My ex saw me on a date

11 People Who Ran Into Their Exes And Handled It Like A Boss

My ex saw me on a date

don’t rave about your new love interest, but mention it in passing. give me advice as i’m running out of patience now? agree with what you’re saying about the facebook comment and i think there are probably a lot of cases that it’s true. now and then, very rarely, life throws an unbelievable moment at you. was a not-so-normal summer saturday and this dude has been acting weird for the last few days (the typical decrease of texts, phone calls, etc. my ex boyfriend phones me from a private number everyday from midnight right until 5am and sends me please call me’s from different cell phone numbers that say “please call i love u, please call i want u, please call u broke a$$ ho”, and the list carry’s on. i was waiting for the bullshit text message, but he just kept calling. i don’t want him back, and besides, if he really wanted to talk to me, he’d find a way to contact me himself. afterwards he came up to me again to chat (oblivious to the fact that i had seen him kissing another woman) and i basically rolled my eyes in his face. the only time i think it is less of a problem is if you’re getting married etc but even then i personally still wouldn’t do it. i knew being in a relationship was the wrong move for me at that time.’t tell your ex that you’re totally infatuated with this new guy, just tell him that you’ve been seeing each other and been on a few dates. after about 8 months of me being pretty absent as a boyfriend, she left. came a point, though, where the way she was bringing up stuff about her current relationship became obnoxious..(yup, you guessed it) his best friend who’d attacked me. point of my story is that some of what she was doing was just her sharing her life naturally, but on some level some of it was to get a reaction from me. he invited me to meet his brother who was visiting. i even initiated our first kiss, which was on our third date, by the way. a month ago he said he hadn’t moved on from me but that he still didn’t want ‘committment or a relationship’…. are a lot of great cute goodnight texts that you can send someone that you are in a relationship. man, who just a week ago had sent me a love song and interrogated me to find out whether i gave another guy my number, acted as if i were nothing more than a stranger. you want to get your ex girlfriend back but you’re not quite sure how to go about doing it?

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Ask a Guy: He Broke Up With Me and Hates That I'm Moving On

you’re going to break up one day…which means breaking up on facebook too. he lives in another town for college and about 2-3 weeks after my ex had dumped me, he came home for spring break. know i’m over analyzing this, but my dilemma stems from the fact that if anyone should be angry, it’s me. had no idea how long this predilection of mine would last or how much friction it would eventually cause between me and the so-called “normal” members of humanity. me it really is because i am so busy and this isn’t a time in my life where i can be pouring time into a relationship. any one can select “in a relatonship” but having that appear on your profile when you are in one doesnt give the relationship more meaning. reading it through someone else’s words really clarified much in my life, particularly my relationships and how at some points in time i really had sabotaged them on my own. i hastened to explain that we were in fact almost done, we would not be staying long (we had just placed our orders for a bite). having something stable would mean that whole side of life is taken care of, so that’s good right? whole world revolved around him and i hardly remember him visiting mé or doing something i wanted. a guy: how to turn a friends-with-benefits into something more. was no argument, no dramatic back-and-forth, no exhaustion of effort to mend (or end) things. the man insisted they, too, were not staying long, just some coffee and off they would go. it was gradual and for a while, i ignored her comments and the things she would slip into conversation. it’s not the primary reason for posting the pictures and comments, but making the ex-boyfriend jealous would be some bonus validation. after all, he was all over a girl 4 days after he’d dumped me, flaunting her past me at the bar one night. i just cant handle anymore as its breaking me down emotionally and i feel, the reason why they doing this to me is to ruin my life because i refuse to take either 1 back and they trying hard to stop me from moving on with my life. third time he broke up, i was devastated and begged him to re-think. which girl is more convenient to him at the time? i saw my date give me a puzzled look, but she kept quiet. days later i was attacked online, spam and angry comments, people that said; ‘simon told us you broke up with him. i can’t say whether or not on some level you want a reaction from him on facebook or twitter, but if that is the case, you should try to be more conscious of it.

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i really care about my ex husband, he was like a forest fire. the days went on, the calls were accompanied by text messages of just “hey,” “hello,” and “talk to me. i for sure thought his little bathroom break was going to result in an “i’m sorry” text message, or at least something addressing the awkward situation. an hour or so later i saw him kissing another girl. i want to set the stage for the dramatic performance my ex put on for me. all, we can save ourselves from all that time of running around meeting women, going on dates, etc. but on the other, i’m her ex-boyfriend – i didn’t want to hear about new boyfriends, just as i wouldn’t talk about new girlfriends. women have an outstanding ability to flush out a guy’s weak points. it’s like saying you don’t want the cupcake, but getting mad when someone else eats it. dinner, we went back to her apartment which, funnily enough, is located down the block from my guy’s apartment. anyways, i made some contacts for help and i was introduced to [email protected] it would have been better for her and for me if i had either kept things casual or broke it off. i know the goal here is to get your ex boyfriend back,It’s true.! the love is still so much there, and i don’t feel resentful or that i’m fighting for his time but he thinks i feel that way. we met for an early dinner and on my part, for a proper bitch-and-moan session. i did not tell him she was my ex, and she also did not volunteer the information., i’m making a lot of assumptions and this is all my opinion here, but… it certainly does seem to fit a personality pattern i’ve seen time and time again. had been crying on the couch all week and the comments kept coming. just being near his place gave me anxiety, so my friend and i planned to go bar-hopping uptown. i had always spoken to tom over facebook and text.) of silence, i told him that i was done and that, no matter if he wanted me back or not, i was going to get my stuff and leave. ex boyfriend and i been broke for only 3 months since he went back to his baby momma .

My ex was in town and I needed a distraction | Lifestyle | GMA News

his breakup text came through, they were still in my freezer: a thoughtful gesture that didn’t get a chance. everything you see on the site right now: the articles, the graphics, the advertisements, the links, the giveaways, the newsletter, etc. the only witness that has ever seen the abuse is my ex. ex, who’d been with for 4 years and 8 years of friendship, was incredibly manipulative and broke up with me three times. i have a new boyfriend and he and i decided that we don’t want to have kids together because he has 1 from his ex and i have 3 already.” he replied with saying that although he felt that we had a connection and he really likes me he feels that the timing is all wrong, as his life is very busy at the moment and that he also fears rejection (have no idea what is meant by ‘rejection’). he clearly showed what he thought of me that night, so why try to salvage something that to him, was clearly meaningless? even to this day, i wonder what he had to say all this time. the fact that she wrote on his wall telling him to change his relationship status to “in a relationship” makes me sick to my stomach. to me it screams im needy and care more about what people think on facebook and how i appear to everyone here more than how much you actually like me.” the drunk, the sober, and the in-between all stood and watched me cry my eyes out. and on top of that, we both had full time jobs. the training is intense and he didn’t have much time for me, but i was okay with it as i was thinking long term. but it doesn’t mean that we’ve made peace in our heart with the situation. he said that he thought that i was such an amazing person and he admitted to having feelings for me. some guy came set at my table and here comes my ex coming over to talk to me. i am a woman and i couldn’t put into words the feeling for how i felt and this goes the same for woman. but over time, she kept subtly egging me on until finally it started to really annoy me. subscribe our spectacular newsletter and be up to date with all new stuff published here + receive free gifts just for our folks. he said i was his best friend and he would hate to lose me completely. have you ever wanted something so badly like a new cell phone? if you have to come over to greet, it is considered civilised and polite to keep it short.

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for me it was that i overestimated the extent to which i had made peace with the relationship being over. my ex husband follows me around to see where am i going and constantly questions my children if there’s a guy that comes home, what does he do, what do i do when he is in my house and lots more. to lose my friends and to be ignored and to not be believed about my sexual abuse. my ex husband and ex boyfriend refuse to let me move on with my life. i didn’t talk about my relationships either – i didn’t need to talk to my ex-girlfriend about other girls. a majority of the time i leave it blank or displaying something silly like “married to my best friend. com and he surprised me with a positive outcome, he used his spiritual power to restore my marriage and my husband was all over me and wants us to restart again. whether or not she was intentionally trying to push my buttons on some level, she was successful in getting me rattled after a while. ex split with me a year ago we was together for 9 years and we have two beautiful children together and hes cut us 3 out of his life to make his new gf happy because shes really insecure about him and me so she has caused endless of arguements to make sure we dont speak which is unfair on pur children anyway he spoke to his sister a couple of weeks ago and told her hes seen my social media and pictures of my new look because ive lost 6. he’d send me lesser-known love songs with specific and relatable lyrics; i’d follow suit. he also admitted to being upset had i done the same thing to him. my ex and i said, ‘no’ at the same time. ex boyfriend told his best friend im using him to get to him and he told me he told his friend as his friend is innocent and i will hurt him…why on earth would my ex think that and say that. my ex is now talking about me negatively towards common aquintances. to get your ex boyfriend back when he has moved on? for a double date, there must be a minimum level of friendliness. and yet it is not that you have many exs, it’s simply that these things have a way of conspiring against you. hate having people mad at me, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to fix this. but slowly, he made his way in, so when he told me he’d cheated, i was crushed. three months into our datingship, he started referring to me as his girlfriend. now he is calling me and upset i moved on i still love him does he still care for me please help me…. chose a secluded place because I did not want us to be interrupted, and I honestly liked the girl so I wanted to enjoy her company fullyBeautyentertainmentfashionfood/boozeihtmrelationshipssex/love aboutcontact ustermsprivacy policyyour california privacy rights.

I Ran into My Boyfriend on a Date and He Acted Like He Didn't Know

The moment you become the subject of one of those crazy stories people. when i saw beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was trying to rattle me, i had to cut her off. if your ex boyfriend sees these posts, you can bet he’ll begin to get jealous… but again, don’t overdo it. around the time that i cut ties with the other guy tom suggested we catch up (he knew nothing of the situation). my friend ordered me a shot of the strongest thing she could find. because i had just started treatment for my ptsd and my panic-attacks, that were caused by. to the facebook comment:Note: i am not a fan of utilising the relationship status options on facebook. are a lot of things that you will need to know when it comes to making a girl wet. i’m guessing he’s heard that i’m seeing someone else. i divorced my ex husband 10 years ago, i have 2 kids from him. “no, this is just a date, but i’ve been seeing him for a little while. they threaten to take the children away from me because i chose to have a boyfriend. i know the sadness and deep dispair that comes with a broken heart! my ex-boyfriend and I broke up after being together for almost a year, he said he was too young to be tied down to just one girl and he had too many tHomepage»get your boyfriend back»date other guys to get your ex back. especially in cases where the woman is emotionally devastated for a long time…. is the only way i can describe the gut-wrenching horror of running into my boyfriend on a date with another woman . this helped me more then you know my perspective has opened up:). was i just some romantic thrill in a new city or was this real? friend consoled me and asked if i wanted to leave or confront him. do i deal with both my ex’s as i have a protection order against my ex boyfriend because of his violence and i completely stopped talking to my ex husband? we had hooked up a few months earliar but i was still involved with someone else at the time (it was just casual) who i have recently cut ties with. i kept it a secret, got my stuff, thanked him for the good memories, asked him to send the rest of my stuff later on and left.

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he found out and when he spoke to me about it a year later, he said that he was upset because he thought i didn’t care about him, regarding me finding someone else. my ex-boyfriend and i broke up after being together for almost a year, he said he was too young to be tied down to just one girl and he had too many things on his plate (his school, his band, etc). i really like him, however, i am still keeping my options open because i don’t want to end up in the same old trap of falling for someone who does not want what i want. my date noticed my agitation and asked if everything was okay. men don’t want to be in relationships with girls that tend to “get around” if you know what i mean. i am so sick to death of losing to the girl who writes on his facebook ‘wall’ when he doesn’t reply to a text msg or when he has’t changed his relationship status. is the day the universe worked her magic, because let me tell you, the events that led to the horrible ending were just too perfectly orchestrated. believe that i am a fairly confident and independent woman, yet in my experiences this has never been enough. ex boyfriend and i been broke up for only 3 months since he went back to his baby momma . worst is when you do something they don’t like which you can easily stop, and you don’t know until it’s too late, because some cold hearted harsh bastard is too stubborn and refuses to trust you for no good reason. my "boyfriend” sat there laughing and giggling with his date, i tapped him on the shoulder and coldly said, “hi. to get your ex boyfriend back if he has a girlfriend? she started plastering pictures of her and her new boyfriend everywhere on facebook and to be perfectly honest it bothered me a bit, but i accepted it. this heavy on my mind made it so the pain of keeping it a secret became worse than the potential outcome if i came clean. she told me that she was gonna find it super hard to get over me but here she was, new man in tow and me instantly feeling defeated for some reason. friend and i went back to her apartment and i cried some more. the most cliche modern romance story ever, two new yorkers who happened to be in the same zip code at the same time found like at first swipe. he was charming, simple, a little geeky, and seemed like a really good guy. he broke up with me a few days ago because he felt rotten i was putting so much into the relationship and as much as he wanted to, he could not give methe time i deserved. the case of some of my exes, i could care less about what they’re doing. a guy: he said he “can’t make me happy,” what does that mean? my ex boyfriend comes out, opens the door and starts hitting my boyfriend so my boyfriend hit back.

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6’3 bouncer, who had witnessed everything, came and gave me a great big bear hug, but it just made the moment more embarrassing. i asked that our food be prepared for takeaway, and on the way dropping her off at her place i explained everything. but i need not have, she had already figured there was something between me and that girl. quizprivacy policyterms of useftc disclosure statementsites we lovecontact usask a guy (dating tips / relationship advice for women): frequently asked questions. an attempt to save this “relationship,” i considered grabbing the last few available beyonce/jay-z tickets for one stellar date night.. although i cared for this guy (for some reason) i know it ending was for the best. friends with an ex boyfriend,Ex-boyfriend gets angry,Ex-boyfriend says he misses me,Getting back together with an ex-boyfriend,Leave your comment now. suddenly, for no reason at all, he suggested we do a double date. we agreed to date exclusively but i was unclear on when we became official boyfriend/girlfriend. my ex hated me still, i was certain of that and i could see from her shocked expression. thread: talk about sex & love — no conversation is or ever will be off limits here. 5 years later i fell in love with my ex boyfriend and had 1 child with him, when my child was 5 days old, i threw him out because of his fighting and violence towards me and my other 2 kids. our romance lasted half a year, it took me even longer to get over such an abrupt and embarrassing breakup. had been eating away at me for days since, until i read this article. he went on to say that he would do anything for me and that he did not want to hurt me in any way. i was the instigator of the breakup because i knew things weren’t and wouldn’t work out, and that i wasn’t prepared for what i’d gotten myself into as a relationship, yet post-breakup, i thought i was over her until i saw her again, and she’d found another guy., when i make comments on facebook or twitter about me spending time with other guys, he gets really angry and says i’m rubbing it in his face, trying to make him jealous. that time, i got into a relationship with a girl i cared very much for. he is still in love with me but is trying to give me the best life i can have, and he doesn’t want me being miserable for the two years it takes to complete the program. since we have broke up maybe ones a month he message me just to say hi and tell me about his daughter on facebook but he still have my number on his phone because i text him back ask if he call me and he told me that his 2years old daughter accidentally dealing my number one day. to make a girl horny and wet every single time? i really loved the friendship i had with her, but it was going in a direction that wasn’t acceptable to me.

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you didn’t lose any part of yourself… you just got emotionally sucked into trying to get validation from someone who saw that they could manipulate you by withholding that validation… like a carrot on a string. therapy started, i feel better, but i still don’t have any friends and the abusers regularly search for me, just to follow me around a bit and wave. hurt and i miss her being in my life, but i can’t have someone trying to make my life harder to deal with. love my boyfriend, but he may not realize how deeply different the world sees us and frankly how easy he has it in this country compared to people like me., having said that, someone once said to me that alot of the time it also has to do with convenience. it was hard for me to accept, but it was absolutely the right move on her part. so i agreed and we had an amazing time at a quiet cocktail bar, it was nice 🙂 . the fact that he has too much on his plate isn’t going to change, well not in the immediate future, anyway. i was in my last year of uni and he was back home in college. you can bet this message will get to your ex boyfriend.#TinderTales is a new weekly column that attempts to look at dating in the digital age Current Philippine trending info on popular art, culture, society, movie, music reviews, travel destinations, food, classic literature, bestseller book lists, modern, retro design, health, wellness, exercise, fitness, people, events, beauty, makeup tips, latest fashion, clothing, fads. i said that i did, but what did he expect me to do? as seemingly childish and immature as it sounds, jealousy is a primal mechanism that can’t be avoided. is what you want your ex boyfriend to feel for you when he hears about your new man. men promising you the world and getting your hopes up, and then buggering off when they get bored or can’t handle anything anymore. i took a logical and selfish look at myself and the kind of respect i require from anyone who wants to spend time with me. out for marriage from now on or believe me you’ll be prone to a life of misery and abuse (i don’t mean physical but that is a poss). he said he’d think about getting back together, he’d let me know. i graduated and came back home, and in september he went to a different college to be a paramedic. and to make it worse, they girl he was with was an ex of mine, one that did not leave on very good terms. he would sometimes reply to my texts and other times he would simply ignore. there are a few things you have to remember when you do this….

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for an instant i thought she was coming for me, i did not even see the man beside her. before me, he was, for lack of a better term, the biggest man ho in town. you know that dating other guys is one of the best ways to get your ex boyfriend to come back to you? through the grapevine, i’ve heard of his conquests since me. to make a girl horny and wet every single time? so he told me he’d throw the rest of my crafts in the fire, told everyone he knew that i had sad horrible things about him and emphasized how i was never abused and only wanted to destroy people’s lifes by accusing them of it. but he’d say something wonderful and i’d come back. and i am sure my new catch was wondering how many of my exs i had running around town, for the coincidence of meeting one on our very first date. startled, he fled the scene and got up to go to the restroom, leaving me standing beside his date. went by and i kept receiving calls, texts and emails. always saying how much he liked me (we never got to the love you phase), eagerly introducing me as his girlfriend when we went out, etc… i was on guard from the beginning. fact is, being in a relationship made me feel guilty. you see, human beings are supposed to feel jealous when something they desire is in the hands of another person… and it makes that desirable object even more desirable. (don’t worry, i haven’t tried to text or call him. 10 proven & tested text messages that guarantee to make him/her fall in love with you or get back to you with no questions asked. the feeling was ruining my entire days to come (including the night i saw her again, which sucked cos it was at a concert i was really looking forward to but ended up sucking because she was there having fun, and me feeling miserable). i was the only one there for me and when he got out he treated me like a stranger! now and then, very rarely, life throws an unbelievable moment at you. to get your ex girlfriend back even if she hates you and is dating another guy. if you try and make it obvious that you’re trying to make him jealous, he’ll instantly become turned off, so you’ll want to avoid this. i don’t say anything in response just play it off (trying to be the better person) like it doesn’t bug me. just let it known to your ex that you’re wanted by another man, and that this guy that wants you is of high quality.

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it would be easier to just say what you need to say via text and just end things. when i finally asked him about our titles, he dropped some weird disconcerting mindfuck bomb along the lines of: “i don’t want to label anything, but you know who you are to me. your ex boyfriend is not an exception to this rule. and then having him act as if he didn’t know me. i dates my boyfriend for a year and two months, a lot of which was long distance. she loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband. and two, so that i would not have to see my ex the whole evening. entering the bar, i half-jokingly said “imagine if he’s in here with some other girl. all felt very promising, so i overlooked the "no labels" comment. 10 proven & tested text messages that guarantee to make him/her fall in love with you or get back to you this week! couple of days ago, my dad told me that he saw him, and that my ex told him to ask me to call him. story short, he cheats on me, and then tells me about it a week later. the course of time, she started alluding to different things about her boyfriend or her relationship. you get down to it, i don’t blame my ex-girlfriend at all. she hates my best friend, it wouldn’t surprise me if she’ll add him to the list as well, don’t believe anything she says. don’t jump to conclusion that your ex wants to get back to you, just because he’s annoyed you hang with other boys – it brings unwanted comparison, and although you are no longer together, it triggers memories and pains. love this guy and he marries someone else… but is still upset about you moving on and comes back into your life to tell you that? first i thought he just didn’t want me to move on from him, but then he called me and told me he missed being in a relationship with me and that he missed me since i hadn’t talked to him for three days). he walked over, and for some strange reason, decided to start catching up right there and then. but apparently, some man i know through another friend had exactly the same plans as me.'s your place to come talk about sex and love whenever you feel like it. means he wanted to see your reaction and was trying to see if you care about him.

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each message, whether it was a voicemail, email or text just was a “hello” and a “call me back. story short, i moved on quickly because i was already emotionally detached from the relationship, and found someone else. i reached for my drink, i heard the voice beside me say, “i love your hair! eric my point is if he likes me and it hurts to see me with someone else then why don’t we just make it exclusive already? week/two weeks or so later he proceeded to call/txt me and drove to my house one day to visit and basically just hang out. went to that bar at least 3 times a week; the bouncer and bartenders knew us by name. in general, when us guys really like a girl, we  sometimes kid ourselves into thinking that being with that girl or being in a relationship will make life easier. or putting gifts, comments and love notes on display to see your ex-boyfriend’s reaction. i texted him about the tickets and still no response. now you’ve tried to move on and heal your heart and then he comes back to you for the ego boost that he’s sure you’ll give him. the conversation was going very smoothly, when suddenly i looked up and saw my ex walking towards me. saw him there, sitting at the bar where we usually sat, with another woman, caressing her face and holding her hips. he told his mother about me and even had me speak with her on the phone a few times. and sometimes the best, most compassionate approach is to completely separate yourself from that person so that you can work your stuff out instead of dragging it out or pretending the issues aren’t there. every time he said; ‘okay, i’ll get back with you, but only if you (insert wish here. to get your ex girlfriend back even if she hates you and is dating another guy. then i would go to my girl’s place and pass out immediately. a lot of the time as men we need to make firm decisions and hide our mixed emotions. small enough that you cannot even go for a date without running into an ex. we hung out, she would occasionally allude to seeing someone, but overall it wasn’t a topic of discussion and i was happy with that. a guy: he says he’s “too immature” for me. and has been seen out with a girl at the same places we went to.

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i’m so tired of guys going on about how they want a woman who isn’t needy and is independent etc, yet it is these women who get the guy in th end. out to my husband as bisexual made our relationship — and me — stronger. afterwards he asked “where this was going” (we were slightly intoxicated at the time) i laughed and suggested that we should just chill 🙂. but then you later say that even if you could you would not get back together with her because the same problems are there. began talking to his friend (who i had been talking to before i started dating my now ex). it’s important to set aside a time every couple of weeks to bring things to the open that bother you, but without blaming or nagging, but also with no fear of reprisals, and just be completely open always. and he was always jealous of other guys and always pressed me about any time i spent with a guy who wasn’t him. confirmed by two friends of mine, he added; ‘also, when she starts about sexual abuse, don’t believe a word. the moment you become the subject of one of those crazy stories people tell. my ex-boyfriend broke up with me about four years ago because he (and i) thought that the relationship just wasn’t working out. she asked what drink i recommended for her and her date., i sometimes wonder if i should’ve responded to any of his messages. coffee with a mutual friend of your ex boyfriend’s and tell him or her about your new guy. some guys it’s because they don’t want it with you. i would work a 9 hour work day, come home and then work on a new mode until midnight. so it’s slightly hypocritical of him to call me names. stone since we split and he told her i look good and good on me for doing it n that il have a new man soon so his sister wanted to hear his reaction so she told him i already do have a new man even tho i havent and he went all quiet then pipes up and says well no man is raising our kids . a guy: he broke up with me and hates that i’m moving on. i had no energy to devote to the relationship and i had no mental/emotional room to worry about it. what a lot of girls do is tell their ex boyfriends that they’ve been sleeping with every guy in the neighbourhood.“sorry, i just got this really funny text from my friend mike about a movie we just saw. i went elsewhere and began chatting with some other friends.

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call me narcissistic, but i believe that when ex-girlfriends post an entire portfolio of themselves with their new boyfriend there’s at least some tiny seed of a thought about their ex-boyfriend seeing it and being jealous. then he’ll regret his decision to get back with you and it will likely be a long, hard road of disappointment and emotional ups-and-downs. looked up at me shocked, and then immediately returned his attention to his date. made eye contact with the bartender who looked back at me with pitiful eyes and a remorseful shrug. was downtown when coincidentally, one of my good girlfriends called me from nearby. he hadn’t really dated before me, and the fact that he wanted to date me made me think i was different. the smell of a bar still fills me with a sense of dread. as police foil mp ssewanyana’s age limit consultative meeting. then i noticed him, and realised with great relief that she was there on a date as well. i was a bit hesitant to go the bar, since it reminded me of this guy, but it was really close and the drinks were good. you’re suddenly “that girl” everyone’s heard about; the friend of a friend who had some wild shit happen to her. like your ex-boyfriend said in your situation, “i have too much on my plate. i know it may sound manipulative and a little sleazy, but jealousy works wonders when it comes to attraction. me and my ex have a son together and they are just so prominent in my life. i gave a guy sausages when he broke up with me. this man, grinning widely on noticing me, decided on the latter. but then, on closer inspection i realised i knew the man; at the same instant he must have noticed me too. i stood by his side for 7 years, and then when he came out he left me and all our plans that we made together. all you need to do is find fulfillment within yourself and stop looking to someone else to give it to you. "this is just odd for me because that’s my boyfriend. he had always been more into the relationship than me. made me promise to keep the break up secret, because he felt ‘ashamed and sad and lonely’ and he sobbed about me being ‘cold and heartless.

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