Matthew bomer simon halls dating

Matthew bomer simon halls dating

bomer had been on guiding light and tru calling by the time they got together, and had been up for the role of superman. simon is warmer and kinder than i expected, great at working the crowd. there were rumors here and there that halls beat up an old boyfriend but people started talking when bomer was papped outside the plastic surgeons with a big scratch on his face. strange that simon went with him considering they have three young kids. the fan theory is that one of the twins is simon's and one is matt's? about matt bomer abound: anyone posting the bs about matt having aspergers are fucking idiots (i have a nephew who is high functioning aspergers and he would never be able to interact with strangers in any way, much less act);the obsessives who constantly conjecture about the kids biology - if you were co-parenting 3 kids why on earth would you ever state any particulars publicly about who belongs to who for the kids sake.. matt gets a scratch on his face --> why, that must mean simon is a vicious spouse-abuser who beats the shit out of his partner!"when i was in high school, there was no safe haven, there was no outlet for you to speak your mind," the 34-year-old white collar star said last night at gay student advocacy group glsen's respect awards, where he and his partner, simon halls, were honored with the inspiration award., one of hollywood's most powerful publicists, spoke of his and bomer's three sons. an unrelated note, really unfair that simon is the only one who gets to fuck him.

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anyone who bases any part of their opinion of bomer on the vile crap (based on nothing but mental illness) posted here is an idiot. clarify a few things:1) bomer was first outed when photos of him passionately kissing an ex (iirc it was white) made their way onto the web, via still-unknown means. bomer knew he was gay when he was a teenager, but coming out wasn't an option. image search "matt bomer tru calling" to see the old noseby anonymousreply 5405/28/2014. bomer will be doing a guest spot on the coming season of american horror story. what i've seen i'd say halls is the father of the oldest and they are each the father of one of the twins. disturbs me to think that this crazy troll who spams every matt bomer thread exists. are one or two interviews where bomer "breaks character" that are fascinating to watch. ask this because simon has always taken the leading role in that relationship, but now with matt's fame things may change."when that happens, when you aren't allowed to speak about who you are, one of the most authentic parts of who you are, which is who you love or who you're attracted to, feels invisible," said bomer, who publicly came out in february.

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yes they were the same year although quinto i believe was in the core drama program and bomer majored in musical theater..Six degrees connectionsconnect any celebrity with simon halls to see how closely they are linked. know posters try to dismiss the rumors of bomer possibly having asperger's, but he definitely gets that overstimulated look on his face from time to time. matt bomer thread on dl seriously makes me fear of the safety of matt bomer, his partner and their children. bomer is genial but has a "scripted" quality - i guess that's what you are calling "calculated". opinion of bomer has really diminished after reading this thread. however, what's being posted about bomer is *none* of the above, but rather the delusional rantings of a small cadre of posters. bomer’s father is john bomer, a former footballer with the dallas cowboys. i'm also not even a particularly big fan of bomer's. simon is the unofficial pr guy for matt, so it's possible he arrived there a day or two in advance.

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the other one looks a little like bomer but has blonde hair like simon."you are the example that the rest of our country needs to wake up and see in terms of equality and putting an end to the bullying epidemic and making sure that every family is respected in our schools and our society," said manganiello, who also went to college with bomer. sorry guys, simon is the only one who gets to enjoy that ass as he wants, don't hate! even if they had a clunker of an episode i just enjoyed watching bomer and dekay together, and i like garson too. while i've no doubt bomer has some sort of god complex - he did, after all, order a biological child and then pretend he was not his father for his own selfish gain - i doubt he takes the precautions of sending an advance team to prepare for his arrival à la the pope. collins e matt bomer para yahootv no sony pictures television social soiree. problem with bomer is that there is no real gossip about him, which frankly is a good thing. i'm sure bomer got hot for ruffalo while filming those scenes. halls and matt bomer have been married for 6 years since 2011. bomermatt bomerchief executivesimon hallsthe chiefsdallas cowboysdatingfatherforwardmatt bomer is dating simon halls.

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again, the shit thrown at matt bomer on dl is outrageous and made up. after bomer went to new york to shoot white collar, there were rumors that bomer was spending his weekends in new york instead of flying out to la to see the family (this includes before and after tnh's three-week shoot. you look it the kid's faces it is pretty clear that hall is the father of the eldest and bomer and hall each fathered one of the twins.[quote]so the fan theory is that one of the twins is simon's and one is matt's?) certain dlers have an utterly bizarre fixation on this man, and possibly even more so his partner simon halls; as such, all manner of wild rumors are fabricated out of thin air about the two (e. guy spamming the bomer threads was one of the crazy, unhinged trolls who had an irrational hate-on for matt. more of his assets (and i mean bomer, not mcbongo)!'t bomer have about the same amount of money as hall?, a few weeks before white collar's ny shoot began that may, bomer was papped sporting a huge scratch on his cheek. i looked at photos of the kids and two have simon's face and one has bomer's eyes and face.

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hadn't noticed previously, but in the bath house scene in the normal heart, it seems that ruffalo's hand gets very close and personal with bomer's butt. bomer is gorgeous but i even like hot daddy dekay better, woof![quote]bomer fathered one or more of them, regardless of how "obvious" it seems to certain fixated posters. was "outed" by perez hilton the weekend after white collar premiered, probably on halls's orders, because they've been cosy every since. the pics of simon trying to be affectionate while matt sits upright like a plank of wood are bizarre. and simon bought their house in 2011, that fits with getting married three years ago."true blood star and bomer's magic mike costar, joe manganiello, presented the couple with the award. was up for superman flyby at the same time as bomer back in 2003, they may have known each other from then. is hot in that picture, but i'm amused that the troll who hates simon so much is also the only one obsessed enough to stalk instagram for any appearance. jfc, you think halls adopted the kids and did the w article on ivf children for shits?

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trolls write so much shit about matt bomer, it's amazing. would make sense to me, that, outside of maybe a very small circle of friends, everyone else was told they were all simon's children. met both simon and matt at the normal heart premiere. bomer, an actor, has worked on “chuck” and “northern shore”. he told them simon halls was his boyfriend, and that all of simon's kids were simon's bio kids. halls is known for being very charismatic which he can turn on and off like a switch. the level of desperation in dl trying to prove that matt bomer is one hell of an actor is becoming worse everyday.) contrary to r12/r16's assertions, there is no proof whatsoever that any of the halls-bomer kids are bio kids (though it's *probably* true, it's never been confirmed as *definitely* true), and certainly no proof that bomer fathered one or more of them, regardless of how "obvious" it seems to certain fixated posters.) during the summer, halls was also photographed several times without his wedding ring, including one very conspicuous photo at toronto. i have a feeling simon gave it to him - he's a buddhist!

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bomer had to fight russell crowe in his new movie."after bomer went to new york to shoot white collar, there were rumors that bomer was spending his weekends in new york instead of flying out to la to see the family"his family was in new yorkby anonymousreply 13107/11/2014.'m sure halls put as much elbow grease into getting that award as bomer did. halls is one of the chief executive officers of pmk/ hbh agency. hallssimon hallssimon hallssimon hallssimon hallssimon hallssimon hallssimon hallssimon hallssimon hallssimon hallssimon halls. we had an entertainment reporter post on here that they wouldn't dare ask bomer about his personal life. parentkitmale200512 years oldmatt bomerwalkermale20089 years oldmatt bomerhenrymale20089 years oldmatt bomer. he seems to go a little overboard at keeping the youthful look so simon wouldn't dump him for a much younger bottom. bomer and spouse simon halls say 'awesome' to supreme court ruling.. r17's comment about bomer having asperger's, which is fucking ridiculous).

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bomer's old boyfriend was the same guy david burtka was with pre-nph? symptoms include short attention span, inability to complete tasks, lethargy, a slackening of the facial skin and compulsively trying to make people believe that matt bomer will have a career after whatever little cable show he's on right now. the "simon halls' bag of oranges" thing based on anything real? was allegedly dating burtka before he got together with bomer. they were dating for 3 years after getting together in 2008 and were married in 2011. he was photographed with halls and the children during this time, so obviously he was spending time with them.'m reading a matt bomer thread for the first time because i can't fathom how each one, and there seems to be at least one a week, each one gets 200, 300, or more replies. was likely telling people that he was helping raise simon's children. is obviously the father of one of the twins, but he and simon lied about it. bomer is ugly and simon halls is a fame whore who rides lee pace's coattails.

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they announced how many kids are simon's biologically and how many are matt's? relationshiprelationshipssimon halls has had no other relationships that we know of. he suffers from the same illness that matt bomer has? = insane "bag of oranges" loonme = dler, here since '99, gay male, not a "fangurl," and sick & fucking tired of the endless array of unmedicated, mentally ill dler obsessions with certain gay celebrities (bomer and anderson cooper topping the list, along with kristen stewart/rob pattinson - thankfully the jake gyllenhaal crazies have at least moved on)by anonymousreply 2205/27/2014. ladies love cute guys, especially if they have a docile quality like bomer."i ask this because simon has always taken the leading role in that relationship"that shows how much you know. the entire basis is that you think one of these kids favor bomer?[quote]these trolls write so much shit about matt bomer, it's amazing. did bomer have much of a career at the time they got together? knows when they met, they most likely have been together since 2004, when bomer left the old boyfriend and reappeared in los angeles with a new nose.

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he is doing the grasping thing in the pap shoot where he whipped his bio-kid out (not the one in this photo; simon is holding him). probably the oddest part has been bomer having to spend half the year in nyc filming "white collar" (while the kids stayed home in l. wonder if halls got the first kid on his own before they were together. what would bomer say if people asked if they were his kids or whatever? pissed would you be if you could have had bomer's genetics and instead wound up with simon's?. with simon and, presumably, a nanny or two), but that's over now. bomer fans get so pressed over any gossip it's ridiculous. really really loved that matt kissed simon when he won the critics choice award. as for simon, i think he just longed for something different. we need a thread to discuss matt bomer's beautiful ass.

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