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am going to marry a immigrant and i am expecting  his baby and i am tired of all the people saying that all the mexicans should go back where they came from because that are human beings just like all of us american people. one of the following: a family-based immigrant, a member of the united. i wouldn't exist or would this country exist if it weren't for immigrants. an illegal immigrant, you must obtain legalization thru your family (if.. illegally for six months (180 days) or more; or to spend ten. am an american citizen and am about to marry an illegal mexican.. these entry accounts for the majority of registered non0immigrant entry. the jobs the illegal immigrants do are jobs that no white person would do because they think they deserve a better paying job. illegal mexican immigrant are willing to come ant clean restrooms unlike some american citizen who just want thing handed to them on a silver plater. were going to get married next week and i agree if it was'ntfor the mexicans or other hispanic immigrants the u. would like to now the answer to that question as well i have been with my husbind now for 3 years and we have two beautiful children together but i cant sit back and watch as i can travel and he cannot i mean why should it matter to most people why they are here in the first place i mean adleast they are here to do some of us lazy americans wont do and they do it for free, i love my husbind and i dont care if her is illegal i love him all the same and that dosent change how i feel about him no matter what any one else might think or say.  i'm in love w/ an illegal immigrant and have learned that they have so many more qualities many americans don't. and i would like to add that illegal mexican immigrants *are* paying taxes! alot of my friends are illegal but that doesnt change anything. are deemed illegal immigrants, but their children were born in america.

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. you would need to prove that your being denied the immigrant visa. dates—if you stay in the united states past your expiration date your status will become illegal.  there are so many ignorant people talking about them going back to their country, but do they think about these other illegal citizens that come from other parts of the world. options for an undocumented (illegal) immigrant to stay in the u. (american) and my fiance (mexican) have been together for 2 years now and we have a 6month old daughter. would like to know how you can get married to an illegal mexican because me and my boyfriend want to get married but we do not know how to go about it.'ve been married to a mexican immigrant for 10 years and we have 2 daughters.'ve been married to an illegal mexican immigrant for 3 years now. i am white and i have many friends of different nationalities that are here illegally and they are awesome people. would like to marry an illegal mexican what steps do i have to take? i have to say is that i'm proud to be in love with an illegal hispanic. it means they now have the same rights as a british citizen, including full access to the welfare state, despite being here illegally for almost a decade and a half.'m sure i speak for millions of american's and legal immigrants, we are tired of doing without and struggling while these people you are crying about getting married to are lowering our expectations of this country and what we should be receiving from our country. i havent fallen in "love" with a illegal mexican but i believe that the government should do something to make the process alot easier for them. yes, there are some people who are here illegally that are careless about breaking laws and being in such a great country.

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so, i will pick up and move myself to mexico with my 8yr old daughter because america is too racist to give him a work visa. if you have over-stayed your visa or illegally crossed the.  why do your illegals others just not petition there own government for better living conditions rather then come to the united states and mooch off our system. to obtain a labor certification then subsequently file form i-140,(the immigrant petition for alien worker) for you. the process of the united states government removing illegal immigrants from. fed up, my husband is illegal and let me tell you he probably makes more in one week than you make in a month.! i have recently began dating an illegal immigrant that has been here since he was 7 years old he tried to attend school but due to a learning disablilty he wasn't able to finish. in america if you break a law you go to jail, why is everyone crying about them getting sent back if they are here illegally? i just recently went to mexico with my daughter to visit my fiance's family ( without him :() and now i truly understand why the all risk their lives to come her because if i had to live there i would do the same thing! entry or over-staying:An immigrant may be classified as illegal for the following.” a home office spokeswoman insisted illegal immigrants were not guaranteed indefinite leave under the system. am a citazen marrying an illegal mexican, what is there to. for immigrants to acquire citizenship is to vote in public elections. that point the consulate will penalize you for your illegal u.'m marriead to an illegal and we have a child together.

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but he is not legal and has no papers at all :( we plan on getting married this month at the justice of the peace, (and no you do not have to be legal to get married in america or to marry an american)i couldn't stand the fact of him getting deported and me without my partner and my daughter without a father. of illegal immigrants have been granted squatters rights to stay in the UK permanently – simply because they have managed to stay hidden for 14 years. illegal immigrants enter the country with tourist or business visas.” under the rule, illegal immigrants only have to wait four years longer than the period of time required of lawful immigrants to claim indefinite leave. just to let you lazy americans know i am with a mexican who is illegal and out of everybody i know he is the hardest worker there is. the thing that agrivates me the most is when they say that they dont pay taxes, okay alot of hispanics that are here illegaly pay taxes under what ever name that they are working under! want to marry my loved one but not sure i can hes an illegal. am engaged to my illegal boyfriend and feel these laws are messed up! took the jobs of the people here before them, so they should have been told to go home like you're telling current immigrants? states, a widower of a united states’ citizen or a k non-immigrant. it sucks to see them struggling to find a job and worrying about whether they will have enough money for thier rent because the jobs that they have don't pay alot,or to hear them talk about wanting to go to college and make something of themselves but they are not able to because of the fact that they are here illegally. to everyone who wants to kick illegals out, your ancestors got off of a boat not speaking this language as well. all of you, your significant other crossed into this country illegally, he/she knew the risks of crossing into this country, and if he/she were caught in this country they would be sent back., i don't think there is much hope for getting a green card for your illegal mexican boyfriend. there are many immigrants here illegally that are trying really hard to make a living.

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it is truly disgusting and unimaginably ignorant how so called "americans" get mad at illegal immigrants. (2b): unmarried adult sons and daughters of green card holders. am a citazen marrying an illegal mexican, what is there to be done for him to acquire a green card? that means that the ins has shown, statistically, that european's are the group that has the largest percentage of illegal immigrants in the u.  you may be termed an “illegal immigrant” in one of the following three. the united states government to curb and reveal cases of illegal immigration:Border: the united states customs and border protection agency is. those who married illegals what part of that word do you not understand? so next time you all are driving down the street i want you all to think about what happened to me and think is  illegal immigration a problem? figures, slipped out to mps in a parliamentary written answer, come as the immigration service came under a fresh attack for its inability to efficiently tackle illegal migrants. i do agree american's are lazy and they need to understand without illegals our economy would be worse because they do all the field work construction and any other crappy jobs and still manage to take care of their families! chairman sir andrew green said: “the concession for illegal immigrants should be reviewed. everyone knows there are always penalties for doing something illegal. does work hard and never gets into any trouble,he pays his taxes just like i do the only thing is our government gets to keep his money because he is illegal and cant claim it at the end of the year. the lady about the illegal mexicans bringing down our economy. citizen girls who fall in love and want to marry illegal aliens should be sent to prison for harboring criminals i.Best dating site in uae

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. i will excuse you because i know you are ignorant and single minded and it would be great if your daughter fell in love with an illegal think before you talk. the rules allowing illegal immigrants to claim residence after 14 years previously existed as a loose concession but were formalised by the home office in 2003. everyone that says the illegal mexicans are destorying this country look at it this way they are very hard workers, they do crappy jobs, and they are paying into our ssi that they'll never see back. individuals who enter the united states in an illegal fashion—without. it kills me to hear some of the things you lazy ass americans say about immigrants. alot of my friends are illegal but that doesnt change anything.--because of illegal crossing or an expired visa--in the united states. my granddaughter is bi-racial and the most wonderful human being on the face of the earth yes i am prejudice but at least it is in a good way not a negative way! how can people write such rude posts about people who are here illegally? i think that if you are happy and in love with someone regardless if they are here illegally you should go ahead and get married. i too am married to an illegal mexican, and i am also white. do you people even live in states like arizona where many of the illegals dwell? they should be deported,but what about those illegal immigrants that work those long hard hours for cheap labor in order to provide food and shelter for thier families? there is no reason why illegal residence in britain, however long, should qualify someone to the full benefits of the welfare state. in addition to employment records, an immigrant’s visa is.University of arizona dating website

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just to let you know of anyone is an illegal immigrant it is the american because the indians we here before any american then it came the mexican so before anyone try to put down the mexican the need to get there facts right! my fiance works 7 days a week and hard to support our little family and so that i don't have to work and i can stay home and raise our daughter. number of illegal immigrants win right to stay in uk. lord, and none of these responses take into account the literally hundreds of thousands of children who were brought over by their parents who are still classified as illegal, but have only known the us as their home. i, however, would not advise anyone to marry an illegal. to all those who say they need to go back to mexico, shut-up, this country was built by immigrants. i suggest that next time you open your mouth you look around and realize that its not illegal people that are bringing down the country or taking jobs, its people that are lazy and take advantage of the great help and opportunities that this country has to offer. have been with my illegal mexican husband for over 6 years.·      illegally entering the united states: referred to as “border crossing card violator” these individuals enter the. why dont you and ur married half go back to mexico and fix that government illegal means just that! i havent fallen in "love" with a illegal mexican but i believe that the government should do something to make the process alot easier for them. i also want to say that at one time our families were immigrant so what makes us any better than mexicans. my mom was an illegal immigrant, and guess what, she's white.  they were immigrants, and all of you "americans" are also descendants of immigrants. you people should thank your lucky stars that we do have illegal mexicans in the united states like my boyfriend,if we didn't this country would be in alot worst shape than it is.

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also these girls should pay extra taxes to cover the costs of increased hospital emergency room visits by uninsured illegal aliens. you must also know that most of construction workers and field workers are illegal? anyway, my man works hard, he's illegal and he still pays his taxes. so anyways we plan on trying for a green card once our daughter is one year. i think these type of girls are another reason why illegal immigration is increasing.  if we are not an american indian, we are born of immigrants usually from europe.  mexicans are not the only ones coming to the us illegally and they make it seem like it. am dating a mexican guy who is illegal and i think if you dont like them (mexicans) then thats your business, you dont do there work and you dont get paid the money they do so stop complaining! im married to an illegal mexican and im leaving the country to bring him back to take your job. just have a comment, to all you ignorant people saying that illegals are taking jobs from us citizens, you should go out to the real world and look around, walk in to the welfare office and what do you see a bunch of young healthy african-americans, cacusians, and latin-americans, that choose to live off the government and the taxes that we pay because they are too lazy to get off their butts and make something of themselves. of illegal immigrants have been granted squatters rights to stay in. did any of you with negative comments realize that there are many innocent parties in the illegal immigration issue. third fact that you should attempt to wrap your feeble mind around: the number one regional location from the world that contributes to 'illegal' immigrants in america is europe! i think illegals have some freakin balls to come to another country with nothing and make something of themselves. in 2005, a report for the home office estimated there could be up to 570,000 illegal immigrants in the uk although others have since suggested it could be as high as one million.

My daughter dating illegal immigrant

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we have a beautiful daughter together and he takes better care of my son then my sons father. since 2003, some 8,948 illegal immigrants have been granted a permanent stay and the rate is increasing. we had a president with any balls, you illegals would be back where you belong! already spent more than six months in the united states illegally,Then talk to an immigration lawyer. before you start pointing fingers, remember all immigrants all started out from the same humble beginnings - all doing the dirty work. to the people that are married to an illegal, stop crying - you knew the laws before you got into this! are outsourcing the jobs you claim to be to taken from legal immigrants to other countries where labor is cheaper. the driver that hit my car with his suv and for the most part ran over it was in fact an illegal alien. we were all illegal at one time exept for the native americans. go from being illegal or undocumented immigrant to a u.  i'm sick and tired of americans saying if they are here illegal they need to go back. anyways you can't help who you fall in love with and my husband and i have been married 5 years and have 2 kids together and he is down in mexico awaiting his visa it has been almost 5 months and it just is not fair not to let him back in he has not been caught crossing illegally and my kids and i are barely making it!.unless you're 100% native american i guarantee someone someone in your family was an immigrant. any immigrant who:Enters or attempts to enter america at any. i really think people should just keep their mouths shut when it comes to illegal immigration because as said before they are doing jobs alot of american's would never do! Are you interested dating app review

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entered illegally (without inspection), consider yourself lucky:Your legal entry qualifies you for an exception, under which you should.  i agree with kelly, are you really upset that you can't get a job washing dishes, and anyway, who's stopping you from getting that sort of job and being paid the same wages as an immigrant? they are illegal then they need to go back to where ever the heck they came from! all the americans that think all illegal mexicans should go back to mexico. we were all illegal at one time exept for the native americans.    by the way all of the ignorant people saying all illegals should go back to where they came from. am so sick of the greedy needy illegal chicks coming to the us, marrying our nice guys, taking their money, breaking their hearts, getting pregnant. as far as answering the question about marrying an illegal: the jop and ministers and such have absolutely nothing to do with immigration, what-so-ever. what is it about the word "illegal" that you dont understand? thing did you know that there are illegal people that also pay taxes?'m married to an illegal mexican also and from what we could find out you will have to fill out forms from ins to apply for permanent resident status. most recent entry into the united states was illegal – for example,You crossed the u. so in fact, most of you and your families are here illegally. now i love my boyfriend very much and ,yes, he is illegal, but there is nothing to be done about it. for arresting individuals who attempt to illegally enter the united. Systems engineering approach to love dating and relationships

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