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after ron returns home, mike suggests to him that sam’s relationship with arvin is suspicious. "thursday cable ratings: "jersey shore," "archer" fall; "fairly legal" steady; ncaa basketball & more". sammi said: 'she showed us a picture of mike's cake and some dude's pale balls on the cake. cast of 'jersey shore' is back together to dish about all the drama in seaside heights. times the jersey shore was the height of reality tv. roommates deal with fallout from the girls' fight; angelina starts dating jose, a guy from the club; and jenni and snooki don homemade hazmat suits to clean up the smush room in preparation for snooki's hook-up. "thursday cable ratings: "jersey shore" finale crushes the field; "fairly legal" steady in finale; 'archer up' + ncaa hoops". jenni and roger continue to date and also deena and dean, but mike finds out a dirty secret which ends their relationship. the jersey shore car literally managed to do that after the gang held a special farewell bonfire on the show's final episode. and jionni resolve their differences; mike acknowledges his past mistakes and attempts to make amends. and ronnie come to blows over mike's meddling ways, and mike leaves the house on a stretcher due to hitting his own head on the concrete wall.

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as the gang prepares to leave, mike continues to cause trouble by starting a rumor about deena's sister, while pauly and vinny pull one more prank on the roommates. starring jenni ìjwowwî farley, vinny guadagnino, nicole ìsnookiî polizzi, mike ìthe situationî sorrentino, ronnie ortiz-margo, paul ìpauly dî delvecchio, sammi ìsweetheartî giancola, deena nicole cortese, angelina pivarnick. pauly, vinny, and the situation go to the shore store one last time to work, with the situation choosing not to work and sleep, causing danny to get annoyed. ronnie confronts mike about miami which ends up into a heated argument in the kitchen but mike ultimately apologizes to ron to calm him down.'we are dating': javi marroquin confirms relationship with teen mom 2 star briana dejesus. "jwoww" farley, along with her bff nicole "snooki" polizzi, are arguably the most popular members of the jersey shore cast and have had the most life-changing experiences since the end of the show. meanwhile, mike, vinny and pauly ("mvp") have their hands full juggling four girls in one night. mike considers taking things with paula to the next level. mike opens up about his time in rehab and snooki faces the challenge of being pregnant in a party house.: jenni "jwoww" farley says 'jersey shore' stars approve of sammi's new man! the cast tell all and mike leaves the reunion briefly as the cast talks about his drama.

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confronts deena about her antics; mike and the roommates learn about paula's wild side.^ cast of 'jersey shore' back for 6th season[dead link]. mike tried taking his friendship with snooki to the next level and the gang learns they'll be working at a pizzeria., it looks like paula has also moved on in her romantic life. rapper iggy azalea 'is dating new york giants football player odell beckham jr'. nut cake is the best prank played in this house and paula doesnt even live here. this special episode watch never-before-seen footage of the cast before they leave for the jersey shore house. once they learn what happened to the cake, mike and pauly are not happy. plans a shower for snooki; the guys support mike's decision to break up with paula. guys harass deena for pulling a robbery on them; ron and sammi are back to their old ways and this time mike gets involved in their drama., mike 'the situation', vinny and deena discuss the toilet situation, snooki and vinny's "relationship", mike pranking deena and snooki in episode 9 and snooki, sam, and ronnie pranking mike in episode 10.

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angry: when he tried to speak to paula and she pretended she could not hear him he flew into a rage.^ "ratings - thursday's cable ratings: "thursday night football" holds off "burn notice," "jersey shore"". drama on real housewives of new jersey as siggy flicker humiliates melissa gorga at party by taking birthday cake poll. the house gets off to an interesting start when snooki confronts vinny about him and her best friend ryder and deena "accidentally" gets naked in front of mike. touch exclusively reminisced about the series with mike "the situation" sorrentino — particularly about some of the ~recurring~ cast members that were not himself, ronnie magro, vinny guadagnino, pauly "dj pauly d" delvecchio, jenni "jwoww" farley, nicole "snooki" polizzi, sammi "sweetheart" giancola, and deena cortese — such as sitch's ex-girlfriend paula! then the gang hits the club where mike meets an old friend named arvin who was there to meet sam. deena, jenni, snooki, ronnie and sammi head out for a "female gtl" of manicures and pedicures and mike gets left behind, again. the series ends with danny putting a rent sign up on the shore house and an "in memoriam" for the duck phone. mike deals with jealousy and storms out of the house. stars of the MTV reality show have gone on to lead new lives after their many years of fameJersey shore: gym, tan, break up with paula pickard. is joined by jwoww, mike, vinny, and pauly discuss sammi's departure, grenades and pauly d's stalker.

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's been nearly four years since the jersey shore cast packed away their tanning oils and fist-pumped their way off of mtv. things go awry when mike and snooki get into a serious argument which leads to crying, screaming and mike walking off the stage. mike's 'gram is filled with motivational quotes and memes such as, "best thing i ever did was believe in me," "what is coming is better than what is gone," and cute baby memes. roommates return from italy and couldn't be more excited to get back to the jersey shore. itemsdeena cortesejenni farleyjersey shoremike sorrentinonicole polizzipaul delvecchiopaula pickardronnie ortiz-magrosammi giancolaseaside heightssimply sunvinny guadagnino. the guys prepare to leave, while ron regrets ever dating sammi. paula sends mike a note and birthday cakes, but the cakes may not be what they seem.[89] jersey shore season 6: the uncensored final season was released on dvd, march 19, 2013. jersey shore cast reunite and head off to florence, italy. ronnie and sam confront mike and arvin about the texts where ronnie gets mad about the matter. sammi and jwoww start baking food for pauly and the situation's birthdays, and even pick up a cake for the situation from paula.

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fears that her relationship with roger is in jeopardy; mike has second thoughts about his relationship with paula. and lest you think she didn't realize what was going on, she actually said to mike, “stop kissing my ass, you just dumped me! mike brings home a girl, but her friend is wandering down the house so vinny pulls out the grenade whistle to warn mike. at the jersey shore kicks off when eight soon-to-be roommates move into their summer share. all round: the group were emotional there run as reality stars had come to an end on thursday's jersey shore finale. huge fight breaks out after mike tells jionni he hooked up with snooki; deena faces a difficult truth about joey; some of the roommates go camping while pauly and vinny pull off a big prank. watch her former housemates confront her on 'jersey shore after hours'. mike told paula he wanted to stop being official, but keep sleeping together, and she was fine with that. mike will go straight to paula and tell her how he feels, and they'll have a nice amicable break-up and be lifelong friends. cast of 'jersey shore' is back together to dish on the dirt that happened in italy. the first quarter of 2010, season 1 of jersey shore was the highest-rated original cable series among 12- to 34-year-olds, with a season-high 2.

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on the final day at the shore, the roommates reminisce about how they've changed since their first time at the shore house. while a lot has changed since the 2012 series finale—weddings, babies, tax fraud charges—it seems you can take these self-described guidos and guidettes out of jersey, but you can't ever fully take the jersey out of them. reality-based look at the vapid lives of several new jersey 20-somethings and their respective friends and/or hook-ups. are answered when snooki, the situation, j-woww, dj pauly d, angelina, ronnie, sammi and vinny return for more fights and insight into what truly happened down at the jersey shore. gesture: but the situation would find out there was more to paula's gift than met the eye. mike apologizes for being nosy to sammi, and she accepts wondering why he was so nosy. november 15, 2012 ñ jersey shore: series finale ñ the gang throws a bonfire on the beach. @lauren_pesce a photo posted by mike "the situation"sorrentino (@mikethesituation) on feb 22, 2016 at 11:09am pst.! mike has had a bumpy road since the end of the show, dealing with tax fraud charges and rehab, but fortunately the sitch seems to be in a better place these days. she and snooki leave the shore and reach home within 9 hours to find her dogs safe, but a number of her most important items, including a hard drive, have been stolen. news gets out that angelina and vinny hooked up, mike threatens to tell jose.

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so anyway, paula calls mike crying, because of course she's heard people talking at the tanning salon where she works, about mike and how he wants to break up with her. mike calls her to ask her if it is true, but she 'pretends' to not hear him, thus confirming the cake, causing the situation to throw and break the duck phone. the housemates wrap things up at the shore as summer draws to a close, but not before one final house hot tub hook up.^ mtv announces final 'jersey shore' season, cast reacts with mixed emotions. and a housemate chooses to leave the shore for good. she calls a cab, says goodbye to everyone and leaves the shore. season 3 saw the cast going back to the jersey shore for the summer with deena nicole cortese replacing angelina.^ "thursday cable ratings: jersey shore still down from highs, but still highest + it’s always sunny, the league, project runway + more - ratings". sammi loses it and thinks she is all alone in the shore house.. ronnie and mike engaging in a full-on brawl, with chairs thrown, tables upturned, with deena repeatedly shouting, 'stooooppppp iiittttt!-files star david duchovny, 57, 'dating 24-year-old monique pendleberry' after meeting her at malibu organic juicery where she worked.

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shore is an american reality television series which ran on mtv from december 3, 2009 to december 20, 2012 in the united states. the girls return and make mike feel as if his prank did not work. cast return to the shore for their last summer in the seaside heights house in the premiere of the sixth and final season. mike lets ronnie know about the general feeling at the house.^ a b thursday cable ratings: football wins night, ‘jersey shore’, ‘project runway’, ‘beyond scared straight’, ‘daily show’, ‘texas car wars’ & more - ratings | tvbythenumbers. in the end, sam gets mad at mike for being shady and ronnie backs up mike. the next day, the gang goes tanning, but discover that paula had made a guy put his testicles on the cake, and even have a picture to prove it. just when i was starting to think that jersey shore was getting boring because the cast was maturing, the situation goes and proves me wrong. mike expresses interest in snooki, but she has a boyfriend back home. news confirmed that the most iconic love saga to exist on the jersey shore—you know, the one between "sammi sweetheart" giancola and ronnie ortiz-magro—had sparked once again, we suddenly grew nostalgic for the cast that once had this country glued to the television every week.^ thursday cable ratings: jersey shore falls, but tops baseball playoffs; it’s always sunny, real housewives finale & more - ratings | tvbythenumbers.

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but here's what they're up to:Read: jersey shore stars sammi sweetheart giancola and ronnie ortiz-magro are back together. paula sends mike a note and birthday cakes, but the cakes may not be what they seem. ronnie, sam, and snooki play a prank on mike by covering his bed with grated cheese that causes him to believe the girl he brought home has a yeast infection and vinny and snooki finally talk about their relationship. a night out at the club, pauly d and mike have to juggle multiple groups of girls. they all say their goodbyes and leave the shore again.^ "jersey shore: the uncensored final season dvd will hit homes in march". pulls a "robbery" on both mike and vinny with a pair of female twins: mike tells everyone he hooked up with snooki; ron and sammi talk things out and get back together., 'jersey shore' groupie paula almost caused a situation between mike sorrentino and his current girlfriend (exclusive). just as it sounds, snooki and lorenzo flip houses along the jersey shore and show the importance of working together in a marriage. roommates head to atlantic city where fun turns to fury when mike manages to antagonize both snooki and j-woww.'s still sweet on ronnie, but see where the rest of those wild jersey shore kids are now.

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[63] the first three seasons followed the cast in seaside heights, new jersey (with exception of season 2, where the cast was in miami), however it was announced that the fourth season would follow the cast in florence, italy. half-hour special titled jersey shore: spoof'd aired on january 16, 2010, featuring the original cast audition tapes and cast commentary highlighting internet and television spoofs that have sprung up as a direct response to the show. meanwhile, mike is back to stirring up drama, prompting the whole house to turn on him.)these days, other than frolicking on vacation ronnie is still focusing on working out and eating, but he is also giving solid dating advice to his 810,000 instagram followers and updating us on the status of his stolen-and-returned car. and what started with mike and sammi turns into a love triangle that threatens to divide the house. reality-based look at the vapid lives of several new jersey 20-somethings and their respective friends and/or hook-ups. feeling like the outcast, snooki tells the others that she's leaving the shore. "thursday cable ratings: 'jersey shore' dominates + 'burn notice,' 'suits,' 'project runway,' 'wilfred,' 'futurama,' 'louie' & more". starring jenni ìjwowwî farley, vinny guadagnino, nicole ìsnookiî polizzi, mike ìthe situationî sorrentino, ronnie ortiz-margo, paul ìpauly dî delvecchio, sammi ìsweetheartî giancola, deena nicole cortese, angelina pivarnick. mike tells ron that while they weren't filming he and snooki slept together, more than once. the couple appeared on marriage bootcamp: reality stars to deal with mike's addiction and legal woes, but ultimately broke up when lauren was found to have been unfaithful.

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nicole cortese's life after jersey shore is among the most unexpectedly low-key.'but it was the situation's anger which boiled over, when paula refused to speak to him on the phone, instead pretending she could not hear him. cast of 'jersey shore' (except angelina) is back together to dish the dirt on miami. moves out; mike struggles through his recovery; deena copes with being away from her meatball. mike becomes annoyed by snooki and deena to the point where he sets up a prank that sends the duo to times square. jersey shore ended, sammi stayed with boyfriend ronnie for two solid years. snooki, being pregnant, lived next door to the shore house. roommates hold auditions for a temporary party pal for deena; mike reveals he used to be a stripper. 3 was shot back in seaside heights, new jersey over the summer;[40] filming began on july 25, 2010 and ended on september 4, 2010. the gang get ready for a night at the shore store where danny is barbecuing. getting punched was described as the moment they came together as a family, while they also talked about jennifer jwoww farley pretending she was single and deena's naked striptease for mike.

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the video to find out what he said about speaking with paula! mike shows the rest of the group the same conversation to show he was not starting drama. in the end, the group gets ready to go out until sammi makes her return to the shore. get heated when angelina, mike and sammi stop by to discuss all the happenings in this week's episode. mike meets one of the girls he hooked up with last year named paula and pauly's stalker returns and throws a drink at him. a visit to the tanning salon the next day, paula's co-worker asks if they had eaten the offending confection, and showed them a picture of just what had been done to it. mike invites girls back to the house, the situation gets out of control, and snooki gets into her second fight of the summer.^ a b thursday cable ratings: thursday night football wins night + vp debate coverage, ‘jersey shore’, mlb, ‘the greatest event in tv history’ & more - ratings | tvbythenumbers. once they learn what happened to the cake, mike and pauly are not happy. it was a special birthday cake that was to prove the most drama of the episode, despite it ostensibly being a gift to mike 'the situation' sorrentino from his ex paula, who he humiliated with a prank on last week's episode. married her long-time love jionni lavalle, whom she has two children with—her little boy, lorenzo, and daughter giovanna marie lavalle—and she's shooting a new reality show, shore flip.

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[2] the season featured five special episodes, including a half-hour show titled jersey shore: after hours hosted by julissa bermudez which aired occasionally after select episodes featuring cast members discussing the week's episode. snooki gets into a screaming match with "the unit" and leaves everyone questioning the rumor of her and mike. according to his instagram, mike is back together with college girlfriend lauren pesce. ronnie then wonders if he should stay in jersey also, until deena convinces him to stay. the cast then go out to a club called otel, mike tries to kiss snooki and she declines. most of the things i listed above are still in effect…except ten days after making it official with paula, mike's ready to make it unofficial again. emma stone, 28, 'dating' saturday night live segment director dave mccary, 32. roommates struggle to adjust to life at the shore without vinny, while the situation confronts his own internal demons. weighs his options: should he stay at the jersey shore house or head home to staten island? the series follows the lives of eight housemates— jenni "jwoww" farley, michael "the situation" sorrentino, nicole "snooki" polizzi, paul "pauly d" delvecchio, ronnie ortiz-magro, sammi "sweetheart" giancola, vinny guadagnino, deena nicole cortese (season 3-6), and formerly angelina pivarnick (season 1-2) — spending their summer on the jersey shore. the next morning, ronnie’s mother calls the house and, thoroughly intoxicated, complains to mike about her lack of trust in ron's girlfriend.

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snooki and jenni return to jersey with jenni's dogs who are welcomed at the house by everyone. he is currently dating danity kane singer aubrey o'day, whom he coincidentally met on the upcoming e! gang gets ready to say good-bye to italy and head back to seaside heights in the season 4 finale, but tensions between mike and the rest of the roommates leave him doubtful that he'll be joining them back at the jersey shore. mike thinks it's finally his chance to win her over, but it's someone else who ends up comforting her. romance heats up between sammi and mike, but all might be lost when the guys invite three random girls to join them in the hot tub. it premiered on january 5, 2012 and follows the cast returning to seaside heights, new jersey after spending the fourth season in italy. #ikeepaicepickbehindmybar #fuckwithme #iwouldntsuggestit #pregnantandproud a post shared by pk (@paulakpickard) on jun 26, 2017 at 8:22am pdt. guadagnino, the jersey shore's former resident funny guy and one-half of the show's most epic bromance, has also kept a low-key profile since the finale of the show. cast joins together for the last time to say goodbye and to relive the best and most shocking moments in 'jersey shore' history. november 15, 2012 ñ jersey shore: series finale ñ the gang throws a bonfire on the beach. i was really impressed up until now, because vinny was being celibate, nicole was pregnant, deena was in a serious relationship, sam and ronnie weren't fighting, and mike had a girlfriend and was off drugs.

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