My boyfriend signed up for a dating website

My boyfriend signed up for a dating website

so far, so good – until we were both looking at something on his laptop, and a dating website came up as one of his most visited sites. this has been most acutely demonstrated over the last week by the data dump from the ashley madison platform, which revealed that the site had millions of straight male subscribers, but very few women signed up.

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recently transpired that my boyfriend of 15 months has been looking at girls on a dating website that he used to use before he met me. even a friend of mine confirmed that when she was dating my fiancé she cheated on him many times.

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i also asked if anyone has contacted him on the website since he’s been going out with me and he said that a couple of girls have but he hasn’t replied to them (he also let me see the messages). try talking to your boyfriend about the situation honestly without trying to influence his behavior.

My boyfriend is on dating sites; Is he cheating?

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  i’m concerned about your language; you’re moving on to very strong terms very quickly, so looking at a dating profile of somebody else is ‘disrespectful’. know he is committed, as he tells me that he wants to be with me and although he looks at other girls, including girls on a dating site, he tells me has “chosen” to be with me.

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 i feel really confused though, as he told me that he used to do this (“yes” or “no” thing on the dating website) before we started a relationship almost just to fill the time i guess. told him that i found this a bit weird that he is going on a dating website to look at other girls, when supposedly he is in a relationship with me.

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so i don’t think it’s impossible that the man you are dating is not actually using the site with intent to meet someone, so much as to flirt or assess his worth on the dating market. it may help to be realistic about how much both you and your boyfriend can change with respect to this issue.

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anyone who has done online dating seriously will confirm that there always seems to be people lurking on the edges, folks who are up for a chat but not for a meeting. he’s also a bit of a dipstick when it comes to computers (we’re both in our 50s and haven’t grown up with them, though i’m a lot more computer literate than he is) and given how i’ve seen him struggle with searches/purchases on ebay, i can appreciate that he might not be able to get his head round hiding a profile on a website so i haven’t cut and run.

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’m 26 years old, but i’ve never had a boyfriend before my fiancé. on to your particular letter, if your ex boyfriend left you for another woman out of the blue, you’re going to be on guard and anxious.

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Right is our advice column that tackles the tricky world of online dating. thought no more of it, apart from a feeling that something was “off” – then i visited the website about a month later.

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one hand, your boyfriend has been turning to other women for sexual gratification—leaving you feeling hurt, betrayed and rejected. This week: what to do if the person you’re dating can’t quit the sceneHome » dating advice » my boyfriend is looking at dating sites.

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  your boyfriend will just close down the argument by agreeing, but secretly he may feel something different and you won’t discover know his true opinions. boyfriend still chats and has sex with other women online.

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