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[4] that year, peter hand brewing was purchased by a group of investors, renamed meister brau brewing, and lite was soon introduced as meister brau lite, a companion to their flagship meister brau. at the 2010 and 2014 great american beer festival, miller lite won the gold medal for best american style lager or light lager, beating out miller genuine draft, which received the bronze.

Miller Lite - Dating Commercial (Miller Lite Home Draft) 2010

in one of the last spots to feature dangerfield, the miller lite alumni are competing in a bowling match. as the series of commercials went on, it began featuring athletes and celebrities of all sorts.

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    footballer/actor bubba smith proclaims at the end of a spot, "i also like the easy-opening can," then proceeds to tear off the entire top third of an aluminum miller lite can. they were hallmarked as such either at the beginning or the end of the commercial.
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    december 2013, as part of a product placement marketing campaign with the film anchorman 2: the legend continues, miller reintroduced the 1974 navy-blue blackletter font "lite" packaging on its 16-us-fluid-ounce (470 ml) cans for a limited time (the original 1972 cans used a light-blue script logo)..Mix - miller lite - dating commercial (miller lite home draft) 2010youtube.
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    ^ people really think miller lite in vintage-style cans tastes better consumerist (09/02/2014). the series of "dick" commercials was directed by gerald casale of the new wave band devo.
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1995-1996, miller lite ran the "life is good" campaign, which showed miller lite drinkers' aspirational transition to more fun via a miller lite bottle tap, like "beach rewind", where three men on a beach admired three beautiful women walking by, and could rewind, and enjoy, the scene repeatedly." in 1992, light beers became the biggest domestic beer in america, and in 1998, miller relabeled its "lite" brand as "miller lite.

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the girls received much publicity from the commercial, and later starred in a few related commercials, videos and events. anheuser-busch played on the branding style of "lite" by highlighting the fact that their beer was called "bud light," as "everything else is just a light.

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an uncensored version of the commercial ended in the muddy beauties, stripped down to their underwear, sharing a passionate kiss. attract 'joe sixpack' to a light beer, these commercials started to feature both elite ex-athletes such as ray nitschke, ben davidson, and bubba smith but also oddball cultural figures such as mickey spillane (accompanied by a blonde, lee meredith, who is better known for her role as ulla, the secretary in the producers), and comedian rodney dangerfield.

Miller Lite - Dating Commercial (Miller Lite Home Draft) 2010

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2006, miller lite had an advertising campaign called man laws featuring celebrities that include actor burt reynolds, professional wrestler triple h, comedian eddie griffin, and former american football player jerome bettis. from the catfight commercial where a blonde and a brunette fight over whether miller lite beer tastes great or is less filling.

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in 1997, the company began advertising the miller lite brand on wallace's #2 penske racing car.^ miller lite brings back its white label, possibly also its mojo bloomberg businessweek (09/02/2014).

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the recipe was relaunched simply as "lite" on packaging and in advertising (with "lite beer from miller" being its "official" name until the late '90s) in the test markets of springfield, illinois, knoxville, tennessee, and san diego, california, in 1973, and heavily marketed using masculine pro sports players and other, so-called, macho figures of the day in an effort to sell to the key beer-drinking male demographic.] television commercials in the winter of 1993–1994 showing several fictitious "extreme sports" such as "wiener dog drag racing" (which featured two wiener dogs racing each other at a drag racing strip), "sumo high dive" (which depicted a japanese sumo wrestler diving off a platform) and "the miss perfect face-off" (which featured beauty pageant contestants playing ice hockey).

Miller Lite commercial: Love - L-L-Love - YouTube

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other brewers responded, in particular anheuser-busch with its heavily advertised bud light in 1982, which eventually overtook lite in sales by 1994. "teshome actor eddie barth dies; voiceover artist known for 1980s miller lite commercials".

Miller Lite TV Commercial, 'Miller Time With The Boys' -

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january 12, 1997, a series of surrealistic miller lite ads, purportedly made by a man named "dick", began to air. such commercials include one where a middle-aged man sees the message "twist to open" on a miller lite bottle cap, and he proceeds to do the twist.

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[13] the commercial featured two women, a blonde (tanya ballinger) and a brunette (kitana baker), discussing the classic "great taste/less filling" debate, except they engaged in a catfight, hence the ad's title, with the fight moving from a fountain to a mud pit, with the girls stripping each other of their clothing in the process.^ official miller lite brewers collection website archived 2008-07-05 at the wayback machine.

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