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but logic doesn't work in politics and he was cast out. i want my friends happy and if i have to force you to go to his house with my shadow possession jutsu, i'll do it. though how she got there was a terrible long journey. she looked up and her eyes were caught in that soul-searing gaze of his.'s not sure he trusts him either, regardless of the man's faint smiles and his warm fondness for the fresh, little genin running about."are you going to behave now or do you need more punishment? 'god, this kid's gonna be quite the looker when he grows up. that was all that needed to be said as naruto gathered hikaru from her arms and giving her a small peck on the cheek as thanks, exited her office. but i'm trying some fluff some angst uzumaki naruto feels slight canon divergence for after the initial battle with obito and the juubi jinchuuriki feels just a tiny bit war weary but still that lovable sunshine i promise i will try to make you cry and i will enjoy it so will you don't worry though i take care of my important people naruto is still naruto. naruto had suffered his whole life and it just wasn't fair that fate was bitch slapping him left and right."ino just held him and her anger at her two friends washed over her again."i close both locks below the windowi close both blinds and turn awaysometimes solutions aren't so simplesometimes good-bye's the only awayand the sun will set for youthe sun will set for youand the shadow of the daywill embrace the world in grayand the sun will set for youin cards and flowers on your windowyour friends all plead for you to staysometimes beginnings aren't so simplesometimes good-bye's the only wayand the sun will set for youthe sun will set for youand the shadow of the daywill embrace the world in grayand the sun will set for youand the shadow of the daywill embrace the world in grayand the sun will set for youand the shadow of the daywill embrace the world in grayand the sun will set for younaruto strummed the guitar a final time and smiled down at his now sleeping son and his furry guardian. the poor little thing had run back to his father and wrapped his arms around his neck, crying like there was no tomorrow.

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(the guys and gals of konoha all have an unofficial bingo book of who is the hottest and most eligible singles in the village and naruto and ino had topped that list for several years now. she was too used to getting her way with shikamaru and choji and she'd be damned if naruto was going to throw off her perfect record.'s been three years since sakura left naruto and his son behind for sasuke. his life must be quickly coming to a close now, each second bringing him closer and closer to the end he's desired for years. i'm just going to sing hikaru to sleep and then we can talk about whatever you need to. it was late already, close to ten o'clock and she didn't want to be a burden, but shikamaru had left little to no bargaining room for her. she looked with fondness at the small smile he sported while his son wrestled with the fox and settled down to watch what happened. did sakura jump the guy as soon as he got in the gate and start making babies or did she have the decency to wait until the divorce was final? he's taking care of his son and he's trying hard. he patted the fox's head and kissed his son on the forehead and walked out of the room./non-con underagehatake kakashi/uzumaki naruto uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto uchiha itachi/uzumaki naruto uzumaki naruto/original male character(s) uzumaki naruto/everyoneuzumaki naruto hatake kakashi uchiha sasuke haruno sakura umino iruka sarutobi hiruzen everyone from narutomale harem slut naruto cock worship cock slut androgyny possible intersex naruto genderfluid character genderfluid uzumaki naruto crossdressing underage sex consensual underage sex shota extremely underage dubious consent pheromones dirty talk dirty thoughts nipple play male lactation breastfeeding boy with breasts rough sex deepthroating. she felt him slide away from her embrace and he sat upright again, his resolve back and his posture from the past finally returning. she held her breath and tried not to make a sound.

naruto and ino go on a date fanfiction

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tsunade, upon seeing the little boy she considered her grandchild, scooped him up and gave him a kiss. the lump of fur at the end of the bed rose and flopped down behind him, pushing itself against his back. there was no bloodshed, there was no death, and there was no yelling or profanity, although he wishes at times there had been. this was going to be a lot to think about."at this naruto's head snapped up and tears came to his eyes. everyone else was just trying to get back to some semblance of normalcy in the era after facing the juubi and losing so much. he walked back to the den where they had been and ino heard him shuffling around. looking at her with pleading eyes, he broke down in tears himself when she turned her nose up at him and walked out the door."naruto took a minute to process everything that ino had said. and while he's happy to see us, it's like he's forgotten how to talk to us."ino did something then that she hadn't done since naruto's self imposed exile. and how long did you let me sit out there in the cold when i could have been in here in the warmth? archive warnings applyhatake kakashi/uzumaki narutouzumaki naruto haruno sakura yamato | tenzou hatake kakashi uchiha sasuke tsunade (naruto) maito gai | might guy everyoneslow burn alternate universe - modern setting canon typical character death curses kakashi the insurance adjuster everyone is an adult and it's terrible.

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i'm really sorry buddy, but it's you and me against the world. she cocked her head to the side and wondered when naruto had taken up music. however when she visits the uchiha district with sasuke the two are attacked by a blinding light and are made unconscious because of it. naruto had crossed the room and threw the window open, nearly brushing her arm when he leaned out to sniff the night air. it yelped and glared at the boy, who glared back. sakura destroyed his family when she left and sasuke was basically given the title hokage even though he was a traitor. she had been saying 'we' the whole time and had finally just let it go. sure i wish he would get out and do more with someone, try to move on but he can't or he won't. she shrugged and thought it wasn't like he had anything else to do."naruto laughed at the two and told them to settle down, he'd be right back."ino clapped her hand over her mouth after she shouted that to the heavens. was trying to decipher his father's seal and some how ended up in the past. naruto kyuubi | nine-tails | kurama konan (naruto) nagato | pain shiranui genma gekkou hayate orochimaru (naruto) yakushi kabuto mitarashi anko gaara (naruto) temari (naruto) kankurou (naruto) yamanaka ino jiraiya (naruto)time travel angst dai-nana-han | team 7 (naruto) feels alternate universe - canon divergence everybody died not carbon copies naruto tries to fix things it doesn't work other additional tags to be added adventure slow build.

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it was true that they all missed the blonde whirlwind, but he had responsibilities now that none of the rest of them had and she voiced her opinion on that. doesn't know what to think, doesn't like how the stranger tracks his movements and looks oddly wistful when he whips out his book to deflect conversation. in an attempt to escape the pain and hatred of the village he grabs hold of someone with the same eyes as him. she had came into the living room where he and the little four year old boy were and had said that she was going. he turned soulful eyes to ino and shook his head." he offered her his hand so he could help her. now his friends want him back in the fold, and a certain blonde has even grander plans for everyone's favorite jinchuuriki. naruto hasn't come back in yet and damn it; i miss him and his smile. daddy had a friend come over and we have to discuss something. not to mention that the girl he was going out with saturday was the most eligible bacholorette in konoha. turning back to the sobbing bundle in his arms, he began to comfort the boy and rocked him to sleep. archive warnings applyuchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto hatake kakashi/uzumaki naruto hyuuga neji/uzumaki naruto uchiha itachi/uzumaki narutouzumaki naruto hatake kakashi uchiha sasuke hyuuga neji nara shikamaru gaara (naruto) akimichi chouji uchiha itachi uchiha mikotorequests prompts other additional tags to be added loss of virginity fluff and humor bottom hatake kakashi anal sex cuddling & snuggling big brother uchiha itachi uchiha sasuke & uzumaki naruto friendship mildly dubious consent frottage grinding hand jobs. he wants to change and he wants to save everyone.

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i've had to grow up fast and i have responsibilities the rest of you don't. the little boy was so cute with his hair and whisker marks. i miss you all very much but i won't go."naruto, are you asking me out on a date saturday? i think that after three years, i need to get back out into society and there is only one person i can think of right now worthy of me returning to society with. she was all by herself and that smile was always a constant in her life./non-con underagehatake kakashi/uzumaki narutouzumaki naruto hatake kakashi kyuubi | nine-tails | kurama uchiha sasuke haruno sakura dai-nana-han | team 7 (naruto) umino iruka rookie nine gai-han | team guy (naruto) sarutobi hiruzen anbu suna no sankyoudai | sand siblings jiraiya (naruto) anbu (naruto) sarutobi konohamarurape mpreg extremely underage infant death anbu hatake kakashi team bonding bamf uzumaki naruto smart uzumaki naruto uchiha sasuke & uzumaki naruto friendship angst hurt/comfort family forced prostitution miscarriage dark slow build eventual happy ending child abuse childhood sexual abuse suicidal thoughts depression animal traits animal instincts secrets why did i write this? chose not to use archive warningshatake kakashi/uzumaki naruto uchiha sasuke/ undecided uchiha shisui/uzumaki naruto hyuuga neji/tenten hagane kotetsu/kamizuki izumo jiraiya/tsunade (naruto) mitarashi anko/shiranui genma sarutobi asuma/kurenai nagato/konan gaara/yamanaka ino hyuuga hinata/inuzuka kiba raido/mei iruka/yugito maito gai | might guy/shizunefemale naruto/naruko kakashi sasuke sakura sandaime itachi ino sai shikamaru choji asuma kurenai hinata neji kiba akamaru shino tenten gai lee pain - character konan madara shisui genma raido anko orochimaru jiraiya tsunade shizune killer bee shukaku gaara temari konkaro yugito nibi | two-tails | matatabi yagura sanbi | three-tails | isobu roshi yonbi | four-tails | son gokuu han gobi | five-tails | kokuou utakata (naruto) rokubi | six-tails | saiken fuu hachibi | eight-tails | gyuuki kyuubi | nine-tails | kurama rikudou sennin | sage of six paths izumo kotetsu mizuki iruka minato kushina obito kisamae yondaime raikage | fourth raikage oonoki (naruto) terumi mei nanabi | seven-tails | choumeitime travel relationship powerful naruto smart naruto sakura bashing kinda sane gaara mostly cliches understanding sasuke secrets past relationship(s) original character(s). she squeaked and nearly rolled off the roof but he caught her arm and snickered. ino heard them talking and just when everything was quiet the boy exploded. everything he does revolves around his son and that isn't healthy. partly in fear of having woken hikaru and partly in realization of what she said. unfortunately, naruto uzumaki appears to be the human embodiment of natural disaster, and despite kakashi’s bitter insistence at being left alone, it appears that the infamous hatake curse has struck once again.

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in less than a second, mopey ino was gone and the old, self assured ino was back, the smile widening into one of her cheshire cat grins and naruto knew he was screwed. putting two and two together she realizes where she is but needs to find out why. archive warnings applyhatake kakashi/uzumaki naruto haruno sakura/yamanaka ino rock lee/uchiha sasukesarutobi hiruzen uchiha sasuke haruno sakura sai (naruto) hatake kakashi umino iruka yamanaka ino rock lee orochimaru (naruto) uzumaki naruto akatsuki (naruto) kyuubi | nine-tails | kuramatime travel time travel fix-it female uzumaki naruto everything is crazy alternate universe - canon divergence canon-typical violence absurdly long detailed fic coming at you guys kakashi can be a little thick headed kurama is nice angst with a happy ending lots of humour and love and friendship to make up for angst and pain lmao kinda of sad in the beginning."it was now or never should he go for it. she placed her hands into her lap as she avoided his gaze."ino shook her head when she heard something buzzing in her ears and realized that naruto was talking to her. she innocently sat on the couch and pretended to take in her surroundings when naruto walked back in and sat the guitar down again. he couldn't be that good though and she couldn't remember him having all that great a singing voice either. heartbroken, the little boy had asked if he could come with her and she had looked him dead in the eye and said no. and at his most vulnerable, ino saw him for who he was. jiraiya begins hearing rumors of a man called the "lost uzumaki" that has made a seismic debut on the shinobi world stage. it’s only kinda depressing in the beginning anal sex anal fingering the stuff between sasuke and naruto is brief kakashi’s isn’t there for like half the time mpreg. he had always seemed like such an idiot and the thought that he was a warm and loving father made her smile.

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"the fox, which was curled at the end of the bed, growled at the little boy and had his tail pulled for his efforts. he was completely devoted to sakura and i just don't see him moving on. had spent too many years in attempts to find something that had never been there, in an illusion that if he tried harder, he could’ve saved and healed, not seeing that sasuke had never wanted to be healed. she shuffled down the hallway and pressed her ear against the door. he felt the urge to grab her and kiss her again. seeing a shinobi's pain helped him on the path to realize what kind of shinobi he wants to be but even naruto does not know if he has what it takes to really be hokage."look ino all i'm saying is that we need to get him out of that house. and if it doesn't work, well at least you can say that you spent time with a beautiful girl like me. maybe spending some time with ino would help him get over sakura. for kami's sake naruto, all you do anymore is missions and watch your son play. uzumaki, after the fourth great war she is made rokudaime hokage and couldn't be happier. the good thing is that uzumaki naruto's true super power is his ability to talk even the most unwilling into submission. my mind is a hollow shell and i can't think of shit, so that means i'll be taking a few one-shot requests, details and rules inside!

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she wasn't sure where shikamaru was going with all this. we, and by we i mean everyone, wants you to come out with us saturday. he had removed himself from society so that he wouldn't have to face his ex wife and ex best friend and it broke her heart. archive warnings applyhatake kakashi/uzumaki narutohatake kakashi namikaze minato uzumaki kushina kurama yakumo original characterstime travel childhood sweethearts inspired by fanfiction."so ino, what brings you to my humble abode at this time of the night? but that would mean seeing sakura and sasuke again and he didn't want that now or ever. to abandon you, when you've given her everything, should be a crime punishable by death. she was about to lean back and peer through the window again when naruto stuck his face out not two inches from hers. the song was very soft and almost mournful and she was so caught up she almost forgot to return to the living room before she was caught eavesdropping. you damn near started drooling when you saw him after his training trip with jiraiya, and i know you like him now. his ex-wife was always around town flaunting the fact that she was now the wife of the last uchiha and the two children she had with him didn't help. in trying to avoid hatred he sees the pain of the shinobi world up close. he took the only thing to keep me going over the years.

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finally he turned and scooped hikaru into his arms and the fox followed them to the boy's bedroom."(flashback several months ago)the 17 year old blond haired kyuubi vessel was busy getting in some extra training."ino swept the hair out of her face and scrunched her nose. he looked just like his father in every detail down to the whisker marks, except for the streaks of pink at the ends of his golden hair and his silver eyes. she had heard what was quite possibly the most beautiful voice in the world and the guitar playing wasn't half bad either. she looked over to see his reaction and saw his face pointed toward the floor, staring at his feet. ino smiled as she thought of naruto as a father. and on top of it all if she really wants you, she'll come get you. she heard a snapping sound and a creak and then whatever he opened snapped shut again. in a desperate bid to save both his and the kit's life kurama does something almost as unpredictable as his host, he tries to send them back in time a day. the house was huge and more than accommodated naruto and hikaru. as for you, you haven't smiled as much since he went and became a recluse either. sakura came home last night and said she was leaving us.

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i'll be right back and then you can verbally castrate me, but my son needs his sleep. we want you to come back out and have fun.' seeing the tears falling, tsunade hung her head and whispered that it was indeed him, sasuke had come home. naruto i respect your loyalty and all; but don't you think it's about time you let it go already? he had lost a wife and the boy had lost a mother. if it was me i could understand, all i've ever wanted was her happiness. it was not just a simple no, but a no that dropped a nuclear warhead on the feelings of him and the boy. slow to update team as family mpreg birth werefoxes demons hanyou protective uchiha sasuke protectice haruno sakura protective hatake kakashi teamwork dai-nana-han | team 7 (naruto) feels. it was either this or go pig out on some ramen. no, not ino herself, they were discussing naruto's appearances in the village, or the lack thereof. waking up and shoving breakfast into himself and the boy, he was getting him dressed when a messenger bird pecked at the window. here was konoha's most eligible bachelor telling her he would go out but only if it was with her. he was her apprentice's one true weakness, the one thing that could make her give up a loving husband and beautiful child for a small chance with the traitorous uchiha.

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- character rookie 9 - character sai tenzuo gaara sarutobi hiruzen rock lee umino irukafamily team dynamics fix-it time travel time travel fix-it naruto goes to the past he has red hair so original! she shook her head and got rid of those thoughts when she heard hikaru speak up. - chapters: 20 - words: 116,737 - reviews: 679 - favs: 1,104 - follows: 640 - updated: 6/19/2009 - published: 12/19/2007 - status: complete - id: 3956114. the blond was so wrapped up in his thoughts he wasn't paying much attention to where he was going. it had been damn near three years since anyone had seen it and she missed it more than most. suddenly naruto and the fox stared at each other and began to converse in a squeaky, guttural, yipping language that she couldn't decipher./ hatake kakashi uchiha sasuke/ uzumaki naruto uchiha sasuke & haruno sakura & uzumaki naruto uchiha itachi & uchiha sasuke rookie 9 - relationship konoha 11 - relationship hatake kakashi & uzumaki naruto team 7 - relationship uchiha itachi & uzumaki naruto uzumaki naruto & jiraiya & tsunade uzumaki naruto & umino iruka probs more to come uzumaki naruto & gaara hatake kakashi/uzumaki naruto uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto past haruno sakura/rock lee haruno sakura/rock lee? she tensed thinking she had been found out, but they both relaxed and turned their attention to a now yawning hikaru. the only thoughts running through her head at that moment were 'beautiful' and 'i would never have done that to him'."he disappeared down the hall, and it was only when he turned that ino noticed the guitar in his hands. she took in his looks from her hidden position and sighed. hey i know lets go to ichiraku's that always seems to cheer you up. ino didn't know exactly when she started to actually feel real feelings for naruto.

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the two of you mended though and your friendship continued and eventually sasuke and sakura were let back into the fold. she couldn't honestly say she wasn't curious about naruto and his home life. ino came out of her thoughts just as he stopped sobbing and hiccupping on her shoulder. when she awakens she is back in old konoha the day of the tests and all her precious people are still alive. "don't sweat it ino we can pull this off no problem. chose not to use archive warningshatake kakashi/uzumaki naruto uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto uchiha itachi & uchiha sasukeuzumaki naruto hatake kakashi uchiha sasukeromance implied sexual content first kiss getting together past uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto past relationship(s) developing relationship drama angst heartbreak one-sided relationship unhealthy relationships break up post-break up happy ending angst with a happy ending not for sasuke tho cuz i don't like him ok and i honestly don't know how to fix that boy feelings feels angst with a cheesy ending yeah how 'bout that xd post-canon i think i haven't finished the anime yet ahaha. tsunade fought tooth and nail but it just didn't matter.. jiraiya is sent to track down the nin and determine his loyalties. he turned and gave her a smile that nearly made her melt in her shoes. a person who had bottled up everything and shoved it aside, threw aside his feelings for the sake of his son."naruto, i'm not going to lie, that is very sad. he wasn't sure if he felt good about any of this. the fact that he was a loyal and caring person was a bonus to all that.

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turning her gaze back to naruto, she sighed heavily and walked back to her plush office chair, motioning him to sit as well. - chapters: 23 - words: 119,792 - reviews: 1,788 - favs: 3,409 - follows: 1,282 - updated: 2/20/2008 - published: 11/8/2007 - status: complete - id: 3880529. this made ino happy since she was probably the first to hear him laugh in a long time. he flopped down on the chair across from her and gave her a weary smile. curiosity getting the better of her she crept to the window and peeked inside."maybe sakura-chan and i will be nothing more than friends. the man had made strides his whole life to erase any doubt that he was naruto, a hero, and not a demon. she was still caught up in the music and wasn't paying attention to him in the slightest. whenever she had a bad breakup, there was naruto with that smile and a quick hug, saying everything would be all right.' ino winced at the question and thought that like any normal person naruto would skate around it."he looked up at her and she could see the dam starting to break. chose not to use archive warningsharuno sakura/uchiha sasuke haku/momochi zabuza nara shikamaru/temari hatake kakashi/uzumaki naruto sarutobi asuma/yuuhi kurenai mitarashi anko/umino irukachakra chains uzumaki naruto smart uzumaki naruto dark uzumaki naruto evil uzumaki naruto bloodline uzumaki naruto overpowered uzumaki naruto bamf uzumaki naruto rinne-sharingan uzumaki naruto byakugan uzumaki naruto mokuton uzumaki naruto overpowered sakura bamf uchiha sasuke sappy kakashi. the poor little boy in her arms had began sobbing against her chest at the mere mention of his mother and she looked down in sadness at him.

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