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 cnblue   jungyonghwa   kangminhyuk   leejonghyun   parkshinhye   leejungshin   jungilwoo   yongshin   dooleycouple   yongshincouple. just some hours after the news was released and everyone's buzzing about this drama. jong hyun is so very sexy and talented in so many ways. chance and choice collide, how much will they give for a taste of forever? jong hyun and seung yeon’s reunion is going to happen!“when the world of band and traditional music lover collides. the album debuted at number seven on the weekly oricon albums chart[7] and number nine on billboard japan magazine's hot albums,[8] eventually selling 13,529 copies. jong-hyun and gong seung-yeon has a really short season on wgm. leejonghyun seoyuna cnblue aoa jungyonghwa choijonghoon leejungshin kwonmina shinhyejeong kimseolhyun fncfamily.

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i wish she smiled and laughed like that to me, if only i was. just finished watching this drama and i really liked it. hahaha jonghyun ssi is there any role you cannot play? soo-jung (kong seung-yeon) is a top star and she is very arrogant. then, upon watching english singer-songwriter and guitarist eric clapton playing the guitar, he was inspired to learn to play the guitar. he is the lead guitarist and vocalist of south korean rock band cnblue. i really wish they had shown on dal seeing the city and experiencing the future. started watching this series as a random choice on netflix because i wanted to watch something out of the blue, the beginning of the show felt a bit "meh" for me since i thought it was trying too hard to be funny, but over time it grew on me and i noticed that the characters developed (especially su-jeong), and i started to love it. jonghyun's acting was really funny, he's really suited to a comedy role, though i also laughed at his some awkward acting, his acting improved a lot too after his stint in orange marmalade.

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it is a story of redemption, of survival, and of forgiveness. its easy to marathon it in abt 12 hrs, with its comedy and somewhat unique plot. chose not to use archive warningshongki/junieljuniel lee hongki hongki choi junhee. lee jonghyun im yoona jung yonghwa seohyun lee [email protected] ahn hee [email protected] cnblue snsd.çaisitaliano日本語türkçeespañolpусскийpolskiportuguês (pt)português (br)nederlands한국어简体中文繁體中文 (台灣)繁體中文 (香港)bahasa indonesiaहिंदी. he will do anything to make money, but in fact he is generous to the weak and poor. without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of hangul and hanja. was an ulzzang at "bestnine" alongside mblaq's lee joon, fellow member jung yong-hwa, and block b's jaehyo before debut. without all of the freezes (which kdrama fans are more likely to expect from the end of an episode) and padding with showing over-saturated flashbacks (some even from the same episode) i'm convinced the show would have been able to fit in a whole other episode's worth of plot.

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i was really hoping that would happen towards the ending and was left somewhat unsatisfied. their natural closeness and honesty about their feelings for each other seemed real and genuine., just great to have an historical drama to take that "drama watching to ease" with no sense of humor and silly moments with a touch of villains chaos, outstanding performances with all casting members & two thumbs up to the writer and director, live on dal. think this is after sbs saturday and sunday drama called our gap/gab soon so wait it might be starting on soon."even being alone, it's better than sitting next to your lover and feeling lonely. jong-hyun (hangul: 이종현; pronounced [iː dʑoːŋ hjəːn]; born on may 15, 1990) is a south korean musician, singer-songwriter and actor. as much as i enjoyed it and the cast's chemistty, i couldnt help but think the whole ptoject could havebeen better executed- you may notice the makeup is overly white to the point that actors sometimes look green + sick, tacky freeze frames in the first half of the series (made me think the ep would end) and stretched out recaps of the prev episode at every beginning., together with jung, has composed many of the band's released songs, such as "blind love", "lie", "rain of blessing", "kimio", "my miracle", "come on", "no more", "these days" etc. course a lot of things were silly or off the chart but it's a drama and it was very entertaining, not slow at all.

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they are my most favorite couple in wgm and i'm so happy they'll be having their drama! conclusion also felt a bit disappointing, i get that they were implying they continued to see each other but the on dal didn't have a lasting impression despite their marriage, and his poor mum never got an ending! by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. "ye won-henry and lee jong hyun-gong seung yeon couples to begin we got married life on march 14". show is so amazing,funny and best couple ever #well played, ?: 1990 birthsjapanese-language singersk-pop singersenglish-language singers of south korea21st-century south korean male actorslee jong-hyunliving peoplepeople from busansouth korean composerssouth korean idolssouth korean male singerssouth korean pop rock singerssouth korean pop guitaristssouth korean pop singerssouth korean rhythm and blues singerssouth korean rock guitaristssouth korean male television actorscnblue memberssouth korean singer-songwriterssouth korean male film actorssouth korean musiciansseoul arts high school alumnischool of performing arts seoul alumniking of mask singer contestantswarner music japan artistshidden categories: cs1 uses korean-language script (ko)cs1 korean-language sources (ko)cs1 uses japanese-language script (ja)cs1 japanese-language sources (ja)pages containing links to subscription-only contentarticles lacking reliable references from march 2016all articles lacking reliable referencesuse mdy dates from october 2014articles containing korean-language textarticles with hcardswikipedia articles with musicbrainz identifiers. oct 2036, cnblue hold their 25th anniverysary japan major debut concert, that just the 27th anniversary of [you’re beautiful] aired and 27th anniversary of jungyonghwa’s debut. just finished watching this drama and i can't explain my feelings right now. i bet jonghyun waited a long time to gain that kiss! Making an attractive dating profile

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^ "lee jong-hyun and bona cast for kbs drama "lingerie girls' generation"". archive warnings applynam taehyun/song minho | minonam taehyun song minho | mino choi junhee | junielalternate universe - harry potter setting slytherin gryffindor quidditch fluff cute nosebleed spells & enchantments swearing.) to the over use of flashbacks to the point of tediousness and the copious mid-scene freezes per episode the storytelling can begin to drag. really wanted to see them as a couple again and my dream came true, its the second chance for them, i hope this time something good would happen about their relationship. he uses a variety of guitars, including a prs artist v, a paul reed smith custom 22, a gibson les paul historic reissue goldtop, a carvin custom, a martin hd-28v acoustic, a tobacco burst fender stratocaster and a moollon telecaster. if you take out the extra padding for run time, work on makeup application with such high res shooting, and suspend your disbelief for a bit you find yourself watching a thoroughly good drama with likeable, flawed characters and pretty good writing. and i can't talk about this drama without mentioning how amazing lee jonghyun is in this! i just really loved this show and the actors and the characters and the plots.[13][14] he earned positive reception for his debut role and won the "new star" award at the year-end sbs drama awards. What do you ask a girl on a date

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his family moved back to busan and he finished his elementary school and middle school there. images of lee jong-hyun (‘cnblue’) and kong seung-yeon's first kiss scene. on dan and soo jung always bickering and fighting like kids. to him, love is a game only worth playing as long as victory was guaranteed, and there was no prize greater than the challenge itself.! i especially love how they emphasized the whole time travel bit throughout the show instead of just talking about it in the beginning and end !, lee jonghyun sometimes had awkward face expressions in this drama but he was bearable., defiant and untouchable, she lives with the sins of her past.^ "suju kyuhyun, tvxq’s max changmin, shinee’s minho and more to head to india for new variety show". charming, handsome, and ruthless, he had his world on a string.

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. i remember watching this couple on the reality show wgm and it is kilig. dal will be reincarnate as lee jonghyun, a top actor also singer. they r so adorable together and lee gong takes good care of gong seung too. the show definitely has its flaws and messes some things up, but man, they sure can make you care about the main characters. primarily uses a range of marshall and orange amplifiers, notably jvm410 and jcm2000 tsl models when on stage. the creators of "a moment's choice" comes "a leap of faith", the story of joon's manager and the woman who comes into his life just when he thought he had figured it all out. his family consists of his parents and two older sisters. -with this strange random idea- *what a strange author* mianhae guys. please shower me with lots of love and comments so i can improve along the way ^.

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if being hit by a bludger and falling off your broom wasn’t bad enough, it all has to happen in front of that annoyingly cute slytherin. the first two concerts took place from august 9–10 at the osaka international convention center in osaka, followed by a concert on august 13 at the nagoya congress center in aichi, and two final concerts from august 17–18 at the tokyo international forum in tokyo. the plot, when we actually got to it, is funny and engaging with a good tempering of emotion and silliness.[scans] romantic j - lee jonghyun & juniel for marie claire jan 2014 issuescans by jcn0 cnbluelee jonghyunjonghyunjunielromantic j222 notesloading. a woman of principle and belief, her mistakes cloud her present. i am happy to see jonghyun and seungyeon acting together. and the story of how lee jung jin fell in love, the woman he fell in love with, and the inexplicable, irresistible power of destiny. love them both <3 good drama i've been waiting this for almost 4 months and it's worth it :) is this possible to have season 2 when i searched it there is season so i think there will be season 2 i really really hope so :) looking forward another drama of teamjonghyun. chose not to use archive warningslee jonghyun/choi juniellee jonghyun choi junhee | junielromance fluff teenagers hurt/comfort.CNBLUE's Jonghyun and Juniel unveil their kiss scene in 'Love Falls'

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 angst   jungyonghwa   kangminhyuk   leejonghyun   parkshinhye   leejungshin   yongshin   happyending   dooleycouple   yongshincouple.[6] inspired by the movie music and lyrics, the song was compose by lee, with lyrics written by juniel. where minho is a pig-headed gryffindor and taehyun is a slytherin with plenty of sass to go around. log in to enable more search filters and sort options. my relationship with jonghyun is like najung and trash in earlier episode (of reply 1994).^ "lee jong-hyun and gong seung-yeon to leave ‘we got married’". august 2, 2015, lee held his first solo fan meeting in japan at the tokyo international forum and met with 10,000 fans. not as good as his band member yonghwa and minhyuk but i admit that he has his own charm and it won't make you bored. i felt such a heartache at the end of the show and cried a couple of times, incredible chemistry that develops slowly over time and feels real. What to get a girl your not dating for christmas

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eventually, only the three of them passed the auditions and lee began training in bass technology at fnc academy.'ve been watching kdrama's since 2010, and i love this show so much ! they’re dating later on, but i never understand it (why they are dating). two people with two separate and distinct pasts create a future together? (march 2016) (learn how and when to remove this template message). i just heard about this drama and it sounds short and sweet. wrote this kind of story since i was writing my main ff and suddenly the idea popped out and i just created a new file, and started to write this story. known for her looks, intelligence and for being the heiress of kyuden hotel, many wanted to be her while others hate her to death.  comedy   leejonghyun   minhyuk   romance   seohyun   yonghwa   yongseo   junshin   gongseungyeon   gonglee. First dating message sample | CN Blue Jonghyun & Juniel Couple - Home | Facebook

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simple story about a girl and a guy in their ordinary worlds. gong seungyeon, lee jonghyun, jung yonghwa, lee minhyuk, lee jungshin. i hope that i could hold her hand while she stares at me lovingly, if only i was. before this song jae rim and kim so eun in drama 'our gab soon' and now this? this show gave me my love from another star and scarlet heart ryeo feels! i also love how their love grew gradually with time, and how the boy didn't go from jerk to nice guy right away just for the girl. and he will be in a show called we got married with sujung who change her name to seungyeon hahahaha. talent scouter from fnc music (currently known as fnc entertainment) who visited busan to see jung, came across lee in the street, and suggested him to audition at the company. suddenly, she goes back in time to the goryeo era and meets on dal (lee jong-hyun).
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i fell in love with jonghyun and seungyeon's chemistry since they were in wgm and i am so happy to see them doing a drama together. lee jong- hyun is a sexy handsome man and from the looks of things also knows how to kiss. jong-hyun and kong seung-yeon appeared together as a couple on mbc tv show “we got married” from march 14, 2015 to august 29, 2015. the duo subsequently promoted the song through mnet's m countdown and sbs mtv's the show.^ "cn blue’s lee jong hyun and juniel to release duet album". the show feels more mature later on and starts to focus more on the love between su-jeong and on dal, and the conflict of them (su-jeong and sam-young) staying or not. before their korean debut, they debuted as an indie band, with lee being the leader, in japan in august 2009. anticipating to watch again their superb onscreen chemistry, the most realistic, sweet, and natural couple in wgm. i am silently screaming when i heard about it and at the same time dying inside coz i wanted to shout it out loud but technically i can’t do that in the office.
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think after kim soeun and song jaerim, all wgm couple will pairing at drama? jung yong-hwa then took over his place following the band's korean debut.* takuya kimura and masami nagasawa cast in movie "masquerade hotel".” junieljonghyunromantic jthats it thats how the break up went downi'm just kiddingwhat are you both doing tbhgifs7856 notesloading. i remember watching another drama they did (it was japanese), and it was so good so i already had high hopes going into this. lee jong hyun improved a lot and i hope to see him more on other drama series. the actors are spot on in their line delivery and are very believable. from obvious lace front seams and time lord technology van (really, how did all of the modern day things fit into that thing? jonghyun (john lee) is a 28 years old banker turned-to-be photographer.

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