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on the downside, an unpopular girl welcomes her new powers for a feeling of strength, and a teen leader exacts revenge for (in his view) an old injustice by killing innocent people. is a promo for the Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire on Disney Channel. - surprised by how vehement the hatred for this show has been - and can't stop laughing at the idea that disney are deliberately 'seducing' c. fist fights, stabbings, and, in one scene, multiple vampire bites that presumably kill human victims and steal their souls are common fare, but little of the gore is actually visible to viewers.

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- please read before you block this show or stop your kid(s) from watching it. autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. cast & crew: mom's got a date with a vampire (2000 tv movie). need to know that there's plenty of violence in this canadian-made tv movie (later made into a series), but most of it is obscured to the point that little actual blood is really seen.

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why do you think stories about vampires and werewolves are such a draw for kids? 11 and, i know many kids my age like this show. most violent incidents are either obscured or viewers' attention is diverted elsewhere, so actual exposure to blood and gore is negligible, but the implications still exist. fanged vampires bite victims' necks and suck their blood, either (seemingly) killing them and stealing their souls or turning them into vampire fledglings.

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role models & representationsthe lone parents are oblivious to their son's involvement in battling a vampire clan, but another adult gives the heroes guidance for their task. because there's a campy air to the series, underscored by its obvious parody of the twilight movies, and the onscreen violence is minimized, it might be an ok alternative for some older tweens. on the plus side, there are some fleeting teaching moments to be found in sarah's determination to stand up to the vampires' pressure to drink human blood and in offhand remarks that speak out against teen drinking and drug use. this series is too scary for young kids, and there's a lot of violence, but because it's got a certain campiness that lightens the mood and it obscures much of the biting and greatly limits the gore, it's probably ok for a slightly younger crowd than twilight attracts.

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on oct 1, 2007this is a promo for the mom's got a date with a vampire on disney channel. for learning listsfamily guidesall family guidesdevice-free dinneressential k-5 guideessential moviesessential tvessential appsessential booksessential creativity guidespecial needs appsparent concernswhat's on your mind? but the evening turns out to be a memorable one when he discovers that sarah is actually a fledgling vampire who's fighting the urge to feed, which would complete her transformation. tv10 best vampire books, tv, and moviessee all recommended movie lists.

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's got a date with a vampire- mom singing *requested*. (matthew knight) is mortified when his parents insist on hiring his attractive classmate sarah (vanessa morgan) to babysit for his younger sister, jane (ella jonas farlinger). lots of fist fights, kicking, and use of household objects (silverware, squirt guns filled with holy water) as weapons, as well as electrocution and stabbings (after one, a guy walks around with a fork protruding from his head), which evaporate the vamps' bodies completely. Read Common Sense Media's My Babysitter's a Vampire review, age rating, and parents guide.

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for best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. en españolartículos en españolvideos en españolrecursos educativosnuestras reseñasnuestra misiónen las noticiascolaboradoreslatino articles in englishresearchabout usour mission. we display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. 2007 - mom's got a date with a vampire movie intro.

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2007 - mom's got a date with a vampire movie intro. autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. messagesmaking good choices isn't a central element to the plot, but a teen girl stands up to strong peer pressure from a school clique, and two friends put themselves in harm's way to save the townspeople. few kisses on screen, plus a few more implied out of the camera's view.

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soon after, the three friends uncover the vampires' dark plot to get revenge on the town for what jesse sees as a longstanding wrongdoing against his kind. on oct 2, 2007this is the movie intro for mom's got a date with a vampire hosted by the cast of wizards of waverly place. it's clear that the show isn’t out to push any positive lessons, but there's merit in the heroine's struggle to resist peer pressure, which is worth bringing to tweens' attention.'s got a date with a vampire- mom singing *requested*.

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ethan and his best friend, benny (atticus mitchell), learn that sarah's ex-boyfriend, jesse (joe dinicol), leads a den of vamps at the teens' school. unimpressive my babysitter's a vampire is a canadian-produced comedy/fantasy that taps into tweens' and teens' thirst (pun intended) for all things vampire. channel czech - promo: mom's got a date with a vampire. the characters you see in this image:This video is unavailable.

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the acting is strained (although its exaggerated style adds to the show's overall campiness), and the plot is unimpressive. a teen does whatever he can to protect his little sister from harm, and another resists the pressure to join a school clique of vampires by drinking human blood. the show is not "evil" they fight the evil, they're not evil., drugs & smokinga girl mentions at a teen party that no one there is drinking, and a mom reminds her son to never try drugs.

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