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    ""right, i still feel like i'm rushed, -which you are not helping by the way," he smirked, "and i'm all giddy and nervous for alice-""wait, what happened with alice?"yeah," he said, "and now you know and think i'm incredibly lame. chose not to use archive warningsharry potter/james potterjames potter harry potterparent/child incest bdsm enema fisting sounding spanking restraints sex toys community: hp_cestfest. do this as frequently as possible, but don't ever, ever kiss and tell. he sleeps, harry is molded into the perfect fuck toy by his father and his friends. love and be loved is the one desire they had in common, so to fulfill it and satisfy their greed, they agreed to share him." she came around the couch and sat next to him.
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Dating James Potter Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

she was late, and james was going to be angry. non-canon daddy kink pure filth porn with plot romance harry has a thing for older men fluff top lucius malfoy top james potter infidelity mpreg."i don't really know what all of those girls said," he looked straight into her emerald eyes, "but apparently one of them started it, and the rest believed it, and when i wouldn't do anything with them, the spread it. potter & lily evans || where you belong || fatto il misfatto - marauders gdr. chose not to use archive warningsharry potter/james potter harry potter/ginny weasley hermione granger/ron weasley albus severus potter/james sirius potter james sirius potter/lily luna potter james sirius potter/original character(s)james sirius potter original female character(s) dominique weasley fred weasley ii original male character(s) minerva mcgonagall harry potter ginny weasley ron weasley hermione granger albus severus potter lily luna potterharry potter next generation pov james sirius potter quidditch. she smirked slightly before closing her eyes and placing her lips softly on his."the two finally began working, and did so in silence for the next fifteen minutes. Dating places in boston,

How A Girl And Her Whale Conquered the World - The First Date

" he said, "we should get back to work, we still have all of these schedules to write out, and we have to organize-""james," she whispered., lo último que harry esperaba ver aparecer era a sus padres, a lily y james, vivos./non-con underageharry potter/james potter sirius black/harry potter remus lupin/harry potter sirius black/remus lupin/harry potter/james potter harry potter/original male character(s)harry potter james potter sirius black remus lupin severus snapesomnophilia non-consensual somnophilia voyeurism sex toys anal sex anal fingering fisting sounding cock rings incest dubious consent rimming bondage face-fucking manipulation come inflation plot what plot/porn without plot mostly - freeform. "you know evans," he started after she had finished telling him he was a pig-head. everyone around you is full of sin and evil, the most you can do is love them, right?" she asked in disbelief, "don't guys get excited about first kisses too? malfoy/harry potter harry malfoy/james potter lucius malfoy/harry malfoy/james potter harry potter/tom riddle | harry potter/voldemortlucius malfoy malfoy family (harry potter) draco malfoy narcissa black malfoy ron weasley hermione granger james potter lily evans potterincest parent/child incest underage sex consensual underage sex age difference dark! Are ricky and shelby still dating

First Kiss, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

archive warnings applysirius black/remus lupin james potter/lily evans potter sirius black & remus lupin & peter pettigrew & james potter harry potter/james potter sirius black/harry potter remus lupin/harry potter peter pettigrew & harry potter harry potter & lily evans potterharry potter lily evans potter james potter remus lupin sirius black peter pettigrewfluff cute adorable christmas merry christmas just a cute fluff piece. archive warnings applyharry potter/james potterharry potter james pottermarauders' era sexual content first time time travel getting together incest. archive warnings applyharry potter/james potterharry potter james pottercum belly belly bulge come inflation daddy kink butt plugs parent/child incest. archive warnings applyharry potter/james potterharry potter james pottermarauders' era incest fluff ficlet time travel. at first they had attracted a crowd, but after ten minutes of a show they had all seen a hundred times before, they had all dispersed.'s pretend that all the videos are the same size and quality." he looked at her, exasperated, "i haven't kissed anyone," he paused, she pleaded with her eyes for him to continue, "because i," he looked away from her, she placed a hand on his, "i wanted my first kiss to be special," he turned an even deeper shade of red, and looked back at her, "i wanted it to be with you.

Lily Evans and James Potter // ∂ιѕтαиcє - YouTube

she rolls over so that her chest is on his, her chin balances on her stacked hands. they're new, and they're sweet, and" she sighed, "they make everyone happy…" she sighed again. lily was mid insult when james' lips came crashing down on hers. ritual sends jasmine potter into a world where she is lily's almost twin sister. after she had begun developing the curves of womanhood, and he had grown at least half a foot." he shook his head again, "i really don't understand girls…""me either," lily shook her head. potter/james potter harry potter/ron weasley harry potter/arthur weasley/ron weasley gilderoy lockhart/harry potter harry potter/severus snape lucius malfoy/harry potter/severus snape filius flitwick/harry potter rubeus hagrid/harry potter firenze/harry potter/baneharry potter james potter ron weasley arthur weasleyincest parent/child incest don't like don't read the author regrets nothing read the tags you have been warned alternate universe anal sex anal fingering rimming ass play blow jobs first time blow jobs first time bottoming first time first time topping bottom harry potter top harry potter top james potter top arthur weasley face-fucking father-son relationship father/son incest masturbation best friends james potter lives top ron weasley bottom ron weasley threesome - m/m/m foursome - m/m/m/m smut shameless smut oral sex consensual sex consensual underage sex voyeurism top severus snape light bdsm bdsm top gilderoy lockhart dildos anal plug centaurs bestiality.

For the First Time Chapter 1: Lily Kissed James, a harry potter fanfic

Kiss and Tell Chapter 1: Prologue: Fourth Year, a harry potter fanfic

"his jaw dropped slightly, and the rest of his face appeared equally shocked.""oh no, james," she said, placing her other hand on top of his, "i always thought you were incredibly lame. with her life turned upside down, and james potter brought forward in time, she must not only deal with her new revelation, but also james' possessiveness that is isolating her from everyone else, and the fact that his charming smile makes her stomach flutter. chose not to use archive warnings underageharry potter/james potterjames potter harry potter. chose not to use archive warningsjames potter/lily evans potter james potter & lily evans potter sirius black/james potter james/lily euphemia potter/fleamont potter sirius black/remus lupin remus lupin & lily evans potter remus lupin/james potter harry potter/james potter harry potter/lily evans potter marauders/maraudersjames potter lily evans potter harry potter sirius black remus lupin euphemia potter fleamont potter peter pettigrew. he looked down at his lap, and tried to keep his face from turning beet red. archive warnings applyharry potter/james pottermarauders (harry potter) harry pottergood peter. Site de rencontre femme portugaise

Harry Potter/James Potter - Works | Archive of Our Own

”jessica stopped and turned to look at james, “to sleep?"he looked back up at her, "no, lily," he shook his head and loosened his tie, "i'm really not. with a burst of strength and a great deal of resolve, he spun them around so her back was against the wall. lily pulled back, and they both began to rub their heads. instead, she kissed him fiercely and he responded with as much enthusiasm."never let me go" lily evans and james potter fan-video..Creator chose not to use archive warningsharry x mr potter harry x doombledoo harry x meharry potter mr potter missis potter doombledoor volydermort roneld wesly.

Astronomy Tower - A Little Snogging Won't Hurt (Story Text),


the summer before her sixth year, cordelia potter, reeling from the deaths of sirius and remus, gets a shocking letter. she gave him the password and rushed into the room. per project- in no particular order:imitation blackfate: the gate of rebirth (fate: unmei no tobira)the immoral memory(haitoku no kioku)lovelessxxxarrest roseroom 13943 (13943 goushitsu)fleeting moonflower (setsugetsuka)le rouge est amorcherry blossoms falling -beautifully- (sakura mainichiru -rei-)"to love and be loved- my desire is driving me crazy.""because it's really cool to be seventeen and not have been kissed," he replied sarcastically. "and now i'm feeling fuzzy and floaty and happy for her, and," she paused, "i'm talking way too much, aren't i?  smut starts after harry comes from his first year at hogwarts, summer before 2nd year.*serious warning - if you're not a fan of incest fanfiction, you probably shouldn't read this.

Honey, I love You by James-x-Lily on DeviantArt

"he grunts and violently sits up, knocking her off of him. on nov 5, 2012let's pretend that all the videos are the same size and quality. wouldn't let me let you go | lily evans/james potter. and ginny run into the two people harry least wanted to see on their first date. glasses are still on, and his breathing is deep and even. ♥ ♥ ♥ **don't own the music***james- aaron johnson ♥lily- karen gilliansirius- ben barnes. i'm s-" she sat back up again and started stacking the papers.

Imagine James boasting about his musical talents to Lily.

before she could react, he had grabbed her face and pressed his lips against hers. depictions of violenceharry potter/voldemort james potter & lily evans potter harry potter/james potter luna lovegood/harry potter harry potter/lily evans potter remus lupin/nymphadora tonks james potter/voldemortharry potter lily evans potter james potter tom riddle | voldemort. his expression is one of confusion, and sadness, and frustration. not before some major obstacles in the way first, though."oblivious to the embarrassment, lily replied, "what, the great james potter doesn't feel anything after kissing a girl? the future chapters will be much longer than this, and i'm thinking there will only be five or six. two pairs of untrained lips moved furiously against each other, taking all the anger they felt towards each other and putting into the kiss.

Dating James Potter Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Jily | Archive of Our Own

he throws open the curtains surrounding her and climbs out of the bed. character death rape/non-con underageharry potter/tom riddle harry potter/james potter tom riddle/harry potter/james potter bellatrix black lestrange/lily evans potter hermione granger/luna lovegood james potter & tom riddle lily evans potter & sirius black harry evans | harry potterharry potter james potter tom riddle lily evans potter sirius blackharry evans is harry potter james isn't all that great tom is a better person no voldemort past rape/non-con lily runs a criminal organization science experiments inspired by natsu-p's scl/vanan'ice project expect eventual tragedy no wizarding magic magical creatures however still exist lycanthropy is still a thing vampirism is also a thing. friendship grows stronger as the years go by, going through thick and thin together. archive warnings applyharry potter/ginny weasley harry potter/james potter sirius black/james potter james potter/lily evans potterjames potter sirius black lily evans (mentioned) harry potter ginny weasleyfirst date fluff legit pure fluff hogsmeade james and lily survive james and sirius are bffs that ruin harry's life hogwarts era. whips around and looks at her as he zips and buttons his trousers. he isn't sleeping, she can tell, but he isn't playing with her the way he usually does, lying on his side, holding her hands and occasionally nipping at her nose, her forehead, her lips, with his. she sat up and began to shuffle the papers james had laid out on the table before them, at the same time he did.

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" he nodded in pure confusion, "and she was full up with all the fuzzy, floaty, first kiss feelings, and she just had to tell me all about it of course," james continued nodding his head, even though he really did not understand this odd spectacle of female behavior at all. her voice was low and terrifying, "tell a single soul, potter," she took her wand out and pointed it at him, "and i will assure you the slowest, most painful and humiliating death you can imagine. "yeah, because i was late and i had to rush to get here and now i still feel like i'm rushed even though i'm really not anymore-""actually, i have quidditch practice in about-""oh, oh my goodness really?""i'm sorry," she said for the millionth time that night, "it's just," she sighed, "first kisses are just lovely, aren't they? the combination of their newly-fifteen-year-old hormones and the passion that pulsed through their veins when they fought with each other kept them coming back for more./non-con underagejames potter/harry potterharry potter james potterrape/non-con elements parent/child incest underage sex cunnilingus nipple licking multiple orgasms manipulation girl harry potter - freeform female harry potter always a girl harry potter - freeform.""no, lily, it's just, i wouldn't know,""so, you're telling me, that you've never gotten excited, or nervous, or butterflies in your stomach, or anything after you kissed a girl you really liked for the first time?

21 "Harry Potter" Fanfictions To Read Before You Die

♥ this is what happens after reading jily fanfiction for hours, sobbing your heart out on halloween (wearing black as greving clothes), and eating a ton of sweets in attempts to stop yourself from thinking of jily. into the wall, and began devouring his lips with her own. he sighs and brings his hands to his face, slowly pulling them up and through his hair. - chapters: 17 - words: 51,598 - reviews: 880 - favs: 1,891 - follows: 661 - updated: 2/28/2011 - published: 3/17/2010 - status: complete - id: 5823177. archive warnings applysirius black/harry potter harry potter/james pottersirius black harry potter james potter harrietdirty talk drunk sex rimming women's underwear incest anal sex." she noticed the annoyed look on his face and began to explain, "i was talking to alice, and she just kissed frank longbottom for the first time, and she was really excited about it, and you know how first kisses are, she needed to talk about it…"he interrupted her with a smile, "it's okay. sat up on the couch, and began moving the papers about, "sure," he said indifferently.

Harry Potter Ship One-Shots.

's back in time with the marauders, and for the moment stuck in the hospital wing. black/harry potter harry potter/james potter remus lupin/harry potterlily evans potter petunia evans dursley harry potter james potter sirius black remus lupin peter pettigrew severus snape alice longbottom frank longbottom bellatrix black lestrange narcissa black malfoy lucius malfoy albus dumbledorefemale harry potter no incest no daddy kink lily evans bashing dumbledore bashing manipulative dumbledore foursome - f/m/m/m alpha/omega omega harry alpha james alpha sirius succubus knotting eventual sex eventual smut naive seizures ron weasley bashing unicorns dogs deer werewolves witches wizards true mates magic humor pranks and practical jokes alpha remus pack dynamics pack bonding. i wrote some fanfiction like i do all the time for my otp and then got to work on this video.) james potter sirius black remus lupin albus dumbledore lily evans potter molly weasley ron weasley hermione granger ginny weasley weasley family - character severus snape and many otherstime travel adultery lily is a cheating sket parent/child incest but not really so i guess you could call it pseudo-incest james is a possessive bastard controling james ron being a jerk ginny bashing hermione bashing unhealthy relationships underage sex james is a bully use of latin phrases weasley bashing practice of the old ways (referenced) possible threesomes - m/f/m lily bashing peter gets what's coming to him in the future and the past well meaning dumbledore james potter went crazy before his death snivellus snape bashing slight james potter bashing very tiny you gotta squint ron has no tact. "good," she replied before turning on her heel and leaving him in the corridor. my thoughts grow paralyzed and my conciousness is fading away, so let's let the truth and reality be painted entirely in black. over the past year, the two had formed a friendship of sorts, and she was glad they could joke like this.

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