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Interview: Jon Pardy shares how he won Big Brother Canada (and

confirmed followers have access to @jon_pardy's tweets and complete profile. say "ika was against my fave, ika got neda before neda could get ika (that is, if you want to give credit to ika for neda's eviction)./a registered and n/a anonymous users are browsing this forum. guess my issue with bruno more so because neda acknowledge it was good ika got her before she could get ika but bruno praised ika game in the housedani06/08/17 11:23 am. half of the feeds were gold 2nd half was boring and repetitivejerry54306/09/17 09:00 am. her s12 but liked her in 14 and thought she played a pretty good game. dont understand how people heard her explain that story and compare her to some evil animal abuser but its still odd you think kryssie & jason havedani06/08/17 12:01 pm. their breakup was real, she moved thousands of miles to be with him, would work gym sales, waitressrando11106/22/17 12:48 am. as oblivious as ika ***** wong talking about neda getting a "good edit".

Jon Pardy Interview: Big Brother Canada 2 Winner - YouTube

keeps talking up ika about how amazing and wonderful she is. bbcan5 was a good season then it would not be going on hiatus , ika too full of herself, too jealous of nedajerry54306/07/17 02:48 pm. i was about to be done with bbcan after seasons 3 and 4, but i loved 5. Brother Canada News, Spoilers, Updates, DiscussionThis is not a dating site! Official twitter page of Jon Pardy- Big Brother Canada season 2 winner. being so cheap to make and it air 3 night getting ad revenue is probably why it wasn't canceled after bb can 3. said on his twitch that they are not back together, they are best friends and she was staying with him until end of june. you believe there were hand jobs i have a bridge to sell you. his ika crush has affected all his interviews ntpetite606/07/17 03:09 pm.

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how she tried to downplaying neda's s2 game is how she expressed it. can add location information to your tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. of these women are desperate single moms and cheating wives looking for some fun. knew she was an overrated player in s2 and i'm glad she return to prove my point. he saw how good she was & acknowledged it - plus he knows she has fans and plays up to them. too but dem said noone ever considered him as powerful because they always blamed ika and too scared to confront her. and ika were each other number 1's by week 2, ika didnt need to work on social game on him. trying to say neda didn't know what was going on in thesliver01306/07/17 09:20 pm. neda trophy was for minor hockey while the ika trophy was a superbowl ring, make sense why sindy picked the best. Virat kohli and anushka sharma engagement date

Neda Kalantar Interview: Big Brother Canada 2 - YouTube

only had 1 ally at that time and it was karen which he never nominated so umm."the greatest" doesnt need twists to survive so therefore your precious neda is disqualify from holding that title. you know the sindy that put up neda for ika. over the profile pic and click the following button to unfollow any account. wouldnt call "handjobs" social game but ok, it easy for william to say what he wouldve done while having a spov in his say screw kevin but he's a honestly decent guy just a sucky player and terrible winner ntdani06/08/17 04:52 pm.'t listen to the interview but my guess is probably because sindy had ties to bruno and kevin whereas cass wanted them out since week 1. think that at worst ika got off on intimidating jackie and making her cry, same with heather, same with her constant need to "get mad" at dem justsliver01306/08/17 03:55 pm. find a topic you’re passionate about, and jump right in. Ghost recon phantoms matchmaking slow

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this said smart player was on this season and we saw what happened to her, lol! but she was a manipulator and fear of putting her on the block was real because noone wanted to be the one to do it. (view)the taran show 9 | neda kalantar interview | the long-awaited neda interview has finally arrived! that's why jury votes are still game and important ntpetite606/08/17 11:30 am. remain the broadcaster for big brother and the link directs to bbus. but neda has a right to seek her jury revenge to castigate ika. of their winners benefitted from a twist expect for jillian and she won by a mistake.'s also assuming bruno stays over kevin and we don't know that would have happened.! am i the only one that feels like neda wasn't really feeling being there? Opening messages for dating sites

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made a choice between ika and neda and the ika trophy just wasn't on the same level as the neda trophy. dillon getting drunk going back on his word and nominating an ally. think she is and i bet if the fans voted she'd be near number 1 if not number 1. how far ika and demetres would have gotten if they were not a team? i hope that "big young audience" turns the tv off and they get the message!'s question to jon and her vote statement on big brother canada 2 finale. put one person front and center who couldn't puts butts in the seats instead what could have been a very intense feud. in her yrr interview says she would want to work w/ cass but not sindy. not forget rubbing their armpits on pillows and stuff ntpinkauragirl06/08/17 05:03 pm. Best scotland dating sites

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embedding twitter content in your website or app, you are agreeing to the twitter developer agreement and developer policy.'t know if they are together but just saw this pic with dillon and emily. she saw what neda was trying to do and wanted to flip it to her advantage.'m just saying given your history, ika being too nasty doesn't seem like a valid reason for why you think she's so terrible and caused the demisepoz06/07/17 10:08 pm. it is now kevin and karen for the final two! that neda's s2 game is probably the best bbcan has to offer. let's not kid ourselves if ika didnt take that shot at neda in the de, neda wouldve gotten her next week. was a great manipulator for sure but i think a big part of the fear of putting her up was that dem would win hoh and go after them. wish neda didn't retreat, she seemed scared to play the game but it would have been fun to see her and ika try to work together and play up theirpetite606/07/17 12:41 pm.

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remove the secret veto from the game and he would still have won. may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area. it just seemed that after her talk with sindy and things that went on outside of the house and the abuse she received, she petite606/07/17 04:10 pm. was more like production shot their wad way too early, gameplay was dead after that episode and now the show is too. these are your words which tells me how you think or how you think i think and has nothing to do with reality. hour 40 | bbcan4 fantasy draft with jason roy, neda kalantar and willow macdonald. is doing free show tonight w some past hgs (not sure who) for those who don't mind ed and/or want to hear other hgs. pulled a howie that week and got lucky it worked out better than it could have. production chased the twitter crowd and found out they were just very vocal.

Interview: Jon Pardy shares how he won Big Brother Canada (and

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its really interesting you think jason and kyrssie have big hearts but ika and danielle are the mean & cruel people, hmmm very interesting., shows that fans and critics like get canned because of ratings, production cost etc. and they'd cancel a ratings winner over one bad season? the dog issue is pretty damming especially as an animal lover and owner ., i would have like to have seen a week of it either way and many of us felt the same..neda got exposed as an overrated player by the bbcan new queen <3 ntdani06/07/17 03:47 pm. she owned her role, made it fun and i'm not sure who petite606/08/17 12:15 pm. no idea about dillion and emily haven't heard anything about them ntemma107/05/17 10:18 am. she cried to bruno/kevin for sympathy then to neda.

Jon Pardy Interview: Big Brother Canada 2 Winner - YouTube

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you got the best of neda at the de, why did you and others want another week of neda hanging out in the blue room trash talking with jackie, dani06/08/17 03:31 pm. are not giving up the rights to big brother canada and are searching for new producers. Cesternino and Brian Lynch talk with Neda Kalantar about her amazing game and 3rd place finish on Big Brother Canada #bbcan2 #bigbrothercanada2Usa | canada - updates | highlights | n&r | hgs | alumni | fans | bbd | indepth | game | polls | flashbacks | media | p/x | help. live on may 29, 2014rob cesternino and brian lynch talk with neda kalantar about her amazing game and 3rd place finish on big brother canada #bbcan2 #bigbrothercanada2. he loved her "bad" side thought she was so sexy and always said he loved her. sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen. if they were going to cancel it, they would have just canceled it and not said they remain the..ika played like a chicken with her head cut off and is lucky she was on a season with horrible gameplay, maybe the worst. made her choice about neda from the beginning of the game after neda accused her making her life miserable and blaming her for her depression ntpetite606/07/17 09:02 pm.

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