My boyfriend is on dating sites

the narcissist is a paradox of using empathy without caring. his treatment of barb is abusive, but she is putting up with it., paul mawdsley is 100% spot on, i lived with a man with npd and it was a roller coaster ride i chose to finally get off. of the most amazingly insightful, and accurate, observation of a narcissist i have ever read. i cut him a bit of slack as i was the first person he’d dated since losing his wife, and although i thought it was rather immature of him to be voraciously logging on to dating sites once we’d started sleeping together, i let him get on with it and didn’t really worry about it too much. existential question:If a man cheats openly on his live-in girlfriend, is he actually a cheater? don’t we all deserve to be with someone who is caring and genuine when it comes to how they treat us? the answer is to step out of the game and pull the covers off…step out of the matrix and see what is real.  your boyfriend is 60 – mine was 27 – it doesn’t matter what the age is – it takes immense work to actually change – and most people don’t have what it takes to do it., if he’s been two years and she’s tolerated this crap — it’s unlikely she’ll make a stand / move like that. openly displaying his online activity is openly displaying his power in the relationship, showing pride in being able to manipulate another’s perception to the point where he can get away with continued online dating activity. the first one was a stunning looking guy, womaniser, who said he wanted me to be his girlfriend after about 3 months but actually just wanted to keep me “in his stables” whilst he was constantly on the look out for new conquests. i would expect the bf will do what he has to do to keep the game going until he can turn it in his favour and continue milking as much as he can from the relationship.  the moment i walked was when he’s making fake phone calls to cover up for his activities – he tells me he’s going to watch a movie at his cousin and then right in front of me makes arrangements to watch a movie at a girl’s house – and then covers up by pretending to call the cousin and tell the cousin that he’ll meet him ‘there’ (he won’t say the address of course b/c then i would know but he’s operating under the assumption that i think the cousin knows where ‘there’ is).  i was open to discussion of things if he should choose to contact me, but he never did.  90% of his new female ‘friends’ never got the memo that he was already involved – not just involved but living with someone.

My boyfriend is on internet dating sites

  naturally, he did not return home that night and in the morning walks in, asks for his favorite omlette and says he stayed at his cousin. i told him i felt bad that he was looking at these women-but i felt even worse because i was the one who looked it up in his documents on his computer-i felt i invaded his privacy-i didn’t want to be one of those crazy girlfriends/fiancés. attempt to understand his side of things and see his point of view—and attempt to have him see your side of things and see your point of view (see talk about problems).’ll be the first to admit – online dating can be addicting – especially when you’re getting a lot of attention. once they have one woman, they quickly start seeking others for more narcissistic supply. don’t know, barb, but the picture you’re painting is of a really unfortunate arrangement. far as barb is concerned – just walk and never never look back.  the moment i walked is when a couple of the women had contacted me (over the same 48 hour period) and it became clear that some of his physical attentions to them were more than ‘friendly’. the narcissist has all kinds of defense mechanisms designed to allow in only positive empathic information about himself and all kinds of control systems designed to generate this positive feedback., the problem with this is twofold: because online chatting/sex is rewarding but not very costly (one can easily control how, when, and where it happens), people are easily drawn to it. from the very beginning he was sleeping over at his ex, vowing they were just best friends now.  the moment that i walked is when i stood there in shock – somehow making the omlette – and realizing that i would have nobody to blame but myself if there was a repeat of the faux-phone-call-to-cousin/girl-movie tomorrow – or every single day for the rest of our time together.  he will tell you that all of these dating websites is how people make new friends. but the whole point of dating – for most of us, anyway – is to find one person that makes you want to quit altogether. they don’t want a relationship, and certainly not just one woman because it isn’t enough to feed their egos. i agree with @paul mawdsley, he is probably spinning you an intricate web of lies and deceptions which makes you feel unsure and doubt yourself.

My boyfriend is on dating sites is he cheating

everything he gives is designed to gain power in the relationship. try talking to your boyfriend about the situation honestly without trying to influence his behavior. can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact barb tolerated his sleazy behavior for two straight years – that certainly tells me that she’s got a high threshold for psychological pains.  the most i ever got from him, before we broke up, was that there is nothing wrong with “just looking” and i was just way overreacting. there is no question in my mind that you are right.)  would this guy have behaved this way to a hispanic man who matched him or beat him…"gowiththeflow on why men aren’t speaking up about the #metoo movement"yes. evan, while i agree with your assessment of the boyfriend and the ultimate outcome of barb’s situation, i disagree with your assessment of barb and her self-esteem. moment that you walk barb – the moment that i walked is when i realized that he was unable to do anything with his time other than be on websites to find ‘friends’, go out with guys cruising for girls, call up girls, etc. typically, what happens when you try to control a partner’s behavior, especially a behavior that is very rewarding to him, a partner will learn to better hide or conceal his activities (see when people lie). i realised quickly he would never be a one woman man and left him. initially we had web cams, i got rid of mine, he still had his and just put it away a couple months ago (5). this would make him behave in predictable ways that are very charming, very charismatic, very exciting and very attentive but always there is the sense that he can’t commit his feelings all the way down. your live-in boyfriend doesn’t want to quit, he shouldn’t be your boyfriend. it is not about a sense of sharing and caring and acting from a place of core connection.  what kind of person lives with a partner for 2 years but stays, looking around on a dating website even if he’s not actually “cheating”? the feelings that you are experiencing now are very similar to what people experience when they discover infidelity.

My boyfriend is on multiple dating sites

he’d sent things talking about how he was horny and was looking for phone (sex- i assumed),-he’d given his number out on a separate email, he’d tell them he had pictures of him he could send, he’d ask them if they had messengers and webcams, he’d let them know he did, he reminded girls of pictures they were suppose to take.  he’ll tell you that he has health problems and financial problems and problems with his family – and his grandfather might even pass away.’s normal to still be online dating or dating in general for the first month you’re getting to know someone. and sadly, sometimes they do this right until the day they kick the bucket.  so it is perfectly normal to not be commited in the first month you date someone.  he became very controlling, and got very nasty one day when i objected to his behavior and condescending attitude. it’s not far fetched to wonder about the self-esteem of a lady who tolerates this from a live-in boyfriend who is also a senior citizen. second one was completely different – clearly keen on me, rather in awe of me in fact, but a widower recently out of a long marriage who was rather insecure and had a bit of a “kid in a sweet shop” attraction to the dating site. the first step in determining what to do in an emergency situation is determining if it really is an emergency situation.’ve been dating a guy online for a month, and he brought up the idea of being exclusive, to which i agreed. the most telling sign, if this is the case, is the feeling that he is only giving to get something in return. early in a relationship the narcissist thrives on the positive feedback of young love so there is no conflict with caring for the other person. what you describe is spot on and so well written. see the narcissist has having empathy but lacking a core self. it may help to be realistic about how much both you and your boyfriend can change with respect to this issue. he also said his friends told him i was cheating on him, because the narcissist must always be the victim in the eyes of others.

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while this method won’t solve every problem—at the very least, it helps identify the problems that can and cannot be solved. long-distance boyfriend has met someone else but i still love him. way i see it, the difference between the narcissist and the sociopath hinges around the function of empathy in the person.  you don’t know if he/she is looking for a relationship or is just interested in the one-two date experience., there are guys on this blog that are restoring my faith in men. without a core self, there is no core self-value so the narcissist consumes the value of himself that he feels empathically through other people’s eyes. all this from a woman who a year before had equated dating with despair, rejection and pain. without a core self he has no genuine self-esteem so his primary drive is to fill the void and compensate for the self-esteem he lacks. boyfriend still chats and has sex with other women online.  i never checked his phone or went through his emails – so it took some time for the behavior to have gotten so bad before i really noticed how bad it was.  since self-confidence comes from our confidence in our ability to feed our needs, the narcissist’s confidence is based on his ability to manipulate the perceptions of those around him to fill his inner void. you’re looking to answer your most pressing dating and relationship question, my blog is like google for your love life!  the moment i walked was when another lightbulb went off and i concluded that he was the one causing all of us the stress – that if he was really torn up about his grandfather dying and everythign else happening in his life and if he really needed me not to rock the boat then he should be running around with other women – i separated my sympathy for him from the fact that i didn’t deserve to have to deal with s— like that. put it to my 5yr on again off again bf that unless he wanted to marry me and build me a house, get off dating sites (which i’d recently found out about through a mutual friend) and consistently treat me with consideration he could forget it. a company that lets its ceo cook the books and embezzle from them because he’s a smart, charismatic guy.  he will tell you that you make new male friends all the time and so he’s making new friends – and you might really be making new friends but the key of course is the difference between making a friend or new acquaintance and dating someone.

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i wonder if her tolerance of it is fear of being alone, esp. but as you stated, the attention a narcissist receives from as many different women as possible is what they seek. man who is openly defying his two-year girlfriend to stay active on match. boyfriend – who is over 60 – has had more dates than anyone i know and still receives notifications of women who have emailed him constantly."he emailed me, he called me, he asked for a date, he called back, he contacts me everyday, he took down his profile first, he stopped dating the other women he was dating and asked me to “date exclusively” because he wants to focus on getting to know me better. he has a void and emptiness at his centre and operates from an overwhelming need to fill that void. is staying active on a dating site after you’re supposed to be in monogamous relationship ‘sending mixed messages’? since we have dated for almost two years, i asked him to cancel his online dating account. my sense is true, he is doing his best to keep barb confused and baffled. i then went to his sent messages and found he was contacting these girls. engaging in the game, in any way whatsoever, will give him what he wants: access to your eyes so he can see himself, access to your heart so he can feel his value and access to your body so he can pleasure himself. in fact i said to him that i would now need a brain transplant to ever trust him and that much of the time we were together i have felt like i was on the spin cycle in a washing machine- no-one wants to feel this way.(and if he did take it down…would you find yourself wondering what other ways he is trying to meet other women? it took me many years to finally pull the pin and absolutely know that no matter how good the good times are- there is no real commitment or consistency. i had always wondered why he kept it set up right next to his computer when we didn’t use it anymore with each other. he is only able to exist through empathy of another’s perspective while not caring about the person whose perspective he is consuming.

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question – does his profile say he is single and looking for love?  needless to say, there are better men out there and you shouldn’t need to “ask” him to remove his profile if he really was in a committed relationship with you. the attention from online dating is just more food for the narcissist.  ironically, i told all of my new male friends that i was already in a relationship so that there would be no misunderstanding., the goal of the op is not to have the guy pull down his profile, it’s to have the guy want to pull down his profile (which means that asking him to do it probably doesn’t get what she really wants). non-cheating; your feelings of hurt and betrayal, instead of the why: why is he motivated to go online and do this? at an emotional level there is very little difference between discovering different types of cheating—it all hurts just the same (see what counts as cheating). need this inscribed on my soul so i never, ever forget again! doesn’t matter what his personality is if he engages in behavior that is detrimental to your relationship and to you. anyone captured by his spell will find themselves in a spin, doubting themselves and wondering where their sense of reality went. from your boyfriend’s perspective, on-line porn/chatting/sex can be very difficult to stop. > blog > online dating > my boyfriend refuses to take down his online dating profile.  anyone who says they are there to find friends is trying to justify remaining on the site. you are short, fat, older or an asian man, you must read this.  i would dump his sorry behind, work on myself and why i’m prepared to sacrifice myself by putting up with this kind of behaviour! he’s already proven to be the worst kind of selfish, insensitive prick who can’t be trusted with slippery concepts such as “monogamy”.

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all of this hits you, barb, you will ask him to leave – i asked him to leave – i asked him to leave several times.  what we should all be looking for in our so, above almost all else, is sterling character..), and the one before that was one month before he asked me to marry him-he told her that he was busy with work and stuff and that he missed her and wanted to say hi you. that, in itself, is a tremendous gift to me, and worth its weight in gold. live feedloading tweets by @evanmarckatz…you said"jeremy,But then, my meta-goal is not novelty, and my personality type is rational…. no doubt i would have drawn the line at about the 6 month mark but we didn’t get that far – he sent me a 3 page e-mail full of the most luridly disgusting sexual fantasies one day and it put me right off him so we broke up!, most people dismiss their online activities as not being real—it is like a sexual fantasy, it doesn’t have much consequence—because one can walk away from it or turn it off—unlike a traditional affair where there has been physical contact and a person who actually exists in one’s social network. that is another trait of the narcissist, they can never accept blame and have to always turn it around on you.  he’s not shopping at a clothes store, hes shopping at an online dating site., and by the way, don’t ask him to take his profile down. have heard of guys like this who were elderly and playing these games at the nursing home!”, but it confirmed that all he thinks about is how things affect him. he also stayed with other exes and chatted up new women along the way, all the way declaring his love for me. i’ve spent more and more time here for the past 6 months, since we’ve got engaged, so i’ve used his computer a lot more as well.  and the list goes on for all of the things he’ll tell you.) if you think the grass is greener somewhere else you can jolly well get out of my pasture and go see.

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a company that lets its ceo cook the books and embezzle from them because he’s a smart, charismatic guy."he is a beautiful person and he is so generous, affectionate, well spoken and accomplished.  once you’ve identified that there is someone you want to spend more time with – and live with – this is when you put your efforts into seeing if you can make the relationship work and see if you can build something together.  he was in frequent contact with exes, making me feel unwanted and disrespected and though he knew how i felt, continued to see them anyways. long story short, we ended up in a triangle with a woman in france who was totally oblivious of his game. to nathaniel branden, self-esteem is made up of 2 components: self-value and self-confidence.” of course, the other women are not aware of his living situation. out what my blog can do for you, and what type of man becomes a dating coach for women. he is 53, but i am here to tell you 53 can be pretty damn impressive. decided that whatever his problem was, that i would no longer make it my problem- and yes, i genuinely loved him, but enough is enough!’s establish a few things that should be indisputable when it comes to online dating.  and by the way, this behavior just transfers to other areas of life. come everyone i want to meet online isn’t interested in me? if the company knows and doesn’t fire him, whose fault is it that the behavior continues? he can never get enough of using empathy in a twisted form to feel and see himself through someone else’s eyes. per evans continuing advice: ”sorry this is not working for me.

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is simply no viable, reasonable, acceptable response he can make – even if, somehow, he has not met any new women since “committing” to you.  he is not 25, in a new city looking for love or friendship. i was dating one for some 9 months, and it was his charm and positive behaviour that drew me in until i started to receive  confusing messages that had me doubting myself. 1,000 questions already answered:search for:Ask evan: ask me a dating question. it will feel like, when challenged, he will twist the truth to spin any perception of him to a positive light.  he’ll tell you that you should be more emotionally supportive of him while he goes through these difficulties and that you’re causing himself and yourself stress by worrying about all of this. and his ideal match is a woman that’s not afraid to say exactly what she wants. one hand, your boyfriend has been turning to other women for sexual gratification—leaving you feeling hurt, betrayed and rejected. she sounds like she is struggling with a conflict between what her gut is telling her and what her head is telling her and is seeking synthesis between competing views without disowning the information from either. as his lover’s perspective starts to become less euphoric and more reality based, the narcissist resists, stops caring and implements the control systems created to maintain positive feedback. and then he’ll go back to online dating, which is what he’s been doing for 2 years. boyfriend – who is over 60 – has had more dates than anyone i know and still receives notifications of women who have emailed him constantly. but how is a man tellng your ex daughter in law to go back to your own country, while certainly racist, an exa…"tyrone on why men aren’t speaking up about the #metoo movement"@ pistola. to silence the side of your brain that wants to automatically take the man's side and find his behavior benign.  even better if you can somehow convince him that it was his idea to leave (it was my apartment so he would be the one to leave – if it’s his apartment then you can leave at once). i think is high-time you let him know that if he wants to play the game; two can play the game.

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  i know…i had a guy like this in my life…and i am so embarassed that i took this emotional abuse.’m guessing barb is getting mixed messages from her boyfriend and is finding it very hard to make sense of him.’m currently in the same situation but we have only been dating a couple of months. it is as you say evan, do not negotiate with a man like this, just cut him off. he said that i doubted his love for me and that it was just some girl online. because he’s a narcissist, but because he won’t leave his ex alone and turns nasty., a couple months later, again i was on his computer, found reoccurring pictures of the same girl.  i had to be persistent for the sake of those ‘hard of hearing’ over the course of a couple weeks till i reminded him every conversation about him leaving and that it finally would be today – that he would leave today – that i was not dragging out the breakup any more. there is a definite difference between a sociopath (called antisocial personality disorder in the dsm iv) and a narcissist (or narcissistic personality disorder). when he see’s you online actively searching, he’ll be the one to broach up the subject and only then you both can reach a reasonable compromise about the issue. i really feel that we are moving towards the next level in our relationship and i continue to listen to “why he disappeared” on a weekly basis to keep myself grounded. unfortunately, the dsm iv is a product of the movement over the last 30 years or so for psychology, as a science, to become more “objective” and less intuitive, so the criteria describe the outwards signs of these disorders without providing any insight into what’s really going on inside the box.  what kind of person remains on that dating website after his live-in partner tells him that it upsets her? op really needs to leave this guy, he sounds like a total jackass and totally selfish to boot. i disagree with the person who said this isn’t about barb’s lower self-esteem. you deserve to be with someone who doesn’t have to be convinced to focus all his attention on your relationship.

My boyfriend is on multiple dating sites

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too don’t think that barb suffers from low self-esteem, but just wants to make sure she is doing the right thing before she does it, both in her head and in her heart – to know that she has done her best and is not over-reacting.  i suggest you stop having your girlfriend online-stalk him and ask him directly what the appeal of browsing profiles and emailing these women is. would you guess that a man who has a membership on a dating site is actually, you know… using that site for its intended purposes – to meet new women? it will feel like he can lavish attention and gifts but can’t really connect from the heart.  he’s keeping his hand in to keep his options open. evan, having the experience you do with online dating, i was wondering what you think about some of the psychology of online dating. if she is the same age demographic as her bf. know, we can call the boyfriend a sociopath, but who moves in with a guy who still has his online dating profile up? he said it was to put an end to everything and i should never doubt his love for me. but from your perspective, it is real; it feels like cheating and it hurts just the same (see online cheating).  this is about how the women experience…"gowiththeflow on why men aren’t speaking up about the #metoo movement"tyrone,How do you know my dil's experience wasn't related to sexism as well as racism?, this is just my sense of things, my theory, based on a small amount of information and a lifetime of experience that helps me recognize the meaning of patterns in the subtleties of behaviour very quickly.  he’ll tell you that he’s deeply hurt that the woman he built a life with for over a year is participating in baseless witch-hunts.  even if he straightens out with the online dating hell likely show his defiance in other ways – money, career decisions etc. to the main thread…barb’s bf sounds more like a narcissist than a sociopath. you get this creepy feeling after awhile, all guys are like your significant jerk.

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her questions are an attempt to seek help understand his behaviour so she can make a decision. she needs help seeing it for herself and making sense of what her gut is reacting to so her self-esteem can show its true colours and give the bf the boot. he felt bad and said he’d delete everything, i told him no, i know guys do that kind of stuff, and i didn’t want him to because i invaded his privacy. and there is also narcissism as a personality trait that exists quite normally in all of us from time to time. i told one guy who was interested enough to keep dating me occasionally but not contact me regularly, i am not a back-burner girl.’ve also had the experience of having someone i was supposedly in an exclusive relationship with try to “spin” it back on me as a character flaw when i discovered through a friend he was still online. i was in the same fix as this woman, dumped him, but keep seeking to understand. must cut ties and move on if this isn’t the kind of relationship you want. if he doesn’t think you are good enough, why would you think he is? just don’t know how to handle this whole thing, i love him dearly and it hurts very badly. i’m going to do a lot of reflecting about his behaviour patterns in relation to me. i told him that i didn’t doubt his love for me, but was this someone he was talking to? seems to me like the guy is sending a message so clear that only the op could miss it. he’ll say he’s taking down his profile and that he’s a changed man. saying, this second guy wasn’t a player at all but just an insecure man hooked on the attention…. there is a temptation, for both men and women, to try to continually “trade up”.

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my heart is finally caught up with my head and i just know that nothing will ever change and no good will ever come of it.  he told me “do not contact me about this issue again today. i admit this to be a gross generalization but one that is also true. always see dating profiles that say ‘in a relationship now’ and one that said “married now’. barb’s letter i suspect her boyfriend is an all too typical narcissistic type personality. thought barb’s answer was effective, but your analysis is perfect.  he’ll tell you that you’re the only woman he wants to be with and the only woman he cares about and the only woman in his life for over a year. weirdly, i kind of wish him the best – he’s being true to himself. this is what you are dealing with if he truly is narcissistic. a sociopath has no sense of another person’s emotional or intuitive perspective other than what is communicated overtly. my guess is that you will find evan is right and dump him. when i discovered betrayal, it was as evan described in his @11 post, he changed his behaviour to keep the status quo.”he recently started referring to us as boyfriend and girlfriend and it makes my heart sing. i felt uncomfortable with that but only became seriously concerned when i was told i could not meet the woman because she didn’t want to meet any of his girlfriends. reading barb’s post i get the sense that her boyfriend is a reasonably attractive guy who does pretty well with the ladies. i can never lie to him or hide anything, he always knows when something is up, he wouldn’t leave me alone so i told him i found these pictures of this girl that he must really like, and i saw multiple ones of her-again.

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