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missy left lucas and riley were staring at one another. is annoyed that lucas is unaffected by her failed attempt to get him mad. maya (dressed like riley) says "hey" to lucas in a riley voice he response saying "hey" in a in cute, nervous way most likely aimed at riley's way of speaking which maya was portraying.. however when she tells him that she thinks of him as a brother he looks confused and sad. how lucas would ask, the dress i would wear, the corsage he would give me. girl meets high school (part 1), lucas and riley start dating since he can't decide between her or maya. in girl meets semi-formal, it was shown that she wanted to be more than a friend to lucas, but in the end, she decided on something even better, which was to always have him in her life no matter what. and maya is the friendship/romantic pairing of lucas friar and maya hart. covered maya's eyes so that she wouldn't see riley getting physically hurt during cheer tryouts. time sabrina carpenter gets to show off her singing skills on the show is a plus, but when she gets to show them off because maya is singing a song about lucas? says "bonjour" to lucas, to which he replies the same, continuing with "peut-être un jour moi et vous serez  paris à ensemble", which means, "maybe, one day, me and you will be in paris together", implying he does like her. thought it was sweet that lucas still misses his friends back home. says hi to lucas when dancing with charlie and lucas said hi in response. taking her first ride on the subway, riley meets lucas for the first time. said lucas also called riley "the pretty brunette who never gives up on anyone and no sacrifice is too big for her friends". and Maya is the friendship/romantic pairing of Lucas Friar and Maya Hart. it finally came to an end on last friday's episode and lucas finally ended up "choosing" (i use that word sooooo loosely — more on that later) between riley and maya. image gallery for lucas and riley may be viewed here. is a bit similar to jacey (joey and pasey) of dawson's creek as they like to tease each other. media outlets and celebrity bailee madison and skype ship rucas. reminds lucas of his kiss with riley (in front of cory) as payback for making fun of her middle name. of their grandparents, (rosie mcgee and merlin scoggins), met each other in 1961 at a local hangout called café hey. because riley felt the same way about maya, she broke her own heart by stepping back to give maya and lucas a chance to be together. in girl meets rileytown he shows that he is very protective of her as he gets very upset to hear that riley is being bullied and then forcefully breaks the piece of table that he was tied down to (farkle tied him down knowing he would get upset) in order to go to her, when he reaches riley's bay window he easily knocks down the "barrier" she put up in order to keep him out. they talk about real things, they trust each other, and they support each other. interrupts the class to bring up the dance to lucas. replies "yes" and "absolutely" after she thinks that lucas is going to "marry" her. immediately helped her right away and then smiled at her. compares riley (& maya) to the only place other than debate where you can see good and bad together. also lucas is similar to pacey due to his bad-boy and rebellious past. riley teased maya by saying she'll have five marriages, maya asked riley if lucas was one of them." while she and lucas, along with farkle, all run away from maya. the letters l and m (lucas and maya) in the alphabet, their seats are next to each other. (along with riley) looked concerned when they realized maya's mother wasn't going to show up. shared what her date felt like by saying, "mine was like when it's summer, and then the breeze comes up, and then it rains for like two seconds, and then everything glows and there's a rainbow. the cut scene, lucas deepens the kiss and turns his head. writers have confirmed that lucas and maya will kiss at some point in season 3. says he really cares for her daughter (maya) to katy. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. lucas said that he had to leave texas, he nervously looked at riley. says hi to lucas when she sees him at the door. tells katy that maya gets her caring feelings from katy rather than kermit (though he probably knew this due to the events of girl meets the forgiveness project). asks lucas about his opinion on her father/teacher cory.

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and lucas sat next to each other at svorski's and smile at each other a few times. overall, they get along and it has been shown that they value each other's opinion and care for each other's feelings. she then tells lucas that she won't talk to him anymore if he decides to ride the bull, which he does. tells riley that her feelings toward lucas are still there. riley jumps into lucas's arms after lucas looks at her and says "riley! maya pushed riley onto his lap, he stuck his hand out to catch her. carpenter says that lucas and maya are experiencing some very confusing feelings in season 3.: and i hope that wherever you are, you get to keep being riley. on the roof and after ending things between her and charlie, riley witnesses the conversation between lucas and maya. says she'll "jack [lucas] up" if he tells farkle what she said about him.: disney channel; farkleminkus; loveholic198 (9), boomthatscute, mayaahart (6), boymeetsworldgifs, romanhclidays, l-friar, friarandhart, lvcaya, lucayia, martilinski, rileyormaya, rileymahtthews, charliesgardnr/tumblr. art class, riley wants to draw lucas instead of farkle. she does this to give maya a chance with him, however in part 3 farkle makes riley realize that she is only lying to everyone about her feelings and that she really does love lucas more than a brother or even a friend. she's making fun of him, and he's playing the harmonica to help her out. looks worried when maya tells riley about what happened in texas between him and her. last names of lucas and topanga, "friar" and "lawrence" make the name of friar lawrence, a character in romeo and juliet. lucas starts to raise his voice, riley looks at him nervously. are known as rebels, since lucas was considered one back in texas. when maya is going to start a fight with a bully, lucas is there to pick her up and keep her from storming away. discovers that maya makes fun of lucas because she likes him. tells lucas that she is glad he was her first date. and maya looked a bit surprised when lucas pushed billy against the wall. maya dragged farkle away from talking to the librarian, lucas and riley awkwardly stood next to each other, not knowing what to say. during the party charlie brings out the couples game to which riley and lucas doesn't want to play at first but after charlie edges lucas to play, he accepts. says that he thinks about his important conversations with riley and holds her hand. and lucas gazed at one another when maya reads "not until we put down our phones, switch off our computers and look in each others eyes, will we be able to touch each others hearts. riley's asleep she sits up and kisses the air after maya says i want to be a veterinarian and kiss your face in lucas's voice. writers said that lucas will show how much riley means to him in girl meets the new world. of the classmates surrounded lucas and riley as they sat next to each other. they are actually bantering with each other, with even lucas acknowledging that he's the only one who can "handle" maya. asked riley why was she was afraid of maya's neighborhood. invited riley, maya and farkle to come with them to the movies. when he was about to beat up a bully and get himself in trouble at his new school where he came to make a fresh start, maya literally jumped on his back to stop him. maya realizes the magnitude of her decision to sign lucas up to ride tombstone the bull, she passionately tells him she doesn't want him to do this and protests riley's support of him doing so. they are also similar to chair (chuck and blair) of gossip girl as they love to play a game with each other like they did before true feelings were revealed.'t stop and all for you by tiramisuspice (companion pieces). she then just gets up and is about to leave the roof however farkle reveals her secret. riley finds and apologizes to farkle, and he gives riley her first kiss (on the chin), maya says "now every time someone asks you, 'hey riley who was your first kiss? tells lucas they all need to stick together to protect one another. however he has shown to have romantic feelings for her as well, as shown in when he gets jealous that she went with charlie to the semi-formal and assumed that they were both going together without him asking her and when he asked her out and they kissed and he smiles back at her after it. mentions that in girl meets first date is about lucas getting up the nerve to ask riley out on a date. the reveal and everyone has left, maya walks over to the bench and sits down looking sad and confused. he acted the same way with farkle and zay, two people he calls his best friends, proving he cares a lot about riley and they have a good friendship.

Is maya and lucas dating in real life

and i am here to be the one to stand up and say that girl meets world should make lucas and maya a couple.: not avoiding nothing, just life moving beyond that thing that happened between me and lucas. and, lips, oh, you the doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss. she assures him that everyone is invited and that she only thought about the party a few seconds ago (it was said that charlie told lucas about the party after charlie was listening to maya and riley's conversation). ran away when cory walked up and stared at him. and lucas ask each other why they're partnered since they always agree on the same things. the jellybean experiment lucas always answer with riley before maya. girl meets the new year, lucas gets upset when he thinks riley hasn't invited him to her party.] and i was wondering, maybe you guys would like to come along with us. sees them staring at each other, carries riley into the classroom before lucas can approach her." the writers said, "because innocence attracts and when innocence attracts then why happens? wonders 5-10 months in advance if lucas will ask her to the semi-formal. riley told lucas that she didn't want him to be alone with missy lucas smiled as if he wanted her to say that she liked him. tries to comfort lucas when they're on the loser side. eric asks lucas why he lets maya tease him, lucas seems lost for words, showing that he may like her teasing and he wouldn't want to argue with her. and riley shared their first kiss in girl meets first date. smiled at riley and thanked her after seeing the video from his best friends. in girl meets the new world, their relationship is discussed, and they do date, however this was due to peer pressure, which leads to them breaking up. was annoyed with the fact that she had to wash a car with lucas. well, her deep convo with josh makes her realize she never liked lucas and still has feelings for josh. they're aware that they like the same guy right now, and they are still determined that their friendship come before anything with lucas. and what are the odds that one day on the subway riley falls into my lap? says to lucas, "you know those moments, that we were talking about, that we're going to remember forever? meets world is one of the few shows on the disney channel that both adults and children can enjoy. asks riley if she wants see a movie with him while she smiles and accepts. doesn't understand what this means, so she simply repeats "bonjour". seems to be upset when lucas defines him and riley as losers. she might like that guy, but she also likes the guy lucas is now. maya encourages lucas to go after riley after she sees how upset he is that riley is bonding with the new guy at the ski lodge, evan. the female classmates bothered riley, and all the male classmates pestered lucas. everyone was rooting for lucas and riley to be together. life wants to know, maya, life wants to know right now! video gallery for lucas and maya may be viewed here. riley says "here we are," lucas looks at her briefly. has a huge smile on her face and is blushing when lucas says the jellybean represents her. girl meets flaws, lucas picked maya up and, in a later scene, maya jumped on him, both done to prevent them from doing something they'll regret later. immediately ran into the classroom when missy tapped lucas's nose. both look sad when letting go of each others hands. follows lucas outside topanga's after he motions her to follow him. didn't understand why it was hard for them to talk all of a sudden. dances with riley and she asks why he didn't ask if their relationship is unknown. remembers the fight she had with lucas and hopes he has a bad day., maya admits that she does like lucas, and says he's a good guy, before adding that "if you got hurt, i don't know what i would've done.

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tells riley that she is important to him and that he might not have survived in new york without her. tells lucas that he should be with riley and to tell her he loves her. seemed shocked when maya seemed to break off the friendship. farkle talks about grabbing the new world in both hands while closing yours eyes riley looks at lucas. revealed that lucas is one of her favorite people to talk to, and lucas smiled at this.: charlie, you may not know this, but riley and i kinda have an 'unofficial thing' going. is jealous (asking the question jealously) that lucas smelt riley's hair, and he looks at her with a upset expression. in girl meets friendship she didn't want to hurt lucas by showing the video that maya took showing that she never wants to hurt him and wouldn't want to no matter what. and lucas didn't want to play the couples game at first, but after charlie challenges lucas to play, he accepts. drew a fruit bowl with lucas's face drawn onto the fruits., maya and josh have a deep conversation at the ski lodge's bay window (where all deep convos are had in gmw world) and josh makes maya realize that she cared about riley so much that, in order to protect her, she became like riley and crushed on lucas to make sure that he was a good enough guy for her. he asks her what she wants to do, and the conversation is left open ended. suggested that lucas (and farkle) should come backpacking with her and maya in europe.: [to riley] and you are a complete ray of sunshine! girl meets texas (part 2), riley tells lucas that maya likes him, and that she thinks that's why maya teases him so much. give me that and i won't call you ranger rick all week. cyd and shelby undid this timeline, lucas and riley will not remember any of their interactions. riley said, "i will decided who i go on my first date with as such time as somebody asks me," lucas then raised his hand. admits she didn't hate when lucas held her face and almost kissed her, meaning she liked it. (maybe, one day, me and you will be in paris together). fishel said in an interview, "there are obvious flirtations between our daughter and her crush lucas. lucas and riley get questions relating to their current situation. looks at her and smiles when she sits next to him. smiled and asked (riley) and maya "do you ever talk about me in here? lucas sees riley's concerned, he tells her to go to maya. told maya, "relationships are supposed to be about two people who make the choice to come together by themselves," and lucas added, "of their own free will, at the right point of time. maya is singing a song about him, lucas pulls out a harmonica and plays along with her. [she glances down and looks back up at him]riley: bay window. and lucas (and maya) all wanted to help out farkle. taking riley on her first ride on the subway maya uses lucas to show riley how to talk to boys. were beside each other while standing behind maya and farkle. both have strong relationships with farkle minkus and maya hart. waves goodbye at riley while smiling sadly, and riley does the same. seemed upset after topanga took away her memory of lucas's boot. has a total of 4 nicknames for maya (mocking bird, other one, short stack of pancakes, blonde beauty). this tweet was hinting at the kiss lucas and riley shared in girl meets first date. and we are not going to hurt that because you guys want us to be something we're not. maya told riley she tickles her toes to wake her up, riley said, "well that explains the lucas dream. makes a choice between the girls but maya interrupts him, saying that he chose riley. tells riley that lucas still has strong feelings towards her. are references to the lucaya scene in girl meets texas (part 2) and their dates in girl meets texas (part 3).: look, if i had feelings for you, don't you think i'd just come out and say it? maya's question was "is it possible to love two people at the same time?

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this is shown in girl meets father, girl meets boy and girl meets friendship. stops dancing and looks disappointed again when riley says she thinks its better for them to have a brother and sister relationship. puts the tiara on her head and said, "to me, you're a princess". said "thank you, lucas, but it's just an art class" in a very soft way to him and doesn't even notice that she called him by his first name. riley takes the bean out of lucas' hand, and says, "i do. in return, lucas fights for her and her interest in art. maya lets lucas know that you can get in trouble and still be a good person, and lucas lets maya know that there's a line that she should avoid crossing unless she wants to end up like he used to be. kisses lucas, making it the first time the two of them kiss each other and the first time she initiates a kiss. she has also jumped on lucas' back in girl meets flaws. lucas then joins them and sits in between them and gives riley a glance. tells riley that he sees the way riley looks at auggie and lucas and it's not the same.?lucas: i thought we were going together, i'm―i should have asked. lucas states that riley is very important to him and that he might not have survived in n. was about to sit down in defeat after seeing that farkle was still "donne barnes", but then riley walked in and he stopped in his tracks. meyer said in an interview that he and riley have a special connection.—maya about her and lucas in girl meets ski lodge (part 1). doesn't just pick on a defenseless lucas, and their fights are never really fights. and riley stare at each other when evan says with the right person you can talk all night. riley guessed correctly on a western term, lucas smiled and said, "not too bad city girl. prevents lucas from starting a fight with billy by jumping on his back. she then says "well, it's one minute to midnight, and i'm glad your standing here. feels guilty and says that he doesn't deserve to go back to riley and maya. this is the longest title that lucas gave out of the four of them. [maya leans forward and lucas instinctively cups her cheeks in his hands, centimeters and seconds away from a kiss]. lucas says it's farkle, riley asks if he'll be at the wedding. calls lucas and then starts playing the guitar and sings "sorry for treating you so bad," while lucas smiles at her saying "very confident. in girl meets texas (part 1) he shows affection towards her when he tells her that she is very important to him and that without her he might not have survived n. maya is feeling insecure, lucas is there to tell her he believes in her. just like moving on from that thing that happened between me and lucas. [riley looks back and forth between maya and lucas, who are both still gazing into each other's eyes]lucas: i don't want them to take away your art class, maya. was a kiss for lucas and maya in girl meets texas (part 2), but it was cut. it's not breaking girl code if your girl is practically shoving you at the boy, and it's just proof that, one day, riley will be ok with maya and lucas dating, even if she's not right now. [bites her lip]lucas: [takes a rose out of his cowboy hat and places it between maya's teeth] i actually do. asks riley if she'd call him mad dog, since maya wouldn't. however, as their relationship develops, her original small, shallow crush on lucas, turns into a strong, and real relationship." the sequel series to boy meets world is growing with its characters, and it's one of the most emotionally nuanced shows that the disney channel has right now.? lucas: i think, some day, i want to be a veterinarian. immediately stares at lucas when he gets down on his knees.: [dancing with farkle]lucas: [dancing with riley]maya: [notices lucas' hat] the hat's just for me isn't it? asked out lucas in order to push lucas and riley together. maya was feeling discouraged looking at art by famous artists, lucas tried to reassure her, and maya teased him. riley walked up to lucas and missy, lucas immediately acknowledged her. smiles at lucas after he says it's like they've all known each other forever.

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knows riley's favorite snack and knows the way she eats them (it's red gummy bears and she bites the heads off so they feel less pain). and lucas are grouped together to make a fake company for class called hart and friar muffins. tells riley that he would buy her a sandwich with a drink and cake. smiles in response and says, "what are you to me? maya asks if riley still likes lucas, riley smiles at him and says yeah. gets mad at riley for pushing too far and not trusting him, which upsets her. asks lucas by the end of the episode, "what am i to you? and farkle were on the same team, but lucas was the one who fought for riley. told everyone that they don't tell them what to do, and riley agreed. gives riley a jellybean and tells her it represents all the things he likes about her. gives lucas the leaf she found and tells him that nature knows what's best and how sometimes you can fall on the right people to talk to.: how could anybody ever see me and lucas as a couple? and riley start dating in girl meets ski lodge (part 2). riley and lucas said the same line, "this isn't the [. 1 of the show built lucas up as being riley's topanga, her first crush and eventual one true love that she would spend the series developing a relationship with just like her parents, cory matthews and topanga lawrence, did in the prequel series. says she's glad she fell into lucas's lap while he agrees and smiles at her. in part 2 of the trilogy, during the campfire lucas asks her "what are we" when she states that she already told him he says "what if that's not what i think we are" implying he still has strong romantic feelings for her. cory was talking, only lucas and riley were writing something.: well, then, i'm sure i'll have no idea what to do and you can make fun of me. all three are awkward and things are left unclear between them. tells lucas that when they dated, they couldn't even talk to each other, and that she likes to be able to talk to him. and riley demonstrated how you can connect with your friends without your phone. has made a habit of tipping an imaginary hat at maya, and calling her "ma'am". girl meets high school (part 1), since lucas still can't choose between the two, he refers riley and maya as girlfriends. is nervous talking about the campfire scene that happened between her and lucas. whether riley truly loves him or just has a crush on him has been doubted, but she definitely cares about him very much and is attracted to him. said lucas was "a'ight" when maya asked her if she thinks he's cute. gardner asks riley to the dance, and riley has to choose between lucas and charlie." lucas interrupts by saying the lines where farkle ruined the play. declared it was his greatest day of his life when maya said that her great-grandmother's name was may clutterbucket. in girl meets the new world they went on their second date and she says that lucas is one of her favorite people to talk to. states that he doesn't feel comfortable with their brother and sister relationship. after everything and everyone has left, the episode ends with a cliffhanger of sorts for girl meets legacy./lucas may have joined the school leader board to be together. they both smile after maya pours a smoothie on lucas's head, for she is finally acting like herself. however in recent episode the romantic feelings she has for him have been shown again as shown in girl meets farkle when lucas "proposes" (he was trying to get her to marry farkle) to her she immediately says yes over and over again.: no matter whatever happens to me in my whole life, you will always be my first girlfriend. maya tries to storm out of the janitor's closet to find the person who bullied farkle, lucas easily picks her up by the waist to stop her. writers mention lucas is interested in riley and his feelings for riley will continue to be more clear in season 2. in girl meets texas (part 1) riley realizes that maya has feelings for lucas too and because of this she revels her "true" feelings that she has for lucas (she tells him that they have a brother and sister relationship). waiting on lucas to tell us why he lets the short stack of pancakes call him all these names, tbh. lucas asks for his boot back, riley smiles and chuckles out a no. was decided as the best choice to contain maya in a duel between her and riley, to which she asks him whether he can really contain her.

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trying to kiss maya, lucas says "please don't tell my sister," implying that he is still somewhat thinking of riley. stared at lucas in embarrassment after reading her health book by accident. tells riley that he doesn't think they're brother and sister, and the camera switches to maya, who looks down at her lap with a heart-broken look. laughs, hands the bouquet to darby, and walks away with lucas. it ends with maya & riley on a bench and lucas between them with things being awkward and unclear. tells lucas and billy ross to hop down from their "cloud of awesomeness. when cory said, "traveled to a new land of new feelings and new opportunities," both riley and lucas looked up. says that riley makes him laugh 50 times a day and is the goofiest person he knows. he still thinks he's too old for maya, though, so he promises to "play the long game" and see how they feel about each other in the future.: [shocked at his sudden outburst of kindness] thank you lucas, but it's just an art class. writers have revealed in a tweet that at one point, lucas and riley will be sharing something more than hug., please, please, girl meets world, give maya and lucas a chance. we know that maya prides herself on being trouble, while also being insecure about how often she breaks things, and needs riley to keep her on the straight and narrow. riley was talking about her great grandmother on how she was weird and only saw the best in people and when she said, "who's like that? riley tells miss burgess that lucas rode a sheep, maya proceeds to describe it, saying, "62 pound, quad hoof, white fleece, kind you count before you fall asleep, ba ba.: [pushes lucas against the car] you were the first boy i ever liked. lucas asked riley, maya and lucas if he could sit with them, riley said that there's always room for him.: [not looking at lucas]he can be open-minded because he knows who we are. talks to lucas about how he shouldn't be upset with riley talking to evan. when maya wanted to used that phone call with lucas and his dad against him, riley didn't want to do it because she doesn't want to hurt lucas.: you want to take me to a movie and put our hands in the popcorn at the same time and see what happens, or what? lucas called her "the pretty brunette who never gives up on anyone or anything and no sacrifice is too big for her friends," showing he thinks a lot of her. gets riley to realize that she was just nervous around lucas when they were a couple which made it harder to talk to one another. farkle and maya talked about farkle kissing maya's hand, riley and lucas were both freaked, too afraid to tell cory anything. recreated lucas and his mother's conversation with a country twang. explains that he heard everything and that he thinks farkle stole his moment twice, which indicates that he likely returns riley's feelings. to riley, she and lucas have a "great texting relationship. suggest riley should also marry farkle for the money and helps farkle propose. repeatedly tries to make the midterm easier for her by making her only drop the marble, saying he'd pick it up and hand it to her, moving the beaker towards her and he put the ball in her hand. has a fantasy of her and lucas being the power couple of the world. cory chased lucas out the window and grabbed his shoe, riley took the shoe from cory and held on to it. and riley admitted to not act/give into peer pressure., i wouldn't say lucas chose riley as much as he realized she was the only girl for him and she graciously agreed to be his girlfriend despite his many discretions (*cough* like going on a date with maya *cough*). says "be the hero i know you are," to which lucas replies "thank you riley. smackle is using lucas to make farkle jealous, she appears to make riley jealous when she asks him for a smoothie. maya looks impressed with lucas' threat, riley is in denial about lucas's layers of personality, seeing how lucas was standing up for zay, and says, "he's going to be a veterinarian. tells lucas to calm down jealously when he says maya's beautiful deep down. (along with maya) says "aw" when riley says she has a dark side.: i don't know what's going on here, and i don't have any right to say this but, i don't think you should hang out with this girl. tells lucas to let tombstone know that he wants to become a veterinarian. takes lucas' words to heart, and when she finds a quiet moment at home, she says a prayer. as soon as maya says "hurr-hurr", he instantly stops her with the kiss.: [slams the desk] well, i don't want that for maya.

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when they talk later, josh finally admits he likes maya too. lucas gazes lovingly at riley with a smile, liking her jealous rant. maya and lucas had to do a project together, maya spent the whole day at his house with his mother. meyer said in an interview that riley and lucas have a friendship that is building into a love relationship.: lucas, what is it that makes people like (about riley) her and you have faith in all her power? said that she lived in the locker, because missy thinks that lucas is into her. says to lucas that she doesn't want him to be different than what she thinks, because she thinks a lot of him. two are very close friends and both share similar traits of caring and standing up for.. after farkle reveals riley's secret to everyone and everyone has left, the episode ends with cliffhanger of sorts for girl meets legacy. reads a comic book (archie, most likely), that riley gave to him, and when maya asks what he's learned from it, he responds, "well, this dark haired girl and this blonde girl both like the same boy and they all stay best friends. is upset when her dad smashes the door in lucas's face.  riley pleaded with evelyn rand (an older woman who was guilting riley to give up the seat) so she could continue talking to him, but ultimately she returned to stand back by maya. tells maya that she does in fact love lucas as a brother, when she realizes maya likes him. matthews: she thinks of lucas as someone who will always be there for her. texas lucas reared his ugly head, riley didn't take well to the fact that there was an entire side of lucas that he had been hiding from her. looks confused and sad when riley tells him that she likes him as a brother. we know that lucas got expelled from his old school for fighting and his inability to control his temper, and that he tries very hard to be good but doesn't always manage.: tell me whoever this zay kid is that he just can't come in here and change you from the lucas we know. states in girl meets ski lodge (part 2) that lucas is her first boyfriend. [maya finally breaks eye contact with lucas and glances back at riley, as if she was just woken up from a different mind state]. was watching riley when she was talking to maya saying he felt like he couldn't let anything happen to her. is revealed in the most recent q & a with the writers that lucas still has feelings for riley. then looks at riley and smile at her and thanks her, later running for president.: oh well, i might of had a brick and a hammer and i might have swung them over my head a little bit an ran right towards them like i was- lucas: maya, so your maya again? is shocked and immediately notices that maya called him by his real name, and she responds by saying "i've always known your name," with a smile. hid herself in a locker because of what she did to lucas. of the episodes that feature some level of attraction between lucas & maya (1961, rules, creativity, texas parts 1 & 2, etc. approaches lucas last with a slightly amused expression on her face., along with maya and farkle, were startled when the librarian shushed them. calls lucas by his real name, which has only happened in girl meets the secret of life and girl meets flaws. when maya is picking on zay for no reason, lucas is there to tell her to pick that fight with him instead. asks lucas if he got the role he tried out for. the moment lucas and riley share a smile on the subway, riley is immediately smitten and develops a crush on him. seems upset with lucas when he says she is too much for him. they might not be right for each other right now, not with so many feelings still lingering between lucas and riley, but maya has spent too long being someone's second choice, or the girl that wants the guy who doesn't want her back. points out to lucas that smackle was just using him to make farkle jealous. seemed to be bothered by missy when she pulled him away from riley, maya and farkle's table. and riley glanced at each other as farkle went inside. is the only person in the show who knows that lucas wants to be a veterinarian. they are basically exactly the same as luke and sophia from the longest ride, since like luke, lucas is a cowboy and maya is a city girl like sophia. says to lucas that it's a big deal how he's the first boy she's liked, and she asks him if he's worth it. and maya are a curious blend of opposites and similarities. maya then says, "well, it's one minute to midnight, and i'm glad your standing here.


[maya just looks at him]zay: well, he's looking at you now. evelyn placed her in lucas's lap, and he held her knee, allowing riley to remain. thereafter, maya again caused riley to fall backwards, this time ending up in the older woman's lap. and rileylucas and mayafarkle and rileyfarkle and lucascharlie and rileyriley and zaylucas and isadora.: hey maya, looks like lucas is getting all fired up on your behalf. girl meets first date aired, riley and lucas trended on twitter. is jealous and curious on why riley was staying up all night talking to evan. turns around, and smiles at him, telling him she's glad he's back. is very excited to go on a date with lucas. charlie got all of the questions from lucas right on riley about the movies, lucas got irritated with him and said, "he's like a creepy creep creep! apologizes to riley (and maya) and tells them that they showed them how to be strong and smart.(at first,) lucas and maya were the only ones that were unchanged, despite having their own seemingly unwanted superlative in the yearbook. they both don't answer their questions and with riley's question she ends the game. girl meets texas (part 3) they went on their first and second dates, however they can't think of anything to say to one another. reveals that lucas has referred to maya as "the blonde beauty. it is revealed that lucas used to refer to maya as "the blonde beauty". along with farkle and maya appear outside of rileys bedroom and the bay window. shows how disappointed he is in her by saying that she is better than not stepping up to stop maya. look, don't expect it to be so big, loud, and obvious. smiles at lucas when zay says lucas abandoned him for her. looks at lucas when he leaves and says he's going to kick a tree. girl meets ski lodge: part 2, the whole gang revisited the ski lodge from boy meets world, and staying at the lodge made all the relationship drama bubble up to the surface between the gang, especially since maya's other crush, riley's uncle josh, was there. she doesn't answer her question either and ends the game. librarian shushed riley and lucas because she believed they were being hopeless at interacting. and lucas are voted best couple in girl meets yearbook. farm, mighty med),piper curda (i didn't do it), and sabrina carpenter (girl meets world), as well as peyton meyer (girl meets world) who play the role of maya and lucas respectively, have also stated that they ship lucaya..In girl meets the new year, they pair up for the couples game and each get questions that refer to their current pairings. lucas takes maya out of the game to help farkle, maya thinks he's trying to ask her out. and riley smiled at each other, and carried farkle together, to dry off the car. says to maya that lucas is hers because she liked him first, that he's her boyfriend and she won't let maya take lucas away from her. lucas saw riley and maya in detention, he looked as if relieved and happy that riley didn't want him to be alone with missy. there's a dance and you're planning to attend this dance that you never mentioned in my general vicinity―that dance? is determined to bring back the art program for the sake of maya's happiness. tells riley what happened between her and lucas prior to the episode's airing. gazes at lucas many times when zay is talking about them. lucas is talking to farkle, when riley and maya show up, he stops and stares at riley. and riley went on their first date and shared their first kiss in the episode girl meets first date. on the contrary, lucas seems to find her jokes funny and goes along, which annoys maya even more. is upset that he can't protect riley and his other friends. and lucas were both surprise when they found out their great grandparents went to cafe hey on the same day and year./may said that lucas/merlin was going to change the world. said she's always felt the same way about lucas since she fell into his lap on the subway, lucas gazes at riley and smiles when she says this. the one time lucas called maya a name that genuinely hurt her, it hurt her because riley took his side not because she thought lucas was wrong to return her name-calling.

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is immediately smitten with lucas when they share a smile. play romeo and juliet in the school play, and right before romeo (lucas) kisses juliet (riley), farkle interrupts and ruins both the play, and lucas's moment. maya accidentally sets off a fire sprinkler in the classroom, lucas covers both himself and riley under his jacket to protect them from the water. however, they are once again interrupted by cory, who warns lucas that he's watching him.: [about maya and farkle] i'm not sure it's going to work out with them. both smile and give each other a hug after their conversation. on the rooftop maya asks lucas has she ever said anything nice to him, he replies saying no. seemed upset and concerned after lucas talked to his dad on the phone." lucas finishes the sentence by saying "and she doesn't even know she did". says that she likes lucas cause he says please and thank you after maya tells her she doesn't know what she likes anymore.: i think your mom did a really good job on this place.: i don't really know, but i think if you actually spend time with her, alone, it's going to change things for, you know, all of us. and riley's bodies were close to one another when lucas arrives at riley's party. that day, lucas sits beside riley at lunch until they are interrupted by her father cory (who senses his daughter's crush on him and becomes protective) who pulls lucas away. both have cory matthews as their 8th grade and 9th grade history teacher. meets world- lucas finds out someone's been bullying riley | girl meets rileytown. girl meets texas (part 1), it is revealed that maya has a crush on lucas, which explains why she teases him a lot. asked lucas if he was going to the school dance., she also knows that texas lucas isn't all that lucas is. i had to listen to lucas and his mother talk about good eatin' and wholesome livin' and the natural cornucopia of the earth's bounty.: maya: [as riley]aww, lucas, you're a very sweet guy. tells lucas that they have known him since he was a kid and breaks out into song, then lucas walks up to riley and says "why? says lucas has no faith in her scientific ability and he says its because she fell asleep in his hand.: yeah, how else can he keep tabs on all the hoedowns and cattle pageants? were awkward with each other and had nothing to say, upsetting them both. then asks lucas if she has ever said anything nice to him, to which he says no. this implies that whenever lucas and riley see a scary movie she reaches out and grabs his arm. rushed to the door when lucas said he was there. but when lucas beeped, she instantly she was now ready. as of girl meets ski lodge (part 2) the two start dating. smiles greatly when he says "and she doesn't even know she did". has a sad look on her face after witnessing the conversation between maya and lucas. riley puts farkle on trial, lucas tries to help farkle, however, when she says farkle made a judgement about her, lucas quickly backs down. someone told the writers, "why is riley and lucas a thing? next day in class, when lucas sits behind riley again. riley walked up to lucas and said, "hi," he smiled and greeted her back. plus, the boys have rode a bull and their relationship went from friendly to romantic. assures lucas that everyone is invited, and that she only thought of the party a few seconds ago.!Lucas: [stares at her and realizes he yelled at her] . talks about how the campfire scene with maya was a deep conversation. looked her up and down and said, "what the-" when he saw riley.: well, you only know that because they went ahead and said it.: people lost interest in art and music because it was taken away from them.

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maya might be the "definition of trouble," but lucas helps keep her from crossing the line. get their phones get taken away, which eventually brings lucas and riley closer together. goes straight to riley to ask her if he can be in the 'matthew and hart's umbrella foundation'. lucas gets a question that ask "how would describe your personality?" she then leans her head on lucas's back and wraps her arms around his waist. thanks maya for the deep conversation they had and they both hug. told lucas, riley and farkle to go to the window. makes him feel uncomfortable and tries to press the situation. after discovering this, lucas holds maya's face and he almost kisses her. riley hugs farkle, tears begin to fall from her eyes, showing that she was hurt and that she still loves lucas. girl meets creativity, lucas and maya share a moment in the classroom when lucas gets upset about the school taking away the art class and lucas standing up for maya and telling her to fight to let the school keep it, saying he cares about her happiness. maya loves to watch texas lucas be texas lucas, it's a fact. expects lucas to beat up farkle's bully once they find him. and riley (and farkle) put their hands on their chest and said, "us? however this proves to be difficult since riley cares about lucas much more then as a brother. likes when lucas shows his texas side as shown in girl meets the secret of life and girl meets rileytown. they spent time together even when riley, farkle, and zay aren't there. lucas admonishes maya for trying to use violence against farkle's bully, when he finds out it was billy he pins him to the locker. and mayalucas and rileyfarkle and mayafarkle and lucasmaya and rileymaya and zaylucas and isadora. in girl meets ski lodge (part 2), lucas asks riley and gives her a jelly bean whilst saying, "i choose you, riley.'s notebook has the words riley and lucas forever on the front on the back it says riley and lucas we're just friends, showing she doesn't want to be "just friends. already suspected something embarrassing about lucas' story about his grandfather. stayed in the classroom with maya and farkle even after cory left. smiles, and reenacts the situation from when they first met with her. brought maya a rose and stopped his dance with riley just to place a rose in maya's mouth. asked maya to call him mad-dog, to which she refused and called him 'the little lamb that mary had' instead. lunch, riley asked maya if she thinks that lucas will sit with them. looks at riley after she talks about maya doing the wrong "thing.) she and lucas have real potential to succeed as a couple, and i'd love to see it happen. then easily breaks the "barrier" that riley and maya put up in order to keep him out. this could mean that they held hands the entire walk to her house. reminds riley of how they rode on a white horse, and how he asked her father permission to date her. this hints that she is lying about her feelings as seeing lucas like a brother.: (to katy about maya) i care about your daughter very much. (turns to lucas) it's why she make fun of you, i think. seems excited at the prospect of another chance to kiss lucas. says that maya pushed riley on the subway into his lap because that's the kind of person she is. is upset that lucas doesn't side with her against mayaville. appoints maya as his secretary, meaning he thinks highly of her. seems to be the one who knew lucas likes a tv show called "cuddle bunnies". she then tells him that he is her brother, and she is his sister, and says she loves him as a brother.: (to maya about lucas) you couldn't watch him, because you were afraid something would happen to him. didn't want to tell anyone about his great-grandfather before the project because he knew maya would make fun of him for "having a country-singing great-grandpa" and because he really does come from cowboys.

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may have been dancing with riley at homecoming, but not only was he dressed as the cowboy maya always mocks him for being, but he was also hiding a rose in his hat for maya the whole time. was expecting maya to put something in even though she didn't want to. riley was about to go after maya, lucas stops her and asks her to stay and watch him ride the bull to which she agrees. real-life, there is a suburb in freeport, grand bahama, bahamas called lucaya.'s an emotional gut-punch that's hard to watch, but i think that lucas and maya should be the endgame couple of the show, and here are 23 reasons why.: i use my phone to videochat with my old friends and find out what's going on in texas. her secret is revealed and everyone has left, riley joins maya and sits on the bench with the two of them having a sad look on their faces. lucas says, "i don't want this to be the end of us," he is staring at riley. matthews wants "anyone who is gonna turn out well" to respond (not maya), he chooses lucas, causing maya to look slightly offended. two break up in girl meets ski lodge (part 2) when maya claims she never liked lucas like that and that the only reason she fell in love with him was to see if he was a good guy for riley, because she wanted the best for her best friend, so he then chooses riley. it ends with the three of them sitting on a bench with things between them being left unclear and awkward. meyer said in an interview that lucas is the love-interest of riley, and rowan agreed. lucas is talking to tombstone the bull (meant to represent maya), he says, "you gave me nightmares from the day i first looked at you. lucas is amused by it and tips his imaginary hat. reminds lucas of how friends talk and real friends listen. meets world has borrowed a ton of story lines from its predecessor, boy meets world, but one that's definitely brand new is the love triangle between riley, lucas, and maya that's been raging since season two. [maya looks at him curiously]zay: now they just lookin' at each other not saying nothin'. riley (and farkle and maya) changed lucas when he came to new york from having anger issues to making him more calm and being able to control his anger showing that she's a good influence on him. the kids in cory matthews class ship lucaya, especially yindra, sarah, wyatt, haley, darby, and jade. girl meets texas (part 1), after riley discovers maya has feelings for lucas, she begins to realize her "true" feelings for him, and calls him her brother.: maya, if there's no good kids out here noticing us, then what's the point? lucas breaks through the barricade to get to riley, maya is impressed by his physical strength and asks him to lift the bed up with one arm. smiled when riley and him were on the horse as seen in the picture above. was too nervous to actually go up to lucas and talk to him. asks lucas how he and riley can have faith in a higher power, and lucas responds that most of his moments of faith come to him when it's quiet. tells riley that it's okay for her to talk to others and how his favorite thing is when she talks to him. thinks that riley shouldn't have to fight her battles alone and thinks it's unfair that she doesn't go to anyone when she has a problem but is the first person to help her friends when they have a problem. to the writers, both riley and lucas like each other a lot. maya started sitting in front of him and their relationship is filled with banters and arguments which they have both acknowledged as a "game". is considered the "good boy" while maya is the "bad girl". is revealed that maya has liked lucas for sometime in girl meets texas (part 2)., along with farkle, visited maya's house, where they talked to riley and maya. it was later revealed that lucas is in the same history class with her. discourages lucas from taking the risk of the 2nd present from her father but he opens it to fool maya with mr. however, after confiding with farkle in girl meets texas (part 3), riley admits that she pretending to look at lucas as a brother rather than as a boyfriend, out of loyalty to maya, who likes lucas. riley then joins her with a sad look on her face as well and then lucas joins them and sits in between them. in boy meets world, shawn went on a date with topanga once, but only to make cory realize his feelings for her. all three are awkward and things are left unclear between them. told lucas that the easiest thing about having friends is trusting them. also seems to be the only one who knows lucas likes a tv show called "cuddle bunnies". remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. for lucas, it has been evident that he does return the feelings, but he is not as expressive as riley is. then, when maya, riley, and farkle went with lucas and zay back to texas, she got to meet the rest of his relatives, his father excluded.

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he had tried to stop her from doing that same thing earlier, and she knew he didn't want to be that guy anymore. supports riley by saying that she should do what she loves to maya. looks at riley up and down in her cowgirl outfit. charlie says "if she thinks something scary is gonna happen, she reaches out and grabs your arm. cyd and shelby escaped their bodies, they hugged for one more second, tore apart, and ignored the fact they just got in control of their bodies right after they hugged. poured a bucket filled with water and soap onto lucas' head.'s great-grandmother, may clutterbucket, and lucas' great-grandfather, merlin scoggins, were both musicians and singers. also smiles greatly when lucas says this and both of them end up smiling at each other. gets upset with riley for trusting and having faith in random seniors, but not him.'re both really loyal to their friends and care about them. tricks lucas back by saying she lost her contact lens. is unsure to say yes to charlie when she is expecting lucas to ask. stands up for maya when the seniors make fun of her. blanchard said in an interview that peyton meyer's character "lucas" is the topanga in the show. was nervous when he asked her that, making her restart the conversation but he asked her the same question, and she quickly changes the subject. (along with maya, farkle, and zay) comes to support riley during cheerleading.'s when lucas asks riley to be his girlfriend by presenting her with the jelly bean that helped him realize he liked her and only her (seriously, a jelly bean), and it was the most romantic moment ever. has a total of 12 nicknames for lucas (heehaw, ranger rick, ranger roy, bucky mcboingboing, hop-along, sundance, huckleberry, cowboy, moral compass, golden boy, soaring eagle, lucas the good). is nervous when talking to lucas after he says hey. however, this backfires on her, as when she leans towards him to say "ha-hurr", lucas places his hands on the sides of her face and almost kisses her. stares at lucas from the window outside before coming inside the classroom. two are very close friends and both share similar traits of caring and standing up for others. cory talked about the distraction, topanga answered first, then lucas came along (hinting that he is the 'topanga'). understands what cory says about fighting but still offers riley that if she wants him to he will "take care" of whoever is bullying her. is a country boy while maya is a city girl.: [to farkle] this isn't the farkle i know, and i want to know why, and i want to know now. maya might like to take lucas down a few notches, but she also keeps him in check and never wants to see him get hurt. pretended not to know how to use the softball glove just to get lucas’s attention. tells riley that the most important relationship is him and her. tricked riley into giving him the hose, and he sprayed her back. riley asks lucas to dance he excitedly got up to go dance with her. both had cory matthews as their seventh, eighth and ninth grade history teacher. asks riley what she would want to be called when the cheerleaders ask maya and riley who they are. stands up for maya when farkle's trying to get inside of her head while she's pitching. when maya talks about kissing the shores riley says eep. she said "oh" in a calmed way, until she realized and came with a surprised "oh! becomes jealous of lucas talking about a girl until he mentions jexica. magazine has said that lucas and maya's relationship parallels cory and topanga's relationship. lucas confronts her about her feelings for him, maya initially tries to deny it by avoiding a direct answer and teasing him. says that they like each other, but liked them better when maya was teasing lucas. riley walks in the classroom and says "hi guys," lucas says anxiously "oh, you're talking to us. walks by the window and says "hi," as she sits next to lucas. farkle reveals that riley still has feelings for lucas, lucas and maya both look shocked.

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's great grandmother seem to take an interest in lucas's great grandfather when they first met. the greatest part of their relationship is that it has a strong foundation of friendship behind it, and no love triangle can change that.: (pulls lucas up by his shirt) i'll look at you whenever i wanna look at you, huckleberry. riley also went on her first date with lucas and it was the first time she initiated a kiss with someone. meyer describes his perfect girl, his dating life & "girl meets world" cast secrets! smiled at riley when she was holding 2 thumbs up and a smile. lucas and riley smiled at maya, claiming that she's a mocking bird. tells riley he really likes her for the second time. thought that lucas called himself "the blonde beauty", until zay confirmed he was talking about her. riley declares in front of lucas, zay, maya and farkle that she loves lucas as a brother, she tells maya to tell lucas how she feels about him. break up with each other, because they are not ready to be a couple and "the wrong kind of pressure turns you to dust". of their classmates were sitting outside, and said, "oooh" to them. tells riley that maya probably didn't mean what she said. asked lucas out, suggesting that they put their hands in the popcorn together, etc (although she only did it to push lucas and riley together). and maya joined riley seeing farkle in the janitor's room. tells lucas that he would get killed on the football team, causing him to be upset with her. tells lucas that she believes in him and that he can do anything he puts his mind too. and riley stare up at each other and smile while maya chases auggie dressed as a ghost. has to tie down lucas knowing that he would get very upset/angry when he finds out what's happening with riley. looks really guilty and ashamed when he has to confess to riley. and riley look at one another during the performance by maddie and tae. it's not like i actually believed you're a real cowboy. these two moments make it clear about lucas's strong feelings towards riley and shows that he does in fact still has strong feelings for riley. however, lucas had just as much chemistry with maya as he did with riley, and, in season 2, riley eventually discovered that not only did maya have feelings for lucas, but that she was also burying them because riley was more important to her than any boy. was the first person to run to lucas after he falls off the bull. look a bit shy and nervous that lucas was in her room. disliked the fact that there were other girls who got to talk to lucas. was kind of a generic good boy and voice of reason before maya started bantering with him. image gallery for lucas and maya may be viewed here.: it's like i don't have a role here anymore, riley the sweet, farkle the genius, lucas the good. both want their friends to be happy and will do anything for them. lucas was assigned as 'the face,' he asked riley, "that's how you think of me? lucas successfully rides the bull, riley notices maya watching from afar and realizes that maya likes lucas. lucas trusts riley as he told her about what he wanted to be when he grows up. looks at the bouquet nervously and lucas smirks at her. zay also trying to defend farkle and him standing right next to lucas, riley only looks at lucas when she says "why not, didn't he make a judgement about me?: well, it's one minute till midnight, and i am glad that you are standing here with me. and i want you to be able to get better and share it with people. first noticed lucas on the subway and had a "relationship" with him for less than a minute. and riley both say hey back and forth when they approach each other. maya began to mock lucas, the bell rang and lucas turned to each other, both of them losing their attention on maya dancing. kept on trying to prevent lucas from asking out riley. seemed flustered when maya asked him why he was dancing with her, and said, "n-no, i'm not dancing with you.

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