of us, it has been 5 years and we are both still very happy., it's not like aziz and any of his associates are just having other people write a book for them. i was the only person that responded before he took it down. gold[–]ill_take_the_case 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)we used to sort of hem and haw about the question, but we are pretty open about it now. gold[–]tspoon09 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i totally agree with it being something people laugh at. he didn't even post something sexual, and his post was only up for 5 mins before he felt dumb and took it down. gold[–]pandorasbottle 4 points5 points6 points 3 years ago (0 children)so this is a slight permutation of the topic but here goes:My ex-fiancee and i met on okcupid, and we actually had the opposite response--we proudly told people where we'd met, and encouraged others to not be afraid of dating sites.;dr: met a girl on the internet, turned out to be a girl i had a fleeting moment with and wondered about for the better part of a year, we're getting married. i agreed to meet him in a public place and my mom ditched me trusting i was in good hands. really it was just entertaining to pass the time with. we actually met through a mutual friend we played runescape with. gold[–]sinnickson 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i had an online boyfriend on off through middle and high school. we didn't actually meet each other for six years - when we did, we knew it was meant to be. he agreed this was less embarrassing and kind of true. gold[–]withrecklessabandon 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children)he sent me a message and mentioned he was in the middle of writing a paper on stanley kubrick and i'm a huge kubrick fan so we started talking about that and then about the kinds of books we like.

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    she told her friends we met at her work which is at the central library in our city. as it was, her parents (as well as overly protective brothers and extremely nosey sister) were not cool with her dating, much less dating some guy she met online. each time you opened a new chat on the site, you were assigned a different alias., i've made a lot of great friends online and have met a few of them in person. what's funny is that people believed us; when we met he was at a top engineering school and i was studying at a buddhist university an hour away. i have considered this so many times, but i usually just go for the okcupid story with confidence. bagget our newsletteryour daily dose of the latest in fashion, beauty, and entertainment — delivered straight to your inbox. in conclusion, i have a new idea for a dating app: one that filters out everyone i know. i'm not some sort of online dating mastermind or addict; i just happened to meet someone i really like through it. it still takes time to compile and edit these stories into a single work that has some overarching theme. because if i don't, people always snicker at me and say, "well, you did meet on a dating site. i met my best friend online is easier to explain. word-wisethere are no secret passwords in dating (online or off), but according to some late 2013 research by zoosk, there are some terms that can give you a bump. however to our friends there was no embarrassment though there were a few questions since we were on the forefront of online dating with our friends. gold[–]missmylele 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i met my boyfriend on plenty of fish which is a dating site most people assume is mostly for one night stands and hooking up. mom doesn’t really know or care what tinder is, i promise. should have just told people what was up to begin with. i was even more embarressed and told them we met online. then i realized, eyes red and nose running and my roommates sitting with me in indignant anger on the couch, that i shouldn’t be embarrassed that my people know i have a tinder account. she and i hit it off and started dating, which lead to living together, and eventually marriage in 2011. just one character on your online dating profile can boost your response rate by 79%. i then started telling people my boyfriend was a friend of that guy who was friends with my girlfriend and that we met at a bar where we were all hanging out. she was the first and only person i even met off of it. we were friends for a number of years, and eventually ended up dating years later. gold[–]crabbydotca 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i think there's a lot of pressure to have a wild romantic fairy tale meeting, and "i met him online" doesn't live up to that expectation."well, i moved down here to teach, and he was substitute teaching at the time. be sure to “lmfao” (up 193%) and not “rofl” (down 13%), and if you're going to put a smiley face in your message, go with “:-)” instead of “:)”. golduse of this site constitutes acceptance of our user agreement and privacy policy. showed up, looking pretty close to the pics he had sent prior to us meeting, and we hung out for a bit just shooting the shit, getting to know each other, etc. gold[–]aprayerforkb 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)technically my boyfriend and i met in a writer's workshop. he said he would talk to me later if he could, i laughed and didn't think it was possible.;dr: i met my current boyfriend on a music website and my parents think i met him at summer camp. my boyfriend was also online, killing time until he had to go to the airport and pick up his cousin. gold[–]tspoon09 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago (2 children)i didn't really expect anything serious to come from tinder when i started using it. but none of them seemed to think it was weird. turns out he stayed on that site (aff), okcupid, plentyoffish, ashley madison, and a few other sites well into our relationship. gold[–]lilacfrostyness 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i have a decoy story, but i really only told it to my parents and a few other (usually older) people that wouldn't understand. i really didn't need his grandparents to know that my first conversations with their grandson revolved around a true story i stuck on my profile describing the time i, at the age of 21, accidentally swallowed a canadian dollar coin. years before that i had been seeing a girl who i met on a game called ultima online and who had just turned 18 (i was 20.
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    gold[–]tourou 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i have been dating my current girlfriend for 6 months who i met on okcupid.'m still cringing over a "worlds colliding" moment that happened to me earlier this week: After reading yet another article about newish dating app Tinder,. i know the story like the back of my hand and can recite it at a moments notice like it really happened. but i do understand that most people care what others think, so this may be the driving force for some people.: master the artwhether or not you think selfies are embarrassing, they do impact online dating profiles, for better or worse. flew out to meet the girl i met online originally and was introduced to my now so when we went to her place to hang out. eventually we decided to take things to the bedroom, and it was great. don’t let anyone make you feel bad about taking a chance on the internet and hoping for the best, you’re putting yourself out there and that’s a really cool thing. neither of us was ashamed of it, but i personally hate the reaction of "oh that's totally okay" or "that's totally normal nowadays", or people asking for advice about it, etc etc etc. i decided to add her and message her with a hey or whatever. roommates and i threw a 40-oz party and her roommates and a few other friends came over and were actually trying to set her up with one of my roommates. i've been dating this guy for a while now and we live together. anyway, we told that story our first six months of dating. gold[–]heyheymse 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)we met online and i think there was initially the thought that we wouldn't tell anyone we met that way - at the time i was a teacher and he was a substitute teacher, but at separate schools, so one thing we'd do is state the facts of what we were doing at the time and let people draw their own conclusions:"how'd you guys meet? oh man that was embarrassing but we ended up being a really good match despite living 1000 miles away from each other. i never usually had fb chat on, but for some reason it was on one day, and he popped up. but for some reason, whenever a person i know in real life sees my online dating profile, i want to crawl under a rock and just commit to being single forever. when we first started dating i told him that while i didn't want to lie to people about how we met, i did want to try and dodge the question. my friends thought i was crazy for agreeing to meet a stranger in person that i met on the internet (it always lingered in my head that he could be a serial killer) but i was always drawn to him. someone told me to try it out lol so i did and i met this guy just randomly talking about going to a hockey game and that's where we decided to meet lol. with online dating it’s all about getting their attention when they’re online. even though i don't regret ever being on okcupid and either does my boyfriend, it's just not the way we want to start off our love story. are dating in your pjs, you are living the dream. his friend told me that meeting online and e-mailing for awhile before meeting is actually a way more admirable way to form a relationship than just meeting at a bar, which i guess is true.[–]clintfuckingeastwood 4 points5 points6 points 3 years ago (1 child)because it's a book about different people's experiences and this is a way for people to share their experiences. after it kept coming up, and especially when we were fully honest and upfront with our families about it, we came to terms with it. gold[–]wiffleball_lgnd 13 points14 points15 points 3 years ago (0 children)that it's shallow, just a hook up app. we live about an hour and a half away from each other sadly, but we make it work. here’s some things to remember for when you’re feeling like you should just delete it all and invest in some quality ice cream and cats. he cheers me up, makes me laugh, was there for me when i needed surgery, and loves to travel with me. gold[–]ivant2balawyer 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)my husband and i met on a popular live streaming website. "we have a vast number of data points that our engine is constantly analyzing automatically to do behavioral matchmaking,” says allison braley, vice president of marketing and communications at zoosk, an online matchmaking service with more than 30 million users. somehow, we ended up in an actual relationship, albeit long distance. she went out of town the next day but we texted dozens of times every day she was gone., if hilary duff is doing it then you can totally do it. i do things with her that my wife would never agree to even try, and that her husband could not have convincingly pulled off. my gf doesn't care so i will be the one making up a story. · 104 comments describe your experience with swipe dating apps (tinder, hinge, etc). we just let people assume it was someplace other than the seedy underbelly of the internet.
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    ” but if you’re a guy, you’re going to want to walk the talk, because men with outdoor photos on their profiles received 19% more messages than those who didn’t. he posted in my city's mfw, and i often poked around in there for fun; some people are hilariously desperate." sometimes i would say it in the monarch's voice from the venture brothers. two months later i lost my job and decided i could either stay in vegas and look for a job in a shitty job market or move to virginia and try having a real relationship. texting that night we were doing the usual small talk until she said, "unless you have an identical twin who also works for (name of paratransit bus company i work for) i think we have met before. one day, we were talking about going out and she told me she had went to a party about a month before we met online, i told her we could use that as cover. she asked me for a dick pic and she claimed to be impressed with what she saw. we met on gaia online and didn't tell anyone for so long. i met mine through facebook (he randomly sent me a friend request some months before we ever actually made contact with each other. it does work out then it seriously won’t matter how you got there. i realize more people are meeting this way, especially in my age demographic (mid-30s) when there are fewer places to meet people "naturally", i am still a bit embarrassed. i was 17 at the time so i knew no one would understand and they would all assume i was looking for someone online (i wasn't, i was just bored and we happened to just click), so my decoy story to my family was that i was at a get together with old friends from middle school in ca and i met him there. it was kind of like a virtual equivalent of little kids with the "do you like me? the second time, i was doing it much more casually, going on every few days when i was stuck on the bus or in a particularly long bathroom line, and just seeing what was out there. besides the fact that we met through a website that randomly matched us up. gold[–]doctorsandwich 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)the first girl i dated from okcupid turned out to be from my college as well, so we typically would just answer "well, we go to school together" whenever people would ask us how we met. did their web self line up with their real world self?) i told people we met on livejournal since that seemed a bit less shameful than meeting on uo. i still don't know how i'm going to tell my parents, so if anyone has any suggestions that'd be great. when we explained it we just told people and said we were young and stupid. well yeah, that's how we met and we really said it was through friends. they end up getting married, at one point he moves to mexico with her. gold[–]ceeflores 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children)my boyfriend and i met on a site called omegle. you’re meeting people and trying new things and going on dates and you’re going to thank yourself for it later when you’re older and wiser and deeply in love with someone just as awesome as you. his screen name included the word goatse and he ruined the lyrics to one of my favorite m83 songs by telling me he thought they were saying "cuban dressing. day he struck up a conversation with me about the shows i'd been to (i keep a running list on my blog) and we exchanged "shoutbox messages" for about 2 months until finally he pm'd me for my phone number and we began texting. he's a great guy, and despite being ldr whenever we get together we have such a blast. i wasn't embarrassed about meeting online, however it wasn't as mainstream back there and most people i knew were against online dating. we chatted for a while about hockey, and soon he asked me if my favourite band was the red hot chili peppers - they were and still are, and will forever be. got a bunch of random canadians added to my fb contacts in june of 2007. so as they're going around the room i'm panicking inside hoping they don't ask us, trying to figure out a reason to go into the other room until the conversation is over, when we get cornered with the question. and since then i've met many friends online and my current relationships, but no longer feel the need for a decoy story. i don't bother correcting them because it's sort of embarrassing to say "yeah, his werewolf character was really well-written and i enjoyed creating story lines with him. of 24customer servicesite mapprivacy policyad choicesterms of useyour california privacy rightscareers© 2017 time inc.! i overheard him tell his sister this while we were visiting her one day and it was the most hilarious thing ever. i mostly ignored his messages because, hey, it was some guy 1500 miles away. i was usually pretty up front with my parents about meeting friends online if they asked, but i usually tried not to talk about them too much to avoid the topic in general. that was shortly after things had ended with my fwb of 1 year..Facebooktwitterpinterestwhy is it so uncomfortable when this happens in online dating?
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    ”here are some statistic-backed hacks zoosk has learned by studying its users' interactions:outdoor photos: great or bait? as luck would have it, the leafs beat the carolina hurricanes 3-1, and we agreed to meet in person. “women really reward the guys who take the time to get outside, get a friend to take a picture of them, and put in a little bit of extra effort. and i have been doing interviews and focus groups on modern romance all over the us and in some other countries, too. this was the first message i ever responded to, and as we exchanged a few more messages with me blatantly asking if he was a serial killer, murderer, psycho and him denying it, we moved onto texting. he followed it up with tons of questions and just said " oh that shit works? we're both waiting for the day we see him somewhere and have to explain that he's our cover story for meeting each other haha. gold[–]jay_mac_1982 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)this stigma of online dating needs to go away, like, yesterday. i shouldn't have been as surprised/hurt as i was given the website we met on, but it's been a particularly devastating split. we were both 18 at the time and both embarrassed about it. they just want you to be happy, and as long as your new boo is nice and loves you they’ll be cool about it. predicts “lumbersexual” with be among 2015’s buzz words, replacing “basic. i lied through my teeth, telling people we met when he was visiting a friend who went to my college and just kept in touch from there. i have another date with him in a few days. it wasn't until two blocks down the road that i realized her response when i said that was a silent, slow head nod in the affirmative. gold[–]esoomcol -1 points0 points1 point 3 years ago (0 children)met ex on ffxi (aw yiss video game dating). nevertheless, the fact is that we felt quite embarassed due to the general perception of this sort of web sites.)submitted 3 years ago by azizansariamajust saw a post on another thread about someone who met through tumblr and said they don't tell people the real story and make a decoy story up. we lived roughly 17 hours away from each other, but i was smitten and decided to college not too far from where he lived. we noticed that we ordered the same beer, her because it was a good beer (she's a beer blogger) and me because it had a cool tap handle, and started chatting from there. of course, we weren't going to tell anyone how we really met, so we agreed to tell everyone that we met at a bar when he was home in dc that april and that's how it all started. so we had a talk about it the next day and were like, "why were we so nervous to tell people? i posted a rant about how terrible the dating scene in philadelphia was, he responded in agreement. it started out as friendly and it turned out she had the most amazing personality. so, it turned out that one of the guys on the grouper had mutual friends and went to the same undergrad as one of my girlfriends who was on the grouper with me. i flew out to visit him three months later and fell super in love with his city and him.” women, on the other hand, are advised to keep it inside, because outdoor photos decreased their messages received by 40%.. and no one is on it around between 2 and 3 p. we ended up talking for the first time on aim randomly, the conversation went something like:-hey, do you like mcdonalds? it's where you can synch up a website to track the music you listen to and the artists you really like. it was a pretty good cover story since he lived in the same area as my friend's school. after 5 years of talking, he finally broke up with his girlfriend (the reasons totally unrelated to me), we met each other for the first time, hung out for a couple of months as friends, then eventually moved on to being in a relationship. all of my gay friends were fine with online dating and got me into it years before most of my other (straight, female) friends. not a dating app, a lame internet-connection, tap 100 times a minute, weird high school game app. all my friends know how we really met but a pretty large portion of his friends and family think we met through mutual friends at his community college. my family is a somewhat conservative family and figured i would meet someone at work or at a bar or in some other traditional way. on top of that, we didn't even meet on an established dating site. i was cleaning windows in the entry way and he walked up behind me put his man parts on my bottom and pushed them into me, and followed up with " you like when i come up from behind you. technically that was our first date but we had been talking online for 2 weeks before that.
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    don't lie about meeting online but the decoy story is to mumble "internet" and "match" if someone presses the issue and then change the subject. honestly i don't think it's so much the stigma anymore since so many people meet online now, but it's more that it's kind of a boring story.” and if you’re a cat person, or you happen to roll with man’s best friend, it’s even worse. stopped dating for a few years and then got back together. i remember sitting there, on that bench in the engineering building, waiting for him." instead of saying how you met online, recounting the defining moment that got you hooked (finding out you both binge-watched master of none in one night) or his first sweet gesture (messaging your bff to figure out your favorite restaurant) will make your story sound great to anyone.. oops) called his phone from my phone, then called everyday until i went on a date with him. we became great friends (even though there was the obvious physical attraction) but geographically it was "impossible") since i am in the us and he was in the uk. i’m with you and i get you, but we really shouldn’t be embarrassed because we deserve love and fun and happiness, and if it comes from flipping through bios while waiting for an open stall, then cool, that’s time you would have wasted reading bathroom graffiti anyway. we started talking, and it was just simple like that. plus, i think tinder has less social stigma of desperation, like other dating websites seem to have. female profiles with selfies get 4% more messages, while guys took an 8% hit. my mother ended up finding out, but his still doesn't know. dont mind telling people we met on the internet, but we sometimes tend to leave the aol part out of it. i am embarrassed about it purely out of the stigma about that app. i was dating someone else, but it was in a really shitty area. we'll still tell people we met on okcupid, but it's definitely after a second of hesitation. neither one of us had planned to do anything but cheat on our spouses, but it turned out that we were so much better together than we were with the people we had married. we really hit it off so we went out for some drinks after. but with some people, particularly older relatives, its hard enough to even explain online dating, or get them to accept it, let alone something as arbitrary as 'oh its just this website ten years ago where we pirated movies and played tetris and talked about farts and we started hanging out there and now we're getting married in real life' (edit: we are actually getting married in july, that part wasnt a joke). gold[–]kimkep86 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i met my husband on eharmony in 2010 and there was only 1 person who really knew how we met, and she kind of sabotaged our first date (crashed it with her baby daddy and all they did was fight while we were sitting there like uhhhh wtf is going on? everyone fell for it, and i don't think anyone had any clue from our completely normal exterior that we would even be on a site like aff, let alone meet a significant other we are introducing to our families on there. an open person, i have never once thought of coming up with a decoy story. all we really knew were each other's first name, majors and the fact we went to the same university (with a student population of over 50,000). i checked out most of the people out of curiosity, and noticed that there was a girl from my state (a pretty small one, so it wasn't common)."if we're all being real, it doesn't matter how you met. so we've been together about a year and a half, living together for 7 months, and it's been going really well. my boyfriend and i just joined some public chats with others but then quickly found out that we clicked well with each other and moved on to private chats then. honestly, the story itself is so long and boring for people that we just end up telling people that we met through the indian community or something along those lines."admit it, we're all a little obsessed with how-we-met stories., i once met a couple that had met on okc but usually just told people that they met because his mom rear ended her dad's car, and that they met waiting for the cops to come on the side of the highway." because that's clearly more romantic and acceptable than meeting online. i responded but it was a couple hours after she sent them and no response. duff is a straight goddess, so if she’s on tinder and trying online dating, then you have nothing to feel weird about. had never discussed where we stood on telling people how we met, but i could tell he felt kind of weird about it, so unfortunately we didn't have an exit strategy planned for last year when we were at a nye gathering with a few other couples and they were all telling their stories of how they met, and some had really interesting or funny stories of how they met (all in person). i joked around with one of his buddies saying he picked me up at a funeral. you'll be explaining to your grandchildren, "i saw his height listed at 5-feet-11 and i was completely smitten! meeting was awkward at first but after awhile it was like hanging out with one of my best friends. gold[–]purrfectlyflawed 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i met my ex-husband on online dating site back in 1999.
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    far, we have had 100% believability rate even when we make up really ridiculous stories. it’s whatever you make of it, there’s no pressure and no rules, so just go at your own pace and have fun with it. so we were on the same campus at the same time and possibly even had classes together, though we hadn't met prior to the date we set up online. i don't think either of us thought we'd ever end up on an online dating site, which is why i think a "free" site was why we were on there.), so once we stopped pretending to have a cover story with them it seemed kind of pointless to have a cover story with anyone else. over the holidays when he was back in dc, i met all of his friends and his family - and that's where the inevitable "so how did you all meet? a few months later, he confessed that he was tired of being single and was looking to get some, so he sent the same exact message to all of the single girls he was friends with on myspace that he thought were hot, 12 in total. 2010 comes around and after being out on the town with a group of lesbian friends, i was thinking "i need a boyfriend, man! gold[–]marxistglue 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)my girlfriend and i met on okc and although we aren't really embarrassed about meeting online, we decided to make it a game that every time someone asks us how we met, we take turns making up an elaborate story. for instance, honesty increases guys' odds in online dating, with the terms “divorce,” “separate,” and “my ex” netting 52% more messages, while “son,” “daughter,” and “children,” up their response rate by 7%. gold[–]decoystory 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children)my wife and i met on a dating website about 8 years ago when she was 18 and i was 22. i guess its because craigslist list seems like like the last stop before using a prison personal site. · 54 comments studies show men are overwhelming the ones that initiate the "first ask" for a date. said she only continued to speak with me after seeing my email address (not related to my screenname). gold[–]aspen8807 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (0 children)my husband and i went to high school together, so it's easy enough to say we met in class sophomore year and reconnected senior year., the era of big dating data has plenty of other ways to put your best face forward. so it's crazy how much i got out of some shitty little iphone app. gold[–]benjimain 6 points7 points8 points 3 years ago (0 children)my girlfriend and i used to tell people we met because we got in a minor fender bender with each other (insert "rear-ending" joke here). i do notice though, that people who are unfamiliar with tinder when you say you met on a dating app, they seem more confused, so i would just say we met through mutual friends (since we did have mutual friends and that was shown on tinder). i don't know, not exactly somewhere you expect to meet someone and may be embarrassing trying to explain it to grandparents, etc. another party the next weekend, nearly the same invitees and the rest is history. we've been together for a year now and i'm happy to see it's a lot more common than i previously thought. my so and i became friends after the girl i went to visit turned out to be not the greatest person to both of us. i randomly downloaded the game onto my phone and he was the first person i started talking to. eventually she went to college in nyc to be closer to me and once she graduated, i decided to move to austin to be with her. the other hand, i know my boyfriend doesn't care nearly as much as i do. however, when i finally told them that we actually had met through an online dating website and why i chose to sign up, they were very understanding. typically, it's the sunday after valentine’s day — so that gives you some time run a spellcheck and snap some new photos." and then i smiled and walked out with my client because i had more clients to pick up. gold[–]me345 6 points7 points8 points 3 years ago (0 children)i posted a fake craigs list "missed connection," as a joke to see what kind of weirdos would respond, and one guy was so funny that we started chatting and dated for a while. all of my friends knew who he was because i talk about my in-game adventures a lot but when we decided to date in 2009, it was weird explaining it to new people. we were very young and had to lie to his mom to be able to visit each other.“people who want to date women, whether that's men or women, seem to be more concerned about authenticity and is this person heavily filtering this picture,” says braley. i was just going through the top 25 charts at 3am after getting home from drinking on my shitty 21st birthday and it ended up consuming me for ages. back in the early 2000's, though, telling it got me some massive amounts of side-eye, so i used to tell people "oh, he lives down the street from me. an online dating profile isn’t like signing a sea contract with ursula, you can peace out anytime you want. gold[–][deleted] 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children)i met my girlfriend of one year on an online dating website (plenty of fish), and when we first started going out, i was incredibly embarrassed to tell people that we had met online. i was his top match, so he added me and i accepted because of our high music compatibility and i thought he followed me on tumblr (i had recently made my last. with my parents it's that we took an online writing class together and had to do a group project.

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