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Marriage, Not Dating (watching on viki) Romantic Comedy. Currently

tried watching marriage without dating and possibly could have enjoyed it. first episode was the most painful pilot to watch: the men were simply terrible (not even the cool type of arrogant you get to see in so many dramas, where you get to see the guy's actual potential behind the surface. drama for once i did not cry throughout the drama! maybe a lot of people enjoyed watching this but i'd rather move on to another kdrama that will suit my taste.

Marriage, Not Dating (watching on viki) Romantic Comedy. Currently

Marriage, Not Dating Episode 4 - 연애 말고 결혼 - Watch Full

“marriage, not dating” is a 2014 south korean drama series directed by song hyun sook. what i've seen in the first 6 episodes, it can pretty much explain as to why most of the characters are stiff on this one but it's not being delivered in one huge blow which is a big plus for me. that the marriage is not just about you and me, but family too! tvN Presents  Introverted Boss 내성적인 보스   Director Song Hyun-Wook (Another Miss Oh, Marriage Not Dating)   Writer .

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yeon woojin must be a fantastic actor, because he's not my type at all, yet i completely fell for him in this drama. can't stand watching this drama, cannot even finish the first episode. it is pretty boring if the writer had not wrapped it in comedy."marriage not dating" takes over the tvn fri & sat 20:50 time slot previously occupied by "gabdong, the memories of murder” and followed by "plus nine boys" 2014.

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i think ki tae need someone like jang mi who never give up in love, a loving person and a straight forwad yet not a hypocrite person. full episodes free online of the tv series Marriage, Not Dating Episode 1 with subtitles. yoon doo-joon was given an initial offer to star in tvn’s new romantic-comedy drama introverted boss, but he passed on the role and the offer has gone to yeon woo-jin; now there’s a very good chance that marriage not dating’s lead actor, pd song hyun-wook, and writer joo hwa-mi will be reuniting on their next project. saw 2 episode of this show but it's not interesting too much, maybe i stop watching this show.

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we are now in a modern world, but this is not what i am expecting whenever i watch a korean drama and series,korean always shows conservative side, well i i'll just look forward for their chemistry. wish there was a way to like yeo-reum but other than his looks there is nothing. ending is not enough i thought of a grand wedding. it didn't impose heavy idealism to the viewers but it did give some interesting points to ponder although it might not be obvious enough.

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i'm not worried about hyosung since she's just a supporting role but that female lead though. start watching "marriage not dating" for jinwoon and yeon woo jin (love u boys :) but it's a very great drama actually hehe.’ve heard a lot of good things about rising actress gong seung-yeon (master–god of noodle, six flying dragons), so i’m looking forward to seeing her in tvn’s new romantic comedy drama introverted boss, from the pd-writer team behind marriage not dating.’ve got a new addition to tvn’s upcoming monday-tuesday drama introverted boss, the latest project from the pd-writer team that brought us the fun romantic-comedy marriage not dating.

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i am sure there a lot of his fans here, unfortunately i am not one of them. i do hope that they will have another kdrama cause i'm gonna watch it.! love all the ep not one of the ep is boring ! without eiquette these people feed on others food, stay at others houses not being a proper guest or following house rules.

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jang mi is to put him and ki tae on a scale to choose the best, she'll still not find the difference. others may not appreciate him but he's such a natural comedian. this kdrama so much, i had never see kdrama before, this drama very good, nice story, romantic, comedy and will not bored to watch it, even you watch for the second, third, and so on. jang mi is his friend's ex (hoon dong), well it is not bad that she will be woo-jin's partner because that really happens in real life, but my excitement suddenly dropped and lost my interest when they showed and stated that they(jangmi and hoon dong) are even seeing in a hotel and they are already one year in a relationship.


her acting stills not good enough in wanted's role but i think she will okay with romcom. one of the best rom-com drama ever, made me laughed in all of episodes and the loveline also quite strong, plus i really the lead cast acting, so natural and expressive but not overact, especially yeon woo jin! jang-mi kong ki-tae is amazing cast i really love the way the portrait their character whether is serious comedy of any situation they can adjust easily hope you made another drama together i'm looking forward ,, the story can or any person can easily relate coz base on reality ,,,Cassedey aug 18 2014 7:16 am. the actor, actress, director, writer, and marriage not dating tim, thank you so much, 감사두립니다, 연애말고결혼가 2014년 최고해 드라마다!

Marriage not dating legendado online | Foutap

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a light hearted one, not one that will stress you out & i loveeee the main couple! could have been made better by not making the story coming back and forth. and hes not being b*tchy to gi tae or the whole fake marriage sruff! full episodes free online of the tv series Marriage, Not Dating Episode 6 with subtitles.

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i just can not stop watching jang mi and ki tae (both of you, han groo and yeon woo jin is seriously cute). can subtitle on viki and be part of the community too! her status, she tries her best not to stand out or become the center of attention.'m not much of a fun of the leadman though i've already seen him in arang.

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yes it went a little flat at the middle but not boring and it picked up towards the end. see the full list of ost songs played in this drama just google marriage not dating ost and click the first link which is the dramawiki link! the character of jang mi was always funny and caring, though she was not a genius character, not all women are insanely smart, but she does use her brain. can subtitle on viki and be part of the community too!

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.I feel like the pd is a secret fan, first there was han sunhwa in marriage not dating and now its hyosung. a comment name (required) mail (required but will not be published) websitecomments. i'm not worried about hyosung since she's just a supporting role but that female lead though.* park eun-bin & yeon woo-jin cast in sbs drama "nothing to lose".

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----watching the first episode, i hope this would not be a waste of time. not dating is the newest friday-saturday offering from tvn, and i’ve been enjoying it immensely for its witty banter, laugh-out-loud humor, and its refreshing take on romance. i do not feel sorry for her when she was fired as she has not taken her work seriously bit too engrossed to get involved in a relationship. “marriage, not dating” is a 2014 south korean drama series directed by song hyun sook.

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