Max acceptable matchmaking ping console

Max acceptable matchmaking ping console

to maximising your cs:go's performance by increasing your fps, fixing fps drops and lowering your ping. that you can bind only one action to a key with this menu meaning that you won't be able to assign jumping both to space and mouse wheel, for instance.

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: the command: net_client_steamdatagram_disable_region_ping_measurement has been removed by valve in the latest update, so we are not able to deactivate the new networking system anymore! will find the information about tweaking your crosshair, weapon adjustments, and other cool stuff in a dedicated article about the console commands.

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[–]xcurtx 0 points1 point2 points 12 months ago (7 children)valve already broke it again, console now doesn't recognize the command for net_client_steamdatagram_disable_region_ping_measurement 1. the command for it is fps_max which you put in console.

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CS:GO max acceptable matchmaking ping error message FIX

with /u/maddada_ , the creator of the matchmaking server picker, we managed to find a fix for the new steamdatarelay system, that valve has implemented in the last update! gold[–]billthecrazy 0 points1 point2 points 7 months ago (0 children)guys i have a problem if i play solo i can find server but if i play matchmaking with my friends we cant find game and after 3 minutes its say that we cant find servers with acceptable ping.

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(new york is the best ping wise) i recommend privatetunnel, 200mb free per signup, but you can go around it and make multiple accounts. (for the time being, we hope) i recommend you get a free/paid vpn and do your matchmaking from there!

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gold[–]generalduckyibuypower fan[s] 0 points1 point2 points 8 months ago (3 children)if they are from na, you could try to make your ping limit something like 100, and they should set theirs to 50 or less. we had true fans that supported us in every aspect"205 · 40 comments styko incredible jumping headshot to win game249 · 16 comments cs:go finally ad-friendly on youtube again?

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in case you really need it you can always use console and the 'bind' comman. gold[–]kyuunex 0 points1 point2 points 12 months ago (4 children)after the update, i noticed net_client_steamdatagram_disable_region_ping_measurement command and started using it.

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gold[–]kyuunex 0 points1 point2 points 12 months ago (0 children)i think everything connected to internet has an ip and the console only shows us codified names. 13: added steamwebhelper sectionupdate 12: added realtek sectionupdate 11: edited nvidia sectionupdate 10: added radeonpro to amd section, added new way to fix fps drops, added battleping to ping section and some small grammar changes.

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:go high ping fix a on wifi connection for windows 10. to solve cs:go high ping - fix cs:go matchmaking issues.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update for 10/28/16 (10/29/16 UTC

solve this problem you will have to:Launch csgo, open the console and type:Net_client_steamdatagram_disable_region_ping_measurement 1;. gold[–]cow321faze clan fan 0 points1 point2 points 12 months ago (4 children)no it doesen't work im so confused i was thinking why did the net_client_steamdatagram_disable_region_ping_measurement 1; didn't work lul.

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for example, if we block relays everywhere except na, if i connect from eu, it will connect to na relay and i doubt that na relay will send us back to eu because it will add more ping, so we'll probably end up on na servers. now go into the matchmaking server picker, select the servers you want to play on, and go back into the game!

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