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: 3/30/1976•not rated•cbsgenre: comedy, classicsdetails episodes38season 1season 1season 2season 3season 4season 5season 6season 7season 8see all25 minseason 1 episode 6dog day, blind datesplaying now25 minseason 1 episode 9dating slump25 minseason 1 episode 12hi, neighborsabout this showlaverne & shirleyset in the 1950's, laverne and shirley is a half-hour comedy that revolves around the friendship of bright-eyed, naive shirley feeney (cindy williams) and the brassy, street-smart laverne defazio (penny marshall). shotz orders employees to a mandatory visit with a psychiatrist. making her hurt that shirley didn't do so in person,after living together for 11 years. shirley feels jealous of her but soon laverne sees she's forgotten her friend. both girls become smitten with one of the handsome firemen that show up. so much so,they enlist the help of a gypsy spiritualist to try and remove the hex from her.: lenny and i have two very respectful women upstairs, and we'd like to settle down to a nice, quiet orgy.[feels her head and starts freaking out] i'm not okay! 3, episode 3: the pact4 october 1977laverne's new boyfriend asks shirley out behind her back. 7, episode 7: some enchanted earring1 december 1981frank visits laverne,his late wife's earrings in hand. lenny meets amy and immediately comes to like her, despite people's protests about what's best for amy. 8, episode 8: jinxed30 november 1982tossing out a chain-letter seems to bring laverne and those around bad luck.: [reading squiggy's little black book about shirley] shirley feeney, must be carefull with this one. 6, episode 21: sing, sing, sing19 may 1981carmine & shirley perform a beautiful duet at cowboy bill's. after shirley leaves the guy who ask them out calls to say they can't make it. can she get her friend back on her side and foil the plans of "the man in green? we get to spend eternity surrounded by the good and the pure! what plan of action will the girls "turn loose" to meet him and put rosie in her place?: you marry a man with a square head, no neck, and hair on his thumbs, you know what your kids are gonna turn out like?

Laverne & Shirley - Season 1, Episode 9: Dating Slump -

"Laverne & Shirley" Dating Slump (TV Episode 1976) - Full Cast

: a society gentleman would only go out with you for one reason - to have a good time, a few laughs, and a little vo-dee-oh-doh-doh. all her friends 'scrub up' to help her become shirley feeney meeney in his ward. nextlaverne & shirleys1ep12•hi, neighborslaverne & shirleyadd to my showsremove from my showsfind out when new episodes arrive! joseph, missouri, usanet worthpenny marshallmcindy williamsmleslie easterbrookmeddie mekka0kheight reach for the stars up and coming in the middle short and sweetfrom tumblr fansheckyeahlaverneandshirley season 8 #laverne and shirley#shirley feeney#laverne defazio#penny marshall#cindy williams#season 8#stills heckyeahlaverneandshirley season 2 #laverne and shirley#penny marshall#cindy williams#laverne defazio#shirley feeney#publicity photo#season 2 heckyeahlaverneandshirley season 1 #penny marshall#laverne and shirley#cindy williams#shirley feeney#laverne defazio#publicity pictures#season 1 sonandheirofnothinginparticular #wayne's world#laverne and shirley bonniegrrl i like to think that carrie fisher and hugh hefner are having some fun in the afterlife. 1, episode 9: dating slump30 march 1976shirley is left dateless due to her dating standards.. and his lack of success there as an entertainer and decided to go to new york,with financial help from friends and try out for a role in the musical "hair". 3, episode 15: the slow child24 january 1978laverne and shirley get reacquainted with miss babish's mentally challenged daughter, amy, who's visiting from her special school. 6, episode 22: child's play26 may 1981shirley's new play is a wild take,on mother goose. 2, episode 9: two of our weirdos are missing7 december 1976lenny and squiggy vanish without a trace. 6, episode 4: grand opening9 december 1980shirley's working,laverne isn't and shirley's paying all the bills. slump25:10•full episode•season 1 episode 9•shirley becomes a social recluse when she finds out carmine has another girlfriend. she ends up out of it & shirley's in a panic. 1, episode 7: once upon a rumor16 march 1976lenny starts a rumor that squiggy and shirley are a couple, but squiggy was just fixing shirley's zipper. he's now proposed, but his hospital stay and being on hold for active duty speeds up the wedding date. carmine gives her voice lessons and lenny also tries to help. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. 2, episode 23: citizen krane5 april 1977the girls are headlined in a musical extravaganza by an impresario who promises them fame and fortune. can the girls cut the strings on these puppet rulers and help the show go on?

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2, episode 6: look before you leap16 november 1976laverne tries to remember the events of a wild night when she wakes up with morning sickness and fears she may be pregnant. my grandfather told me it means 'help, there's a hog in my kitchen! 8, episode 5: the playboy show9 november 1982when rhonda asks laverne to pick up a job application for her at the local playboy bunny club, it's laverne who gets the job offer, and accepts the job against her father's wishes. the comparisons are shown in entertaining performances by the cast members.: [to laverne] you're pretty, and you're smart, and you happen to be the classiest girl i know. well answer me this - how do you intend on keeping a husband happy, hmmm? he gets hurt,so it's shirley who ends up throwing knives at laverne. and squiggy: [in unison] fire, fire, fire, someone get the net! october 1976the girls get richie and potsie as partners for a dance contest. these two single, working girls rely on each other through the…go to show pagecastpenny marshalllaverne defaziocindy williamsshirley feeneyeddie mekkacarmine 'the big ragoo' ragusaphil fosterfrank defaziodavid landerandrew 'squiggy' squiggmanmichael mckeanleonard 'lenny' kosnowskibetty garrettedna babishcarole ita whiterosie greenbaumed marinarosonny st. later at the hospital where shirley was born,the girls try to get the truth by accessing a private file room in disguise. 2, episode 21: haunted house22 march 1977laverne and shirley want to buy a new couch and find out about a furniture sale in a house shirley says is haunted. february 1977shirley goes looking for her missing down-and-out father at a sleazy bar on the waterfront. #carrie fisher#hugh hefner#playboy#1980s#laverne and shirley#playboy bunny nostalgicgifs #laverne and shirley#70s#70s tv shows#retro tv#my gifs#tv show gifs#gifs#retro gifs shows you might like.!Laverne: [runs up to anna and gives her a big hug and starts looking at her] nutsy! [leaving laverne & shirley's apartment] i'm not gonna pass it for one simple reason! [laverne and shirley dropped lenny down as she talked to squiggy] what was the big deal here?: lenny and me is working on the world's first combination electric toothbrush and radio. it's a case of stand tall or a short roller brawl. Men s online dating profile examples 

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he denies he's an alcoholic & just likes to have fun but shirley's determined to bust him out from the bottle. 4, episode 12: dinner for four5 december 1978the girls think they've hit the dating jackpot when they get asked to cook dinner for 2 good looking men. they are so desperate to be married at any cost, finally agree to marry lenny and squiggy - or will they? "where are they now: carole ita white, aka big rosie on 'laverne & shirley'".: no, no, you don't understand - i only need a wife for one night. afraid to tell her,shirley lies about where it may be. 4, episode 14: o come all ye bums19 december 1978frank defazio loses some of his christmas spirit when he has to cancel his yearly gathering for the homeless and poor. 2, episode 3: bachelor mothers19 october 1976it's saturday night and the girls have no dates."Laverne & Shirley" Dating Slump (TV Episode 1976) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. 8, episode 18: please don't feed the buzzards22 february 1983len & squig pay for an old suitcase and find a treasure map inside.: [reciting the poem she wrote about shirley, titled "my friend"] my best friend is shirley feeney, the best in all the land. white landed the recurring role after an appearance as "raunchy girl 1" in the first season episode "dating slump". 4, episode 1: festival: part 15 september 1978laverne, shirley, frank and edna travel to new york to visit frank's mother and attend a street festival; they are joined there by lenny and squiggy (who hitchhiked). 7, episode 20: lightning man16 march 1982carmine's hit by lightning and it gives him the delusion he's now invulnerable to anything.: [to monique] go out with me, and thou gets toast! they hit it off well together but squiggy is jealous and resentful of karen. 3, episode 20: the obstacle course28 february 1978laverne's cop boyfriend is running an obstacle course for the ladies auxiliary milwaukee police program and shirley signs up to try it despite a history of poor athletics. ,laverne and friends hold the craziest séance ever to make contact. the girls are hot new movie stars and carmine's a vegas sensation.

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1, episode 8: one flew over milwaukee23 march 1976shirley drives everyone crazy with her nurturing of her pet canary. laverne and shirley must patch things up between the two and show them how much they really love and need each-other.: hang on to your enchiladas, because andrew, you and your date are headed south of the border to the spicy city of. marshall cast her in a role on his series the odd couple. 2, episode 19: hi neighbor, book 21 march 1977when lenny and squiggy get stood up, laverne and shirley take pity on them. guillaume, ‘benson’ star and voice of rafiki in ‘lion king,’ dies at 89. to their horror,one of the opposing team is the gal laverne met earlier and she wants revenge. she sends them back in a hurry to get help from frank and his army buddy judge,to save them before it's too late. 6, episode 13: i do, i do24 february 1981the girls meet 2 british band mates,who take them to a hollywood party. their ideas about food service bring no business, so they hand it over to the girls. the boys are happy, winning a salami, but the girls perform zany stunts to win the grand prize from "the world of luxury". will they survive long enough to find and enjoy it? later,shirley goes to bed and dreams of laverne & an evil mystery movie type family's attempt to do her in,for lying. 5, episode 26: separate tables13 may 1980to help laverne fight a phobia of doing things alone,shirley comes up with the idea of laverne dining alone for a full evening in a chinese restaurant.: i'm telling you laverne, this whole thing is sick and morbid. she & chuck make it back to her place and must get the suit off and returned or else face the govt. and if it ever gets too hot, pepsi cola hits the spot. 3, episode 19: the driving test21 february 1978laverne and shirley try to help squiggy study to ace his written exam for his driving test or else he'll lose his job as a shotz truck driver. 7, episode 2: it only hurts when i breathe27 october 1981news of a high school reunion sparks memories for the girls but also sparks a childish arm punching contest, with shirley accidentally breaking laverne's jaw - but it's more than just that pain the girls have to face though.


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: and remember - it's your hell, please keep it clean. 8, episode 2: window on main street12 october 1982a "home of the future",is what shirley & laverne must live in and demonstrate at bardwell's. len and squig take advantage,hiring her to 'dance' at a teamsters party. both say it's the others' fault and both tell different versions of what went down. 7, episode 19: that's entertainment9 march 1982frank & carmine have an all out debate about whose generation's music and movies are better. offended, she asks shirley to help her look and act more 'girly and feminine'. his snobby family thinks that she only wants his money and couldn't possibly like him for any other reason. 7, episode 1: the most important day ever13 october 1981the wives of a latvian acrobat group see the girls alone with their men and then quit the act. the full episode for season 1 episode 9 of Laverne & Shirley: Dating SlumpMost popular by genre. who is the bald man and will the girls escape certain danger? the owner wants to send it to the glue factory but shirley seeks him a happy home. the girls and friends step in to help him keep the holiday meaningful for the less fortunate. showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your watchlist and rate your favorite movies and tv shows on your phone or tablet! 8, episode 1: the mummy's bride28 september 1982in mid-1967, shirley met and dated walter meeney, a medic. 3, episode 8: laverne & shirley meet fabian22 november 1977rosie greenbaum bets laverne & shirley they can't get into the hotel where singer fabian is staying. ita white started appearing in episodic tv and small film roles in the early 1970s. 5, episode 20: murder on the moose jaw express: part 126 february 1980while on a train heading to canada,the girls end up in the middle of espionage & murder,after an injured man comes to them,warning,"beware of the bald man" and expiring. 5, episode 13: testing, testing13 december 1979laverne,shirley,lenny & squiggy become justifiably paranoid,when mr. 4, episode 9: a visit to the cemetery14 november 1978frank and laverne are fighting,due to her refusal to visit the cemetery,to honor her late mother on her birthday.

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!Laverne: c'mon guys, i gotta get her out of these wet clothes. 6, episode 14: but seriously, folks3 march 1981carmine decides to take a shot at stand up comedy but when his act almost fails,he decides to make jokes at his friends expense. her father was a character actor, appearing in dozens of films and tv programs for more than 50 years. 8, episode 9: of mice and men7 december 1982lavere's new guy "wheezer" feels like a wimp after he cannot help protect her and carmine's date from two jerks. can their efforts save him and all the other dogs? 3, episode 5: laverne's arranged marriage1 november 1977frank,in old world style,arranges a match between laverne and a rich cheese tycoon,whose also got a mob connection.: [coming out of laverne & shirley's bathroom after taking a quick shower] laverne! she continued to make appearances as big rosie during the second and third seasons of the show. laverne boasts speaking 7 languages & shirley says nothing when she finds out her date is a furrier - and how long will this charade last? will shirley help laverne bone up and pass the class? in the final hours,laverne's date cancels,shirley's sick and lenny and squiggy have a special plan for midnight outside the apartment building. 4, episode 2: festival: part 25 september 1978laverne, shirley, frank, edna, lenny, and squiggy continue their visit to new york, and frank wants to win a trip to italy for his mother by winning the greased pole competition. finding out all unadopted and unclaimed dogs are put to sleep,she and laverne have a sit in. the movie was written by producer and director garry marshall.: if you ever lay your hands on our money again, i'll tell everyone you never vo-de-oh-doh-doh-ed!: to laverne, if in heaven we don't meet, hand in hand we'll bear the heat. her later fall down the steps and head blow,cause her to become roxy. leaving the girls stranded overnight with no way home for over 12 hours. of course, they are not so thrilled when they get the real scoop on the film and their parts.

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she has continued to appear in small roles in films over the years, including falling down, the witches of eastwick, grand canyon, and the fabulous baker boys. 7, episode 10: i do, i don't5 january 1982when a couple's wedding plans go sour,still single-gal shirley takes advantage of the paid for package and practically railroads carmine into proposing marriage.: this song is called "night after night," and it's about two nights in a row.': hey girls - how about a little tv and bosco before we retire? her first tv job was a made-for-tv movie, a western comedy called evil roy slade, starring john astin, mickey rooney, and milton berle. shirley gets her okay but once in the chair will laverne truly feel safe in mikey's hands?[after lenny and squiggy ask laverne and shirley out on a date]. carmine poses as shirley's husband and they sneak laverne in, but after carmine leaves, the girls quickly find out the hotel is intent on getting as many publicity photos of the married couple as possible throughout the vacation. 7, episode 4: young at heart10 november 1981shirley discovers her date's only 19 when he's carded for beer at cowboy bill's./shirley: i solemnly swear that i will never tell another living sole that i went out on a date with lenny & squiggy. carmine however is up against a real boxer and must hone his boxing skills once again,as well as his acting. domino, rock pioneer behind 'ain't that a shame' and 'blueberry hill,' dead at 89.: my family may have left poland in disgrace, but some day we'll return the same way! you lied to me, you hurt my feelings, you got me punched out, and you got mustard on my best jacket! ita white was born in new york city, to actors jesse white and celia ("simmy") cohn. 6, episode 5: candy is dandy16 december 1980the girls land a full time job working in bardwell's dept. october 1979shirley's sailor brother michael returns but he's not the michael shirley knows. also,cowboy bill's is opening and sonny & laverne were to do a stunt. 4, episode 17: supermarket sweep6 february 1979as shirley goes back for a grocery item,laverne's at the check out line,winning a shopping spree.

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january 1979shirley and her brother think she's adopted,as she doesn't resemble any feeneys. we're suing quicky poo, we're suing the cleaners, and we're suing kukla, fran and ollie! 6, episode 8: the road to burbank13 january 1981a hotel in nevada is suing for room damages caused by laverne & shirley and the boys,while en route to california. fonzie drops by and asks the girls to babysit his god son and they do. a hypnotist cures laverne of being shut in but he called her 'chicken',while both were under and they end up acting so in the window later.: so, me and squiggy flipped a coin to see which one of us was gonna volunteer to be your husband.: [laverne and lenny getting up] well what are we sitting here for? lenny gets no respect and now gets no apology from squig,so he ends their friendship. 5, episode 2: one heckuva note20 september 1979shirley cleans behind the stove & finds what looks like a note from carmine to laverne. carole ita white did not appear again until the seventh season, in an episode where laverne and shirley attend a high school reunion ("class of '56"). 2, episode 16: steppin' out8 february 1977as the girls rush to get ready for a big date, they face wardrobe and hair problems, as well as complications from a house fire raging across the street. with nothing to lose,the girls decide to join frank & edna in burbank,ca and say goodbye to miluakee.: [swallowing hard and placing hand on her chest to hider her disgust] no, thanks, i'm fasting. shirley meets her later and now sees herself as a substitute. 5, episode 6: you've pushed me too far25 october 1979a fight between lenny & squiggy boils over & lenny falls out of the top floor window and into the alley. 2, episode 22: lonely at the middle29 march 1977shirley gets promoted to head of the bottle-labelers division at the brewery. laverne refuses to help buy the car and shirley reveals laverne's secret fear: she's scared to drive. showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your watchlist and rate your favorite movies and tv shows on your phone or tablet! lenny now feels he loves her and she's now his.

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4, episode 13: it's a dog's life12 december 1978shirley befriends a german shepard at the kennel,when its abusive owner claims he's a mad dog. shaken up, she begs shirley to help rid her of him. but must also find 'something' for the seemingly untalented and clumsy son of mr. 1, episode 10: it's the water6 april 1976laverne gets jealous of shirley's promotion at the brewery. ita white (born august 24, 1949) is an american television and film actress. domino, rock pioneer behind 'ain't that a shame' and 'blueberry hill,' dead at 89. deciding to get a scandal on him in the tabloid peeper scooper. 4, episode 7: a date with eraserhead24 october 1978the only date,a blind one at that,shirley finds to make carmine jealous,is with a former classmate known as eraserhead. 3, episode 12: new year's eve 196027 december 1977it's new years eve 1959 and 1960 is shortly due.: [after he and amy kiss] i liked the part when you said 'whisper'!: what do you do, you wait for them to lie down, and then kind of rub it all over their bodies?[laverne stops flipping the pages, closes the bible, and bows her head]. 4, episode 8: the bully show31 october 1978a bully that works with lenny and squiggy is always pushing them around. 4, episode 24: shirley and the older man15 may 1979shirley starts seeing an older rich gentleman. later the 2 men try to 'cash in' and make a play for them.[a few seconds later when laverne and shirley came up to lenny & squiggy's apartment turned lenny upside down to make him cough the comb out]. not just walking but, seemingly awake, he becomes "the duke of squigman" and lenny must protect him then. also telling how a call from shirley's mom & frank defazio refusing to let laverne leave home,almost broke up their friendship. may 1976a german delivery man passes out in their living room and laverne and shirley go into a panic. How old should you be to do online dating -

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shotz,puts lenny and squiggy in charge of lining up talent for his annual show.: me and squiggy was talking and we decided that your kid oughta have a last name.: a man with peanut butter beckons and off you go? 4, episode 3: playing the roxy19 september 1978shirley's read of stripper roxy latoure. so shirley asks lenny and squiggy to go catch her but they refuse. will edna abandon the girls and tenants in her anger? the boys turn the show upside down with their crazy antics and answers. will the girls help him grin and bear it and find his place in his new land?[shirley wakes up in her hospital bed after laverne was asked out by her doctor]. 2 - laverne sees shirley is missing,lenny & squiggy attempt a rescue and no bald man on the train is above suspicion. 5, episode 15: you oughta be in pictures14 january 1980with a movie about to be filmed in milwaukee, the excited girls try out for parts and land the leading roles. shirley has a whirl-wind romance with a man called ensign benson. 4, episode 10: chorus line21 november 1978despite her pop's doubts,laverne and carmine travel to chicago to tryout for the musical west side story. the girls & the guys play peacemaker for the two and have an anniversary party in the couple's unstable trailer home.[ after shirley gives her free nylons she got at gas station]. 2, episode 13: playing hooky11 january 1977laverne and shirley call in sick to take a day off of work and have fun; they go on a bike ride, go to the park and meet two men who they have a great time with, until they're arrested for solicitation. her fear causes her to run and hide,so the gang must find her before her appendix fails her for good. laverne's sure he wants a date,shirley thinks he wants her job.. singles bar scene is a no-go for the girls and they decide to try their luck at a ski resort..

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: [to shirley, after seeing her stuffed chest] look at you! 5, episode 19: the collector11 february 1980in need of better and faster income,carmine compromises his principles and becomes a debt collector for a local loan shark. 6, episode 15: the bardwell caper: part 110 march 1981passed over for a raise,shirley pens a note to the boss. carmine teaches her the steps and moves but will laverne's audition run as smooth? 8, episode 14: the rock and roll show25 january 1983impressed by chuck's chops on the harmonica,laverne advises him to start a band., american style as (segment "love and the baby derby") (2 episodes, 1973).. the kgb mistakes squig for the dancer and threaten his life. is it really worth it to get even with carmine for dating another?: [to shirley] what do you say we go to the drive-in, and you let me run amuck? when they and lenny and squiggy go to buy the couch they find out she may be right. 5, episode 25: the diner6 may 1980lenny and squiggy come into some money and invest in a run-down diner.: i know that voice, and i hate the person it's attached to! when they come back they find the baby gone, the guys say someone came saying he's the father and took the baby. 7, episode 6: night at the awards24 november 1981the "squignowsi talent agency" duo of len & squig decide to crash the 'golden circle' awards,on 'live' tv,in an effort to talk to female actress joey heatherton and have her read their new screenplay,hoping she'll star in it. 4, episode 6: laverne & shirley go to night school17 october 1978shirley takes up a night school medical assistance class. 6, episode 12: to tell the truth17 february 1981on a rainy night,rhonda brings over a game called "truth" for the girls and their friends to play. she accepts and laverne is happy to welcome edna to the family. it's up to laverne & a handsome male ballet dancer to rescue him and help the other two escape. 1, episode 12: hi, neighbor27 april 1976squiggy and lenny move into the girls' building, making them all neighbors.

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guillaume, ‘benson’ star and voice of rafiki in ‘lion king,’ dies at 89. who will warm his heart and whose hopes will be extinguished? [shirley smiles and leaves lenny & squiggy's apartment] wants to marry me and have my baby. standing, l-r: carole ita white, phil foster, eddie mekka, betty garrett.: touch my "l," sweetie, and your teeth go to peoria! 3, episode 14: the horse show17 january 1978shirley's rescues a white horse. 5, episode 9: we're in the army, now: part 115 november 1979denied promotions at work, the girls resign and join the army, expecting a new level of respect. the girls and their players must make this happen but still want to make a show that will,in the end,rock mr. 4, episode 11: laverne and shirley move in28 november 1978the girls tell edna about the time they planned to move into their apartment after high school.: i demand to speak to the vile and loathsome creature that runs this wicked inferno! they deal with a bratty boy, but they make it long enough to finally get aboard and say bon voyage. but when someone asks them out, they play odds and even to see who stays with the baby and shirley who usually wins loses. she said28 september 1976shirley wants to buy a car but needs half of laverne's money to afford it. 7, episode 12: watch the fur fly19 january 1982after shirley,scolds rhonda for wearing fur,the girls go to a party with foreign guests. 7, episode 22: perfidy in blue11 may 1982shirley's lost or misplaced laverne's favorite blue purse..Season 5, episode 16: the beatnik show21 january 1980a visit to a local beatnik coffeehouse does not impress laverne much but shirley's enamored of the culture and soon is dressing,speaking and acting like a beatnik herself. soon,they meet their new neighbors and are quickly shook up at california ways. 7, episode 5: the defiant one17 november 1981shirley's unwittingly swept up at a foiled bank robbery scene,as police mistake her for a gang member. 7, episode 21: crime isn't pretty4 may 1982a burglar has been breaking in and stealing select items from the girls' place while they're at work.  Dating for down syndrome-

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: yeah and there's gigan, and uh rodan and ghidorah and i think mothra makes a rare cameo appearance. 2, episode 2: angels of mercy5 october 1976shirley talks laverne into volunteering with her at the hospital. 1, episode 1: the society party27 january 1976laverne defazio and shirley feeney mingle at a dinner party that's being given by their boss's family.: shirl, believe me, i'm not sick, and there's nothing in this place that will make me sick.: hair all grungy, full of goo, shake and brush out, quicky poo![discussing shirley's interest in the ladies auxiliary milwaukee police, a. she tries to get close by having shirley fake that she's doomed.: nobody wants anything that's been chewed up and spit out. after he leaves,laverne gets the not so bright idea to throw a beach party, inviting all - and inviting a storm of trouble. can the girls save vicki and the old deb spirit as well? whenever we're in trouble, we face it hand in hand.: [referring to ribs] just the way the customers like them… lean and greasy. 3, episode 10: shirley's operation6 december 1977dressed as alice in wonderland for a local children's play,shirley ends up going to the hospital instead to get her appendix out.: [gets off of laverne's legs and gives her the note] what do you think?: [speaking about laverne and shirley] you know the old saying - girls without looks make the best cooks. 4, episode 18: lenny's crush13 february 1979laverne shows lenny a kindness and then gives him a kiss. the girls find out and do all possible to save him and return him to his lovable self.[after the water pressure is turned off, and shirley needs to rinse her hair]. 8, episode 10: the gymnast14 december 1982a once famous gymnast takes a shine to laverne but laverne sees a glaring truth (and danger) that she may be just a replacement for his former love and partner, whose picture she finds at his place.

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